Big Brother 14: Week 7 Popularity Poll

It’s time to take another look at the rise and fall of the HGs’ popularity on Big Brother 14. Well, maybe not so much rising and falling this week actually after many of the rankings stayed pretty steady. I had to double check that I was looking at the right poll after seeing more than half the HGs earning the same numbers this week as in last week’s poll.

Big Brother 14 Houseguests

Once again this week Britney rules the roost but her comfortable lead was cut short as Ian has skyrocketed up to second place and just a few points behind the queen bee. Shane moved away from his tied position with Dan to claim third place while Dan moves down to fourth. Then you’ve got Danielle who can’t stop losing ground each week.

On the other end of the spectrum you have Jenn and Joe. Both HGs have less than one percent of the vote again. Jenn has yet to register even one full point this entire season while Joe has never pulled back up after his dive from just 2% at the start of the season. Joe might be out of luck at this point, but I’m guessing the bold moves Jenn made this week may finally put her on the radar.

You can check out the archive of past polls to see how everyone is doing over the season. I’ve also got a graph charting everyone’s rise and fall for Big Brother 14.

Vote below for your favorite Big Brother 14 HG this week and share your thoughts.

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Big Brother 14 Popularity Poll - Week 6 results


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  1. Ian is a smart cookie and could really pull this win off. I’m absolutely NOT a Frank fan. Frank, please brush your hair.

  2. Please keep Brittany, who is actually entertaining in the house, unlike Danielle who is just a nuisance and super annoying. I can’t bare to listen to her squeaky voice anymore.

    • I agree! Please let Brit come up with a plan that Dan can work with. He was practically begging her to on the live feeds last night, without revealing his deal with Frank. Think back to his deal with Ollie. Dan CAN be an a$$, but he knows how to think outside the box and keep himself alive in the game.

      • Being a Frank fan, If Brit stays then Dan will back stab Frank and once again Frank a man of his word will get back stabbed. Brit needs to go so Dan stays with Frank

    • Britney deserves to go. She’s won nothing and done nothing this entire game, beside hide behind shane, and luckily for her, he’s a good competitor. She’s a terrible coach and a bad player, who’s only value are her mildly amusing diary room sessions.

      And what has she done to save herself? Bad mouth dan. This girl is almost at boogie’s level. She’s just insulting dan for no good reason saying stuff like “I hope dan’s wife divorces him”.

      So in short, good riddance britney, your eviction is long overdue.

      • lol, she failed at coaching. One of her players were evicted for violence, which she pretty much enabled by ignoring him, showing absolutely zero coaching capabilities. She didn’t even make an effort to calm him down.

        And it’s laughable you think she’s a puppet master of shane cuz shane is going to evict her. Britney hardly does any manipulating, if she could, she’d be able to save herself this week Instead she gets drunk and throws things around. And she definitely tries her best to win at comps, she’s just not that good at them. And don’t tell me she’s throwing them, cuz she’s not.

        The bottom line, is she’s funny to watch, but she’s an absolute terrible big brother player.

      • She’s pretty bad in almost all respects, but she does have a knack for joining alliances. She’s also friendly and people want her around the house. If the rest of the house could keep her in the house with them while still eliminating her from a chance at the half million they would. But her handling of Willie was definitely a huge reason for his implosion and it helped get her player Jojo evicted. She basically took out two of her own players. She shouldn’t have let the Silent Six vote out Janelle either.

        If she had any real Big Brother skills, she would make Joe and Shane see that it’s in their best interests to keep her.

  3. wow. honestly, frank has always been my favorite, since i watched his interview before the show even started. but i definately have to say good job to dan. that was just sooo smaart of him. like he was TOTALLY going home, and then he changed it all around!! hes so smart!! I think if anyone deserves to win, its shane frank or dan. everyone else is just floating and its so annoying.

  4. I cannot stand Danielle! She reminds me of Glenn Close in “Fatal Attraction”. When she told Dan the other night on “Showtime After Dark”, “but Dan I LOVE YOU!”, I about died. She will be one of the those girls that stands on the street corner watching his house and freaking out his wife. LOL! I cannot believe that all of the houseguest can’t figure out Dan’s game (considering they all act like they are such loyal fans of BB). I hope that Brittany gets to stay, just so that I can see Danielle and Dan’s face as she walks out the door.

    • I’m amazed at how Dani always brings the convo back to herself. How SHE’S hurt, etc. She’s milking this ‘wrong’ by Dan for all it’s worth, especially when she’s in on it! Better not over-act on this one. If she’s not careful, she’s gonna get her ‘prince’ evicted by her BF Shane. She really is annoying. But Brit-Brit is almost as bad with her ‘perfect’ life.

