Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Who Won HoH Last Night? 7-17-2014

The Big Brother 16 live show left viewers in a cliffhanger asking “Who won HoH?!” after watching the latest evictee walk out that door. Well I have got the spoilers for you here.

Big Brother 16 - Episode 11 HoH competition
Big Brother 16 – Episode 11 HoH competition – Source: CBS

When the Live Feeds returned after the HOH competition, Deviled Eggs, was all finished (grrrr), we saw lots of Houseguests celebrating, but only two could be the happiest and it didn’t take long to pick them out of the crowd.

Gathered in the Have-Not room we found the new Heads of Household: Frankie and Cody.

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Soon they will have to each name two nominees and then watch as their noms face off in the Battle of the Block. These decisions will be made very soon.

Update: We have the anticipated nomination spoilers here! Find out who will go up on the block.

Who will they nominate? Still waiting to figure that out, but Zach was pushing Frankie to include Victoria, Jocasta, and Amber in those plans. Frankie wouldn’t give him an answer. Who do you think it will be? Jump on your Live Feeds right now to watch and find out what happens next on Big Brother!



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  1. Here’s my plan:

    Frankie nominates Amber + someone
    Cody nominates Caleb+Victoria

    Caleb (being an idiot) throws the BotB AGAIN to save Amber. Because because.
    5 vs 1 in veto, odds are he loses.
    next Thursday beastmode cowboy is down for the count.

      • They could probably nominate anyone and label them a physical challenge. This is going to be a easy $15,000. Especially if one of TA is HOH. I almost choked when Frankie said his job was to be a mole. He already is a mole.

    • i’d definitely rather see a floater get nominated and get voted out, than to have floaters make it to the end and win the game.

      • We have had two seasons with horrible winners: Rachael and Andy. If we have another season like that, I will prolly never watch the show again.

      • Dan was a desparate liar who shouldn’t even have been a player that season if it hadn’t been for production manipulation.

      • He was one of the greatest players ever. His head was in the game like none other. Who else could have pulled off the funeral? What could possibly be better TV than the funeral? He is a genius.

      • He lost me in the first season when he lied about needing the Hoh’s bathroom so he could watch the spy cam. Now people feel Donny is another Dan.

    • Isnt it better to have boring floater noms now than have boring floaters make it to the F2? Or maybe you think it would be wonderful to have an F2 of Jacosta and Victoria. Now, that would be unwatchable.

  2. Ariana just confirmed on twitter that her family only sent baby pic of her for Frankie’s HOH.

      • I had no clue who she is. And i Frankie don’t care, beecause her music isn’t my style

      • you see what i did there though. I “Frankie” don’t care. yeah…bad joke i know

      • The heck you talking about Captain555? I checked her twitter and I didn’t see any mention to a baby pic. Care to share a link where you saw this info?

      • My 8 year old told me that she is kat from Nickelodeon. Lol I have seen the show still had no idea who she was.

      • Google her. Yeah, she is teen tramp idol with a touch of ghetto. A lot of the cast prolly hasnt heard of her either.

      • I had no clue either my 14 year old son had to show me who she is and her music does SUCK !

      • She doesn’t suck at all she’s amazing, her career is outstanding obviously your all right you didn’t know so you shouldn’t be judging her. Especially judging her because of her brothers game play. yeaa I don’t like frankie and want him gone but I’m not judging his sister cause if him. But anyways it’s my opinion & I’m not trying to start anything but still.

      • and I’m not just talking to molly I’m sorry it was to ask who talking for her etc

      • Frankie’s sister may be famous but i’ve never even heard her name before…. being near or related to someone “famous” really is irrelevant.

      • LOL that would be the BEST! I can’t STAND frankie and his antics – I hope he gets the boot soon! It’s like he is acting for the cameras …he must really think he is hot sh**.

    • Last night I heard Frankie give a shout out to “Ari”. Still trying to keep it a secret???

  3. Well TA has to get a physical threat nominated. Should be easy money for them this week. I see Caleb going up.

    • I guess Amber or Brittany could be considered a physical threat for TA.

