Big Brother 14 Week 8 Double Eviction Scenarios

Ian Terry on Big Brother 14

We’ve made our predictions for the first round of tonight’s Big Brother 14 Double Eviction episode, but what happens in the second round is a little more of a mystery. While there are many possibilities with five HGs competing for HoH we can still speculate at the potential scenarios.

With the expectation that Frank will be evicted tonight and Ian as the outgoing HoH neither of these HGs are part of the base assumptions here. That leaves Dan, Danielle, Jenn, Joe, and Shane as potential winners in tonight’s first HoH comp. It’s a short enough list so let’s see who each of them might nominate.

Dan: Does anyone really think Dan is going to let himself be put in the position of doing the dirty work himself? Not me. Should something surprising happen and Dan is the one with this power then he’ll most likely nominate Joe and Jenn. He’ll want to hold on to Ian’s support for as long as possible while Danielle is still his closest remaining ally with Shane by extension. He had promised Jenn a Final 4 deal but with Frank out the door that’s obviously already fallen apart and if you’re going to go against any of the others than Jenn is probably the safest bet.

Update: Post-show reflection, well I really flubbed that one didn’t I? Dan went to all that trouble just to get Joe evicted? Maybe I expected too much from him in thinking he’d let someone else take care of that tonight.

Danielle: Joe and Ian are the most likely targets for Danielle. She’ll keep the girl power alive with Jenn and won’t be ready to cross Dan or nominate her fictional boyfriend Shane. Ian is part of her Quack Pack alliance, but they have never seemed that close. Then Joe is just an easy target that wouldn’t upset anyone but Joe if he were a nominee.

Jenn: With her closest ally out the door Jenn wouldn’t hesitate to nominate Ian and Joe. Ian is a no-brainer as she’s been wanting him out for awhile now. Joe is just another easy target and common punching bag. Jenn won’t go after Dan or Danielle as she sees them as her final allies even if they don’t feel the same way. Shane is too close to Danielle for Jenn to risk collateral damage/anger for that shot.

Joe: Here we have a loose cannon. With no particular alliance or direction in the game Joe is the most likely to give us some random nominations. Knowing that Ian has a special place in his nominating heart for Joe should be enough for him to find a spot on the block. As for the other I think he’d go with Jenn since she seems to have the fewest strings attached. However, I think Joe recognizes the danger of keeping Dan around which could make him a target. I’ll give Joe three scenarios ranking from most likely to least: Ian & Jenn, Ian & Dan, Jenn & Dan.

Shane: Shane has gone from competition commando to leisurely lounging his way through the second half of the season. Should he pull out a win tonight then I’d expect Shane to nominate Ian and Jenn or Ian and Joe. Shane isn’t close to Jenn and Joe seems to think he’s close with Shane so if Shane’s wise to that then he’d keep Joe around for help.

The repeating theme here is Ian. I think he’s in a lot of danger tonight and doesn’t even realize it. The only person I don’t think would possibly nominate him is Dan and I’m pretty sure Dan is going to make sure he isn’t doing any nominations tonight.

On the other side of that coin is Danielle and Shane who are likely the most “safe” HGs tonight while Dan is just one step behind them. Jenn and Joe are somewhere in the middle but should still be shielded by Ian.

Of course all of that speculation still only gets us through the nominations. There will be less time between the nominations and the Veto competition than what it took me to write all that down. Where the Veto takes us is another exercise all of its own and is just one part of what makes tonight’s pending Double Eviction episode so exciting.

These are all just my thoughts and opinions for the nomination possibilities. What do you think could happen tonight on Big Brother? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. Frank’s biggest downfall was not working Ian the entire week. When Ian gets booted, he’ll realize he should’ve kept Frank around for at least the 2nd eviction. And Britt will be trippin that Joe and Shane are still in the running.

    • I agree. I would be working the “I can’t play for HOH next week” angle for all it is worth. He needed to minimize his threat potential….but he failed to do so.

