Big Brother 14 Winner Results

Big Brother 14 cast

We’re about to find out who won Big Brother 14 as the Jury is nearly set and will soon cast their votes. Before we get to the voting we’ll have to wait through the final Head of Household competition. Two of the three portions have already played out so we’ll be watching just the third part live before moving on to the jury and votes.

While we wait I wanted to give a BIG thanks to all of our readers this summer. Thanks for joining us each day to discuss what was going on in the house and a special thanks to everyone who signed up for the Live Feeds through our links and banners. All of you make this site possible and it’d be nothing without you. Okay, now on to the winner.

We learn that yes, Dan convinced both Danielle and Ian to drop during the first round. Ian agreed to this minutes before the live eviction as part of his deal to evict Shane rather than Ian. He then talks Danielle in to doing the same.

Big Brother 14 – Final HoH: Round 1

Big Brother 14 – Final HoH: Round 2

We finally get some time with the Jury. This deliberation will be fun. No big surprises here. Jenn is very pro-Dan while Joe and Frank are pushing hard against Dan. From their comments it sounds like Dan would do better against Danielle, but he may be in big trouble against Ian.

Now on to the live portion of the show. The winner of round 3 will decide who is the final evicted HG and who moves on to the Final 2. Lots of pressure here.

Big Brother 14 – Final HoH: Round 3 – Dan vs. Ian

  • Round 1: Both get it right.
  • Round 2: Both get it right.
  • Round 3: Ian gets it right.
  • Round 4: Ian gets it right.
  • Round 5: Ian gets it right.
  • That’s it. Ian wins the round.

Ian wins the final HoH! He’ll get to decide whether to take Dan or Danielle to the Final 2.

Big Brother 14 – Final Eviction

  • Ian decides to evict Danielle.

After the jury interrogates the Final 2 HGs they each get to place their votes. It takes at least 4 out of 7 votes to win the big prize.

Big Brother 14 – Jury Votes

  • Ashley: Ian
  • Britney: Ian
  • Frank: Ian
  • Joe: Ian
  • Jenn: Ian
  • Shane: Ian
  • Danielle: Dan

Ian wins 6-1. I guess Dan should have tried harder and taking Danielle.

Okay, so Shane’s comments make no sense after his vote was revealed and same goes for Jenn. I figured Shane would probably go against Dan, but Jenn?

Ian Terry wins Big Brother 14

Big Brother 14 – Finale results

  • Ian is the winner of Big Brother!

Congrats to Ian. He worked hard for it.

Big Brother 14 – America’s Vote

  • Frank is voted to win the $25,000 prize.

Wow. Frank? He tied for 3rd place in our poll, but I guess that’s close. Congrats!

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  1. Is the feed leak on Joker’s Updates legit? I won’t post it here, but I was wondering. Thought that was coming up live.

  2. good to see the only thing that Danielle will win tonight is a little more weight

    Quack Quack Oink Oink

  3. You know, this is the first time we’ve actually seen the full intro this season. They even put Willie’s name back in, they’ve never done that for an expelled HG before.

  4. Dan deserves it….now i’m just trying to get my argument ready for who is the greatest of all time Dr Will or Dan.

  5. Interesting…so BB set up the show to make it look like Dan thinks that Ian will throw the last HOH to him…whereas we know from watching the feeds that Dan will probably (hopefully) be the one to throw the HOH comp to Ian. I guess BB is hoping for a manufactured upset. ha.

  6. Frank is really bitter, very childish, always unpleasant. Yet he will be on BB15 since he is favorite of Allison Grodin, the producer.

    • It’s pretty hard to take Frank seriously, when he looks more like Bozo the clown all the time. Cut the hair, dude!

    • Seriously; it’s like he can’t see that HE ALSO LIED TO SOMEONE AND ENDED UP GETTING THEM EVICTED BECAUSE OF IT, and that the very person he lied to is sitting with him in the jury house. What a hypocrite.

    • Stop bagging on the best competitor in BB history, I dont see how any1 could dislike the guy. Hes the only honest 1, best looking, best competitor

      • Frank was handed his game. Shoulda been gone week 3. BB favorite. Good riddance. Hope to never see him again.

      • Handed the game? Haha that’s why he had to fight every week to stay… Yup he was clearly handed everything.

      • Handed his game ?? Seriously dude, I didn’t see production out there helping him win his comps. Did u ?? Damn that would have funny…

  7. Sad to see the season end, but glad I don’t have to see
    “The Butt Crack Pack” again!
    No more watching that wierd little nerd on the swing!
    No more of Kathy Bates(Danielle) from Misery!
    As for Dan, there is no BB hall of fame, and your bust won’t be on display in Canton Ohio either!
    Lets have all new players next season.

  8. Jenn is so stupid. So she hates Ian for backstabbing boogie but she loves Dan for lying to everyone? Don’t get me wrong I love Ians and dans gameplay both, but jenn has to realize that Ian and Dan are a bit similar

    • Yeah, I’m hoping Dan wins, but that had me scratching my head a bit…I guess snitching is worse that flat-out lying?

    • Maybe she thinks if you do it to one person, then you’re mean. But if you do it to everyone, then it’s ok. At least you treated everyone the same.

    • Jenn,s logic on snitching, puts me in mind of aperson brought up by the street or did jail time, I mean ,she might never had crossed those paths,but usually when I hear the snitch oath, that thought runs pass me

      • BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!. You were so wrong…New flash Ian just and Jenn and shane didn’t vote dan

    • I don’t understand why he wouldn’t want to go to the F2 with Danielle. I would think that’s a definite win for him.

      • He didn’t think he’d have the votes against Danielle. Little did he know the way they were thinking he would of won. Bitter, bitter jury. But the best player in BB history still took home second prize.

      • When exactly did Dan say he wouldn’t have taken Danielle if he had the choice? Maybe I missed that part of the show if so apoologies. I find it hard to believe Dan would throw the final HOH and put his fate in Ian’s hands. I think if Dan had the choice he was taking Danielle.

      • The only one that was still bitter at vote time was Shane, the rest could have voted against Ian because he was responsible for them leaving. So bitter is incorrect.

        Basically, Ian played a better overall game, period……They probably voted Ian because he was the only smart enough to actually take Dan’s grandfather necklace.

      • Wrong…so you don’t think Frank was bitter? Frank was still talking about it. Janelle said it best if Dan doesn’t win it will be a travesty. Ian only won because Dan saved him and evicted Shane. Ian would of been gone.

      • Let go of Frank??? I never had a hold of him. OMG you need to read before you comment. OMG OMG

      • Funny ! I I was saying u ALWAYS bring Frank into ur comments one way or another. More ppl than Frank were bitter including Shane and Joe if u basing it on jury votes. I don’t think all based it on that but it’s funny how his only vote was from Danielle…

      • Either you need to learn how to read or you’re not reading MY comments because I very RARELY talk about Frank. I don’t waste my time talking about losers.

