Big Brother 14 Week 8: Double Eviction and HoH Results

Big Brother 14 nominees Frank and Joe

Tonight on Big Brother 14 we’re going to get another whirlwind episode featuring a double eviction. That means we’ll get an entire week’s events in one show. These are always intense and exciting just like the one during week 6 and Ian’s attempt on Frank.

I’ll be updating this post here with the double eviction, veto competition, and HoH results as they’re revealed on the show. Have your Live Feeds ready to go (Not signed up yet? Use the Free Trial!) because when the broadcast show is over the Live Feed will return and that’s where the real action will be. Last time the HoH competition results were revealed on the Live Feeds rather than the show so you’ll want to be able to watch.

Big Brother 14 Week 8 Live Eviction voting:

  • Dan: evict Frank
  • Danielle: evict Frank
  • Jenn: evict Joe
  • Shane: evict Frank

Frank Eudy evicted from Big Brother 14

By a 3-1 vote, Frank has finally been evicted after 5 failed attempts. No tie-breaker this week. That’s too bad. I think it would have covered Dan’s betrayal and let Ian get the blood on his hands like he wanted. Dan’s goodbye message says he hopes for no bad feelings, but Frank tells Julie there are definitely hard feelings against Dan. This could have been Dan’s biggest mistake of the season.

Big Brother 14 - Episode 26 HoH competition

Big Brother 14 Week 8.5 HoH Competition – ‘Make Your Case’:

  • Round 1: Only Jenn gets it right.
  • Round 2: Jenn, Dan, & Danielle get it right.
  • Round 3: All but Jenn get it right.
  • Round 4: Jenn, Dan, & Danielle get it right.
  • Round 5: Jenn, Dan, & Danielle get it right.
  • Round 6: Jenn, Dan, & Danielle get it right.
  • Round 7: No one gets it right. Tie-breaker time.
  • Tie-Breaker: Dan beats Danielle & Jenn.

Dan is the new, and brief, Head of Household. His noms are up next.

Big Brother 14 Week 8.5 Nominations:

  • Joe
  • Ian

Big Brother 14 episode 26 Veto comp

Big Brother 14 Week 8.5 Veto Competition – ‘Swimming with Sharks’:

  • It’s a very complicated maze puzzle. First to complete it wins…
  • Ian wins the Power of Veto. He won’t go home tonight.

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Big Brother 14 Week 8.5 Veto Ceremony:

  • Ian uses the Veto to save himself
  • Dan renoms Danielle – remember they are still faking a fight

Big Brother 14 episode 26 renoms

Big Brother 14 Week 8.5 Live Eviction voting:

  • Shane: evict Joe
  • Jenn: evict Joe
  • That’s all it takes.
  • Ian: evict Joe

By a vote of 3-0, Joe has been evicted from Big Brother.

The next HoH competition won’t be on tonight’s show. Instead it’ll be held soon in the house and we’ll be able to watch the results revealed only on the Live Feeds! Get your Big Brother Live Feed Free Trial rolling right now and be ready.

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Once the eviction show is over the Live Feeds turn back on and we’ll either have a brand new HoH in the Big Brother house or the HGs will be preparing for that competition. Make sure you’re ready to watch the house react to who is in power. The nominations will be revealed on Friday night with the Veto competition on Saturday, so stay close by!



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  1. I’m gonna miss Frank….at least he holds the record for most evictions survived by a male which is pretty amazing considering he has been the target all season long.

      • I agree. He was too arrogant and he walked around with a self-entitled attitude, as if he deserved to be there more than everyone else. He was also a sore loser when he ddin’t get his way. I was glad to see him go.

    • I don’t respect dan’s game play at all. that evil crap. poor Frank & Brit! Frank & Brit should have gone to final 2! one was a super competitor, the other had super social game.

  2. Next! I can’t for the HOH to see who wins and who gets
    put on the block. My guess it is going to be Ian and Joe
    on the block with Ian being evicted assuming he does not
    win POV! If Ian wins POV, it may be Joe and Jenn with Joe
    going to the jury house!

  3. Frank is a dumb cracker. Doesn’t he realize he lost the game because of his connection with the Boogyman. (Also, his “Jule is my homegirl” T-shirt is repulsive.)

    • uhh, Jennifer, Frank had no choice who he started the game with. I think his association with Mike did hurt him, in fact it has hurt all of the players (being identified with a ‘coach’). So if Frank’s Tee is repulsive then all of the flirting etc., that Dan does with her is also repulsive?????

  4. Was anyone else emotional during Frank’s interview with Julie Chen? You could tell Julie really liked him, and felt bad for the way people turned on him.

    • Yes Frank really looked hurt. Dan’s good-bye message to him was B.S. Dan is one SOB and should have had a little more integrity in his message, he owed him at least that much.

    • Julie has been doing this for sometime and no doubt couch as to what to ask and say keeping in mind the individual involved.

    • It was evident that production loved him as they helped him cheat the entire game. Once Frank admitted he cheated and someone put it on you tube I think at that point production knew Frank had to go as they had been outed. I do give credit to Frank for going with class and so wish he had not been aligned with that scum Boogie from the start.

  5. Somebody should tell porky danielle, that the makeup isn’t covering up that 3rd eye on her forehead.

    • Girl spends half her life in the mirror, calling frank a hairy beast you’re an ugly b**** not GTFO this house.

  6. SUCH BS I can’t believe franks gone not happy at all I couldn care less who wins as long as its not dan

      • why would you want Dan to win again no matter how he plays the game? He won the money once so why would you give it to him again? I think if it is final two that he will have a difficult time winning over anyone because he already won once.

      • Because he can be the first two time champ! And honesty you really think any of the house guests left even deserve it? Ian is arguably but come on really the rest did nothing. And BB a competition not a charity case show.

      • Because someone who manages to get this close to the end, having won before, and without production leaning in on his behalf, deserves to win a second time.

      • Who cares if he already won once. That should not matter. He has played this game better than anyone has! He is so smart with his decisions. Dan is the best player in Big Brother history and if he makes it to the final 2 he better win even though he won once! #Team Dan all the way! :)

    • I feel the same. I’m rooting for Ian though now just because he’s a nice guy and at least he felt sorry for Frank. VOTE FRANK AMERICAS FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • I was annoyed but thn i remember that frank had HOH several times this season and used it to get out pretty lame people, he was too trusting of others and thats what lost him this game.

      • Well, I’m not religious but the guy did swear on the bible. Won’t be surprised if America hates him after that. I really couldn’t care, I want Dan to pull off another win.

      • Once again no he didn’t and assume production fed that line to Frank. If you watch the live feeds or if you even watched the beginning tonight you see that all he swore on the bible for was what he told him about the quack pack. They shook on final two.