  2. Expect the unexpected…….During the pandora’s box that Frank opened, Frank was told that all boxes contained cash, except for one. Frank was amazed when he was told by PRODUCTION, that one box actually contained a super power of veto that could be used after all votes have been casted. Frank managed to pick the one box that contained the veto and now Frank is waiting for the right moment to whip it out. Expect the unexpected.

      • People are going to be totally shocked when Frank uses the veto…..all except a person by the name of CuriosityCounts (this person knows the real deal, already… shocker for him/her).

    • Lawon will personally hand Frank a hidden immunity idol, giving Frank special powers beyond what no one has seen before.

    • Please get over the power veto crap already….Let the chips fall where they will…Get over letting somebody come back…Just let this season be over with…Dragging it out may be our punishment for Dan swearing on the Bible….Just get the season over with …Please..

    • LOL! Dream on….it could have been in one of Ians gifts also! LOL! If Ian goes out I dodn’t care who wins.

    • Didn’t they show all the boxes he opened? I don’t expect super power of veto would be left to chance. Maybe Ian got it as an early Christmas present? We never saw all the presents opened. Frank said the only reason he did not think Ian got one was because he was acting nervous, as if that was any sign.

  3. I’m not too sure if Dan really is as safe as we think he is. Then again, that might all depend on how he votes tonight too. If he directly votes to get rid of Frank, Frank is likely going to tell everyone that Dan sold them out. Should that happen, many eyes may turn to Dan and then Danielle in extension. For Danielle, as much as Dan *may* be honestly trying to take her to the last two, he can also hurt her game. If she gets a chance to get him out tonight or next week, it may be good to take it.

    As for Jenn and Joe, I’d likely bet that those two would go up if Dan doesn’t go up.

    • Oh most definitely see Frank speak out loud right after saying his goodbyes…..he will spill it all out. He’ll say, “Dan, you sold me out son” “You promised me against your wedding ring and your marriage” LOL

    • I hope he sings like a canary. Only he is a little late with his song!!! I can see Joe going up for the second eviction and probably Jenn. But if Dan wins HOH he might want to go after Shane to get him out. I can’t see him going after Ian right away. Time will tell.

  4. First and foremost no one asked Dan to swear on his Bible , he choose
    to swear on the Bible knowing in good faith that he had no intention of
    upholding his promise. The Bible shows us how to live in ways that
    please God If you don’t believe in the Bible then you would obviously
    have no problems swearing on it, however as a christian the Bible
    clearly states in Numbers 30:2 “When a man makes a vow to the LORD or
    takes an oath to obligate himself by a pledge, he must not break his
    word but must do everything he said.”

    I get that he’s there to win $500,000 however I think his antics are
    unnecessary and will effect him outside of the house when he gets home.

    • I am already on the edge of my seat! I would love to see him stay, survive the second eviction and win HOH and kick butt!

      • I am still hanging on the edge of my seat for that to happen right along with you. If Frank goes walking out that door for the first time since S1 I am done with BB. I could care less which of the clowns left win it. Never thought I would say that as I have never felt this way before in 14 seasons.
        For those who come with their usual comments that I see some say when others have said that they are leaving, don’t waste your time as I won’t see them.

    • Hope is all we have right now. If he can pull it off and get veto in the second nomination, our boy will go in good shape.

  5. I don’t get how the hg’s can waste so much water. Watching the water just pour down the drain for no good reason, makes me crazy. There is such a thing as conservation of our natural resources. Just because you don’t have to pay for it, doesn’t mean that you should waste it.

    • Have an agenda much thane. Lets get out the wambulance for you . They are using too much water waaaah waaaaah waaah.

      Let me follow you around for a week and I bet I find a ton of things you waste.

      • think you’re funny, huh, mark? I’m actually very conscious of waste. follow someone else around all week. waaaaah waaaah waaaah.

    • I see that too. It seems to me there is a lack of respect for what they have there. As a guest in anyone’s house I would do all I could to clean up after myself, help out and contribute to the overall atmosphere in a positive way. I would not stay in the shower until the hot water ran out, I would not throw dirty clothes on the floor and leave them for weeks, I would be much more respectful and grateful. I could go on & on about their lack of respect for what they have (not against each other) but I won’t. That’s just MY opinion.

