‘Big Brother 15’ Spoilers: Week 9 HoH Endurance Competition Results

Julie Big Brother 15 Week 9 comp

Here we go! It’s time for a new Big Brother 15 Endurance HoH Competition! We just saw tonight’s eviction so it’s time to crown a new Head of Household AND find out which previously evicted HG will be returning to compete again in the game!

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Update: Here are pics from tonight’s competition! Click the thumbnails to see full sized.

Big Brother 15 Week 9 HoH Endurance Comp Results:

  • 6:55PM BBT – As the show ended, Jessie led with 2 balls.
  • 7:00PM BBT – Waiting for the Feeds to return.
  • 7:20PM BBT – Still waiting. Feeds back soon.
  • 7:25PM BBT – Feeds are back!
  • 7:26PM BBT – Jessie has 3. Elissa has 4.
  • 7:27PM BBT – McCrae & Spencer fell during the break.
  • 7:28PM BBT – Jessie & Judd catch another. He has 3 now.
  • 7:29PM BBT – Elissa caught a 5th. Amanda has 4.
  • 7:30PM BBT – Andy is down. GM, Elissa, & Amanda remain from reg HGs.
  • 7:35PM BBT – Feeds went to Trivia. It’ll be back soon.
  • 7:37PM BBT – Feeds back. Jessie falls. She cusses at Amanda & leaves.
  • 7:40PM BBT – Judd leads Jurors w/ 3. Candice & Helen have 2 each.
  • 7:42PM BBT – Crazy, mysterious visitor runs out to backyard yelling. Security chases him off. It was staged.
  • 7:47PM BBT – Jury status: Judd – 4, Helen – 3, Candice – 2.
  • 7:49PM BBT – Reg HG status: Elissa – 5, GM & Amanda – 4.
  • 7:55PM BBT – Helen sharing notes w/ Judd. Says GM tried to save her.
  • 7:56PM BBT – Aaryn announces GM lost a ball because it bounced first.
  • 7:58PM BBT – McCrae goofing around. He’s wearing prop baseball gear.
  • 8:01PM BBT – HGs get hit hard by balls. They shout & complain.
  • 8:05PM BBT – Elissa has 6. Judd leads Jury HGs w/ 4.
  • 8:06PM BBT – Helen falls!
  • 8:07PM BBT – Candice falls! Judd is back! Judd is back!
  • 8:09PM BBT – Judd catches another. He’s 1 behind Elissa & 1 ahead of Amanda
  • 8:12PM BBT – Judd says Jury was separated & couldn’t talk game off-camera
  • 8:13PM BBT – Elissa catches a 7th ball.
  • 8:14PM BBT – Visitor runs in again and gets chased out again.
  • 8:15PM BBT – Judd falls!
  • 8:16PM BBT – Amanda nearly falls but saves herself.
  • 8:17PM BBT – Whoa! Elissa falls off but catches an edge & swings back on!
  • 8:18PM BBT – Elissa has 8 balls.
  • 8:25PM BBT – Current stats: Elissa – 8, Amanda – 5, GM -3.
  • 8:30PM BBT – Elissa has 9.
  • 8:31PM BBT – Elissa catches number 10. Congrats, Elissa. You are the new HoH!
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Elissa wins HoH

Congratulations to Elissa. She is the new Head of Household! Her noms will be revealed late on Friday night and we should be in for an exciting week with her at the helm & Judd back in the game!

What do you think of tonight’s Big Brother 15 HoH results & Judd’s return?



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  1. I’m confused, will the juror who gets back in the game be HOH or is there another comp for that?

    • If a juror gets 10 balls first, they are back in the game AND they are HOH. If someone else gets it first, they win HOH and then the juror with 10 balls gets back in. Right?

    • Two comps at the same time. One for HOH and the other for jury person to return. all the same game.
      Results are in Elissa is HOH and Judd is back.

  2. Amanda – Dictator
    McCrae – Amanda’s Slave
    Andy – Amanda’s other Slave
    Helen – The other Dictator
    Elissa – Helen’s slave
    Aaryn – The other other dictator
    GinaMarie – Aaryn’s Slave
    Spencer – Human Sacrifice

    • That is hilarious!! That’s why I hope the returning juror wins HOH!! Ready to shake things up a bit!

      • My predictions:
        Jessie – Get brainwashed by Amanda
        Judd – Get brainwashed by Amanda
        Candice – Get brainwashed by Amanda
        Helen – Actually tries to evict Amanda

      • This Helen who passed with Judd two chances to evict Amanda? Jessie stood up for herself against both Helen and Amanda! I will take Jessie over Helen and Judd any day of the week!