      • We’re not beating this dead horse again. Frank was right. It has been proven over and over and over again. Get a life

      • Enough with these BS accusations of production helping Frank. He has not benefitted at all in this game and they have done nothing for him. If youve been watching live feeds you know that both Ian and Dan were also told things by production, but No, everyone simply forgets that

      • I agree Frank won at a lot on his own. But you have to admit that the coaches reset was pretty outrageous and was completely unfair to Shane.

      • @disqus_cLgS5voMoq:disqus If you refuse to believe what has been shown over and over how about trying to listen with your ears to Dan’s Diary Room where he said he swore on his wife.

      • Yeah that DR though he basing it on the actual conversation that took place. Maybe he couldn’t remember if he just did it on information or not and just wanted to explain just in case. But his actual conversation he just did on information and was telling the truth.

      • What should he have done ?? He trusted those back stabbers too damn much. What would u have done ? Skipped out…..

      • No kidding…he could of said goodbye and good game everyone. At least thats what a mature person would of done. He got out played.

      • Julie was especially rough on him. Funny to see the CEO’s wife try to make a shell-shocked gameshow contestant cry. But he did pretty well. Should have outed Dan for sure. Although when Boogie warned him about Ian he failed to act on that.

    • Yeah, some fans have been saying it has been fixed
      for Frank for the longest and this eviction puts an
      end to that nonsense! Actually, you want to talk about
      the production fixing it, two of the HOH competitions
      were designed to favor Ian and Danielle and I am
      referring to the Pirate Ship and Comet HOH where it
      favors lighter individuals. If that is not stacking the
      deck then, I don’t know what isn’t! However, the facts
      do not lie!

      • Saying that the game is “fixed’ doesn’t mean that the HG BB wants to win will win. There is enough video that BB has not been able to hide that show BB tries to influence the HGs, most I have seen is related to DR and whether are not they disqualify HG during comps for cheating. It is openly known that BB applies the rules loosely or strictly as they see fit.

        Given your logic about Pirate Ship, Danielle should have won comet but fell early. To win the comp you have to survive to play it.
        The HG they would like to win is most likely based on public opinion and would change based on that.
        What most don’t realize is the comps usually go in order of strength, endurance and knowledge. Knowledge always has to come last because it is based on what has happened in the game.
        The comp themselves are not the manipulation,

  7. I wonder if Ian’s going to cry when he gets evicted lol.. Dan is one ruthless son of a beep

      • I just really want Dan to win again. After that funeral move he proved he was the biggest player this season. I was rooting for Frank from the start though.

      • To hell with Boogie. He deserved to be evicted. He shouldn’t have been on BB14 in the first place.

  8. Dan is playing hard, but I don’t think it was too smart for him to vote Frank out…he should’ve made it a tie because then he could have easily misted all the blame on Shane, Danielle, and Ian, creating an ideal F2 situation.

    • It would not of mattered if Dan had voted to keep Frank because Ian would of voted him out. Frank sealed his fate with Ian when he voted off Britney, and Dan had no choice but Danielle because I believe Ian wanted Joe to stay in the house because did you not hear him ask Dan why Joe and Dan said because he is coming after me.

  9. I hate Dan’s game but wont feel sorry for Ian when he goes home. Him and Frank would have been a dynamic duo.

  10. When the evicted players go to jury are they allowed to be with the other players and can they see past shows to see who really said what to bring their downfall?

  11. Was never a big frank fan, but he truly played an honest game. Felt real sorry for him, just look at his face, but gotta say, Him leaving was really the best move for everybody else

    • He played with his heart on his sleeve. It makes him very likeable when we are watching but it makes for lousy BB strategy.

  12. Thanks for getting the results out so quickly. This is a really great website. By By Frank. I’ll miss watching you. Just know Frank that Dan has screwed up and he will not make it to the finals.

  13. NO way!!!!!!

    Dan is a truthless pep,also he won the HOH.
    Althoughhe he put ian and joe on the block , he might backdoor shane if ian/joe save form the block. ((SHOCKER!!!

    I mean i dont like Dan -.-

    • Ians a nice guy and deserves to win at least he has feelings and feels sad for Frank. Ian to win and Frank for americas vote and All Stars!

      • Agree with Ian but no for Frank which is sad but being aligned with Boogie did not do Frank any favors. It just made him look like a bully and when he laughed about Boogie sexually assaulting Dan’s wife that just did it for me. Liked Frank before that comment though. He did take getting booted out the door great though and so did Joe. They both at least left with class. I will give them both that.

      • Frank just has a different sense of humor, he doesnt mean most of the stuff he says, obviously he wouldn’t think that to be funny if it were true. Give the guy a break. Hes a great competitor and a cool guy. He should at least be on all stars for excitement if not for the love of his gameplay.

      • That is what I meant that it was a shame he got stuck with Boogie with a coach. Trying to be Boogie’s friend and act like that scumbag, Boogie, I think made Frank look bad to either. Frank should never of tried to act like Boogie which was his downfall.

      • What are you talking about, he only said bye to Jenn and ignored everybody else. boogie went out with class, frank went out as the punk that he is.

      • Frank was classless when he left – like a pouting baby. He also pouted through the interview with Julie and his sour response to the taped goodbyes. Glad he’s gone. Once he’s out of the jury house he can hang out with his perverted puppetmaster.

  14. If Dan somehow talks Ian into thinking he was just a pawn then there is something seriously wrong with Ian

  15. Shane was stuck on the beginning stages. This is just a perfect example of why you guys shouldn’t make fun of Ian and his mental disability.

    • IAN DOES NOT HAVE A MENTAL DISABILITY! He just has ADHD and most people that have ADHD have almost genius IQ’S.. LOVE IAN!!!

      • NO Dan thought Ian had OCD when they talked about it the other night, and Ian told him no it was ADHD! GO IAN!

      • I know that. But Ian and that hammock has OCD all over it. He REPEATEDLY goes on it for hours. He also talks to himself, which is a sign of constantly worrying.

      • No, it helps relax him and lets him think because he does not take the meds for ADHA. If he had Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Ian could not live in that house. OCD is more what Howie Mandel has than what Ian has.

      • Wow. I just youtubed him freaking out and found this one episode where someone was on a bike with fire and he was holding Howie’s head. Howie freaked out and was yelling Sharon.

      • OCD comes in different forms just like everything else. It can be as simple as having everything in alphabetical order to having to do everything multiple times. So it is very possible for Ian to have OCD.

      • Only a doctor who has done extensive testing can make a definitive diagnosis regarding Ian. It is pure speculation for us to do so. It doesn’t matter anyway. I think he is great just the way he is.

