Big Brother 14: Week 8 Eviction Predictions

Tonight on Big Brother 14 another two houseguests will be evicted and while we can’t figure out who will be nominated for the second round of the double eviction we can look at the first part. Things look pretty solid for tonight’s first eviction, but it is Big Brother so you never know until Julie reveals the vote.

Here’s your chance to contribute your own prediction along with those from other great Big Brother sites. Cast your vote in our poll for tonight’s eviction and then share your thoughts on who will be sent packing.

Tomorrow we’ll be interviewing tonight’s evicted Big Brother 14 HG so feel free to share any questions you might have and we just might use it.

Big Brother 14 Week 8 Eviction Predictions – Frank or Joe:

Big Brother 14 - Frank Eudy
Big Brother 14 - Frank Eudy
Big Brother 14 - Frank Eudy
Big Brother Source Big Brother 14 - Frank Eudy
Big Brother's Spoilers Big Brother 14 - Frank Eudy
Big Brother Access Big Brother 14 - Frank Eudy
Big Brother Junkies Big Brother 14 - Frank Eudy
Big Brother Live Big Brother 14 - Frank Eudy
Zap2It Big Brother 14 - Frank Eudy

Is this finally the end for Frank? What do you think? Share your guess in the poll below!


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  1. I’m already frustrated thinking that the final 3 will be Joe, Jenn and Danielle. At least the season is almost over (and I NEVER say that about BB)

    • Why don’t you like this season? And why isn’t Dan in that final 3? For me Dan made this season so entertaining? And this season has for sure been unlike any other season I don’t even know if I can count how many alliances has been made and they all last like a week.

      • All the other HGs know how unloyal and dangerous Dan is. He will probably be the biggest target after this week. If I were in the game I would want to take Joe with me to the final 2. He has done nothing all arson to warrant a jury vote and has no close FREINDS in the house. Easy win for all the others. Dan needs to win out like frank has done most of the season IMO to have any chance at final 2.

      • Man Dan had a discussion with the devil? do you have a flashback time and cam? ive never seen the devil before…

      • @89a021ca5de6dceaaf19225d18997bb6:disqus Its not that I dont like this season, its just that this season doesnt seem to be very good when it comes to entertainment. I enjoy watching good game play mixed in with drama. This season has little of both. Dan did 1 thing. Before he was on the block, he just laid around and did nothing. This is THE season of floaters.

      • Yeah I do agree with that but to be fair Dan kinda had to lay low for a bit he already has a target before walking into the house. And I admit the first half was not that good but now you have to admit its pretty intense

  2. Its a sad day…Frank is leaving, but what is worse is the fact that the poor kid is clueless about the whole thing. Dan has hit a new low in my books. Is the money worth what he has done? I wonder how proud his parents and wife are of him? I would be ashamed.

    • He playing for his family to have a better life. And give it a break Dr.Will most entertaining player because he lied cheat and steal. And Dan has to his first time he played very honest and now everyone expects that and has to adjust his game. And look what he done to the show. And your like a Bieber fan you hate on them on the BB fan site and just making him more popular.

      • That’s all fine and dandy. But you see nothing wrong with him swearing on his dead grandfather, the holy cross, the bible, his marriage ring and his wife? Come on, too much is too much. Its only money.

      • is that why that bumper sticker i saw says “GOD IS COMING AND BOY HE IS PISSED?” think it has anything to do with dan?

      • Yeah I do agree there a line but I get that he said he swore on the final 2 deal in DR but in the actual conversation on Dans funeral episode the only thing I saw was he swore on everything that the information. He was telling him was true and it was and then they just shook on it? Maybe he forgot that he just did that for information? It is a crazy game

      • Personally, I think the swearing on his wife & dead grandfather was something that was DEAD ASS WRONG & it was something that should have been a “Red Flag” to Frank (usually when people go to swearing on their wife, kids, dead relatives, etc…9 times out of 10 they are LYING & just swearing on these people to convince you of their lie!!)! But I don’t see the issue with swearing on a cross & the “bible”! Geez friggin whiz…it’s a statute & just a book (written by MAN, by the way!!)…so, people, get over it!! People swear to God all the time & still lie, so what’s the difference with swearing on a simple book!?