      • IF Elissa doesnt take out Mc-Aman-dy, I will be done watching this season! At this point Aaryn and Judd are the best bet for Elissa to take Amanda, McCrae or Andy out. McCrae and Andy are both floaters. They need to fight to be there.

      • Actually the more accurate account would be unless someone comes back as HOH the juror is going right back out..Especially if its loser do nothings like Jessie or candace

      • Elissa will put up… Amanda… Aaryn… or Andy… then if one of them wins POV and takes themself off then the other will go… sooooo… one of the Mcranda 3 will go home… or should I say one of the 3AM group…. outta here!!!!

    • While almost everything you say is accurate I think Ellissa is Helen’s friend. Not a slave. The rest though is right on.

    • The first jury member to collect ten balls is back in the game, if the jury member is the first out of everyone to collect ten balls then they go back in the game and are also HOH.

  3. I am so overstimulated!! Will never get to sleep till I know!! I hope the returning juror wins HOH!! Don’t even care who it is!! Got to wake up in 7 hours for a long workday!! Boo!

  4. I’m hoping either Jesse or Judd comes back in and I don’t care who wins HOH as long is it leads to Amanda’s Eviction. How nice would it be to finally be rid of the 2 biggest manipulators Hellen and Amanda!

  5. Hey, wikipedia says Judd and Elissa are both HOH. Is there any way for them that to be true? Has anyone been able to get live feeds back or is it most likely that someone just posted that?

      • Oh, how I hope. I really want Jessie, Candice or even Helen to return. It looked like Jessie was doing well before the show ended. FINGERS CROSSED ON ANYONE BUT JUDD!! XXXXX

      • No, I said is there any way for it to be true. I’m REALLY hoping that Jessie, or Candice(or even Helen) wins out of the jurors. I meant that I didn’t want Judd to be the winner. Sorry for the confusion. :)

  6. I am wondering if they won’t show the competition on the feeds. The might not want to show the exit of jurors. So we might just come back to a house with the HOH and return-ee decided

    • That could be. But they could have the live feeds until it’s over then go to fish for a few minutes while the jurors go.

  7. Why are the feeds taking so long tonight? Usually we can watch a few minutes after the show ends. WTH

  8. I was hoping the jury comp was done before the HOH and whoever won was in the back yard waiting for them.

    • Oh I like the way it’s taking place where the house guests will be distracted by what’s happening right next to them!

  9. What happens if everybody falls before catching 10 balls?
    Ex. everyone falls but one houseguset, but that houseguest can’t catch enough balls and falls before reaching 10?

  10. Can’t wait to see who wins HOH. I’m hoping it’s the jury member! Preferably Helen or Jessie because they’d go against McCranda.

  11. Doesn’t look like the feeds are coming back until after the comp is completed. What a waste of momentum CBS!

  12. So, the winner will be HoH even if it’s a juror. And if a HG wins HoH then the jurors keep going to see who gets back in? Does that sound right?

  13. I loved the look on Amanda’s face when Julie told them about one of the jury was coming back in. The color drained from her face and you could see the wheels spinning. I’m rooting for Jessie to get back in and also win HOH. I don’t think Helen could get anyone to go with her to evict Amanda.

    • Somehow I doubt she was afraid of loser ass Jessie Or loser ass Candace who lost in true do nothing style…Not at all surprising considering they were already loser do nothings…..Common sense dictates unless Judd or too much plastic surgery and botox elyssa wins HOH he will just be going right back out

  14. Elissa needs to be HOH this week. I need her to get a Pandora’s Box so she can switch with Rachel for a day.

  15. You’re all saying for the past few weeks you wanted her out but you want her back in?

  16. Elissa needs to win HOH and Helen needs to get back into the house. Then Amanda and McCrae go up and if one wins veto Andy is the renom.

  17. It’s not surprising why Amanda is doing relatively well in this competition. She is good at grabbing and twisting balls.

  18. I am freaking out!! My heart is pounding, constant refreshing of bbnetwork, and chanting..must be the Big Brother Syndrome. Lol.

  19. OMG my worst nightmare Elissa in the lead. Fall Elissa fall!!!!! I’m going to need quite a few cocktails if she wins.

      • I don’t want Amanda to win either but there will be no room in the house if Elissa wins. And gee guess what GM was one behind and I wondered why they went to trivia and when they came back they took a ball away from GM. Productions gotta make sure Elissa wins.

      • lol. I do agree that Elissa isn’t my first choice, but she is waaay better than Amanda in this case. Now if Elissa leaves after she helps re-balance the house then I’m ok with that. :)

      • Are you absolutely certain? That kind of blatant fixing is a serious thing to accuse them of.

      • Oh I think you’re wrong on this one. The show tells a different story….looks like a lot of people have agreed to target McCramdy this week.

