Big Brother 14 Episode 25: Week 8 Double Eviction Show Tonight

Big Brother 14 with Julie Chen

Are you ready for another awesome double eviction episode tonight on Big Brother 14? These are the most exciting live shows of the season and we’re lucky enough to get another one tonight when not one, but HGs will be sent to jury.

Right now the HGs only suspect the possibility of a double eviction coming their way, but they haven’t received a skill game to practice like they did last time. Perhaps production is trying to keep the element of surprise going to help pump up the show.

Once tonight’s show gets rolling there won’t be much time to slow down. The HGs will quickly vote for the first eviction, compete for the next HoH, make nominations, compete in a Veto battle, hold the Veto ceremony, and then make another eviction. The second HoH competition of the night will likely be held after the live show ends.

If you have your Big Brother Live Feeds ready to go then you’ll be able to watch the results from the second HoH comp revealed. With just two weeks left the pressure is high and now is the time to start watching with the 3-Day Free Trial so get yours now!

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Think you know who will be evicted tonight on Big Brother 14? Cast your prediction vote in our weekly poll and see what other fans expect. Then check back here tonight during the live show for the results as they happen. This will be a great night!


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    • I must admit, it is going to be sad to see Frank leave. I like Dan and Frank……too bad they couldn’t work together. I understand why it is important to get Frank out, though. Really, I guess because I like Dan and Frank and they are the only two people left that deserve to win, I hate to see one of them go, especially before any of the others that are left. I hope Joe wins HOH and nominates Dan and Dani. I would like to see what those two do when they are nominated together.

      • I would have liked to see them work together also. The dynamic duo could have made going to F2 seem like childs play compared to what the others could do. Dan an Dani on the block would be interesting. Dan would have to pull another rabbit out of his hat. Don’t know if lightning can strike twice but i’m sure he would cause a storm somehow.

    • Agreed. It would make BB such a boring show, well on the live feeds anyways. It’d be Dan laying around abusing the bible and keep trying to be satan himself, dumbielle talking about the 1 million amazing things shes done in her life thus far, shane making fun of dumbielle;s accent, Ian rocking back and fourth like an ADD crackhead, joe mumbling about what food he’s gunna try and make and jenn not being on camera at all. YAWN.

  1. dani would cry like she did last night. just amazed, last night she didn’t have any grand moments so she had to have a tantrum last night on the hammock…and i almost thought there would be a night without a “danielle” moment!

    • Dani letting the night go by without a tantrum is like The Wizard of Oz without Dorothy. You still have the flying monkeys but it’s not quite the same.

  2. Love DE shows! I really hope Dan leaves, but he has so many people fooled. Ian can’t play, so if Shane wins, I see Ian or Jenn leaving. I think Dan won’t even try for HOH. He doesn’t want blood on his hands. If Jenn wins, expect Ian or Joe to leave. If Danielle wins, (quit laughing) then expect Ian or Joe to go home. This is so tough to call as the HOH has to make a quick decision. It should be fun!

  3. On BBAD a few nights ago Shameful, Duncelle, Frank and Dan were lounging in the bathroom area and Dan talked about how his wife Chelsea threw up and he told her to hold on while he got his phone to record it. Then he laughed! Now joke or not what kind of a guy records his wife upchucking and laughs about it and then repeats it to others! He’s a real first class guy, ain’t he??

  4. Do u guys think that Frank will expose Dan b4 he walks thru the door tonight…and what kind of impact do u think it will have on how the rest of the HG play the game esp Ian & Shane?

    • Hope so, but I believe it will be a tie vote and Ian will vote to evict Frank. So as far as Frank is concerned, Dan voted for him to stay, so I don’t see him exposing Dan.

      • I’m not so sure Ian would vote out frank… If he really has some smarts he would make another big move and vote to keep frank, drawing a line, and going against Dan! Frank would then trust him 100% and Ian would have a loyal warrior fighting for him until the end.

      • I dont think Frank would be completely loyal to Ian but unless Ian wins POV tonight he is gone. It would be wise for him to keep Frank

    • Sadly, I also feel the thought has not crossed his mind, but I do hope so… He has the power to shake things up and to turn people against Dan! Maybe we should all band together, and send him a telepathic message! Pray hard that he sees what is going…he is feeling it in his gut he just needs to trust his instincts. And come on jenn! Tell him the truth… You just saw what Dan did to him and you are going to trust this guy and stupid Danielle! Frank has been good to you…

      • Frank has been so good to her he wanted her out when Boogie was still there. Yep Frank is such a stand up guy.

    • He won’t have enough time but, Frank once he
      knows he is evicted should say that Dan exposed
      the Quack Pack to him and made a Final 2 deal
      with him before leaving the house! Let the rest
      use their heads then!

