Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 7 Monday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

The Big Brother 14 house continues to be turned upside down by Dan this week. Monday on the Live Feeds, we got to see Dan’s plan play out when Jenn used the veto and Frank put up Britney as the replacement nominee. We’ll continue updating you on the Live Feeds throughout the week to see if Dan’s plan goes off without a hitch. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 27, 2012:

7:33 AM BBT — Dan is up and talking to the cameras. He’s giving a rundown of his master plan and how he set it into motion the day before.

10:02 AM BBT — Frank and Dan are talking about how to handle  the reasoning behind removing Dan from the block and putting up Britney.

10:33 AM BBT — Danielle starts the day off thinking she has shingles. Every day it’s something new for this girl.

10:50 AM BBT — Joe and Jenn talking about Pizza. Yes, these two will be among the Top 7.

11:30 AM BBT — Live Feeds cut. Veto ceremony time.

12:35 PM BBT — Feeds return. Dan is off the block and Britney is up. Ian and Frank are yelling at each other in the HoH room and Britney and Danielle are still sitting in the nomination chairs, both visibly upset (one for good reason, the other not so much).

12:37 PM BBTIan and Frank’s yelling match ends when Frank tells him to get the “f***” out and Ian calls him a “f***head.”

12:44 PM BBT — Britney and Frank talking in HoH room. Britney tells Frank she appreciates his game and said she understands. She said she had a feeling this was going to happen.

1:32 PM BBT — Joe promises his vote to Britney. For now anyway.

1:42 PM BBT — Ian and Frank agree to be civil with one another.

1:58 PM BBT — Dan asks Danielle if she thinks Britney is going to go out quietly and  Danielle says yes.

2:43 PM BBT — Frank and Ian are now making light of their fight earlier, mostly because Ian started drinking after the veto ceremony and is kind of tipsy now.

3:18 PM BBT — Britney said she knew something was up when production said Ian’s veto had to be dealt with before Jenn’s. Feeds cut. Interesting.

3:25 PM BBT — Britney, Shane and Danielle talking about why Dan did what he did and of course they’ve got it all wrong, and of course Danielle knows this.

3:51 PM BBT — Shane tells Britney Joe said he was voting how Frank wanted him to vote. Which isn’t what Joe told her earlier.

4:04 PM BBT — Britney is being hilarious and imitating Dan.

4:35 PM BBT — Britney now in the kitchen with Dan letting him have it in her own style, by reminding him how helpful she’s been to him, but doing so in a snarky tone.

5:43 PM BBT — Ian basically tells Danielle he’s voting to evict her this week. She sure loved that.

6:07 PM BBTDan and Britney having a mostly serious talk. By mostly, I mean Britney is being honest and apologizing and Dan has to keep avoiding the truth though for his plan to work.

6:35 PM BBT — Britney asks Shane and Joe to let her know if they’re voting her out so she can wear a nice dress for eviction. Joe actually seems pretty mad at Dan over all this.

7:38 PM BBT — Ian and Joe talking about keeping Britney. Ian is of course voting to keep her. Joe said he wants to keep her but they need to talk to Shane about it.

8:58 PM BBT — Joe telling Shane he wants to keep Britney. But then quickly says or if we keep Danielle…  who knows how this jokers will vote.

9:11 PM BBT — Danielle is making Britney console her even though Danielle knows she’s safe. A new low for Danielle.

10:07 PM BBT — Danielle continues getting off on her double agent status and tells Frank things Ian said earlier.

10:15 PM BBT — Danielle still whining to Dan about what he said to her yesterday during his big move. Even though he’s already explained it a thousand times.

12:39 AM BBT — Britney tells Shane and Joe she isn’t convinced Danielle and Dan are really on the outs.

So even though it sounds like Joe is still on the fence, Shane is probably going to keep Danielle (for who knows what reason), so Britney will likely become the second jury member.

Here’s to hoping that Danielle let’s Britney go in peace and stops making everything all about her.Yeah right. Like that will EVER happen.