      • I mean really, what’s the difference with Dan swearing on the bible & your favorite pastor twisting a passage in the bible to make people pony up more money to the church…NOTHING!! People have been using God & Religion to dupe & deceive others since the beginning of time, so people please don’t act like you all are so SHOCKED & APPALLED at this!!

      • Playing for his family? yeah right.. did you miss it when it was shown on tv that his dad is a famous wrestler? Sid Vicisous? that he lives in Naples? hello… Naples FL is an expensive place to live.. and if he hasnt worked in 3 yrs where does his money come from?? I think he is ok but he is a bully and a big mouth farting fool..ezpecially since he has believed Dan and him F2.. what an idiot if he believes that! I dont care who wins this season, but I dont think a floater should win.. I want either Shane, Ian Joe..

      • I actually think Frank has done the most in the house to win the season. What he done wrong is his fatal flaw as you mentioned. His stupidity and trusting off Dan and boogie. Had he played the social role like Shane has he would be the obvious choice. Too late now tho. I expect him to go home tonight and Dan soon. Maybe tonight as well. Strongest player list IMO.


      • normally i would agree that floaters should not win, but if Dan pulls Jenn to F2, I hope and pray that Jenn wins. The biggest move would then be by the jury and send a message. Brit can do her fake phone call again and we can get a good laugh.

    • his wife will go shopping and his parents helped make him who he is a dirty lowdown rat who uses God to get what he wants

      • It’s a frickin game show calm down. And it’s funny how ppl come to the fan site and try to hate on Dan it’s just making him more popular. And there’s a reason why Dan was greatly leading in the popularity votes the last couple weeks.

    • Frank is a puppet. He was a puppet for Boogie and he tried to be a puppet for Dan. Dan played him like the fool that Frank is. He can win comps but he needs someone else to tell him what to do with his power. He’s unable to play his own game – Hell, he doesn’t even know what his game is! He doesn’t deserve to win. If it wasn’t for Boogie he would never have gotten as far as he did!! I see him on BBAD moping around like he knows he’s going home but then he talks game with people and it sounds like he thinks he’s safe. He doesn’t even trust his own instincts. He’s too wishy-washy to win anything. No backbone. No balls. Can’t wait to see him go!

      • I think the same thing. Frank wouldn’t have lasted as long as he did if it wasn’t for Boogie. He really doesn’t know how to play this game, and is making it easy for Dan. He’s not a bad person and he seems to have control of his temper, which makes him likeable. If he is moping around, maybe that is him trying to act as if he is worried about going home? I can’t wait to see him walk out the door and sit down with Julie!

      • I guess you don’t watch BBAD. If you did you would see what I mean about him moping around. He just has a look of despair and depression no matter who he’s talking to (even those he thinks are evicting Joe). And it seems as though he’s making the other HGs uncomfortable too. I understand your theory but I don’t think that’s what it is. He just really annoys me for some reason. I wish he would take off that stupid hat!!! I still can’t believe Dan convinced him to keep him around. That move was unbelievable and the fact that Frank fell for it . . . well, I think that was all Dan needed to realize this game was his for the taking and for me to realize I was rooting for Dan.

      • He’s not a bad person. He just doesn’t have any game when it comes to BB. Face it – he was so played by Dan. Maybe Boogie told him upon his departure to team up with a strong player and that’s why he chose to trust Dan. Don’t know but for weeks leading up to that moment Frank and Boogie had their sights on Dan getting evicted. Frank’s first chance at actually doing it and he caves. Like I said, no backbone. No game. He was Boogie’s puppet all along.

      • It seems alot of people think that Ian betrayed his team.