      • It was not only Frank so was Shane and Joe. Leave the guy alone already. He was a hell of a competitor, i actually thought he was kind to Dan it was Shane who said to Dan I really could say more to u. I also think Dani was too, looked pissed all night long. And then to top it off she votes for Dan. WTH ??

      • You’re right, I didn’t mean to leave out those two. I have to say you’re right in that Shane was worse than Frank about it. I’ll credit Frank because even though he was bitter, I do feel like he conveyed it to Dan in a respectful manner. As for Danielle, I’m really at a loss for words. I’m not even sure she knows why she does what she does…

    • You can make all the excuses you want for that sorry example of a human being/ game player I have ever seen! A football coach throwing the most important competition of the entire game! OK, Let’s put it into perspective- Tom Brady/ Peyton Manning/ Eli Manning etc. – let’s just go out there and throw it! BS! If anyone bothered to read what I said in the past, I am so proud to say I was so ON POINT about an emotionally charged jury! They were unsympathetic to Dan’s dirty ploy’s and ridiculous exploits. Just 2 days ago I predicted Boogie’s appreciation of Ian’s game play, which was , thankfully, acknowleged tonight. All of those of of you on this site who have degraded, picked on, singled out Ian for his “so called disability” has proven to be quite an ability tonight- hasn’t it? I have held my tongue watching the cyber bullying of a young man with a genius IQ and a genuine love of this human chess match win! I have witnessed ridicule and ” special interest” for a man that has been described as a “boy”- a boy with a much larger bank account than yours and probably more- if you can possibly catch my drift- which I doubt. Yes, if I sound like I’m gloating-I am! I have every right to be, because as all of you fussed over Boogie and Frank and Dan and all the “floater” power struggels, I knew the cream would rise to the top- and in a big way! CONGRATULATIONS IAN!!

      • I predicted a final two with Ian and Dan from the beginning. Congratulations to them both but I feel that Dan deserved the win. What the jury and many of the people on this site have failed to realized is that lying and manipulation is a part of the Big Brother game and it has been since it started. Dan was able to get EVERYONE in the house to do what he wanted at many different points in the game INCLUDING Ian. I thought it was ridiculous when Ian said he made the quack pack when the alliance was already in tact before they let him join. Britney did pull the strings for him before he was evicted and then Dan pulled the strings the rest of the way. Everyone is making a big deal out of him evicting his own coach but Boogie was leaving the house anyone. His part in that was minimal, all he did was rat him out….but anyways on to you talking about everyone cyber-bullying Ian, I agree that it is wrong for anyone to talk about him rather he had a disability or not. However, I am amazed that you can sit here and defend Ian (which is nice) but in the same instance call someone else a “sorry excuse for a human being.” I could take you gloating about Ian’s win because he definitely deserved it more than some others but it is ridiculous for you to attack someone’s character based on their game play. In case you did not realize, Ian was attempting to play a similar game.

      • I could not have said it any better myself. I think he should be a poster child for people with social phobias like myself that you can do it if you set your mind to it. Way to go Ian

    • I disagree. He definitely thought he could beat them both but I think he knew he would have won if it was against Danielle cuz she just followed him like a sheep.

  9. Dan threw it… question. I can answer all the questions he missed and so can everyone else! No blood on Dan’s. Hopefully, Ian takes Dan.

  10. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really want IAN to win it all. I am hoping for a miracle. If Dan wins……………..then that is fine too lol

  11. Dumbielle is still so DUMB!! How can you have too many alliances when there are only 2 to make?? Holy crap girl.

  12. Ian please use the “noodle” & take Danielle & send Danny boy packing. Blindside Dan! You WILL win then. Go Ian Go Go Go!

  13. And common sense should tell you that the last three answer probably were not going to be B. Dan make it clear that he threw it. Too bad Danielle isn’t sure, though.

  14. Ian would have won hands down if he had evicted Dan. The only one who would have voted against him was Frank.

    • For some reason, I always thought that would be the smartest movie for Ian, since he could definitely win against her (I think)

  15. It will be tragic if Ian does not win because of pettiness by people like Jenn. The bottom line is, Ian ruled until the end. he played a brilliant game. He remained loyal to the QP. Between Ian and Dan, ian played the more honorable game. By all accounts ian should win – but this jury seems to be petty and stupid, so it is anyone’s guess

    • Dan literally ruled the house, even as someone who already won the game and thus should have been gone weeks ago. I think either HG could win without it only being because the jury is too “petty and stupid” to vote for the “right” person.

    • The game has nothing to do with honor… Most of the jury members Dan played some part if not a major part in them being there…

    • It seems liked both played an amazing game: One just took the path of light, and the other took the path of dark, both still impeccable.

  16. on the talk today the 3 hg were on and i have to be honest dan did not seem very happy. but ian and daniele did i think ian may have picked daniele to go go f2. dan was making a lot of noise about how he was just happy to see daniele in the final 3 like he was trying to save face.

  17. OMG What the H-E double hockey sticks is wrong with Ian? The guy had it in the bag if he would have booted Dan out! Dsyum Ian. DAYUM!

  18. I love it! Dan is STILL lying to Dumbielle as she sits in the jury! She probably still has her mouth wide open in shock !!

    • BS, he didn’t. A great game player lies and wins comps all together…Dan is simply a great liar, nothing more, nothing less

      • Dan is the best player in BB history. Ian would never of won if Dan hadn’t saved him and evicted Shane. Dan was responsible for almost every person in the jury being evicted.

      • Who cares if the whole jury house was evicted by Dan. In fact, that goes to back my claim that Dan is nothing more than a liar. He can’t win a comp to save his life, which is why he lies so much. Ian on the other hand wins when it matters…that is great game play if you ask me

      • That shows GREAT game play when you’re responsible for getting everyone out. Did you forget that’s the game to get rid of everyone and be the last person standing? You do know that don’t you? Do you understand BB? Frank won all kinds of comps, Shane won a lot of comps and look where they ended up…oh yea the jury house.

      • No it show how depraved a human being Dan is. Yes a player can lie, but to be great you should trying winning comps to show you are tough and a force to be reckoned with. Strictly lying and backstabbing is a cowardly way of playing, so it’s safe to say Dan is a coward also

      • And that’s my point exactly…Dan deserved to win but because of a bitter jury and a bunch of idiots that don’t even know BB and half of them had not even seen the show Dan lost.

      • you shouldnt be watching BB if you like dont lying, backstabbing and straight out physco moves that is great for viewers. Fact is without dan is season after willie left would have been dead!

      • More BS coming from your keyboard. Of course people lie, but there has to be a line and a limit to lying. Using your wife’s name, your grand father cross and having no qualms about it is what i’m against.

      • Physco moves ?! This wasn’t a scary movie. There was others in that house ppl wanted to
        watch besides Dan.

      • Dan is a great manipulator. A great game player does not have to win but 1 HOH and still somehow find a way to make it to the final two when people had you on their radar since the first week. A great game player is someone who can be put on the block by someone who pretty much hates his gut and yet get that same person to talk someone into using the veto on them. Winning comps is good but winning over minds is even better. Great game players = Dan and Dr. Will.

