Big Brother 16: New Targets Emerge Ahead Of Double Eviction Night

Twelve hours ago I would have told you with strong confidence that Christine and Frankie were big targets for tonight’s Double Eviction event. Now thanks to a wild turn of events, they have a much better chance of surviving the night.

Christine Brecht on Big Brother 16
Christine Brecht on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

Just yesterday much of the house was rallying around to target Christine and Frankie after they were needlessly caught up in their own overly complicated story exposing the Detonators as a purported fantasy of Zach’s imagination. Then after Caleb shook some sense in to the Detonators, while believing the Bomb Squad still existed, that’s all changed.

Things now stand divided on targets and the advantage remains with the Detonators. Here’s who the big players are currently looking to evict next.

Donny and Hayden are still not aware of the shift to keep Zach. They’ll be targeting Christine and Frankie should they win the next HoH during tonight’s Double Eviction.

Donny has said he’ll nominate Caleb and Christine with Frankie as the renom backup. Should Donny’s scenario come to fruition look for Christine to be the one to go.

A Hayden Head of Household win would likely also have the same scenario though he may go straight to nominating Christine and Frankie instead of working Caleb in on the block. Should Christine stay up after the Veto then she’ll head out of the house.

Victoria sits in the middle zone. Hayden thinks he’s convinced her to target Christine & Frankie as well. She’s certainly got the reasons to go after Frankie for his repeated noms of her, but she’s also got one reason not to do so. Derrick. If Derrick can get in her ear, and I think we all know he can, then she might be willing to follow the other side of the house tonight should she win HoH.

So that other side of the house. We’re talking about Caleb, Christine, Cody, Derrick, Frankie, and Zach. Ouch. That’s 6 against 2 with Victoria in the pivot position to make it either 7-2 or 6-3. They have an incredible numbers advantage in the first HoH round of the night. This count is exactly why I never fully understood Derrick’s interest in shifting so soon and so far to Haycole.

Should any of those HGs win HoH then I think we could be looking at Hayden and Nicole going up with Donny in the renom seat. Those are the three targets discussed last night after the dust settled from their “Save Zach” craziness.

As a member of Team America, Derrick might have second thoughts about targeting Donny. Viewers won’t be happy to see Donny go either as a big fan favorite this season, but he’s a very smart player and is very aware of what’s going on in the house for the most part. That makes him dangerous to the other side.

If it’s Nicole and Hayden up on the block I would be less surprised by Hayden getting the boot, though either could easily go and with her multiple HoH wins Nicole could be the higher blade of grass tonight.

What do you think could happen on tonight’s Big Brother 16 Double Eviction? What’s on your wishlist?


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    • Make that 3. I am hoping still that somehow Nicole, Hayden and Donny can win those two HOHs tonight. It is a must win for both HOH. That is their only chance. If they lose the first HOH then, it is practically over as the remaning two would have an even harder time surviving the next evictions. As if the Detonators did not have all the advantages?

  1. Derricks interest for shifting toward Haycole was for HIS game alone. They were the only two left that he felt unsure about not putting him up for noms. Even tho he and Donny are very untrusting of each other, through the DE tonight he would have had no worries because he most likely would have not been nominated by anyone, he had all his bases covered…that was before the decision to keep Zach. I can almost guarantee you that for the short-term(tonights DE) he is probably kicking himself for pushing the decision to keep Zach. For the long-term, it was the right decision.

    • He makes me sick. I can’t stand to even look at him on the feeds. All this is going to backfire and I can’t wait.

      • As of yesterday, I was wanting Donny and Derrick to go to the final together. Donny because I just like him. Derrick because I try to pick one I like and one that has played a great game.( I may not like the gameplay, but I have to admit he is very good at it.)That has never been the same person, and the two people that I had chosen at the mid-point of the season to go to F2 have never made it to the F2. Needless to say, I wouldn’t bet on either. I think Derrick has messed up royally lately and I’m sure I will probably be adjusting my F2 after he DE.