      • Oh my gosh I have thought about that. First you just have the stench of filth for not cleaning the bathroom for over 40 something days, mixed with Joe’s cooking, topped off with nasty perfume and a kitchen sink that’s been growing mold.
        As for the mold in the kitchen sink Shames words were something like this as he stood in front of it: That mold is so gross, but what’s the point in cleaning it now we only have 3 weeks left. That’s genius statement if I ever heard one. Geesh.

      • I feel sorry for the people who have to go in after these pigs leave and clean the place. How gross. Whatever they get paid, it’s not nearly enough probably.

      • It’s a sound stage. When the show is over they’ll probably just tear the set down and throw most of it out anyways. Then they’ll set up for some other reality shows until they have to set back up for Big Brother next year.

      • Well I didn’t know that, but it will still be grungy and smelly!! Thanks for letting me know that.


      • I agree. It doesn’t make sense to tear it down and have to rebuild it with the SAME layout as all the previous seasons. The BB house is a fixture on the CBS lot year round.

      • I had no idea they were that filthy. I thought I saw clothes under the bins where food is kept in the food storage room, but I though my eyes were deceiving me. Are you serious about them not cleaning the bathroom for their entire stay? That just can’t be true. Also, why is mold growing in the sink. Bleach kills mold and all you have to do is pour it on the mold and let it sit for a while then rinse or pour bleach down the drain at night and let it sit until morning. Why is mold in the kitchen sink anyway?. I can see mold growing in the shower drain, but the kitchen sink…..why? Also, there is not way I would even put my feet in that jacuzzi.

      • sorry about that my keys have been sticking have a ten year old grandaughter who likes to play on computer lol

      • Don’t worry it was just a joke that has been going on. No worries. I understand. I am a grandmother too.


  6. LeeArmie – Did Frank really get a superpower Veto ? I watched the episode but definately missed that ???

      • I bet it did in Dumbi imaginary land and he’ll use it to save her even though she’s safe. :-)

      • Did you happen to see last night when Frank was givin’ her some one on one attention? She was so into it, it was hilarious!

      • No, i had company and couldn’t watch the live feeds last night. I will have to flashback…..i’m sure it can’t be missed. She will want to keep him now that he wants to put the make on her.

      • I did she is such a tool. Wait until she gets out and see’s how unpopular she is. She sees herself as the most popular girl ever. Not only will she not have Shane, but won’t have all the fans loving her that I am sure she is expecting.

  7. Ian thinks he’s on Celebrity Big Brother … His obsession with Britney is creepy. He will not win Big Brother and he will not get asked back for “All Stars” He likes Dan SO much & does whatever Dan tells him to . I would be shocked if he wasn’t following Frank to the jury house tonight.

    I wish Danielle would get evicted tonight ! She has the whole house riding the ” we hate Frank train ” Yesterday, she said Frank wasn’t being evicted because he’s a strong competitor but b/c “everyone hates him” this coming from the girl who will probably need a psychiatric intervention when the show wraps


    • She’s just pissed because he refuses to flirt with her. Maybe SHE hates him but i don’t think that applies to everyone. Everyone sees him as a threat to win. She sees him as a threat to her delusional world.

      • He was lying on her bed last night – on top of the covers telling her that he really wanted to put moves on her but since Shame had his eyes on her from day one he didn’t. He was building her ego up so big. At one point she even blushed, so you know she was believing him. All he was trying to do was secure a vote from her to stay without coming out and saying it. He went back to tell Jenn about it and her response was “flattery will get you everywhere with her”. Maybe that’s why it appears at times Jenn’s flirting with her too. That’s just MY opinion.

      • ROFL….good for him!!! She’s so easily led…just give her a compliment and that’s all it takes.

      • Then she tells Dan that Shane was mad at her because Frank is making moves on her. She is so insecure that everything is about her. Wonder when she’ll find out all the things Shane said to Britney about not liking Danielle romantically that Kara is more his type. But then again I think Shane needs to open the closet door.

      • You could tell her all the things. She just told everyone on the feeds what her email address is. :-)

      • Good! Thanks for letting us know about that. I hope Frank gets somewhere with her and she votes to evict Joe.