      • Your explanation of who a great player is, is utter nonsense and BS. Dan isn’t a great player, he just lies and manipulates…a liar and manipulator is at the mercy of others, hoping they buy their lies, a great player however, doesn’t give a crap if you buy their lies, they’ll win comps when it matters to say their lives. Dan = Great Liar and sociopath nothing more, nothing less

      • I could say your explanation of who a great player is is also nonsense but it is your opinion and it is rightly yours to keep. I see that Dan’s game angered you even though you were not playing the game nor do you personally know him to know if he is a sociopath. From your explanation of a great game player (someone who wins comps and lies) you’re telling me that Shane was a great player (which is comedy)because he did those things. If you don’t mind me asking, how many total competitions does someone have to win to be in the running to be a great player in your eyes and what is their lie limit?

      • Yeah, you could have said that, but you don’t have the nerve to, because you know my explanation is correct. That being said however, every other thing in your comment above is more utter nonsense and BS

    • That’s because he throw a lot of them. He even admitted to that, his tongue must have burned on that one.

      • A sociopath that managed to get them all out. They knew who was the better player but as we have seen it many times before on Big Brother, the player who hurts the least feelings wins. No disrespect to Ian, I think he deserved $50,000 more than Dani or Shane but congrats to him getting the $500,000.

      • Big deal, yeah the sociopath managed to get them all out, but they had the last word at the end of the day…guess payback’s a b*tch ain’t it?

      • $50,000 is pathetic consolation for Dan, the alleged greatest player ever…lol. Ian slayed his depraved behind

  19. I loved Shane calling Dan Satan (LOL)

    I also loved the look on Dani’s face when she found out that Dan gave Ian his grandfather’s cross necklace.

    Best Finale ever!!!

  20. Danielle just loves to open her big pie hole… No mirror at the show, she has to do something to command attention.

  21. Seriously…Ian and Dani have no right to be pissed at Dan. They knew he was backstabbing others the whole game, so why are they shocked that he did the same to them? It’s a GAME!

  22. The game isn’t about winning HOH’s and comps. Dan deserves to win because he found other ways to win besides the obvious ways. Ian’s speech was cocky and didn’t like his attitude.

    • The game is about making it to final 2 to make you plea…some do it through winning comps and some lie. Don’t hate coz your lying sociopath hero Dan lost…GO Ian!!!

  23. I think Ian is about to win. Dan played a good game but it is what it is. He had blood upto his elbows and is going to pay for that.

  24. Will someone please tell Danielle that she no longer has to be aligned with Dan.. Umm hey Danielle…you lost the game is over!!!

      • I agree. How can she be so shocked every time. Its like the turtle who was shocked when the snake bit him and when the turtle asked why he said because that is what i do.

      • hey rayrita 54 am online using my cell phone am at the big brother after party i am actually talking to danielle she is actually a sweetheart yes am in LA
        her goal was to play the sympathy game and it work to get her that far she told me her annoying and all her lies was for game she does not have cancer if she did she would not have been in the game and yes she is dating shane and he is a awesome dude i also meet jeff and jordan , brandon and rachel are not there on there honeymoon the only 1 i dont like is janelle she is actually a bitch but back to danielle it was all for game cbs did a great job editing her as a bitch which in real life she is not she actually brought me a drink i never ask for we are drinking i told her i will be trying out for bb next season

      • Lies… Lies… So sad, but you are just like your hero and perhaps you should look her up. She’s going to need a shoulder to cry on….

      • Thanks Matthew for a positive story about Daniell,if what you,re saying is true, maybe she and shane should both look into a acting career  Danelle,and Shane, both played dumb, well hope, they got something out of it,oh yea, they found each others dumb ass.

      • rayrita54 am at LAX about to be heading back home from LA back to ST louis that big brother after party was awesome i got to meet past houseguests and this seasons house guest willie was not there cant have anything to do with big brother from being expelled so meet the other 15. 13 nice people and 1 total bitch which was janelle dont like her and frank was a jerk . the one i hung out with the most was shane and danielle what 2 nice amazing people . i got pictures of us together

      • Oh boy we all can’t wait 2 see u on BB15. I know I’m sitting on the edge of my seat. LMAO.. Did Danielle also tell u she never would have made it as far except for floating on Dan’s puppet strings. I’d say she must have bought u more then ONE drink !!

      • Bbef i totally disagree danielle had shane so yes she would have mad it that far only if they both used there brain when dan was on the block frank should have left the noms the same dan would have been gone . then ian, britney danielle and shane vs frank ,jenn, joe because at the time of dans big brother funeral there was 7 players left so it could of been 4 vs 3 in realty it would have been ian, britney, shane and danielle vs frank because joe and jenn were nothings frank would have had to win out to stay safe and just say eveything payed out the same ian wins the hoh after dans gone not britney he puts up frank and jenn and say shane wins pov does not use it bye frank and then britney wins hoh puts up jenn and joe ian wins that same pov keeps them the same bye joe ,danielle wins the next hoh puts up britney and ian danielle wins the pov keeps them the same shane votes out ian i truley beleave danielle wins part 1 of the hoh and shane wins part 2 danielle wins part 3 and votes out britney its shane and danielle final 2 who wins

      • I don’t think Dan through it. Dan would have beat Dumb Dani that is why he wanted to take her over Ian. Dan would have said he carried Dani, did all the dirty work, while she smiled to everyone while he got his hands dirty. Ian won fair and square even by throwing the first HOH to Dan. Dan was just coveirng his bases by giving Ian chain. Only Dumb Shane would have voted for Dani because she knew Dan’s every move but acted like she didn’t .

      • I don’t think it was such a “great season” Most of the posters on here were saying it was boing just a few weeks ago.. You have to judge the show on the entire season. The producers manipulated it a lot. this year. I for one am tired of the “slop” what America will vote to go with it, and the unitard every year. The show is getting old, and I’m not watching next season.

    • Maybe because he wouldn’t make it to F2.

      He couldn’t even get his showmance to bring him to F3.

  25. Ashley has gained a serious amount of weight. I am surprised.

    it doesn’t look bad on her, I think she looks great tonight and green is her color, but compared to day 1 she looks very different.

  26. CBS is beneath contempt. I knew they would bring the creep Boogie back tonight. Look for him on BB15. Puke.

  27. Okay, I didn’t believe anything about production playing a big part in BB, but now I know different. Why were the questions scripted or written down already? Please…..

    • They addressed that. Apparently…and…who really knows…the Jury had to come up with the questions ahead of time.

      • It’s hard to remember 6 different questions in front of a live audience when you are put on the spot. Why does Dr. Phi or Ellen have cards they read from?

    • Well because the players had to agree beforehand, and typing something out so it’s not written on crappy paper (like Shane’s original paper) isn’t interfering.

      Though they totally interfere, this just seems like a weird reason to start believing that.

  28. Wil just said it best. Something about don’t be mad about the person lying to you, be upset with yourself for falling for it.