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  1. Shane should keep Danielle because even though she is an idiot, atleast she has won twice and come close to winning at times.
    Britney is really funny, and she can make alliances like nobody’s business but that won’t help Shane if he doesn’t have someone on his side.
    I wouldn’t count Britney out just yet, I think Danielle is wrong Britney won’t just lay down and die for her.

    • Shane is the puppet of Brittney while, Danielle is Shane’s puppet. What a choice. Stick to your puppeteer or keep your puppet. Shane said she will stick to Danielle so, we shall see. If he does, then, Brittney goes to the jury house.

      • I don’t think Danielle is Shane’s puppet.  She is Dan’s puppet, and when push comes to shove, she will pick Dan over Shane.  Shane is making a MASSIVE mistake if he votes to evict Britney.

      • I think you are right. If she thought something was going to become of her and Shane after this is all over she would be Shanes but she knows it won’t, at least she should. I hope she isn’t that stupid.

  2. All the power seems to be in Shane’s hands this week, which seems odd to say because on the face it seems like he and Brit should be having a really bad week. I find it hard to believe he’d vote to keep Danielle over Brit, if only because Frank and Dan want that so much…

  3. hopefully if britney goes the HG will then realize that Dan must be next – this will end the coaches – that by itself will make for an epic moment in BB House

  4. matt is ian supposed to be spying for frank? because on joker (mon 5:51 pm) frank tells ian we’ll talk later. the more they think we hate each other the better, then (tues 12:39 am) britt tell joe and shane how frank approached ian earlier today to say it’s good for them to play up that they hate each other.

    • I think Frank is trying to keep his options open w/ Ian, but I think a lot of the anger and fighting right now is legitimate. Frank probably knows that Ian may get alienated in the house and then he could be up for grabs. With no other options Ian might go back to Frank, but I doubt Frank will truly trust him again.

  5. The more I think about it…the less I believe the show is rigged…the articles written on this website try to force the rigged angle a little too much to the point where its non-believable.

      • Wrong. What happened was Boogie pulled HG choice. He chose Ian. Frank then pulled Ians chip. Since he was already chosen, he had to pick a new chip. He pulled HG choice. However, he did it too fast and production didnt get the proper angle of him grabbing in the bag. So he palmed the chip that he just picked and pretended to be grabbing a new chip. Thats what actually happened.

      • Was it rigged when Frank went through the entire house one by one in the last HOH and proved that he deserved to win? At least Rachel had Jeff, Jordan, Brenden(Twice), Dick, and Danielle to be bigger targets in front of her so she could get deep into the game… Frank has pretty much got this far single-handedly, with Boogie going for cash prizes instead of power he was mainly moral support or a “Coach” basically.

  6. If this is Dan’s plan and production had nothing to do with it, then kudos to Dan. However if production helped to make this happen, then pooh on them, it takes away from the enjoyment to know that things are being manipulated.

    • I don’t know why production would want to keep Dan over Britney when they didn’t keep Boogie or Janelle.
      I like Dan but I think Boogie/Janelle are more popular than him.
      Not saying that it’s not rigged. I just don’t understand the motivation in keeping Dan over Britney.
      Maybe they don’t want a repeat of the Brigade where they got to the end and it was completely boring.

    • It’s not rocket science,he was going to go so he had to convince Frank and Jen to join him. Frank was easy Dan just had to rat out Ian. Jen was the wild card. Dan had 24 hours to himself,which gives a person a lot of time to think of a plan.

    • I think she was upset yesterday but today we will see her start to campaign for herself.

      She will go out fighting or pull a Dan and convince the house to keep her.

      • Brit is no Dan. Brit is a terrible player, not sure why anyone would think she is good. What does she actually do besides picking at her face. Brit hides behind the guys this year its shane and it was Dan up to this point and in her 1st season she hid behind lane, haydon and enzo. She’s useless. All she has is her good looks. I hope she’s gone on thursday and never see her again in BB.