  4. Ugh Brittany and Jocasta would have one if it weren’t for Derrick, starting to dislike him more.

      • Or he could throw the BoB to ensure Amber stays on the block and gets evicted (since he got the false sense of security from the unanimous vote last night). That would be “showing her” she can’t go against the Beastmode Cowboy.

  5. What’s with the hate of Amber and Caleb? She needs to be honest with him, he is a bit of a stalker. I wouldn’t mind if Caleb and Amber Leave, but not until Jocasta, Brittany and Christine who don’t do anything, but float around leave the house.

    • Britanny floater? Dear do you even watch the live feeds ? Seams like you just watch the CBS show//

      • If a floater is someone who isnt in an alliance, what alliance is Britanny a member of?

      • I consider a floater someone who has not found a way to talk to anyone about strategy and tries to get rid of someone specific. I don’t like people who go with the group which is what happened with Devin, but someone who tries to convince another person to get rid of someone is not a floater because they are playing the game and not going with the group.

      • See, I do see Brittany as being a floater – no disrespect; I just think that is her game right now. Had she been invited to the Bomb Squad, she definitely would have relished that. But she talks game with Donny about “them” boys in their alliance and getting them out, and now that she’s afraid she’s going to be nominated, she is appealing to Frankie (whom she doesn’t trust) and Derrick that maybe Cody will nom her b/c she doesn’t flirt with him like all the others. So, to me, she floats from one side to the other, ya know? Not a crime; just a strategy. She won’t align herself with Donny or anyone outside the boys alliance to go against them. Self-preservation.

      • I am a fan of the show, and for what I have seen Brittany doesn’t do anything, but talk to one person then another, but never about actually strategizing. Brittany and Jocasta are always hanging out, but what are they talking about that relates to the game. Since you watch more than the show tell me about their conversations because that is rarely shown.

  6. -yawn- wake me up when Thursaday comes, this will be a boring ass week. Frankie’s already acting more over the top than usual.

    • Agreed. You know what would be fun to watch? Frankie get the boot! Imagine his drama crapped out the door.

  7. What is everyone’s definition of a floater?? Jw becuz to me everyone that most ppl are pointing out arent floaters…except Victoria…they have a stronf social game goin and sittin back observin ppl…that why the physically strong players are gettin nerves cuz they are the ones that ppl are goin to to pour their hearts out and they kno things about others move…its sad that ppl dont see that…really I think the next 2 players that should go on the block is derrick and Nicole…derrick is runnin that house and is tellin how others should think and vote…Nicole is just plain seems like everytime she opens her mouth its her complainin about somethin…

    • I agree, “floating” is just as valid a game strategy as any other. Let the cement head type A’s knock themselves out trying to cut each other’s throats, who wants to participate in that? If you aren’t picked for the inevitable all guy’s alliance what else are you supposed to do? That said, I am in Derrick’s corner because he doesn’t dictate, he influences. He reasons, he doesn’t threaten people or strong arm them. He uses persuasion instead of coercion. He lays out all the scenarios as he sees them and allows people to make their own decisions.

      • but that’s the same as controlling the house..Derrick and the other guys need to start being picked off. That’s why I really don’t get why when Joey had went up to the other girls to start an all girls alliance no one wanted to.

      • What’s wrong with controlling the house? Either you don’t like floaters, or you don’t like the ring-leaders. You can’t have it both ways.

        And they said no to her because huge alliances never work ie the bomb squad.

      • Did you seriously start off like that?? Did you like Devin?? even tho Devin was psycho he did control that house majority of the time that’s why they needed him out. Zach got mad at Devin becuz he made the mistake of tellin Devin that he didn’t want to be there anymore and that he wanted to go up on the block. I would have told him at the ceremony that your dared me to do this and expressed that you have no reason to be here anymore so I’m giving you what you want.
        And soon enough, as soon as Derrick does something stupid in this game ppl are goin to be beggin for Derrik to leave. Same thing happened last yr. Amanda was controlling that house and everyone was fine with that but as soon as she started to runnin get into full gear of controllin ppl, what happened?? America voted her out. Derrick is a repeat of Amanda.
        They didn’t say no beuz of huge alliances. They said n becuz they were scared ie all the other seasons.