    • That’s exactly right…Frank is playing the victim…but he fell for the lies EVERY time. Every time. He has to take some responsibility and so do Danielle and Shane.

      • frank simply has morals and America rewarded him 25k so good for him! Obviously he did something right!

      • Yet right, did you hear this the “silent six” Frank and Boogie were willing to sacrifice Ian and Jenn. Glad Ian made the move when he did.

      • I totally disagree, Frank did not deserve to win the America Choice, $25,000, it should have been awarded to Ian. BB says, the F2 can not have it, which is really very wrong of them to say, as it is the fans voting, not BB. That $25,000 Ian won by the votes, not Frank!
        BB really screwed up with that rule! Did they make it when they knew Ian and Dan were the F2, probably just to shut up stinky Frank, as Allison has a big thing for him.

    • Wil said to the jury what I could not. It’s a shame there aren’t more players who think like he does.

    • Yeah I totally agree, but thank goodness he didn’t take Danielle. Britney said she wanted to see either Ian or Dani win it so…I have a feeling that he still would have lost. I’d probably shoot my television if that happened.

      • I thought Britney wanted Dan or Ian to win. That’s why she predicted Dani would be the final jury member.

      • I’m pretty sure that she said something about wanting Dani or Ian to win right around the time she was backstabbed by Dan but you’re right, she did say she hoped Danielle would be the one to join the jury so I guess she changed her mind…or I was hallucinating when I wrote that. Definitely wouldn’t be the first time.

    • Well said. It’s annoying to watch the hypocrisy of someone like Frank being upset for being lied to…the only reason you’re upset is because you got beat… Ridiculous to thing that some lies are “worse” than others, they are all lies, that’s the game.

      • and america is known as the country that has morals…..very funny. just because they said america ‘voted’ doesnt mean that.

      • You are just sad that there are people out there that reward honest playing… Of course there are plenty of people that feel differently, but I for one am happy some people still have sense and reward those who don’t cross certain lines for greed!

      • We already know that the producers fixed competitions so Frank would will and tried to discourage players from nominating Frank because they wanted Frank to will the 500,000. Its obvious that the 25,000 america vote was altered by the producers so they could give Frank some money even if it wasn’t the 500,000.

      • Actually we don’t know that. Ian or Dan might have received more votes than Frank but since there is a rule that the F2 can not win…Frank might have been in 3rd place and won by default. I know my vote for Ian did not count.

    • But at least Dan waited until Ian finished talking. Ian kept interrupting Dan everytime Dan was speaking. Very cocky.

  29. I got respect for Ian, walked in as a naive kid with anxiety.. he took destiny into his own hands. Congratz Ian

      • LEL what Ian was constantly ranked amongst the most popular players since around week 5 and I am hard pressed to find a person who doesn’t like him. My girlfriend and I both picked him as our favorites and the person to beat week one and if you’re just not a fan of the nerds then you must be a bully. Just because he’s smart doesn’t mean you have to succumb to fear.

      • Not a bully. . just think Ian couldn’t find his way out of a wet paper sack without a path lit by his favorite periodic table element. He is just painful to watch.

      • > implies he needs his periodic table to help him find his way out of a wet paper sack
        > claims its not bullying

        Okay then. Whatever you say there bud. You’re just mad. Haters gonna hate.

      • I cant stand Ian and I just told my wife last night that I probably wont be watching BB next year simply because Ian won..I know thats petty but thats how much I cant stand him..Congrats to Frank though he should have won it all he played the hardest and if he wouldnt have continuously got backstabbed he would have won

      • As they say ” MAY THE BEST MAN WIN” and he did. He even took down the MAN ( Dan). Great Job Ian !!!!!!!!!!! Frank done his share of lying and backstabbing to the other H.G.If it’s true that Frank played the hardest, than why wasn’t he the one to win it all ? Ian outplayed and outsmarted them all. THAT is why Ian won.

      • Oh come on. Would you rather it be someone like Jenn? I didn’t even remember her name for the first month. Ian played the game and it got him to the end. He’s actually one of the few who deserves the half mill.

      • doubt that but am pretty sure CBS could care less if they lose you as a viewer… Ian has a huge fan base, and Frank will also be back… maybe you can go and cry on dumbelle’s shoulder….

      • so dramatic. I’m sure a player from this season who you didn’t like is going to cost CBS about a million viewers next season. D R A M A !

    • Yea , and don’t forget that “he” created the 5 pack alliance. I refuse to use the name they used.

      • Except he really didn’t; everyone else in that alliance was already an alliance, and he got tacked onto it because he was Britney’s lapdog and told them all about Frank and Boogie. Dan was right on that note: most of Ian’s moves were as much Dan and Britney’s moves as they were his own.

    • This wouldn’t be the first season or the only show where that is done. Russel of survivor was robbed twice. Ian was just as deserving as Dan, that is why he was in the final 2. Dan should have became HOH and took Dani but he messed up in the end. Oh well, so happy for Ian he looked like he was going to faint.

    • No, they just saw through Dan’s game. He could have play differently, but was hiding behind others and got a rude awakening when he and Danielle got put up together. (same as Mike was with Frank) He had thrown the first part of the game and for some reason he thought people would respect him for playing a game of catch up more ruthless than Russell on Survivor.

      Ian won because he won more HOH, POV got out the people he said he would without playing Dan’s.

      Dan’s final mistakes were saving Ian. Dan listen to Ian when discussing the jury votes. Did Dan really think that he could convince Ian to throw a comp for the final win? Dan misted himself.

    • I agree completely. Lots of sour puss people on here who didn’t realize that it bothered a lot more people than they originally thought including the jurors.

  30. Plus Dan wasn’t going to win the final comp anyway…..Ian got every question right……don’t know how Dan would have done.

  31. Dan was robbed. He told Ian who to evict every time he had HOH. They only gave it to Ian because they didn’t want to give Dan another $500K. Sad

  32. Frank won America’s favorite houseguest. I think that was production’s doing. I don’t believe it. Did you notice the audience went silent?

      • Agreed… Funny how people blame production every time something doesn’t go their way…! Sore losers….

    • Nah it makes sense…alot of other people voted for Ian but he wasn’t eligible. The other votes were split between Shane, Britney and Dan.

    • If production staged a vote to give a person $25,000, they would probably be investigated (unless there’s some fine print saying that the vote is fake). No, he earned it. Like it or not.

      • Some said that F2 players don’t qualify for the $25k. Survivor I think might be different. Most online polls did place the order Ian, Dan, Frank. so if it’s in the rules, so be it. however, I think it you voted for them and had to pay to vote I think you should get your money back.

    • Jillith just had to say nothing made me happier than to see Ian win and Frank winning AC. Tuned in for the final and was happy to see that what I was saying all along bothered others on the jury just as much as it bothered me. Shane really surprised me with his vote and was so happy to see it. Dumbielle stuck with her Dan to the end. Now I see all the haters are saying it was fixed for Frank.

