Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 6 Saturday Highlights

Big Brother 15 August 3, 2013

Saturdays are always busy on Big Brother 15 and this week was no different. The HGs had an early wake-up call to get their day rolling with the MVP nomination and Veto players pick. The wait for the Veto comp was filled with more stress and anxiety like we had last week. Post-Veto was just as exciting with important results and retellings of another blow-up fight from Amanda. Oh but the fun didn’t stop there. Read on for the rest of the story including some late-night nudity on the Feeds.

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Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, Aug. 3, 2013

8:30 AM BBT – HGs getting their early morning wake up call.

10:00 AM BBT – GM and Aaryn going over her nomination speech for Candice. They’re thinking of all the different things GM could have said.

10:55 AM BBT – Feeds return. Amanda was nominated by MVP / America’s Vote.

11:00 AM BBT – Amanda starts out very calm, so much so it didn’t seem like she was nominated, but then she builds up the stress.

11:15 AM BBT – Amanda can’t figure out who is MVP and nominated her. Spencer says maybe it is America. “F you, Spencer!” says Amanda.

12:20 PM BBT – Amanda is upset that Aaryn doesn’t want Amanda saved because she thinks she’ll go up on the block in her place. McCrae points out Amanda is being hypocritical with her complaint.

2:23 PM BBT – Feeds return from the Veto comp. Jessie won the Veto. She’ll save herself. GM immediately tells Judd that Spencer will go up in Jessie’s place.

3:00 PM BBT – Amanda regretting her yelling at Candice. Apparently she said some vulgar attacks at Candice about Howard wanting to do things to her with his manhood.

4:05 PM BBT – Jessie talks to Helen about voting out Amanda this week, but is nervous because of the fights it caused with Amanda as a result of even discussing it last week. Helen thinks Candice is the better option this week.

4:45 PM BBT – GM gets her “Cone of Shame” that’s basically a dog cone. She has to sleep and bathe in it for 48 hours.

5:30 PM BBT – Elissa thinks it’s better to vote out Spencer than Candice. Helen and Andy trying to convince her otherwise. Earlier Amanda was upset for Elissa considering Spencer over Candice for eviction.

6:59 PM BBT – Candice emerges from the DR in her new Clown-tard costume. Lots of pics here. She’s taking it very well, but it’s clear she’s not thrilled.

7:15 PM BBT – Amanda’s tanning booth is ready. It’s supposed to be “50 Shades of Orange,” but it turns out later she doesn’t really have to do a tan every hour.

8:50 PM BBT – Andy talks with Amanda about inevitably having to cut Helen loose.

10:30 PM BBT – HGs get alcohol. There is much rejoicing.

11:45 PM BBT – Amanda apologizes to Candice for the fight at the Veto competition.

12:05 AM BBT – Helen brings up to Jessie the idea of evicting Amanda. Jessie says she hasn’t talked with Andy or Elissa about it.

12:15 AM BBT – Helen pulls Elissa aside and discusses evicting Amanda, but it sounds like Helen means another week.

12:22 AM BBT – Amanda flashes McCrae, Spencer, Andy, and Jessie. Jessie was just describing the size of her nipples. As an aside, the other week GM wouldn’t wear a bikini top that Jessie had worn because GM considered Jessie’s nipples to be freakishly large. Aaryn offered to wash the top for GM, but GM still declined to wear it.

2:15 AM BBT – Amanda and McCrae taking a shower in the HoH bathroom.

3:30 AM BBT – Amanda goes out for another tanning spray with McCrae waiting while everyone else sleeps the night away.

What a fun day. We had MVP nomination, Veto competition, and “prize” punishment after punishment delivered. Good times on the Feeds. Sunday should be calmer for events, but that means the HGs will have time to talk strategy and plot for the upcoming eviction.

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  1. It’s kind of interresting that they are starting to talk about evicting Amanda. Let hope that continue. At this point I’m still not very confident it will happen. But if it does that would be at least a consolation for not evicting Aaryn.

    • Hopefully, Helen uses her head. Amanda is thinking of doing the same thing to her so, let us see who moves first!

      • Andy is the mole so I think if Helen decides to keep Amanda this week and gets rid of Candice, it will be her downfall! Candice is a vote for Helen and getting rid of Candice is a huge mistake for H & E. Elissa is starting to see this and I hope she succeeds. Andy will snitch on Helen and tell Amanda.