      • I would think since Ian himself said it was ADHD that he would know, and most patients that have ADHD are intellectually gifted that it is ADHD. There is no denying that Ian is extremely intelligent, and I even remember his parents saying that he started reading at the age of two when they were interviewed.

    • ADHD only becomes a “disability” when they can’t function without assistance. This does not apply to Ian.

      • Not so! ADHD becomes more of a “challenge” to others when they aren’t able to find ways of managing it in order to adapt to their surroundings. OCD sufferers would go bezerk if they were confined in a room with ADHD sufferers!

  16. I wonder if Ian knew he was going up against Joe… He seemed a little extra excited when he won, like he wasn’t sure he was staying.

    • Ian,doesn’t have anyone to team up with..Hope He gets the chance to put Dan & Danielle on the block together, that will sure take the wind outta Dan,s sails..GO IAN!!!..

    • Right…That is why Joe was ahead of Ian and Dan…Sure it was made for Ian…keep dreaming…

      • Hey, so many of you claimed the game was fixed for Frank, so we should be allowed to have our own conspiracy theories, shouldn’t we? :-/

    • I thought so too. Production new Ian wouldn’t be able to play for HOH so they put in a POV that was geared towards Ian to do well at. That way in case he was nominated he would have a great chance at winning the POV.

  17. good to both Frank and Joe leave tonight, was hoping for Frank and ian, but Ian can go home in a week

  18. Damn, the arrogant twit saved himself! Well, perfect time
    to backdoor Shane. Go for it Dan! Don’t waste this
    opportunity on evicting Joe or Jenn. The votes are going
    to be: Ian, Danielle, Jenn if Shane is put up as replacement.
    Dan just needs Danielle to vote out Shane, Jenn is not
    going to care. Ian though might vote to evict Joe!

  19. “Danielle, I just put you up because I knew you wouldn’t go home.” And she’ll forgive him… again.

    • she seems like the type whose husband will be able to cheat against her time and time again and make it her fault

    • LOL… I thought Dan wasn’t gonna play with Danielle’s emotions again,now we have to listen to her complain about her hives and cry for another week.I can’t stand Danielle!!!!! I wanted her to go!

    • That is why he put her up. He knew that Shane would never ever vote against her and she has a final two deal with Jenn. Dan was a little worried that if Shane went up Ian would vote to keep Joe and so would Jenn, and if Jenn went up Shane would vote to keep Joe and so would Ian. He did the only thing he could to keep his alliance with Jenn and Danielle safe. Smart move on Dan’s part and do not know why in the heck Danielle was crying. She had to know she was 100% safe.Sick of Danielle’s crying!

      • Sharon, finally someone else gets it. Now that Joes gone he has alliances with everyone. Joe was the only one after him.

    • Dan doesn’t care about Dumbielle. She told him to his face that she would go home for him. I’m sure he remembers that.

    • Don’t be too sure about that. The votes in the 2nd
      eviction is Ian, Jenn and now Shane. What if Ian and
      Jenn vote to evict Danielle? That would be some
      crap. Dan should have put up Shane via backdoor
      and gotten Danielle and Jenn to vote out Shane!
      Then, there would be one less good player in the
      Big Brother House. Dan is not going to be able to
      play for the next HOH and if Ian wins, Dan might end
      up on the block! Might be a big mistake of Dan if
      this ends badly for Danielle!

  20. I’ve never been so disappointed to see someone go than I was to see Frank go…great player and honest, he deserved it :-(

  21. So happy Frank left!!!!!!! Its about time. Lets go Dan! After getting out of that situation the other day, in my book, he is the best player to ever play the game!!!

  22. OH DAM..the whiney bitch is gonna take being put on the block personal….She will be crying on that for the next week….

    • does any one ever notice how she cries then looks in the mirror and poses at the same time, the she devil has talent.

  23. Well, that was a huge waste of evicting Joe! Dan probably
    messed up with that replacement nominee. Now, the shoe
    is on the other foot as Ian and Shane now look to take out
    Dan. Dan should have put up Shane and gotten Jenn and
    Danielle to vote out Shane. Now, Danielle might be inclined
    to vote out Dan because he put her on the block. Looks
    like the master shyster messed up big time right about
    now! Dan watch your back now! You should have gone
    and tried to get Shane out, now you could be next!

    • I kind of hope that this is the case. I don’t want to see Dan streamroll everybody to the end. I want Ian to win HOH and send Dan packing.

      • Thank Boogie for this mistaken, even Dr Will saw Ian potential. His team could have gone all the way but he only had eyes for Frank.

      • Before Boogie was evicted he and Frank exchanged underpants. Frank has been wearing pink thongs for the past month.

      • Boogie’s mistake was thinking that he only needed one guy to run the house. That hasn’t been true for a long time. Had it been a trio, Boogie and Frank both are likely still in the house and we are all looking to see who is left for them to evict before the final night. Things that could have been.

      • Ian is a baby and a puke when did they start putting 12 year olds on the show who just now decided to start playing

      • Ian has been playing strong since the coaches came into the game. And he was the first to realize that the coach were not coaches anymore and were only protecting themselves, he was a “free agent” and no longer obliged to be on Boogie team since Boogie destroyed his own strategy when he show the whole house he was in a final two with Frank. Boogie was playing an in your face game making them a target. Ian would have been out if he stuck with them. The only reason he never sat next to Frank on the nominations was he adjusted his strategy. Had he not, he would have been evicted the next time Frank got a POV.

    • This was all planned ahead of time. Don’t worry Dan knows what he’s doing. I’m sure he told Ian I’m putting you up to hide are final 2 deal and told Danielle he put her up because everyone would vote Joe out but if he would of put up Jenn he was worried that Ian for sure and possibly Shane would vote Jenn out. Joe was the only one that was after Dan. Dan has everyone else covered. Best player in BB history!!!

      • Don’t be too sure. There are 5 players left.
        Dan, Danielle, Shane, Ian and Jenn. Dan cannot
        play for HOH next so, one of the 4 will be the
        new HOH. Now, what are the chances that Dan
        would not be put on the block? I think that Dan
        will wind up on the block with Jenn and get
        evicted if Dan does not win POV! I know all the
        newbies are dummies however, even a broken
        clock is right twice a day and even a crazy
        chicken can find a loose corn kernel on the
        ground from time to time so, watch for Dan to
        be targeted next!

      • So out of those players who will put Dan up? Jenn will put up Ian and Shane because of her alliance with Dan and Danielle. Ian will put up Jenn and anyone but Dan because of his final 2 deal with Dan. Danielle will put up Ian and anyone but Dan because they have a final 2 deal (I believe the only real deal in the house). And Shane will put up Jenn and Ian because he wants Ian gone. I’d say Dan has all his bases covered.