      • Some haters just never learn huh? I didn’t think the jury would ALL vote for Ian & I say all because Dumbielle was just an added extra that didn’t know what was going on. Obviously they were hoping for a unanimous vote. I wish you still had feeds, they are interviewing Frank right now.

  33. That’s probably what you get for backstabbing Danielle, Dan…that was probably the last straw for most of the people there.

    • Keeping Dani in the game would have mitigated at least some of the backstabbing he did; he could have argued he did it to keep his team member safe until the end, unlike the alternative (he did and was willing to do literally everything possible to get to the end).

  34. As much as I am glad that Ian won……. Dan should of have won this season Hands down.

    Typical, the jury this season was all about favorites rather than to who played the best.

  35. They all were holding a grudge. But they only had their selfs to blame. For being so dumb and gullible. Team dan u deserved it. .

    • Wait..Ya Frank, I agree. Ian just won $500K so why should he suck it? I don’t think the winner can win both. But YAY Frank won that! :-)

      • If you saw the feeds Ian would slag Frank every chance he got calling my douche bag he was more concerned about his public image then anything else goes to show you Frank is more liked.

  36. what happened the hundred thousand dollar prize that the coaches were to get? CBS is fricken too cheap to have folded that into the main prize

  37. Dan had too much going against him. He has won before (which I think played more with the jury than his antics), and he played one of the dirtiest games in recent memory. It is too bad, but Ian is a worthy winner as well. Congrats to him!

  38. Told you. Ian would win because everyone would want to vote against Dan. Shocked Frank won favorite player. Dan is the best player in the history of the game. Now to cancel the superpass before Real charges me again.

  39. What a bitter jury…Janelle said it best if Dan doesn’t win it will be a travesty. But I didn’t expect anything less they voted how they played the game. And look where there game play got them, in the jury. And Frank winning America’s favorite what a joke. Congrats to Ian though. But he would of been gone if Dan hadn’t saved him and evicted Shane. I don’t think he deserved the win.

  40. Quit jacking on the jury. There decision. Respect it. You did not play. Emotion always plays and your idea of gameplay relates to your fav.

    • Everybody’s been sayi.g all season how bad Frank’s social game was for getting nominated so much, but part of the social game is winning jury votes. Dan can go to confession and God willforgive him… I guess he was expecting the jury to do the same. that’s what he gets.

  41. After all the sh!t we said about Danielle she’s the only one who voted based on game play n didn’t take it personal

    • Yeah, see you next year, hopefully they come up with better cast members…Lord know’s I can stand to see another Danielle lol

    • Agreed, he play a great game and still somewhat maintaining his integrity, It’s a shame some people can see hos great game play, they seem so blinded by Dan the sociopath’s lies

    • Ian played a spectacular game….. and Im glad that he won. But the fact of the matter is that Dan outplayed him. The jury was just holding too much of a grudge and were also playing favorite.

      Regardless, both dan and ian played the game since day 1 and they both deserve to be in the F2. I liked them both, and they both played one hell of a game. But the facts still remain.

      • They “both” played the game since day 1? No they didn’t. Dan was a coach, with three lives, like Ian said. There was no risk he would get evicted week to week until the reset, something Ian had to deal with every single week.

        Dan played a great game, but to say he played it from day 1 is beyond belief. He coached from day 1 maybe, and even then not very well because two of his players were gone in the blink of an eye.

  42. I wanna know who the hell voted for Frank for America’s favourite player. wtf? I hate Frank. Should’ve been IAN. Oh and I kinda feel sorry for Dan. He looked so disappointed. But YAY IAN!!!!!

  43. The $25,000 to Frank was a fix by CBS and the producers. America never voted for Frank to win that money.

  44. whatever dan is one of the greats…. he managed to win once and make it to the final two… no one else has done that, not even dr. will

    • Dr Will play in big brother all star, are you really comparing this bunch of newbies to the people that were on his season? Dr Will would have run with all these idiots

      • i’m not saying he’s better than will, because obviously he lacks the coolness and charm and just clever gameplay, but he still socially misted the entire house, including boogie and janelle, who were allstars themselves.

      • He onlymisted Janelle, a 3 time loser. Boogie, who won all. stars, wasn’t buying it. And everybody else was just dumb …including Britney, who I’m guessing only won af because she was in the same season as Rachel and said what the rest of America wanted to say about Rachel. I would love to see the QP’s reaction to frank winning af.


  46. Congratulations, Ian. We thought Dan played a better game but we want to send you our best wishes. Everyone in our dorm is cheering for you. Good luck always.

  47. Congrats Ian! Kind of wanted a second time winner, but the way Dan threw that, I can see the case for Ian. Dan didn’t even bring his player to the end.

  48. i think the worst part of frank winning is hes actually going to believe america liked him. cbs what is it going to take to convince you that NO ONE likes frank

    • Ian didn’t take control of his destiny which was stated in three of his answers to those questions, he didn’t create the quack pack and if it wasn’t for dans interest in the kid he wouldn’t have been made it that far. Lets not forget Dan could have taken Ian out, because if Ian was really in control of his destiny he would have won the veto and taken out Shane.

  49. I am happy that Ian won, but I was definitely hoping to see Dan win. Dan is still my favorite player of all-time. I especially loved Wil and Janelle’s comments!

  50. Ian did play a great came but I wish Ian didn’t kick Dan’s but that bad! 6-1? Come on, I wanted it to be a 4-3 vote.

    • Well maybe the final 2 can’t win America’s Favorite so whoever is up next wins it. Seriously though, this finale would’ve been an A+ but that last minute of Frank getting that… dammit!

      • Wait, you were just saying that Dan should’ve won over Ian, now you’re saying the finale would’ve been excellent had FRANK not won America’s Favorite?

        OK, now I KNOW you’re a troll.

  51. Where are the backyard interviews on at. The live feeds? When do they start? Please help wife really wants to know.

  52. Think Dan has realized yet what a stupid decision he made to throw the final round to Ian so he could get rid of Danielle?…Why did he think she could ever beat him in the final 2 and decide she needed to go – but not by his hands? HE LOST THIS GAME HIMSELF! He would have won 7-0 against Danielle. I LOVE THAT IT BIT HIM THE THE AZZ AND IAN WON!!!!

    • Dan is still the Best . ian is a decent player who will not be remember as one of the top dogs anyway. Yes i’m being bitter .

      • Sorry to disappoint you, butt I’ll remember Ian as a top dog. Dan in my memory will be nothing more than big brother’s biggest lying sleaze ball and sociopath

      • Ian will be remembered for swinging and rocking. Dan will always be remembered for being the best player in BB history.

      • You are entitled to your opinion… I’ll remember Dan as the biggest lying sleaze ball and sociopath in BB history. Don’t waste your time trying to tell me otherwise lol

      • now you watched BB, that is EXACTLY what ian will be remembered for. That kid who couldnt stop swinging all day every day it seems…

  53. Boo Ian! Team Dan all the way! Yay frank! Say what you want about him but anyone who keeps America wondering will he or won’t he go every week deserves something!

