Big Brother 15 Live Feeds Set To Deliver The Drama – Try It For Free Now

Amanda and McCrae are afraid

The Big Brother game runs on two levels. One has the CBS shows and the can only be found on the Live Feeds. Viewers who only catch the shows aren’t seeing a quarter of the action because the real game is what goes on 24/7 inside the BB house.

Since last night after the HoH endurance comp the house has been at full tilt and it’s only going to get better. Elissa has the house in panic mode as they don’t know what she’ll do and with no true ally left in the house she can’t make any new enemies.

Amanda has been crying on and off while McCrae is scrambling with fear after being told he’ll go on the block. Andy is pacing the halls saying this is the worst case scenario for 3AM. Lucky for us, it’s the best case scenario for fans because this means we’re in for some action instead of another boring week as we watch it all unfold online.

Later today the nominations will be revealed on the Feeds. That means drama. Early on Saturday the Veto players will be picked. That means more drama. Saturday afternoon/evening the Veto Competition will be held. You guessed it, even more drama.

CBS will never be able to cram all the action in 45-minute episodes and while we’ll share details and pictures along the way it won’t be as much fun as watching it all play out live from the in-house cameras. That’s why you need the Feeds now.

If you’ve never watched the Big Brother Live Feed then this is the time to try it out. You get a 2-day free trial and then you can watch the rest of the season plus everything earlier using Flashback for $9.99. That’s cheaper than a movie ticket but instead of lasting 2-hours it’ll last for an entire month. That’s inexpensive entertainment. Sign-up right now!

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Are you ready to watch all the fun this week in the Big Brother house? We are! Join us!


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  1. It is about time we got some excitement in the Big Brother House. The house guests in power were all nice and cozy all these times they have been taking out the non-threats week after week! Time for the big threats to be put on the cross hairs and taken out! That means Amanda or Aaryn!

    • LOL. Yes, the “cozy” was definitely missing amongst the 3am alliance and their minions last night. It was fun to watch for a change.

  2. So glad someone has the courage to stand up to Mcranda. If she puts up McRae and Aaryn comes off the block, Amanda needs to go up. Time to break up that duo.

    • We need people to stand up to all of McCramdy. All of them were in on this together… Mind you I can’t say I’m cheering for Spencer, Aaryn, GM, Judd or Elissa either. A best of the worst case I suppose would be Judd winning the show.

      • I so agree. I just want someone to play his/her own game instead of doing whatever Amanda wants. That is so boring and stupid!

      • why does everyone say this? whats wrong with leaching off of a strong player and cutting them later? Seems like a good strategy to me…

      • It is like the slackers at work. The lazy bums latch on the industrious ones saying to themselves that, I get paid whether I work or not so, who cares? That is until the owner of the business figures out—-hey I can run my business with 7 people instead of 10 people. Why am I paying these slugs to bum away day after day? I don’t have to and I won’t so, he lays off the bums who deserve to be let go anyways!

  3. I am just really hoping that Amanda does not pull off the veto comp.
    I really think that Elissa is hoping that either she wins or Aaryn wins. That way she can get Amanda and McCrea up there together in the end. That is truly to only way to make sure one goes home. If you put both up now and one comes down, Andy will save the other.

    • I think if Amanda wins and McCrae is saved, Andy will be next on the block. That will force Amanda and McCrae to save Aaryn at the expense of Andy. Elissa will do whatever it takes to ensure Aaryn goes home. Elissa’s only problem is what happens if Aaryn wins POV. Then I gues she takes down Amanda but I still think she will put up Andy against McCrae doing to Andy what he did to Helen.

    • Put up Amanda & McRae or Andy…then if one wins the POV… put whichever one didn’t go up or get Aaryn up!!

  4. Elissa is the worst game player in the house. In two weeks she’ll be evicted and we won’t have to see her plastic duck face until the night of the jury meeting – unless she walks out the door and goes home to Canada.