      • Well..I hope Derrick makes it to final two..he’s my favorite. Donny is nice but you don’t see him doing much..

      • He’s a thinker and I’m thinking that he needs to think a little less and act a little more. I’m hoping we’re going to see it very soon. I’ve waited patiently and hope he doesn’t let me down.

      • would be nice..but still he’s benefiting from all the dirty work everybody else did.

      • Someone better get him now or he wins. Not what I would like to see tho. Send pink flop-flop with him.

  2. This seems like such a risky move for both Derrick and Cody for many reasons. First, they just made that alliance with Nicole and Hayden which will certainly have two strong players targeting them. Second, them admitting to their alliance that they knew Frankie could possibly have been getting renomed if Jocasta went down this week is very sketchy especially if anyone finds out how long they knew. And lastly, if they just kept with the plan to evict Zach, they would have been sitting pretty with two solid alliances on both sides of the house, now if Hayden or even Donny wins they could be in serious danger.

    • derrick already said that they (derrick and cody) knew they were straddling the fence between the detonators and the rationale and would make the decision which way to go prior to the DE, looks like they made the correct decision : detonators

      • That is only the correct decision if you do not consider the two HOHs tonight. If they save Zach as expected, that will tell Nicole and Hayden of their treachery. Now, it becomes easier to nominate both Cody and Derrick on the block if Donny, Hayden or Nicole win HOH. If one goes off, nominate Frankie or Christine in place and one of the Detonators goes home. It might be the dumbest move they made because they were absolutely safe with the alliance with Nicole and Hayden. Now, they put target on their backs and save Christine, Frankie and Zach in the process.

      • How is it correct? They were safe with everyone and now not only Christine and Frankie will be after them so will Nicole, Hayden and Donny. You’re forgetting Christine and Frankie wanted Nicole to put up Cody or Derrick. They went with the numbers but only 2 make it to the end. So all those numbers will be turning on each other.

  3. CRAZINESS! I think if this goes through, Donny, Hayden and Nicole are going to blame Derrick and Cody. I think this makes them more vulnerable than before and a possible target for tonight.

    • True. Things move fast on a DE. Derrick might not have time to talk his way out of it if they suspect him as a ringleader in all of this.

      • They’ll know he flipped so he has put a target on his back. This could be the move that brings him down and he did it to himself.

    • I think this is why Derprick looked so worried when he came out of DR after everyone was in bed. If they vote to keep Zach they have just shifted the target from Fakie/Ratine to him and NoB@llsCody. Ii hope Hayden wins HOH and puts up Derprick/Fakie. If veto brings one down then a minion goes up.

      • Put up Christine as renom as she has won competitions. You have to get rid of the strong competitors first so, Frankie, Christine probably should go first. However, I would settle for Derrick or Cody too. Any of those 4 can go first.

      • If Derprick comes down NoB@llsCody goes up. If Fakie comes down then Ratine. If the minion pulls them off then Zach goes up.

      • Can’t really call him NoBlls Cody anymore. He called out Frankie and Christine last night and that’s how the flip happened. He confronted them on stuff Nicole had said.

      • What makes Cody so sure that Christine is telling the truth? Christine did say the things that Nicole said she did, I heard her. This may come back to bite Derrick and Cody in the butt.

      • He only did that because King Derrick told him to. Cody has done nothing except lay all over all the girls and sleep. Oh wait he has done something else. Followed King Derrick around.

      • Well, He finally brushed his teeth last night..and that’s not good for his game.

      • Why would production call Derrick to the DR at 3 am? Derrick and Frankie both standing and looking at the memory wall…..hmmmm?

    • If Zach stays and Hayden or Donnie win HOH, they will be utterly stupid not to put up Derrick and Cody or even Derrick and Frankie.
      They will not get many chances at the Detonators who control 6 votes. Their slim chance is winning HOH 3 straight times thru Nicole, Hayden and Donny and even that is not guaranteed. Atleast, get one of the Detonator threats out tonight if you win HOH!
      I favor getting rid of Derrick or Frankie as my first choice. If one get off via POV, nominate the next strongest Detonator which is probably Christine who has won challenges. One of them is guaranteed to go home if two of them are on the block and the Detonators cannot prevent it!