      • I agree with you. I think she doesn’t like Frank because he hasn’t flirted with her or showered her with any attention. She is as shallow as they come. I think she wanted Janielle out because of jealousy and nothing else. What gets me is why Shane puts up with her neurotic behavior yet Frank is enemy number one and he has been nothing nice to Shane. Seriously, wouldn’t you think Shane and Dan and Ian would want her out of the house? They all seem to be so afraid of her breaking down or crying yet they treat Frank like dirt and have no respect for his strengths. Danielle has no strengths that are evident on this show yet they put up with her???

      • I think they keep her around because she’s easier to control. Shower her with a little attention and you can get her to vote any way you want. Frank they can’t control. Therefore he’s a bigger threat. If it were me i’d take my chances with Frank because Danielles behavior would make me want to self evict.

    • He put Frank up because he(frank) sent Ian’s coach and girlfriend to the jury house. Ashley told him she didn’t like him as a boyfriend but just a friend, and that crazy little fool said he was gonna propose to her. I hope she and Frank make him uncomfortable in the jury house.

  8. OKAY are we watching taped feeds???? Just saw Britney and Ian in the hammock …..hmmmm..The first eviction may have already happened..

  9. The bad thing is that either Dan or Shane will most likely be the next HOH and they will most likely nominate Jen and Joe, when they should be trying to get Dan out. The “Quack Pack” will gang up on Jen and Joe and most likey vote out Jen in the next go round. The only thing that can save them is if either one of them gets HOH and then it will be interesting.

    • It will be Ian going next. They will not waste this
      double eviction on the floaters as they can always
      get rid of them down the line. Ian will be the next
      evicted then, Shane then, Joe. Final 3 will be Dan,
      Danielle and Jenn.

  10. Danielle is so annoying and is so obessed with Shane and is two faced…and Ian he is just annoying and creepy and full of himself…they both need to go!

    • for someone who’s looks are nothing more then average Danielle’s narcissism is beyond compare! Last night she said Jenn is jealous of shane, Brittnay was jealous because shane picked Danielle over her, and Ashley was Jealous because Jenn and her became close. Later she told Dan she got in a bar fight with a girl that was jealous about an old boyfriend.Danielle shouldn’t work at a Hospital, she needs to be committed to one!

      • On what episode did Shane pick Danielle? Danielle also said that she has never been around a gay person before, until Jenn. I find that very hard to believe. When Dani and Brit were chained together, I believe Dani wanted to take a shower with Brit (no clothes)……..if you are not gay or interested in women why in the world would you want to shower with one. She has been around gays before… a matter of fact, I believe she would cuddle up with Jenn, if Jenn let her.

      • I feel the same way about her wanting to shower with her. I think she tried more than once to make it happen. As for her saying she has never been around anyone who’s gay, I seriously doubt that. She just didn’t realize it. Not everyone says “Hi, I’m gay and my name is..” the first time you meet them. She’s just a dumb girl living in her own version of reality. It’s gonna be funny when Jenn flirts with her just to get her vote. How far will Dumbi go then? Hmmm…

      • I suspect she has escaped from one! The real Danielle is heavily sedated in a mental ward, unable to speak and tell any one that her patient bopped her over the head, took her uniform, and the ring of keys… And fled to audition for BB.

  11. other than dr.will and chilltown in season 2, Dan has been BY FAR my favorite player since season 10! He screws everybody. ok guys “He SWORE” on the bible, but dans going hard or going home! He never ONCE had the target on his back, only to frank he did. He means good to everyone, EXCEPT FRANK! That bushy hair freak, hes a tool. Dan just outplayed him and had way MORE experience and that payed off for my man DAN BABY! #VivaLeDan

  12. Something happened earlier today…JENN IS FULLY CLOTHED!!!! No telling what we missed while the feeds were off…

    • I refreshed the page and now I see Jenn dying her hair. Not sure what’s up with the feeds, the little boxes show trivia but the big picture is Jenn. Kara was on just a little bit ago with Janelle and Brit talking to Ian. I thought the flashback feature was there for me to use when I wanted, not for them to use it for me!. Just sayin’.