    • If Elissa is the worst game player why is she HOH? It’s Amanda who is worst and that’s why she resort by being a bully; she has not won any single competition whatsoever.

      • How did they rig the comp? Did they give her bigger hands to catch the balls with or did they give her smaller feet, so she wouldn’t fall?

      • So they managed to throw balls that were scientifically-calculated to make sure they end up on Elissa’s hands for nearly an hour, while on a plank and being sprayed by water endless times?

        I’d believe it if its true but since it’s endurance, then no.

        Re: Amanda, I’ll only believe, IF she wins a half a million along with whatever this person with ties from production/casting have released as evidence to support his claim.

      • Totally agree with your points gentlemen, but where I’d direct some attention towards (not as a conspiracy theory, but as an observation) was why some people (like Judd) had water directly on his face, whereas others (like Spencer) had water indirectly hitting him. Doesn’t seem like fair odds to catch a ball when water shoots in one person’s face while another person gets sprinkles hitting their arms…

      • My observation is Jessie and Helen getting hit hard by the water sprays but, in the case of Amanda, she is getting hit on one half of her body! So, I think at the very least, they should have made is rain and evenly on everyone! If might not have been enough to affect the competition but, it certainly provides ammo to the allegations that some house guests are favored over others!

      • Yeah as I mentioned I don’t think there’s a conspiracy going on, but I do think there is inconsistency in how many of the challenges are handled which can greatly affect the outcome of a game.

      • What I want to know is do they draw for spots like in Survivor? That is the fairest way to handle HOH and POV contests!
        Then, you may be at a disadvantage at others while, having an advantage next time out! That would atleast, even out the discrepancies when they do occur!

      • Look, BB is not NASA. The ssprinklers were uneven all night. At one point Spencer wasn’t getting hit by the water at all. GM was getting it in the face, as was Jessie. Andy was getting it in the crotch, which I assume distracted him because he fell of so early. The point is, this is BB and they do not have an unlimited budget to ensure that every facet of every competition is calibrated to be exactly equal. This is chaos theory, not conspiracy theory.

      • Hate to say it, but it was a hand reliant comp, and where everyone had a short sleve jersey, she had a jacket on. In a cold related comp that required precise use of hands, thats a huge advantage.

      • She removed it later on because it was absorbing water that’s making her clothes heavier so she had to take it off.

        So mind set has to be at least on three things: Catch the ball, stay on balance and don’t get distracted by the spraying water.

        Any more could lead you to losing the competition.

      • So when the sprinklers first went on, the water wasn’t even hitting Spencer. It was off to his right. That was a big advantage. It was hitting GM in the face because she is so short. That was a huge disadvantage. Elissa was wearing the jacket earlier, which by the way is Helen’s jacket, and I don’t think it mattered at all. Balancing and catching the ball were not aided by the jacket. And btw, once the jacket gets soaked, it actually makes the situation worse as far as being cold. Its like wearing an ice pack. This is why when people fall into cold water, the first thing rescuers do is remove their clothes.

      • Balancing wasnt, but keeping your tendons loose is definitely helpful when trying to use your hands in any sort of precise way.

      • If it was rigged for anyone , it was rigged for Amanda…we all know she is good at having balls in her hands.

      • Game player, not competition winner. Game player, her priorities are misguided and she had been carried by Helen throughout. Competition winner, she’s been good. Two very different things.

    • I think Elissa is ready to go home so she don’t care who will be coming after her but she is taking someone with her

  5. Why is this the only excitement? I don’t understand why getting rid of Helen wasn’t considered a “big” move. Maybe because her name is not Amanda??? Got news for you…you haven’t seen boring if they get rid of her!!!

    • Evicting Amanda will get the others to play their own game because they would not have any other choice! As long as Amanda is there, they are content on Amanda making all the decisions for them! As for Helen, she is a big threat but, it was anti-climatic watching her eviction because although, Spencer was on the block with Helen—-Spencer was never in any danger of being evicted! So, no excitement there! Now, if it was Amanda and Helen both on the block, that would have been exciting because the lobbying on both sides would be very intense!