    • You’re saying that after you’ve watch Dan’s game on TV, and have analyzed it and know that it’s dumb to keep him around. The other contestants have so many factors to take into account that it’s no surprise that they let Dan slip through their grasp and take control without even realizing it. He truly is a brilliant player, and I myself can’t say I could outplay him. Until someone beats him at BB, no one can.

      • Dan’s entire plan could have been annihilated in seconds if Shane stood up during Dan’s funeral speech and said that it was fake (which he knew it was, as he said after Dan had left with Frank to the HoH room), and warned Frank and Jenn and the rest of the house about making a move with someone who could and would play people like that. But, Shane and most of the rest of the house are not the best Big Brother strategists ever. As it stands, if he and Joe vote to keep Britney, Frank and Dan are in serious trouble.

        In any case, Dan’s escaping act was Houdini-esque and should go down in BB history as the greatest single display of puppeteering ever.

    • YesI agree about DANELLE–I THINK she is a fake—when she smiles –she –reminds me of the (JOKER’S GRIN without the green make-up(joker from batman)—an when Dan told her his –funeral was a farce -she cried more fake tears–then he told her well I had to so your tears will be real–you couldn;t fake that kind of cry—an she said–yes I could—-~~~ the look on Dans face was priceless–like –OH SHIT-DID I MIS READ THIS GIRL ALL ALONG)))) YES –YOU DID DAN—-if she can fake that kind of cry–than when is she really cring?????—she is riding on those guys tails an she talks about Joe—-she is in the back yard playing the toss game with shane—eew–can’t stand it when she throws back her hair–then stares at herself in the mirrors–I’m surprised she hasn;t ran into the walls for all the time her eyes are in the mirror—-an did you see the night she had on the low cut top –her boobs almost flopped out–it was when Joe asked if they were real–an asked her to change her top–because He was going to be drinking an didn;t want to be looking at them in his face–he has been away from his wife too long—–did she –NOPE- just kept staring in the mirror flexing her chest to see if her boobs could pop more–UGH– then laid on the couch with one arm up so the boobs will fall bigger—come on ladies–we know how to do all the tricks to get a guy to notice us—but with her being the only girl left in with all guys—(well there is Jenn)–I think she behaves trashy—boy–I wish i was a fly on the wall in dan;s house when his wife chews him out on Danelle—I know I;d be wringing my hands to ghostly white–watching her play my hubby—–yuck—guys send her home—-

  5. I don’t like Dan at all. I hope he goes VERY soon! Plus, he’s already one, I want Shane, Ian or Frank to win.

  6. love Brittney,Shane,Ian whats the BBAD going to be once brittney? the rest of those guys are boring and there extra stupid that Frank and Dan won’t turn on them . If i was Joe,Ian,Shane they should vote to keep Brittney. They dont have any idea what Dan has promise Frank .

    • And they don’t have any idea of the deals Brit made with Frank behind their backs. She’s a funny girl but with a bad attitude. Even Boogie accepted defeat more gracefully. She’s childish.

      • I watch the feeds. But i don’t think Brits way of handling it is any better than Boogies was. He trashed everyone and she acts like a spoiled brat. I was trying to be sarcastic but guess that didn’t come across. Either way, i’m glad she’s going.

  7. big brother is about lying and scheeming but pleeeeeeeeeease danielle bring low down dirty dog to a whole new level. i didn’t think it was possible but she makes dan look good. the pathetic caddy, insecure, thinking she is queen bee (more like a wasp) just gets more annoying every day!

  8. big brother is about lying and scheeming but pleeeeeeeeeease danielle bring low down dirty dog to a whole new level. i didn’t think it was possible but she makes dan look good. the pathetic caddy, insecure, thinking she is queen bee (more like a wasp) just gets more annoying every day!

  9. It’s funny how many times they have all lied to frank to get him out of the house and…HE’S STILL THERE!!!!!! amazing competitor. He’s honest and strong!!! GO FRANK!!!!

    • Yes!!!!!!! Frank is so amazing they fear him! Him and shane could have controlled HoH whole game and shane twice back stabbed him. Yet, my man still hear! you go Frank. If Dan back stab him next week he just win another Veto and take down the house. TEAM FRANK BABY!

    • Im not so sure you are watching the same show……. Unless I missed something somewhere???? Please explain to me when and where frank received help to win all the competitions he has!

  10. Matt, will try one last time to post then I’ll just read your posts. I visited your site for 2 1/2 years before I posted anything. You won’t miss one fan’s posting but I will miss the ‘join-in’ fun.
    Danielle, I truely wish you could have stayed to assist Dan’s game. Sorry, Dan, Shane may not vote to keep Danielle. Why don’t you work on Joe…he is ready for a ‘real’ deal other than the deal he has with Shane. Too bad.