      • I don’t remember it happening in previous years so not sure why it is doing so now. The feeds are governed by CBS and what they want to show us or not want to show us.

    • Refresh your browser. It’s showing them getting cleaned up for the show tonight. Shame is in the shower, and that’s all they are showing.

      • yeah…I have done that a couple of times..That is why I believe we watching a tape…but who knows for sure ..only Big Brother..that’s who..

  13. I’d like to see a tie vote and then Ian have to make the deciding vote. I hope that Dan will make that happen because at least it will appear to Frank and Jenn that Dan tried to keep him and he can sell it to Ian as making a big game move in getting the biggest threat out of the house when no one else could. Knowing what Dan is capable of I think he can pull this off if he wanted to.

    • I been thinking this scenario all week! Dan’s so sneaky he’ll flip at the last second and nobody will know, Ian will save Frank and it will be a beautiful thing. :-)

    • Please let there be a tie vote! I am pretty sure Ian has the brains to snuff Dan and vote to keep Frank! Even if frank thought Dan was still on his side & didn’t spill the beans, Ian might go to him to expose Dan’s plan. Dan would be furious with him for not following the plan, thus Ian would need to switch sides… It would get pretty interesting…

      • Thank you for thinking that as that is what I think will be Ian’s best move and Frank’s last chance. As smart as Ian is I can’t believe he hasn’t caught on to Dan and maybe he has and is a wonderful actor.

      • I also wanted to add that when Brit was on with Jeff from Jeff and Jordan she of course wanted Frank out, but told both Ian and Dani that they had to get Dan out. Of course Dani is close to Dan, but Ian loves Brit. Just maybe that stuck in his head. Also, the night that Ian and Brit were in the pool after getting drunk both of them all at once seemed to be fine and were whispering in the pool where you could hear that they were talking about game, but you couldn’t hear what they were saying as the mikes were off. Jeff also asked her who she wanted in F2 and she said Ian and Dani or Shane.

    • Last night, Big Brother was reduced to 30 minutes on
      the West Coast, 8:30pm-9:00pm due to the DNC
      Convention. Don’t know what CBS took out but, 30
      minutes is a whole lot of time. Hope they have the
      sense to show the whole 60 minutes of Big Brother
      and just ax the very next show after! If not, I will
      miss a good portion again which sucks!

      • No it wasn’t I live in so cal and saw the whole hour…it was on from 8:30 to 9:30 plus you can watch it live online if you go to Videobrother…

      • Don’t know where you live. I saw Big Brother start at 8:30pm and it ended at 9:00pm.
        I know because the credits rolled in. They
        have to have edited it some way because
        it was just 30 minutes in all! Big Brother
        was regularly scheduled at 8:00pm-9:00pm
        where I live. I turned my TV off after that.

      • I live near Los Angeles, it was scheduled
        for 8:00pm-9:00pm. Kept switching channels
        and Clinton was still speaking at around 8:27pm. Turned it back to Channel 2, CBS
        at 8:30pm and Dan was talking. It ended
        at 9:00pm and credits rolled in. Anyway, I
        will know who got evicted and who is
        probably the next HOH before the TV
        comes on so, it will not be a big deal this
        time out.

      • They didn’t cut any off where I watch. (Michigan). And tonight it’s on from 9 til 10 and the DNC doesn’t start til 10. Sometimes CBS will show it at like 3am if there is a special on. That’s what they do here.

  14. It is a shame that they are ready to turn on the most loyal in the Quack Pack. I have read all your logic but disagree with the way most of you view Ian.

    As for Dan, I don’t view him as a mastermind. It doesn’t take a genius to betray and lie.

    If the evict Ian, it just shows how weak the rest are. and I mean all of them.

    • I not a Dan Fan, But how do explain him backstabbing his alliance and still has everyone trusting him and wanting to work with him? that’s pretty damn good.

      • It’s not that Dan is so good but Frank is just so gullible. He should be using his knowledge of the Quack Pack to save himself. DR has tried to warn him, that’s out of his own mouth.