  7. I hope Britney finds a way to get the votes. I don’t like her but I want her to stay over Danielle.

    • its better for my man Franks game if Brit goes and Danielle stays to work with him and Dan. Brit messed up by outing Dan and setting up a deal with Frank before HOH comp even happened. Then in DR she was saying how if she won HoH she would backstab Frank. Brit laid her own bed

  8. I figured Britney would see through DANIELL’s fake ” I’m forever ur friend”…Britney is not stupid when it comes to people…During conversations about the situation Daniell is not talking..She is not dishing Dan or questioning Frank’s decision while all the other HG’s are asking and questioning …Daniell is saying nothing and Britney is noticing her silence…If the truth comes out before Thursday there will be another blow up and it will be alot better than Mondays events…Keep watching…

    • Sometimes it’s not what you say….but what you DON’T say. Brit is normally good at figuring things out….AFTER the fact. She didn’t see the Brigade coming until it was too late. She keeps forgetting to check her rear view mirrors.

    • The giveaway is not bashing Dan. Danielle would be more convincing if she bashed Dan and Frank and added some cuss words to boot! She is probably not used to doing it but, this is a game and you have to give it your best effort.

  9. Iam just curious..this is really the first year i have read the blogs with flashbacks and my question is this-does production (or has production) been so obvious in the past with the ‘suggestions” to the players and have the players always been so obvious (or oblivious) about mentioning production stepping in and “suggesting”–it would seem to me that feeds are cut abruptly and no mention is ever made again..and editing the show never mentions alot of what really goes on..production knows that people pay to watch and report on the doings right? how can they still sell this as a free play? dont get me wrong I have watched since the beginning and love it..but this year just seems to be coming together how THEY want it too…( i dont have a favorite to win because it doesnt seem to matter, with the manipulations by production) i totally off on this??Thanks!!

    • MAN, Danielle is REALLY back-stabbing Britney! (who’s been an EXCELLENT friend and ally to her the whole time.) I mean, Britney’s being sincerely sweet and kind to her and consoling HER and HER dumbass feelings and Danielle is so selfish and heartless that she’s letting Britney continue to do so. Not only is Danielle a self-centered brat; she has now become the scum and disease at the bottom of a really full and nasty used porta-potty. Britney is a true and VERY rare kind of friend that is hard to find in life and Danielle has absolutely no morals, respect or integrity, whatsoever. What a POS…..

      • I know that but Danielle could still backstab Brit, for reasons for her game play, without letting Brit be SO physically affectionate to her and allowing her to make a fool of herself by keeping her physical distance from her so she can’t keep being physically affectionate to her. It CAN be done. That’s what I’d do. Whatever.

      • No. There’s a very fine line between good, backstabbing, strategic game play & heartless, unconscionable evilness. Danielle could have a tiny bit of class about it. “I” would be classy about it. Danielle is NOT a decent person.

      • Good backstabbing? Is there such a thing? In your post above you said a person should value their spiritual integrity. If i go by that rule then ALL backstabbing is wrong. Sounds like you want to pick and choose the degree to which evils are permissable and in what context. Apparently YOUR spiritual integrity allows you to judge others that do not agree with your views.

        If you were stranded on an island with 10 other people with no food and you found 1 berry in the forest….would you divide it 10 ways or keep it for yourself? You would think of your own needs first because no one wants to be the first casualty in the group. Thats what Dan did. He saw ONE way of salvation and he took it. Selfish? Maybe but at least he’s sharing it with your so called “indecent” girl. While i might rant and rave at hg, its all in fun. I don’t demand that they have the same spiritual and moral code that i do.

      • Backstabbing IS the name of the game with Big Brother but abusing someone’s heart that is kind to you, ISN’T. There IS a difference. Dan and Danielle have NO consciences. That tells me ALOT about their character. And, “I” would give the berry to everyone else (IF they were GOOD people) and not take any of it for myself at all, by the way.