      • Anyone can put Dan up. There are only so
        many players left. Five to be exact and you
        want the strongest players out obviously!
        Alliances don’t mean squat in the Big
        Brother House and Dan is ready to betray
        whoever if it suits him! Now, the newbies are
        dumb as hell but, even a broken clock is
        right twice a day! So, one inclination to
        nominate Dan on the block is all it takes
        and voting him out if he does not win Veto
        is even easier! That is why Dan not going
        after Shane when he had a very good
        chance of evicting Shane was a huge
        mistake! Now, Dan, Shane, Danielle all
        going after Dan and Jenn could also go
        for it as she has nothing to lose!

      • That is not entirely true. Aliiances do mean something, just not very much this season. Typically in most of the recent seasons, alliances remained tight and protected members until they no longer could or needed to, and then the knives came out. this season is very different in that not a single alliance of greater than 2 has remained loyal for more than a week. You have two schemers and three floaters left, so it comes down on if the floaters can avoid the dangers for the next 2 weeks while the schemers plot. Dan appears to have the advantage, but Ian has shown the ability to predict what vets will do and to out maneuver them. Ought to be interesting to see who kisses who’s butt with Ian in control again for another week.

      • I believe Ian will put Dan up since Dan put him up! Keep an eye on that one! I have a feeling the HoH comp will be physical and Shane will win it, put Jenn and Dan up and hopefully win POV too and replace Jenn with Ian, with the target on Dan to go home! The final 4 going into the finale will be Shane, Danielle, Ian and Jenn for the jury to vote on!

      • Not according to the live feeds. Ian loves Dan and wants to go to the final 2 with him. Dan just told Ian that he took being nominated better then Memphis did. It was all planned. And Shane will do whatever Dan and Danielle want. He wants Ian out because that’s what Dan and Danielle want. Shane can’t think for himself. Final 2 will be Dan and Danielle!

      • But Ian sure was shaking after winning POV so he could take himself off, which is what Dan was hoping for….I still think Ian will change his mind once he gets a hold of the power of HoH again, which he can compete for since Dan won the latest one!

      • Don’t give Dan so much credit either. Ian has only gone up on the block once during the whole season with the hope of winning POV to get himself off of it. Dan’s been on the block once, but not by Ian’s hand! Ian’s done well at playing on many sides, fooling one of the biggest players in BB history! Dan’s already won in BB…he should allow someone else have the chance he did!

      • NO NO..Best I have gathered IAN was supposed to be evicted….Daniell is not only pissed that she was unexpectedly put on the block she is also pissed that IAN did not get evicted..

      • Obviously you have missed the fact that Dan is flopping all over the house like a chicken with it’s head chopped off. going to whoever has the power, he has finally misted himself. You don’t put up a player when you know that the majority want him out because he is a better player.

      • I am sure Dan is thinking this through, however, if the HG start comparing stories, Dan will unravel very fast. Ian does not forget and I am sure he realized he was Dan’s target and I hope at some point Jenn realizes how untrustworthy he is.

      • I totally agree with you, he’s manipulating Danielle to by puting her up, the only reason why he did that is because Danielle will do anything and everything dan tells her to do.

    • I was thinking the same thing but then again I think it was actually really smart Joe was the only one really gunning for Dan and has a general sense of what he was doing. I think Dan just played it safe To get rid of him and he built trust with Shane. And at least with anyone he has a better chance of convincing them if there hoh compared to Joe. I think everyone wants Ian out before Dan be the biggest threat to win game so hopefully Ian doesn’t win hoh.

    • Danielle knows what’s up, and that there was no way, with Ian and Shane voting, that she would be going home, so why would she get angry over it?

    • I was really surprised that Dan had nominated Danielle even if Joe was really the target, why not have put up Jenn instead, I don’t think she has any positive feelings about him after he broke his word to her ally Frank and evicted him.

  24. There really is nobody in this house anymore that deserves to win.. this game is not about the best player winning anymore it’s about being liked and lying your way to the top.. Frank deserved to win this game..

    • I do agree…Frank was no floater so I’m not happy he’s gone…I really hope they bring him back in an all-stars season or something.
      However, as shady as he is, Dan deserves to win this game, and he is the only one left who does…my new favorite is Jenn bc I hate the quackpack…I do not want Ian or Danielle to win at all.

  25. I have been an Ian fan since day 1 – but I finally believe production rigs the results – really? someone with a math mind is about to go home and they give him a visual math puzzle for POV – I am very very happy he won – but it is no clear to me production plays who stays and who goes

      • I don’t know if production had anything to do with it. Since Ian couldn’t play in the hoh comp, there was a chance of him going home. So, the production theory could actually be true.

      • Thank you Lee Armie – it was obvious ian was going up – but trust me I am very happy with the result – I hope he wins HOH and puts up Dan and Jenn

      • Production didn’t know that Dan would win but they did know Ian couldn’t play in the HOH so just in case he was nominated they wanted to give him a chance to win POV. And Joe was only ahead because he just kept going instead of trying to figure out the puzzle. That’s why he had to go back half way. Ian would stop and figure it out and that’s why he won.

    • The Pirate Ship HOH and Comet HOH were geared
      to favor smaller and lighter players like Danielle and
      Ian and yet, all the talk is production is rigging it to
      favor Frank! Please, enough of the BS, looks more
      like Ian is the favorite kid based on what has happened
      so far!

      • Production is trying to edit it to make Frank look like the innocent except he admits on live feeds that he cheated and then production knew they were screwed because someone put it on You Tube and so he had to go, and agree rigging competitions for the little contestants, but have to say glad Ian won. He is a cutie!

      • Gah stop with the cheating crap…it gets old. How’d he cheat? He held onto his HG choice chip because they had to re shoot the scene because of the camera angle. But, it doesn’t matter, the haters of Frank will never believe anything differently. I’ve met the guy, and he sincerely seems like a nice guy. Marion is a small town and he’s a typical small town Arkansas good ole country boy. He did well for himself for being on the block 6/8 weeks.

      • Actually sort of like him just sad he got stuck with Boogie, but like it or not he admitted to cheating and the video was on You Tube and he got caught giving Brittney the answer. He probably is a nice guy in real life but beileve being aligned with Boogie and following that scumbags advice and not listenting to his brain is what cost Frank in the end.

      • If it was geared towards lighter players why did Shame stay on til the end with Ian? And if you haven’t noticed they always have a comp like that each season, and one similar to the pirate ship too. Just sayin’.

  26. Frank has no class whatsoever. His sense of entitlement is disgusting. I’m so glad he’s gone. I like Joe-he’s a nice guy. I’m pretty sure Ian will get the most votes if he gets to F2. Dan has made too many enemies but played a great game.

