CBS Announces Big Brother 17 Cast Reveal Schedule

We knew it was coming and now we know the “when” for this season’s biggest announcement. The Big Brother 17 cast of Houseguests will be revealed next Tuesday morning in a new first for the series as CBS takes the news directly to their “All Access” subscribers.

Big Brother 17 Houseguests revealed on Live Feeds
Big Brother 17 Houseguests revealed on Live Feeds – Source: CBS

Starting Tuesday, June 16, 2015 at 8AM PT the new BB17 HGs will have their official interviews streamed online and it’s going to be an exclusive available only to subscribers of the All Access and Big Brother Live Feeds. Want to watch? Then you’ve got to get your Feeds and be ready to go.

In several of the recent seasons the Big Brother Houseguests have been revealed a few days after I’ve sat down for their preseason interviews as part of the press junket, but this year CBS is streaming their videos live as I’m nearby talking with them that same day.

Want to catch the big reveal? Make sure you are signed up for the Big Brother Feeds on All Access then tune in next Tuesday at 8AM PT (11AM ET). If you miss the live stream then you will be able to watch the replay afterward but it will still only be available to subscribers.

Sign-up & watch the exclusive Big Brother 17 cast reveal on your Live Feeds

I’m very curious to see how this works out. Last year it was a ten hour day to get through the sixteen Houseguests due to the complicated game of chess the handlers have to play to keep everyone moving and isolated so they don’t see each other.

I can’t imagine they’ll be streaming for ten hours with sometimes nearly hour long gaps between interviews. Of course I’ll be in the dark most the day meeting the cast so you all will have to let me know what you think of CBS’s reveal. As for our interviews, those will be released Wednesday at 4PM ET (1PM PT), but we’ll have bios & details on Tuesday morning. Yeah, it’s kinda weird this year.


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      • Yes, if nothing else, Dick’s intentions are honorable … LOL! NTSU again KSJB. I’m trying really hard to prepare myself for season 17, but how, oh how, can one prepare for ‘expect the unexpected’??? How about you?

      • I’m trying to get a little ahead, if possible, on things around the house and yard, etc. I felt very guilty last year about letting so much go while I was having a blast posting with you wonderfully entertaining, insightful people. I had NO idea what I was getting into with that first post and that my life would be forever changed. As you said, expect the unexpected. It’ll be fun, I’m sure. Happy to see you around!!

      • The trick is to live in an apartment or condo where those outside duties are taken care of by management. Also, hire a cleaning company for your inside-the-house duties. Now all you need is food, some treats, and a TV and remote! LOL! Happy to see you too!

      • Oh, you devil. lol You have it made. I wish it were that easy. I am trying to keep a 4200 square ft home clean and tidy, and I am failing, miserably, and 8 acres with a whole lot of flower beds and landscaping mowed, neat, and weeded. Plus, I do a lot of cooking for my grandchildren and my husband and 3 of my grands are here a lot. The 11 year old is the only one that will help me, though. I am very lucky and blessed that I am able to do what I can as I do have several health issues that prevent me from doing a lot that I would like to do, but, hey, I’m not complaining, actually thankful. I really love working outdoors, but would REALLY love for someone to clean my house for me. My husband would have a conniption if I mentioned it, though. It is 90 degrees here in East Tn., the humidity is very high, but I’m going out to deadhead all of my 15 rose bushes. It will take about three hours. My clothes will be soaked with sweat when I finish. To me, that is a great feeling. Does that seem weird?

      • Hey you~ I worked hard to ‘have it made’ in my sr. years! I worked on a Long Island 100-acre potato farm from the age of 8 picking, bagging, sorting on a conveyor belt, loading and stacking 50 pound bags of potatoes on the trucks. I know what it’s like to work in 90 degree high humidity weather up to 9 hours a day, 6 days a week. Soaked with sweat and dirt ~ now that’s a fantastic feeling!!! Not weird to me K (May I call you K?)! LOL ~ hang in there kid!