      • Let us hope, it works and they get Amanda out! Should be a huge blindside if it happens!

      • For sure. Amanda is quite a bully and gets upset when she feels people are against her but she is doing the same against the others.

      • Helen told Elissa that they need Andys vote…she lied.. Hope Elissa recalls the conversation and wonders whty they need him.

      • But Helen trusts Andy. She needs to let Jessie do the dirty work since Jessie is already a target of Amanda’s.

        If Amanda does go home, then Helen would have Jessie, Elissa, Candice, Judd in her alliance and you never know with Judd. But Aaryn and GM might not be happy that they saved Candice. McCrae is going to be upset with them too. Spencer won’t align with Candice. Who knows what Andy will do.

      • Nope she don’t….He walked in on a storage room conversation she was having with Elissa about possibly evicting Amanda…neither told him what they were discussing. Helen knows he is playing both sides and she uses that to her advantage.

      • If Helen fires the shot first I have a feeling she will be following Amanda out. McCrae is the worst enemy to have in the house at this point. He is likeable, competent and can win comps. He’s completely capable of gathering the house against Helen and that’s what he would do if she orchestrated Amanda leaving. I could easily see McCrae getting Elissa on his side if Helen broke the alliance too soon. “She did it to Amanda and she will do it to you.”

      • McCrae would have Aaryn, GM, Judd, Spencer. Probably Andy. Potentially Elissa if he spun his case against Helen well. No one else is gonna work with Spencer but McCrae.

        McCrae is a super fan. He wins competitions. He knows the game well. He is liked. His girlfriend is a larger target than he is. McCrae has power and enormous potential. His social game is quite good. His game play is good. He’s the biggest threat in that house.

        America wants Aaryn, Amanda and GM out (and Spencer). He’s not being put up by MVPs. The HoHs haven’t put him up. Most of his alliance see his hand in dismantling the MC as a sign of loyalty. He’s not Helen, Amanda, Aaryn or Elissa’s biggest target. He is even tempered and not particularly offensive. He keeps his mouth shut. He’s in the best position in the house. He’s had a birthday party AND a bachelor party and sleeps in HoH often. And he’s getting some ;) He is certainly liked.

        McCrae definitely has the power to ruin Helen’s game.

      • I don’t think Judd will vote Amanda out. Only because of McCrae. Agree with the other three. So who else could be the fourth??? Don’t think it’s going to happen although I would love to see the blindside and look on hers and McCrae’s face.

      • Maybe Aaryn, you think? Sounds like she is at least considering the possibility of Amanda leaving.
        Maybe she will move in on mcRae – lol, j/k.

      • Judd might only because he has a F2 with Elissa as well. I don’t know if it’s a true F2 because he has one with Aaryn as well. Regardless, it could work since his F2 deals are with both of them and if Aaryn knew he was voting for Amanda to go out she might flip as well. Hard to say, but I would love to see the look on Amanda and McCrae’s face as well. Priceless!!!

      • One way to do that is tell Andy that they are evicting Candice as planned! Keep him out of the loop so, he cannot tell Amanda!

      • I think Elissa is catching on to Helen and no longer trust her which is another reason she does not want to lose Candice as an ally. It would be great if Candice stays and can team up with Elissa, Jess and Judd they can definitely change the game if they stick together.

      • I think it would be better for them to evict McCrae first, because its much more likely that he will win HoH.

    • Aaryn no big deal; just an ignorant stupid college kid, but Amanda and GM are horrible human beings. The crap that comes out of their mouths is beyond hate filled.

      • Aaryn is a real, down to the bones, racist. She is so racist, that she is completely incapable to see it in herself. She was exposed to people who believe in white suporiority from a very young age.

