Big Brother 16: The Detonators Trigger A Self-Destruct

In another move to seal Zach Rance’s fate on Big Brother 16, his former alliance out’d their own existence overnight just in case he decided to do the same when he realized what was going on around him. Just in case. They completely exposed themselves just in case. Sigh.

Bomb Squad alliance - Hurt Locker
Another alliance goes *boom* – “Hurt Locker” – Souce: Universal Studios

Flashback to 5:25PM BBT 8/5 Cams 1/2 on the Live Feeds. Get your Free Trial now to watch. Frankie and Christine head upstairs so he can immediately propose an idea. He’s worried that Zach is going to blow up their Detonators alliance so how about they tell Nicole and Hayden that Zach proposed an alliance to them last night with the “sole purpose of getting Caleb & Hayden out of the house.”

The idea here is to say Zach proposed an alliance, but everyone rejected it immediately. This way if Zach says something on the way out then they can point to this story and say that’s what he was talking about, this alliance that never really existed, even though it did.

Frankie thinks taking this to Haycole will earn their trust and get them on board to evict Zach. They can also use the same story with Caleb, Frankie suggests. He’s not sure if they need to reveal the Detonators name though. Before they do this though Frankie wants to go talk to Derrick and Cody about the plan.

Derrick is resting in the Fire room when Frankie comes in to tell him the plan and get his approval. Flashback to 5:43PM BBT 8/5 Cams 1/2. Derrick thinks it would work, but wants to be sure to tell Caleb so he doesn’t think Derrick and Cody were hiding this from him. Remember: Caleb was not part of the Detonators and thought the Bomb Squad alliance, which ended weeks ago, was still active.

So about that whole “waiting to tell Nicole & Hayden” thing? Yeah, forget that. While Frankie is discussing it with Derrick downstairs and they agree to talk with Cody first we’re watching Christine upstairs spilling the fictional beans to Nicole. Oops. So much for getting their stories straight first.

Jump back to 5:44PM BBT Cams 3/4 to find Christine with Nicole in the HoH room. Christine tells Nicole that she was supposed to wait for Frankie, but for Nicole to just pretend she hasn’t told her.

Christine tells Nicole that Zach approached her, Frankie, Derrick, and Cody to form a five-member alliance called the Detonators (note that Christine has revealed the name). Christine says everyone is now on board to vote out Zach including Victoria and Frankie. Nicole is surprised that Frankie would want Zach out just over the alliance. Good observation, Nicole. Christine says it’s more than that.

Jump forward to 6:05PM BBT as Frankie finds Cody and Derrick in the bathroom. Cody is on board with the idea. Frankie suggests that they don’t need to name it unless Zach does on the way out. Frankie leaves and Cody talks with Derrick. They think it’s a fine idea and agree.

The guys are running the faucets and it’s very difficult to hear what they’re whispering at this point. Sounds like they’re planning to tell Haycole first. Derrick says something about when Christine goes to Haycole that Nicole and Hayden will say Cody & Derrick already told them. Too late, but they don’t know that Christine jumped the gun.

Later Cody goes to Nicole and Hayden separately to tell them the cover story. During his talk with Nicole, Cody tells her that Christine was not present when Zach proposed this idea. Oops oops oops. Nicole points out that Christine said she was there. These mismatching details should be setting off alarms for Nicole against all four HGs telling her the story, but she only questions Christine over it. Derrick & Cody play it well to make it sound like Frankie and Christine are running this scheme.

Eventually Cody and Derrick join Hayden and Nicole in the HoH room to discuss the story. Flashback to 8:13PM BBT. Here more conflicts in the story are revealed. Cody tries to cover and says Frankie went and told Christine later because he wanted her involved (on this alliance that you’re claiming was immediately dismissed, Cody?). Nicole also asks about if the alliance was named. Derrick & Cody deny that then say there was a weird name. Nicole says Christine claimed there was a name.

Frankie and Christine later meet with Haycole in the HoH room. Flashback to 9:30PM BBT as Frankie starts to tell his version to Nicole. Later Hayden joins the discussion and asks if Christine was there when Zach proposed this magical alliance. Christine says that she was. Later Hayden tells Nicole he made sure to ask that question to again catch the lie.

What a disaster. Christine completely screwed up here by needlessly rushing to tell Nicole her half-baked story. Reminds me of what Christine did over the weekend that destroyed Nicole’s trust in her. Christine still doesn’t realize that Nicole is very much on to her and any mistrust she should have against Cody and Derrick could be clouded by her anti-Christine stance right now.

Haycole know Christine and Frankie are lying, but how long before they catch on to Derrick & Cody’s involvement in peddling this tale? They might not and it’ll be the Hitmen’s lucky day if so.

The whole situation is so bizarre. Detonators are throwing away their numbers advantage of 5 + 1 (Caleb) by evicting Zach in part over concerns that he’s a loose cannon and could expose them. So they expose their alliance and their duplicity in one fell swoop.

Now the house could end up split by pairs and the biggest targets are likely to sit on Christine and Frankie at the moment. When the Double Eviction hits on Thursday I won’t be surprised to see either Christine or Frankie follow Zach out the door.

What do you think of the Detonators decision to out themselves to mitigate any later issues and gain Haycole’s trust? How do you think they should have handled the situation?

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