      • not if they actually think about the game and winning the money..i think women could work together well within this game. All they need is 1 or 2 guys that are on their side and they could take this game by the horns. That’s why everytime, season after season guys pick out the girls cuz they’re scared of all female alliances cuz they would have the numbers in the game and decide who they want to leave…

      • Except there has never been a successful girl’s alliance in BB. I can’t think of any real girl’s alliance for that matter.

      • Exactly! They have never thought about winnin the game with numbers…if girls would stay together throughout the game, they woupd always decide who gets voted out. If production can get a player back like Janelle Pierzina who was a comp beast (bb6 & bb7) the girls would have a good chance and then throw in a guy they could take over that house….

  8. Cody might target Caleb for the week. Don’t think it’s the right way to go.
    Both of these hohs should prepare a backdoor plan for Donny, strategic-wise

  9. Zach was pushing Frankie — EXACTLY. That is why he should have been removed two weeks ago instead of crappy Pao! Leaving him there when there was the perfect chance to vote him out was DUMB beyond belief.

      • More likely in a flirty, let’s get together after the show wink-wink kinda way ;)

      • I think Frankie loves that. Zack is gay, and this is his way of coming out without actually saying it. He likes Franky, just look at the way he looks at him.

  10. Frankie is putting up Brittany and Amber and Cody is putting up Victoria and Jacosta…with a BD plan for Donny. That is the latest..Derrick and Zach are going to turn this into their HOH. Derrick is starting to annoy me.

    • What they need to remember (strategically) is who they want in Jury. They don’t trust Brittany so they want her out before then; same for Donny. Since by the finale some of their own will be in Jury, too, I don’t think they are worried about Jo/Vic as much there since they’re influential. Ha!

  11. Did anyone notice when Devin was evicted, and they were all celebrating, amber jumped into Caleb’s arm and hugged. I feel she is giving him mixed signals. She is probably using Cody to drive Caleb away. I personally like the chemistry between Britt and Cody

    • i don’t really care about the chemistry. at the end, these people are eliminating themselves one by one.
      for me, amber is doing the right thing, she should make caleb confused and self-implode, that is part of the game.
      the focus is to carry yourself through to the end. not to make chemistry.

    • If you watch the live feeds Amber leads Caleb on all the time. They don’t broadcast that on the show. I think they are trying to make Caleb look a little psycho…lol…which is fine…I don’t really care for Caleb – but mixed signals DEFINITELY! She leads him on a lot… I think she is trying to keep caleb & cody on the leash to ‘carry’ her through the game, b/c she hasn’t proven much.

      • Thank you! Finally someone sees what I see! The only thing though is I would rather see Caleb in the house then Derrick. I have come to dislike Derrick more and more. I feel if the comp is a mind challenge rather than a endurance, Derrick odds of winning that one is greater than Caleb’s. Speaking of Derrick, I read a poster last night that Derrick did something that caused Britt (who is my fav) and Jacosta to loose last night’s HOH. Do you know? Derrick got to see pictures, I feel these ladies need to see theirs.

  12. On BBAD, what is Britt upset about?? Something about the bed situation? Victoria?

    • Nobody likes to sleep with Victoria. She is clingy and paws at ppl in their sleep.

      • Id love to see the Queen on ice and on slop. Remember in the first episode she said to the camera that what victoria wants, victoria gets. Not so fast, Queenie.

    • Hmm. Since she’s worried that she’ll be nominated for not flirting enough with Cody, maybe she’s hoping to be invited upstairs to sleep. Going upstairs worked when Devin nominated her.

      • No sweet. Cody wants britanny gone because Britanny does not sees Cody as a Man..

        and Cody is pissed because Britanny said she wont go upstairs and kiss his ass.

        I dont get why girls are so mean to each other?

      • Every other female in the house is kissing Cody’s rear because they are so infatuated with him. Christine, who is married, has been running her fingers through his hair, rubbing and tickling his back and arms. Victoria is smitten with him as well. Amber wants to get him into bed. Nicole flirts with him a little, but, she flirts more with Hayden. Romeo Cody better slow down..all of this female bonding may be his downfall.