    • By flipping back to the Detonators, Derrick and Cody displayed their treachery. I only hope that Nicole, Hayden and Donny win both HOHs tonight. That would be awesome to see the Detonators
      cut down to size if you can evict two of them one after the other!
      If they can get rid of at least, 2 Detonators, there would be 4 Detonators versus Nicole, Hayden and Donny and maybe, not an insurmountable task now. It will also shake up the remaining Detonators to see that they will be just as vulnerable now with Nicole, Donny and Hayden.

    • It is a Huge production interference not smells like it. The proof is in who brought up the idea in the first place, Caleb? Where do you think that idea came from because as of the night before everyone was in on getting Zach out until a trip to the DR and out comes the most delusional player in BB History and that’s a fact with the idea of “numbers”?? I’ve been watching BB since season 2 and when I’ve seen them come to this because they’re losing grip on things it makes you reflect on all the things they did in past seasons just to get their “numbers” ironic isn’t it, “numbers” that’s all they had to say to turn things.

    • Actually Caleb has said since week 2 that they had to keep the numbers, that this was the only way for them to get to jury. DR does ask leading questions to get them thinking. Possible they asked “Didn’t you say you needed numbers”? That gets him thinking, yeah I did and this kills our numbers. Every time they decide a vote Caleb says “we need the numbers”.

      • Also Hayden was questioning yesterday why was Derrick being called to the DR so much today. Then last night Derrick comes out of the DR and goes straight to Cody and blows everything up. Come on. I smell a rat and their name is “production”.

    • We are getting the same crap in the West Coast. They will not show Big Brother till that no bearing pre-season NFL game is finished. Who cares about that? I am an NFL fan but, a no bearing game getting precedence? I will just have to rely on this blog to see who wins HOH after the show. If Nicole, Hayden or Donny gets evicted after Jocasta, it won’t matter then!

      • I wonder why everyone has football but there not showing any games in my area.

      • One is showing on the NFL channel at 7:30 in my area, East TN., San Fran and Baltimore. I hope they’re not going to pull one on me at the last minute.

      • It is just a no bearing exhibition game which does not even count. Why would they use prime tv time for that? Stupid. I am not watching that game and I am an NFL fan. Big Brother gets pushed to 10pm my time. Normally, it is 9pm. I guess it does not matter if either Donny, Nicole or Hayden get evicted in the first HOH tonight. I just hope they can win both HOHs and stay safe while, they go after the Detonator guys!

    • I’m on the East Coast. My area is showing the NFL game on ABC, so BB16 is still on @ 9.

      • east coast doesn’t show any NFL on any local stations? That’s according to my dish network guide. Am I missing something. I don’t think they would mess with the DE air time just for NFL pre-season?

      • Thanks, you’re right, I forgot about 10/55. Now I’m hyped, A 12 pack is headed your way, LOL!

  4. Nicole will start crying, Hayden will look scarier and Donny, well Donny will just be Donny.

  5. Oh, I love this new twist!! Yeah..Get rid of the “hanger’s on” and then let the games begin!

    • So you like watching the same people controlling the house every week? If that’s the case you don’t even need to watch because it will be the same every week until the end. BORING!

  6. I really don’t think this was a production influence. Sure they probably talked it out with Caleb in the Diary Room, but it would of been the other HouseGuest choice if they thought keeping Zach was a good thing for their game.

    • Zack is a fan favorite, good TV and has significant volume of tweets. Studies shows twitter activities drives increased tune-in rates for TV. I have no evidence of Production interference but I think it’s fair to say that “Saving Zack” is the preferred outcome of Production.

      • He is a fan favorite, that is true. Production would like it to see Zach stay, but hey, sucks for them. They’ll still renew it next year.

