Big Brother 15 Spoilers: Jury Member Wins Way Back In

Big Brother 15 twist - returning HG

What an incredible night for Big Brother! That was definitely an “epic” competition just like Julie promised. All the HGs faced off plus the first four Jury members battled it out for a chance to get back in the game.

Once the live show ended the competition continued on the Live Feeds where the real Big Brother game plays out. We were able to watch as one by one the HGs dropped out and the returning Jury member was confirmed. Read on for the spoilers.

The challenge for the 4 evictees was to either be the first Jury member to catch ten balls or be the last one standing out of the four.

The first returning Jury member to fall was Jessie who happened to be leading the Jury HGs with the most balls caught at that point. When Jessie fell after about 45 mins in to the comp she had to immediately leave the area but not before she turned and started cussing out Amanda. Of course Amanda later said she had no idea why Jessie would be mad at her. Really, Amanda? Really?

Judd, Candice, and Helen remained in the comp. Judd had the most balls at 4. Helen next with 3. Candice with the least at 2.

Thirty minutes later Judd is still leading at 4 balls when Helen suddenly falls. That leaves Candice & Judd. The very next minute Candice falls as well.

With all three of the other Jury members gone and done that meant Judd was by default the winning Jury member who got to come back in to the game.

Judd isn’t done yet though. If he gets to ten balls first then he could be the next HoH. Sadly for Judd, it wasn’t meant to be. Less than ten minutes after Candice dropped we see Judd fall. If you can’t wait for Sunday, then find out who won HoH last night.

He might not have won HoH, but Judd is back in the game and he’ll be safe this week as the new HoH has said she won’t risk letting him being evicted over her real target.

Are you happy that Judd is back in the game? Does he have a shot at making it to F2?

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  1. Elissa wants to backdoor Amanda put up Aaryn and Mcrea thats crazy just put them both up one will go home..If she puts up McCrea and Amanda wins POV then they both are safe..Elissa is pretty dumb ..The only good thing is Amanda can’t win competitions but watch her win POV

    • Amanda wont win a thing under the pressure. The McCrae and Amanda duo is a huge threat because he wins and her social game is very good. They have to get them both out to win the money.

    • Exaclty. Put up the couple. If one wins you nominate someone from 3AM. I think Andy is the best bet since Aaryn and Amanda seem at rifts lately but either one is a good replacement incase the worst should happen.

    • Amanda dosen’t know how to win anything. SHe’s too busy watching everyone else to pay attention in competitions.

    • She doesn’t want to backdoor Amanda. She wants to get Aaryn out. Frankly, if Amanda would stop overreacting to McCrae being on the block, she would realize this is actually a good move for her and McCrae too. Amanda should just go along with this and get Aaryn out. Then she doesn’t have to worry about Aaryn winning HOH next week. Amanda is just pissed off because she can;t control Elissa.

  2. If Elissa is smart she would put up Amanda and McCrae. If either is removed from the block use Aaryn as a replacement. Also, McCrae and Andy have never been on the block, I think it is about time they know what it feels like. I hope Elissa, Spencer, Judd and 1 more as a 4th wheel to control the house.

    • unfortunately, she is not smart, she is still there because of Helen, because Helen controlled her as she did most of the evictions

      • Wrong on both accounts. Helen hasn’t controlled anything since Jeremy was evicted. Amanda/McCrae have really called all the shots since. And Im no fan of Amanda, but she wanted to keep Howard, Candice, and Judd — she was only being loyal to Helen’s wishes and doing what Helen wanted. I don’t fault someone for loyalty. Elissa was right in wanting to keep those people, and wanted Aaryn out weeks ago. If Elissa had gotten her way (but Helen kept stopping it), then Aaryn would be gone and there would be no 3 AM (Aaryn, Amanda, Andy, and Mccrae). Losing Aaryn would have greatly crippled Amanda because she was using her for her dirty work on Aaryn’s HOHs. So, WITHJOUT DUMMY HELEN THERE, maybe Elissa will get to make the type of moves she wanted to make, which were smart.

      • I agree but we have no way of knowing what Kaitlyn would have done is Aaryn went home instead of her. I do think Helen was worse for Elissa’s game than Elissa was for Helen’s. Remember, Helen hatched the plan to evict Judd without telling Elissa. Helen made a few deals without Elissa including the fake final 3 with Andy and McCrae. She still hasn’t told Elissa about that final 3 deal I don’t think.

      • Helen was scared Elissa might blab it out but if I remember it right, Elissa leaked only 1 out of the many leaked eviction plans Helen had in min, that 1 being Operation Get Kaitlin Out, and that was only it.

      • Absolutely, Helen was outing her own plans when she was talking to Andy! Elissa, except for when she was on the block, was fairly tight lipped about Helen’s plans. Helen definitely threw Elissa under the bus more than Elissa threw her under.

      • You are contradicting yourself, Jimbo, you said Amanda was calling all the shots, and then you said she was only being loyal to Helen’s wishes and doing what Helen wanted. That sounds like Helen was calling the shots, to me.