    • Really hope that Dan and IAN are safe tonight. Would like to see this combination as final two as it seems as if they are actually the only two that are playing the game and both deserve final two.

    • Ian is an arrogant twit who believes he is this smart
      mastermind which he is not! Anyone can betray
      anyone who trusts them like Boogie and Frank. That
      is not a big move at all! Now, Dan getting himself off
      the block and manipulating everyone in the house
      including Ian shows he is the true genius of the lot!
      Not a great loss for Ian to be evicted right after
      Frank! He cannot play for HOH so, the rest of the
      Quack Pack can get rid of Ian just after Frank! Dan
      should control this game the rest of the way as
      everyone is following whatever he says!

    • He shouldn’t have turned on Frank and Boogie so soin. He was a fifth wheel with the qp but would have been 3rd with his original. He’s a awkward little dork that tried to get close to Britney by being her little tattletale. His HOH has been Dan’s. He is not a good a player as he thinks he is.

    • It takes a genius to get someone who wanted him out the door to take slop for the rest of the summer, to give up playing an HOH, wear a carrot costume, take chum baths just to send him out the door and then use the POV on him. Face it Dan was out the door and now he’s safe and his enemy is going to jury tonight. I’d call him a genius and a mastermind. GO DAN!!!

  15. I believe the smartest move to keep frank in the dark is for dan to vote to keep frank. Then frank will have Dan & Jennsvote, and leave the tie-breaker to Ian. Frank will think Dan was still loyal, helping him in jury

  16. no tv tonight. can i watch the episode online live somewhere? or do i have to wait til cbs posts the episode tomorrow?

    • I heard some talk about it last night, but they would either cut away or muffled talk so I didn’t catch anything regarding what their plans were. At one point I think if was Dan or Ian who said they would talk later at night, but if they did I missed it. Have you ever noticed that they do so much whispering you can’t make out what they are saying? Especially Dani – when she talks soft I can’t hear her.

      • Thanks. I wish I was better at reading lips while watching this. I have a heck of a time trying to figure out what Dan is saying half the time. I see his mouth move but don’t hear a sound & he’s mid conversation with someone. It’s amazing. I’m pretty sure the fast forward and double evict work the same way.

    • They keep assuming but there not sure. They were talking last night about having a plan in case of a DE.

  17. I hope Frank tells all tonite about the bible and all.If not tonite then the perfect time would be on final nite when they get to ask questions before they vote then Frank can say Dan why did you have to swear on the bible and people you said you loved that you would take me to the final 2 if we used the veto on you

    • Dan swore on the bible AFTER he exposed the quack pack and BEFORE he promised to take Frank to the final 2. He’s sneaky like that. Get your fact straight.

  18. just read on jokers that Dani and Jenn were talking about piercing and of course Dani had one in her belly but had it taken out. Is there nothng this girl has not had or done lol

    • Joe is another one that has a story for everything. He drives me nuts and I hope he’s the second one to go tonight. All he does is go with the power. All he’s been saying for over a week is he’s after Dan and last night he’s saying him, Dan, Danielle and Shane for final 4.

  19. I have been reading comments about Danielle and she has to have some smarts, she is a nurse, as am I and college was not a picnic. She is a beautiful girl and must have guys interested in her. So what’s her problem? Just a weird personality, in a house with men and a lesbian, she is basking in it. She was lucky enough to connect with Dan and Shane who have carried her along and not a target because too many other fish to fry. On the outside you would probably not give her a second thought.

    • We are not real sure she’s a nurse and if you had been following these threads all along, you would know why she is not liked.

  20. Dan won HoH…I wouldn’t be shocked if he nominates Jenn and Joe, hoping someone will win Veto to take one off so he can backdoor Ian while acting like he was just supposed to be the pawn.

  21. I’m over Danielle! She thinks Shane is in love with her, Frank wants her, Dan is her bff, Ashley is jealous of her b/c of Shane, and Jenn is jealous of Shane b/c she wants her! Come on! This girl is so full of herself! And I’m over the emotional rollercoaster! Put on your big girl pants and women up!

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