Big Brother 16: Will Frankie Grande Control The Jury?

Last night on Big Brother 16 we saw an extended scene from just before Frankie Grande was voted out of the game featuring a “Grande sized” claim. Frankie suggested that he was not only the best player in the house, but was also about to become the most powerful player in the Jury. But will he?

Big Brother 16 - Frankie throws out a threat
Big Brother 16 – Frankie throws out a threat – Source: CBS

Once Derrick did his weekly Jury Management routine of informing Frankie of his pending eviction we saw Frankie try what might either be a last ditch effort to stay or a bitter parting threat to the HGs.

Gathered in the HoH room Caleb, Cody, Derrick, and Frankie exchanged barbs as their attempt to let him down easy turned unpleasant. Well, Derrick actually managed to stay positive and avoid the lobbed verbal grenades as he was wise to do. The rest of them though? Well, read what was said.

Derrick: Let’s make it real quick. There’s no doubt [Frankie] knows. You’re an extremely intelligent kid.

Frankie: I am.

Derrick: One of, if not the best player in this game and…

Frankie: I think the best player in the game.

Derrick: Bottom line is I think you knew. You’re a beast.

Frankie: None of you could beat me sitting next to me. I know that. But this is just what I’d like to say. By doing this to me, you have created the most powerful person in this game. Because when I step out of those front doors, you are reconnecting me with my millions of followers, A, and B, you’re reconnecting me with the Jury.

And let’s face it. Who’s the most convincing speaker in this house? You’re looking at the person who will single-handedly pick the winner of this game.

Caleb: Pffft. Shut up, Frankie.

Frankie: I will.

Caleb: I swear.

Frankie: *looks at Cody* Do you disagree?

Cody: Yeah, absolutely. You’re not f**king Jesus in this house so I’m not giving you any reason why you should go tell the Jury who’s winning.

Caleb: Not happening. You think you’re so powerful. “I will decide who wins this game.” You won’t! You will not decide nothing. People in this Jury house have been playing with us this whole game. They know who each individual has done them wrong they know who has won comps.

Frankie: But Caleb, you don’t know what’s been going on in this game.

Caleb: You don’t either, obviously.

Frankie: Bottom line, I’m not as scared of you as you are of me.

Frankie’s decision to lash out all his former allies clearly didn’t halt their plans, but Derrick was able to work that situation to his advantage. In fact, so much so that Frankie said in our eviction interview that he hoped to see Derrick and Victoria in the final two, and not the other guys.

All this raises the question: will Frankie control the Jury as he suggests? So far we’ve seen Jocasta, Hayden, Nicole, Donny, Zach, Christine, and now Caleb head out the door. Would any of them be influenced by Frankie? They may consider his insight from having spent longer in the house and seen more events, but I’m not convinced that his wishes and desires will carry the weight he expects.

Caleb makes a valid point that the Jurors won’t rely solely on Frankie’s input as they played the game with them and know what each has done both competitively and socially. Final legs of the race may weigh heavily in their decisions, but most Jurors typically seem to make up their own minds. Perhaps when we see the Jury’s group debate we’ll see what sort of traction Frankie can create.

As an aside from their conversation. What in the world was Frankie talking about “reconnecting me with my millions of followers” when they evict him? Was this simply another attempt to use his suggested “social media mogul” status as leverage? Perhaps Frankie did not realize he won’t have access to the outside world even when inside the Jury house, as Big Brother alum Britney Haynes joked last night:

Well, at least he was consistent.

Do you think Frankie will become the most powerful member of the Jury and decide who wins the game? Since we already heard several Jurors suggest Derrick was a top pick, would his support of Derrick really change anything or could he just end up taking credit for existing decisions? We’ll see more of the Jury in the final two episodes and know more soon. Until then, speculate away and share your thoughts.

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