      • I am sorry I have to disagree with you on that. Helen may have controlled Elissa somewhat, but the only person that controlled the evictions in the house is Amanda.

  3. Smart move to make would be to put up Amanda and Andy. My only worry is if Elissa can put it together long enough to side with Aaryn. Also hope that Judd blaming elissa as he was walking out the door for his eviction don’t mess up Judd’s game.

    • Joe, are you forgetting that Elissa hates Aaryn? She even said on the live feeds earlier this week that Aaryn doesn’t deserve to win because she (Aaryn) is playing Amanda’s game!

  4. Elissa has the opportunity to send Amanda packing. I believe she should put Amanda on the block with McCrea. If either wins POV then name Aaryn as replacement . You are going to see a new alliance form: Judd, Elissa, Spencer and GinaMarie. Then, we will see which way Andy will float.

      • Spencer is saying what Amanda is wanting to hear. He is only trying to stay in the game after being up for eviction 6 times.

    • Andy is too big a cry baby and has been found out to be a wining rat and needs to be gone almost as much as Amanda deserves to be gone! As much as I hate to credit her, Amanda at least calls things like she wants and just gets others to carry our her wishes while crying behind the trash can!
      …Andy just wines and blames others for his moves when they back fire.

      • As many times as Spencer has been on the block; Spencer is saying what he needs to remain off the block.

    • Putting Amanda and McCrae pre-Veto is a huge risk because if 1/2 of McCranda wins POV and take him/herself off, the other half are guaranteed at least 2-3 votes to stay. Also it depends as to who Elissa put up in their place.

  5. Elissa better make a big move, time is running out. The witch & pizza boy MUST GO UP!

  6. I was very glad to Judd win his way back into the house. Of the 4 jury members, he was the only one that didn’t really get a chance to campaign for his safety. His eviction was a blindside that happens 30-40 minutes.
    Let hope for him he makes a better use of his second chance.

    • Judd has no excuses now if he mucks this up! Jessie told him everything about Helen, Aaryn and Amanda! Helen is out and that leaves just Aaryn and Amanda to worry about! If Judd is smart, he will form a F2 alliance with Elissa and stick to it! Be loyal to Elissa and both of you would have a chance at that $500,000!

      • It sounds like Elissa is willing but Judd is hard to read. Andy already cornered him and they agreed to work together. Then again, is Judd serious or was he lying again?

      • Judd mucks this up again and he will be evicted in short order! This is his 2nd chance to get it right! He won’t get a 3rd chance! Elissa is the only person to trust for Judd at this point. Andy, we know is a snake ready to strike you dead if you let him! Better to turn Andy into a wallet and a handbag then, let him bite you and inject you with his venom!

    • totally agree Captain555! I hope Judd has learned his lesson and gets over his dislike of Elissa and goes with the big picture to oust Amanda/Mcrae/Andy/Aaryn/GM and then I don’t really care who wins after he gets rid of all of them! So I guess that leaves Judd, Elissa or Spencer to win by default…I hate to see Spencer win either by default as he is a floater…so I guess JUDD is the only one left who even remotely deserves to win…GO JUDD…kick them all to the curb!!

      • Spencer’s not really a floater in the true sense. His main alliance was completely wiped out so he’s a lone wolf and has just basically been playing dead… Decent strategy for where he’s at. 6 times in the row on the block and not being voted out is pretty amazing. I could see him and Judd teaming up now though.

  7. I think elissa should put up amanda and mccrae, then if either wins pov, andy would be the replacement. Andy has been following amanda and mccrae. I think the house would be better without andy running back and forth.

    • There are several scary things about her, if you ask me. None of them have to do with game play, though. Just personal things….lol.

  8. I was hoping that Helen would come back in. Although alot of people on the internet disliked her, having her come back in would shake up the house! I’m pretty sure that if Helen were there, Elissa would feel a lot more confident putting up Amanda and McCrae. But i’m pretty excited Elissa won, i think seeing pictures of her kids and husband is the the motivation she will need to make it through.

    • I don’t think it would matter. Elissa seems determined to get Aaryn out this week. She has made that clear to everyone in the house. Even if Helen was there, Elissa would do what she wants and put Aaryn up. The good thing is Elissa knows she is basically alone and cannot trust anyone.

      • Elissa/Judd/Spencer have to unite or they don/t have a chance against the evil ones!

        It all goes back to the basics though…this season of BB stinks…the people behind the scenes on BB have done a lousy job of filtering the type of people they have show cased this season…Most of them seem to have an ulterior motive to winning the half million!
        MCcrae etc seem like they were fame mongers as much or more than money hungry thugs…willing to slurr each other and just plain be disgusting human beings showing their personal views at the expense of others on national TV…BB should be ashamed that they let this season get so far out of hand…no moral standard was held to and the conduct of the participants may or may not be the views of the station, they did not try to curb part of what was being allowed to be said or implied. I am glad some employers have stepped up and fired Aaryn, GM and Spencer for their vile displays!