      • Me either, Fabio. That being said, I was pulling for Brittany and Amber early on, thinking they’d be strong enough (physically, mentally, emotionally) to compete. But you see Amber let the boys run her HoH reign (even though she was self-preserving) – it’s no hate there but, as a viewer, I’d like to have seen her and some others do the manipulating. ;)
        Brittany has been whining that she’s afraid Cody might nominate her because she hasn’t been flirting with him. And when she worked her charm on Devin, he did a 180 and saved her. I think Brittany might be hoping for lightning to strike twice. :)

  13. Right now, Derrick is the most influential player in the house. He has a lot of say on who to nominate. Donny is right, he is the ring leader. If they don’t stop this guy he will go far. I recognized he’s a very good player. I’m just not a big fan of Derrick.

    • Not saying that you’re this type of fan, but I find it amusing that when someone actually DOES have game-play, fans start disliking them. And when someone just lays around the house all day (the floaters), fans dislike them too. Which one is it?

      I like Derrick. I think he’s playing a bit too aggressive right now which might turn around and bite him in the butt, but hey, at least he’s playing the game.

      • Fans like or dislike a player for different reasons. He’s playing the game, but he’s too creepy. or they just don’t don’t like her voice. That’s just the way it is. If I was a Jury I would throw all that out the window and vote for the best game player…..I hate Andy since day 1 from last season, but I thought he deserved to win.

      • Agreed. Fans don’t like Derrick anymore because he’s playing a good game but they love Donny because he’s playing a bad game.

  14. Did Zach really just give Dr. Will’s “I hate all of you” speech and think it was cool?

  15. Hey Matt I’m watching the feeds before work and Derrick just gave you a shout out 5:49 est

  16. Whatever happens this time personally, I don’t think Caleb will save Amber this time… I think Caleb is sort of seeing her 4 who she is very self-centered.. Cody said she is starting 2 get on his nerves…Hopefully Caleb will just play the game…

  17. It was indeed sad to see none of the HGs vote to keep Devin even Brittany whom he saved last week, these HGs are now easily predicted just like last season where they all voted in unison once a target has been determined and forced upon them by the HOH. Devin caused his own downfall, he should not blame anyone but himself, having said that, it is now becoming tiring to see these HGs showing no Spine of their own. As for Caleb and Amber, Caleb is letting his emotions take over his sense of reasoning as to why he is in the game, unfortunately, he has dug himself so far into Amber thinking that Amber will be his princess one day not realizing that Amber is into Cody but not Caleb, two of these three people needs to be voted out, if I were one of the HGs, I will not want to be in an alliance with any of these three individuals because sooner or later one of them is going to implode and bring the alliance down. Case scenario, look at what happened with Devin.

    • Predictable being the operative word – what we don’t want to see. That’s usually not entertaining. Devin was never predictable. After watching everyone vote him out last night, everyone else pretty much is, unfortunately. But hopefully they will surprise us. :)
      In fact, the only ones trying to spark the Evict Caleb convos were the boyz. Everyone else seemed to be thinking “Glad I’m not Devin and I’m safe this week” without thinking “What about NEXT week?”

      • Do you actually think that the remaining HG’s are capable of surprising us, I just to understand why the women in the house are all taking a back seat and let the men make the decisions, at least last year we have Amanda eating her cake (McCrea) and at the same time calling most of the shot as to who has to be evicted.

    • Devin was extremely obnoxious, it all started when he went and recruited two new members to the alliance. I liked him at the beginning, but he became more and more annoying as the game continued. Amber was into him at the beginning as well, but soon changed her mind.

      • I agree with you, Devin caused his own demise by being a hut head, Zach dared him to nominate him for eviction and he Devin acted on it without covering his base, by letting the rest of his alliance know about his conversation with Zach instead Zach beat him to the punch by going all over the house and rally people to make Devin look very bad. Devin never recovered from that, Devin also failed himself by quitting his alliance to Andy’s from last year BB’s clone Frankie and then outed the rest of the members of his alliance to the whole house. He played a very bad social game and lost the trust of everybody in the house.

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