Big Brother 15: Candice Debuts The Clown-Tard – Pics

Candice Clown-tard

Well this just isn’t looking like it’s going to be Candice’s week. As part of a competition punishment she’ll be dressed in Big Brother 15’s iteration of the unitard punishment, the Clown-Tard, for the next week or until evicted, which ever comes first. Yikes.

Flashback on the Live Feeds to 6:59PM BBT to see Candice emerge from the DR and debut the Clown-Tard costume. She takes it very well though you can tell she’s a little embarrassed by it (who wouldn’t be?). The HGs all seem very supportive and encouraging, telling her the costume looks great.

Candice says she’s going to get a smaller, better fit version soon. Topping the whole clown costume off is the big red nose which, you guessed it, squeaks.

Check out the picture gallery of Candice dressed up in the Clown-tard costume. What do you think of this costume? How does it stack up to unitards of the past?

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  1. She handled it very well. They were all cracking jokes about her before she came out. Hope they turn on Amanda and Candice stays.

    • No one wants Shaniqua to stay in that house. She is worthless. She belongs in a zoo with Howard. I wish Aaryn would have been the one to nominate her and then force a tie vote, so she can evict her in that clown costume. Candice can go do all her eviction interviews and re tell her bed flipping racist story for the 500th time. Like anyone cares.

  2. She looks cute in it. I would rather be dressed like a clown then spray tanned orange!!! Amanda is going to look way scarier!!!

  3. Can’t there be one comment that doesn’t include Amanda? She isn’t going to be evicted this week so deal with it.

    • I think someone should “kill” that clown doll. It is so creepy. It figures that it is the childhood “friend” to Aryan.

  4. This has to be one of the weakest, for lack of a better word, seasons than all 14 before.
    1) No one seems to know that Helen is running the entire house
    2) Aside from Helen and Ellissa, had ANY of these people even heard of “Big Brother” prior to being selected?
    3) For a bunch of Females that obviously despise at least half of the other Females; they keep getting rid of the Guys!!! (Helen Influenced, of course)

    • I know that McCrea and Judd are die hard fans.

      As I was watching BBAD, I heard Helen’s voice in the background. I didn’t realize how much it irritates the hell out of me.

      • Well, as irritating as she sounds, no one in that house seems to have a clue that SHE is running the show…

      • Not that it did her any good, but Candice knows… & called her out on it. Didn’t you see the show last week when Candice was campaigning for Howard to stay? She asked Helen to please keep them both, Helen sais it was out of her hands & Candice said it wasn’t because Helen was in control of the house. Helen blew up, left room, ran upstairs then lied to HOH group that Candice threatened her to keep Howard & if she didn’t she (Candice) would come after all of them. Did you not see that during the episode?

      • That’s actually a perfect point RV; the way that Helen managed to use that confrontation to her own benefit.
        I guess I should have worded what I wanted to say better.
        Helen went from being one of Aaron’s targets of “racism”, to one of her BFF’s. I think Elissa is finally seeing it…

  5. you have a strange definition of suppotive..Aaryn has outrageous…shame on CBS for letting this just keep going on

  6. historically the person wearing the costume/unitard goes home…. not her week for sure!

  7. Candice might get to stay afterall, because GM is going to suffocate trying to sleep in that cone…….hahahaha!

  8. I think she rocks the clown unitard very well. Go Candance! Show ;em what you’re made of!

  9. I wish the veto comp was on the feeds. I keep hearing about a big fight between Amanda and Candice. I doubt they are going to air it because Amanda tells Candice what Howard whispered in her ear. Apparently, Candice did not take it well.

    • You can watch a lot on utube…. I was amazed what they put on there about Aaryn. Plus amazed that she is still on the show, but CBS does not care or they would of done something about. Very sad, but that’s life full of disappointments :€

      • would u rather have a bunch of boring, politically correct, actor wannabees in there??? Just thank god, that we actually got people in there that aren’t afraid to make good TV. Who cares if they offend people? We watch for entertainment. Just like the Romans used to watch people fight to the death.

      • As long as she doesn’t stick a knife to someone’s neck, she’s not going anywhere.

      • But, they are boring!! All they do is bitch and moan, whine and cheese, drama-drama-drama! Everything is a conspiracy and they are all wanting HoH until they get it. Then, they become paranoid, in that anything they do will place a target on their back. It will, but just being in the house places a target on them! Everyone wants to win and will do whatever they can to keep their game alive while trying to end others chances over their own opportunities. It’s worse than watching teenagers who think they have a clue!

  10. They should have put her in a monkey costume and locked her up in a zoo cage, where she belongs. I think its so funny that she is gunna be sent home by the “so called” racist girls, in a clown costume. Karma is a ….

  11. I think it’s a bit ironic how the racist, Demanda is getting sprayed a different color.

    • so true but it seem to me everyone had something nasty to say behind everyone else back. It just seem Amanda & GM & arryn get caught doing it more.
      Amanda is a sicko for sure .
      Mccrea run!!!!!!!

  12. Watching the feeds today and Candice really thinks she’s better then everyone else. And what a hypocrite. Telling Judd that GM and Aaryn say things behind her back but all she is talking about is GM and how ignorant she is and she won a pageant of nothing. How she can’t have a conversation with her and on and on. Then she’s telling Judd how her friends are women with degrees and Lawyers, and Doctors and business owners. Wow come down to reality Candice.

    • GM is ignorant and her lack of formal education shows up in every episode.
      Additionally, Candice does have an education but she has no game play. I’m not certain she’s that good with strategy because she allows her emotions to guide her actions. In the BB House that can be a quick tix home.

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