      • Have I missed posting with “normal” people, well, what I consider normal anyway. lol But you know that I am not a kid, dearest Cuddles. Hard work gives me a sense of accomplishment, and it sounds like you are well aware of the feeling. Most of these people we watch on BB don’t really know what real hard work is. We could teach these kids a few things….if they’d listen. :( And you can call me K or Karen, whichever you prefer.

      • We seem to be in tune K … except I’m in a condo and you’re tending some 8+ acres and a large house ~ LOL! I’m still a kid at heart ~ and I’m pretty sure u r too. I’m looking forward to 7/7 when I’ll turn 73. R U going to be watching BBAD or did you get the all access thingy?

      • I barely find the time to watch the shows and usually DVR them, so no all access for me. I’ll post mostly in the kitchen while I’m cooking and cleaning and then some later at night. My husband isn’t crazy about me doing it again this year, but he’ll live through it. lol I’m 59. I tend to do what I want to, but I also do what I need to. I’m not a fan of irresponsible people and try to keep my priorities straight. That condo living sounds just fine to me, and will probably be a very real alternative here in a few years, as long as I can sneak me in a few rose bushes to tend.

      • 59? so you’re still a spring chicken! I watch BB at the regular TV time and BBAD as often as my age allows. Sleep time is at an all time low during BB season.

      • My springs have mostly been sprung, Cuddles. My mind at 59, isn’t as sharp as yours at 73(almost). I’ll try to remember your BD to give you a hard time. Sleep? What’s that? I read somewhere that BBAD was going to be on a channel that I can’t get on my cable service. That’s a letdown but it may be a blessing in disguise if true. I did lose a lot of sleep due to watching it last year. Zombieland was reality.

      • Last year I was glued to BBAD. This year I’m restraining myself ~ good intention, now let’s see if I can do it.

    • I LOVE Evel Dick too! He was a great player. I think is my favorite player of all time on Big Brother.

    • I think Evel Dick is my favorite player ever on Big Brother. He was such a great player and fun to watch.

    • He tweet many times a day. He has lots of interaction with many of the previous HGs.
      He also has an internet weekly show called Dick at Nite that you can subscribe to for 21$ for one year. He does comments on the show and interview a bunch of people, including previous HGs.
      eveldick dot com

  1. I’m looking forward to “chatting” with my pals from last year. Please, no Frankie ever again, though!

      • I bet they have him come back this season as a “special” guest on one of the episodes. Ugh! I have him banned from my TV and his little potty mouth sister, too. I won’t watch an episode that he is on. Of course, it may be his sister they bring on, if anyone, or both. Erin, please don’t agree with that!!! LOL

      • I don’t remember seeing you on the BB forum blog last year. You need to partake. There are a lot of fun, very smart, witty people that post during the season. And there are many freaky, dimwits, also, that say things that will blow your mind and possibly insult you or you can just be entertained by it all as I am. It’s lots of fun.

      • I so look forward to commiserating with the ‘very smart, witty people …’. I definitely don’t look forward to the freaky all-knowing insulting dimwits that come back year after year after year after year with their somewhat entertaining but mostly dreary words just taking up space. Thanx for listening ~ I feel better now.

      • and I’m just beginning to like your comments (tongue in cheek). As are you K (a breath of fresh air).

      • There are usually one or two at first that just don’t seem to fit the house dynamics. Sometimes they are gone before people really get to know them. I don’t think it is ever good to judge HGs by first impressions. Last season, I really liked Frankie for a while. But he irritated me so much the last few weeks he was there, that I wasn’t sure my FF and mute buttons would survive. I hope BB hasn’t gone “hunting” another annoying jerk to “entertain” us this season, because very close to my FF and mute buttons is an OFF button.

      • Too funny! I agree 100%..
        Frankie = FF/mute button. He got so much screen time last year I relied on you guys to keep me informed. By the end of the season I couldn’t stand to look at him anymore. Oh wait..Who’s his sister? Haha
        Looking forward to this season and reading the entertaining comments you post.