    • I think Dan was looking to see if Ian was close to winning and Joe wasn’t and since Joe was not going to win Dan just stopped trying. The idea was always to get Joe out because Dan knew Joe was coming after him.

      • Don’t tell me Ian and Shane are less of a threat
        to Dan than, Joe? That is a hoot! Dan made a
        huge mistake on the renomination when he
        put up Danielle. He should have tried to get
        Shane out with Danielle and Jenn voting to evict
        Shane. Next week, Dan cannot play for HOH and
        Shane and Ian might just go after him and

      • Joe told everyone he was after Dan and that’s why he’s gone. If by some dumb luck Joe won HOH Dan would of been nominated. Now Dan has an alliance with everyone left in the house. He has the Quack Pack who will put Jenn up, he has a final 3 with Danielle and Jenn, a final 2 with Ian and a final 2 with Danielle.

  27. Ian is the only that is really fighting to stay in and I sure he know they are against him regardless of how he may play the remainder of the game. Call Ian Frank 2.0

  28. Yet another exciting double eviction! What a night! I’m so glad that Ian won the POV and was able to avoid eviction. I hope he can win HOH again and shake up the house!

    • Don’t think Ian was ever the target so he really did not have to worry. Joe was always the target.

      • Actually, Dan talked to Danielle about getting rid of Ian on BBAD. He knows Ian is a strong mental competitor, and Dan and Danielle talked about taking him out before the final 4. If Dan wasn’t targeting Ian, why didn’t het put Jenn and Joe up instead of Ian and Joe? He is in an alliance with Ian, after all.

      • He didn’t want Jenn to go either. He has an alliance with her and Danielle. Hell he has an alliance with everyone except Joe and that’s why Joe is gone. Best player ever…GO DAN!!!

  29. Sad day for all the Frankensteins out there. Now all we can do is is make sure he wins America’s favorite HG.

  30. Rooting for Ian! Danielle, Shane and Jen are all floaters. At least Ian and Dan are playing the game!

  31. way to be Ian! All the way buddy! All the way!

    Dan screwed up with the replacement noms though IMO. I realize he was under pressure and had to make his choice on a dime, but it was waste if time getting out Joe. He should have put up Shane and got him out. Now Dani is going to moan and groan forever about how Dan put her up, even though she really wasn’t in danger.

  32. tonight was predictable, although Ian came close to going home. Ian needs to wake up and realize he has become the new target and get them before he’s got! Now that Frank is gone, I am rooting for Ian.

  33. Do believe that if Frank had not been aligned with Boogie so early in the beginning I would of really liked him. He seemed to be nice when talking to Julie except when he lied about how he played an honest game. LOL was he serious, but besides that he seemed like he could of been a nice guy. Too bad he got stuck with Boogie as a coach.

  34. I can’t believe the hypocrisy of Dan, he grabs Ian by the neck and give’s him the evil eye for a minor slip when he did the same thing as shown on tv tonight.

    Have no respect for this bully.

      • The event I speak of occurred yesterday on the after dark feeds. Ian had just recounted his slip with Shane and Danielle who were evidently present when he made a slip that may have been taken as a sign to Frank that he was going home. Dan walks in and he repeats the events to Dan who makes a move toward Ian, Ian moves back Dan reaches around behind his neck to prevent him from retreating.

        Ian would not have moved back if he really felt safe. Player should not be allowed to make these types of moves against others in the house. Makes me wonder if Dan is loosing it. Could have come close to an removal from the house.

        I applaud Ian’s calmness. other HG would have gone on the defensive. Shameful because I don’t think Dan would have tried pulling this on anyone else.

      • I saw that and thought the same thing, the look in Dan’s eyes pretty much tells me he has a terrible temper. Can’t stand him.

  35. if these idiots dont target dan next week then they are truly idiots. best opportunity to get dan out next week if he doesnt win veto. and i am SUPER surprised that jenn is still in the house rather than joe. i guess she is playing a better social game than others have given her credit for. oh and shane+joe are so dumb LOL

  36. AWWW Frank sorry dude I won’t miss you because I’m done watching this Fake Ass Show take care and don’t vote IAN!

  37. I think we all need to remember that this is a cutthroat game and there WILL be lying and backstabbing. It’s part of the game. If you can’t take it, then maybe this isn’t the show for you. Dan did what he had to do to further his game. Was it honorable? Maybe not. But nobody is perfect, so nobody should judge him for it.

    • I don’t think any of the winners of BB have ever been what you call honorable. Remember Evil Dick, Dr. Will or even Rachel and what about the one winner that is now in prison. Only honorable winner I guess would be Jordan!

    • I judge him for being a bully

      The event I speak of occurred yesterday on the after dark feeds. Ian had just recounted his slip with Shane and Danielle who were evidently present when he made a slip that may have been taken as a sign to Frank that he was going home. Dan walks in and he repeats the events to Dan who makes a move toward Ian, Ian moves back Dan reaches around behind his neck to prevent him from retreating.Ian would not have moved back if he really felt safe. Player should not be allowed to make these types of moves against others in the house. Makes me wonder if Dan is loosing it. Could have come close to an removal from the house.I applaud Ian’s calmness. other HG would have gone on the defensive. Shameful because I don’t think Dan would have tried pulling this on anyone else.

  38. I agree with Margie. Jenn at least plays a under-the-radar social game and she is not completely useless in challenges that she wants to win in

  39. Lynn, Jenn does not have a chance at winning and she is in an alliance with Dan and Dani, that is why she is still there…….It has nothing to do with her skills, so just get over it.

  40. what’s up with pouty face? she must be figuring out that dano is not her night in shining armor…oh well……..

  41. Dan got greedy after taking Frank out and tried to take Ian out, too. Putting up Danielle is not a big deal because it assured Joe’s exit. Danielle will get that. Dan’ s pro lem will be with Ian, once Ian stops shaking.

      • Dan and Danielle talked about getting rid of Ian, because he is a strong mental compeititor. They talked about not taking him to the final 4 because he would be too dangerous. Dan isn’t loyal to the quack pack. He’s just doing what he can to win.

  42. If Frank was smart he would have thrown Dan under the bus because he’s a snake and he doesn’t care about it. Frank deserved to stay because he was a target just for being a good player. Most of the other house guests just floated on buy with untrustworthy alliances and stabs in the back.

    • He simply wasn’t thinking. He was EMBARASSED and felt like a LOSER. I would have reacted the same way.

  43. tbh i think dan fked up trying to win this HOH and putting ian up. if ian isnt retarded, he would know that he is public enemy #1. howevr i do think ian is a stupid retard and will continue to kiss dans ass

    • You can’t even form a sentence or spell and you are calling Ian a retard? Really? Clearly, there is a direct correlation between your name and your intelligence level.