      • Now that Elissa won I think she will play personal. And wow her head is going to be so big there will be no room in the house for anyone else. She already thinks she’s entitled and talks down to everyone so can’t wait to see how she acts now that she’s HOH. Watch how far McManda crawls up her butt. She will definitely nominate Aaryn. She’s all she talks about even today right before the live show she was telling McCrae that Aaryn has to go. She’s stupid if she keeps McManda in the house and deserves to go next.

      • They all would (based on the show’s highlites of what they talked about in the jury house). The only person who might not would be Candice, but I don’t think she stands a chance of winning this comp.

    • Hoping she gets nailed by a ball in the face and falls off the platform, and yells “noooooo…niiiiiiiiiiiick!”

  20. this is the slowest competition!!! these balls are being thrown to slow. they should have just had them coming nonstop then more ppl would have fallen! LOL

  21. Haven’t posted in a while (because I haven’t had anything to say). But, woohoo! GO ELISSA! She needs to win this week.

      • I don’t know….lemme recheck that one episode on King of Queens that had something similar occur.

      • Lawls, I know man as I was just flexing my sarcasm on my that comment.

        Besides, That Visitor thing was just a reference to fans running onto the feild during games in MLB…..brain fart on that one.

      • Oh my bad. Just realized you were referencing the King of Queens episode when Doug brings Arthur to the Mets game and ends up on the field. There was an episode of Yes, Dear when the “Greg” character broke into the big brother house because “Jimmy” was on the show. It featured cameos by some of the Big Brother 3 cast.

  22. Go Elissa! I’m hoping she wins HOH and Helen comes back! If this happens the house will be turned upside down!

    • Better yet, why not just have Helen (or a jury member) win it? That way it’s a better way to go after Amanda!

  23. Reading joker updates. Is it true that Elissa and GM are being pounded with water while Amanda has no water on her?

  24. Judd already thanked everyone for getting rid of Helen. Yup Mccranda have it in the bag with him.

      • I think Jessie telling him Helen was behind his eviction, then his alliance evicting Helen, he probably thinks they got reveng for him,

    • I’m starting to think production made him win because he would go align with Amanda because the producers rig everything for her except comps.

  25. I want amanda to win, go amanda go, put elissa on the block and get her skanky ass out of the house

  26. I wonder if Amanda looses this competition if she will run hide behind the garbage can again?

  27. I don’t understand the VILE attacks against Elissa. So what you don’t like Rachel, her season was 2 years.

    • Elissa’s a snob thats why alot of ppl dont like her but compared to the rest of the cast shes not that bad XD

    • It’s not because of Rachel. I actually liked Rachel. Elissa thinks she’s better than everyone else. Think she’s entitled and is just rude and a bitch. She talks down to everyone even her best friend Helen.

      • I also liked Rachel, and concur anyone with feeds should know how horrible a person Elissa is.

  28. I want to so badly tell Elissa “Girl you got this.. You are 3 ahead so take your time”. She can do this… She needs to use here Yoga patience..

    • No she’s a wasted HOH because she will play personal. You watch she will not go after McCrae/Amanda. She was already telling McCrae this afternoon she wants Aaryn out. She’s stupid if she don’t work with Aaryn and GM to get McManda out. She deserves to go next if that’s her big move.

  29. if suddenly there appears a mish mash of letters and symbols in a box from me–then I have seriously flaceplanted on the kepboard. I am not responsible for what my fat chugby cheeks, lipless mouth and baby nose says.

  30. When Amanda almost fell she had one foot still on the platform and when Elissa fell both feet left the platform. She should be out. But like elissa said yesterday I’m Rachels sister and there not going to let me leave. (meaning production) What a cheater.

    • did you she say that on the live feeds? She makes me sick not only because the is Rachels sister, but while is is not as vulgar as the rest, she does say some nasty things about people int he house. And she cries and says she will walk? Then when she won the veto she wanted to play the game hard. If Rachel and her were not related, Rachel would have already moved her out of the house. She is not a good player at all.

      • Yes on the live feeds yesterday she was talking to Aaryn in the HOH room and talking down to her saying you guys are stupid and I don’t care what anyone says and these people mean nothing to me and when Aaryn told Elissa if she wouldn’t of won POV she would of been gone and Eissa said no I wouldn’t of they are not going to let me go I’m Rachels sister. I just watched with my mouth open and couldn’t believe how arrogant she is.

  31. Yes I knew she could do it.. Yay Amanda is going on the block.. Sweet… The best thing to happen tonight…. and I even had a chocolate cake earlier and Elissa getting HOH is even better than that. BYE BYE Amanda….

    • I wish but you’re so wrong. Elissa will play personal and try to get Aaryn out instead of McManda.