  6. I hope Elissa sticks with the plan and noms Aaryn and McCrae…then hopefully Aaryn willwin veto and she puts up Amanda!!!!

    • If Aaryn wins veto, I think Elissa will be really, really angry. She will blame someone who played for the veto and she will nominate that person. She really is going after Aaryn for personal reasons and she will not accept Aaryn not going home. My concern about Elissa is what she will do if Aaryn does win the POV or if GM wins and saves her despite the deal she has with Elissa. Elissa may be forced to make a deal with Amanda for safety in the event that Aaryn win HOH next week. Elissa is taking a humongous risk with this move. I think she realizes that this is all or nothing to get Aaryn out.

      • Actually, in the spirit of being mean like Amanda and McCrae, it would be equally satisfying to see Amanda have to cower to the rest of the house guests for a while.

  7. Yes there are finally some action in the house and I love seeing 3am be so scared Elissa is planning on putting at least two people from their alliance on the block and that is good now this is a BB game getting out the big threats Elissa good job Amanda not so confident anymore love it

  8. I think Mcrae and Amanda should go up and if either one wins they need to put up Andy in their place. Ellisa needs to team up with Aaryn, Judd, and GM. The only way to get GM is to have Aaryn. That way they will have the votes.

    • Agree with this, the block needs to have Amanda, Mcrae & Andy. If Aaryn goes up, she’ll probably go home and they’ll still be strong.

      • I agree but then why is Amanda fighting it so hard? I think Amanda is concerned that Elissa’s mutiny against her total domination will give other house guests the idea that Amanda can be pushed around too. Amanda and McCrae have won almost nothing yet they run the house. It is all a facade. Elissa is showing the rest of the house that you can take on Amanda and she just crumbles.

        Next week’s HOH may take a cue fro Elissa and make another big move. That’s what Amanda really fears. She has lost control.

  9. When the game is over Aaryn will be deluged with modeling and acting offers. She will earn far more than $500,000. Within a year she will be America’s Sweetheart.

    • Okay, if you think so. BB is not a program that brings fame. The houseguests are famous while they are in the house, but once they leave, they go back to being unknown. Out of 15 seasons, I don’t think any houseguest has been in the lime light after BB. However, if you think Asryn will be the first………hahahaha…..end of sentence.

      • I guess it really depends on how you identify ”fame and fortune” Lee. For me, anything that gets her a salary and/or recognition that is substantially higher than where she was at before is a step up the fame & fortune ladder. I don’t see her being a top line model or actor, but I do see her earning far more now thanks to the infamy she’s created here on the show… I’m told that most reality stars milk the guest speaking circuit (for as much as 10k a gig) which is a sweet deal also! So in a way, both you & Jon are accurate depending on your perspective.

      • Rachel had 15 minutes of fame and Jeff seems to be a regular commentator on the BB show. Its not much but I am sure it pays some bills.

      • Rachel, Jeff and I believe Jordan (I think she did some guest spots on a soap opeara). I just don’t see BB bringing anyone fame.

      • Totally agree that BB won’t create the next Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie… but if you offered me the chance to swap the level of name recognition and salary with any of the house guests for the next two years I’d take that deal! :)

      • We’ll have to agree to disagree. As one who has done quite a bit of guest speaking and occasionally come across ”tier 2 celebrities” I’d take their income and recognition over mine anytime! I have no doubt you’re a great person and mean a lot to your family & friends, but the truth is very few people will know who you & I are (or care to know), but tens of millions will recognize the name (or face) of those who’ve been on tv even if it’s infamy.

    • Americas Sweetheart?….there’s no need to insult the United States of America…..please !…be nice.

    • I’ve been saying that for a while now. Not just with Aaryn, but sadly some of the others will get the same boost in popularity that shouldn’t. Others (like Spencer) won’t be able to capitalize on any good looks or money so he’s in for some REAL bad times ahead.

