Big Brother 16 – Week 4 Nomination Anticipation

Following last night’s Big Brother episode where we saw Devin Shepherd walk out the front door two more HGs were crowned as this week’s Heads of Household. But who would they put up on the block? No mysteries this week and as the pair were quite vocal in the targets.

Nomination Anticipation for Big Brother 16
Nomination Anticipation for Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Overnight we heard a lot of discussions and shifting in plans as the nominees were worked through the gears and spit out on the other side with pairings and HoH ownership. Find out who is going on the block and should prepare for the upcoming Battle of the Block competition on Friday.

Right away when the Feeds returned we were able to confirm the winners: Cody & Frankie. Their targets should be a big surprise as both are members of the Detonators alliance and would be able to work together toward the same goal.

Quickly the names were coming out for targets: Amber, Brittany, Jocasta, and Victoria. Now they had to decide the best way to divide and conquer.

By the end of the night it was decided. Cody would nominate Brittany and Victoria. Frankie would nominate Amber and Jocasta together. The guys didn’t want Cody nominating Amber as they hope to get those two working together, which of course is causing plenty of stress on Caleb.

The real targets in each pair are Brittany and Jocasta. Which ever side remains on the block after today’s BotB will be the target. For now at least. We’re still six days away from the next eviction and I think we all know how this place can shift.

So why is Brittany such a target? From what I can tell Derrick is still unsure of Brittany and she’s still unsure of him. Derrick would prefer to get her out rather than have to worry about whether or not she’ll come after him later. Seeing as how Derrick is controlling HGs so well, he’s got them making his target their target too.

Oh, and as for the Team America mission? They were assigned to target a “Physical Threat” player and learned of this after setting up their nomination plans. No worries though, they figured, as Amber would now be their “physical” competitor going up on the block even though they weren’t making her the real target as of yet.

What do you think of these nomination plans? Are Cody and Frankie making the right choices or are they wasting their week already?


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      • I am hoping that sooner rather than later the rest of the HG realize this and Derrick gets put in hot water. I don’t really care for him….Having his hand in too many pots – he will get burned.

    • Actually this is one of the most diverse casts I’ve ever seen on the show. Usually it’s 13 white straight people, one gay guy, and two black people. I’m pretty happy with the diversity this season.

    • Oh please…stop trying to make race an issue here. Amber has done NOTHING, Devin came out of the gates a little strong and paranoid and had people worried, and Jocasta has done NOTHING but ‘up play’ her heat exhaustion.

      • I agree and wasn’t it amazing how she was all better after have nots were picked and pov was played

    • I COMPLETELY agree with you here. Every year they have a very uneven split when it comes to minorities. This is unfair. If anything they should try to make the quotas as even as possible and show how diverse our country really is. With such an overwhelming majority of caucasians, the odds that a minority will win the game is slim to none.

      • In the US, 12.3% of the population is black. On Big Brother 2 of the 16 houseguests were black, which is 12.5% of the house. I’d say they got fair represenation

      • I completely disagree with this thinking. This is typically the way most major networks cast. They have a large group of white ppl and throw in a couple of blacks, maybe an asian, hispanic, etc. so the show does not “appear” racist. how about flip this and put 12 black ppl in the house with 2 whites, 1 gay person, an asian and a hispanic and made the odds tilt the other way. I bet this will NEVER happen. Casting is done this way on purpose. Facts are Facts

      • Well why do whites ALWAYS get so offended when anyone brings up race??? Guilty conscience??? My guess is yes.

      • I wouldn’t say offended, more like: Why do whites always roll their eyes when blacks bring up the race card?

    • WTF race has nothing to do with it. They think Jocasta, Brittany and Donny are working together. Amber is a pawn and will accomplish TA task. They want to get Brittany out. And guess what she’s white!!

    • African Americans make up 12.3% of the population. 3 of 16 players were African Americans and I think that is a fair representation. They should have added Asians and Latinos.

      • There were only 2 black players. If Amber is considered “black” I am not sure why this is assumed automatically. She is biracial. People automatically think that ppl who are biracial identify as being “black”. She may identify more with her white side. IJS, she doesnt automatically get identified as black. So in reality there were 2 black players. #Helpful

      • I’m not sure how she identifies but she made the statement she doesn’t date white guys. I may be assuming but it seems she identifies as black.

      • What is your problem? Let’s see you want to talk race there’s a Black History Month but I don’t see a White History month. There is a Black Miss America pageant but In the regular Miss America Pageant there are black woman in it but I don’t see a white woman in the Black pageant. Get over yourself and quit watching if you don’t like it.

      • That is the dumbest reply every. Those were created because of a lack of black representation everywhere else. WOC rarely win the “American” pageants because of their color hence a need for a black pageant. Black history month is important because of again a lack of representation about all that black people have done for this country. White is everywhere so you get over yourself.

      • You don’t need to educate me. I was giving examples. And I wasn’t replying to you so mind your own business.

      • I don’t care who you were replying to. Your wrong and since this is a public forum I can reply to whoever I want to. Give some examples that matter and ones that don’t make you appear ignorant then I wouldn’t have to respond. Your logic is flawed thus you need to be educated. Your insensitive and ignorant about things that you will never know about or be able to relate to. I will not respond again because it’s pointless to argue with ignorant people like you.

