Big Brother 15 Episode 18 Recap: The McCranda Honeymoon Is Over


If we learned anything from Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother 15, it’s that America isn’t the only one annoyed with Amanda’s pushy ways and paranoia. Her own Big Brother 15 showmance partner seems to think the honeymoon might be over. Or at least that’s the way the editing made it appear.

The episode picked up right after GinaMarie nominated Candice and Jessie. GM lets us know that Candice is her target and that Jessie is just a pawn. And she makes sure to remind us that she’s from New York and tells it like it is.

Candice and Jessie are both not happy with the things GinaMarie said about them during the ceremony. Judd and Amanda run to the lounge room to laugh at GinaMarie’s hilarious nomination speech. Elsewhere, GinaMarie is explaining to Jessie why she nominated her and that she’s sorry for calling her a flip-flopper. She assures her that Candice is her target and that Jessie isn’t going anywhere.

GinaMarie then calls Candice up to her HOH room. She tries to explain her thought process with the nominations and the speech, but GinaMarie kind of sucks at being diplomatic, so you can see GinaMarie’s blabbing going in Candice’s ear and out the other, just like it did with mine.

MVP paranoia alert: Amanda is talking about her favorite topic, which is who the secret MVP is. She doesn’t think America would put her up. They leave out the part where she’s obsessed with thinking Judd is the MVP and that he is who she (and Helen) are going to target next.

Speaking of Amanda’s paranoia, she freaks out when Jessie sits next to McCrae and McCrae does not get up and sit next to her. So she leaves the room, goes to a bed and covers herself up with a blanket. He goes off to attempt damage control and all he gets is some really childish jealousy that McCrae seems to be pretty fed up with. McCrae says he’s starting to feel like he’s in the same bad relationships he’s been in in the past.

It’s time to find out who the MVP nominee is and then pick players for the veto. Just like last week, the TV screen stops on Amanda’s photo. America has again elected Amanda as the MVP nominee. McCrae says “she’s been acting a fool lately and has made herself a target.” Yes, McCrae, you are absolutely right.

Joining GinaMarie, Jessie, Candice and Amanda in the veto competition are Spencer and Judd.

And then the MVP paranoia intensifies. Everyone is convinced it’s Judd. Amanda says he acts super weird and that she can feel it in her gut. So she starts asking people if they’ll use the veto on her because she knows she won’t be winning it herself.

GinaMarie tells Amanda that if she wins veto, she’ll use it on her. So Aaryn gets upset because she thinks if Amanda comes down, she’ll go up. So Aaryn storms out of the room and Amanda’s allies are getting more annoyed with her aggressive behavior. They tell her she’s going to make them lose Aaryn as an ally.

This all leads to another argument with McCrae and Amanda and more annoyed DRs with McCrae. He is really tired of her entitlement and you can tell he’s regretting what he’s gotten himself into.


At the veto competition, it’s everyone’s favorite: Rewards and punishments where the player eliminated after you gets to swap prizes or punishments with you. In the end, Jessie wins the veto. Candice gets the clownitard, Amanda gets the spray tan punishment, Judd wins $5,000, GinaMarie wins the dog cone of shame and Spencer wins a Bahamas trip.

During the competition, Candice tells Judd that Amanda and the others thinks he’s MVP. Then Amanda goes off and attacks Candice during the veto. And she calls her Shaniqua and finally CBS has shown Amanda’s true colors.

At the veto meeting, Jessie uses the veto on herself and GinaMarie names Spencer as the replacement nominee, with Candice as the target still.


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