Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Ceremony Results – Update: House Fights!

Power of Veto

The Big Brother 14 house has been shaken from top to bottom since last night when Dan called a house meeting (read the recap) to present his “Big Brother Funeral.” Instead that funeral may have turned in to his rebirth in the game if things go to plan for him today at the Power of Veto ceremony.

Forming an unlikely alliance the power in the house has now come together with a new target and a new line of attack. The first step in that plan was to change things up and with two Power of Veto medallions in play this week there were lots of possibilities.

Read on to find out what happened at today’s Veto ceremony because once again the house exploded in fights. You don’t want to miss what’s going on right now.

Both Ian and Jenn were given an opportunity to use their Veto. As expected, Ian declined to use his Pandora Veto. No surprise since he warned Dan he’d only use it if the Quack Pack was entirely safe. That brought things around to Jenn, the holder of the regular Veto. Jenn was ready to shake things up and “make a big move” in the game.

Jenn used her Veto to save Dan, giving Frank the chance to name a renom in his place. Just as they planned last night, Britney went up on the block and is now seated next to Danielle. One of these two HGs will go home on Thursday night. Right now the plan is to evict Britney, but like we keep seeing, anything can happen.

We’re still piecing together all the details on what happened, so jump on your Live Feeds and watch along as the drama unfolds.

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August 27, 2012 @ 12:35 PM BBT on all Cams
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Update: Incredible action right now on the Feeds! Ian is in a yelling match with Frank and calling each other out on everything. This is awesome. Get your Free Trial of the Feeds and watch it play out! Flashback to 12:57PM BBT to watch.

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  1. WOW WOHOHOHO….Dan pulled it off !! Greatest move of the season…..Have to give it to him !

      • Greatest move in BB history, INCLUDING any by Dr. Will. Dan runs circles around everyone, including Boogie this year who is not close to Dans league. He would do the same to Will.

        He knows how to find and manipulate players fears, weaknesses and desires like a virtuoso maestro.

        Dan is the true ultimate master of how to play this game. Enjoy the Master at work.

      • He has definitely proven to be a master manipulator and great player…I fear this will come back to bite him in the a$$ though. Britney may have more people on her side b/c they newbies all play so emotionally.

      • Oh Pleaseeeee…Dan is pathetic and desperate….gee wonder how much longerrrrrr he’ll stay in the game or remail LOYAL to his so called NEW 4 HG ALLIANCE. Hmmmmmmm.

      • Nah, Dan is really good, but nothing compared to Dr. Will. He would run circles around Dan. Boogie would have too but he was blindsided. Nothing you can do about that.

    • I’m rooting for Dan & Frank, but I’ve been watching the live feeds and I still don’t think Britany will go home-she has the votes to keep her in (Shane, Ian & Snake Joe).  Danielle only has Dan & Jenn.

      • I would rather see Brit go home. She hasn’t done anything, but make F2 deals and thrown her alliance under the bus. I think Dan and Frank discussed a way to get Snake Joe’s vote. Frank asked Joe before the meeting if things were to go different than they expected (as he was not letting Joe in on what was going to happen) if Frank had to make different nominations would he stick with him and Joe said he would vote for anyone, but Jenn. Not that he might not change his mind but that was what he said this morning.

    • Watching the live feeds-Britany is crying and Ian is yelling, cussing & threatening Frank telling Frank “you can’t play in the next two HOH, I’m coming after you, you are dead”

  2. YAY! DAN IS SAVED (for now).  But this means that Britney will probably be evicted again. :(

      • She’s better than will who picked at his extensions anytime he could but still it is gross. I also hate how hardly anyone closes their mouths while chewing. Listening to their noise makes me sick to my stomach. Brit was the worst in her season and didn’t learn by that so still does it.

    • Well, Brit has 3 votes on her side unless Shane or Joe flips. It’s likely that Dani is going to be the one heading to the Jury House. :)

      • Nope, Joe’s a floatation device…he’ll sway with Frank and Dan. And if Shane thought about his own game, it would be in his best interest to ge Brit out too.

  3. Frank trusting Dan could really come back to bite him where the sun don’t shine. I wouldn’t have trusted Dan. Confused as to whether Ian can hang on to his veto and use it later not. I am sure someone can clear that up for me. And to all the Frank supporters, I hope he will be ok. To the Dan supports, what a play he pulled off. 

    • it was in play today. he declined to use it. that’s it. no more chances. just like the reg veto.

    • Dan told the live feeders that he stocking with Frank to the end!!!! And with Jenn and Dani to final 4.

      • Said the same thing to Britney, Ian and Shane. Do you think Dan is loyal to anyone but himself? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • I would evict my mother to win the money and she would be proud of me. this is a game of manipulation. It is just a game. these people are not like this in real life. duh

      • Dan was loyal to Britney and Ian until they threw him under the bus as soon as Frank won HOH

      • ya, but why did Dan have to pay by protecting Ian. The biggest reason Frank put Dan on the block was that Froogie were convinced Dan was the rat…not true. And did you see Ian so cocky in his messed up head (saying Dan made his own bed, how come?by not saying it was Ian all the time?)

      • frank was wanting to get rid of dan long before ian backstabbed them. indon’t know what started franks hard on for getting rid of dan, but it’s been there for awhile.

      • Do you think anyone of them are loyal unless it helps them get to the end? Most likely not, no one is going to throw themselves under the bus for one of the others. Dan is king, Dr. Will notwithstanding.

      • He wouldn’t be, nobody credits Mike’s moves, just like nobody credits him for the All-Stars win. Biased disdain towards him makes people blind to what he’s done as a player. It’s unfortunate.

        That being said, I’m not saying @9eee1363907d3fe7f176faa302a542c6:disqus would discredit Mike as well. I’m just speaking generally.

      • No, because Boogie had others do the manipulation for him.  Look at him his 1st season, he sucked.  Dan in this season and his original season was the master manipulator of the house.  He was in the hot seat the 1st week in his original season and was able to turn things around and now this!  WOW!

      • If Boogie did that, this thread would never stop with the ludicrous comments production and rigging. Not a Dan fan but it was a great move for Dan. Hopefully, it pays off for Frank. I hope that Britney is evicted Thursday.

    • Dr. Will who???? Dan really is the best player. He is able to convince his enemy who has been going after him since Day 1 to keep him in the game. Dan can really manipulate somebody. Gotta give him credit

      • As much as I love this, and he totally moves up high in the all-time HG book, he’s still no Dr. Will. No one will be. It’s like Michael Jordan in basketball.

        Dr. Will = Michael Jordan
        Dan = LeBron James

      • hahaha Dr. Will was the greatest because he didnt throw his alliance under the bus. Dan did. and day 1 Dan been targeting Frank but look at what happens…. Frank is way better player than frank. he been in the block five freaking timesssss

      • Frank is a better player?? Are you higher than Ashley or just lost? Frank played Boogie’s game for the past 6 weeks. Frank could have backdoored Dan but instead he listened to what his hubby told him to do. I also found it hilarious that Frank called Ian a puppet when Frank is the real puppet. Also Frank is sooooo guillable. You can say “Hi” to Frank and the guy will trust you. Just because he was on the block 5 times and was able to escape (1 of which was productions fault & Ashley’s clueless fault) doesnt make Frank the better player.

      • For u to say dan is better than will is ludacris, if will was in this season do u think hed even have to work to save himself, probably not

  4. Good Job Frank and Dan!

    I think Britney will now breakdown.. I actually do feel sad for her, the speech she gave Dan was very sad, but this is a game, she played it as well, she lied as well, too bad.

    • I agree I feel a little bad for Britney, but like you said, she’s been playing as well (albeit sometimes poorly) and lied as well, etc. Her sympathy card at play right now shouldn’t let her off the hook, it’s a game. 

      She gets in Shane’s ear to nominate Mike and Frank (after Ian was in hers) and then she wants Shane to do the dirty work without mentioning her name or Ian’s, letting him have 100% of the blood on HIS hands alone. Then tries to tell Frank not to be upset and yell at Ian when he has every right to, just because Ian’s “a kid” and he feels bad. Give it a rest Britney, Ian’s 21 and old enough to take heat for things he’s done, don’t baby him when he deserves the heat, and deserves to feel bad. Britney’s 24 last I checked, she’s 3 years older than Ian and she’s babying him? She was protecting him but never Shane, why? Because he’s physically strong? It doesn’t make sense in this regard.

      This is exactly why I don’t want her to win this game. She influenced decisions and then didn’t want her name mentioned, and got upset with allies when it was. You’re a part of it, be a part of it. Nobody wants the blood, so share it, don’t put it solely on an ally’s hands.

      • Wait, wait? Frank has every right to yell at Ian because he managed to get Boogie out of the house? And now Frank has to play his OWN “game”? Frank is almost as big a douche as Boogie, and bullying is his only tactic apparently without his Chilltown homie.

      • MJ, couldn’t agree more, but not only did she not want her name to be mentioned she lied to have Mike and Frank thinking it was Dan that sold them out.  Instead of her keeping her fat mouth shut and not say a thing she lied and threw Dan under the bus.  What I like about Dan is that when M & F, were going after him and putting the blame on him not once did he point the finger at anyone else in his alliance and that proves his loyalty.  When he realized his alliance turned on him he got them back in the best way.  Dan is extremely smart, because he never initiated any of the talks about who to go after and stayed silent so he could truly say when sh*t hit the fan, that it wasn’t him that targeted whomever.

      • @743db0ca4fbab58511cbbd54f4c9066a:disqus I’m saying Frank had a right to speak ‘aggressively’ to Ian because Mike had Ian’s back from day one, and that’s how Ian repaid him. Mike gave him $3,000 and watched his back every step of the way, looked out for him, took care of him, etc. He never would’ve put Ian in harm’s way unless it was down to final three or four and there was no other choice.

        Maybe you don’t agree ‘having the right’ is the right way to put it, but he wasn’t outside his bounds wanting to speak to Ian, and Britney kept stepping in the way and babying 21-year-old Ian. He’s a big boy now, let him fight his own battles.

      • @9eee1363907d3fe7f176faa302a542c6:disqus Agreed with everything you said there. Dan was annoyed that protecting Ian was hurting his own game, said “I don’t know how much longer I can protect the kid”, but he still did so until he had no other choice and saw the tide turning on him. 

      • I felt bad for Brit her first season when Hayden, Lane and Enzo played her big time. But this season, she and Ian brought it on themselves. Off with her head!

    • Do you think Dan will stick to his alliance with Frank or stab him in the back after his big play? I hope he will.

      • i believe he said on the feeds that he’s gonna try to stick with frank till the end.

      •  I think Dan will do what ever he thinks is best for his game, as he should, if that means breaking a promise to Frank or anyone else he will.

  5. This is just incredible. I am in awe that Dan is somehow safe this week. Manipulation at it’s finest right there.

    Its kind of sad though that Jenn can’t see she’s being used by Frank and Dan. LOL they have absolutely no interest in keeping her around.

    • Jenn gets something out of it too. She gets to stay longer than Joe and that is a huge plus and if she makes it to Final 2 then, there is a $50,000 bonus to go with that!

      •  True dat. And with Frank, Ian, Shane, and Dan in the house, they will ALWAYS be a bigger target than her. Nobody is going to win HOH and say “I need to get Jenn out NOW” lol. So yeah she’s a bigger target than she was yesterday, but still not as big as the 4 I just mentioned.

    • Dan said to the cameras on live feeds earlier this morning that if all goes as plan with the veto he will definitely stick with Dani, Frank and Jenn.  I believe him, he was very loyal to Memphis once they made their deal and he made a F2 deal with Frank.

  6. Look at that, production did the right thing and made Ian go first.

    Dan’s safe another week and looks to be working with my other favourite, Frank. Great results, I can rejoice now.

  7. Frank is a moron…he kept warning everyone don’t be fooled by Dan don’t be talked to by Dan and he fell for it….he whined about how he missed his chances to get Dan out and now he did it again.

      • absolutely agree. thank you for someone out there actually remebering that.

      • He didn’t say that to the live feeders! And his other alliance had no problem not saving him and voting him out do you blame him

      • Dusty I agree. He said them to the live feeders this morning and I believe he wouldn’t do that unless he meant it. Dan realized that his wonderful alliance had no problem letting him take the heat for Ian and that Brit and Ian had themselves protected all over the house. Both of them are not to be trusted and I hope nobody falls for their lies.

      • Yep, dusty and jacee2…Ian and Brit would have had everyone do their dirty work for them and let Frank, Shane, and Dan take each other out. They prob would easily beat Danielle, Jenn and Joe. And Brit and Ian would have been F2
        Brit needs to go this week and Ian next week.

      • But didn’t Dan and Frank agree that they would take Joe to the final 3? Doesn’t sound like sticking to the final 4 deal with Danielle and Jenn to me.

      • Sub-alliances…they’re always there. You keep others in your backpocket for votes and safety.

      • sure he will…Dan is a salt of the earth guy…if u believe that u’ll buy anything…He’s gonna be the person responsible for getting Frank out…and bet u a $100.00 he ditches Daniell…

    • Who else would work with him? Ian the rat, Britney the liar that has a deal with everybody or Shane that’s backstabbed him twice. He done really well for himself by teaming with Dan. Dan is trustworthy, look at his season with Memphis.

      •  Like Dan and Frank F2 with Frank winning because Dan already made money before. 

      • I like Frank and Dan for F2 because both deserve to be there. I think they both want to sit next to the best at the end. I would love to see Frank win it all and don’t mind if Dan gets 2nd place as Dan has won before. Dan also gets more money for playing the game than Frank does.

