Did CBS just reveal our first Big Brother 17 spoilers of the season with their latest commercial? Forget the hints or hype, CBS comes right out with an exciting promise in a new promo.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother – Source: CBS

The Big Brother cast announcement next week has left us guessing whether or not we’d see returning players or brand new faces, but we might be able to put that discussion to rest. In this new commercial, watch the video below, CBS tells us “New Houseguests. Bigger, better twists.” Oh yes, they just said “new Houseguests!”

Twitter user @08Jayhawk captured the new commercial which would usually be full of vague details and grandiose promises, but there’s nothing uncertain about “new Houseguests.” Or is there?

We’ve seen in the past that marketing isn’t always in lockstep with production and “new” to one could be “rested and ready” and part of a new mix to another. It could even be some old and some new while letting this still be accurate. Then again I’m anxious for some fresh faces and new characters to discover so I’m hoping for an all new cast next week. What about you?

Still no details on the Big Brother 17 twist or just what could make it “bigger, better” though it wouldn’t be too hard to top last summer’s “twist after twisted, twisty twist twist,” now would it?


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