      • I suppose that means you would let the “bad” people suffer because their morals are not the same as yours? Nice that you wouldn’t take any for yourself, you obviously aren’t selfish until it comes to “bad” people. If someone pissed you off they would have to go berryless and starve. Sooner or later you would be alone on that island.

      • I don’t EVER side with selfish or evil people in my life. Meaning: heartless people, selfish people, money-worshippers, and unsympathetic people. No one should condone evil. THOSE are the people who destroy the good things in life. I’m spiritually wiser than that. I also don’t give up my morals for mere money. Many people do though and it’s sad. That’s what everyone that I know respects about me and also why I am the happiest person with the best marriage of everyone I know. I am intuitive on who to trust. (I would be good as a BB contestant. I read people VERY well. Everyone that knows me, has even told me that. So, “my” soul is NOT for sell. But, that’s just me. It’s nice having peace within yourself and knowing you are doing actual good in the world and not strengthening selfish, evil people. Dan and Danielle see it differently. Especially Dan. He’s supposedly representing Christ?. He’d better watch it. That’s REALLY bad.Christ? No way. He’s extremely blasphemous

      • I should apologize for calling Danielle a POS. That was rough language and I’m not perfect. I just can’t stand delibrately cruel people. They ruin so much of the world and so many people’s happiness. . Again, I apologize. I should just say she is foolish to hurt someone who cares for her.

      • Stupid about what? Caring about people’s feelings? Hmmm, I think I can live with that. Lol!

      • I am not a big danielle fan but Danielle is NOT backstabbing Britney, I mean come on what else can she do with 500k at stake? and speaking of Britney she is no saint, go back and look at the way she lied and backstabbed Janelle, infact she still talks trash about her, Britney deserves to leave!

      • Yes, I think it’s sometimes difficult for people on the outside to truly understand the reason these people can behave the way they do. Unless you have walked in their shoes, you have no idea how you actually would respond with the same set of circumstances involved.

      • Not everyone needs to sell their morals to succeed in life. It depends if a person values their spiritual integrity or not. There’s other ways to get things done without abusing others and being selfish about it. Depends on the person. Danielle chooses the easier, less moral route. It’s just the truth.

      • Even Jesus loved sinners…..he didn’t call them POS. And YOU’RE supposed to be representing Christ?……you’re as delusional as Danielle.

      • You are absolutely right. I shouldn’t have used that term. I owe an aplogy for my verbage. I will just say that Danielle is very foolish to hurt someone who appears to clearly care deeply about her. My sympathy for Brit looking like a fool for trusting Danielle so much just came out very passionately. I have a tendency to fight for the kinder people in life. Dan is actually worse. Anyway, again, I do apologize for that.

      • I truly wish you a nice day :) …I guess i just reacted badly to your post. No harm done….we still love the game, Right? :)

      • Thanks. And Yes, we love this crazy game, don’t we? Lol! I have to say that Danielle was being pretty sweet to Brit last night after Brit drank a bottle of wine and got pretty toasted. ;) I can’t help but feel bad for her cuz she truly was very hurt. I know she likes everyone in the house. I’d be bummed too. My girlfriend and I have the Live Feeds and we saw Danielle helping Britney get changed and ready to go into the pool. It seems Danielle feels kinda bad about that betrayal now cuz Brit was being REALLY sweet to everyone about the whole thing. They all seem to really like Brit. You can tell that everyone truly felt bad for hurting her. Putting her up was basically just to set up Ian’s planned departure. Since Ian is totally loyal to Brit, I understand why the move was made. I’ll just miss her. She made me laugh alot. :)

    • I totally agree, and have always said it. I bet production has a flow chart or something of what they want to happen when and use the polls to adjust it. Though, America’s favorite, to bring in the coaches and what not, we as voters need to start voting opposite of what we really want to happen, cause it never fails, whatever we vote… The opposite happens, regardless of what the different polls are saying whether it’s here, Facebook or blogs.