    • its kind of tricky… if you put them both up then if Amanda wins shes off, if you don’t there could be a possibility that she wont be picked for the comp (if production stays out of it) and backdoor Amanda, they have the votes you need to put up Andy and McCrae and hope Amanda is not picked and wins Veto, that way you have at least one possible vote in Andy or McCrae on the hot seat.

  32. Elissa may have won HOH but Amanda is going is going to win the game. Its been rigged by producer Grodner.

  33. If Helen could have hung on, that would have been perfect..oh, well, guess half of my wish is better than nothing! Elissa, take Helen’s advice and put up Amanda!

    • Put up Amanda and McCrae. It is a perfect time to test Judd too! Judd would be the swing vote! That is why both McCrae and Amanda have to be on the block. Andy as renom to guarantee one of Amanda’s die hards get evicted! Preferably, Amanda herself!

  34. I almost threw up when I thought Elissa fell off but YAY cannot wait for Amanda to scramble and to feel like what it’s like to be in danger!

    • How long do you think it will take for Amanda to get in Elissa’s ear and tell her who to put up? I don’t think Amanda will be running this HOH for a change.

  35. I hope Elissa requested a new hoh mattress. There is no way in hell, I would sleep on the one that is there.

  36. I hope she put exactly amanda and mccrae, even if she wants andy or aaryn out, they need to be backdoored

  37. I can’t believe they didn’t call Elissa out…she had 0 feet on the platform. I’m glad she won though.

      • Yes! I hope she goes straight for Amanda, though it might be best to get rid of Aaryn before she works over Judd. Either way!

  38. Bring in a straight jacket, padded walls for Amanda tonight. ……………….jar of Xanax

  39. Watch McCrae be blamed for Amanda loosing. I can hear it now “You were talking to JUDD and made me fall”

  40. I thinking about going to bed now and getting back up in an hour and half to watch BBAD……hahahaha

  41. OMG The last person I wanted to win HOH. Watch how bitchy she is this week and I’m sure her nominations will be personal. I’ll bet Andy, McCrae and Amanda don’t get nominated. Guess I’ll have to drink all week if I want to watch the feeds. She already thinks she’s entitled just watch now people.

  42. I am so happy Elissa won.I wish Helen could had join her.But she need to get gm in Judd on board in take out Amanda them out

  43. hmmm not sure how i feel…i wanted elissa (or anyone but amanda to win), but i don’t think she did it fairly. she seemed to have clearly fallen off of the platform to me. gm and amanda should still be duking it out IMO.

      • That’s not even physically possible to only have her butt on in the position she was in….to maneuver back over she would have had to remove her butt from the platform. she fell off, but i guess they’re going to allow it.

  44. Sweeeeet… Put up the queen bee Amanda and queen glee Andy, if either win pov, replace with McRae and guarantee one of those two schmoes hit the road. Someone please grow some balls already.

  45. Over all, Im happy with the result of the twist we’ve been waiting for. ITS ABOUT TIME !!!!

  46. Yea, Elissa! So proud of you girl! Nominate McCrae and Amanda. One of them has to leave!

  47. Hell yeah, elissa is new HOH… get that RACIST WACKO AMANDA OUT NOW!!!!!… Pizza boy will fold he has no mind of his own…

    • His mind is this: Amandauh, pizza sauce, olives, cheese, Amanduh, pizza delivery in 2 minutes, pizza sauce, cheese, mushrooms…oh ya, Amanduh..another pizza delivery in 10 minutes…

  48. It might be time for me to go to bed for real…….because, I’m hoping Elissa targets Asryn. I know, i know. I just think if Amanda leaves, Elissa won’t have anyone to work with. Also, if Asryn leaves GM will be useless.

  49. i hope somebody besides amanda can fill judd in on what has been going on. i think he believes aaryn was his downfall when it was realy amanda. amanda is the root of all evil. she will know how much she is not liked when she finds up America put her on the block.

  50. Did not want Judd back in but soo happy Elissa won. She better nominate Aaryn and Amanda and renom with McCrae. Send Amanda out first, then Aaryn, then GM.

  51. Well that’s awesome. Hopefully something big and good happens this week with Elissa in power. Hopefully she stands up to Amanda and puts her and Aaryn on the block.

  52. I just watched a clip that shows Helen was pushed off the wall. You can see production’s hand on the bottom of the box, then she falls. What crap.

  53. way to go Elissa, hope you play smart and put up Mcranda then if one of them win veto put up either Aaryn or andy

  54. OMG McCrae is finally talking to Elissa.. Congratulation Elissa… hahahaha Elissa should sing to McCrae an MJ song ” your BUTT is mine !!!…shssmon…Im bad !