      • What’s even better is if Zack puts Derrick and Cody on the block. The rating will really go on top of the roof….as a viewer, i wanna see that happening.

      • While, I want to see that happen. Probably close to zero chance of that happening right now. All they want is to target Hayden, Nicole and Donny. Then, probably Caleb and Victoria. That is 5 boring weeks of nonsense nominations. They might as well write a script and post it in this blog and shut down the set.
        Who would want to watch that?

      • I don’t see that happening right now, but Derrick will be facing major obstacles. We haven’t seen him in hot water. I wanna see how good of a player he is in that situation.

      • It would be interesting if Derrick winds up on the block with Frankie after POV and being the final nominees for eviction. What does he tell the others now to save himself? Can he still ask Nicole and Hayden to trust him after his and Cody’s treachery?
        I bet you he will be tearing up Frankie to bits and saying they should have evicted Zach in the first place! Yeah, would like to see his spin on why he should not be evicted instead of Frankie.

      • I like the way you’re thinking. Wouldn’t it be perfect if all 3 (Derrick, Cody and Frankie) go down and Zach is left standing after they pretty much blew up their own games to save him. If Haycole can survive the DE and they are smart enough to realize it (and use it), they have enough ammo to blow the game wide open. The thing is I like Derrick and he is for sure one of my favorites to see it to the end, but I think he just dropped the ball on what could have been a solid long game.

      • I would absolutely love that. I would have to have a couple shots if patron to celebrate.

      • If either Hayden, Nicole or Donny get eliminated in the two evictions tonight, fan intererst would drop considerably. Who wants to see the Detonators roll themselves to the finals without any opposition left? Sure, they will target themselves at the very end but, by that time, a lot of fans probably will pass on it. CBS should have a diamond power of veto to equalize the balance of power in the house. Call that interference but, even with Survivor, they have multiple immunity idols. The game is too static and boring with the same group of people rolling everyone else out. Who wants to see that week after week?

      • Oh I totally agree with you. Polls after Polls, Donny/Nicole is #1 Fan Favorite. I have no doubt that seeing Derrick and Cody on the block will drive the ratings up.

      • Zach is loud, mouthy, unpredictable and hell of a lot smarter than he comes off to be. I see the value in keeping him around for the simple fact given the power anything is possible with him, he is a wild card. But as far as an entertainment factor, I’ve lost interest. Everyone is a dingus fruit loop and it is no longer cunning or funny when you have to point out how cunning and funny you are.

    • it was very strange in the first place for the detonators to go after one of their own, wtf were they thinking anyway, the plan to evict zach must have had a huge amount of prduction interference to start that thing going

      • I mean he could of just went into the Diary Room and flat out told production that he had thoughts about keeping him and they had him express his thoughts. Seeing recent leaks of Diary Room visits from past seasons make me think production just gets the wheels turning in their head about one idea so the HouseGuest can expand upon that one idea.

      • Exactly. They put ideas in their heads. And I forgot about Derrick coming out of the DR last night and looked into the cameras and said well this is what you wanted America not a unanimous vote. So how does he know what America wants?

      • I guess he thought America was getting tired of the unanimous votes and wanted to see some action.

    • I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out that Zach should stay…he is a vote for them, plain and simple. I cant believe that Caleb of all people was the only one who realized that. I think the rest of them were really thinking about it too much, and we all know that Caleb doesn’t really know how to think too much…he keeps it nice and simple.

      • I was even more shock when I saw him brushed his teeth for the first time last night..He’s really changing. Now if he can only take a shower.

    • I’m still hoping that either Christine continues her stubborn streak and non-loyalty to vote for Zach’s eviction, splitting the votes. OR Derrick does another flip-flop back to evicting Zach, convincing everyone to follow him.

      I think Jocasta is going in the 1st eviction. IDK in the 2nd.

      • If they do that, they are crazy! They need to get rid of Zach and now is a perfect time.

