Big Brother 14 Finale Episode Tonight

Big Brother 14 Finale with Julie Chen

It all comes down to this. Tonight on Big Brother the season 14 winner will be crowned. Either Dan, Danielle, or Ian will win over the jury and be awarded a half-million dollar prize. I’ve already taken a detailed look at who I think will end up in the Final 2 and who has the best shot at the money, so I’ll skip that here, but vote for who you think will win.

Tonight’s show will last a full 90-minutes and start at 9:30PM ET/PT after the premiere of Survivor Philippines. Did you know we’ve got a Survivor fansite too? Join our Survivor Facebook and Twitter groups so you can get those updates and discussions all season. As part of tonight’s Big Brother finale we’ll get to watch the rest of the first part of the final HoH, the second round, and then third round will play out live.

Once the Final 2 HGs have been decided they’ll present their cases to the Jury and vie for the four votes needed to win. As for the Jurors we’ll get to watch their prerecorded deliberations from earlier this week back at the Jury House. Those can usually get pretty heated so I’d expect some sparks to fly. Once we get better insight from that debate it should help shape our expectations for tonight’s vote.

If you can’t wait to find out who won round one and round two of the final HoH competition then check out those Big Brother spoilers to learn more. We’ve also got an unofficial poll to gauge how the HGs could be doing in the America’s Vote poll to award one HG $25K for being the favorite player of the season. One HG is way out ahead in our poll and I think he could easily be the one to take home that special prize.

Even though the season ends tonight there’s always hope for next year if you’re daring enough. Casting for Big Brother 15 is already being planned with open casting calls tentatively scheduled for next spring. You can be sure we’ll have all the details as they become available so don’t forget to join us on Facebook, Twitter, and by email to get that important information when it’s released.

One last preview video for you as well to cap off the season. CBS has released a sneak peek at the second round competition and it’s an impressive set up. You can watch that below without spoiling who won it if you’d rather go that route. See you back here tonight!


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  1. I LIVE I TUSCALOOSA. SHOULD B WANTING DANI 2 WN BUT IAN!!!!! has b wanting and waiting 4 this for 12 years!!! GO IAN!!!!!!U DESERVE THIS-U-PLAYD-A-GREAT-GAME- BE PROUD OF URSELF ; }

  2. Will we see the first 2 time winner in BB history? Will we see the first person to never be outed out win again. Will we see the newb pull off a shocker.. Oh the possibilities.

    • Will we see the first episode this season where Danielle doesn’t say “Dan, how could you do that to me AGAIN??”… fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Fool me 17 times, call me Danielle

      • And that matters why? He played the game well once again and should be rewarded for it.
        He was a target, while Ian really wasn’t, and he survived with just one player basically out of the gate (lost the first two in a week) So yeah, Dan worked his way to one of those red chairs, even with the houseguests knowing who he was, how he played, what he was capable of doing. He deserves the money again.

      • I’ve never really understood the whole “He won already” argument. They let the team that wins the Superbowl play again the next year and if they make it back they don’t just let the other team have the win by default just because they don’t have the rings already. The best PLAYER should win regardless of what happened in prior years

      • That’s irrelevant. The point is valid. Why would Dan or any one else come back to play if they aren’t allowed to win again? For fun? To satisfy production’s need to screw with the new players? Please. Why would you ever put yourself through the stress of that kind of environment AGAIN if not to win the money AGAIN? Think about it.

      • If you’re American, who do you plan on voting for in the presidential election? Better not be Obama.
        Which team will you pull for in the World Series next month? Better not be a team that has won before. They need to give it to someone else.

      • The point he was making was that you can’t refuse to vote for someone because they have won before. That is not rational. The best deserve to win, although I think Ian played a better game because of his loyality.

      • if u peps can’t see the difference between real and fantcy tv, need 2 get life. COMPARING GIVING THE $S$$ 2 DAN TWICE 2 THE PEZ ELECTION AND THE 2 THE SUPERBOWL?????? I’m out of here Going 2 settle n w my man and watch Ian take Home the $$$$$> ROLL TIDE!!!!!

      • It’s an analogy. How on earth do you not see the similarities?? Just because one vote happens on tv and another affects politics doesn’t mean you can’t apply the rationale to both situations. Good grief!

      • How is that fair? Yeah give it to the player who less deserving that makes a lot of sense. The fact that he won already shouldn’t mean anything this is a totally new game.