      • Dan plays smart. He thinks his actions through…and if it’s him and Frank in final2 it should go to who played a better game. Just because he won before, doesn’t mean he shouldn’t win again. If it’s earned-he deserves it! Go Dan!

      • I wouldn’t count on danto take Frank, he knows the only way to win will be to take one of the others and get Frank out. Brit called it, if Frank goes to the end, he will win!

      • You are right,Frank was by himself and knew he had to team up with someone. Why not the best player in the house? Once Frank found out Ian was the rat he felt like Dan was the one to trust at this point. I don’t blame him.

      • Best player in the house is Shane, not Dan, who let everyone else do the work for him and threw all the competitions except when it counted and he still couldn’t win.

      • Ummm. No. Shane (a.k.a no balls) is a p*ssy. Sure he wins comps, but when he makes a big move and gets called out for it, he blames others. Grow some gonads and say “Yeah I put you up to further my game.” Instead, he said “Britney told me to, everyone was telling me this or that”

      • …but he would lose to Dan if in the final 2…especially after Dan making this big move.

      • I totally agree. Dan and Frank would make a great F2. Frank’s a beast at comps and Dan’s a beast in manipulating the house and mental comps. It would be interesting to see how the jury would vote…No one else really deserves it my opinion. Joe (a.k.a Adam 2.0) -floatation device. Ian (a.k.a Ronnie 2.0)- for him to be a “super-fan” didn’t he learn from Ronnie (BB11) that playing both sides of the house will eventually bite you in the ass. Shane (a.k.a no balls)-win comps but all his HOH decisions were Britney’s. Jenn-cool of her to finally help make a big move, but she waited til half of the BB summer was over to do anything. Danielle-she don’t need 500K if Shane were to tell her they could be together in the real world, she would think she’s rich. Britney- tried to let everyone else do her dirty work for her and it blew up in her face.

      • Trustworthy?!?!?! Dan has already told Danielle he lied to Frank with his final 2 deal. Dan has no intention to keep his word, Frank is a complete tool and deserves to go home for trusting Dan.

    • What would you do if you were alone against 7 other players in the house? Frank had nobody, it was in his best interests to buddy up. You don’t always get to pick your allies, he had to take a chance. I’d rather take a chance with Dan than with Joe, who flip flops back and forth to whoever’s in power and can’t win a thing, or Jenn who may be loyal but also can’t win a thing (I barely credit her with this Veto, Frank would’ve won if not DQ’d). Who else? Ian who you just found out was the reason Mike left and thus was backstabbing you as well? Nope. Britney who’s won nothing? Shane who’s backstabbed you like three times and attempted to backdoor you, then put you on the block beside your best friend and ally Mike?

      He’s gone with Dan for gameplay, Danielle by Dan’s extension, and Jenn for loyalty. I can’t say it’s the worst move, and Frank isn’t as dumb as so many make him out to be.

      • I agree MJ.  This was his best move to get him to F4 and then F2.  If all goes as plan Frank will be sitting in one of those chairs in the end.  I’m not a Frank fan because of the disgusting and vulgar things he has said other other house guests, I’d rather see Dan win.  But, Frank has played hard and has had a lot to go up against, somewhat like Brenden during BB12 and Brittany was in the background having everyone else do the work to get him out, now her a*$ is out and I love it!!!!

      • I don’t see Frank as saying anything more disgusting or vulgar than many of the other players have said. Frank was only saying bad things when he and Mike got backstabbed how many times In the heat of the moment which he apologized for saying. Otherwise he is just a normal guy who has been nice to all of them. How many of us have said things we don’t mean when something has made us totally angry. I agree with you about Brit and letting everyone do her dirty work so her hands stayed clean. She has said plenty about the other HG’s behind their back she just used another way to talk behind their backs to make it look like she is better than Frank. Now she is doing what she does best crying and saying she would have kept Frank safe and just like what she did to Shane about her getting blamed for everything. She just wants to look like the sweet good girl who is everyone’s friend.

      • Exactly Jacee2. Hell, anyone would be pissed too if you constantly got lied to your face every week. Each week, Frank would ask them to just be honest with him if they were going to put him on the block and each time Brit and Shane would say “Oh no, you’re not our target” Frank has been a little hot-headed in the moment, but he’s been completely honest. He even admitted to Dan that he was gonna back door but Boogie convinced him not to. He didn’t have to tell Dan that. Hell, if I were Dan, I’d rather work with someone honest like Frank versus a bunch of liars like Brit and Shane.

      • Oh, he picked his ally. Gladly. And tried to shaft everyone else, thinking he and his ally were invincible. Unfortunately a few people wised up and sen his ally home.He deserved to be on an island. He made that bed thinking he could roll like Dr.Will., well now what ?If Boogie hadn’t been evicted when he was, he and Frank had a clear path to final 2.Bottom line.

      • Thank you MJ as I completely agree with you. Ian backstabbed Boogie, Frank and Ashley and now he is running around saying Frank is dead because he can’t play in the next two HOH comps. He wasn’ going to go with Frank because he was riding with Brit who is crying in the HOH room saying she was going to keep Frank safe. A lie because she told Dan she was going to get Frank out. Frank was alone and throughout this whole game just wanted to play the game. He gave them a lot of chances and they blew it. Frank is not the cocky one Ian and Brit are. Frank went to Jenn before this plan even happened and told her he wanted to take her to the end because she was loyal. He wanted to take Ian as well until he found out what Ian had done. This was after Ian got Boogie evicted and put him and Ashley on the block. I so agree with you that Frank isn’t as dumb as people keep saying he is. I have liked Frank from the start and this was the best move for him. I see Frank and Dan as the best players of this game and the best should be at the end up against each other. I saw Dan talking to the live feeders this morning and he gave his evaluation of all these players. He said he was riding with Dani, Frank and Jenn to the end.

      • Right on @Jacee2:disqus . Couldnt’ve said it better. Dan and Frank are clearly the best two overall players in the game. Shane is in 3rd because his social/mental game is strongly lacking. Britney is sounding more and more full of it as time goes on.

      • He was already going to work with Britney and Shane. Who had Danielle and Ian. Sounds better than what they have now, Jenn floater who can’t do anything but run her mouth, Joe, floater who can only yell and whine, Dani, who can only cry and lie. Sounds like it’ll really work out for him.

    • Frank has made some dumb moves with his HOH including the Dan and Danielle nominations. However, joining Dan in an alliance is a very smart move. Dan needs Frank as Frank needs Dan and this alliance will stick for that reason! Shane has betrayed Frank how many times? This is the better alliance with someone who is good in the game Dan with Frank who is good in HOH and POV. They can go further in the game together. The only ones sour graping is the the Quack Pack fans of Brittney, Ian and Shane!

      •  Agreed those three need to go, they let other people to do the dirty work for them and Ian is a rat, not nice for what he did to Boogie and Frank.  Boogie even gave him $3000.00.

    •  The reason that happened was because the rat Ian and Britney told Frank that Dan was the one who told them to put up Frank and Boogie for eviction. 

    • Britney is a real threat here. Not Dan. Another fool on here that can’t let the story right.

    • Frank is a crybaby, a whiner and a bully. He has a foul mouth and an even fouler stomach. He made a fool of himself by letting Boogie use him as a puppet. How can anyone have any respect for him?

  8. I really dont like danielle
    I’m hoping Britney can rally up Joe and Shane and get her out

    • guest 7 why dont you like danielle atleast she won a hoh and a power of vote i bit if you were in the game you would be crying too sitting in a house that long i think she danielle derserves to win atleast 50,000

    •  I really want Britney to stay.. Britney will definitely go hard to get rid of Dan and Bozo

      • Hopefully, Brittney will be gone Thursday. Then, they can go after Shane and Ian and end the Quack Pack for good!

    • There r 5 votes this week. Shane, Joe, Ian, Jenn & Dan. I don’t see Ian voting Brit out but my guess is he’ll once again be the swing vote. Alot depends if he chooses to play with Frank or Britney.

      • I don’t think Frank will WANT to play with Ian after everything that went down. Ian doesn’t have a choice but to stick with Britt.

    • Good luck with that! Best thing that happened to Danielle was DAN choosing her for his team!

  9. That is why he is one of the greatest players ever….dead man walking and turned it around….Man I love me some Dan…he’s awesome.

  10. Jeez, so much for Danielle sticking with Brittney and the obvious statement of no girl can win sitting next to a man.  Danielle should’ve told Dan to get to stepping and revealed it to Britt.  Bad move Danielle…  But props to Dan for coming up with this, I guess Listening to music can help, haha

    • Danielle tying herself to Britney is not in her best interest.

      Britney doesn’t win. She is also not manipulative the way Dan is to get stuff done. She can manipulate Ian but the boy is love starved. She can manipulate Shane but he’s not that bright.

      Danielle has no shield tying herself to Britney.

      With Dan yes he may backstab her, but she will get further.

    • So you’re saying Danielle should’ve ditched Dan in favour of Britney essentially just for the ‘girl power’ aspect? Great logic. Her chances are far better with Dan and Frank, as opposed to Britney who hasn’t done anything. You may think Frank will backstab Danielle at some point, but Dan won’t, and by extension Frank won’t until it’s final 4 and there isn’t much other choice.

      Just like Britney, you’re too focused on the concept of a woman not winning sitting next to a man. It’s $500,000 either way, no matter who you beat, start looking at the bigger picture. Who’s better to keep around, for your game, regardless of gender.

  11. Dont like Dan  gottagive it to  him he pulled it off,  he neeed’s to  rread his Bible cause he’s been playingwiih   the Devil…

    • O, get over yourself.  It’s a game and everyone sins.  There’s not a perfect man or woman walking on the face of this earth.  It’s really not that deep or serious.

      • So let the man have his opinion. No need to put someone down for their beliefs.

    •  Yeah right. I still think Frank is getting evicted soon. Dan might have saved his ass but Dan can still turn around and kick Frank to the curb. Or better yet Shane can win the next HoH and go after Frank and Dan

      • the plan is to let Shane win HOH and talk him in to putting up ian and joe, without Britney there Dan and Frank think Shane will want to work with them


  13. Result –> another coach departs –> that’s a good thing !

    Shane can get Dan next week.

    •  Hoping it is the other way around Frank and Dan can Shane packing or Ian packing. 

    • Or Dan can evict Shane next week. Dan would have Danielle and Jenn to try and get HOH against Ian and Shane. If any of them win, put up Shane and Ian and finish the Quack Pack alliance. Frank if picked can also win Veto to guarantee that Shane is evicted! And the new alliance will have majority votes to evict who they want!

      • what? who’s gonna beat shane in hoh thurs?Dan? no way! Shane wins,puts up frank and dan…..

      • Billzzo……Shane and Ian are going against Dan, Danielle and Jenn and I am not counting Joe. Don’t be too sure Shane is going to win it because Dan will be playing to win this time! If Dan gets HOH, he puts up Shane and Ian on the block and if Frank gets picked to play POV, you have Dan and Frank against Shane and Ian for POV. If Frank or Dan win POV, it is over as the new alliance has majority votes now in the house! Send Shane to jury house and Ian will be by his lonesome!

  14. I think it’s hitting Ian right about now that he’s up to his nose in dog crap and there’s really nothing he can do about it. The kid is gonna blow this week.

    • Too much arrogance can destroy anyone. Ian is finding out the hard way in
      the school of hard knocks. Frank already had a sense that Ian cannot be trusted when he asked him if he was using the POV before the alliance with Shane and Brittney. He was evasive and would not give a straight answer.

      • Isn’t it funny? People ripped Mike apart for being arrogant, but say nothing about Ian. This kid put himself up there in a conversation with Will Kirby and Mike when he was speculating there will be a Big Brother season of “Good vs. Evil”. He said Will and Mike would be on ‘Team Evil’, Mike said ‘Dick for sure’, then Ian said ‘myself’…Mike even said ‘Really?’…give me a break Ian.

        I guess that isn’t arrogance though, right?

      • Hehehehe….Mj, I’d rather see Ronnie as the evil nerd than Ian anyday! And what was with Brit trying to defend Ian against Frank’s wrath after Frank won the veto “Don’t make him upset. He’s just a kid, he can’t handle this emotionally. Yell at me instead” That was laughable!!! Ian better put on his big boy underwear if he gonna try and act like he want to make big boy moves

      • Exactly, I was referencing that earlier. Ian’s 21, he can fight his own battles. If he creates crap, he should answer for it. On top of that, Britney’s only 3 years older, she’s 24, and trying to baby Ian. It was stupid.

      • Great catch MJ. Ian’s mad because he got outsmarted by the guy wearing a carrot suit. This kid’ got quite the ego.

    • I think that Ian is really a little bit too unstable to even be in this game. Unless that is just the way he plays it. But the rocking back & forth, talking to himself, etc. sure makes him seem unstable.

  15. Bad move, should have nominated Shane… If they did, Dan and Frank pretty much have this game in their hands.

    • Would have preferred they got out Shane but, will settle for Brittney. Shane is lost anyways without the puppeteer, Brittney. Enjoyed Brittney’s farewell message to Boogie. Brittney may get a funny farewell message herself if she is evicted. Looking forward to that!

      •  Great point. If Brittney gets evicted this week, Shane won’t have a clue what to do. The guy is clueless when it comes to game play strategies. I would argue that a good social player is more dangerous than a good competitor. So getting Brittney out and not Shane might be better..