    • she was completely off her platform though……not a single part of her body was touching it.

      it would make more sense for the rules to be not leaving your platform, or else you could theoretically do a ton of crazy things (jump to someone else’s platform, climb the wall and stand on the top of the entire contest structure, etc.). i don’t know the exact rules, but i would have assumed it was stay on your platform.

      • so, then if someone did a simple hop.. or bounce… where both their feet came off 1 inch, they would be out?

      • in survivor competitions, and even past big brother competitions that’s usually how they did it.

        it was common for a person to be out for having their arm or leg move the platform, and they wouldn’t even realize it.

      • yes, that’s usually how these competitions work in big brother and survivor.

        it’s not common for people to be like “WAIT, WHAT I’M OUT” when they move their hand or foot from the platform for one second.

      • yes there have been several comps where people have been eliminated by lifting a hand, foot, ect.

      • GM asked production if they could hold on to something and she was told yes. So Elissa was not out, they were allowed to grab something the same way Amanda almost fell off and she too grabbed the ball holder.

  55. that picture of elissa almost falling off is crazy. that looked like a WWE save from going out the ring or something

  56. Elyssa should have been out when she fell off per Julie’s rules. Yet another way the game is fixed in her favor. So disappointed. Oh, but we agree with the botched lip job comments… we call her Joker Face because of the constant and inappropriate smirking.

    • “As soon as your feet hit the ground, you are out.”

      Her feet never hit the ground. re-watch the feeds.

      • Correct. Also after the person on Amanda’s left fell they adjusted the water where it wasn’t hitting her body like it was Elissa, GM and Judd. Production tried to help her.

      • If you observed the water hitting the house guests, Amanda only got hit on half her body. Jessie and Helen were geting hit by the water sprays pretty hard! You have to question if it is deliberate.

      • I re-watched Julie’s explanation of the rules. She said “fall off”. Open to production’s interpretation I guess.

    • For the life of me I was trying to think of who she looked like and reminded me of when she smirked… yes, the Joker (Jack Nicholson’s Joker to be exact). Not the nicest comparison, but it’s a good observation.

    • Was Asryn disqualified when people thought that she and Jeremy cheated in the HOH comp that they won……NO. So, why should everything to be on the up and up now?

  57. I hate that Elissa is HOH…. she’s so annoying and I don’t know if I can deal with her “I’m so much better than all of these trashy vile disgusting people” attitude this week. Good thing about her being HOH this week is she can’t be HOH next week. Hopefully we only have to deal with the prissy, snobby, high maintenance, self-addicted scum for one more week.

      • I would rather it was fair, regardless of who one.To ignore blatant rule violations helps no one

      • Absolutely. At least she dont call everyone in the house trashy, disgusting and vile every 3 minutes. Elissa is so full of herself. Maybe if she spent less time staring at herself in the mirror and talking about how she’s so much better than everyone, then maybe people wouldn’t hate her so much. Plus her voice is like nails on a chalkboard

      • You need to go to utube and see the things Amanda has said. She is worse than Aaryn and That’s bad.

      • Well I guess we’re all entitled to our own opinion. The only reason Elissa is even on this show is because she is Rachel’s sister. Ps. I love Aaryn!

      • If aaryn was Rachel’s sister would u still think the only reason she was in the house is because she is related to her? What if Andy & Rachel were siblings? Same thing?

      • Omg thank you for suggesting I watch Amanda on Youtube. That was the best. I really hope she wins now!!! Go Amanda!!!

      • You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about. Amanda has been the most disgusting, racist individually in the house. She has said some very nasty and personal things about Elissa and her family. Not once has Elissa said nasty things about any of their families yet all of them in the house right now including Judd has said some very nasty things about Elissa and Elissa’s family.

      • Spend the money on feeds and find what really is going on in the house. Your eyes will finally open & be big & beautiful.

  58. Well, HGS you will have to swallow a jagged little pill. I can not what for Elissa to say who wants to see my HOH room!!!

  59. BTW Elissa is far better than Amanda, McCrea, Aaryn, Andy and Spencer. I know why the Elissa Haters are out in force, it’s your mad at Rachel. If are you still mad at Rachel after 2 years you need mental help, seriously. Aaryn and Amanda are racist, McCrea is a bully, Spencer is a pedophile, Andy is a rat.

    • I dislike Elissa because I dislike people who are phony. Elissa is phony. ergo, I dislike Elissa. I would dislike her even if she wasn’t related to Rachel Reilly.

      • (sarcastic applause) wow, you really got me there. Wow. WOW. I better go to the dermatologist because that was a BURN.


