Big Brother 15 Episode 25 Recap: The Jury Returns For Endurance Battle


Julie Chen told us to expect “all hell to break loose” in the Big Brother 15 house, but we didn’t get to see that in this episode. Actually, it was nothing like any of us expected. Not only did we not get to find out who the new Head of Household is, but we also never got to find out who the returning juror is during the episode.

What we did get to see, however, is Helen get evicted. Amanda’s latest plan came to fruition and Helen walked out the door.

The beginning of the episode picked up right after Aaryn named Spencer as the replacement nominee. Aaryn stuck to her deal with her alliance and Helen is starting to sweat. A lot. Helen gets to work trying to get Aaryn and GinaMarie to come together and get rid of Spencer, then Amanda and McCrae. Enter Andy, and he spoils it all. He pretends like he’s on Helen’s side, but she knows better. She tells him if she goes home, it’s on him.

Aaryn implies that someone will rat that conversation to Amanda and Andy immediate runs to Amanda to tell her everything.

Helen decides to work on McCrae. She tries her best, but McCrae is sitting there clearly about to scream. He just nods and throws out a lot of “yeahs” “uhhhs” and some nods. It’s obvious that she’s getting no where. And as expected, McCrae tells Amanda everything Helen said. And Helen’s fate gets a double seal. And some tape. And some glue. And then another seal.

Helen realizes she’s fighting a losing battle, so she and Elissa team up on Andy and Helen, who calls Amanda a bully all the time, tries to bully Andy. Did it work? Of course not. Let’s get to the vote.

The Vote

  • McCrae votes to evict Helen.
  • Amanda votes to evict Helen.
  • Elissa votes to evict Spencer.
  • Andy votes to evict Helen.
  • GinaMarie votes to evict Helen.

By a vote of 4-1, Helen is evicted from the Big Brother house.


Helen leaves the house to talk to Julie and my favorite part was when Julie asked what was up with all the Judd paranoia. Helen seems to realize they were probably way off about Judd, but that’s all too late now.

We then get to take a peek at the Jury House. And surprisingly enough, Candice, Judd and Jessie all did get to hang out in the jury house. And then the jurors find a note. And it tells them that they have a chance to get back in the game. Jessie and Judd both think they’re going to go in and go after Amanda. Candice, of course, would go after GinaMarie.

The four jurors then show up on stage with Julie and she gives them the details about re-entering the house. And then Julie breaks the news to the Houesguests and sends the jury members into the house. And everyone freaks out. It’s quite a sight.

It’s time for the competition. And it’s endurance. It’s the wall endurance competition. Only this time they have to also catch balls. The first person to catch 10 balls wins HOH. If a juror catches 10 balls, they re-enter the game and become the new HOH. If a juror member isn’t first, they continue on until one of them catches 10 and then they re-enter the game.

We don’t get to see any results play out on the live episode, but we have all of your results from the competition in our Big Brothers Spoilers.



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  1. McCranda is already in bed Crying! Pussy Whip is already plotting to save her. Give it up Already and GO HOME

    • I am loving the panic in McCrae’s and Amanda’s faces. It looks like Amanda is going crazy because she cannot control Elissa. BBAD ended before I could see any conversations between Elissa and Judd or Elissa and GM so I have no idea what she told them.

  2. What do you guys think about the video being posted showing Helen being pushed off by production?

    • google big brother 15 video of production pushing helen off

      its on BB junkies

      the hands in the hole on the bottom

      • Definitely looks like someone is there. Maybe that was part of the challenge? They would randomly be touched or tickled on their legs? I dunno, seems shady.

    • There was someone behind the stage pulling the covers down after the ledges moved so there wouldn’t be a big black hole on the TV screen. The person just happened to be passing by when Helen fell off. She fell right after the ledge moved. There was no conspiracy. Do you really think Helen wouldn’t have screamed holy murder if she’d been pushed off or told to go?

    • I am loving it. I am also loving the way Elissa is making deals for safety for the next two weeks with Andy and Spencer. She shouldn’t trust them but this is better BB play instead of the threat and bullying. I hope Aaryn approaches Elissa again and tries to bury the hatchet so they can work together. I think Elissa stands a much better chance of going to the final 4 with Aaryn and GM than Amanda and McCrae. They have their 4 picked out already and Elissa is not in it.

      • I’m having mixed feelings with her dealings. Too bad she’s basically alone. She needs to form an alliance. She needs to talk to Judd too and see what he has to say. She’s still on a tough spot, but I think she will be able to evict one big player next week….thats all we can hope for

      • According to what was shown on the episode, Helen advised Elissa to work with Aaryn and GM to take out Amanda. I’m hoping she’s going with the plan and is only lying to Amanda about keeping her safe.

      • According to what I saw on After dark she is gunning for Aaryn but I also hope that is what she is telling pizza boy and Amanda then go after them. They want her to put up Judd and Spencer and she told them NO I will not do that.

      • Good girl that Elissa is. She won’t let Amanda choose her own noms. Hopefully a proper backdoor can happen to finally rid Amanda.

        Speaking of backdoor, it irritates me that they keep confusing “backdoor” with “blindside”. Backdoor is when you practically show the target (basically the replacement nominee) the backdoor with no detours (never able to play veto) whatsoever.

      • And in this case, if Amanda goes up, it will be a backdoor but not a blindside. She will know that she is the target from the beginning.

  3. I was afraid Elissa was going to do something stupid with her HOH and if looks like she is. Unless she is plotting the most brilliant back door in BB history, she is going to put up Aaryn (what a surprise! NOT!) and McCrae. Not because she wants to take down McCranda but because she wants to make sure Aaryn goes home. Of course, Amanda and McCrae begin their own plot to get Elissa to put up GM against Aaryn Elissa is having none of that. Wisely she wants to make sure that Amanda’s minions have no choice but to vote Aaryn out of the house.

    This is the worst possible strategy for Elissa if she wants to stay in the game. She is going to be relying on people like Spencer, Amanda, McCrae and Andy to follow through with her plot. These are the same people Helen trusted and wound up out of the house.

    Amanda is already telling Aaryn not to worry that they will make sure she does not go home.

    Elissa did tell Spencer that if Aaryn wins veto she has someone in mind to replace her and its not Spencer or GM. Could it be Amanda?

    • This is precisely why Elissa never deserved to be MVP. She’s a terrible player (not to mention rude and condescending).

  4. Andy is back to a sniffing dog again….I hate this guy ! If Elissa could only evict 2 HG at a time, it’ll be perfect.

  5. King Judd is back in the game. Too bad for Helen but at least Elissa is HOH so everybody wins!

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