      • Do you post comments during the season? Last year was my first. Actually, it was my first time to ever do anything like that. I didn’t realize that it was actually like a community of people with their own language almost, that have been posting together for a while. It took me a while to feel excepted, included, and comfortable but I kind of got to where I just said what I thought. I’d love to see you post. Maybe you have but your name doesn’t seem familiar. I’m a little speck of dust there, some of the posters are what I would call extremely knowledgeable and very entertaining.

      • I’m a lurker, been lurking for a couple of years. I got the courage up to post a few towards the end of last season. I felt the same as you at first, but I noticed people weren’t attacking each other so I thought, what the heck. Some of these folks have amazing memories, I’ve been watching since season 1, but their ability to recall names and events blow me away!
        Love the show, love this forum, can’t wait to see who’s playing this year!

        I always read your posts, you crack me up….I know where off button is too! Haha

      • Exactly, they blow me away, also. I have watched since season 1, too. I’m not young, 59, but some are older than me, which greatly surprised me when I got to “know” a few of them. They have reminded me of numerous things that I had forgotten. Please keep lurking, but post also!!! I would truly love to see you join in. Let’s hope we don’t need that off button. :)

      • Read the last post in this thread, you know I’m old when I’m referencing Romper Room!

        My youth is a thing of the past as well, 54, maybe that’s why I enjoy the regulars posts so much….I get it/them. I will try to participate more often, even if its just LOL.

        Buckeye AZ…its hot today high of 104, 110 expected on Wed. Summer has arrived in the desert… Ugh.
        Time to crank up the a/c and watch some Big Brother!!

      • O…M…Gosh!!! I see those high temps in AZ on the weather channel all the time. Do you have high humidity with that kind of heat? It is 92 and very humid here in East Tn. You can walk out any door of your house straight into a sauna. Crank her up, lucky!

      • You are in Gods Country my dear! I love the Blue Ridge/Smokey Mtns. Hubby & I did the Skyline Drive years ago…always wanted to live in one of those horsey areas. My Tenn Walking horses would love the mother land.

        I don’t care what anyone says 92 in Tenn is just as bad as 110 here. Humidity today is 15%. Nothing compared to your neck of the woods. We are entering our monsoon season, it will be hotter & stickier in July & Aug.

      • I have to agree and say that I feel blessed to live here, even with the humidity. I was in New York City all last week and it has it’s purpose but really makes you appreciate those beautiful Tn.mtns. My aunt owned horses and participated in many horse shows when I was small. She doesn’t show anymore, but she still has a few. Gets in your blood, doesn’t it? How bout’ that Triple Crown?

      • It’s a mental disorder. They eat me out of house & home, take every extra $ I have, and make a fool of me every chance they get. I LOVE THEM.

        I so wanted Chrome to win last year, he had such a great back story….*sigh*

        Dont get me wrong AF is an awesome colt. Nice to see Bob Bafrat(sp?) get a Triple Crown.

        Remember The Great one?

      • I’ve heard my aunt make very similar statements about owning horses. My husband and I were talking about the movie just the other day and our 16 year old granddaughter asked “What is a secretariat”? It was hard to grasp that she wasn’t taught about that great historical creature in school! lol So we explained in much too much detail. She’ll pass that test!

      • Thank you for keeping his memory alive. Historical is the perfect description.
        You don’t want to get me started on what they are and aren’t teaching the kids in school now days…..not a fan.

      • Well, I almost got started, but you nor I have that much time and I really don’t want to get my blood boiling, I am(or use to be) a redhead. But I will say, we get a bum wrap as far as the temper thing goes because I am the only redhead of four daughters and I am the calmest of them all…and nicest. lol

      • Thanks, Capt., we made it through another winter. It wasn’t a very bad one here in East Tn. I bet I know what you are doing about now and it has something to do with the #88. LOL Your guy is having a pretty good season. Been a wild one for the Busch bros, huh? Look forward to posting with you. :)

      • Good bet. Boogity, boogity, boogity …. Yeap, another good season for Junior. And for the record, I couldn’t care less for the B brother. Find them both arrogant and not very likeable.