      • Why do they HAVE to get rid of Zach? He is pure entertainment. Watching Jocasta is like watching paint dry. I would love to see the Detonators forced to turn on each other. That will make for good tv. I totally dig the Save Zach plan!

      • You get rid of Zach because Zach is a threat. You don’t play the game for entertainment. All HG are playing for $500,000.

      • You are right. They are playing for money. We are watching for entertainment. What we want to happen if watching solely for entertainment and what they need to happen to win are entirely different and sometimes I forget that they don’t know what we know.

      • Yes HGs are playing for money. They really don’t care what we think should happen.

      • A threat to who? he is loyal to Derrick Cody Frankie Caleb and even that disgusting Christine….just like Caleb says..he is a vote for their alliance like him or not…for the time being it is smarter to keep him…

      • Zach isn’t a threat to Cody or Derrick at the moment. Keeping him makes more sense to their game. I want him there because he’s amusing, but they need him to maintain numbers. He’s definitely erratic but he’s also very easily influenced (team America missions proved that) but I think he’ll keep his alliance safe and go after the “other side” of the house.

      • What game are you watching? Zach is a threat to all the HG. He said it himself. Zach is out to win $500,000. They are not playing for marbles.

        This is a individual game. You play it as a team, Everybody ‘s goal is to be the final 2.

  7. Like him or hate him, at least Caleb is, and will continue to be, loyal to his Alliance to a fault, albeit a bit mis-guided … well, not necessarily to the Detonators, but to his original BS Alliance …
    Even Christine, has finally woke up this week, and starting to be more active .. lies or no lies, however she may have done it … that Cody sure is gullible … and, managed to initiate a double-blind, in order to save Zach this week, while solidifying the Detonators Alliance plus Caleb, at this point …
    At this point, I no longer really have any favorites HG to win, and, am starting to enjoy all these lies, deceits and imploding … As far as I am concerned, they all have earned their spot in the current House and deserve anything and everything that is coming their way …. Ha !!!
    Frankie has proven to be a real snake, willing to backstab his Bromance, one minute, if only to save his @$$$, but, as quickly able to flip the switch, if the opportunity arises … Interesting that he was not able nor willing to fight to keep Zach, when the rest of the House / Alliance wanted his @$$ out the door, even though Zach was his closest ally in the House … and, now, is more than happy that he will likely be saved this week, again ….
    From this morning’s BBAD episode, Derrick may have appeared to have lost is composure for the first time, and perhaps, this is his true side … Nasty SOB he is … think, he may have realized that his teflon skin may have been weakening …
    Can’t say that I will miss Jacosta when she is evicted this evening …. but, she did appear to be campaigning much much this week to save herself??
    Defiitely, looking forward to watch the Detonators / BS Alliance self-implode once they are left amongst themselves .. Ha !!!

  8. Why do people immediately insist it must be production? Caleb had no idea Zach was the one being voted out, until Derrick and Cody told him so last night. He instantaneously said it was a bad idea, and that sparked the idea that maybe they should keep him. There wasn’t a period in between where he went to the diary room then all of the sudden came out with a “brilliant” idea. Not only that, but the move is actually very basic, takes no brains at all really. Derrick and Cody are smart (especially Derrick), and sometimes those players can end up over playing the game, cause they’re thinking too deep into it. All they needed was the words of someone with a basic common logic train of thought to make them realize they were over thinking. Keep Zach because he is a number on our side, not Jacosta…That doesn’t take much brains to figure out.

    • Caleb knew the night before and made the same comment after they told him they were voting Zach out. This was when they made the plan to blow up the alliance before Zach had a chance to. It was after Derrick came out of the DR yesterday that all of a sudden he decided it would be a good idea to keep Zach.

    • It was Derrick that was in the DR several times yesterday. Even Hayden mentioned it. It was Derrick that came out of the DR last night and went straight to Cody and blew everything up. Sounds like production to me!