      • It won’t be popularity, it will be infamy. These bozos don’t the charisma that it take to overcome this type of bad publicity. Aaryn is no Paris Hilton. She will go back and hide on her father ranch. Maybe play with the goat.

      • Hey what have you got against goats?!! Kidding – no but seriously, I think her family’s PR firm is good enough to get her infamy to work to her advantage. Spencer who is under criminal investigation is in a whole other world of trouble though…

      • Is Spencer really under investigation? I find it hard to believe the authorities would honor his commitment to the game through mid-September if they thought he had violated the law. They would bring him in for questioning without regard to the Big Brother show he is on, wouldn’t they?

      • You mean like Paula Dean? Aaryn is a nobody and no one is going to offer her anything for at least a year or two. Its just not worth the potential bad publicity. At best she will get offers for a guest appearance on the Howard Stern show where he will want to cover her bare ass in mayonnaise and throw baloney slices at it to see if they stick.

      • I agree with you. Look what happened to Paula Deen. All of her sponsors dropped her. She was very famous and I believe she is a damn good cook…..when she is not deep frying butter. So, I don’t think Asryn will get any “good” deals.

    • Money alone will not make you happy. Look at Bernie Madoff, he scammed charities, seniors, pension funds of their hard earned monies and looted $50 billion from them! They were able to recover only $1 billion of that! That means he was able to salt away $49 billion. Was it worth it? He is in jail for life. His brother got a long jail term for complicity. One of his sons committed suicide and that may be just part of his bad karma making him pay up? Aaryn may make a lot of monies from her notoriety but, is she ready when her bad karma hits her? It does not matter whether you are rich or poor, powerful or not, someone or a nobody—-if you do something bad to others, you will pay the price down the road! Is she ready for what is in store for her? The same applies to Gina Marie, Amanda, Spencer and others. Who really wants their bad karma hitting you full force out of nowhere?

  10. Amanda and McCrae, back to their old habits. Dictating the HOH, who should be the nominees. When they leave the HOH room, the leave a stench that I can smell from my PC

      • Amanda, McCrae or Aaryn. As long as one of them gets evicted. It’s not a waste of HOH. I’ll be satisfied. I hope she has the power to get rid of all of them, but that’s all she can do.

      • I agree. But Aaryn is more dangerous, in term of winning comp than the other too, So she should be the priority.

      • It’s a fair point. But if you leave McCramdy untouched, you have two moderately strong competitors (Andy & McCrae) along with the strongest social competitor (Amanda) left to deal with. I’d rather take my chances against Aaryn in the comps than the other 3 in the ”House Rules” system of who gets voted out.

      • Also, if she makes a deal with Aaryn, like she made with Spencer and Andy, she has nothing to fear from Aaryn winning next week. But Elissa is really going after Aaryn at any cost, including blowing up her game for next week. That’s fine with me because at least she is making Amanda squirm in the meantime and she is doing what she wants to do and not what Amanda wants her to do.

      • I totally agree…and she’s so obsessed with her, like a crazy person, It cracks me up ! lol…you should have seen how McCranda was trying so hard to change her mind, and it’s like talking to a Steford

      • Oh yes, it was awesome! McCrae was my pick from the beginning. But he let Amanda know that she can’t ‘force’ Elissa; so they had to sit there and take it, nod and be nice and talk to her like an adult. It was nice. Elissa replied to McCrae’s suggestions quickly (in no uncertain terms), CALMLY and clearly, “Absolutely not. Neither Judd nor Spencer are going up this week, even if Aaryn wins Veto.” Lmbo.

      • I was thinking Elissa’ secret back door target is Amanda, but now I am thinking it may be Andy. If Amanda should win veto and take McCrae off the block then I think Andy will replace McCrae.

  11. Glad to see Judd back. Its great to see a man in the BB house. After McCrae is evicted Amanda will be sharing Juddsy’s bed.