  44. Dan made a huge mistake voting to evict Frank. Should have let Ian break the tie. Maybe he thought Ian and Frank were working together? Or, how would he explain voting to evict Joe to the rest of the QP. Why didn’t Frank rat out Dan before he left? Too shocked? I hope Jenn rats Dan out. Dan will never win now. Frank will tell everyone in the jury what he did. Here’s hoping. GO IAN. Get out Dan next week.

    • Frank is clearly the winner of this game. Certainly Big Brother will ask
      Frank back – perhaps for a new All Star Season. Way to go Frank!!

      Dan doesn’t hold a candle to Frank’s game.

      I have lost total respect for Dan, the bible toter swearing allegiance
      to Frank on his wedding ring, Chelsea his wife and the cross necklace
      his grandfather gave him – shaking Frank’s hand only to betray the value
      and meaning of trust. Here’s a scripture for you Dan Gheesling Mark 8:36
      — For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and
      lose his own soul? — I hope you lose the game, the respect of your wife
      and learn something about the value of trust. As Far as Dan Gheesling
      teaching teenagers in a Catholic School – Wow, what a great example to
      them, and the viewing audience who may not even read their bible to see
      how flippant and easy it is to blow off sanctity and trust for a bit a
      cash. Nice Dan – how are you going to justify and make excuses for

  45. frank was not that good of a player. shane won just as many comps as frank and he wasnt on the block every week. maybe that shows that frank was horrible at social game and never made any real attempt to make alliances outside of boogie. hes not a great player. hes someone whos good at comps everything else sucked

    • Shane was only good at physical challenges, not mental or endurance comps because he’s not very bright. Frank on the other hand was good at the other ones too.

  46. Why do U think F-word didn’t tell the house about Dan’s lies and their “alliance”? ….. would have killed ALL credibility that he had with anyone.

  47. jenn is an underestimated player i think and she will do anything to keep herself safe. i think she might be the 1 to rat Dan out

    • Especially after tonight. I see Jenn being the one who will rip Dan a new one before the season is over.

      • I think it might be Ian that catches on to Dan. I would be suspicious if the person who promised me final two nominated me for eviction. Maybe Ian will go toe-to-toe with Dan like he did with Frank.

      • I didn’t say that he did nominate her. I think Jenn will figure out what Dan is really about and call him out for it. She’s a smart girl and I don’t think she’s gonna take much more crap from him. She’s gonna realize he’s playing everyone in different ways. That’s just MY opinion.

  48. Ian doesn’t know what to think. I’m not sure if Ian actually knows that he was the target. Dan was a little rude when he told Ian to get in here I want to talk to you then proceeded to tell Ian what he was going to do and I think he told Ian what to do, as well……..Ian voted Joe out, just like Dan told him to do……what the hell is wrong with those idiots.

      • Dan is very smart and when you are working with idiots, you will look not only appear to be smart, you will appear to be a genius.

      • Exactly…it’s like when a top 10 college football team gives a beating to a lowly school….they look like they’re big and bad…

      • So if he wins are you saying he won over idiots only? If he was that good he needs to be on All Stars not on a season where most players never saw the game or if they did it was just before they came into the house.

      • I most certainly am not saying that all of the hgs are idiots. I am saying that the hgs that are currently in the house are brain dead.

    • How is it rude to try and talk to your alliance about what everyone wants to do especially when you only have ates???

      • In my opinion, Dan’s tone was harsh……Ian, get in here, I want to talk to you. Ian should have said, go talk to someone else cause I’m done with you. I’m no Ian fan and I used to be a Dan lover, but Dan’s arrogance is a little too much for me right now. If he humbles himself a bit, I’m back on board.

    • Really you don’t know what you are talking about Ian has long wanted to get Joe out, he also wants Jenn out. They have been his targets for a long time. The only reason Ian did not get Frank the first time he put him up was because Dan is not as good at this game as people might suggest. If Dan were smart he would not be bullying Ian, and Ian would have blindside Frank.

      • Not sure what you are even ranting about. I know Ian wanted Joe out. However, if Dan wanted Joe to stay, Dan would have told Ian to vote Danielle out and Ian would have done it. I’m sure you missed the point, but my point was that Ian and the rest are doing exactly what Dan tells them to do.

  49. If Frank was smart he would have thrown Dan under the bus because he’s a snake and he doesn’t care about it. Frank deserved to stay because he was a target just for being a good player. Most of the other house guests just floated on buy with untrustworthy alliances and stabs in the back.

  50. did u see the she devil posing her pretty dress in the kitchen for about 10 min. slut bag needs to go.

  51. There is nobody left that I want to win…Big Brother is full of crap for how they fix the competitions and Ian is a creep. I am sorry but anyone who wants to win hoh so they can jack off (and would say that when they know everyone in America is watching) is a loser!

  52. I’m hoping Dan doesn’t make it to the final three. I liked him till he broke a swear on the bible. I don’t care how great people think he is at this game, you just don’t do that. Lost all respect for him.

  53. Do the evicted players get to see each other once they join the jury? And do they get to watch past shows to see who played who and who lied?

    • They see each other and discuss what happened to them. They only get a DVD that shows comps, nothing else. We should see how the jury house on Sunday.

  54. Ian managed to save himself but is completely oblivious to what Dan was going to do to him. I dont see him wising up anytime soon and his demise is still imminent. Rest of the season will be awfully boring

  55. I am assuming BB is holding HOH until after the President’s acceptance speech – on this fixing issue – I assume there are three types comps – those with muscles – (shane and Frank)- those who are small (most ladies and Ian) and those with brains 9 Ian) – the only question is, does production chose which comp they want based on who they want to win?

  56. I really wanted Janelle to win first, after she was evicted I was rooting for Britney. They always made it so close to the end and lost. But now I am rooting for Dan. YES he swore on the bible and backstabbed Frank. YES he is willing to throw anyone under the bus. But that is what makes him a great player and that is what this game is all about… if he makes it to final 2 he deserves to win.

  57. Dan taking Danielle to the final 2 is his best bet — he could justify all of his actions by saying that he got his player to the end and majority of the jury wouldn’t vote for Danielle to win (just like no one voted for Natalie in Season 11).

  58. Did Jenn and Dani make some pact after Frank left? Maybe it was after Joe left…they went off together to chat. The camera is on Dani, every time the guys mention Jenn. Makes me wonder what they have going on.

    • I might be wrong and I normally am, but I think Dani is going to align herself with Shane and Jenn.

      • you could be right on that one. she gets surprised and upset every time dan messes with her. it seems that ian will continue to align with dan, unclear about shane.

      • ian is so dumb blindly trusting dan with all his heart even though he was nommed by him and couldve gone because of that. if ian wants to win he gotta get Dan out but unfortunately he is a pussy and will continue to kiss dans ass.

