First Double Eviction Of Big Brother 16 Tonight

Tonight on Big Brother 16 the first Double Eviction of the season arrives and that means it’s time to get excited. After last night’s incredible turn of events we should have a real show.

Big Brother 16 - Double Eviction
Big Brother 16 – Double Eviction next week – Source: CBS

Double Eviction episodes on Big Brother pack more than an entire week of events in to one show and are always the most intense and exciting episodes of the season for this fan. Here’s what you can expect to see happen.

The show will be live as always and will kick off for with a shortened lead in to the night’s events. We’ll quickly move to the eviction vote and then hear from the first evictee of the night as the HGs shuffle out quickly to the backyard for the first Head of Household competition.

From there the HGs will race back inside and start plotting the nominations. “But first,” with this event many of us believe it must signal the end of the Battle of the Block twist as there would just be too much to cram all in. I’m sure the HGs are ready to be rid of that twist but I will miss it for all the extra action it brings each Friday. So let’s assume no BotB that night.

Once nominations are revealed the HGs will run back outside for the Power of Veto competition. I immediately start thinking of past season’s PoV comps on DE nights like Jeff’s clown shoe, Frank’s win, and Ian securing his safety in what could have been his eviction night. These are INTENSE!

Once Veto is won the PoV Ceremony will be held and and the final nominations of the night will be held. The remaining HGs will cast their votes and evict a second player of the night who will head outside to the front of the house to speak with Julie.

The second HoH comp will not play out on the live show but rather later that night and we’ll be able to watch for the results on the Live Feeds.

Of course many Double Eviction nights have produced some upsetting results (No, Judd! Noooo!), but that comes with the territory and must be expected.

Who could end up on the short end of the stick next week? I’m stepped through many different scenarios of who each HG could target for the rushed decision of eviction tonight.


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  1. Couldn’t there still be BOTB, but the comp would be something like “The laziest houseguest pair of the nominees” lose?

  2. LOVE a double eviction week! If I could choose anyone to go, it would be Jocasta and Victoria as the evictees, I want the floaters gone so the gamers can fight it out for the win.

    • If you want floaters gone than Frankie would be the first in line to go. People mistake floaters for people who aren’t playing the game. A floater is someone who attaches himself (or herself) to whomever is in power at the time.

      • Frankie has won multiple HOH competetions and has been heavily involved in strategy. Calling him a floater doesn’t make sense. I agree with Gay 50, I’d like to see Jocasta and Victoria go tonight so we’re left with people who have all been fairly involved in the game.

    • I thought floaters were “floating” around the house not ever having an alliance – not going between alliances – I guess it could mean both. But I would never think of Frankie as a floater.

  3. The thing that I like about double evictions is how fast they move. The thing I hate about a double eviction is that, typically, a perceived fan favorite is usually voted out during one because with it moving so fast, the viewing audience doesn’t really have a chance to stew on it and digest the idea of one of their favorites being taken out.

    Hopefully it’s Frankie (he does have his fans) and not my personal favorite Donny.

  4. I’m thinking they could pause the twist for the second eviction on Thursday and pick it back up after the live show, but I would like to see it end.

  5. Wouldn’t mind seeing Victoria/Jacosta leave this week… Caleb would be my first choice though. Sick of him thinking he’s the “king” of the house. He needs a rude awakening.

  6. I’m sure for production value, Julie will announce that it is the end of the 2 HOH twist, eliciting a response of relief from the HG’s. Right before she gives them the news that it will be a Double Elimination, quickly ending any sense of relief they might have had.

  7. How crazy would it be if the BOTB twist was still active during the Double Eviction?

  8. Even though BOTB will probably be ending, I’m thinking they may have another twist planned for us – the summer is far from over!! I totally hope Jocasta and Victoria go this week. These HGs are gonna feel awfully stupid if they get down to a small number and those two are still there.

  9. What would cause the most drama and paranoia would be if Zach won the first HOH( preferably after Frankie was backdoored and evicted, fingers crossed). He is so unpredictable and out for show that everyone would be scared about what antic he would pull. I would love it just for the entertainment factor.

    • Well, obviously, Frankie wasn’t BD’D, but it looks like Zach is staying..for now. If so, I still think he is a loaded gun that is misguided and could fire at God only knows who or what but it would be interesting to see him aim and pull the trigger.

  10. battle of the block could be a high card draw from a deck of playing cards, fast and fair..

  11. I hope Donny wins HOH, nominates Derrick and Cody, Hayden wins POV and when they ask to be saved he tells them an hour ago I would of saved you because I had your backs 100%. But since you play dirty and stabbed me in my back see ya. I can dream can’t i? Lol

    • But, what would really be entertaining would be if Zach won and nom’d the detonators for almost voting him out. Of course, he’ll never know the truth about that until he is outside the big brother house .I can see that being used by Derrick and Cody against Frankie and Christine when they need Zachs vote and vice versa, that is if they survive the DE.

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