  9. Hayden and Nicole are stupid and will still probably blame Christine for everything since they don’t trust her anyway. Its just Hayden and Donny playing for HOH so they have the numbers. Did anyone watch the feeds last night b/c I am wondering if they’re planning to tell Nicole right B4 the eviction

    • They are going to blindside her and Hayden with the vote. I think if Derrick tells Victoria she may tell Nicole.

      • Is Vic not voting with the rest of the house to keep Zac? I thought the plan was have a 6-2 vote

      • She really wants Zach to go, but if she does what she normally does, she’ll do whatever Derrick manipulates her into doing. Her vote isn’t necessary to keep Zach so they may decide not to even tell her that there was a change of plans. Either way, Derrick has some explaining to do with Victoria.

      • And I hope Victoria goes right to Hayden. I want Nicole and Hayden to blow up Derrick and Cody’s game.

      • Girl, you are on fire! I’m laughing my head off and I hope I am not on your bad side when it all hits the fan tonight.

      • I need to quit watching the feeds. They get me worked up. Lol. I was just watching Zach and Christine talking and Christine is telling Zach I can’t wait to screw Nicole over and have control of the house and act like jerks to them. Then she said Nicole is jealous of her and Cody. What a joke. She just as delusional as Caleb. Then Zach said he was going to make Nicole cry everyday. Please let Hayden win HOH and put that bitch on the block.

      • I saw that too. Christine really is a nasty player. She was also making fun of the way Nicole talks. Saying how awesome it is going to be tonight. Nicole jealous of her and Cody? I don’t think so. First off, Christine is a married woman yet, I guess part of her strategy is to rub Cody’s arms and back, while running her fingers through his hair. Christine is not the most attractive person..I think it’s the other way around..Christine is jealous of Nicole.

      • Your indignation is justified!!I Christine can rile anyone decent up. Lord help us all if Zach starts that immature crap again.

      • Even though I’m upset about the flip the show will sure not be boring tonight. I just hope it goes the way I want. But the odds are against it.

  10. Come on Donny and Hayden, if you are going down with Nicole, give it 110% effort to win that HOH tonight. Do not let the Detonators get off without even a scratch! Give them a bloody nose at least, and if you three survive and win both HOH tonight, go for the gusto and send two of the Detonators home! Make sure both nominations are the strongest Detonators as to competing so, it should be Cody, Frankie, Derrick, Christine. Forget about Caleb and Zach. They can be back up nominees when there is no Detonator left to put on the block. Give us fans something to cheer about. Go Donny, Hayden and Nicole!

  11. Nooo!!! I wanted Jocasta to stay!! I haven’t liked Zach from the beginning. If Jocasta and Donny go tonight, I’m done with this season.

  12. Am i the only one hoping for a Victoria HOH win (not likely though) but if she does win craziness will ensue as everyone will try to make a play for her in a short amount of time.

  13. I can’t believe there is a possibility that Nicole, who I am liking since she distanced herself from Christine, will be evicted and had a unsuccessful HOH. So wrong.

    • Don’t worry Nic ain’t going nowhere. The network is not going to loose what little eye candy they have left. Hayden or Donny will win HoH tonight and celeb, Chris wil be noms

    • The reason her HOH was or going to be a waste is because the veto was not used and she couldn’t BD Frankie; that’s the chance you take with a BD it could blow up in your face

      • But you know, she could have always insisted that her “buddy” Christine use the veto as a test of her loyalty to Nicole. Nicole didn’t have the gumption to pull that trigger. We’ll never know what would have happened but I would have thought more highly of Nicoles HOH if she had done that. Sometimes you have to step up even if it means putting a target between your eyes, in other words, you see it coming.

      • He could be put up in DE. He could be put up in the future. This is a game of lying and cheating don’t believe everything the HG’s say.

      • I never said tonight! People get with the program this is a game money not entertainment for you. Also, people do not know what is going to happen in the 2nd eviction.

      • Do you have crystal ball that you look in< Do you know who is going put up in the DE?