      • And who makes you an athority? Because I have a different opinion than you? Your the ignorant one. Have a nice life with your blinders on.

      • Well, let’s see…Obama is bi-racial, Halle Berry is bi-racial, Vanessa Williams is bi-racial and they’ve all taken up the mantle of being black. Obama: The first black President. Halle Berry: The gorgeous black actress. Vanessa Williams: the first black Miss America. Do bi-racial people only claim their black heritage when it serves their purpose or for acceptance by the African American community? Race is a convenient card to play in any situation where that culture doesn’t get what it wants. Amber is obviously bi -racial so, if you want to split hairs, there are 2 1/2 back players in BB16.

      • Regardless of what Amber considers herself, In the US the one drop rule considers her black.

    • They won’t vote Amber off, she’s too useful a tool. They absolutely shouldn’t get paid though for choosing her.

      • Absolutely the only thing she has done is fuel jealousy between caleb and cody and even that wasn’t intentional

    • You can be both a physical competitor and a floater. Do you consider any of the women physical threats?

    • Frankie is a laughable buffoon. I can’t stand him. He thinks he is so great – he thinks he is doing ‘so much’ in the house, he is doing nothing. He is just there to ‘act’ for the cameras.

      • I agree and if he keeps hitting on and flirting with the “guys” he may get more than hes bargained for…One of those guys may hit back and not in the way Frankie wants…

      • I think the house is pretty liberal, even Caleb despite the rumors. They don’t seem to mind, and that is why he keeps doing it. Zach likes him, but he likes Cody.

      • I agree. and to be honest, I do not think he deserves to be there. I thought this game was for ppl who NEED the money. I hate when they bring in ppl that are related to celebrities or ppl who have already played in previous seasons. I want someone to play/win who ACTUALLY needs the money. I think ppl will play a lot harder if they really really needed the money. Extensive background checks should be done and ppl that are abov certain income brackets should not be allowed to play. IMO

      • Just because Frankie is related to a celebrity doesn’t automatically mean that he is wealthy. Who is to say who is truly needy? I could live in the wealthiest income bracket but be up to my eyeballs in debt, I would consider myself in need of money. IMO

      • If you are wealthy and have mountains of debt..that’s your fault. You know what I was trying to say when I said ppl that are TRULY in need. I mean, COME ON!! Frankie’s sister is a star, I’m not even going to pretend like he needs this money like others may need it. To be honest, Frankie is there for FAME and notoriety. The money would just be a plus for him. I can tell by his antics and his Youtube videos, he wants FAME. Duh

      • This game is in no way meant to be a charity benefit. One’s income bracket, no matter how big or small should be considered at all.

      • You are right, and I am sick of him mentioning his famous sister. I do like him, and I don’t see him as a floater, but he is just agreeing with others on every nomination and vote. I love him and zack together though.

  1. I am sorry no way is amber a physical threat…team america fail
    Just voes to show what a chicken frankie really is not willing to get blood on his hands.

    • How can’t see be considered a physical threat? She’s easily one of the better women houseguests when it comes to competitions. She won a physical HOH and she almost won the first HOH but threw it.

    • Just curious, but other than Caleb, who do you see as a physical threat? Keep in mind Cody and Frankie are HOH’s and can’t be nominated.

    • You’ree right, because winning an hoh that was pretty physical shows she in no way is a physical threat. Makes sense…

      • Amber won against the girls, but not when the guys are competing as well.
        She is weak and so are the other girls. Not listening to Joey was a huge mistake. They could’ve tried to get rid of the guys who are the real physical threat, even Donny.

  2. Am I the only one that finds Nicole extremely annoying? He voice is like nails on a chalkboard. She complains constantly.

    • There are a lot of the others that complain way more than her. Just because she was not happy about Brittany “complaining” about Victoria and the bed situation I don’t think makes her a complainer. She’s one of my favorites. JMO

  3. In TA’s mind, Amber is the physical threat outside the “Detonators Alliance”. It’s arbitrary, and to target a player, means the intention is for that player to be evicted. So, a backdoor could play a part on this mission. Is Caleb more of a physical threat than Amber?..Hell Yes !.

  4. In 3 weeks, the guys have been dominating, getting out Joey, Paola, and Devin. One of which was a physical threat. Watching the veto comp last night, I started rooting for the underdog (Devin). Now this week’s possible target is another female! I guess Hayden is just sailing under their radar. I would think as a guy outside their alliance, he would be a bigger “threat. “

  5. I wish Caleb would get his head I the game instead of up Amber’s A** ! I am not a big Caleb fan, but I hate to see him throwing away a chance for half a million over HER ! She wants him to leave her alone, yet she is still throwing him little bones. Come on Dude….She don’t want you….Save your dignity….play you game !

  6. If the girls and Hayden don’t get together and form some kind of plan to get rid of the muscle in the house they will leave one by one.

  7. What wasq the big argument between Britt and Nichole? Also how did Derrick influence the outcome of the HOH comp? I wish these girls would ban together. Who is Britt in alliance with?

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