      • With Britney gone, Dan and Frank can combine their efforts against Shane. Joe has no loyalty, he shifts with power.

  16. Dont count your chickens before they hatch guys because Joe is the swing vote.. and theres a chance that Ian is going to evict Danielle. So there is a chance that Britney will stay this week.

    • All they have to do is convince Joe that Britt is step one in getting rid of Ian because they’re too close. Old Powerhouse will vote to get rid of Britt when presented that scenario.

      • Joe will do whatever the HOH wants & Frank wants Britteny out. I think that Frank & Dan can talk Ian into it also. Gonna be a close one this week.

    • All they need to do is tell Joe to join them in voting out Britney or else he could be on the block next week. His choice. Joe would be dumb to protect a good player like Brittney. His best chance of getting 2nd and that $50,000 is to last in the Big Brother House. Why would he care if Brittney leaves?

  17. Yes, yes, yes…one of the best moves in BB history. Now Britney just needs to be the one to go. But Frank needs to get to Joe. Shane is saying the whole house has Ian’s back. Ian is flipping out.

  18. It’s official.  As of Week 7, Dan and Frank deserve the Final 2 seats.  Frank for surviving as many evictions as he did, Dan for his awesome game move last night.  But, of course, anything can happen in the Big Brother House, so things can always change.  We’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the coming weeks.

  19. How much of Dans plan was all him? Do they get help in the DR. Is this another way for Frank to win? Will Dan take Frank to final 2?

    • Really? It was Dan’s only move. I called it on Saturday night. Britt had too many fingers in the pie and Dan knew it after the veto comp.

      • Lol cmon, his was in solitary confinement for 24 hours, plus the fact that he is the Dan Gheesling. Give him some credit. I’m sure he was capable of thinking of this on his own.

      • If the Pandora Veto saved Dan you might have a case. It didn’t. Dan saved Dan by devising this plan (no bad rhyming intended). He pulled himself out of this, and had the ‘regular’ Veto used on him. Ian didn’t use Production’s Box as many like to call it.

      • How on earth did production help Dan out? He had to give his speech infront of everyone he was in the room fr 24 hours talking about what he was gonna do out loud beforehand

  20. Ian’s meltdown is classic. Shane has now had to hold Ian away from Frank twice. 

    He is getting outwitted by Frank big time in this conversation.. his emotions are destroying him. Frank is using what Dan told him very well, i guess its because i’m team Dan, but i love Frank now too. :)

    • This is why I never put booksmarts before street smarts. Ian is socially inept, so I’m not surprised he’s being outwitted in this yelling match with Frank, especially when he’s upset. 

      Ian talks about how much he respects Mike, then as he’s leaving he feels the need to say “Get to steppin, buddy”…? What the hell was the need for that? He absolutely didn’t have a need to show the house that he was ‘tough’ or anything of the sort, he could’ve just felt bad deep down while knowing it was a good move, and just shut up. 

      More evidence that he isn’t socially inept.

      • Ian’s not the nice guy that everybody thinks he is. One thing that Big Brother does is that it brings out the real person. Don’t fall for that it’s only a game crap. True personalities are on display here folks.

      • I agree Gene. 

        And I meant to say with my final line “More evidence that he IS socially inept”.

      • @57c694a9c2d7ec09efa211cf392f2816:disqus You see, I disagree. Personally, I believe that you start off as yourself and then become someone you arent.

      • @57c694a9c2d7ec09efa211cf392f2816:disqus  @febd23ed833b6e7ed4c7143d6bb3629b:disqus To clarify, I was agreeing with Gene that Ian isn’t the nice guy he seems…he was playing a role to seem innocent and not a threat for weeks.
        I actually agree with Alex on the latter, that you become someone you aren’t. I don’t take what players show in the game as how they’d be in real life very often. There have been exceptions, but not often.

      • I got deja vu…Ian is Ronnie BB11 all over again. I think whenever there is a nerd in the house, they think that just because their IQ is higher than the rest of the hg’s, they can play and manipulate both sides of the house and it will never catch up with them. How many times has someone said “keep this between me and you” and it never does. And Ian the “super-fan” should know better.

      • I heard Boogie being enterviewed when he left the house..Boogie said he was proud of Ian,and it was one of the best moves ever made in BBH,on him..Said he had to give Ian 100% for what he did..

      • Yea fine, good move, but absolutely no need to give that cocky crap to Mike as he’s walking out. My post was highlighting Ian’s social awkwardness. I guess he was trying to look cool. Not cool to say things like that to someone you supposedly respect. He got it done, Mike was leaving, so leave out the attitude.

    • Ian was a gopher. He relayed info and was used. Now he has been burnt. He thinks he played smart. It will soon be bye bye Ian Frank can play him and Ian won’t be able to think for himself. Nice kid though just young.

  21. Loving this season. So much game play and creative strategy. Glad Ian was outed for being the snitch. He was getting a little to big for his britches. I will have a huge smile when Ian is sitting next to Julie after being evicted.

    • I think this is the most bipolar group of people ever.

      They vacillate between extremes.

      It is so entertaining to watch.

      • Well he didn’t use it, but his chance has come and gone to save Britney this week. I’m not sure if he gets to keep it for next week now.

    • I think Shane’s on board cuz he went to Frank and thanked him for telling him what was going to happen right before the veto ceremony.

    • Joe told Frank that he would vote the way that Frank wanted and that he could get information from Shane.  Shane and Danielle have a final two vote.  Things could change but as of now it looks like Britney is going home.  BTW:  Ian is completely freaking out and still trying to lie to Frank.  Ian just took his beers out of the refrigerator.

  22. Jenn and Danielle are so easily manipulated. Sucks that a competitor like Janelle, and a gamer like Britney, would go before those 2. No doubt, a guy will win again. Jenn and Danielle are fools.

    • Janelle didn’t win much this year, and Britney didn’t ‘game’ well enough. Mike and Dan are better players.

      • Dr. Will himself said that Janelle was poor in strategy and Brittney was even worst than Janelle as a coach. The only reason production put Janelle and Brittney this season is because of their fan base. They have NOT WON
        Big Brother. Boogie and Dan have both won Big Brother!

  23. Danielle needs to do less talking and more crying… thats the only way she can keep her cover, and thats the only thing she is good at anyway. Perfect for the role, girl cry with Brit and your hands until eviction, that will give the guys time to secure your votes. Dan should have a talk with her.

    • Just hope she doesn’t lay it on too thick. At some point after that much crying you’re perfectly excused from conversation, say you just want to lie down, take a shower, or ‘I don’t want to talk about this anymore’ because it’s upsetting you…

      She bordered on going too far last night when “complaining” about Dan to Britney.

      • Doesn’t matter, Brit knows she got blindsided. The votes are secured. Shane’s gonna cut the leash and Joe goes with the flow.

    • Danielle isn’t going anywhere…I wish she was because I can barely stomach her…but Britney is the much bigger threat. Danielle will be gone soon enough. Frank and Dan want to go final 2 with Joe, and then ditch him and duke it out.

      •  No way Dan wants to go to the final two with Frank!  Dan doesnt win many comps, so he needs to take a floater with him to the final two.  That means he will go final four with Joe, Frank, Jenn , then convince Joe and Jenn to get rid of frank because he will get the votes from the jury because he has been able to save his self from eviction 5 times (so far).

    • I kinda like her being in the house. It’d be kinda boring without her and her 7 personalities. She’s good crazy tv.

  24. i hate ian and now brittany. britt throws anyone but shane under the bus to keep herself safe. 

  25. props to jenn btw……she waited all season for the ashes to settle till she made a game changing move!

  26. Ian’s the biggest punk right now. He told Frank if  anyone TAKES him to the final two he wins 7-0. Way to go stupid pack your bags cuz you’re gone next week. He thought he was smart, but didn’t realize Dan was waiting to drop the hammer on him.

    • And he practically told Shane and everyone else in the house to go after him because he is the biggest threat! Talk about stupid! LOL

  27. Would have been much better if Frank had put Ian on the block and made him use his veto to get off.  Then put Brit up.  Should never hve let Ian keep the veto.

      • No Wonderband, Beresrobert is referring to Ian being nominated from the very beginning.  Even though Ian won the golden veto he could have still be nominated and then forced to use it on himself.

      • Oh, yeah completly agree with that! Don’t understand Frank’s reasoning ( or lack of ) for that

  28. Ian is not only socially inept.  He’s a dumb a**.  All he had to do was tell Dan he was going to save him with the veto and Ian wouldn’t be in this mess.  Dan held his mud and didn’t rat out Ian and Ian could’ve repaid Dan by saving him.  When Ian wouldn’t save him, Dan blew Ian’s cover.  Completely understandable.

    • Stoked, you and I are on the same page.  Ian and Brittany were quick to turn on Dan.  Shane and Dani were the only ones hesitant to turn.  Dani was the only one to say no all the way.

      • Dan was always in the EARS of Ian,Britt,Danielle,& do as he wanted them to do..Now that they did,as he wanted he threw all of them in the lions den….But someone will Tie both Dan & Frank Dan onto the railroad tracks…Just wait and see!!

    •  Exactly. The replacement nominee if Ian saved Dan would have Shane or Brit, so one of the QP was probably leaving–however Dan would still be on Ian’s side, keeping his little secret and it would have prevented a much stronger alliance from forming.

      Amazing what 24 hours in a One Person Dance Party will do.

    • @e9aded6a2b47e67976cb4357d5fcf3ec:disqus Exactly. Dan is supposed to say ‘oh ok’ to Ian not saving him after Dan stuck his neck out to protect Ian as the QP mole? Why the hell should Dan keep protecting him when the first chance Ian gets to repay him he doesn’t want to do it. Sound familiar? Mike had Ian’s back and look how Ian repaid him.

      I was an Ian fan before, it’s rapidly gone downhill. He damaged his game in the Double Eviction episode (evicting Ashley, are you kidding me?) after failing to throw the HoH to Danielle, a title he never wanted, and since then has just been digging his grave. He should’ve been all for saving Dan, this is a game for half a million dollars, if I was Dan I’d do the same damn thing.

      Maybe I’m ‘a terrible person’ too.

      • Totally agree MJ. Ian wasted his shortly lived HOH reign on Ashley because she’s such a big “threat” WTF. All they had to do was give Ashley her Xanax and she would be to spaced out to win any comps

      • Yeah and Ashley would never have nominated Ian (not that she’d ever win an HoH) and also would likely not have even ever voted to evict Ian. He eliminated a complete ally, nice work.

      • Not a Dan lover, but you said that well and you are right about Ian. It is a game. And you aren’t a terrible person for having an opinion.

    • Ian could have lied, but I believe after the Veto meeting Dan can still pull this off by ratting out Ian out.  Only then, it would have to sacrifice Danielle.  Ian will still be target #1 next week.

  29. Does anyone know why the HGs are saying they have 2 weeks because Frank can’t play? Can’t play what? HOH competitions or veto competitions?

    • HoH comps, hes out for 2 weeks.  Bad news for him since he is still public enemy #1, someone WILL backstab him.

      •  I doubt Dan or Jenn or Danielle (if she is around) will. This a pretty solid Final Four and is much more united than Ian, Brit, Joe and Shane.

      •  @9f32d5fe816881aa8540666fd0822372:disqus problem with that is then you are almost guaranteeing Frank $500K,  Dan won’t have any of that, he wants to be sitting next to a Jenn or Joe.

        Shane is still a powerful competitor, I could see Shane / Dan making a final 2 deal.

  30. Read on another site that there was a plane flyover!…cant confirm.    You think it said Danielle you’re crazy…stop crying

  31. WOW Brittney has stooped to the lowest form of human being i ever seen..She needs to be kicked out of the house by production

      • Ace that’s saying that she has such strongwilled fans who will take matters into their own hands, that doesn’t mean she would do the deed herself.

      • WOW, she’s a spoiled b*tch.  Just because her a*$ is going him she makes disgusting statements such as that.  That’s why she’s out of here and I’m glad she’s gone.  She should have won something and maybe she wouldn’t be in this situation she’s in now.  Or maybe she should have stuck w/her alliance instead of turning on them.

      • @b9a8deb606890fc1787c22a73bafad59:disqus It’s still a threat dude. I haven’t seen or heard confirmation of her saying this, but if she did it should be taken seriously. No, I’m not calling for expulsion, just a severe warning. I’m close to signing up just to see all of this stuff for myself.

    • What did she do or what did she say?  Whatever it was it doesn’t surprise me as she was disgusting in my opinion during her original season.

    • What I found odd is that Brittney had NO problem throwing Danielle under the bus, as soon as she went upstairs, while trying to make a deal with Frank and Jenn.  She then went down and cried and cuddled with Dani, saying all these wonderful happy things about her.  Next we see her talking to Joe and he’s promising her his vote saying with him saying “nothing against Dani”.  I get it’s a game and you have to fight for your life but I’ve lost a lot of respect I had for her.  I thought she was playing a pretty good game, keeping herself protected on all sides until she threw Dan under the bus.  

  32. Anyone else having problems with the constant theme music running?…I can hardly hear what anyone is saying. VERY ANNOYING. I’ve reported the problem to realnetworks and CBS. Let’s hope that someone does something about this problem SOON.

  33. Britney had to wear the flip flops that janelle and Ashley wore just before being evicted, karma is a B*****

  34. Joe has promised his vote to almost everyone.  LOL.  Not a bad strategy.  Promise and lie to everyone and you’re bound to end up agreeing with someone at some point.