      • i liked rachel, I thought she competitive, open and a good player. Her sister is a terrible player, no social game, barely a physical game and whines constantly. I dislike based on her game play. Where as oddly, it’s you speaking of Rachel

      • not the second time, she alligned with a strong team and for the most part fell in not to badly

      • Oh, true enough. I honestly dislike most of these people.
        Andy is a pathalogical liar, way beyond the scope of the game
        Aaryn is a racist
        Ginamarie see Aaryn, above
        Spencer is a perve
        Elissa is phony
        Amanda is a bully
        McCrae is Amanda’s puppy dog.
        Judd is mysogonistic and not the good guy he’s portrayed as

      • Really? Spencer a perv…I think you underestimated him. It’s more like super-duper disgusting perv.

      • I don’t think she is phony at all. Not sure where you get that from. I think she is who she thinks she is whether that is good or not. I think GM is a phony and it becomes obvious when she says “ask” forgetting to say “aks”.

  60. Why is it we wish for no floaters, but come game time there is so much dislike for the people playing a great game? I’m still rooting for Amanda. Everyone admits she’s running the house and she has some brilliant strategies going, as well as a decent social game. Isn’t that what we should want in the winner? Someone ACTIVELY playing the best game?

    • No Amanda has a very nasty social game. The things that she has said out of her mouth are disgusting and very racist and vile. I’ll pass on her – she’s nasty.

      • Most of that is in the editing. Everyone in the house likes Amanda as well as the next person but it’s good drama to air her rants. Actually the most vile and nasty person is Elissa (if you’re a live feed watcher) for her personal attacks and holier-than-thou demeanor.

      • Maybe you definition of vile is completely different. Amanda has said nasty things about Elissa and Elissa family. She’s made accusation that her son isn’t her husbands. She talked about wanting to kill Candace, hit her with a harpoon. This is not editing this is what’s being said on the live feeds and if you watched the live feeds you would agree. She’s disgusting, just because Elissa may act holier than thou the way the other HGs behave she actually is. They other are racist and very judge mental themselves. They disgust the nastiest things and behave in the nastiest ways. Aaryn and Amanda talked about pleasuring themselves on Elissa’s bed and having her come in while they’re doing it, now you tell me if that’s not nasty and disgusting.

      • I agree that Amanda’s no saint and probably everyone in the house has said things they wish they could take back. Or not. The bed thing is kinda funny, although definitely not in good taste at all.
        I don’t agree with the racist thing, though. If you check back on the first few weeks, pretty much no one liked Candice right from the start. Nothing to do with skin color… everyone liked Howard very much, including Amanda, Aaryn and GinaMarie.
        So yeah, everyone in the house is borderline disgusting, but my point is Amanda is playing the game (maybe not winning anything but everyone admits no one could beat her at the end), while Elissa has just now come out from behind momma Helen’s apron and only because she had no choice.

      • You don’t think she is a racist? She said that Candice wore her bandana and had nappy greasy hair, called Helen a “Chinaman” and said Puerto Ricans smelled. She also made comments about Jessie getting her teeth knocked out and raped in the house and wanted Candice to stab her eye out with some tweezers, called people retarded and autistic. She SAID these things, this is not editing. She’s racist, stupid and seems to hate other women to boot!

      • Girls that don’t like other girls just because they are girls have insecurity issues. It’s the stupidest thing ever that I refuse to take part in.

      • The reason they don;t like Elissa is because she is not a disgusting pig like they are. Every time they see her she reminds them of that fact.

      • Elissa?! Elissa is the bad person here? Clearly you have not been watching the same thing as us. Did you maye get the names mixed up? I get it, I’m no good with names either.

      • When, I read that… my eye balls popped out of my head and jaw dropped. I had to send her a comment, I thought I’d be nice and send her glasses, nah, I am sending Amanda to her door.

      • I am sending Amanda to your door. Please enjoy your homicidal sociopath Amanda. She likes knifes and probably has buried bodies at vacant properties she is showing. She a Real Estate Agent….sure???….more like serial killer.

    • Amanda has not won anything all she has been doing is waiting around for the next hoh to tell them who to put up but this time around she cannot go to elissa and do that, but knowing Amanda she will be trying, So she needs to go but i know elissa really wants aaryn gone, she should put up amanda and mc up together.

    • Agree. God forbid someone actually try playing the game. Didn’t we love Dan and Dr. Will for their manipulation skills? Sure, they might have had more class, but manipulation is manipulation.

      I personally can’t stand Amanda, but she’s good at what she does. Everyone fears her and they literally don’t even know why. They just do LOL!

    • No I agree but Elissa is not a bad person by any means. She is the only one in that house that restores my faith in humanity. The others are truley disgusting human beings. So I like Elissa, however as a huge BB fan I think Amanda is playing an amazing game and I love it! As a person I dislike her but as a player, she is the best.