  3. If anyone other than Ian wins I don’t think I’ll watch BB anymore. I can’t stand Danielle or Dan. That’s just how I feel about it…

    • bean i just got done watching danielle interview before she when in the house she is not that person in the house on that interview video she was really nice in the interview if it was not for dan making her doing things she said inthe interview she is a cross between jordan and britney remember they can make you look like a ass on tv its edited they edited jordan as a sweet nice girl and made danielle a nasty bitch thats not her i am very good at reading people bb after party in La tonight going to be there get too meet the cast

      • jumpingfrog70 you know its a realty show they could anything they want with you for example am a nice guy and say i got on big brother they could make me a asshole and the biggest jerk on that season the producers can do what they want so they deciced to make danielle a nasty bitch did you see her interview video

      • so your saying that 60 some odd days of craziness and paranoia doesn’t show you a better example of a person? Yes all lets all use an interview of a couple minutes and not days and days of a twenty four hour birds eye view of someone. That sounds as rational as Danielle.

      • Matthew, news flash, Danielle is a friggin b**** in real life, she was only playing “nice” to the camera. She definitely showed her true self this season, very evil hearted person. So much for her sweet Southern belle image she tries so hard at. She’s a pathetic phoney drama queen wanting attention constantly to feed her big ego. Don’t you know-, only in her sick mind, she’s every man’s dream girl, providing you put a sack over that zit city face of hers…..nasty-nasty. If she should by chance win anything, maybe she can buy more make-up to cover her many flaws! GO IAN!

      • how has she been so mean? I really don’t see that at all. Maybe now cuz she realizes Ian isn’t gna take her and is probably going to win the competition. If you were playing a game for a half a million dollars and you were about to have no chance to have it at all after an entire summer, I dont think you’d be the nicest person to that person. And especially since it was dans master plan to get them to the final two and she beleieves him. He has brought her this far, why would she do anything else? think about it.

      • It’s not so much that she’s mean, she’s just immature, a whiner, needs all the attention and a pathalogical liar.

      • And your attacking her on her appearance? Nobodys perfect. I’d like to see what you look like? I dont see you putting yourself on the internet like she has, see what people would say about you. Who know nothing about you, just how they’re playing a game. People are so rude. She’s nasty and a horribly mean player because she has zits? Okay. You don’t sound too intelligent.

      • Thank you. I think people who attack Danielle’s appearance are probably just really insecure individuals who can only boost themselves up by putting other people down. Petty, immature tactics that only reflect poorly on them. It’s sad.

    • You are entitled to how you feel, but you will get over it and you will be back next year. And with that said GO IAN!!!!!!!

  4. Dan and Ian both have played a good game. But i would give Dan the win because he brought the game alive with one foot in the grave. How many hg have managed to get BOTH people off the block at the same time and change the course of the game? Ian getting Boogie out…classic moment. But Dan saving himself AND Danielle…unforgettable.

  5. I’ve studied the scenarios, Ian has this one if he can make F2, should he choose to be seated next to Dan, he could still pull it off. he needs to remind the jury of him winning more than Dan this season, in terms of comp and how he stayed true to his alliance with the QP, kept it clean. Dan would normally have this win, easily. but him winning before works against him, with an emotional jury. right now Danielle has no chance. even if Ian gets smart and blindsides Dan, otherwise they should cut the check out to Dan if he takes Danielle to F2, should Ian and Dani make the pair, well its a landslide for Ian. I just don’t see her winning either way. with the variables of an emotional jury and two strong HG’s left, its really about expecting the unexpected, its going to be fun. I’ll be in attendance, I live and model in the LA area and have reserved a spot. watch for me. ^^ tonight its so on!

      • While that’s certainly a point in Ian’s favor I’m not sure it’s point against Dan. Brit and Shane (in which Brit does the work and Shane goes along with it) might not have outed their alliance when other people were in power but they were definitely trying to make side deals with them when/if they could.

      • That is true, but if it was determined on who could benefit from it now it would be Ian. Brittney and shane sided with who was in power. So valid point

    • That is awesome! Have a great time….. Will be looking out for you ;) I am in NYC for a photoshoot this week.. Sux I have to wait till 9:30 ugh what time do you have to be there for the finale?

  6. feeds have been on for over 2 hours. says they are playing a game which is secret till tonights finale. go ian.

  7. Dan is not to be trusted…I won’t believe he’s keeping Ian for final 2 till Daniell is dragged/ forced out the door by production…Only then will I believe it…U CAN’T BELIEVE ANYTHING THAT DAN SAYS..He does the exact opposite of what “WE ” tthink he is going to do…

  8. I say Dan deserves the win once more. He played everyone and he played the best game. Doesn’t matter if he won before,what matters is who played the best game. It is a GAME after all.

    • So lucky am on the east coast this week … So have to wait till 9:30 to start ugh feel free to give some info ;)

      • lol Thane had that backwards when I read your post I am on the east coast this week lol! For work! So have to wait till 9:30 also feel stomach stirring already also. Just really want to see if Dan throws the comp or is just saying so.