  35. Ian’s back to swinging on the hammock…have fun, dude. You’ve got a lot to think about.

  36. If Ian got put up and couldn’t use the veto this week because he already declined, then he goes home and shame on him for not using it.  Now he can promise everybody that he will take them off the block next week and get Brit to stay.  Looks like Danni goes home. Dan had the right idea, but I don’t think he followed through on it.

    • He doesn’t keep the veto.  He decided not to use it this week so it no longer exist.

    • It’s not like Boogie’s coup de tat on All Stars. Ian’s veto ball was a one time deal. Use it, or lose it, and that ship sailed. I find it funny that Ian is mad about what transpired, but he did his fair share of lying too. Pout all you want dude, but you made your own hammock, so swing in it.

  37. Britney is upset with Dan, but she should be blaming Ian.  Ian forced Dan’s hand.  I don’t think Ian gets that.  Ian is book smart, sidewalk stupid.

    • CTFU @ “sidewalk stupid.”  That’s the problem in this game most of the player try to put the blame on the wrong person.  What Brittany and Ian should be saying to themselves and everyone else is that they should not have gone against their alliance and left Dan by himself.  Before Frank even won HOH they made a deal with Frank to get rid of Dan and if it wasn’t for Dan the QP would not have been as powerful as they were.

  38. Right now Frank thinks he’s part of “chill town”, ummm guess what Frank… you can only ride on certain coat tails for so long.  I cannot believe that Frank and Ian are exposing everything,but wait this might be part of their plan, get angry, be friends and get someone out.  Next HOH should make sure one of the two goes bye bye next week!!!

  39. Frank should have renominated Ian to force him to use his Veto and then put up Britney after Ian took himself off.

    • Frank could not nominate Ian as he had the power of veto.  Both Ian and Jenn were safe from being nominated. 

    • Ian’s decision was first, and he chose not to use it. Jenn went next, and used it. Ian couldn’t be nominated in Dan’s place, same power as a regular veto, and even if I’m somehow wrong and Ian went up, he just decided not to use his veto.

  40. Danielle has some weird rash and has just told Production that she needs to see a doctor “no matter what”…she should know if there’s a problem….

  41. How are the “votes secured” people?  The way I see it is as follows:

    Vote for Britney:

    Vote for Danielle:

    Joe will be pursueded to vote with Shane / Ian, did you guys all forget that he promised Shane the world last week?

    Frank doesn’t vote as HoH.  Keep in mind that Dan may also flip and vote to evict Danielle I wouldn’t trust the guy as far as I could throw him.

    IF Danielle leaves that leaves the house is still divided 4-2 with Joe floating between the two groups (Frank / Jenn being the two).

    • Easy, all Frank has to do is tell Shane that Britt threw him under the bus last week after his HOH win and ask him aren’t you tired of carrying her? Joe’s hardheaded. You tell him the truth and he’ll still do the stupid move. Just point that out to Shane and I think the choice is quite easy.

    • Joe promises to whoever is in power. A threat to put him on the block should be enough to get his vote. If not, then, he is fool. Why would he protect a good player like Brittney instead of his own ass? Answer that one for me? Joe has been good at licking the ass of whoever is in power and he will be a fool to put himself in the middle of all out war! He also hates Ian and Frank and Dan can remind him that Brittney controls Ian. Get her out and Ian is isolated!

      • Wait isn’t a better option for him to evict danielle?
        This way (when) ian or shane win hoh he will be safe.

        And doesnt the house realize danielle is closer to dan than britney is to ian?

      • Guest7…….Why would they move to evict Danielle when she is part of Dan’s alliance? Brittney has Shane and Ian on her pocket. Dan has Frank, Danielle, Jenn on his side. Joe is in the middle sort of depending on who is in power.

      • Richie you are correct.  All these things were discussed by Frank and Dan this morning.  Dan knew that Brit was lying about things and the rat pack were willing to let him take the fall for what Ian did.  Brit went right to Frank and made another one of her famous F2 deals with Frank.  Ian is tight with Brit and both were protecting themselves.  Frank and Dan knew this and by letting Brit go they were hoping to work with Shane since they both like him and knew he was a puppet for Brit.  Joe goes wherever the power or votes are and they knew that as well.  Frank was going to talk to Shane just before the meeting to see if he would be willing to work with him (Frank).  Frank and Dan are keeping their alliance a secret. 

      • They are not keeping their alliance a secret

        Dan alreday told the true to Danielle..
        he told her he made a Final 2 deal with Frank

        Of course Dan wants Dani in the final 2 with him

      • A threat by whom? Jenn? Last I checked Frank wasn’t able to play for the next two HoH’s, Dan isn’t much of a competitor in the sense that he hasn’t won any of the competitions, he is a social competitor though.

        I bet Shane becomes HoH next week then all the grovelling begins all over again. Just watch, Dan will be back on his side in no time.

        Bye bye Frank next week!

    • Stupid move for Dan to switch moves and send Danielle home! Ain’t happening! Dan and Frank are obviously gonna get Joe to vote with them! They got Jenn and Jenn will convince him!

      • Dan will change sides at the drop of a hat, mark my words. The guy is playing the whole house. He was backed into a corner and was trying to save himself.

        He doesn’t care for Danielle.

  42. YA know what???  Frank can’t play in the next 2 HOH comps…But he is telling the other HG’s in the house how things are gonna go down on his say soo.. Unless he wins vetos he is not gonna be in power to make any decisions and Dan is counting on that….The next HOH will be thrown by Dan to Daniell if possible so that Frank can once again be nominated or backdoored by someone other than Dan…I don’t believe Dan has any intention of keeping Daniell or Frank for final 3/2….Personally… I think he wants to take Shane…But time will tell on that…We will see..And second….THE TRUTH has away of slipping out in the BB house no matter how hard u try to hide something…If what DAN did gets out before Thursday the crap will hit the fan and will be blown to Hawaii…If Dan thinks the situation is “epic ” now..just let the truth come out before Thursday…..whoa what a show that will be… 

    • Now is not the time for Dan to do stupid things. He need Frank as Frank needs him. They have majority vote now after they evict Brittney. The target should be Shane and Ian and if Frank gets picked for veto then, even better.
      Win veto and send Shane to the jury house. It does not need to be harder than that! Dan will stick to Frank because he knows Frank will stick to him.
      And if they manage to evict both Shane and Ian then, Joe, you have the 4 alliance members left to fight for that $500,000!

    • Dan was on the feeds this morning by himself talking to the camera saying he was with Frank and wasn’t going to backstab him.  Why would he lie to the viewers watching at home?  What purpose would that serve?

    •  dan will stay loyal to frank until britney, shane, and ian are gone, then he will use danielle joe and jens votes to get rid of frank.  He cant win against frank in the final two, but he cant get rid of shane and brit without him.

    • I think Dan will take Daniell to the end.  He will hold on to Shane till finale 3.  But bet ya all I have, he will be taking Daniell to the end.  Frank is just a way of getting there, and will be dumped when the time is right.

    •  If Dan is really smart he will take Frank as probably no one will give a vote to Frank. 

    • Dan will stick to Frank because they need each other! Ian and Shane and possibly Brittney if she survives this week will all go after Dan! He is a fool if he thinks he will not be targeted by the three Quack Pack members. His best chance is to win that HOH! Then, put up Shane or Brittney if she is still in the Big Brother House or Ian if she is not.
      If Frank then, gets picked for Veto and wins it, the new alliance of Jenn, Frank, Dan and Danielle would have 3 votes which is majority votes on 4 vote total to send whoever they want to the jury! Then, next week, put Ian and Joe up and finish the job! Send Ian to the jury.

    • I bet BOGGIE and JANELLE are enjoying this! Britney deserves whatevee she gets after lying right and left to Janelle and helping to backdoor her! Now it’s her turn! And Ian, not using the veto to save Dan? Pretty Benedict Arnold. HATS OFF TO DAN! GO FATHER DAN!

    • Ian is making such a fool of himself!!! He knows that Frank is correct on every point! I can’t believe he tried to stand up to Frank, it was literally, pathetic! I was glad production called him into the DR… He was just making it worse for everyone involved!

      • You’re so right, i was actually feeling very uncomfortable at how ridiculous Ian was being. He kept saying “you had a few days I had 30 seconds to decide who to put on the block”. Regardless of timing, if you’re in an alliance Frank should have never even crossed Ians mind to put up. He doesn’t think logically and he definitely can’t “fight” logically. what did he think was going to happen? and furthermore, even AFTER Ian put Frank up, he was STILL trying to defend Ian by saying he was manipulated by the others. I like Frank and think he is a stand up guy and I hope he gets through the next 2 weeks with Dan by his side.

  43. Well first…..way to go Dan!.  Ian already has a big head, but his head got even larger after he won the golden veto.  Frank did the right thing by teaming up with Frank.  Frank is smart and very good at competitions, the rat pack knew that they had to get rid of him the first chance that they got.  I guess the rat pack thought that they were just going to lay around and talk about sex.  I don’t have the feeds, but watch BB After Dark.   Most times, they just sit around talking about nothing….no strategizing whatsoever!  I am glad Dan, at least, brought back the excitement. 

  44. Congrats to Dan and Frank…..Dan from saving himself from eviction and Shane  from having a 1 man alliance to a more solid 4 man alliance.  Way to go guys.

  45. I can’t blame Dan for pulling this move, although Britney has probably been one of the more loyal people to him. If I were him I would have proposed backdooring Shane or Ian.

    • Brittany was as loyal to his as Ian was, which he wasn’t.  Frank went to Brittany 1st about turning on Dan and she agreed.  So she gets what she deserves.

      • And Shane and Brittney has had how many alliances with Frank and betrayed Frank each time! Time for payback time! Any fool can betray another person. It takes more to stick and be loyal to someone!

      • So, Brittney who with Ian and Shane were ready to vote to evict Dan are the better allies? With friends like that, you might as well join the enemy! Good work Dan joining Frank. Now, you both have a chance and a better, more trustworthy alliance. The Quack Pack will finish each other off if you fail to get rid of them!

    • Britney had a pact with every single player in this game!!! She is so playing Shane right now, it’s making me sick; “I don’t want you to have to choose between Me and Danielle”. That’s EXACTLY what she wants and she wants him to pick HER! Ian; same thing except he is nowhere near as smart as Brit is when it comes to Playing these people, I mean this game!

    • brit cant go..

      she gotta stay and go after Dan, FRand and SHane

      If she 2 will be Joe and Dan

      if she stays will be Brit and Joe

  46. What exactly was Dan supposed to do, go out without even trying.  People this is a game and a game of betrayal.  I wouldn’t care who hates me, if I’m walking around with a pile of cash in my pocket (wouldn’t sale my soul for cash, but would lie in a game of lies to win, though).  Plus Ian betrayed his alliance, hey karma baby! Britney threw Dan under the bus the first chance she got.  Britney wanted Dan out so that she could win.  Britney knows the others are very weak and easy to manipulated.  Britney thought she had the game won.

    • I don’t think it said we love Brittney… when Ian saw it and called it out, Dan came running over to see what it said.  Ian said in a smart ass tone it says “We love Brittney”  Later we see Jenn talking to Frank that she said she thought for a second it was going to say “We Love JC” her friends call her JC short for Jenncity.  I don’t think we will ever know what it really said.  If they had only been quiet about it production wouldn’t have known and they wouldn’t have fished us!  lol

    • Then Frank said to Joe at the pool “I don’t even think the sky writing was for us” and Joe’s reply was “It had to be”  Then fish… this was about 1:42 give or take a min.

    • Flashback to 1:47 they talk and no fish.  It said “we <3 (heart) J"  and that's all they saw.

  47. I’m so glad that Jen used the veto. I want Britney gone, she talks constantly and babysits Ian. She tries to find out everything that’s going on in the house and then sits and picks at her lips or hair and make a deal with everyone to not put her on the block. She has not done anything but manipulate Ian and Shane. I want her gone. Great to Dan and Frank for pulling that off. I don’t know why credit is not being given to Frank for convincing Jen to use the veto. Go Frankl!!!!!

    • Frand did not do any work… Dan gave him all the instructions to talk with Jen.

      Brit Gotta stay and put up Frand and Dan on the block

  48. Dan did not pulled it off… Frank and Jeen are just really stupid to bealive him…what a stpuid move Frand and Jeen just did…ANd im sure producation has something to do with this/

    We all knew this season was gonna be “guys season” since last year was the “girls” season.

    Good thing is BB 14 has the lowest raiting ever.

    I hope Brit stays…she is playing the best game..

  49. Ian made another mistake by trying to start a fight with Frank.  The thing is, he could still foil Frank and Dan’s plans by rallying up Shane and Joe to join him in evicting Danielle, creating a new Quack Pack with Ian, Joe, Shane, and Britney. Instead, he tries to yell at Frank, giving him and Dan the perfect stage to out what he did last week.

    Ian needs to get off his hammock and WORK.  There’s still hope that he can take Frank and Dan out of the majority power, but he needs to get out there and convince Shane and Joe that despite everything that he has done in the past weeks, working with him is the only way to stop Frank and Dan from steamrolling to the finale.  

    • Even Shane and Brittney knows what a rat Ian is by not using his veto to save Dan who is one of his allies. That tells you he cannot be trusted! He gives evasive answers instead of answering directly when talking to Frank which is another sign that you cannot trust Ian. And considering that Shane and Brittney has betrayed Frank each time he had an alliance with Shane and Brittney—–they are all in good company to tear each other apart! I am rooting for Britney to be evicted this week and hopefully, Dan can finish off the other two rats, Shane and Ian right after that!