        Wrong, coaches went into the game and were coaches no more, they were only in it for themselves, coaches sold their teams out.

        Ian seems to have been the only one to catch on to this. He was not obliged to anyone.

    • Actually his wife tweeted she was proud of him. And i would be willing to bet she knows him better than any of us. If she can accept what he does then that’s all that matters.

      • what would you expect? do you really think she would say anything negative to the US public? Given Dan selected three women at the beginning tells me something about him.

      • I would expect her to say nothing at all. Her silence would speak volumes if she disliked his gameplay.

      • and that’s why she said something, to say nothing would ruin his chances in America’s Choice. It’s all about the money for them.

      • Isn’t it all about the money for ALL of them? Why get locked up with 13 strangers if you’re not there to take home the big prize. Doubt if Dan would win Americas Choice anyway. I’m guessing Frank or Ian will take that prize.

    • I would say they are darn proud of Dan, but as for Frank bet his NANA is so embarrassed she won’t even go out in public after his filthy mouth and name calling and cheating and bullying.

      • Hope you’re right. But I think it might be Ian next. He can’t play in the next HOH and we all know that Frank is leaving, and that Jenn and Joe suck at comps, so that leaves Dan, Shameless and Duncelle as the real competitors. If either of them win I think that they will nominate Ian and Joe, Shameless will win veto and then since Joe is no real threat they will get rid of Ian.

      • I don’t see the Quack Pack breaking up tonight. One of the floaters will be going (unless they shock us all by winning competitions).

      • personally, the only person I would like to see win is Ian. if you think Ian is annoying, you have the problem. you must be one of those people who don’t believe in ADHD or think they should be ostracized from the public. I would not have a problem being in there with Ian.

        Dan’s the most annoy, he is a bully. I really believe that this game reveals alot about the person. I think Dan lost it while locked up. The only opportunity he has if pulls Jenn to final two.

    • What show are you watching??? Dan made one of the biggest moves in BB history. Even Julie said all the entertainment stations and even New York Post were talking about his move.

      • She’s watching Big Brother…But you’re right! It was a big move Dan made and it was also soooo original! Who else would stoop so low than good ol’ pipsqueak Dan to swear allegiance to Frank on your own family while using God to do it? Way to go Dan you used God in your plan for 500k!

      • 1. It’s not Sunday. 2. I can go when I like, it’s none of your business. And 3. Since you went there, How come you aren’t?

      • I’m not the one having a nervous breakdown over a game where someone swore on the bible…YOU ARE!!!

      • As course Julie will say that, she’s the host and trying 2 promote it. Why wouldn’t she, even if it’s not true, her husband is president or something high up involving the show. As for as the entertainment postings of course they will support them. So thats why we as viewers should condoned what he did ?? Sry, but I lost all respect for Dan in the last week or two. I understand its a game and all, but for his last few cut throat antics, the guy should be ashamed of himself.

      • She wasn’t just saying it. Did you bother to read the New York Post or live in New York. Julie was telling the truth.

    • Dan has remained semi-quiet until necessary and winning over the majority of the houseguests other than the other “former” player/coaches! That is playing a good game if you ask me…it’s the quiet and formidable ones you have to keep a closer watch over!

  3. britney will Laugh her a$$ off when she sees frank, because she is expecting Ian… I was rooting for Frank because he was the underdog but winning competitions is only PART of the BB game… Dan has mastered the game no matter how you feel about him, he is playing the best. I hope that he wins the HOH next and takes down Shane… I hope Dan makes it to the end with Danielle, I feel he could beat her in the end. Dan’s pitch to the jury could be that he “coached” Danielle to the end… and she was in on all everything… He just might win against her!

  4. Dan all the way!!! He played this game like no other….He is a very smart person, not sure how he got this far without everyone finding out. Hope he wins again…Dans the Man!!!