  10. Oh how I wish Britney would stay, even tho it would ruin Dan’s plan. She is so funny and I love her. But once again, getting played by the boys~

  11. I really hope Dan’s plan works out and Britney goes home. Not that I have anything against her except that she can be really catty at least she was in her last season…she seems to have matured a little in that regard…maybe because of all the negative feedback. I think if she and the rest of the Quackpack had tried to work out a plan to save Dan or Danielle with the Vetos then Dan’s plan would be a huge betrayal (a necessary one to save himself) but the fact that they were already planning to cut him loose even before Frank won HOH in my mind gives Dan a free pass to do whatever will keep him in the game and I love that he pulled Danielle in to the plan because she was the only one who told Frank to his face yes I am aligned with Dan and I can’t go against him so that’s why I hope she stays.

    • I hope so too, but we have two spineless guys, Shane and all talk Joe. On live feeds, it’s hard to get a good read on where they’re gonna cast their votes.

  12. I think Ian messed up by not using the veto. He was safe all around and could have saved Dan or Danielle and just told Frank ” They got in my ear.” He’s been telling Frank that the whole time anyway. And Frank was buying it. Ian has watched and knows every season, he can even quote what people had said. So with saying that he should know how Dan plays. And if he thought Dan was going to lay down and die then he’s not as good as I thought. It was the only move Dan had. Ian was being a little too cocky and I think that ruined his game. I think out of the newbies he was playing the best game till now. All the other newbies follow power. Except Frank. His downfall was isolating himself to Boogie.

  13. This will be my last season of watching BB. I never realized until this season how much the production picks the winner. This is just way to rigged for me to enjoy any more.

    • And you will be back here today and tomorrow posting how it is all rigged. With millions of Big Brother fans worldwide, you think any of the millions of other fans care? Why would you need to announce you are leaving? Nobody cares.
      Just go. You will be back and you will be watching Big Brother just the same and the ratings will stay high because more people will continue to watch Big Brother! Get a clue.

  14. Why should Ian of got to use his veto last anyways he won the first veto he should use it first its not rigged its reality..Go Dan!!

    • Wouldn’t have mattered anyway. Frank would have put Ian up. Then Ian takes himself off then Brit goes up. Same outcome. Since he hadnt used it yet he would’ve been eligible to be nom’d. Nothing would have changed. So all these people saying it was rigged are just ignorant.

  15. The only words that comes out of Shane’s mouth during a conversation …’re right…aha….of course…exactly “Shane you’re a piece of crap”…you’re right….aha…exactly…that’s right.

  16. Danielle is making me sick by the way she’s treating Britney. I know it’s a game, but I really am shocked at her lack of care for Brit.

    • If Britney goes wait for the goodbye speech from Danielle. Won’t that be a piece of work and she will be crying and making everyone sick.

  17. I can’t understand why Brittney is crying and boohooing Dan’s backdooring her – she was so willing to give Dan up without an argument! I guess it’s okay as long as it isn’t her on the block. If she wanted it to work – they needed to backdoor Dan!

  18. All these comparisons between Dr. Will, Boogie and Dan are interesting. I think Dan is much more like Will than Boogie was. Will and Dan were both cool, calm and collected, but with different approaches. Dan plays the “good guy”, while Will told everyone straight up that he was going to lie to them. LOL. Will told them that he would lie and tell the truth and it was up to them to figure out which one. Dan doesn’t come out and say that, but he just assumes that they understand that.
    Boogie was more like Evel Dick–kind of belligerent and emotionally erratic. Dick should be mentioned as one of the great BB players of all time, too. He was a total ass, but he still managed to win it all. That is impressive.

    • Pulls what off? Rolling over, picking her face or imitating house guest’s mannerisms?

      She’s got no game. Never has. She sucks. The only reason why any viewers want her around is because she looks like a Barbie doll and says funny things.

      Get over it, dude.

      • I’d much rather watch Brit pick her face and imitate house guests mannerisms than listen to Dani whine in that horrible high pitch cry-voice of hers. At least Brit is somewhat entertaining with a funny wisecrack every now and again. Danielle has nothing to offer, except being Dan’s puppet.

