Big Brother 14: Dan Rocks House With Accusations And His Master Plan

Danielle in tears on Big Brother 14

Never count a man Dan out. Tonight in the Big Brother 14 house we saw Dan make his last great stand and man, oh man was it a good one. The house has been reeling since Dan called a house meeting that started out nice and sweet but ended in tears and shock. Lots and lots and lots of tears. Everything has just been turned upside down.

Big Brother Live Feed Flashback time:
August 26, 2012 @ 7:52 PM BBT on all Cams
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Flashback to 7:52PM BBT to see things get started. Dan calls a house meeting and labels it as his “Big Brother Funeral.” He wants to go around and say something about everyone. Dan starts with some little jokes and friendly comments about each of them. Then he gets down to the final three HGs: Ian, Frank, and Danielle. He tells Ian he’s impressed with him and how he made the game more fun for him this season. To Frank he apologizes for things he’s done and asks for a minute later to apologize in private. One last stop on this train with Danielle.

Dan turns to Danielle and drops this bombshell: “In this game, you’re dead to me. You know what you did.” Danielle’s mouth drops to the floor and after a moment she starts to sob. Everyone is shocked. Flashback 8:02PM BBT to jump to Dan’s bombshell.

With that Dan ends the meeting and immediately goes upstairs with Frank where he proceeds to reveal everything. Flashback 8:05PM BBT. Dan holds nothing back. He reveals every angle of the Quack Pack from the moment it formed forward. He explains their votes, their actions, their plans. Frank is stunned, but believes him. He should, this is the truth. Part of Dan’s conversation with Frank was revealing what it was Danielle had done to him. Dan says Danielle was supposed to throw the Veto comp to him but she didn’t. Whether or not it was intentional she did it.

Dan completely exposes Ian’s role in voting out Boogie and why he nominated Frank during the double eviction. Frank says that all makes perfect sense and he had being starting to get suspicious about what went on with Ian.

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Meanwhile downstairs the house is rattled. Absolutely shaken. Everyone is gathered around Danielle consoling her as she sit sobbing on the couch. No one understands what just happened. They’re astounded by Dan’s actions and the general feeling is anger at Dan for what he’s done. Danielle goes from sobbing on the couch to wailing in the bedroom. “I don’t know what I did!”

Back upstairs Frank and Dan realize they could take Joe to the Final Three and easily beat him out in those competitions to take one another to the finale. Frank is going to work on Jenn to convince her that she needs to save Dan because their real threat is Britney. Britney would be the new target. That’s a good plan since Jenn won’t want to turn on Danielle. It’s still going to be a lot of effort, but this could work.

There’s no way to capture these events in a post. It lasted over an hour. So you’re going to have to watch it on the Live Feeds’ Flashback feature and catch the whole thing.

Before Dan left he decided with Frank that he’d tell Danielle it was all a ploy and he was doing it to cover them. Sure enough, Dan goes right downstairs, pulls her in to the Lounge room, closes the door, and breaks out this huge smile. Flashback 9:10PM BBT. He tells her he thinks he just saved them both. She pauses and then throws a pillow at him. They continue to talk it out and she’s calming down after over an hour of sobbing.

The rest of the house rushes upstairs to Frank’s HoH room to find out what happens. Frank completely covers for him. He tells everyone that nothing happened and there was no game talk at all. Frank says Dan just came up to apologize and everyone believes the story.

Wow. Wow. Wow. This is exactly why we have the Live Feeds. You wait all summer for an event like this and man on man did it happen tonight. This is fantastic. It’s going to make the rest of the week awesome to watch and if it works it’s going to make the rest of the season even that much better.

The Veto ceremony will be held on Monday afternoon so there isn’t a lot of time for Frank and Dan to put this plan in to motion before that deadline arrives. We’ll keep watching and I think you should too! Sign-up for Big Brother Live Feeds and see what’s going on inside the house right now! If you missed the action then turn on your Feeds’ Flashback and watch it all over just like you can do with your DVR.

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What do you think of Dan’s plan? Was it a bad idea or could it be just crazy enough to work? Either way, this is going to be great!

Update: Flashback to 9:53PM BBT. Frank is now revealing everything to Jenn. She now knows about Ian working with the Quack Pack. Frank offering her a four-HG alliance w/ them plus Dan & Danielle. She seems open to using the Veto tomorrow but is worried about a target on her back. “Ian was the rat the whole time.” The Live Feeds are awesome tonight!

Update 2: Flashback to 10:07PM BBT. Frank talks to Danielle and asks if Dan told her about going forward. Danielle says she’s “down” then asks if Jenn will use the Veto. Frank assures he already knows she will. This is going to be so awesome tomorrow!

Update 3: Flashback to 10:27PM BBT. Frank and Jenn whispering their plan for what to tell everyone when they do this. Jenn warns him not to sell her down the river. He promises he won’t and that this plan will make them golden. “This is going to be good,” says Frank.

Update 4: Flashback to 11:00PM BBT. Dan and Jenn have a quick whisper meeting. They agree to the plan. He promises not to screw her over. They hug several times and sneak away.

Update 5: Flashback to 11:20PM BBT. Dan was hiding inside alone when Frank comes back and they have a quick whisper talk. They shake again and discuss ideas on justifications Frank can use after Jenn takes Dan off the block. No good ideas yet, but will keep thinking on it.

Update 6: Flashback to 12:31AM BBT. Jenn and Dan talk outside. She’s nervous that he’ll screw her over. He promises he won’t. Jenn is also upset that he didn’t come to her and give her props for taking Slop for the rest of the season. That’s kind of petty, but okay. Jenn says she’ll do it on the condition that he outs Ian in the process. Dan doesn’t have to name Ian outright, but has to say there’s a rat in the house. Dan says “consider it done.”


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