  50. Plus Ian told Frank that he would not take him to final 2.  Now, if someone told you that, tell me exactly what you would do.  Britney and Ian are the reason the rat pack is now history.  Ian for for having book smarts and no darn common sense and Britney for having common sense and no ability to think logically.

  51. The best thing will be if Brit stays and wins the Power of the veto.

    Put Frank and Dan on the Block….

    Dan wins the POV.

    Jeen goes up..

    and they decided to evited her.

    We should get a nick name for Jeen.. she is wrost than Enzo from season 12.

    Brit gotta stay

  52. Shane told Danielle he was with her.  That is so depressing.  I really wish Shane, Ian and Joe would vote Danielle out.  Britney is so much more fun to watch.  He quips on BBAD are awesome.  Laugh out loud funny.
    Plus, then it would give Dan something to think about, knowing that “his” (production’s) “plan” worked for him, but not for the person he was supposedly trying to protect.  I wouldn’t miss Danielle at all. 

    • Shane is once again showing that he is one of the biggest suckers in BB history.  He’ll fall for ANYTHING.

      Danielle is doing to Shane what she did to Brit last night on BBAD: TOTAL EMOTIONAL MANIPULATION.  Her true loyalties lie with Dan and Shane will find himself on the outs soon enough if he votes for Britney on Thursday.

      I do have to admit, as much as Danielle bugs me, her tearful facade was an integral part of Dan’s plan and a great bit of gameplay on her part.  She can be a good manipulator when she wants to.

  53. This season is turning out to be one of the best ones ever!! So many big plays and twists and turns! Very entertaining! Except the cheating aspect of it!

  54. Good for Dan, but does he have the votes to stay and Britney go?
    Danielle will or should have Jenn and Dan’s votes
    Britney will have Shane and probably Britney.
    Who will Joe vote to go?
    Am I missing someone in this vote roll call? Frank can only vote if there is a tie.

    • There are 5 votes this week, there won’t be a tie for Frank to break, and I think you meant Britney will have Shane and Ian.

      It’s basically up to Joe. What a ridiculous fate.

  55. Although Dan pulled a good move, Dani’s going out of the house cause Brit has Shane’s, Ian’s and Joe’s votes. Unless something drastic happens Dani’s gonna join Ash in the Jury House. Good Riddance.

    • Shane has Danielle as his puppet and Brittney is Shane’s puppeteer and Joe has a Final 3 deal with Frank and Dan.
      I think Brittney is going to the jury house this week! Hooray!

  56. Read to the tune of “Rockabye Baby”:

    Rockabye Ian in the hammock,

    When you screw Dan your eviction’s a lock.

    Poor little Britney popping a squat,

    Soon to join Ashley and the QP will rot.

  57. No doubt Dan is good. I have always been a supporter, however, this season Dan would have been gone except he had something to offer. Just the right time, right place. Frank is right up there as he started working the group asap when he became HOH. He used his position to shake things up. Shane would have a better game with either Brit or Dani going but considering Brit is the stronger player, she should go.

  58. I sure hope brit stays all she need is three right. Won’t she have shane ian and joe. Danielle may be the one leaving how awesome would that be.

  59.  Is Brittney just gonna lie down there and die? I wanna see her game strategy now. Not one of those guys can do what Dan just pulled in a do or die situation. Bunch of amateurs !!!

    …and Joe…please choke on a burger slop today…shut up please.

    • I think Brit has to process her anger and shock first. She should be back to her two faced self by morning. Don’t know if you’ve ever heard of Big Boys Restaurant but Joe reminds me of their mascot…… A chubby guy in checked overalls eating a double decker burger. They have the same hair :)

  60. Ian better use the POV to save Britney or I will stop watching forever. Dan has already won 500000 and needs to go home and so does know it all Frank. I knew that they should have gotten rid of him the first time he was on the block. Dan is no one’s friend and is a lousy person to boot. Britney has stuck by him from the start and now he turns his back on her and screws her all the while manipulating Danielle. I liked Danielle until now but get Dan out now and then Frank.

    • NONE of them are there to make friends. Yes, he won before. Winning once makes you good….winning twice would make you a MASTER!……

    • There is no rule that says you cannot win it again! The best player will win that $500,000 and it could be a previous winner like Dan. Like what you say matters on who wins.

  61. Dan will have no way to get a second win, unless he go with Jenn or Joe in the F2.  I am just wondering, will he do that?

    • Absolutely! I am calling a Dan/Danielle/Jenn final 3! With dani winning and stupidly choosing dan and dan winning +!

  62. Dan had the ace to rat out Ian for a while, he worked for it by taking the heat. I think he used it at the worst possible moment ( doing it before noms would have worked out so better ). He did use it and it worked out!

    He coached Danielle great too, if she lasts until vote with Brit and Shane, go girl you’ve earned your spot in the alliance.

    Also the way Dan presented it to Frank, shows how much Dan is a good speaker.

    Dan choosing Frank as final 2 over whoever is left at the end by stating that he is staying true to his word to Frank, and whats to win against the best his 2nd time, not against an easy flotter win would probably get him to votes, even against Frank after he’d be done with jury.

    • Dan loyal. What a joke. He was “loyal” to the quack pack? Britney who has never done anything to him and his partner is left on the block.

      • Britney? Who pointed at Dan’s bed when Boogie and Frank asked who ratted them out???? Never did anything to him? This is the reason Dan had no choice… she threw him under the bus when she is the one that freaked out as soon as Ian brought the news. She got what she deserved.

        Dan will have to screw either Danielle or Frank at the end if he has the choice, we’ll see who he choose. But ofc there is more backstabbing to go, everyone does it in a different way. ( Shane being the worst ).

        Its a game, and Dan is good at it.

      • Ian, Shane and Brittney was ready to vote out Dan. What are you on? It must be good stuff because it
        made your brains a gooey mess! They threw Dan under the bus. Only Dan got out of the way in time!

  63. Dan is officially the best BB player ever! WOW!
    Do you think they’ll air the whole ‘Dan’s Funeral’ on Wednesday?

  64. Short term glory for Frank. Britney’s got the numbers to survive. Dan will dump Frank as quickly as he threw Ian under the bus. Joe has to be everyones choice to carry to the final two, if you can’t out poll Joe you don’t deserve to win. I think Shane has the best chance to win a combo of HOH/POV’s to make it to the end.

  65. Well, from the very beginning Dan said he was gonna play this game like Dr. Will, had studied him, etc. I’m blown away by this move. ALMOST enough to get the feeds. Someone please tell all!!

  66. So we got the good ole irritated Brittany back, oh now I hope she stays even more so I can hear what she has to say about dan. She really had no one to gossip about this season until now.

    • She has been gossiping about everyone including past seasons all along. She will say anything to stay. I am sure she is not telling everyone how she made a F2 deal with everyone and even through Dan under the bus last night before this even happened. She was trying to get to see Dani see just how mean a guy he is and how he didn’t have Danis back one bit. Dani knew what the plan was and was acting that she was all upset with Dan just for show. Brit let Dan take all the heat for what Ian did and even Shane when she said he threw her under the bus after he made his noms when he was HOH. She offered Frank a F2 deal and then ran and told Dan she was getting him out. Are all these people so stupid that they don’t see Brit for what she is? She is a mean old girl who tries to fool people into thinking she is nice. I hope she leaves.

    • While, I enjoyed Brittney’s goodbye message to Boogie and got a good laugh out of it, her time is up! She can go this week and I will not miss her! Off to the jury house with you. Atleast, you will have Ashley to gossip with!

  67. Wow, Shane saying that he hopes Chelsea divorces Dan over this. Has Shane ever seen the BB show? It’s a game about lying and deceiving. I liked Shane up until this. Mr. Sanctimonious.

    • No he has never seen a full show. That’s sad because when Dan spoke to the live feeders this morning he said he liked Shane and could not believe he had not seen a full show and has a way to go, but he was getting better. Dan also said he wanted to sit against the best. His plan was to take Frank, Dani and Jenn to F4.

    • Dans wife was on twitter earlier today. She said she knew he had a plan when she saw him pacing the room. AND that she’s proud of him.

  68. Here is what I would do if I am Shane, Danielle, Dan and Joe. Obviously now Danielle, Dan, Frank and Jen have an alliance, but really how long will that last. The alliance of Shane, Danielle, and Dan I feel are still willing to work together even though Britt is going home. Now what the plan should be for next HOH. There is speculation that it is an endurance comp, in which Frank can not play. Dan, Danielle, and Ian should throw the comp., while Joe and Jenn are worthless at endurance anyways will likely fall or not be able to hold on. Shane will backdoor Frank, all while Dan was able to stay in the game and get the biggest threat out. I know there might be that new alliance, but the smartest player to ever play the game (DAN) knows better to take Frank to the end. A.) He is a beast at comps. and B.) He will win in a landslide in the end. If the houseguests get together and realize that Frank will win the whole thing, then this endurance comp will be cake to throw to Shane.

  69. Dan acted like a total A$$ in the veto comp, totally a jerk. I don’t like him anymore and now my girl is up on the block next to that half wit Danielle. I’m done with this season.

    • It’s humourous that you’re done watching because your favourite player is in danger, it really is. Dan’s game life was on the line in that competition, let’s see how you act when your shot at $500,000 is in jeopardy.

    • And Britney isn’t acting like a total A$$ right now? She’s acting worse than Frank, Boogie, or even Willie did when they were each on the block. Does she get a pass because she’s sh!t talking while crying?

      • It takes some real talent to sh*t talk and cry at the same time. Guess she’s good at multitasking.

    • We have heard that before. I am leaving and not longer watching but, the same people come back here to post and watch the show! Yes. CBS thanks you for the high ratings.
      You are hooked like everyone else but, would not admit it!

    • Ughh!!! I agree, but still Don’t even mention Sandra in the same league! She is not a good survivor player just a lucky ass mother f’er!

  70. Big move by Dan to stay, but only one problem…Frank isn’t playing HOH for two weeks. If Shane wins HOH, look out Frank and Dan

    • Dan has Danielle (assuming she stays) and Jenn on his side. Shane, Ian and Joe on the other side. And if Frank gets picked to play veto then, that is another plus. Hopefully, Dan wins HOH so that, he can put up Shane and Ian.

  71. Does anyone else find it amusing that Frank is dressed up as a friggin carrot during this whole drama?

  72. I see how this page goes – My opinion is against Dan and pro Britney so it’s yanked down. Nice.

  73. Dan’s move was the greatest but he won’t win… when he won he got all the votes. this time if he makes it to the end he won’t even get one..

    • The only reason he might not win is because he already won. If he makes to the final 2, he deserves to win. He won’t, but he deserves to. Then again, depends who he’s with in the final 2. Joe/Jenn/Dani could work the best for him.

    • You have to separate the game from the house guest. At the end of it, whoever played the better game will win. The nonsense argument of newbies not voting for the ex-coaches and if you voted them off, they would be mad
      at you and will vote for the floater is utter rubbish. Look at the past seasons. The best player will win that $500,000!

  74. Oh lord the hate directed at Dan again…. Britney is a sore loser lol its hilarious. Especially with Frank knowing the truth there listening :)

    • What’s even more hilarious are the Brittany fans that said Frank was classless for acting the way he did when he was blindsided aren’t calling her out for being classless for how she’s acting now that she’s been blindsided.

  75. Your story telling of what is going on in the BB house is BS in that you are just trying to sell the “live” feed. What is your job? To promote the sell of “live” coverage or to let the viewer know what’s going on?

    • Or Dan, Danielle or Jenn wins HOH and puts up Shane and Ian on the block. Frank gets picked to play Veto and wins it and Shane gets evicted! That would be so sweet! Quack, quack!!!

  76. I hope ian , shane, and joe smarten up and vote out that fat bitch danielle. What a loser scum bag. Then they could win the show with frank and dan crying in jury

    • Hopefully, Brittney gets sent to the jury house this week.
      Ringgggg…..Ringgggg……Dan here. Oh, Brittney is not here. She followed Boogie and Ashley to the jury house.
      Ha Ha ha ha ha!!!!!

  77. Boogie did the same thing for Frank when he was a “dead man walking” managing to get Janelle backdoored and evicted, convincing the other house guests to avenge his personal vendetta and save his ally but that was all production and rigging. I don’t see how this is any different…

    • That move by Boogie was amazing. Dan’s move this week is definitely among the best ever, but Boogie’s is right up there too.

      I’d probably give the slight edge to Boogie’s because he pretty much convinced an alliance to vote out an alliance member. Whereas Dan, just pretty much laid out the facts — Ian was the one lying and backstabbing Frank and Boogie and Brittany was the one Ian was all buddy buddy with. He followed her around like a puppy dog and did whatever she wanted.

      Both are great moves by great players.

      • I think Boogie’s move was so much easier.
        He had to play on people’s fear of someone they weren’t really in an alliance with. Janelle had no friends in the game, maybe because she was being a douche to everyone. ( I like Janelle but she was a jerk)
        Boogie convinced people to take out someone who got the final 3 and was winning competitions as a coach.
        Dan had to convince someone who has wanted to get him out 3 times, a girl who was for no reason upset with him, to take him off the block and not trust their own alliance member.
        Ian was supposedly team Boogie, and Dan got Frank/Jenn to believe he turned on them.
        Boogie’s move was great. But it was a move that was easy. Dan’s move relied on two people who hate his guts turning on their own alliance.
        Dan is amazing. This move is ridiculous.