  9. Please put the Amanda and McCrea they can’t save each and if one wins POV throw Andy up because. But if Andy wins POV tell him if save anyone of them he’ll take there place and if Judd join them put him up. I hope Judd come to play his game and not someone else. Because right now everybody playing for the Amanda McCrae game they look like the most unclean people I have seen just down right nasty

  10. I loved the look on Amanda when she found out someone was coming back in the game.

    Elissa has to be careful who she puts up this week though. She doesn’t have the numbers and next week she will not be HOH.

    • She needs to keep Aaryn close. With Aaryn comes GM. She should just put up Mcranda with Andy as a replacement if one comes off. Elissa then has numbers in the next week.

      • I would agree if McCranda was her target. But it is clear, Aaryn is her target and she is putting up McCrae to ensure Amanda campaigns to save McCrae and get Aaryn out.

      • She’s going after Aaryn? Instead of that duo that saw Helen evicted? That logic doesnt make any sense… at all… If that’s true, Elissa is the target next week from everyone except Judd.

      • Its not logic. She dislikes Aaryn and thinks Aaryn is her biggest threat. It’s probably all emotion. I think Elissa is pissed that she wanted Aaryn out weeks ago and Helen told her, Next week, every week. So now Elissa is thinking, I have to do this myself.

        I agree, this is a vey risky moves and she will be everyone’s target next week. But she seems to know that which is why she is making deals with Andy, Spencer, GM and Judd to keep her safe next week. Too bad 2 out of 3 of those people cannot be trusted.

    • Elissa is trying to make deals with GM, Spencer and Andy to keep her safe next week by not putting them up this week. Amanda and McCrae don’t see the logic in what Elissa is doing but it is clear she has thought this out. She made a deal with GM and Andy. She told Spencer he goes up as the nom or renom if he does not support her choices and play hard for veto. She knows if Spencer is up against McCrae Spencer goes home. Spencer knows this too.

      Elissa is not the dummy she sounds like when she talks. In fact, she is smarter than Helen. Elissa is also unafraid to make a big move. She told Amanda and McCrae, she doesn’t care who she pisses off, she wants Aaryn out this week.

      Amanda is crying because she cannot control Elissa’s nominations. Elissa even told Amanda she would not put her up and McCrae is not the target. Amanda is crying anyway. This show us what a real crackpot Amanda really is.

      • Amanda’s strength lies in threatening and influencing HOH’s into doing nominations her way in addition to also threatening/influencing people to get the votes her way. That’s why since she got rid of Howard, she had this entitlement that her say “is the way”.

        As the weeks go by, it’s becoming obvious that Helen was losing control and Amanda was gaining one as she has power to manipulate the nominations and the votes.

        At least now, someone has the balls to not be pushed around by someone and do things she doesn’t want to do.

  11. She needs to just put the couple up. She’s taking an overly complicated route. If 1 of Mcranda is on the block, they are both going to battle for veto regardless. Put up both, ensure 1 goes. It’s that simple.

  12. The only power McCranda has is in numbers of people that Godzilla (Amanda) can scare into voting the way she wants them to.
    Elissa is brain dead (blob) and needs to send her home.
    This has been one of the worst years in BB with everyone voting the way the house (Godzilla) wants them to vote someone needs to grow a pair and not just play for 3rd place with McCranda 1st and 2ed.

  13. The look on Amanda’s face when Julie announced a juror was coming back was priceless! She looked like she could use some baby wipes.

    • LOL!!!! I was DWL!!!! That was too funny! Andy’s face was priceless as well! Heck, they all that that “damn! damn! damn!” look on their face (except maybe GM).

  14. I do not agree with Elissa’s noms, but at least she is finally playing the game. Maybe because Helen is gone Elissa feels she is free to play her game and not Helen’s. Notice Elissa is not just threatening and bullying people. She is making deals in true Big Brother style. “I won’t put you up this week if you keep me safe next week” sort of stuff. This is how BB has always been played and its what’s been missing this season. I would be willing to listen to Aaryn’s deal if I was Elissa, but I understand the emotional side of this too.

  15. We have to wait and see who Elissa actually nominates on the block. If it is Aaryn and McCrae then, it is probably to tempt Amanda’s side to evict Aaryn if the nominations stay the same! They would have Amanda, Andy and Spencer all voting out Aaryn while, Judd and Gina Marie vote to evict McCrae! If Aaryn wins POV then, a backdoor of Amanda is possible! At any rate, the possibilities are intriguing!

  16. Thank god we don’t have to watch Helen jump up and down and babble about what America wants. She was all talk – one of the worst BB players.

  17. Andy was the busiest person last night. He can go from one room to another with a speed of a vampire. He told Judd,..”Don’t worry, I’m working on Elissa. You’re not gonna be on the block”..Of course he’s not ! ..You should be on the block !..You ELF !!!

  18. I have a ? for ever body is it just me or do other think that Andy is the worst player in BB history he is a snake going back and forth as soon as Alissa told him she was nomiting Amanda he ran to her and told her what a Bitch he is he needs to go soon .Amanda cant win unless her boy toy hands to her

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