      • Sorry to disagree! Aaryn is a stupid ignorant 22 year old college kid with that stupid pack mentality repeating the things she has heard from kids her own age and not thinking and angry about the lie Spencer made up about the hat incidence which surprise surprise Production has not bothered to tell the truth about, but once you get out of college you learn and grow and figure out and think for yourself and understand that hey that way of thinking is wrong and hurtful and you outgrow that pack mentality, but AMANDA on the other hand who is a 28 year old working in the public eye has made comments about murdering Candice, gang raping Jessie, anti gay slurs and racist remarks not to mention her nasty mouth and her slandering Howard by her comments that she has admitted to being lies, August 2 at 11:11, if you care to go check. Amanda knew what those type of comments could cost Howard, his job, his reputation, his entire existence but she is so horrid she did not care that she slandered this man. GM and Kaitlin also both used the N word and Amanda’s reaction when they told her was who cares it is fine. Sorry, but if Amanda is not what you call a RACIST down to her hate filled bones, you need to get your head examined. Amanda has also laughed about autistic children. There is no excuse for Amanda who is so filled with hate it consumes her waking moments!!!!

      • I’m not excusing anybody. You’re the one that is trying to exclude Aaryn from that group. That’s where you’re wrong.

      • Aaryn may be stupid, but most racists are. She may be 22 but that is old enough to anything in America except run for president. No one twisted Aaryn’s words. They came out of her mouth. Just because she has been on better behavior more recently doesn’t mean she isn’t what she was the first few weeks. And just because Spencer and other have used the same or worse language does not make Aaryn any less of a racist.

  2. This is the most vile disgusting bunch ever! Their families and friends should be so embarrassed by their behavior and the things these people have said. This is the worst season ever!

    • Aaryn and GinaMarie were talking yesterday about how bad Candice’s ass would smell once she gets out of the clown suit. Making fun of her, it was so disgusting.

      • It was not Aaryn that was all GM and Aaryn told her not t say that but GM would not shut up.

      • No, No,…it was Aaryn and GM. Aaryn was holding that clown thing of hers and saying it then.

  3. They should require an IQ test on Big Brother. You still need brains to lie, manipulate and mislead others and the reason these contestants are disappointments is they do not know any better! Most shows worth their salt give IQ tests at a minimum.
    I tried out for a game show once and did not pass an analytical test they gave everyone. There were like 100 of us and only 10 passed it! You need to pick the best ones only for contestants then, we will have a better Big Brother!

    • Its nice to have a blend of smart to dumb people as well as different race ,ethnicities, demeanor, attitudes. All of any particular thing is boring. Some dumb folks think they know better than anyone else and that can be entertaining.

  4. If they get Judd on board, they can pull this off this week. Even if GM puts Elissa on the block, which I think is the better game move because Spencer is more likely to vote to evict Candice, they can still convince Spencer to vote to evict Amanda.

    Still disappointing to me that America voted to put Amanda up instead of Aaryn. Has everyone noticed that Aaryn rarely engages in the comedy and laughing among the house guests? She is always looking so serious and angry. She needs to go home.

    • I don’t think it would be hard to convince Spencer, he was leading the charge to evict Amanda last week.

    • Spencer is going up on the block, so unfortunately he won’t be able to vote against anyone.

      Ultimately, the “evict Amanda” plan would have more luck if McC had won HoH over GM. He’ll vote to keep Amanda while GM could have possibly been convinced to flip.

    • Maybe she is tired of all those racist bigoted people and her brain finally kicked in. I know I am!

  5. With Andy running his mouth to the entire house, if Helen says one word about evicting Amanda in front of him, that’s it..Helen will be going very soon. Helen trusts Andy way too much. She knows nothing about The Goof Troop…so any discussion of evicting Amanda should not take place anywhere near Andy. It drives me crazy the way he just seems to pop up everywhere. Walks in on conversations. Very annoying.

    • It may be better to let Andy know.. Amanda would have a major blow up. Her ranting and raving at those she suspects of plotting her demise would have an excellent reason to get her out.: Amanda is just to emotional and unstable to keep in the house…

      • But, when she does that, everyone seems to feel sorry for her. She knows exactly what she is doing. Amanda is too much of a bully to keep in the house, that is one of the big reasons they evicted Jeremy, why is Amanda any different? She tells everyone what to do. GM has taken this whole HOH thing to a new would think she is Queen Elizabeth! Her power has gone straight to her blonde head. I am so ready for a big power move right now..but these HG’s just won’t do it..not now, anyway!