    • The dislike is for the way the person is playing the game! This is entertainment and I watch the show to be entertained. How is it entertaining when you already know who is going to be evicted ahead of time? That is the case the past 5 weeks now! Helen and Judd are major threats so their eviction is fine! Helen the way she is playing left a bad taste in the mouth and she also was dumb as far as strategies goes! The eviction of Candice, Jessie, Howard was all a waste! Game play is utterly lacking so that, viewers want the house guests to go after each other!

  61. THIS IS GOOD ! Elissa is already giving Judd a run down. serious talk right now…Elissa is playing lol

    • I hate that duck face won but I am happy to see JU double D back in the game. Wonder how soft those balls were tossed to Elyssa?

    • Amanda and McCrae were talking tonight about not leaving her alone with anyone else in the house. Except Elissa really doesn’t care who she pisses off. She does not seem to fear Amanda at all now.

    • CBS can’t lose face by putting her in, based on the “popularity” of her sister, so I am sure she will suddenly become a player. With some extra coaching that is…

  62. Amanda is already getting her hooks into Elissa. Elissa is talking about getting out GM right now.

    • She told Spencer she is putting up McCrae not GM, that was after she talked to Amanda. I think she is going to tell Amanda whatever just to shut her up. I also think Amanda or Andy will be on the block if Aaryn or McCrae wins the veto.

    • Also, later on when they came back up to the HOH she told them that she was putting McCrae and Aaryn OTB so that she can guarantee that Aaryn goes home, but I think she wants to BD Amanda she’s just not saying it to anyone.

  63. Elissa is full on talking about putting up Aaryn and GM to Amanda. she is VERY serious about it

    • ishe’s nott not serious she’s just keeping Amanda in the dark she had her mind set on getting Amanda out

  64. Happy For Elissa and Judd :) Now Get rid of the Slut whoore AMANDA from BB15 and take Pizza boy with her

  65. Told you Elissa would waste her HOH playing personal. She is not going to even try to get Amanda out. She already said she wants Aaryn gone. What an idiot go ahead leave the one in that controls everyone in the house. Hope this bites her in the ass and Amanda wins next week and gets rid of Elissa. Also hope it backfires on her and they all vote to keep Aaryn. Would deserve her right for playing so stupid. Amanda will be in final 2 and I’m going to throw up.

    • Elissa has stated her hate for everyone in the house at one time or other. I know she’s wanted Spencer out since day one. It’s gonna be interesting to see what she does. If she leaves Amanda OFF the block she deserves to be bit in the ass. She knows the game she’s playing. And IF Amanda is in final 2 I have the barf bucket on stand by for you. Just let me know if you need it.

      • I’m laughing because, Elissa can be a little cuckoo, and with her voice,, It could be very annoying They can’t stand her voice lol She might send Amanda to the hospital this weekend. lol

    • Aaryn is just as big of a threat as Amanda, and what I mean by that is Aaryn is as good at competitions as Amanda is at manipulating people.

      So going after Aaryn is that bad of a move. She’s won 4 HOHs and a POV. Who would Elissa have a better chance of beating for a POV to save her life– Aaryn or Amanda?

      Just because YOU want her to target Amanda doesn’t make it a waste to try and get out Aaryn. Elissa was nominated by Aaryn last week. Remember that?

      • Aaryn actually nominated Elissa twice, so she has every right to want Aaryn out. I agree with you if she gets Aaryn or Amanda out it’s good for her game and even McCrae. I like the fact that Elissa knows what she wants to do and is sticking to the plan. She already said that if she wins HOH she was putting up Aaryn and McCrae. By her doing so and if one of them comes off and she puts up Amanda, the others (Andy, GM, Judd and Spencer) will not go after her and really the only physical competitive threat in the game is Spencer and GM. If she has them on her side and they don’t target her then she’s good.

      • Amanda has McCrae and Andy remember that? Just because YOU want her to target Aaryn makes it a wasted HOH. So now who’s the bigger threat…Aaryn or Amanda/McCrae/Andy???

    • It does look that way, but let’s give it some time. Her conversation with Spencer leads me to believe she has something else in mind or someone else in mind if Aaryn wins POV. I wish Elissa would drop her personal grudge against Aaryn for a few weeks too but she seems determined to put McCrae up against. I think the replacement nominee is going to be Amanda.

      • It is always production. Come on people they don’t demand every single thing in the house. they may make suggestion but come on.

  66. Anyone else SERIOUSLY ticked that Judd came back? I was rooting for anyone but Judd. I’m happy that Elissa won, however. Aside from Elissa there’s literally NO ONE to root for!! Aaryn and Ginamarie are racists, Amanda’s a bully, Spencer’s a tool, Andy’s a rat, and McCrea’s literally just Amanda’s slave/bodyguard. This is by far the worst cast EVER!!