    • Totally. I don’t know who he’s planning on (or wants to) sit next to in F2, but I don’t see anyone left in that house who can get rid of him. Dumbielle? Shane? He couldn’t find his arse without a map, a light & someone to read the directions. Joe is too busy yelling at everyone. Ian can’t get out of the hammock & if he does, he can’t stop walking in circles. I think there’s someone left in that house….a girl? Wears black? I don’t know, I can’t remember. But if she’s a hg, I don’t think DDD (double dealing Dan) will have a problem with her either! God, what is her name again…???!!!

    • Love the chuckleheads remark. Ian probably is next
      on the chopping block today. Right after Frank. The
      look on Ian’s face when it happens will be priceless!

  5. Hope Dans wife plans for his funeral when he gets home..I would think there is only 1 person on earth that could love Dan..That would be his mother,& no doubt she at times wishes she had flushed him…I really believe he has a mental problem..wanting to record wife when vomiting..

  6. Don’t know why Frank doesn’t cut that carrot top mop of his. He might actually be ok looking if his hair was cropped short…

    • I think Frank just looks, acts and speaks like a hillbilly. He’s too stupid to cut his hair. I’m surprised he has all of his teeth!

      • Better to have a mop of hair than to have no hair! Better to have no teeth than to video tape the wife you supposedly love getting sick and laughing! Better to be a hillbilly than to sell your soul for a game!

      • I agree. Dan has the weakest chin I have ever seen on a man. Did you see the cover of that book he wrote with his picture and that I swallowed the canary expression. If Dan is not conceited and arrogant I don’t know who is. But, what does he have to be conceited about? He has already played BB. The new people who are playing a strong game, such as Frank, have more of a right to be arrogant. Seeing this entire scenario play out with Frank made me more aware of how unfair it was to put seasoned players in at the same level of the newbies to play the game. It wasn’t fair and it isn’t fair to the newbies. The coach situation was one thing and that was o.k. where they would win some money if their team won. But throwing them in the game did not allow for even playing. The newbies wee smart to get out the coaches. Unfortunately, the left Dan in the game and he is diabolical with his religious facade.

  7. Wow….I am loving all the comnents that I’m reading! Usually this site is filled with mean spirited Frank-hating, Ian-loving conspiracy theorists who also like to pick on people’s grammar & spelling when they have nothing else to “yell” at the commentators! Rock on!

    • I kind of felt sorry for Frank during the OTEV comp. But, he is playing on blind trust…he is not playing smart. He is tough in competitions. He is going to be shocked when he is sent packing. He really thinks he is going to win this game.

      • I know….it’s so weird to me that he such a “huge BB fan” & yet he keeps blindly putting his trust in every single person. I don’t get it. Whatever anyone thinks of Mike — when HE says “Ian is not to be trusted” & then Frank starts making excuses, it was over for him then. Dan’s “funeral” was icing on the cake & great TV, but Frank’s game was over when Mike walked out the door. When you’re too trusting, it just bites you in the tush & you are gone!

      • I could not have said it any better, Frank was way too trusting with people in this game, he needed Mike to coach him the entire time.

  8. Oh god you all need to get over Dan and his sinful ways. If he is the biggest sinner, good for him… If he abuses his family, good for him… If he acts like a fake christan and worships the devil then good for him. Some of you take all this way too seriously. Not to mentioned dan has done nothing different than what he did last season, and yet its still such a ” SHOCKER!!!” to most of you .

    Really people talking about it getting boring in the house, its actually already boring here in the feeds since every other post is about someone complaining about dan the sinner.

  9. my opinion on the house guest and only my opinions. ion/this is probally the first time in his life people listen to him and interact with him (or at least they pretend they do) jen/she just doesn’t exist in this house waste of space. shane/lets admit it..he has no balls and tries to act intelligent…frank/been hanging on to a life vest since day one and thinks he has it figured out…dan/you got to admit he plays very dirty, but the bible thumping catholic is going to run to the end…joe/the dirtiest chef i have ever seen (he taste food and puts spoon back in the bowls)….danielle/well as my previous post the most pathetic and neediest female i have ever seen on a realdity show yes folks…thats the way i see it…whoever wins at this point is a toss up will be entertaining to see when the so called quack pack all turn on each other.

    • What gets me is they all know that Joe is nasty, but they continue to eat what he cooks. I remember one episode where Danielle cooked mac and cheese and chicken. They all said it was the best mac and cheese that they have ever had. I don’t believe they were even telling the truth. Ian ate all the leftover mac and cheese, but instead of chewing it, he just swallowed it without chewing. I thought that was quite odd. Also, everyone appeared to be having a hard time cutting the chicken, as well.

      • the reason they eat it is because the rest of them are too lazy to cook or they dont have the brains to fix anything thats not frozen microwave dinners

  10. The sentiment in this discussion group seems to be die you ginger bastard. The smart move is to ax Frank but then again the smart move was to ax Dan & we all know how that turned out.