  11. I can;t stand Danielle. She is so nerdy. Shane is using her. But then yet she’s using him and Brittney. I can’t wait till that Southern B—- leaves and goes back to Alabama.Brittney is going to be so hurt when she finds out goof ball used her. Danielle wants to be the only girl in there. That’s why she got rid of Janelle. The jealous B—-!!!!!!!I can’t stand the way she chews and that queaky voice!! YUCKY!!

  12. I am sooo glad BOOGY is gone. What a DOG!!!! He is so gross. He would’ve been better working with Janelle. But instead, he lets a NERD like IAN Bull—- him. So embarrassing!! Boogy you are such a fool!!!!(ha ha)

  13. JMO and I am sure a lot will not agree with me. I still think that a lot of love for any of the coaches is in part because they have played before. They are known to us because we have seen them in their seasons. Just as they came into the game with more experience than the new players many of us were fans of them to begin with. A lot of these people have never even seen the game before and that made the playing field not level to begin with. For myself I was one that was not happy to see the coaches enter the game because it was like last seaon all over again. Just a different angle. I will admit that having the coaches in made the game more interesting. Just using Brit as an example I liked her during her season and fully expected to like her this season, but it has recently turned the other way for me although she still is funny. Ian soaring would make sense as he got Boogie out. I liked Ian until just recently because he got so cocky. Dan and his big move will make him jump as well. I have a lot of respect for Dan but can’t help but wonder if he could have pulled off this same move with experienced players. Looking at the votes casted so far Frank seems to be moving up as well. There are a few new players here that do know and love the game. Just as Janelle, Boogie, Brit and Dan got their chance/chances I still would like to see a newbie win it in the end. These returning players need to be in another All Star game where they go up against the best of the best. For one of the coaches to win yet again does not seem right to me and cetainly not in a season where they should be steam rolling past a lot of them. I picked Frank for my favorite and have stuck with him. I know we all have different favorites and obviously only one wins, Will he win? I have no idea but just wanted to voice my opinion.

    • I agree with most of what you’ve written. Last year was unbalanced. On one side you had experienced players, all in relationships. Jeff and Jordan were never going to betray each other, neither was Brendan and Rachel. On the other side you had newbies, who had to team up with a complete stranger. It was no wonder Shelly decided to play with the vets. She knew who they were. She didn’t know her partner at all. The whole season was lopsided and predictable.
      This season is a little better. By the time the coaches were dumped in everyone had a chance to get to know each other, and the ratio of newbies:vets was 2:1. So far we don’t had a bead on who will win, which makes the game more exciting for me.

      • I do think it is a lot more exciting this year and guess I didn’t make myself clear. I said I admit even though I was against it at first it ended up making it more interesting and that it certainly did – especially the last few days. lol

  14. Did anyone else hear the veiled threat Danielle gave Dan in behalf of her father and brother? Guess she really ment, “Don’t do this again, Dan.” Ummm

  15. Brittany has nothing but ride Shane’s coat tails. Frank, Dan, and Ian are truly playing the game! Frank is my fav by far though!

    • Ian’s overplaying. He backstabbed Boogie and Frank way too early, while it was a strong and loyal four-person alliance, and only managed to evict the only member of that alliance who throws all the competitions. He’s a dead man walking after Britney leaves. He’ll have no allies and no trust.

      Poor Frank is just getting used week after week, first by Boogie, then Shane, then Ian, now Dan. At least Dan’s plan is helping Frank this time.

      Dan’s playing incredibly well. There’s no longer any question that either he or Dr. Will are the greatest of all time. It’s remarkable that he’s managed to save Danielle as well.

  16. If anyone deserves to win this game, it’s Frank. He’s the only one who’s actually DOING something. I think Brit needs to stay and Dani needs to go. Aside from the fact that Danielle is nothing but a whiner, about everything. She’s just becoming dead weight. Dan will back stab Frank in two seconds, which I guess is the name of the game. But you would think they would be wiser to Dan’s ways than they have been. Don’t get me wrong, Dan is a great player. But I really think someone else needs to win, especially someone who’s been forced to prove himself time and time again. That’s a bit unfair in my opinion.

  17. While everyone else is so quick to jump in bed and offer Dan fellatio, let me remind you that it took more than just him to pull this coup off. Frank had to sign off on it. Danielle had to agree to offload her BFF in the house. Jenn had to use her veto. It was a brilliant plan, but all that Dan has accomplished so far is giving himself another week. He hasn’t won the game yet.

    I threw a bone to Jenn this week. Her gameplay has been subtle. Maybe TOO subtle, but she’s managed to get farther than most have given her credit for. She’s finally upped her ante in the veto comp, and picked a side to play with. She hasn’t made enemies with anyone. Even when she used her veto they blamed Dan and Frank. With everyone else concentrating on the bigger players she might just slip through to the final 4. Depends on who gets HOH next.