  12. Amanda is the worst player and a horrible human bring…. please anyone who likes this wack job is clearly a borderline wack job themselves lol right about now her parents are realizing they are bad parents having raised such a evil racist cry baby

  13. Amanda is the worst player and a horrible human being…. please anyone who likes this wack job is clearly a borderline wack job themselves lol right about now her parents are realizing they are bad parents having raised such a evil racist cry baby

  14. I say cut the 3 am alliance off at the knees (get rid of Aaryn or Andy first) and then go for the head of the beast aka Amanda. I have to be honest while I was rooting for Helen or Candice to go back in the house, Judd is the perfect choice because he gets under Amanda’s skin. I just love to see her squirm. This game went from 0 to 100 on the excitement scale literally overnight!!!

  15. Heard they pulled the video of helen being tapped to fall off. Also heard a producer was fired and leaked to the media that cbs wants Amanda the winner. Looks like bb is rigged

    • I heard there’s alien sightings in areas where alcoholism is at its highest…must be true.

      Sorry Dustin just teasing you, but seriously, I think it’s better not to let these type of ‘truths’ bother you too much. Let the legal teams who watch over these type of things worry about whether the show is rigged. You & I just need to sit back and enjoy the show…that’s all that matters…sad to say this hasn’t been a very good season to enjoy so far! When good commentators like yourself add some thoughts on this site it’s more fun to play along. So it’s not all bad.

  16. I’m hoping that Elissa targets Asryn. I’m tired of looking at her and I tired of her racist rants. She patted herself on the back for getting the last minority out of the house. She told Helen that she loved and respected her, but when it was all said and done, she was happy that she evicted Helen……not Helen the person, but Helen the minority. I know Amanda needs to go, though.

    • As I said before, because Amanda is not very good at comp, she will be easy to get out at F5 or F4, because there’s only 2 or 1 person voting.

  17. A DAM GOOD PUNISHMENT FOR Andy would be a muzzle for 48 hrs or one where he is not allowed to speak for 48 hrs. If CBS reads this please get that weasel to shut up and get out of peoples business. Please get rid of him and Amanda or McCrae . Please I cannot tolerate listening to any of the 3 especially Andy…

    • What would be awesome is one of those dog collars which shock the dog each time it barks! Put that on Andy’s neck and even when you have taken it off—-he will keep his mouth shut! You would have Andy trained not to tatlle tale! LOL

  18. Andy asked Elissa, “what if one of the nominee comes down?” She said, ” Whoever doesn’t play hard for the Veto, will go up in their place”. lol…That’s what I’m talking about !!!

  19. I love it! Andy is having a nervous fit. Amanda is walking around crying and McCrea is in disbelief. BB15 is now in a high stress mode.

  20. Looks like CBS is again on the “lets push ratings with rachel’s sister train” How soft were those balls thrown to alyssa? enjoy the drama but i don’t want to see botox lips get much further.

  21. So, Elissa, Judd, Spencer and GM, will work together. Of course GM has Aaryn, so I think It’s good for now. Is this the only alliance that the elf is not included? Wow!..Elissa obviously plays way better than Helen.

    • YES…she is. She’s trying to get out the 3AM alliance. She told Judd she wants Aryan, Amanda , McCrae and Andy out of the game. She had warned Aryan, and Andy what would happened if they got rid of Helen. She’s just letting them know PAYBACK IS A BITCH…..I don’t care who goes home. The whole house was against her….none wanted to play with her especially Aryan. So why try to form an alliance with her?? she didn’t want to last week. She even said she would never work with Elissa…so why beat a dead dog with a stick? She wants Aryan or Amanda’s head.

    • Well, considering it is Helen—-the bar is not very high.
      However, you have to wonder if Elissa is just playing possum all this time and waiting for the opportunity to strike which is now? Elissa seems to have a better grip on strategy more than Helen and Judd so, she seems to have a plan in place. Her style of playing the cards close to the vest has thrown everyone else in the house bonkers because they cannot figure out what she really is up to! Keep it up Elissa, atleast, this week will be full of surprises!

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