    • Smart? thats funny All those players (except Frank) are completely dumb as stumps. Nothing more then a bunch of sheep, they question nothing and believe everything. Dan being smart has nothing to do with this.

      • Frank is second only to Danielle as clueless. The only thing he has done is align himself with ex winners and win comps to save himself. He has no social game at all. He is an arrogant KID. He needs to grow up as much as Ian. His stories about being on a shuttle mission pure BS. Come on come up with more realistic lies. At least Joe has entertaining stories. None true but he is entertaining. Frank deserves nothing from this game.

  5. I don’t care what reality show it is, everyone lies, backstabs, and does whatever it takes to win the money. To all the cry babies that think Dan is so bad, get real already it’s a game people. You do what you have to. All you goody-two shoes saying *oh how awful” don’t watch the show then. This is what makes it interesting. To Frank i say bye bye sucker.
    To all you little cry babies that think Dans so bad, get real its part of the game. This kind of game play goes on in almost every reality show. If you want the money you have to manipulate ande do what ever it takes. If you goody-two shoes don’t like it don’t watch the show. Really some people are so nieve to think you don’t deserve the money if you have a plan to get yourself ahead in the game even if it means to lie. To Frank i say bye bye sucker you won’t be missed.

    • OK so if we disagree we are cry babies? OK i know it’s a game but why can’t people disagree with others without being called names and that goes both ways. everyone has a favorite player here. and not everyone is going to like how one player plays and that’s OK. i just don’t see why everyone can’t say what they want without being called cry babies. she i didn’t call you any names so go ahead and disagree with me i don’t care just stop calling people cry babies.

      • Then don’t watch this show. The whining is getting ridiculous. I don’t like lying, backstabbing and cheating to be rewarded also…but it happens in real life too!

      • Totally agree. And like honestly would you watch a game show were everyone was nice and was just like no it’s your turn to win hoh because you have me a hug last week. I really don’t think big brother would of lasted 14 seasons. And take this site for example you think this many ppl would be commenting if they didn’t have some sort of interest?

      • You do not think this happens in life? This game is a reflection of life. It happens all the time and you must not see it. Look at politics they do it all the time in the name of the people. Nough said on this subject. Enjoy the entertainment of the show. LOL

      • Other people say “it’s just a game”, you say “It happens in real life”. You need to get your rhetoric together.

      • How are you going to go through the whole game without lying or backstabbing? Even if you resort to leaving out something and not out right lying then it’s deceit by omission. It’s not possible to play a totally honest game. Total honesty = eviction.

    • Actually I like the British version better because Dan’s game would not work.

      What is wrong with people here? Do you really enjoy seeing people suffer, seeing people bully?

      We say it’s a game, but I don’t know of any game with rule to regulate game play, but we all have the good sense to limit ourselves. BB says we don’t care about sportsmanship.

      Given that there are over 300mil in US and only about 7mil watch we are talking about 2% of the population. and from the rating it is obvious that people are just like me. We have are favorite and stop watching when the are gone. I am the same with any tv show I watch. If there is just one actor I want to watch, if they leave the show I stop watching.

      BB14 is now at 86% from first show and falling.

      BB know what I say is true, that is why the show the jury. or the number would drop more!

      So for that 1% of the population that enjoy watching evil, know you are in the minority.

  6. Anyone else notice how Dan always turns his head to one side so that you can only see his profile after he talks in the DR? I guess it’s hard to look straight in the camera after all that lyin’!

  7. did anyone notice Dans evil eyes when he put his hands on Ians throat on after dark when Ian told Dan he Told Joe about having the bed to himself then he said he was sorry.Then he told Dani that he told jenn he was putting up Shane then told her he just said that when she told Shane he said maybe we could put up Joe then she said no Dan said he didnt mean that for real and then Dani said they will still vote out Frank because she hates him

    • YES!! I seen him take a throat hold on Ian,and saw the evil in Dan,s eyes when he did it..Then He came back and took the yo yo from Ian..Dan is evil..Hope the good Lord is protecting any & all animals that Dan comes in contact with..Ian,s stuffed bear,Dan wrapped a rope around it’s neck & hung it over the balcony rail..The look in Dan eyes,and the twitching of his body while is was doing this was scary as hell..Dan is very evil..I believe he has the producers of BB fooled,in the lies he tells them…Sorry BB,but best you help the others to remove Dan before he does Harm to you or others in the BBH..