    • They have talked about an all girl’s alliance before and Janelle told them no one has won the big prize when taking a male to the end.

      • @disqus_vu4BuOXHrw:disqus Just wanted to stop by and make my last post. I did send some messages and hope you see this one. I am done with BB after watching since S1. I cancelled my feeds, stopped recording the shows and could care less who wins. I was holding out for Frank and when he was let go that was enough for me. Dan disgusts me in so many ways. The people left I can’t stand watching. My main reason is that I never liked the coaches part when they let them enter the game. They have all played before and had their chances before. I would rather see any of these reality shows return to the way they use to be when all new players are brought into the game. I know they have a lot of people who would want to play this game. Let returning players be for All Stars and then they are on an even field.
        It was really nice chatting with you during the season and hope you enjoy the rest of it. I just wanted to send my last post to you. Take care.

      • @lavendargirl:disqus Yep after tonight’s show, stopped my dvr from recording, cancelled feeds, not watching and could care less who wins HOH and you are my last post excepto to say goodbye to my good friend. Hope you enjoy.

  59. Frank is gone, now get rid of Jenn and then i don’t care who wins……Frank has been clueless the entire season, repeatedly trusting the same peoplle who where trying to get rid of him. Best game play has been Dan, with Ian a close second…..but if Ian survives to the end he will win …..

    • robert, jenn isnt as useless as u think she is. shane/danielle are WAY more useless than her. u gotta remember that jenn survived this long without the help of her coach (boogie only cared for frank). jenn has played a great UTR floating game and she isn’t totally worthless in mental competitions.she just isn’t a physical competitor

  60. I agree with Mathew (the writer here), this could have definately been Dan’s biggest mistake of the season. He’ll have a tough time getting jury votes, if he makes final 2. Too bad, as I’d like to see him take it all. Even if he threw Frank his vote tonight, Frank still would have gone home. He could have told the others it was a return favour from last week. This could definately be his downfall…I see Danielle jumping ship now that Dan “put her up”, although clearly he knew she was safe.

  61. Jenn is the only one that was true and kept her word to Frank I was team Frank now I am team Jenn. Come on girl go go go

    • I know! I hated Frank at the beginning and then started to like him after he pulled Dan off the block. Now I feel so bad for him. I’d have been PO’d too!

      • But like Frank said he was screwed either way everyone was coming after him at least he had a chance with Dan.

  62. Did anyone else find Dan and Joe’s night conversation to be hilarious? Joe wasn’t even smart enough to play it off.

      • It’s funny because Joe is known to be the snitch in the house. I always thought he wasn’t that bad until I saw that,

        Dan was like Dan? I am Dan, then Joe was like hey what’s sup? I truly was dying in laughter.

  63. Dan may have gotten Frank evicted from the house, but he doesn’t really deserve as much credit as we bestow on him. Now that Frank is in the jury house, where he’ll be able and will tell all, Dan’s reputation as a Big Brother player among other house guests is irreparably destroyed. If Dan receives and accepts an invitation to an All-Stars season, he’d be swiftly evicted. His reputation from here on out is that of an All-Star Snake. He’ll never recover, and regardless of whether he wins this season (I don’t care), he doesn’t seem to get it.

      • I disagree. Reality TV isn’t exactly a temple of virtue. The only grounds for banning a player is if they physically assault someone. But on Dan’s moral conduct… if he makes it to final two, his odds of winning to me are 50/50. The jury may abhor his actions and reward guest x, but Big Brother has a record of having some of the dumbest reality TV contestants, so they may instead reward his behavior, i.e. make an Evil Dick out of him.

      • Evil Dick’s season is the only season that I missed. Was he as bad as Dan this season? I just can’t get over him swearing on the bible. That truly disturbs me.

      • Evil Dick was just that, a dick. he isn’t as strategic as Dan, but equally vile and shameless as Booger and Dr. Will, otherwise in a game of wits? his strategy involved kissing his daughters rear end for most of that season with trying to make up for being a dick of a father too, he bullied everyone and gossiped like an old woman, his daughter Daniele is also a piece of work. not a compliment by any means.

      • Dan made this season. Like look at the comments everything about him good or bad he s made the show way more popular. And the jury is always up in the air some ppl hold grudges like survivor and some give it up to the ppl that got them out. You just never know with jury.

  64. The biggest messup of the season…..Daniell wins HOH puts Dan (she has to make it look good ) as a pawn against Jenn… Shane or Ian win veto and do not use it…. Dan goes to jury cause Shane and Ian vote him out….That would be so dam funny….

    • Their biggest chance of getting out Dan is this coming
      week. If Danielle, Shane, Ian and Jenn still cannot figure
      out why they need to get out Dan then, they may as well
      hand the $500,000 check to Dan now! Dan can still
      survive if he wins POV but, they have to take their
      shot now. Dan wasted his HOH on evicting Joe! He
      should have put up Shane as replacement and gotten
      Danielle and Jenn to evict Shane! Then, he would have
      had to worry only about Ian! Now, he has to deal with
      Ian, Shane and Danielle all possibly out to evict him.
      Jenn could care less and will go along as long as she
      is not the target!

      • I think it was snare of Dan Joe the only person gunning for him. And if anyone else wins hoh he at least has a way better chance than if Joe wins.

  65. If Dan wasn’t playing Danielle’s game for her, she wouldn’t have any game play at all……..poor STUPID-STUPID Danielle. Now she should really have a valid reason to CRY more tears, it was only because Dan and Boogie made the game play decisions for her to make her look good! She got on the wrong reality show by mistake for sure!

    • She should have auditioned for the show “Pretty Little Liars”. She would give a truly authentic performance.

    • Could you imagine her on a reality dating show? I heard that’s what she originally tried out for. Holy crap she’s a mess in the BB house with her Shame nomance, imagine what a mess she’d be on a dating show!

    • What a poor excuse of a woman! I don’t want anyone taking her to F2, she doesn’t deserve anything.

  66. yesterday danielle said she left frank a really good goodbye message. guess nobody will know if thats true

    • It’s still going on. Before the feeds went to trivia all the HG’s were dressed for a physical comp. Now that’s just what I observed and I could be wrong.

  67. HOH is going on presently… and Dan i’m sure is happy because this is an HOH he doesn’t want to play as someone will get his hands dirty.

    Ian Wins: Jenn and Shane up. Dani Replacement Jenn goes. QP 4 ever Ian your dumb you need to backstab if you want to be an evil player.
    Dani Wins: Ian and…Shane?Jenn? Replacement?
    Jenn Wins: Ian and Shane up. Replacement Dan(unless *mist*). Dani has to choose between Shane and Dan(*mist*).
    Shane Wins: Who the hell knows but fat chance of it happening anyway that guy is dumb dumb dumb. (*m8st* so Jenn and Ian)

    All these scenarios are currently on the last things i’ve seen, but Dan’s *mist* can improve any number of scenarios further to his advantage.