  54. Where was willie??? I was looking forward to seeing him tonight and seeing what he had to say : ( oh well. What a bitter jury eh?

  55. This was by far the worst season in BB history…there are wayyy too many salty jury member. From Survivor to BB the best player ALWAYS gets robbed because everyone holds personal grudges over their own bad game-play. I think from now on America should vote the winner of the show, not the people who the potential winner ended the game of… such a robbery, that was awful.

  56. Most bitter jury ever on reality television next to the season of Survivor when Russell Hantz was runner up

  57. Dan would’ve totally won, had he not made that decision to blindside Shane….he totally should’ve won! Did he throw that last hoh? Ian deserved it over Danielle, and did play a “cleaner” game…however Dan deserved the win!

  58. Well Danielle,let Dan play her as a fool,all the way,and she still gave Dan her vote, now if thats not love, I guess it goes back, to what l called it; FOOL

  59. Danielle may have voted for Dan, but she lost him the game with her question. Even Jenn voted for Ian. I also don’t think the jury liked Dan interrupting Ian’s question. They also didn’t buy his BS speech in the end.

      • I don’t think it was that question. Most of the jurors were just bitter and hated that they got duped.

      • Come on even Britney was commending his game play, but after hearing the how low Dan went by giving Ian his grand father’s gold cross, any right thinking human being would flip their vote…The question showed how depraved Dan is, which cost him the prize

      • Remember, you are talking about a person who was willing to swear on the bible. They should not have voted for Dan because they felt he was truthful, but should have voted for him because he played a good game, including giving Ian the necklace and cross.

      • No, that isn’t good game play, it’s cowardice and depravity. You have to draw they line somewhere. If this was the NBA finals, everyone would be mad if a player hit their opponent in the groin in order to score a winning point..Hell, that’s called be a foul

      • Big Brother doesn’t have rules. Big Brother won’t give you a penalty because you lied or backstabbed.

      • Oh well, it makes no difference because the no rules policy of Big Brother allowed the jury members to rightfully deprive Dan of the prize. This no rules talk is just BS…at some point rules or no rules, we all must draw a line, out of respect for our fellow human beings.

      • No. Britney was voting for Ian either way. She commended Dan on his gameplay but no way she would vote against Ian. Im sorry, but that vote was all personal. She and Ian had this bond and she views him as like her cute little brother (honestly). Britney’s vote had absolutely nothing to do with the cross thing. It’s because she liked Ian and Ian didn’t screw her over. Jenn? She changed her vote. But Britney was voting for Ian no matter what.

      • Either way Dan was a stupid game player for nothing using one out of those sleepless nights he claimed he had to think about the consequence of his backstabbing and lies. A great game player will stop for a second and think, before they burn a bridge.

    • I think because at this point, everyone in the jury was aware of Dan’s misting, so they could tell when he was doing it. Just like when the house realized Boogie manipulated them into getting out Jani, they knew not to believe a word that came out of his mouth. Once your game is figured out, you end up looking like a fool. It sucks beyond belief because Dan deserved the win. Janelle said it right, this was indeed a travesty. I honestly do not believe that Danielle came up with that question on her own. I believe production gave it to her; that’s just my opinion. If she was to ask a question, I think she would’ve asked Dan something like ‘ Were you playing me the whole time ‘ not something as complex as that. Idk.

      • I knew that Ian was going to win ever since Production had their golden boy Jeff come and support him. That should’ve been a give in. Production gave her that question.

      • In my opinion, the question was stupid, because Dan was not going to take Danielle to the finals. Of course Ian didn’t know that. Plus, Dan lied the whole time and even lied on the bible, so why not lie on a chain and a cross.

  60. Dan should have won, once all of the jury members get back home they can watch and be shocked by dans amazing game. its just like season 3 with danielle reyes shuld have won. dissapointed, their all bitter. to me he won the game will said it best u fell for the lies and janelle is right its a travesity she knows great gameplay. ian was playing for second against dan so dumb, dan is my favorite player of all time

    • Problem is Dan probably deliberately lost the last
      part of the HOH. If he won, he could have taken
      Danielle into Final 2 and won it easily! Dan just
      outsmarted himself out of that $500,000!

  61. I would like to thank the moderators of this site. I had a blast and and I really enjoyed chatting with everyone here. I don’t normally post messages many places, but I decided to take a chance on this site and it was well worth it.

    • If Dan threw the competition and I have been saying
      that was a dumb move. Now, we see how dumb a
      move to put yourself against Ian when he could have
      taken Danielle and easily won it! Why put yourself
      in the hands of others when you can take control of
      your own fate?

  62. I wanted Dan to win, but honestly, I think one of the main reasons Dan lost was because his final plea was pretty weak.

  63. It is fitting the only vote for Dan comes from the “brain washed” Danielle. I wish I could be a fly on the wall while Danielle watches the season back at home.

  64. shane didn’t look to happy with Dumbell when she was the only one to vote for Dan. showed he walked away after he aid something to her. Shane you better get that order to keep her away and Dan better get one too lol.

  65. Maybe next year all houseguests could vote… I mean yeah they get to see everything but is that really a bad thing. They were the only hgs that made sense!!

  66. Very bitter jury for sure! Even though I wanted Dan to win, I can’t understand why Danielle voted for him. Her game was over, no need to be loyal anymore. I really thought Britney would’ve voted for Dan but it’s clear she has a soft spot for Ian. Regardless, it was clear to me Dan did not have the votes so if it couldn’t be him, I’m glad it was Ian and not Danielle.

  67. Frank SHOULD NOT have won America’s favourite player!!! Who the hell likes Frank? I am utterly confused!! He’s a bitter cocky jerk! ughh. Frank, if you’re reading this, you’re not really America’s favourite. Your fans probably spent a $100 each to vote for you.

  68. DAN should have won that everyone goes by lies and stabing each other in the back that is not right at all Lan forgot that dan took all the heat for him over the summer dan should of got him out over shane in my book dan still number 1

  69. After the jury heard about him swearing on the bible and then giving Ian the necklace – they were all disgusted. Dan went to far and it backfired! KARMA IS A BIATCH!

    • While I think they had already decided, I think they were overjoyed that Ian actually got the necklace and that he would not give it back, maybe something the others should have done. Maybe Danielle decided to finally back stab Dan.

  70. To be the man, you GOTTA beat the man…and Ian did just that by beating Dan with a vote of 6-1.

    Dan, stabbed too many people in the back with his arsenal of backstabbing devices that dyed his hands red. He played it too aggressively, played with people emotions too much.

    He crossed a line with swearing all that is holy to him and on his family. He could of just lied and dial it up a hundred notches and then he would of won. Yes, he played the game like a pro and many will rank him either ties with DR. Will or better than him.

    Ian played the game with heart, with respect. Yes, he lied and got his hand dirty with getting Boogie out. Yet, he did it the with class, Big Brother style. I think that why the majority of the Jury voted for him.

    Ian, I tip my hat to ya!