    • I was rooting the same way. I’m hoping this week allows them to mend fences and work together though. I hate everyone else.

    • Thank you! Everyone loves Judd and I’m like why?! I think Helen, Candice, or Jessie coming back could’ve really turned this game around! (And have another person besides Elissa to root for) Happy about Elissa but not about Judd.

    • Seriously, I have my doubts about Judd. We will have to see how he votes. Jessie has told him about Amanda in the jury house so, if Judd still comes back to kiss Amanda’s butt and moves to save her then, we know that the double DD in Judd’s name stands for double dumb!

    • Andy has already gotten Judd aside to work out a deal to work together. I want to give it a little time because Judd’s MO is to tell everyone what they want to hear. But Judd gave Elissa a really big hug when he came in the house so I think he knows she is cool with him. She also stated tonight there is no way she will put up Judd, GM or Spencer. I did not see if Aaryn approached her or if GM approached her yet.

  67. Jessie filled in Judd on Amanda so, if he still ends up going back to them—-he is truly stupid! There are no more excuses if Judd screws up again! As for Helen, glad that she did not win the right to come back! Julie asked her why she did not go after Amanda when she had two chances and her answer is that Judd is the bigger threat? Seriously, Helen is utterly dumb!
    She goes on to say the her poor Andy is being manipulated by Amanda so that, he cannot vote to keep her! Helen can you get anymore dumber?
    Elissa needs to get out the big threats starting with an Amanda and McCrea nomination! Save Andy for the renom if Amanda or McCrea gets off via POV!

    • My only thought about Helen being utterly dumb is that she has a career in politics. Dumb is a dumb does.

      • Most politicians do nothing but, talk a lot. Promising you the moon but, getting nothing done! Except, increasing their perks and salaries courtesy of the taxpayers!

      • You will have better luck getting a star from me. Are you sure you would not want 3 wishes?

      • Oh wow! Are you my genie in a bottle? I’ve been looking for you. I really do have 3 wishes…1) get Amanduh out of the house 2) please let me win a lotto jackpot to support my dreams of an amazing tree house with sauna & green house & guest house & a chef kitchen with a chef & a garden & 30 acres of forest & private lake & on & on & on….. 3) get Amanduh out of the house. Thanks genie!! You’re the best!

    • Perfectly put. Please put up vile Amanda and utterly yucky Mcrae. They are way too smug for their own good. Like you say, if in the event one of them wins POV then put the snake Andy up. I really, really want to see Amanda go though.

  68. So according to Wikipedia Elissa nominates Andy and Amanda, and Amanda ends up leaving next Thursday. Dare to dream!

  69. Come on, Elissa, it is time to make Helen proud! Let’s get serious and not worry about getting blood on your hands. Hopefully Judd will help you! You know who to trust now!!

  70. I’m hoping they make the returning Juror at least immune from eviction this week. That wouldn’t be fair to have them return only to go right back to Jury…although with Elissa as HoH she would be smart to put up McCranda and use Aaryn as a replacement if either of them win veto.

  71. I’m tired of listening to aaryn. Please get her out of the house or fix my pc & tv so her voice is mute. thank you

  72. I would like to see Elissa put up Amanda and Andy so he can see how quickly she throws him under the bus. Then if one of them wins veto, put McCrae up as replacement. That would make interesting week

    • McCrae is such a douche he’s promising to shave his head, smell GM’s farts & give away his cigarettes to show his loyalty to Elissa.

  73. I swear-Ellisa has no clue how to play the game! On bbad when she was talking to McC, she just did not understand about GM being a vote for Aryan and should go up on the block with her to prevent that. She just doesn’t know what the hell she’s doing! How the hell did she get cast anyway if not for preferential treatment? I guessed this before, but now KNOWING? It blows…

    • Elissa is rig not to trust Amanda/Mccrae. If GM is up with Aaryn, they will definitely just vote GM out since at that point they don’t have to listen to Elissa.

    • Yes but later she told Spencer she is putting up McCrae and she will not put up GM. She also told him if Aaryn wins POV, Elissa has someone else in mind to take Aaryn’s place but would not tell Spencer who it is. I think it has to be Amanda,

  74. Damn it. Elissa seems to be falling for Mccrae/Amanda’s reasoning to not put either of them up.

    Pull it together Elissa. Break up Mccranda.

    • If she doesn’t put them up or at least Amanda and Andy I will throw my 50 inch plasma TV out the damn window. Elissa will deserve the same fate as Helen. It’s reality TV 101, break up the damn couples!!!

      • thats the stupidest thing said here yet, this has been the worse season in big brother history as you can tell from the comments and ratings if anything would be rigged it would be to put Mcrae and Amanda up so we can finally get some damn excitement.;