      • Dan wins the comp, takes Danielle. Jurors vote for Dan! If he wins and takes Ian, Ian will probably win. But, I’d be satisfied with Dan winning the 50,000 (if Ian wins the grand prize.) I’d be bummed if Dan takes Dani and loses the big prize to her! He played a stellar game, she did not (in my opinion).

      • Totally agree with your assessment. I’d be happy if it played out either way too. At least someone deserving would win. Danielles game has been lacking…therefore not up to par with Dans and Ians. She doesn’t deserve the big prize. Nor the 50,000…but that’s just my opinion. We’ll know soon how the jury sees it.

  9. It would be funny to see Dan evict Danielle and see if that jaw would drop even lower than when he evicted Shane.

  10. Some one had better evict Danielle tonight. Then let the chips fall where they may. Very antsy to see the finale!

  11. Well, it should b a good finale, whether our favorite or our hater wins !! lol. It was an interesting season and we all got to express our opinion on here whether we agreed or disagreed. Can’t wait for 2nite and everyone enjoy the show : )

  12. Dans a liar and he did play one heck of a social game until he decided to swear on the bible, his wife and his deceased grandfathers chain and lied on it. He took it to far on that note, and personally speaking Dan does not deserve the money. If anyone could truly deserve and benefit from the money it would be Ian. A kid that the money would change his life not only to put him through the rest of his school but to almost set his life up for success.

  13. I re-watched some season 10 episodes, specifically episodes 19-12.

    It reminded me how deadly Dan is in the BB game and that Ian would be taking a big risk to take Dan to the F2 but Ian did position himself nicely with some of his game-play and knew when to win, lay low and be confrontational.

    Dan and Ian deserves to be in the F2 and both are deserving of bringing home the main prize!

    • I agree Ian deserves to be in the final two between them three but come on Dan ran this house. Ian didn’t make any big moves not one, maybe being the spy and turning on Boogie, and Frank but that as far as it goes, and even that he was told what to do the whole season. I’ll give him the POV that saved him, but all his hoh were reallys Dan’s hoh, like Dan put Ian put on his then next week Ian gets and Dan convinces him not to put him up and basically makes the nominations, if jury votes on gameplay as they should! There shouldn’t even be an argument on whole played this best game such a landslide.

      • Definitely, Dan ran this show the entire season.
        Ian won some competitions and I will give him
        credit for the Boogie eviction but, that is it!
        Dan has won HOHs and vetos too! However,
        Dan came back from dead man walking to being
        alive! Got Frank evicted, got Shane evicted,
        made puppets of everyone in the house like
        Danielle and Ian among others! Dan did all
        the hard work and deserves to win !

  14. For a split second on the live feeds, did anyone else see (I’m guessing) someone’s mother??? sitting in the living room on BB? Blonde lady with long hair. Maybe it was Janelle…my, how she’s aged.

  15. Is anyone following jokers right now? ALLEGEDLY Dumbielle was evicted & was brought out of the house. ALLEGEDLY Shame asked her if she had anything to do with his eviction and if she knew that Dan was going to backdoor him. I’m not starting rumors, this is what’s on the jokers site. They claim it was leaked in the feeds and possibly a show rehearsal. ????

  16. Ian Terry has the filthist mouth of anyone on Big Brother. He can’t say a sentence without interjecting f***ing every second or third word. Gross.

  17. Is the count down on? It looks like videobrother is getting ready to do something!! Do we have 7 minutes left? I can’t wait!

  18. It’s been fun reading and commenting on everyones posts. Agree or disagree I enjoyed everyone. (Well almost everyone) LOL Hope whoever you’re rooting for wins. I’m hoping for Dan. Getting ready for BB to start so hope to see you guys back next year.

  19. As much as I luv the game it’s obvious when the show favors a player or a certain outcome. Let’s be real Dan won that hands down! They wanted him out early on and he fought the good fight till the end. Bittersweet! He may not have won but he has definitely made his mark in BB history.

  20. I hate Ian! He didn’t deserve to win, I didn’t want Dan to win ultimately but when it was down to Ian or Dan it should’ve been Dan. He at least “played” the game, got “blood” on his hands while Ian did very little & just rode on others’ coattails! Ian didn’t deserve to win…he’s a spineless jellyfish, hope he at least appreciates his luck

  21. As I been saying for weeks Frank is the only one who deserves to be Americas Favorite Player, and guess what
    Frank is Americas Favorite Player!
    Sorry Haters!+Flag as inappropriate

  22. Really what are you a child still? It’s about discussion about big brother players not comments about who’s posting it. So move along cause your hilariously immature and ridiculous.

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