  71. i am sooooo excited….. I have been an Ian fan since the beginning. he played a great game and he is big brother winner yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!! oh an Danielle was the most gullible person I have ever seen. No wonder she was sent packing. yaaaaay IAN im screaming your name from the rooftops IAN IAN IAN

    • I am right there with you. IAN all the way. I picked him from day one.
      My mom was mad that Dan lost and I was like HAHAHA. My dad came in and was like “What are you two yelling about?” I said “IAN WON”. My dad then said “That dorky looking kid…. well good for him.” I am just so happy for Ian, what a beautiful night!!!!

  72. Ian fans; the thing is that Ian didn’t win because he played a better game than Dan. That was more of a vote against Dan than it was a vote for Ian. JS. Either way, he has the money but we all know who should’ve won this season, whether you like him or not.

    • I disagree. I don’t think it was a vote against Dan, not for Brittany and Jenn anyway. They just all liked Ian better. Can’t blame them. In their minds Ian played just as hard as Dan. I wanted Dan to win! But congrats to Ian, he is just as deserving!

      • True, but like I said I don’t think ALL their votes were a vote *against* Dan. Obviously Jenn’s vote was not a vote against Dan. Maybe they didn’t all like Ian better, but they must have thought he played just as hard.

      • Ian didn’t play as hard and they knew Ian didn’t play as hard but in the end, he didn’t screw them over, Dan did, which is why they were butt hurt and voted for Ian.They have all stated they despised Ian and his gameplay, etc etc. They just despised his gameplay less than they did Dan’s.

      • Hmmm, You could be right. It was really surprising to me though to see Brittany and Jenn’s vote. Completely shocked me. So I guess that you make a good point, he screwed them less.

      • Obviously, you were not really watching if you don’t think Ian played as hard.

        Dan lost the social game
        Dan lost the competition game
        What part do you think he won, the evil Dick game?

      • Me too, especially after that i hate snitches comment. She is a true New Yorker. When she voted for him, that’s when I knew Ian won.

      • What is usually forgotten is that BB broadcasts always try to keep the direction of the jury hidden.

        The jury comments are at times taken out of context, and important revealing comments probably never see the light of day.

        It is obvious, the jury consider all the possible combinations for final 2 and were unanimous in this scenario.

        Ultimately I think that when they learned how Shane went out, the jury decided to get back in the game the only way they could, and turn the table on Dan.

        Dan drank the Ian kool-aide and believed what Ian said about how the votes would go.

        We know Ian did not throw the last, but Dan could have. what a stupid move if he did.

    • You miss some facts, Dan’s game was not that great by self admission. Peering through the mist, He should have just admitted knowing he was losing and would have to play ruthless to just stay in.

  73. Shane never went to jury! He said he was sequestered for 6 days! Crazy, he didn’t even have a chance to taint them and they still voted smart.

  74. love that shane basically said no danielle in his future, he doesnt deserve to hook up with a fatty, good for you shane

  75. Julie: What was the most surpising thing about this season ?
    Janelle: Apart form Dani’s lies, …….Dan’s great gameplay.
    I died laughing at the Dani dig.

  76. The right player won, congrats to Ian on winning Brother 14. But with that said, I was surprised to see a 6-1 vote with only Danielle casting the only vote for Dan. I really thought it was going to be 4-3 with hopefully Ian winning especially after the jury sat down together and talked about the final 3. What a night, what good season and that’s all she wrote. I can’t wait until next season.

  77. Do not know if Dan purposely lost the last HOH but, if he
    did, that was one big gamble! The biggest reason not to
    get into a Final 2 with Ian is that it could go either way!
    Dan’s best chance was against Danielle! And it did not
    help Dan’s case for Ian to win the Final HOH!

    • Dan could have been in the final two with Willie (after his eviction) and probably still would have lost. The jury was very bitter.

      • Since Willie was removed that was never possible and so not what I would call intelligent debate.

        If Dan threw it, It was a game losing mistake.
        (regardless what Dan might say we will never really know. I don’t think he knows. he will try and make himself look good.) I think Dan could have buried Danielle in a finally speech as stupid. But he listened to Ian’s take of the jury.

        Ian’s social game was better than Dan’s, from the final comp we see he knew them well, did not miss a single question.

        Ian beat Dan in competitions.

        No they were not voting just against Dan. they had every reason to vote for Ian.

        On this website Ian got 50% for America’s choice out of 15 players.

      • Personally, I think Dan threw it and he just
        outsmarted himself out of $500,000. Danielle
        would not have won against Dan in my opinion.
        Winning the last HOH which is the biggest HOH
        probably sealed it for Ian too! Sure, a couple
        were bitter and probably Frank and Shane did
        vote against Dan because of it but, don’t tell
        me the others like Brittney, Jenn, Joe, Ashley
        did not consider Dan’s game play. Dan just
        mucked it up when it counted the most!

      • The chain and the cross was part of their deal and I’m glad that Ian gave it back. One positive thing I will say about Ian’s win is that he stayed true to Dan and took him to finals, like he said that he would. So, I guess Ian won by keeping his word to Dan.

      • But Dan would not of kept his word and taken Ian thats the difference in a actual decent human being Ian gave Dan 50k

      • Who down voted a FACT? It was shown on the show.

        Dear Stalker,
        I will be here under the same name next season. I hope you can find a way to enjoy the next 9 months free of trouble. Until then, I wish you the best and don’t be surprised when Zingbot appears to give you a restraining order. Peace out!

  78. I was really hoping for Ian or Danielle to win HOH and blindside Dan and boot his butt out of the final 2…neither are as smart as I am, though… =)

  79. Ian did WAYYYYYYY more than Jordan but this vote does in fact resemble BB11. Jordan won because everyone hated Gnatalie, just like Ian won because everyone hated Dan lol.

    • thats just how the game goes sometimes. Dealing with human and their emotions most of the time dictate how they do stuff

      • I know. I was preaching the exact same thing to some people beforehand, but once I saw how bitter the jury was, that went out the door lol. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely understand that emotions dictate actions but mannn, it just sucks to see someone who deserved it not get it. Oh well, I’m not getting any of the money. lol

      • You are all a bunch of idiots! Ian played under the radar. In the beginning, no one even considered him a threat, just an annoyance- until Boogie gave him that key! Even Boogie admitted how much he respected Ian’s game play.Let me break it down, since, apparently no else gets it. Ian ran the game- under the guise of a double agent, which, in all honesty, was probably his dream his whole life! So guess what? He gets the two biggest threats out of the house while-listening,Dan?, maintaining their respect! You can use the phrase “bitter jury” until you drown in it. True game, true sportsmanship, true class has shown up in a REAL man that does DOES NOT hide behind a book he does not abide by-Congratulations Ian- you outplayed them all! You deserve it!

      • Problem is he didn’t do much from the viewers perspective. Dan did all the work he had a hand in every eviction

  80. Will the Canadian BB be broadcast in the US or be available to those who want to pay for live feeds? It should be an interesting show.

    • I’m on the fence about the show. Are you Canadian too? I doubt it would be as good as the U.S version. I also heard the winner only gets $100,000. That’s not enough to quit one’s job.