  2. This plan of theirs to reveal the cast would work seemlessly with proper and well-organized logistics.

    At least, this sounds better on paper than the one we’re getting for BB Philippines, whose own premiere is happening next Saturday (a day after BB17’s own pre-taped launch day). Leading up to the 6th season premiere, the show will reveal three or four out of possibly 16 cast members a day in three waves: 1)We’ll know their name and faces on a variety show on daytime, 2)the network’s national newscast will feature their backstories on primeitme, and 3) and lastly they will be interviewed on a late-night talk show live.

    Ours sounds complicated and messy compared to yours.

  3. Matt–do you know when they move into the house? Is it right after interviews? Which would make them being in the house for approximately 8 days before the live feeds start?

  4. i thought the interviews we would see in the Live Feeds on Tues would be only the ones from Jeff from CBS… i didnt know about the other interviews included also…idk…

    also what are these tiny words (above) CBS are saying bout the Live Feeds that they might be “EDITED”???… i hope they mean the ones they are showing on BBAD and NOT on the actual Live Feeds where we are paying money for…

    Good Luck on Tues, Matt …☺…

    • It’s a disclaimer that says that there will be times that the feeds will be blocked for competitions and the like in order to protect the show’s integrity.

      Not really the conventional thought about “edited” but the usual “Stop singing!” and “Stop talking about production” that lead to the feeds going dark for a bit.

      • yeah, im pretty sure ur right… i just dont like the word “Edited” as to the Live Feeds on the CBS logo… i know all bout the Blocked Feeds… we watch more “FISH” then HG’s every year, lol…

        maybe that’s CBS way telling us it’s NOT really 24/7 Feeds for the Newbies getting the Feeds, lol …☺…

  5. i think i figured out why they are showing us the Cast only on the Live Feeds on 6/16… remember that BB17 will End on Sept 23rd… so if we order the Feeds by the 16th and and to see the Feeds till the show ends (the feeds end before the 23rd BUT after the 16th of Sept)…

    we will be Forced to buy a extra month to see them… so we will end up buying for a total 4 months… i know, it’s only $5.99 extra… but to CBS, it will mean Millions of Dollars depending how many buys the Feeds, right… think about it and do the math, lol …☺…

    • The first week is free then they start the monthly billing after that week is over so you’ll get 13 weeks w/ 3 months purchased. I think it works out okay without a new month renewed and only a few days to watch in it.

  6. A little annoyed by this honestly. I like getting my feeds a day before they go on. There goes my free week trial which will end before the feeds go on.

    • We’ll have our interviews up on Wed if you want to hold out, but with the schedule the way it is you might still work out fine getting them now and being covered to the end of the season. Monthly billing starts one week after you sign up so 3 cycles later should get you to the end of the season.

  7. Look out for online posts on all platforms saying the following:

    “Hey guys, I’ll be off to Greece. See you in a few months!”
    “Yo, Imma be off Facebook foh a while ‘yo! Gonna be in sumthing BIG!! Bye PEEPZ!”
    “Got this great opportunity to be part of the great advanture and it’s amazingly BIG!”
    “So I got a call to be part of Big Brother. What to do, what to do…”


  8. I feel like the Romper Room lady….”I see…KSJB, Cuddles, Captian55, Erin Ely, Cyril Axel, and Lavandergirl”, the gangs all here. Can’t wait you guys are more entertaining than the show!

    • the FREE Bios on CBS Tues AM…and the FREE Interviews by Matt right here at BBN on Wed …☺…

  9. It will be about a bunch of fairies and probably cbs promoting another disney ho’s singing career. I would like to watch bb for once without a bunch of fags running the show. Last season was a damn joke and save your replies for someone who cares, If you like my comment or not just as the queers voice their opinions and defend their beliefs I have a right too as well. Not everyone is afraid to say gay people are freaks.

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