      • Ian did turn on Frank and Boogie. What made Dan’s move better is he got someone who hated his guts which is Frank to see the light that he is not the monster he thought he was.
        That Ian was the bigger rat and that Shane and Brittney was not to be trusted. Frank should have figured out not to trust Shane and Brittney because each time he had an alliance with them, they betrayed him! So, Frank figured that Dan needs him as he needs Dan and Dan would stick with him for this reason.
        Frank made the right decision this time after his bad decisions on the nominations and alliances with Shane and Brittney and continuing to trust Ian! Dan showed Frank the light!

    • Boogie didn’t have to convince his mortal enemy to trust him. He only had to convince a jelous, delusional girl that she would be the “best player in BB history”…..which is quite easy to do when someone is willing to believe their own hype. And at the time he was still aligned with Dan. Being the intelligent fellow that he is, Dan knew it was a way to get a threat out of the house without getting blood on his hands. Quite a bit different when you piss the whole house off….and still get YOURSELF off the block.

  78. Brittney is a crazy woman. She’s basically harassing Dan today telling him how dishonest of a person he is, while she’s picking on her face.

    • lol she sure was and then later told him how great he was. I am sure she was even attempting to get Dan to vote for her even though she’s not campaigning against her BFF. Yeah, right!

  79. Frank had to make that deal he had no choice britt and Ian r too close I think Frank and Shane got a deal also Ian out then there going after Dan anything is possible, just want Britt out now..Hope Frank get’s the Coup’d’ that would be cool..

    • I so hope you are right. Brit does have the votes to stay – big surprise. Frank didn’t have any other choice as he was alone. He thought it would keep the target away from him, but dear old Brit made sure she said to go after him first and then Dan if she left. Now she knows she has the votes.

      • I don’t think Brittney necessarily has the votes. She may think she has but, Joe has a Final 3 deal with Frank and Dan and Shane has Danielle as his puppet and if he votes her out, will lose his puppet.
        Of course, if Shane evicts Brittney, he loses his puppeteer!

      • Richie when I made that post it appeared that Brit had them and then last night I saw that change. I know this game changes all the time and it sure did. I am hoping to see Brit go.

  80. I don’t have the live feeds…but from what I saw on After Dark and the way the newbies all play so emotionally – I see Joe as the deciding vote and he may just feel badly for Brit and be upset with Jenn for joining with Dan – he may vote out Danielle. I think Brit can get Joe, Shane & Ian to save her. I don’t understand why more people aren’t afraid to keep Dan around (especially Frank). Dan making this huge move proves he’ll be hard to get rid of and beat in the end. He just made a move to save both he and Danielle just as they were all sure he’d be gone Thur – they don’t see he wants to take her to the final 2 and that he’ll do anything to get them there? (don’t get me wrong – I love Dan and his great move…but are people blind?)

    • yes they are. And i think Danielle is going to end up like Keesha from BB10, the girl he promised final two then screwed over

      • I actually think it’ll be the other way around this time, if Dan, Danielle and Frank are in the final three, I think he’ll ‘screw over’ Frank because he knows Frank will get all jury votes because of the hard path he’s had to take to get there. Danielle’s won more than Dan maybe, but hasn’t been as dominant as Frank (nobody has, only one close is Shane).

      • Agree with you again MJ. I just hope that Frank is able to beat Dan at the end and instead of Dan taking Dani it will be Frank taking her. I wanted a newbie to win from the start and the way the coaches came into the game and have been eliminated I can’t help but wonder if the plan was that from the beginning. If Brit goes then Dan will be the last coach left. Nothing against Dan as he is a great player but it would be nice to see that they came in as coaches and ended up training their students really well. The coaches had an unfair advantage of playing before and just as one of the vets ended up winning last year I would like to see a different ending this year.

    • Joe has a Final 3 deal with Frank and Dan and Shane has Danielle as his puppet and Brittney has Shane as her puppet so, anything is possible. I think there is still a pretty good chance that Brittney will go get evicted this week which I will cheer if it happens!

  81. I just love how Brit is sitting and talking about how Dan threw every competition. How many has Brit won? ZERO! Could she have, my guess is YES, if she didn’t have alliances with EVERY person in that House.
    She blasted Dan to Frank last night, she crucified him. Now, Dan gets off the block by revealing the “Ian Secret”, finally, and Brit thinks it just all about her. Is she cracking up? Ian went from one of my top three favorites to beneath Joe.
    It’s amazing to me how these people can throw the very same stones at people that SHE has done for the entire game!!!
    I am HOPING Danielle is still safe, enough of Brit and her, “woe is me” pity party.. Now she knows what and who an Epic Player truly is, Dan!

    • joeyelee92 I feel exactly the same way as you. Unfortunately, Brit will be staying and I am sure will win this whole thing. I use to like her during her season but can’t stand her now. Ian, Brit and Joe are my bottom three now. I think this was all intentional. Brit is continuing the woe is me and she knows she has the votes. She use to make me at least laugh but now she can’t even do that.

    • Hopefully, Brittney goes. I think Joe and or Shane might still vote her out. If Joe or Shane votes to evict Brittney, she will go to the jury house.

      • Sure hope you are right Richie. It kept flip flopping during the day and night. Jenn was even able to find out Brit was America’s Player and that seemed to make people in the house mad. I don’t remembering them being able to find out so many things from Production before but may not be remembering. I saw Jenn ask them through her mike. When she got the answer she told the others. She seems to know more about the game then I originally thought. She seems to think things through.

  82. okay so production rigg it for frank, but does nothing to keep america’s favorite player britney in the house? like make ian use his veto after?

  83. Respect to Britney, yeah she’s bitchy mad but she just gave MAD props to Dan. She knows the game, like she said the guy talked himself out of the block. You can now bitch Dan all week you still got my respect.

  84. If Dan ends up winning this season, this would be so messed up.
    When he entered the house in the premeire he told the house he is there to help one of them win the 500K. But it ended up that he took that money for himself.

    • In the beginning he was there as a COACH!….everything changed once the reset button was pushed. They were all on their own after that.

  85. Danielle scares me, she is the type of woman that will end up in prison someday for killing her bff.

  86. Come on britney you are a newlywed and need money! Pick yourself up and get Joe and Shane’s vote! Its not that hard! You still have a shot to win this whole game! Danielle sucks and is only going for second!

    • I don’t think she needs money. Have you ever heard her talk about all her material things? The girls not hurtin.

      • Hey Jillith you are so right. Did you hear her talking about her trip to Paris and all the other places she has gone. She also gets a lot more money for just being in the game than the ones who have not played before. Stupid Joe already promised his vote to Brit and it looks like Shane will as well. Ian also of course. You would be sick if you heard Brit who was not going to campaign trashed Dan up and down as well as Frank. Went running into talk to Dan who was extremely nice to her and hugged her, told her she was a great player and then she runs back outside and says how nasty he was to her. Now everyone hates Dan. Brit managed to say that it was more important to get Frank out first and then Dan. I can’t stand Brit, but looks like she will be staying and winning this whole thing.

      • Hey Jacee, I’m pretty sure trips to Paris are not cheap. Even a honeymoon in Paris is not cheap after spending money for a wedding. How many stinkin trips has she mentioned and how ungrateful she speaks about being in some of those places. I thought it was so funny the other night, I think when she was chained to Dani. Britney was talking about all these little places in France or Italy or someplace (I can’t keep up with her travels) and Dumbielle was saying that she went to all the same places too! How dumb does she think everyone is?
        I gave in today & got live feeds due to the recent drama in the house. Dan’s Funeral was awesome! I’m excited that I can now keep up with all the drama but at the same time I think I just made plans for the next 4 weeks. :-)

      • I am so glad you got them but I was so bummed today after seeing this great plan appear to make it give Frank a wonderful chance and then I saw it slipping away because of Ian and Brit. Had to finally stop watching for awhile. Hopefully Frank will pull another miracle out. Right away Brit had to say get Frank out first and then Dan. All her lying just got to me after awhile. I never liked Dani and her’s are way out there, but she must be rubbing off on Brit. lol Since you got the feeds I am sure you know what I am talking about. It took me awhile to get back to you as the site looked so different and thanks to MJ and his great explanations I think I have it finally.

      • You are so welcome and totally enjoy reading all your comments. Think I read you were going on vacation. Have a wonderful time!!!

      • This new format definitely took some getting used to, but I’m actually starting to like it.
        As of now I’m not sure who’s going home. I haven’t been watching every minute of BBAD or the feeds but from what I have seen I’m confused. Is it gonna be Twitney or Dumbielle?

      • Good question about Twitney and Dumbielle and at this point I totally have no idea. I am totally confused. Just noticed I made some kind of typo and now have to idea what I meant when I typed her’s. lol

  87. i wonder if Dan abuses his wife like he does the women in this game? Dani was/is completely loyal to him… and he tells her she’s dead to him and humiliates her in front of everyone. then pretends it was all part of his plan… he was doing it all for her!

    he probably beats his wife then tells her he only hits her because he loves her.

    he’s a creep and right up there with Jen from Season 6.

  88. Before we crown Dan king of BB, let’s remember he manipulated Frank. Let’s face it, anybody can do that.

    • not to mention Jen (even dumber than frank) and Dani (will apparently do anything a boy tells her to do)

    • You are so wrong. Every morning Dan speaks to the live feeders. He told the live feeders he wanted F4 with himself, Frank, Dani, and Jenn. He wanted to go to the end with the best which he considers Frank to be and not someone who doesn’t deserve to be there. He likes Shane but said he wasn’t ready yet. Thought Brit was good, but also made to many alliances to save her butt which would catch up with her. He felt the same about Ian saying he tried to protect himself all over the house and you can’t play that way. He loves Dani and thinks she is a great player – much better than he originally thought. He also really respected Jenn and the way she played as she laid low and was not afraid when it was time to make big moves. Joe he declared a floater. He did not manipulate Frank. Frank had no one and actually decided it was the best move for him to hopefully take the target away from himself. This was said before the big move was made and did not know if it would work or not. I don’t understand why people make those types of comments especially about Frank.

  89. I don’t know who I can’t stand more Ian, Joe or Brit. Ian and Joe are cocky. Joe runs back and forth. He is a true floater. Ian is running his mouth and yet still hasn’t taken the blame for being the rat and Brit as well because she is acting like poor little me. I haven’t done anything wrong. I never wanted to come to play this game, blah, blah, blah. Shane is believing all Ian’s baloney. Now Brit, Shane and Ian all trash talking about Dan and his move. Discussing how Frank and Dan need to go next. Frank may be the best to get out. Dani seens to still be playing the part of not forgving Dan. Britney knows she is staying because Ian told her so because Joe and Shane are voting for her. Now she is still telling all of them only Dan pressed the button to play, Ian is half drunk and arguing away with Frank. Brit and Dani thinking Ian is sweet – I think he is a RAT. The way this is sounding right now is the only one who benefited from this move is Jenn. Dan is a huge target as well as Frank. Dani will most likely leave and this great move of this morning may be for nothing. I just hope this changes because the peole I like may be leaving very soon – Frank and Dan. Brit is trashing Frank like crazy. The ones I do not want to win Brit and Ian or worse Joe may win. I just hope Dani doesn’t spill the beans and say she was part of the whole deal.

    • would be hilarious if it backfires and Dani leaves. all they have to do is flip Joe… and Joe doesn’t like Frank. fingers crossed.

      • Joe already told Brit he was voting for her. He just said that he really likes Frank. It is Ian that he can’t stand, but to have the numbers has to work with him. Now he can’t stand Dan after what he pulled today.

      • Joe also has a Final 3 alliance with Frank and Dan. That should be interesting. I think Joe is lying to Brittney as usual. And Shane has to choose between his puppeteer Brittney or his puppet Danielle. Shane could also be the third vote and you only need 3 votes to evict this week!

      • Joe does not like Ian too. All they need to do is get him pissed to know that Brittney is on Ian’s side as he is the swing vote. Get rid of Brittney this week and the new alliance would have the votes if they win HOH next week and they can send Shane home preferrably next week! Send Shane, Ian and Joe to jury and they will have the Big Brother House to themselves!

      • Cyril Axel I think I mentioned in one of your other posts that I was happy to see this. Who knew it would work out this way? lol I sure hope it works.

  90. BRITNEY AND IAN KNOWS THAT THEY WERE SET UP…They are making all kinds of remarks to Frank and Daniell…IAN tells Frank that he had to have more than Dan to pull off the backstabb..Dumb ass Daniell is not saying anything which lets Britney know that she was in on it…..The gigs up and IAN will keep pushing Franks buttons till he gets him mad enough to tell the truth and find out who knew what…Keep watching…the real blow up has yet to happen..

  91. how naive is Dani that she takes Dan’s abuse then falls for his lines? and she’s a nurse??? my God i thought nurses were smart. Dani is in for a long life of being used by men. she obviously has issues.

    • She’s is a nurse.
      When she plays that game Operation. You know the one where you pick the bones out of the dude without hitting the sides making the buzzer go off.

  92. Since when did Ian decide to grow a set.????? He is pretty cocky right now for someone who is supposedly so scared of everything and has bad anxiety… He’s a rat.. Frank deserves this win. He has worked hard for it. Brittany, is just a looser, Joe rides on everyone else’s coattails, and Shane, well he’s the eye pleaser in this story. Jenn,, ???????????….I hope Frank wins it… Dan is like the ANTI CHRIST…

    • You spelled loser wrong, loser. Frank is a bully and needs to go. Also, he is so stupid! He fell for Dan’s manipulation even after he told everyone not to do the exact thing he just did. Boogie is probably ashamed.