  81. I gave Frank 10 votes for America’s Favourite, so I’m glad that went the way it did. Unbiasedly speaking, not just because Dan was my favourite, but he should’ve won the game. He did the most and the best game playing, made the biggest moves, and (something he neglected to mention in his final pleas) was a target the second he stepped in the door, even while still a coach. Jodi gone quickly, Kara was targeted, and people had their eyes on eliminating the most dangerous coach. His reputation proceeded him, as well it should’ve, and he was a target the entire game because of it. He had to do some shady things just to survive, and he would’ve been gone that week if he didn’t stage his funeral. What big moves like that did Ian make? Not to take anything away from him, he won competitions and otherwise played a good game, and I have nothing against the kid, as well as it’s nice to see a life-long fan come in and win this game. I’m frustrated mostly with Jenn, as mentioned in this article her vote made very little sense after her comments, and it’s pretty much a joke that the vote was 6-1 in favour of Ian. I can’t believe I agree with Janelle for once, but she was right, Dan should’ve been crowned the winner, and even though it wasn’t mentioned, I have no doubt that having already won was a factor in juror’s minds. At the very least, the win didn’t go to an undeserving player, which I’m glad about, so congratulations to Ian, and congratulations to Dan for being arguably the best to ever play. Two seasons and he’s still never been evicted.

    Until next season I guess. Take care everyone.

    • Wow. You are reading my mind. He left out so many things that he could’ve said in his jury speech. I was so disappointed. But at the same time, we could see that the jury had already made up their minds. I too, shockingly agreed with Janelle on something.

      • It was frustrating to see Dan leave things out of his speech that I would’ve said if I were him, but I understand. I know from personal experience that when you think too long and hard and rehearse 10+ times what you’re going to say when it’s a big moment and an important speech, you always, always forget at least a thing or two. It never fails. I would bet even he feels right now that he forgot things that might’ve helped. But like you said, maybe nothing would’ve, the jury seemed set on their decisions.

      • Thank you for your clever insight. If you actually read my comment, there was nothing bitter or negative said towards Ian, and I’ve been congratulating him in my posts all night.

      • Oh, right. I’m disappointed with that too. Dan was my favourite, but I can say without bias he should’ve won. At least Ian was deserving though, maybe not over Dan, but deserving (in other words, at least Dan didn’t lose to Danielle). I don’t rip Danielle’s game as much as others, but if she won over Dan, this would be even worse.

  82. I’m sorry but I agree with @Bill
    Ian played a decent game but I doubt he’ll be brought back for an All-Stars or even be considered one of the greatest players.
    Leave that title to Dan, Dr Will, ED.
    I think people would have more respect for his win had there not been such a bitter jury, because it was a give-in how the vote would go.

  83. IAN IAN IAN you rock ..and dumbelle well your still dumb and Janelle called her out on her lies too it was great

  84. Just look at this last episode where $500,000 is on the line and Dan convinces Ian and Danielle to fall in part 1 of the HOH. Now tell me he didn’t deserve to win. Who doesn’t fight for everything when they are playing to win??? Dan got screwed by a bitter jury.

    • Agreed. Early on in the game he was down to just him and Danielle on his team, and he bucked up and had the two of them in the final three. The jury justified it with the fact Ian played a pretty good game himself, but for a game like Big Brother, Dan should’ve taken the title.

    • Jenn wasn’t bitter and neither was Britney and they still voted for Ian. Danielle’s question to Ian put the nail in Dan’s coffin. Poetic justice.

      • Jenn was just the housekeeper who couldn’t think for herself. One comment she is pissed at Ian calling him a snitch and told Julie Dan was the best player when she was evicted then she votes for Ian. And as for Britney we all knew where her vote was going. She’s getting a divorce so she can be with Ian.

    • yeah but isn’t that all part of the game as well-to do what you have to do to survive & stay in the house, all the while doing what you can to ensure you get the votes in the end. Dan didn’t do that.

    • Dan probably deliberately lost the last part of the HOH
      with the idea that he will get more jury votes. What he
      did not count on is that he is in the Final 2 with the only
      house guest who could beat him! Dan should have played
      to win the 3rd part and taken Danielle with him to
      Final 2. Then, Dan would have won!

    • Ian owed Dan for keeping him safe when Dan really wanted to evict Shane. That was the only reason Ian threw that comp to Dan was a debt owed. Jury is a very important part of the game to be an all around excellent player. Dan might have planned a great game, but didn’t think far enough ahead to know that these players that you had no problem booting out were going to get their say. You have to figure for that as well. That was Dan’s mistake, and not all jurors are going to forgive. Not all votes were from being angry. Dan had a plan for everything and should have thought about what the jury might do. Maybe if he had been a little less ruthless they would have voted for him.

  85. At last i won. Was with Ian from the way beginning. no honor in dan playing this sort of game…completely dirty. im just mad he got 50 thousands…would have preferred shane getting it. not danielle what an absolute dork……a nurse…wouldnt even let her take my pulse. as for frank…he was my 3rd favorite…im glad he won people choice. to all these people who didnt hear the audience cheer…mmmmm..go see ear doctor now. on all polls i saw he was in the first 4 favorites. IAN YOUR THE MAN

  86. I am so happy that Ian won. Boogie said it best when he said don’t count out Ian who came this far with his social phobias. i think it is awesome that even someone who has ocd can win Big Brother. He deserved it as he won while still playing a clean game. I am very glad Frank won the favorite player as he deserved it with all the HOHs and POVs he won. He fought hard to stay in that game. overall best BB finale ever!!! so happy that I screamed at the top of my lungs and probably scared my neighbors. Love my BB!!

  87. This site is great, but obviously the polls on here don’t exactly reflect the views of America. I’m very glad Frank won. It’s too convenient for the conspiracists to chalk it up to production. Good grief. When something doesn’t go your way, it’s production. When it does, it’s great game play.

    • Dan and Ian were ineligible for America’s favorite because they were in the final two. Frank won by default.

      • They were eligible to win as Jordan won that year for both favorite and BB top winner. Everyone was eligible and anybody could have won it. Check it out on the site and you will see you are wrong

  88. Give it up over the bitter jury. You all can not read their minds. Obviously the jury did not agree with you so they are “bitter”. Maybe they just thought Ian deserved it more than Dan.

    • No mind reading necessary. Shane, Frank and Joe all voiced their distaste for how Dan played. Their votes were personal. Once Ashley saw it was Ian beside Dan hers was obvious too. Her vote wasn’t a bitter one but you can’t tell me it wasn’t an emotional one. Same with Britney. She spent the whole time in jury defending Dan’s game but voted for Ian. The only vote that really surprised me was Jenn’s.

  89. Dani is crazy, dumb, and a liar. Shane doesn’t want her and especially not after he watches the season and see how she had a final 2 with Dan and was going to eventually let Dan cut him.
    She was dumb enough to believe Dan was still her coach and was taking her to the finals just to lay down so she could win. LOL! She is mental!