Big Brother 15 Results: Week 8 Live Eviction, Twist, and HoH

Julie Chen Big Brother 15

Tonight on Big Brother 15 we’re getting ready for a new live eviction and the exciting returning HG twist. Join us on Facebook & Twitter right now for updates!

I’ll be updating this post here with the live results as they’re revealed on the show. Have your Live Feeds ready to go because after the broadcast is over the Feeds come back! The chaos from the returning HG & a possible endurance comp should make this definitely worth watching. Not signed up yet? Get the 2-day Free Trial now and be ready!

Big Brother Live Feeds

Despite a last minute flip attempt today by GinaMarie and Andy the house looks set for the eviction. What’s still unknown is who is coming back & how it will impact the game.

Meanwhile, join us in the Big Brother chat room as we watch tonight’s live show.

Big Brother 15 Week 8 Live Eviction voting:

  • McCrae: evict Helen
  • Amanda: evict Helen
  • Elissa: evict Spencer
  • Andy: evict Helen
  • That’s it. Helen has been evicted.
  • GinaMarie: evict Helen

By a vote of 4-1, Helen has been evicted from Big Brother 15.

Julie reveals to Helen that she can compete to return. She’s shocked. We see a segment from the Jury house where all three previously evicted HGs were mingling. They were not isolated. Now Julie is letting all the HGs know as the evicted HGs head back inside to get ready to compete. Julie says it’ll be 2 “epic” comps in 1.

The Jury HGs are off to the side for a separate comp within the comp.

Big Brother 15 Week 9 HoH Competition – ‘Off The Wall’:

  • HGs have to try and catch 10 balls without falling off their block.
  • First HG to catch 10 balls wins HoH.
  • First Jury member to catch 10 balls returns to the game.
  • Live blogging results of the comp here…

The Feeds will be back after the show is over tonight. If you sign-up for the Live Feeds right now you can watch the endurance comp right now on the 2-day Free Trial.

What do you think of tonight’s Big Brother results with the eviction & HoH comp? We’ll be watching the Feeds for spoilers on who the new HoH will be nominating

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  1. I sure hope it is someone that has enough guts to do something and get Aaryn, Amanda or GM out of the house. I don’t think anyone this year has it in them to make a big move. Where is Dan and Evil Dick when you need them?

  2. How do you know it will be a quiz? And how do you know the order of voting? Please answer Matt!:)

  3. Can anyone please help? I’m on the west coast & up until today I was able to watch live streaming of the show from the east coast. Now the place I watched it at isn’t available & I don’t want to wait an extra 3 hours to see it. If anyone knows how I can stream it live I’d greatly appreciate it! Thanks

    • the rapid insertion of double headed dildos between amanda and mcragay was hot tv jack material, am i right you fuqing fahg/.??!?!

  4. So it looks like the competition for the returning hose guest is NOT the HoH competition as well??
    I hope production is giving the player a 1 week immunity then where they can’t be voted out because if it’s Jessie/Helen/Candice that comes back and they fail to win HoH, they’ll be right back here next Thursday. Only Judd, imo, has the potential to last more than a week.

  5. I get Helen now. She can really be annoying in the game, but carried herself beautifully during Julies interview. I really think she’s a nice person.

  6. Lol at the looks on Andy and Amanda’s faces as they realized someone was coming back. Haha.

  7. Lol. Did you see Amanda’s face when Julie told them the twist? She had on the “Oh $hit” face. LMAO

  8. This is an excellent challenge. However it is an endurance challenge that may last a very long time.

  9. They didn’t sequester each jury member separately. The house guests are in trouble. I now hope Judd returns.

  10. i particularly like when the 3 Juries reunite. Surprised of Judd and Candice friendship. They seemed to be the happier people than the dark…seriously !!

  11. I knew mouse boy wouldn’t vote to keep Helen. These fools are keeping racist Amanda in the game…. i hope helen comes back and win hoh. or she comes back and elissa wins hoh…

    • I don’t know what Helen would do. For some reason, she still appears to be quite clueless.

  12. i particularly like when the 3 Juries reunite. Surprised of Judd and Candice friendship. They seemed to be the happier people than the dark…seriously !!

  13. I really don’t think Candace or Helen are gonna win this competition it will be Judd or Jessie coming back

    • Think you’re right, but you never know. We can’t see anything and live feed down which means comp is taking awhile.

  14. I think we get this..Jessie or Judd…not bad I think Jessie is gonna seek REVENGE

    Actually Jessie can handle Amanda

  15. It looks like GM lost a ball though – I wonder if it hit the ground and bounced and she got it taken away or something

    Yeah Aaryn just made the HOH announcement that she had a bounced ball and it was removed.

  16. McCrae had no balls at all guess Amanda did not have time to hand them to him before the comp

  17. Amanda is in between two of the signs on the wall behind them. That gives her something to hold on to with both hands. That seems slightly unfair

  18. oh mann Elissa in a good spot she can grab the sign behind her…lol but tomorrow I can hear it already Elissa cheated…

  19. So…………Judd is back and he goes right back to how he was before? SO Judd is going to turn the house upside down how again?

    • “Judd’s gonna turn the house upside down”. “Judd’s gonna flip things on Amanda and McCrae”. “Judd’s gonna come back with fire in his eyes”. Judd ain’t gonna do nothing but fall in line, tell Amanda he wasn’t MVP and be another Amanda protector.

  20. The sprinklers came on and GM and Elissa were pelted….. They of course totally missed Amanda. It was aimed over her head

  21. Damn talk about cheating production. Just noticed water not hitting Amanda. Hitting the wall while its hitting the other 2.

  22. It would be hilarious it she just announced right now – Andy and Amanda you are nominated this week!

    • How did the other house guests react to her winning? I don’t have the feeds but I am imagining Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Aaryn and Spencer all need a change of underwear.

  23. Elissa is a beast now. All she had to do was have her back to the wall……Go ahead Elissa!!!

    • We’ll see if she can make some deals so she doesn’t go up next week. She can only get out one person. If she’s bitter and vindictive she’s still ina bad way.

      • She needs to make sure Judd does not go over to McCrandy. Lock him up in her alliance with GM and Aaryn. Elissa! get over the Aaryn thing and work together!!!!! just for 2 or 3 weeks.

  24. She should put up Amanda and McCrae, make a deal with Aaryn(i really don’t like her) and GM(or her), and tell Aaryn she has to win veto because if she doesn’t, “the house” is pushing for her to be the replacement

  25. Well the gig is up for Andy Amanda & McCrea… they need a rabbit out of the hat but all they gonna get is slugs..

  26. Andy is going to tell Elissa he tried to save Helen at the end but Aaryn wouldn’t go along with it. They will definitely use Elissa’s dislike for Aaryn against her. Hopefully Elissa does not fall for it. She needs to put up Amanda and McCrae then Andy is one of the other two win POV. This could be a great week in BB as long as Elissa doesn’t do the boring and put up Aaryn and Spencer, although I wouldn’t care if any of them went home next Thursday.

  27. There will be a lot of slumped shoulders walking up the spiral staircase to see Elissa’s HOH room tonight. I am predicting right now that the evil side of the house will make fun of Elissa’s husband when they see his picture. I only wish Helen was there to share her HOH room with her. Helen is annoying but its sad she won’t be there with Elissa in her HOH room.

    • Yeah, they should go ahead. Put some more stain on their public image. Helen’s reception in the studio was great..Lets see when they go out. lol

  28. CAN U BELIEVE IT??? McCrae & Andy have GM & Aaryn nominated & Spencer the renom??? Gutsy ain’t they??

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