    • Dan is going to take Ian out the first chance he gets and that very well might be tonight with the 2nd evict.

  8. Frank has been my favorite hg ever!!! I am really gonna hate to seem him go. I cannot figure out why everybody is against him. Maybe because he is so good?

  9. The smart choice would be to get rid of Frank but these idiots kept Dan when they should have voted him out so there is no telling what they will do.

    • I agree…that would be a good final 3. Not sure Shane would win though. I think Ian would get the jury votes if only because of his part in Boogies eviction.

  10. This is the most boring season ever!!! Frank is so oblivious to everything and Danielle is annoying as heck…


  12. I re-watched the talk Dan had with Frank last week a few times now. I heard him swear on his wife and dead grandfathers cross and the bible for the information he was bringing to Frank WAS the truth and it was. The deal they shook on was not that of swearing on anything. And in my opinion people are taking what Dan did out of context!!! Everyone seems to be ragging on Dan and this was the perfect game move. He would be sitting in jury right now if it wasn’t for this. I say brilliant move Dan Gheesling!!!
    And why is it ok that Frank has a F2 deal with Joe (which is now void this they are on the block together) Jenn, Dan and he was trying to make one with Shane as well. But its not ok for Dan to secure his fate in this game. Seems like double standard to me.

  13. Woulded it be different if we had a F3 in stead of a F2, like Survivor. then American could vote for one person? I would like all NEW players & go back to season 2. NO POV’S & so forth? Just A thought.

  14. to bad Frank had to be so stupid and put to much trust in Dan,his leason learned is that he needs to trust no one in the big brother house.Even if Dan is final 2 he has no chance at winning becouse he is a vetren in the game.a newbie should win like Ian.

  15. There’s NO question that Frank is FINALLY going home tonight. I’m so tired of watching him trying to stay around. Once Boogie was gone he had to defend for hisself. I want Ian or Dan to win it all. They both have played a great game.

  16. All I know is that watching the live feeds without Frank will be boring… He is comical at times and they have all done him wrong since the beginning… Here is what you are now going to see on the live feeds… Joe cooking, Jenn sleeping or lying down, Shane working out and making no sense whatsoever… Dan, telling everyone he is with them, Danielle whining like a little school girl… and Finally Ian, Rocking and rocking and rocking in the hammock or at the table.. That is what you are going to get in the live feeds.. I will cancel mine if Frank is Gone…..

  17. Hate the fact that Frank is leaving. If he only new that being to honest can hurt you wish it was danibitch not watching anymore this season.

  18. Question for the evicted houseguest: Going past all lies that have been told, do you think that you would vote for Dan if he got to the final 2?

  19. @2c2c47f06c1416622da6239e93456942:disqus how come one minute you can’t wait for Frank to leave then the next you want him to stay?????

  20. I wanted frank to stay. But really Frank is clueless about all the alliances and all that’s happening. I thought he would be smart enough to know that now that Ian won hoh that Dan would turn on the final 2 deal. Really I am so surprised!!!!!!!!!!! Dan was so smart that he got out of that eviction but why would he turn on Frank because then if he somehow gets out of the situation and Frank finds out somehow than it will be trouble for him. He should not tell them to put up frank but he should push for it but without saying anything to obvious.I just don’t know who to cheer on!

  21. Dan is a snake and if anyone can swear on a bible -his wife and his dead grandfather and use all the above then he hasn’t a grain of worth. I hope all future employers expecially schools keep this in mind. WHAT A SNAKE!!!!!

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