    • Frank was in a pretty bad spot. If he got rid of Dan,
      he would still have to contend with Brittney and
      Shane who have betrayed him how many times
      before? He had to take a chance on someone and
      he did it with Dan! Frank’s problem is he does not strategize and much less knows how to read people. The giveaway was Dan going for and win Veto. That should have been it! If they were in an alliance, Dan should have deliberately lost to Frank giving Frank
      the chance to get off the block. Why didn’t Dan
      make that move? Frank should have spilled the beans then, and exposed what Dan told him to the rest of the Quack Pack. Even if Frank was sent home, he would have destroyed Dan’s game and the others will have gone after Dan! Hell, they might even save Frank with the votes just to give Frank one more incentive to go after Dan!

  11. Joe needs to win an HoH or a veto if he has any chance of staying in the house past Frank’s eviction tonight. Apparently, his “Typhoid Mary” approach isn’t working so well.

  12. Frank leaves tonight, followed by Ian (@Dans command).
    Next week, Shane leaves.
    Dan takes Dani and floaters to the end. Probably take Dani to F2, citing loyalty to his team, coaching her to end, even against Shane, and taking the check. First million dollar winner.

    • With everyone under Dan’s control, it appears more
      and more likely. Evicting Frank then, Ian today will
      bring Dan much, much closer to that $500,000.
      Only Shane and Joe stand in his immediate path.
      Final 3, all of them play for HOH so, there is no
      disadvantage to getting the HOH when it is down
      to the last 4. Dan will probably use Danielle, Jenn,
      Shane, Joe to get rid of Ian then, send Shane
      home the following week, then, Joe then, he will
      have the Final 3 to decide who goes with him to
      the jury and that $500,000. He may take Jenn with
      him to make sure that he gets that $500,000
      although, even with Danielle, Dan will still win that
      $500,000 because the others just watched Dan
      play and nowhere close to Dan’s game play!

  13. Dan won’t be going home with any money, the job at the catholic school will most likely be filled by someone else, and Chelsea may leave him once she gets creeped out by Danielle peeping at him from the bushes outside of the house…Shane might have the cheque in his hand, along with his restraining order and with the money he can hire some body guards so Danielle won’t be his problem. He will lose his hair a year or two down the road and will beg frank for some of his curls so he can make an all natural hair piece but frank will tell him to spend some of his winnings on Hair Club For Men. Sadly the winnings will have been spent on body guards and moving from State to State to stay off Danielle’s radar. Frank (if he really gets evicted tonight) will have headhunters offering him high salary jobs that require someone with integrity and loyalty, and he’ll make more money in one year than the rest of the HG’s combined. He’ll take good care of his Nana and will loan Ashley some money to open a Yoga & Health Spa. Ian will go back to his life and his family, he’ll by fine. He’ll meet a nice girl, get married, and he’ll be happy! They’re backyard will be filled with hammocks and swings :). Joe won’t get a cooking show but will do a complete 180 and open a hair salon. The salon, will become a chain and he’ll sell the business for a little more than a mule and a 5th of whiskey, before flipping and doing another 180. He will find his true calling and will become a television evangelist. He’ll be happy. Jenn will just disappear, back to her life in New York, but she won’t be able to shake the habit of looking over her shoulder to see if Danielle might be following… She will develop a phobia of nurses uniforms, before fading from everyone’s memory. In future BB seasons she will be referred to as…. Um… “that girl can’t remember her name”. When not camping outside Dan’s house, Danielle will be spotted in her Halloween costume (she’ll be a naughty nurse every year), standing on Britney’s driveway, mirror in hand, lolly pop in mouth, sobbing, “I’m so sorry!”

  14. I really hope that Shane or Ian follow Frank out the door tonight. Ian thinks he is the BB God, Shane just grates on my every nerve with his stupid remarks, the guy can’t carry on a conversation without saying something stupid every single time..last night he was playing pool and did something and then says “Oh Mylanta.” Huh? Then he carries that stuffed dog around on his shoulder. He acts so dumb most of the time…no watch, he will end up winning the whole thing!!

  15. may a U.F.O land and take Dan,Ian,Dani and the hammock away and Dan will have Ian and his hammock,Dani always telling him how great she is and since she has nothing to look at herself in she will bug Dan for the next 50 years

  16. it will be funny when danielle get out of house and finds out what everyone thinks of her: a psycho stalker, whiney pathetic narcissistic cow! every night all she talks about is how people will preceive her? in her mind she is americas player, the good guy, and the beautiful southern belle…would love to be a fly on the wall when she gets the rude awakening!

  17. Ok this is my prediction… Dan and Jenn vote off Frank, and Danielle and Shane vote off Frank. Ian breaks the tie and votes Frank off…
    I think Joe is winning head of house hold (I know this one is probably far fetched). He will nomincate Jenn and Dan…Jenn goes home…

  18. wish people would wake up and send dan flying home……hes rich enuff dam….cant they see what a double crossing face he has…his bulging eyes tell all. i liked frank he worked alone except for boogie…and he did well unfortunately gave his trust to judas. i only have 2 fav left….shane and ian…please let dan and danielle be next.

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