      • Frank took the best deal that he can and that was with Dan. He had nothing to lose. No HOH for 2 weeks and an alliance with Shane and Brittney that was questionable at best! Shane and Brittney has betrayed Frank how many times? Dan will stick with Frank because he needs Frank and Frank needs him so, it is a win-win for both! In addition, Frank gets a very good manipulator on his side as far as
        strategy goes. Frank is good in competitions but, is very bad on the game play has been making pretty bad decisions when he is HOH.

    • what’s a “looser?”

      Frank is great at comps but that’s it. he’s little more than a puppet for whoever has their hand up his butt at the moment.

  93. omg..Daniell is trying to score points with Britney into get a jury vote….ho hum…ho..hum..

    • Dani can’t make final 2, so she shouldn’t worry about votes. she’s so boy-crazy she’s sacrifice herself for Dan or Shane in the end. she’s a dope.

  94. WOW! I for one, am EXCITED about this. All summer long, everyone was so set on getting Frank out of the house, yet he’s managed to stay week after week. I mean damn if you can’t beat him… join him! Ian, so desperately, wanted to be the “bad guy” and go after Boogie and Frank.. which might have been a good idea, but there comes a point where you can’t do “everyone’s” dirty work. Britney is the main “Quaker” who basically had the whole alliance going after Frank and Boogie week after week and i’m a little annoyed by her hiding behind all of her alliance members who managed to win HOH and POV’s. I’m glad that Dan decided to out Ian and in the process took Britney down with him. I believe the Frank/Jenn/Dan/Danielle alliance would be great, but the only person they need to be weary of is….Joe. He is definitely the ultimate floater aka loose cannon and I don’t think he will ever pick a side. Also, Frank should be concerned with Danielle a little too, because even though she’s working with Dan… is she “really” ever going to evict Shane if it came down to it. Nice move on Dan’s part. Now i’m even more excited to watch. I would like to see Frank in the final two with either Dan or Danielle. I guess we’ll see…

    • I was very excited and now I don’t believe they have the votes and Britney will end up staying. She is sweet talking Dan right now and making it seem like Frank feels like he was duped and my guess is when she stays (she knows now she is) she will talk him into another alliance with her. She is doing her usual game play and it looks like this alliance of Frank and Dan will not last. I also wonder if all this was done on purpose to give us some entertainment. I am beginning to think we are being played. Just look at what took place this morning and everyone was saying the greaest move ever in BB history was made. I am sure it will change many times over before this is done. Now she comes out and lies all about what took place. Dan talked about what a great player she was and they had a nice talk and hugged, etc. Then she comes out and talks about how cold he is and he came to win $500,000 and that is it. Now they are hating him like crazy. She just won’t leave it alone and I have lost all my respect for her. I liked her during her season, but I am not liking her at all this season. I think someone predicted Brit would win this season and I think that is what will happen.

      • People constantly lie in the BB house.. Britney is no different. What bothers me with her though is the way she goes about it. Like the week they decided to evict Janelle.. when Danielle named her as a replacement nominee she sat there with her mouth wide open like it was a shocking surprise… really!?! Most of them put on the silly (fake) act. At least Frank is somewhat honest about what he wants to do and who he’s going after at the moment. She’s famous for riding behind the guys (remember the Renegade) and gliding her way to “nearly” the final 2. The only difference between her last season and this season and that she did a little more “master-minding”. And of course this is somewhat kind of an act… they all put on they’re acts to stay safe day in and day out. I believe that the Frank/Dan alliance could work even if Danielle leaves this week or not. Britney hasn’t won anything (besides safety last week). I’ll give her a couple more weeks and the guys (whoever is left) will dump Britney.. and remember… Shane DID make a F2 deal with Danielle so his vote isn’t really all that secure with Brit right now.

      • I agree with your description of Brit and sure hope you are riight. I want Frank to make it to the end.

      • Hope they get rid of Danielle. Her tears and sniveling are totally annoying. Also think she’s a chronic liar.

  95. I used to liked ian in the beginning but he’s being a dick the way he talks to frank. Still justifying all his actions with some threat.

    • Yeah and what exactly was the need to say to Mike as he’s walking out the door “Get to steppin, buddy”. You trying to be cool, kid? There’s no reason at all to try to show the house you’re ‘tough’ or anything, it would’ve made no difference if he kept his mouth shut. And this after whispering to Mike about how much he respected him, and then following up that sentiment in his goodbye message.

      Socially awkward is putting it lightly. This kid badly needs to work on that.

      • He now has “little big man syndrome”. He thinks hes more important than he actually is.

      • Yeah exactly, his head has blown way up. I heard him put himself alongside Will, Mike and Dick. Saying he ‘masterminded’ Mike’s demise (part of it, sure, but all he did was rat him out to Britney and then sit back and watch the show unfold).Now he had the gall to not use his power to save Dan after Dan stuck his neck out on the line for him.

        Mike put it best, it’s hard to be mad at the kid. I still like Ian, but I’d like to see him leave soon now. It’ll be a little bittersweet, I once said I wouldn’t mind if he wins the game. Now I don’t think I want to see that anymore. His head will explode.

  96. Boogie is totally laughing his a$$ off right now.. well that is if he knows.what is going on In the house… also I can’t wait until Britney sees that dani is in with Dan 100%… Dani is worse at least Dan put it all out there…dani is faking it right to Britneys face.. dani vs Dan in the end Dan could pull off a win

    • Dani has to sell it because they do not want Brittney to suspect a thing until she is finally evicted! A bonus is Dani
      gets to hear what Brittney, Shane, Ian and Joe are saying.
      She is now the mole. LOL

  97. Why has this site changed? I can’t find any new comments. Unless, it’s just my system.

      • Thanks for replying, I guess it’s not just me. Hard to find comments now. Plus, having to add “name” and email with every comment is annoying.

      • MODERATORS: Hope you are reading this. I think a great many of your contributors will stop commenting is you do not go back to the usual board. Thanks.

      • You now upvote or downvote. This isn’t worse, it’s just different and you’ll get used to it. There are more options now, like disliking a comment and editing your posts.

    • Actually they’ve made it easier to find new comments. There are bars that appear at the top of the page saying ‘X number of new comments above’ and at the bottom saying ‘X number of new comments below’…then you just click on those bars and it shows you each new comment. Click that bar again to see the next one, and so on.

  98. People are so sensitive. Goodness! Does America have a sense of humor anymore… geesh! Team Frank and Dan!

  99. Joe, you are WAY too angry…you better watch what you say. You’re making more of a fool out of yourself. You’ve been duped. Get over it.

  100. shane and Ian need to go then dani and joe shane is strong and already planing for him and dani to backdoor dan and frank

  101. It is definitely looking like Frank will end up leaving next week. Even though they hate Dan they think he will be easy to get out and are actually going after Frank. I feel really bad as I really like Frank and he has gone through so much to stay in the game that he loves. I am so sick of listening to Brit now with her cry me a river and bad mouthing Dan. I use to think listening to Dani was bad, but Brit is even worse. She keeps reminding everyone how Dan has won this game before and is going on and on how she could not campaign against Dani because she loves her so much. What does she think she is doing right now? Then she throws in her getting Frank out first is the best move. I need to get away from this show. I feel like I have wasted too much time already.

      • Me too. I made a long comment back to you but it is awaiting moderation. Probably because it’s too long. lol

    • I responded to your comment on my post. I don’t watch the live feeds so i don’t know what changes minute by minute. But if they are dead set on going after Frank again (mainly because of Britney) then i’m going to be soooo annoyed.

    • The next HOH will be crucial. Dan needs to win the next HOH and put Shane and Ian on the block. Preferably, send Shane home as he is good with HOH and POV. Then, go after Ian and Joe. You eliminate the trouble makers by sending them to jury and they cannot do anything to evict you! Frank might still get picked to play Veto and that could also help if Frank wins the veto because you get to send Shane or Ian to jury house! One step at a time. First, they need to get Brittney out this week!

    • Who cares? This is better, you can now dislike a comment as well as edit your posts. It’s different but it isn’t worse, you’re just not used to it.

      • Thanks for the explanation above on how it works. I was always with Disquss and could edit, but it still looks different than it did before. I couldn’t see how to like a comment until you explained it. Also, like the dislike feature. Preesh!!!

      • For sure lol. Jeff gave us that as well as “You got got”. I still say that one sometimes.

    • I was wondering the same thing. Thought my computer was tweaking out. It have to type my name and email for each post.

      • Next time you post and add your name and email, check the box that says ‘Register with Disqus’. There are no processes of creating any accounts, but you get the benefit of editing posts by doing that.

  102. Haha britney! I wanted you gone the moment you started all that stuff with Will which in got him kicked out!

  103. saw where dani says her brother is a pro fighter how many more lies has this tramp got also read where she didnt have a boyfriend stalked 1 guy and he got a restraining order against her she and Ian might kill someone in their sleep Ian got ashley out cause he thought she was his girl and she cheated on him these two are crazy and need to be out before they hurt someone guess dani will stalk shane and Dan when this is over

  104. @b3cab0bc8d11b69631afde708d1c11b9:disqus Are you replying to and even negating/agreeing with your own comments? I find it hard to believe there are 12 Eric’s posting lately. I don’t mean to sound rude but you’re kind of flooding the board here. At one point I saw a comment from ‘Eric’ and a reply by ‘Eric’ saying “You’re dumb”. Schizo or what?

  105. I love how BB fans flip flop so much when it comes to this game. We are just like the BB players. A few days ago everyone on here was talking about how much they hate Dan and love Frank. However, now that Dan is in an “alliance” with Frank now the same people who hated him are like GO DAN AND FRANK LMAO!!!
    I love it!!!!! I will stick with my two favs from day one though GO SHANE AND IAN!!!!!

    • That is so true!!!! I didn’t like Dan at all this season but now because of this one move I feel like most of this people on the board……..that is probably because I am a Frank fan LOL

    • I am and always have been a Frank fan. If he went with Dan in order to help save himself longer in the game I say more power to him and his new alliance. Still rooting for Frank to win it all. Looks like he is still climbing an uphill battle, but what else is new. Go Frank!

    • I root for whoever plays the best game moves whether they are my favorite or not! This is about playing the game. The only reason I watch it is because I enjoy seeing the big game moves. Without it, what have you got but, the lame float on each other’s back that these newbies do time and time again! How exciting is that? Floaters have a role in this show but, you do not get excited watching them. Everyone was cheering Dan as they should because he made a very good game move! His move to make Danielle cry is classic. He had to sell it for it to work and that included Danielle crying to deflect the attention from his real plan. It would not have worked otherwise! Give credit to whoever deserves it. Does not have to be your favorite too!

      • That is fine. My statement was a general statement about the people on these boards. I comment rarely because I find the comments to be funny and just as entertaining as the game.
        My friends and I have watched this show since BB 1 and we always pick favs very early on and never turn on them (this causes some headed arguements between the 4 of us all for fun of course). Dan’s move was good but that is not going to make me go against my early favs Ian and Shane. I find it funny when fans like someone, one week then hate them the next week because they are not doing something that you like. I could care a less what Ian does as long as he stays lol, if he betrayed Shane week I would still be rooting for them both.
        For example I hated Evil Dick throughout his whole season, when he won I was like good game but I still hated him LOL…
        P.S. I bet if Dani made some deal with Frank today all the Dani haters would be like Go Dani smh

  106. To Moderator: What happened to this site? Where is the like button? Why change the format? I don’t know how many users like this. But I don’t like it.

    • It’ll just take getting used to. Instead of ‘like’ you click the up arrow. And now you get to dislike a comment by clicking the down arrow, and now by doing a one-click register with Disqus, you get to edit posts.

      It’s overall a better format. They upgraded for a reason. People are just not used to it and got comfortable with what they knew.

      • Thanks, and yeah I was gone for a while wasn’t I…lol. Gonna be gone again in about a week too because of vacation…I’ll try to catch up on episodes when I return.

        To be honest I sometimes just avoid these boards, but then I get that urge to come back and see what people are saying and throw in my two cents…

      • @twitter-517228426:disqus Haha yeah that’s true…part of why I avoid it sometimes…and I always read your comments in full too. There are some people on here with great comments though. I don’t mind when I’m disagreed with, I just like to see their case properly backed up, and too often it isn’t. Also too often they’re spoken with blatant bias.

      • I can’t believe myself, Im rooting for frank now. haha.Because he’s with my boy now Dan. There goes my bias. hehe. Whats your take on this new alliance? You think they’ll succeed? Dan was brilliant huh?

      • @twitter-517228426:disqus Dan was already a favourite, as in all-time status, and honestly I’ve liked Frank since early on in this game. Seemed like a fun guy, as honest as you can be in a game like this, and then started winning competitions and I’ve always sided with competitors. So I guess that answers how I feel about this alliance, it’s the best thing I could see happen in this game. I’m not sure they will succeed, but they definitely can, and yes, Dan’s move was one for the ages.