    • This analysis is spot-on. Dan is in serious trouble these next two weeks, as he’s going to be nominated alongside Frank unless he, Jenn, or Danielle wins HoH both coming weeks. If that doesn’t happen, and Frank wins veto and saves himself like he has all summer, Jenn will take his spot and Dan will leave. But Dan’s move was one of the best I’ve ever seen (been watching since BB2) and it was his ONLY chance at staying in the house.

      As for Jenn…she made a big move while still remaining a small target. She can possibly win it all now, if she is against Joe in the final 2 or continues to make power moves and winds up against Danielle, Britney, or possibly Ian. She will probably have to backstab her new alliance somewhere along the way.

    • The only reason Frank made the deal with Dan was because Dan was honest with him. If Dan has tried to “mist” Frank no deal would have been struck. But the problem is you never can trust Dan because nothing is sacred to Dan in the BB house his word means nothing and even if he swears on his wife it means nothing.

  18. I can’t believe production would let Britney leave based on her popularity. She has to be pulling in more ratings than Danielle. I’m hoping that they convince Shane to vote to keep Britney, get Ian to talk about it, and get Joe on board. Or for more drama, get Dan to vote that way, and lie about it! Would love to wipe that evil smile off of Danielle’s face as she walks out the door!

  19. I find it interesting that Frank answers a question directed to him, by first stating, “I mean….”…odd.

    • Do you ever listen to people talk, and I mean really listen? Do you know how many people begin their sentences that way? So many people do it & I think it’s extremely annoying. You shouldn’t call out just Frank for it. Twintney & Dumbielle do it all the time too. Just saying.

  20. Hmmm…I wonder if Dani has strep? Her throat is red and painful. Wouldn’t that suck for all the HG’s? Strep is HORRIBLE.

  21. I hope Ian wins Americas choice he deserves it. Shane is an idiot all he is good as are comps. Frank I don’t realy like , he wants to evict Ian because he wants to ruin his dream.. What a dirtbag. Danielle is cray cray and everyone else is just whack. I think Ian will win Americas choice this poll is not even close to the amount of people whom watch big brother ! GO IAN :). He may have changed a lot but he changed for the better I believe. He got a little cockier but oh well the guy was probably bullied all his life and never kneew how it felt to be cool.

  22. Why wasn’t the idea of nominating Shane even considered? Now Britney is going home even though she’s a useless player who isn’t even a threat to anyone. Frank always manages to screw things up.

  23. Brittany is a snootie you know what. Can’t stand her, she sits around and talks crap about everybody when things don’t go her way. Like talking about Frank, she’s mad becoz he got the best of her, which seems to be not much. Ian, the way he sits and rocks and talks to hisself makes me think he’s about to snap and kill everyone in the house,. and he really cracked me up when he got HOH becoz of his photographic memory of situations in the house, he was so needing attention and be in the limelight he had to be asked to sit down by Julie..He is scary!!! He talks to the camera’s instead of looking into someone’s face when having a conversation..Just weird..Can’t wait till Brittany and Ian ARE GONE…she’s fake and he’s homicidal..

    • so do you like Frank.. who talked major crap about people and their families in the house.. who laughed at comments that boogy made about going to screw dans wife.. i mean come on everyone talks trash about for Ian he cant help he has ADHD and isnt on meds to the rocking and pacing is what he does its not homicidal its his mind being to hyped up and the more excited or aggitated he gets the more he will pace or rock.

  24. I’d give anything to see Brit stay, Dani has not been loyal to her since being on the block, Dan too smug about helping get Brit put up, and Frank is just a “douche” as Brit likes to call him. Also the house is going to be so boring without her, she is hilarious. Her battle with Teddy had me laughing so hard my stomach hurt.

  25. Brittany is constantly picking and scratching her face and hair. I wish she would stop it’s disgusting.

  26. Sad to see Beitt go! She is by far the most entertaining, in fact hilarious. Dani, not so much and truly am having a hard time respecting her. So insecure and needs to grow up. Curious how britt will respond when she finds out about Dani’s betrayal, every time Britt says “dani is the sweetest girl alive” I cringe!!! Gonna miss you Btitt!

  27. Just go home already Frank e.e I really hope Shane, or Ian win HoH Next week and get rid of Frank, Dan, or Jenn any of those three is fine. Britney technically wouldn’t be in this situation if it weren’t for an obvious production rig. Production made Ian go first, because if he had gone second, then when Frank put Brit up as a replacement, Ian would have just vetoed that one, and Frank would have had to put up Shane, or Joe. Obviously it would’ve been Shane, but I just dislike the fact that CBS and BB are becoming less and less subtle with their production rigs.

  28. Hilarious that Danielle is so unpopular! She will be VERY surprised! I feel sorry for Dan’t wife, they will have to move or go into protective custody to get away from that freak!

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