      • I so agree about Amanda being just as much a bully as Jeremy. Sometimes I think she is worse. She just disgusts me with her behavior. Helen supposedly was scared by Jeremy over Winegate and that pales in comparison to what Amanda has done to both Candace and Jessie. I have been ready for a big power move, but I swear this season seems scripted to me. Helen saying it is to early to take Amanda out and various other things I have read about Amanda and her connection with CBS makes me wonder if she is being protected. The other night when Amanda was fighting with Jessie in the backyard we didn’t get one cam out there. All we got was the HOH room and Elissa kept talking about some Matt and all we ended up getting was fish. I wonder about a lot of things because this is my 3rd year with feeds and usually when HGs mention Production they are warned so it stops. It was so bad that people in the Chat Room were talking about asking for refunds. Now all at once Amanda feels bad and apologized to Candace. Just makes me wonder if she was told how she is being viewed by America. With this crew of HGs I find it hard to root for anyone. I am on board for getting Amanda out, but will be shocked if it happens.

    • He is BB biggest floater of all, why can’t anyone else see that about him? They should all lie to him and then he would be blindsided!

    • Several of us call Andy the Shelly Moore of the season. She ended up getting caught and I keep waiting for the same to happen to him.

      • I have called him that since about day 2!! He is so annoying, barges in on every conversation that goes in..calling everyone “shady f****!” I really want him to be put up..he would freak out. He seems to always know how the votes will go..he just annoys me.

  6. Please send Amanda home! Jessie is on board and can convince Judd too evict Amanda! Then we have Elissa and Helen who are starting to realize that Amanda needs to go!
    I think Elissa and Helen could do it

    • I was trying to agree with you and my key got stuck…don’t know where -12 came from! I just don’t think it will happen because they will tell their plans in front of Andy and that will be it. Any talk of evicting Amanda will stop and Helen and Elissa will pay the price along with Jessie. But, if they are smart about it, it can be done. I wish it would.

      • I think if Amanda finds out, Helen will have no choice but to follow through and evict Amanda. Win or lose, Helen will become Amanda and McCrae’s target. But I think the rest of the house may side with Helen, except maybe Andy.

      • Aaryn, GM and even Spencer would be the best allies for McCrae.

        The question is, does Helen want to start fighting for her life in the house before Jury?

        Elissa must know Helen won’t take her to F2. McCrae could get her to flip if Helen betrays Amanda.

      • Aaryn also has a deal with Judd and Helen so, it may not be a bad idea to blindside Amanda now! Aaryn will go with the majority and probably Gina Marie who cannot play for HOH!

    • Jessie has already blabbed so much, there is no way Helen can trust her to keep here mouth shut.

  7. Helen does want Amanda evicted ..but she has got to figure out a way to do it so that it appears it was not her idea.. She is feeling people out right now and planting the seeds Just hope she comes up with an eviction plan

    • Go Helen! Please don’t share your plans with Andy! He is this year’s Shelly Moore!

      • She can let Judd or Jesse take it to Andy. Jessie would be the better choice because Amanda already has a target on Jessie’s back.

      • Jessie: “Come on Andy! I already have Helen’s vote”

        That’s all it takes for Helen to lose her empire.

        If Helen is smart she would not show a hint of interest or even talk about getting Amanda out. Helen has the most to lose.

      • HELEN is your typical lobbyist which is what she really does for a job! Lie, Lie, Lie and Lie some more.

      • And her web of lies grows weaker and weaker. At this point Helen has to stick to her safety in numbers strategy and stick with her alliance. She’s guaranteed Jury if she keeps her alliance strong. They already agreed every man for themselves once they hit F7.

        I just don’t see how the potential of getting Amanda out is worth the risk of not making Jury. I am looking at it from Helen’s point of view/current standing/strategy. Amanda hasn’t won a single critical competition. She’s unlikely to save herself when she inevitably goes on the block again. Amanda on the block = one less seat for Helen to occupy. Amanda is still an ally. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

        Not only does she have to get Amanda out but would need to get away with it. McCrae finding out Helen flipped is extremely likely. If Andy was a potential nom he would absolutely say “Helen made sure Amanda left”. Might as well stick a fork in her cause she will be DONE.

      • Someone would definitely rat her out. That is what she has to be very careful about right now. I still think Candice will go this week, who goes 2nd, ??

      • Helen will be found out if she goes through with it. By Jessie, Judd or Andy someone will say, “but we might have Helen…” and that will serve all the floaters wonderfully. Get Amanda out and McCrae focuses his efforts on getting out Helen. Coast to finish. Profit!