    • Me too. Can’t stand Danielle’s whining and crying. She’s told so many different stories about herself. Makes me wonder if she is psychotic.

  19. Well I think Danielle could go down in BB history and having the whiniest voice and most irritating personality. But then again she somehow thought making people think that she is a teacher instead of a nurse is big game play?????? What?

  20. i hope to god that britney stays. she is the last entertaining person in the house and danielle just annoys the living hell out of me for some reason…maybe its the eyebrows…

  21. Even if Dan gets to the final 2 or 3 I seriously doubt anyone (except Danielle) will vote for him to win. He’s bured a few too many bridges with his latest move. Britney should have know better than to trust Dan – She was better off with Boggie.

    • Britney did not trust Dan. Britney thought she got him out already. She had already burned Dan, he just burned a few people making sure he dind’t go home yet.
      Boogie would have burned Britney for the fun of it. Dan just burned her because it was necessary.

  22. I personally can not wait for Britney to leave..she has done nothing but complain and pick at her face.

  23. This is gonna blow up in Dan’s face. Daneille’s too stupid to play the role. I wanted Britt gone so bad. She’s done nothing except run her mouth like Joe.

  24. Dan has been a big reason why the other three coaches have been on their way out of the house. It’s funny because he wanted all the coaches together so his target was smaller. Even though he might have saved himself this week, I don’t think he has much hope going foward. That being said I think Joe will be the swing vote this week with Ian and Shane voting for Brit to stay, and Dan and Jenn voting for Dani to stay. Joe however has no backbone and will do what he is told to do by whoever is HOH. I’m pulling for Frank and I don’t care for Brit all that much, but Danielle is soo overly emotional it’s starting to make me ill. She has a crying fit over everything, and I can only imagine how bad it’s going to be when Dan really does dump her, and doesn’t turn around to say “Gotcha!” God help us when that day comes!

  25. What’s worse Jannele’s fake crying, or Dani crying about evertything? “OMG my toast is burnt”… (intense sobbing)…. BWAAAAAA UH HUH UH HUH UH HUH… “What did I do to deserve this!?”

  26. I’m conflicted about this. I like the Frank and Dan teamup (mostly because Frank’s a badass and I’m rooting for him), but I really, really enjoy Britney and definitely don’t want to see her go.

    After reading the highlights, I can’t agree with Danielle needing counseling from Britney being considered a new low for her. I didn’t see this part, so I don’t know for sure, but I can buy into the fact that she’s worried and extremely emotional (per usual). Her safety this week is anything but guaranteed. I don’t think there’s any way Joe and Shane go against Britney. Shane’s loyalty is MUCH closer to Brit’. Didn’t he even say how Britney’s the only person he truly has in this game?

    I think this week will essentially end with Dan saving his @ass at the cost of Danielle. And to be honest, if I’m Dan’s wife back home, I’m overjoyed that’s the case. Their relationship in this game has been very….close…for someone who’s married. Just the way Dan looks at her sometimes and how close they are. I would NOT be happy to be Dan’s wife.

    Anyway…personally, I will pull a Danielle and cry hysterically if I have to endure Danielle staying longer in place of my favorite player in this game, and perhaps of all time, Britney.

  27. Karma..Boogie got Jenelle out then Brit talked smack and with Ian got Boogie out now Brit going out and next week Ian going home..karma…so is Dan going to go after that for outing Brit and Ian

  28. britney likes to mock people kick people when they are down and on the block talk behind peoples backs she is getting what she deserves she has never been a great player and never will I will be glad if she leaves Thursday and Ian the rat can go right behind her

  29. Awww, the resurrection of Dan 3 days after his head goes onto the chopping block! I admit I would have been disappointed had he not thrown a Hail Mary at the very least. I do not think Brit is laying down to die yet but I don’t expect her to recover. Hate to but I have to say it: I’m impressed with Danielle’s acting chops/committing to the role/plan. I expected her to blab to Brit but the girl is still staying with the plan. I give it up for her. I did not expect that.

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