      • Wait a second, now you’re changing your stance. You just tried to cover your tracks saying you never said you didn’t think Derrick would be put up tonight and now that I pointed out that you did indeed say that you’re taking the crystal ball approach?

      • Oh, I do. After the vote to keep Jocasta, Nicole, Hayden, and Donny are going to know exactly where they stand. If they win either or both HOH comps, they will target the Detonator that seems to have the most power or with which it feels more personal to them. Especially if they won both, I could see Derrick nominated. Donny has repeated Derricks name as one that has yet to set in that chair and I truly think he would use the opportunity to sit Derricks butt in it.

      • But wouldn’t Nicole and Hayden know where they stand ONLY if Jocasta was voted out? I am confused… if the Detonators voted Zach out that would go according to the plan that Nicole and Hayden set, right and so they would think that Derrick and the rest were working with them not against them.

      • I apologize for the mistake in the post and if I were you, I’d be confused about it also.

      • I’ve done it more than once. Thanks for having a good attitude and not raking me over the coals for it.

      • Derrick and Cody has already flipped back to the Detonators meaning Zach is safe. If Zach is safe then, that is treachery which should be obvious to Hayden and Nicole so, that, they could target Cody and Derrick were Donny or Hayden to win HOH.

      • Sorry, I meant to vote out Jocasta. I need to proof read since I am not given the option of editing.

      • That’s a good point. We’ll have to see what happens tonight! This couldn’t have been a better night for a double eviction!

      • Matt S, if you read this, anything look familiar to you regarding the entire post above?

  14. Lets hope Hayden or Donny win HoH tonight and send a Detonator packing. If they were smart they would target either Derrick or Frankie. Then it’s up to Nicole, Donny/Hayden to win the next HoH and target another Detonator. I wouldn’t even bother with Caleb or Zach at that point, just focus on ridding of Derrick, Frankie, Christine and Cody. Cody would be last for me simply because he’s a puppet, and he hasn’t really competed for me to be that impressed with him. Would it be a dream to have Hayden, Donny and Nicole win 2 HoH’s back-to-back? Yes. Will it happen? One can only hope so. What would be a shocker is if Victoria won.

  15. I remember when the 4/member alliance(Rationale now) was formed in the HOH rm. The day she’s been waiting for has come true. Nicole was so excited that she wanted to cry. I saw her honesty then….I feel sorry for her that she might end up on the block today.

  16. Donny or Hayden for HOH please… that’s all I want. The plus side to Zach staying (even thought I really want him to leave) is that Christine, Derrick, Cody and Frankie exposed their own alliance to Haycole. Thinking that Zach would expose them on his way out. Dummies…

  17. I really hope Donny wins tonights HOH. I am so mad at Derrick & Cody right now, and if they get nominated they have no one to blame but themselves.

  18. I’m interested to know why Christine would be the one to go if on the block with Frankie. I would think it would be the other way around.

  19. Just saw that pre season football is going to preempt Big Brother in my are too. Dang it! I was so looking forward to tonights show. They are planning on airing it sometime between 12:35am and 4:35am. At least that’s something.

    • Try snooping around to see if your cable provider carries any affiliates of Canadian Global – they won’t be pre-empted.

      • Burying this far back in the hopes it won’t become public knowledge too much… Feel free to look for me on Facebook under Matt Silver (from Toronto – my profile pic is my business head shot).