        Anyone detects a real hint of Helen’s betrayal so most of them will jump ship as soon as Aaryn or McCrae put heat on them about it. They will completely throw Helen under the bus.

        If only they knew double eviction was soon. They must know it’s imminent. Patience, HGs, the perfect time to strike is soon. Don’t blow your game on Amanda, Helen. Not while McCrae can send you home before Jury.

      • They already mentioned double eviction being this week or next. I know Judd mentioned it, but not sure who else was part of the conversation.

  8. After 40 + days the only big exciting news would be to blind side Amanda and get her out!!!!! Man if only my wish would come true!! I don’t have a favorite anymore sadly!!! Looking forward to next season if I’m still a fan

    • I feel the same way KoKo. My dream come true would be to see Amanda walk out that door. Like you I don’t have a favorite and have watched since the 1st season.

  9. That’s the idea of Amanda being the 3rd nominee. To tempt them into getting her out……in the mean time I hope Gina Marie vomits with the cone on.

  10. Helen acts like she is in charge. She is telling everyone who to vote out and then who will be after that, she acts like she is the winner already!! I hope they all get some brains and get her out!

  11. So who is Andy actually with? Watching the feeds he tells Helen everything and made a final 2 deal with her. Helen has talked about evicting Amanda to Andy before and Andy hasn’t told Amanda or McCrae about it. On the other hand he made a final 3 deal with Amanda and McCrae. They’ve talked about evicting Helen and he hasn’t told Helen anything. He’s the number 1 floater. I think if we get to vote I’m voting for him. He thinks he is so safe and nobody can figure out who MVP is I think this would be great. Let him sweat it out and maybe play the game. Little snake!

    • Sounds good if we get the chance. He truly is this season’s Shelly Moore and I can’t wait for him to get caught. If he is truly with Amanda I can’t wait to see Helen’s reaction after what she said to Howard and Spencer for betraying her. Strike that I don’t want to see that again!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Good God, Helen/Andy, let people vote how they please. I can just see Helen’s dairy room reaction now–“WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO MESS THIS UP FOR US, ELISSA?” She really means “me.” I mean, Helen’s probably going to win this thing, but why does she got to make it so boring? I don’t think I’ve once seen where someone discussed evicting Helen, which is kind of amazing but also frustrating. I’d like to see her sweat.

    • I so agree!!!! You don’t see Helen or Andy volunteering to go on the block in Spencer’s place do you? Would love to see both of them sweat.

  13. Doesn’t anyone else find it disgusting that Amanda & McCrea are leaving their “mark” everywhere in the house. And how is it that they have the run of anyone’s HOH room. Where is production to tell them to go “screw” elsewhere. lol

  14. I would love to see the look on Amanda’s face if she got voted out this week.(The little weasel Andy would tell her they are trying to flip the house on her and she will go batshit) She’s on the block and she’s saying Judd needs to go etc. She thinks she’s calling the shots. She’s threatened Candace,Spencer,and Jessie.She’s threatening to put Judd up.She has not won a thing and she wants to tell everyone who to put up.I sure hope Judd finds out she wants him out so he can vote with Helen,Elissa,and Jessie to send that bi— home.Amanda’s dad was tweeting how she was bullied in school and thats why she hates bigotry and racism. We know his little angel was the bully but, told dad poor me.(she was probably the girl doing guys favors in the bathroom trying to get them to like her) She’s jealous of all the girls in the house because they are all finer than her(no waistline & flat a–)I bet her job is with a uncle or a good friend of her father,and that is why you hear nothing from her employer. Jessie Jackson or Al needs to go down there and get a boycott going against an employer who would keep a piece of sh– like her.Would somebody please find out what realtor she works for. Why hasn’t the Huffington post contacted them for a quote about apiece of sh– like Amanda talking about their clients like she does. I guess they have no problem her talking about them(you know, stinking

  15. Words that just came out of Gina Marie’s mouth talking about Candice who, I think, is adopted? “She is such a degenerate, her own mother didn’t even want her.” How vile and disgusting can these people be? When the game becomes about intentionally hurting someone like some of these HG’s have, it makes me wonder what has BB become? I don’t remember this kind of deliberate hurting of people from a season like I have this one. Very sad.

  16. Judd and Andy need to flip…..the way those two operate, it would seem that they are paving the way for Amanda and McRae to go to f/2.

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