  107. Ian did not stab Boogie or Frank in the back. He made an alliance. They never looked at him as a real player, just a dumb kid to be manipulated (a pawn) they were so Cocky looking at the previous strong and Athletic players …
    They laughed in his face and made a joke at of him, they all did. He played the geeky character to the Hilt. they got what they deserved !! Good for Ian.
    He is now watching his Alliance crumb in front of his eyes and he is emotional and upset. Who wouldn’t be ? An alliance ONLY works if they ALL stick together until the End. In the case the final 5. Yes, each week a different member of that Alliance takes the heat from the rest of the house and they are target.. that’s how it works people. But DAN is the selfish RAT who abandoned his team (alliance members) Period, End of Story !!

    • Yeah ok, Ian is upset watching his alliance crumble. Same guy who refused to use his power to save Dan, and THAT is why Dan turned on him. Dan protected him and took the heat for ratting out Mike and Boogie when it was Ian who did it, and Ian repays Dan by not using his power to save Dan. Ian was only ever going to use it on Britney. Ian didn’t care about the Quack Pack, he only cared about him and Britney in the final two.

    • How was Ian not being selfish in voting out Dan and not using his veto on him?

      Ian played for himself, as he should. But Dan has the same right.

    • They gave him 3Gs. If he would’ve stuck with Mike they would’ve been final 4. He let Dan take the fall for him and he got burned. Dan was going home because he protected him and Ian said he wasn’t goin to use the Veto on him. He’s a stupid kid and anyone that rides with him is even dumber.

    • Ian is an idiot aspiring to be the best Big Brother house guest by betraying everyone that he can! That is no genius there! He was safe with Boogie and Frank and even in the coaches competition, he was the first player of Boogie that Boogie protected. In case you do not remember, Frank got put on the block because of it! He was also given that $3,000. Frank pointed to him and Jenn when asked by Boogie who to give the monies to! Ian betrayed Dan when Dan needed to be taken off the block even if he had that Golden Veto. He would not use it on Dan and he was with the Quack Pack remember? They all threw Dan under the bus and most especially Ian! If Dan turned on the Quack Pack it was because they turned on Dan first like Ian turned on Frank and Boogie first! Ian is
      scum and will be evicted soon enough!

  108. I finally gave in & got the live feeds due to the action in the house the past 2 days.
    Does Joe always look at camera when he’s not looking at food?

  109. Dan is sooooo Sad and pathetic. He threw everybody under the bus just to save his sorry ass….

    • They had already turned on him. They were planning to vote him out. Plus Ian wasn’t going to use his power to save Dan after Dan protected Ian and took the heat from Mike and Frank when it wasn’t Dan’s fault, he wasn’t the rat.

      If I were Dan I’d do the same thing. This is a game, and it’s for half a million dollars. You don’t leave your family and life as a whole to go and not do everything you can to try to win.

    • Ian, Brittney and Shane was ready to vote out Dan and evict him. He did what he had to do to stay alive! They threw him under the bus way, way before he made this move unless you are a fool and cannot see that simple fact!

  110. Too soon. Frank and dan don’t have thue votes with danielle on the block. After the way frank treated joe. I don’t see joe helping him. 3-2 danielle goes home.

    • Joe’s also a spineless floater and Frank is in power. Plus Frank and Dan are all for a final three with Joe, which I don’t see Joe turning down.

      Plus Shane apparently has a final two deal with Danielle. I can see him going into the DR to vote and sighing and telling Julie “I hate to do this but I vote to evict Britney”…

      It could backfire and go 3-2 against Danielle as well though, you’re right. Guess we’ll wait and see.

  111. Well guys…hate to say this BUT, Mike Boogie was and still better than Dan…Dan beat newbies/amateurs anbd Boogie beat ALL STARS…rember that.

    • No he hasn’t.  Nowhere near.  Ronnie was openly flaunting his “mastery” of the game before he had even completed any of his plans, and everything backfired.  Ian’s plans, unlike Ronnie’s, worked to a certain degree because it led to Boogie, a former winner, getting evicted.  Ian also showed some remorse about blindsiding Boogie.

    • Actually, Ian is Shelley from last season and also Cochran from Survivor. He decides to betray Boogie but, is so arrogant that he believes he is so smart that nobody has figured him out! How did Shelley and Cochran end up?
      Both got evicted early and never came close to winning it!
      Ian is not that smart to begin with. Anyone can betray anyone who trusts you be it your friend, family members, etc. Like he did something special. He got credit for it because it was Boogie who was a master manipulator. Well, meet Dan the other master manipulator in the game if you do not know it yer!

      • But Shelly was doing a very good job.  It’s just that Grodner screwed her over with the Pandora’s Box twist.

  112. Yea I agree. But hopefully shane realizes how quick danielle turned. Either way. He should have put shane up. Dan is useless in comps and its back and forth between shane and frank everytime. Too big too soon in my opinion. Weird to say as late in the season as it is. I’m rooting for brit to stay but not win the game. Go ian!!

    • Blame Ian and Britt. They pulled the trigger on Boogie too soon. Ian’s got a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. Nobody but Britt trusts him.

  113. Dan is the MAN!!! Spectacular move. He was probably right in saying that he couldn’t win it all, but you never know! If he does, you have to consider him the best ever…if not already!!!

    • Doesn’t matter if he wins. Hes still made one of the boldest moves in BB history. People don’t always remember the winner. It’s the one that makes the biggest impression that stays in our minds.

      • Great example of not remembering the winner is Maggie from Big Brother 6.

        Easy candidate for worst or most undeserving winner ever.

      • Or maybe Adam. He’s so forgettable, i can’t even remember what season he was on!

      • Yea I had to think for a second to remember Maggie was Season 6. Adam was Season 9? I didn’t watch any of 9, I remember not even knowing Big Brother was on TV that year…yet somehow I watched 6-8 and 10-14…

        5 was Drew’s win right? Drew’s another all-time fave. Didn’t watch 1, barely any of 2, half of 3, half of 4…but I know all of the winners…

  114. Dan basically rat’d out his team to save himself since he cant win any competitions
    to save his life….boogies play on jannelle was the greatest move this
    season because it came from nowhere dan had knowledge about the ratpack
    and used it to his advantage

    • It was only a surprise to JANELLE. And having knowledge is great…..but knowing what to do with it is better.

    • Dan is throwing competitions but, he will come out to win if he needs too. That is what he did in his previous season which he won! Brittney and Janelle have not won Big Brother in the other times they were on it. Boogie and Dan have won Big Brother before. That should tell you who the better players are!

  115. i think ian and frank are working together. today frank told ian, we’ll talk later. the more they think we hate each other the better.

    • That’s just a back pocket tactic for the sake of safety and another vote. Frank can’t play HoH for 2 weeks, he’s covering his bases in case Ian wins, trying to ensure Ian won’t put him up. After Ian duped Mike, Frank is never going to fully work with him. When Frank gets the chance, Ian will be targeted.

      • Ian’s panicking bigtime, he knows Britt goes he’s done and got outsmarted by the guy with the funny carrot suit . I’m still waiting for him to really blow it and push Joe and Shane to the other side.

      • Good. I want to see him sweat it out after he allowed things to go to his head. I hope Britney leaves on Thursday. I would’ve been fine with her staying longer, but I never wanted her to win the game, so leaving now works fine.

      • I agree MJ but this was getting more confusing by the minute trying to follow the conversations on the feeds or BBAD. Guess all we can do is wait and see how it folds out.

  116. Riddle me this:
    Last night Dumbielle was sobbing because she quit nursing school for the show.
    Tonight she is a Charge Nurse.
    What will she be tomorrow night?

  117. Good move by Dan. He is a pure genious. Britney and Danielle both deserve to be put up. I want Brintey to go home becuase she has done nothing in the house.

      • All Brittney does is bad mouth the other house guests! That is all she is good at and manipulating dumbo Shane. She does not have any strategy but, is just hiding behind her puppet! She adds nothing to the game so, must go. Oh, her goodbye message to Boogie was real funny but, that is about it!

  118. Watching Britney and Danielle whining and whimpering on the hammock is like watching a Midol commercial. Get a grip ladies!

  119. Can’t believe these 2 girls are so upset about Dan concucting a winning strategy. They threw him under the bus. If Ian had used the veto on him this would not have happened. Stay true to your alliances people.

  120. Joe and Shane are dummies. Between those guys talking strategy and deciding who to vote for, it’s like watching Dumb and Dumber in the BB house.

    • You said it. Joe cannot think for himself what is in his best interest to go with that and Shane needs Brittney to tell him what to do! After all, there is only $500,000 at stake and the other house guests are trying to win it!

  121. Frank is the best player this season so far, with Dan coming in a close second. Please let them be the final 2.

  122. It’s interesting how Britney, Shane and the others are saying that Dan is a rotten person outside this game. Dan is the only one who has not personally attacked any of the other people in the house–even when he was pissed off. He figured out a way to save himself in the game, but he never said anything about anyone being a rotten human. It’s a game of liar’s poker. Not personal.

  123. Can we get an English teacher into the BB house to teach Frank that “whenever” something happened doesn’t mean the same as “when” it happened??

  124. I think Danielle is going home. Shane and Ian is going to vote for Britney to stay. Dan and Jenn is going to vote for Danielle to stay. So that would make Joe the deciding vote. And I honestly believe he will vote to evict Danielle.

    • Both Shane and Joe have said they will vote to evict Brittney. We will never know until the actual votes to be sure but, if they do—-Brittney will be in the jury house!

  125. Sorry to burst your bouble Dan Fan’s, but the plan wouldn’t have worked without Frank getting Jenn on board!

    • Well yeah…duh…but who set it into motion? It was Dan’s master plan. Frank doesn’t even attempt to get Jenn on board with anything if there’s nothing to get on board with.

  126. Dumbielle, Dumbielle, Dumbielle….
    I don’t know where to begin. Telling a story that one of her kindergarten students told to her. Man, at times I think this chick really thinks she might be one. I just can’t believe anything that comes out of her mouth.

    • I hope Dans plan backfires and Danielle gets evicted Than Ian and Brittney will go after Dan   Ian has flipped out today  Danielle has mental issues

      • Jillith It would be nice, but all at once I am confused as to what is really going on and who is with who at this point. It seems like each time I listen to this whole crew they are singing a different tune. Is it just me?

      • I love Dan, but seeing his plan backfire with Danielle’s eviction would make great TV.

        I’m pulling for the outcome that will shake up the house the most, which would mean Britney staying (even though she bugs me,) and Ian winning HOH.  Dan said that Ian doesn’t stand a chance in an endurance comp, but he forgets that Ian lasted three hours in the first endurance comp.  He’s not going to go away that easily.

  127. Dan would throw his grandmother under the Bus if it meant he could get off He’s a snake GO Brittney and Ian

  128. Frank isn’t really buying what Dan is selling he’s just buying himself some time.
    Funny how the last post I left disappeard?

  129. Dan is gone if Frank doesn’t get Jenn to use the veto!
    Think about that before you crown Dan the best ever.

  130. Strange conversation going on between Dan and Brit where he is telling her to campaign for herself and not give up. Even going so far as indicating he may vote for her to stay without coming out and saying it. She is saying it makes no sense and she needs to crack the code as something doesn’t seem right as Dan obviously went for the plan to put her up. Just curious if anyone else caught it and your thoughts on it? Dan is hard for me to figure out at times.

    • Dan is probably trying to salve the wound of Brittney’s betrayal in case she stays and wins HOH. There is still that danger that Brittney might end up staying and Danielle getting sent to the jury house. If so, it would be Brittney, Ian, Joe and Shane facing off against Jenn, Dan. They would have the numbers on HOH. Frank cannot play for HOH and the new alliance have to hope Dan or Jenn
      wins HOH so that, they can put Shane and Brittney on the
      block. Then, try to win veto and hope Frank gets picked to play for POV. That is why getting Brittney evicted this week is huge.

  131. I hope the remaing quack pack takes in joe and save britt. Let dany go home. If the quack pack can get moving they can back door frank and dan , the pack lost dan but if they can pick up joe that still leaves 4 , they new they would loose one along the way.
    Dan is not stupid, he goes where ever the saftey is . lets see if frank or jenn can survive the next two weeks. Other than dan franks other target was always joe. Ian was smart not to use his power, it must be used to obtain his goal of getting rid of frank.
    But if this plays out like it has been . Dan or Jenn will win HOH and then Frank ,Dan or Jenn will win pov. This way frank will stay longer. and then the final two will be Frank and someone else.

    • Joe shifts his alliance depending on who is in power. He is the biggest moron around the Big Brother House and gives big speeches about how he is going to draw the line. Seriously, when this guy goes to the other side if it suits him? Joe is a big joke. The only thing they need him for is his vote.

  132. Jacee Dan hasn’t done a thing either except make deals and back stab. It’s pretty much what the game is about so you can’t really call Britney out on it. Dan is a NERD.

    • I’m really not calling anyone out I just found this particular conversation not making sense. It happened on BBAD last night. Wny would he (Dan) tell Brit to continue fighting for votes when it was his plan along with the others of Frank, Jenn, and Dani who are in on this plan to get Brit out? Brit knows Jenn and Frank are part of it, but not Dani. Even Brit didn’t understand why he was talking the way he was when it was part of the plan to get her out to begin with. She said this is not making sense and there is a code to crack and I am going to find out what it is. I know they all make deals, backstabe, etc. On the live feeds Just a lot of conversations going on between a lot of the HG’s that after awhile you couldn’t tell who was really with who.

  133. Frank needs to align Ian,Joe & Jenn. If he can get one of them to win HOH they will have a shot to go all the way

  134. If Brittney goes my continous streak of never missing an episodes even after nigh ends foreveer…If the intelligence level of ppl like danielle is the best they can do then no need to view this show anymore….

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