Big Brother 15 - Julie Chen

Get ready for a new episode of Big Brother 15 tonight when the HGs are back for a new round of nominations and drama. Don’t forget we’ll also get to see the rest of the endurance HoH competition play out for those who didn’t follow along with our live blog updates and results from after last week’s show.

There won’t be a Have-Nots comp this week even though viewers voted for their food last week. With so many HN’s this season maybe they ran out of Big Brother Slop!

BB15 has moved way past the nominations you’ll see tonight so if you want to get caught up on who is the latest MVP nomination and who won the Veto, and who is dressed as a clown, then check out our Spoilers Board for all the most recent updates.

If you’re looking for drama and fighting in the house this weekend, then Amanda won’t disappoint you. She’s been going at it with Candice and even a few fights with Jessie. Check out the details with times and pics from Friday Thursday night’s fights. Since those happened post-nominations, don’t expect them in part of tonight’s show. Glorious! I was wrong. Fight night was Thursday, not Friday so yes, we should get those fights in there. That’ll be great fun to see.

Big Brother 15 Episode 17 Preview:


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