      • Hi Matt,
        I haven’t had too much luck with Facebook but think I may have located your profile on Linkedin. If an educational background in Seminary and then using every single skill you learnt there to exercise the restraint and diplomacy necessary for successfully navigating your way through the daily fishbowl at City Hall sounds about right then I feel confident I’ve sourced the correct Matt. And with that having been said…
        Toronto?!!? You’re in Toronto??? Shrieeeekkkk!!!!!!!!!! I am one half hour away in Brampton – where we have our own issues with a city council run amok and I am exaggerating only the tiniest of bits when I say that they make Big Brother look like an episode of Leave It To Beaver.
        I logged out of my Disqus to post this so that it won’t show up on my profile or attract the attention of the terminally nosy. The only thing is that any replies you tag onto this post won’t trigger the notification feature and they won’t go to my e-mail. Just attatch your reply to my original Canadian Global post, that way it will still go to my e-mail. Thinking about your privacy here… what you can do is go back and edit your post. Just backspace the whole thing away and then save your edit. Anyone cruising through your profile will only see your screen name with no post attatched.
        If we can’t get the Facebook thing to work I’m probably okay with giving you my e-mail. I’ll go registered with it and then backspace edit it away once you’ve retrieved the address. Whatever you’re comfortable with…
        … and in BB news … I haven’t waded into the fray, not yet anyway, but in a game of all’s fair in love, war and the pursuit of half a million bucks I don’t think Christine’s consciously cheating on her husband as much as she’s simply craving human touch and comfort. It’s still inappropriate of course but I don’t think those of us watching give nearly enough credit to the houseguests for how altered their reality has become. Now, altered reality or not, Frankie disturbs me. I’m not liking what I’m seeing. The game’s the game, you do what you have to do to advance yourself, but what he’s doing to Zach? Oy. Thats not gameplay. It’s personal. Very personal. He shouldn’t be taking that much pleasure in destroying another human being. It’s uncomfortable to watch. Ah well, tomorrow’s a new day, maybe things will be better.
        p.s. I bet Derrick’s a slipper wearer. Heck, I bet you he’s got closets full of them back at home. Blue ones to go with his blue suits, brown ones to go with his brown suits and shiny black ones to wear with his Sunday best.

      • Yes, you got the right me on LinkedIn though I must admit it took me a few minutes to accept the somewhat exaggerated greatness you made me sound like… ;) Feel free to add me to your LinkedIn network which will be our initial contact point…

  20. Remember when Dannie was all alone with only Porsche playing for HOH against Brendan, Rachel, Jeff, Jordan, Adam and Shelly? Dannie won. I’m hoping it’s the same tonight and Donny or Hayden win.

    • wow….how can you remember these things? Now I know I watched every season of BB but I do not remember anyone or anything that happened through the years. You have a great memory. good for you.

      • It’s probably because I have every season on DVD. Lol. When I get bored I watch them.

      • ok good because I still have a hard time remembering which one is Hayden and which one is Christine….I am telling you for the first three weeks this season I kept mixing up Christine and Nicole…I have everyone figured out now though.

      • We must be about the same age(I can smell 60) or either you are like me and have a bunch of grandkids running around a lot. That’s what I blame it on. I love em’ tho.

    • Donny, Nicole and Hayden just have to play extra hard starting with tonight’s HOH. Try to win the next 2 HOHs tonight and send two Detonators out, preferably Derrick, Frankie or Christine. Get rid of two of them and you cut them down to size. Zach, Caleb and Cody could be replacement nominees is someone gets off thru POV.

    • Yeah, that was also an endurance HOH competition, a will-power competition. Double eviction HOH’s can usually go either way. And it’ll probably come down to a tie breaker.

      • No not the endurance one. I’m talking about the guessing numbers one. Where there was something from each state that they lived in and they had to guess how much.

  21. I wish Derrick would run his big mouth to Victoria and then she goes straight to Hayden to confront him. Then all this BS that Derrick started will be out in the open. Then Hayden and Nicole can blow up Derrick.

  22. If Zach stays and either Donny or Hayden win the first HOH, do you think either one would put up both Derrick & Cody? That would be fun.

    • I think Donny would. He has used their names repeatedly because they have yet to be nom’d. I think he would have the kahunas to put both their butts in those chairs, at least one of them anyway.

  23. This is exactly why Donny, Hayden or Nicole NEED to win HOH tonight. They are going to know exactly who the snakes really are. The detonators are too comfortable and cocky. we need a SHAKE UP! :)

  24. …and right now we have Cody gently rubbing Nicole’s back getting ready to drive the knife right in!!

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