Ian and Danielle on Big Brother 14

The second part of the 3-part Final HoH competition for Big Brother 14 has now wrapped up. This evening the two players who did not win Thursday night’s first round faced off in what must have been a large scale competition considering it took days to build. We’ve got your Big Brother spoilers so read on to see who moves on to Round 3 and who waits in the wings for the chance to be selected for the Final 2.

During tonight’s competition Ian and Danielle faced off for the chance to move on to the last round against Dan since he won the first round.

Ian won Round 2. Danielle is yelling at Ian saying he better not take him to Final 2. Danielle telling Ian that if he takes Dan to F2 she’ll taint the jury and he won’t win. Ian is upset at Dan for celebrating Ian’s win. This was planned by Dan and Danielle to “out” Dan’s F2 deal with Ian even though Danielle already knew. This way Ian can know Danielle knows without it having to be by Dan secretly telling her. It’s all mind tricks.

The third round won’t be until Wednesday on the live show. Do you think Ian will throw it to Dan? Dan & Danielle’s plan is to pressure Ian in to throwing the next round so Dan can evict Danielle but he really plans to evict Ian and take Danielle. More trickery by Dan.

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