    Can’t wait to see the next POV, some hard choices might have to be made.

    • Dan could wind up on the chopping block. Although,
      the ewbies have been dummies all season, even a
      broken clock is right twice a day! All it takes is a little spark to jog the brain cells that, there are only 5
      players left and Dan is a very good player. Why not nominate and get him out while, we can? Dan also
      wasted his HOH in getting rid of Joe instead of putting
      up Shane as replacement nominee and having Danielle and Jenn evict him! And Dan cannot play for HOH this week which is a huge plus in nominating Dan! Alliances
      mean nothing in the Big Brother House with all the lies,
      backstabbing and betrayal going on. It may not seem
      likely but, Dan could be at great risk of being evicted
      this week!

      • i agree there is always risk… and Dan wanted Ian out, missed, then wanted Shane out but didnt have enough time to be sure Danielle would vote his way ( Ian wasn’t ) so he folded to joe, which is still great for him as Joe would 100% put up Dan, not the others.

        I’m seing the best scenarios for Dan because i’m a bit biased ofc ( Team Dan ), but then again, the houseguests are dumb and Dan has had to to convince them of wayyyy harder stuff that what he will this week.

  68. I hope they bring Frank back another year, he was fun and entertaining to watch. Not to mention a breath of fresh air with his honesty, integrity and morals even if it is a game. What a decent, respectable guy. He never had to swear on a bible or embarrass himself to stay in the game. Good Job Frank! We’ll miss watching you!

  69. Dan should of chosen Jenn and Joe for eviction, without him charring the bridge with Danielle, he also could of voted to keep Frank with Ian being the tie-breaker, which he was more than willing to do. covering his basis with Frank going into jury. him nominating Ian was a slight surprise, although considering he directed Ian to act pissed during the Veto ceremony, helped to keep up appearances. I really wanted Danielle gone, but she was simply a pawn. Joe shouldn’t of revealed his plan to put up Dan to Shane, which turned out to be Dan. since it was in the dark, just wow, Joe was simply no threat, only the true floater left in the house. Dan certainly could of handled that better, considering how well he has been playing lately.

    • I think Dan was right to put up Danielle in a game sense because 1) she’s a surefire way to guarantee Joe leave and
      2) Danielle is wrapped around his finger-they’ve already made up!

  70. Dan is such a hypocritical “Christian”. I believe in God but I don’t classify myself as a Christian because I don’t follow everything in the Bible. Evel Dick is right, all these people walk around with the Bible in their hand but don’t follow it. You guys say it’s only a game but I would have no problem with him if he lied and didn’t swear on the Bible or carried it around. Just shows his true colors.

  71. Dan is on top of this house. He is a very social player. He asks questions of players about their outside life. Very few do or did.

  72. yall gotta love this one…..Somebody on Wilie Hantz’s TWITTER page just called Daniell the “bunny boiler”…lmao….hence her “fatal attraction” for Shane….lmmao..

  73. Putting up Danielle was not the dumb move, putting up Ian was. Ian is the only player left who deserves the money other then Dan, also he could win the next HOH and target Dan. Unless Dan fools him again.

  74. lord all help us another week of danielle! geez…and now she is “offended” she got nominated. moah? queen bee nominated? its going to be a looooong week. its going to be hard to watch the twisted sister oogle all week at herself yet again. and now we got to throw in more whining! but hey at least we will learn more about her this week…i wonder what degree she will have earned this week. i hate silver spooners!

  75. I don’t think Dan is quite the genius that he thinks he is, why would he not just throw a vote Frank’s way so he could appear to have kept his word in Frank’s eyes, assuming that Ian would have been the tie breaker and surely would have voted Frank out. The fact that Dan is supposedly such a devout Catholic YET he STILL swore on The Bible and his marriage, etc. that he would not betray Frank BUT still did doesn’t really show Dan playing the game as much as it just shows that he is totally ruthless, that none of his morals or values mean a thing to him. Dan’s behavior reminds me of what had done Twila in on the one season of Survivor where she was really ripped apart by the jury because she had sworn something on her son’s life yet she broke her word.

  76. Can Dan prevent all of the others from getting together among themselves and discovering that Dan has final 2 deals with ALL of them and THEN they would realize that he was absolutely not to be trusted and vow to vote him out once he is put on the block?

    • Eventually they’ll figure it out but it’ll have to be Ian who connects the dot as Dan’s little brat will just wine and stare at a mirror. Jenn will be occupied with her next “Big Move”. Shane will just be clueless.

  77. Ian thinking he has an ally in Dan is disturbing to watch. Ian is literally going to carry Dan to the final 2 only for Dan to win it all. Dan’s social game is amazing, give him 5 minutes to explain why he should win and everyone’s opinion’s will literally change.

  78. Frank is clearly the winner of this game. Certainly Big Brother will ask
    Frank back – perhaps for a new All Star Season. Way to go Frank!!

    Dan doesn’t hold a candle to Frank’s game.

    I have lost total respect for Dan, the bible toter swearing allegiance
    to Frank on his wedding ring, Chelsea his wife and the cross necklace
    his grandfather gave him – shaking Frank hand only to betray the value
    and meaning of trust. Here’s a scripture for you Dan Gheesling Mark 8:36
    — For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and
    lose his own soul? — I hope you lose the game, the respect of your wife
    and learn something about the value of trust. As Far as Dan Gheesling
    teaching teenagers in a Catholic School – Wow, what a great example to
    them, and the viewing audience who may not even read their bible to see
    how flippant and easy it is to blow off sanctity and trust for a bit a
    cash. Nice Dan – how are you going to justify and make excuses for

  79. I am super disappointed that Frank went home. I can’t believe he trusted Dan. I lost respect for Dan after he swore on his marriage and bible that he would keep Frank safe & then evicted him. I know you have to use stradegy to stay in the game but that is the lowest of them all. Danielle is the worst player of them all. She is only around as Dans puppet. I can’t wait to see her & her trashtalking mouth get evicted. She is boring and vain. I hope Ian or Jenn win now that Frank is gone.

  80. Jenn needs to go home. She thinks she is such a huge threat for winning the veto and taking Dan off the block…well who cares! She has not done a thing besides that and she should go home! I cannot stand her anymore because she thinks she is so good at this game. She just started to get in an alliance now?! So that makes her a huge target? Dan and Ian deserve to go to the final 2! They are the only ones left who have played this game hard! I personally want Dan to win! He is the best player ever! :)

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