Big Brother 14: Double Veto Leads To Double Crossing

Big Brother 14 - Shane and Danielle

Today is going to be epic for Big Brother 14. Remember when Shane nominated Frank & Boogie and we had seven straight hours of chaos? Well get ready, because here comes chaos all over again.

I started working on this “pre Veto” post last night when things looked like a lock for a very dull and boring Monday. I never write these things in advance and I was soon reminded why. Not thirty minutes after I finished writing Dan called a house meeting, a big, big house meeting. Well I can toss that original article out because what we’ve got coming is so much better. Read our full recap of last night’s house meeting insanity. It’s a must read as a backdrop to everything that’s about to go down.

There are two Vetos at play right now. Ian won a special Pandora Veto and then there’s the regular Veto. Both carry the power to remove a nominee from the chopping block and force Frank as HoH to make a new nominee. What we don’t know is how they work together. That could impact what happens later, but it won’t completely disrupt anything.

Originally no one was going to use their Veto. Ian promised he wouldn’t use it unless the Quack Pack had the perfect scenario to stay intact. That fell apart when Britney and Shane both failed to get the Veto. Jenn, who won the regular Veto, promised Frank she wouldn’t use the Veto either. Half of that has changed.

Thanks to the huge diversion Dan created with his house meeting that ended in Danielle sobbing he was able to get more than an hour with Frank in private under the guise of making an apology. Instead Dan convinced Frank to have Jenn save him and renom Britney in his place. Dan double crossed his old alliance and revealed the Quack Pack to Frank, exposing why Britney and Ian seemed so close to one another. That was enough for Frank and he was on board.

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After Frank talked with Dan he met privately with Jenn. He revealed Ian’s double agent status in the house and shocked Jenn with the news. Frank went on to share the plan that she’d save Dan to free up a space for Britney. Jenn is very nervous but on board and ready to do it though she worries about the target it’ll put on her.

A few extra meetings went on through the night and solidified this new 4-HG alliance. Dan, Danielle, Frank, and Jenn are now going to work together, well at least for this week. Where it goes from there we shall see.

The one possible hangup could be how the Vetoes work together. We don’t know what order they play out and that could make a difference. If Ian has to make his choice first there won’t be any impact to their plan. Now if things flip in the other direction and Ian gets to play his Veto after Jenn’s then he could save Britney if Frank renoms her. In that situation Frank could renom Shane and still manage to break up a powerful duo while breaking Britney’s shield.

Let’s recap. Dan was a dead man walking this morning at the hands of a vengeful Frank. Now he’s got Frank convincing Jenn to take him off the block while the rest of the house is completely in the dark about what’s just happened. From dead man walking to safe another week in just a few short hours. This guy is impressive to say the least.

The Veto Ceremony is set for later today and it’s going to be huge. We’ll be watching closely and are anxious for the fallout because you know it’s going to be huge and so worth watching. Make sure you sign-up for the Live Feeds free trial and you can check out everything going on and use Flashback to watch anything you missed last night!

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What do you think Jenn and Ian should do with their Veto powers? Is Frank making the right move or just trusting the wrong person again in the game? Let’s hear your thoughts on all this.


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    •  Going to be fun to watch Ian twitch when he realizes his confidant Britney is going to be evicted after jenn does the Dan removal today in 3 hours and he is next, Must See TV is watching Ian get a whiplash on the hammock

      • BAHAAAA…. his rocking and the lil noises he makes…lol. Poor guy. What a little nerd. But I have to say I could stand that better than Shane & Danielle’s pounding & humming. Drives me crazy to listen to the table drumming. I change the channel everytime it starts or mute.

    • Yes, can’t wait to see this all go down.  I’m not a fan of Brittany, wasn’t during her original season and still not now.  So happy to see this backstabber go bye.

    • Brit can still easily stay. She just need Shane, Ian, and joe to vote to keep her.

  1. Finally some action in the house. The live feeds really suck once again. So Thank you Dan, for bringing some life onto my computer.

  2.  I said it a few weeks ago … Jen is going to have some tough decisions to make in the future. Well, here ya go!

    I love this move on Dan, but I’m not convinced that Danielle has the votes to stay. I can see Shane, Ian, and Joe voting her out to be completely honest. Lets hope that doesn’t happen for Dan’s snake, because Danielle will hate his guts if she somehow gets evicted this week LOL!!!

    A part of me wishes Frank weren’t so naive. Its gonna be great television when Dan stabs Frank in the back in a few weeks. Its only a matter of time. 

    • Frank is convinced he can get Joe to vote out Brittany, once he tells Joe about Ian wanting him (Joe) gone and that Brittany is Ian’s closes ally.  Danielle is convinced she can get Shane’s vote because they have a F2 deal.  Brit could go home on a 4-1 vote.

      • Shane would never vote out Britney over Dani.  Ian won’t vote out Brit either.  Joe is the swing vote.  Dan will vote out Brit and so will Jenn.  After the veto, Shane and Brit are going to be stuck to Joe like glue.  They will say how untrustworthy Jenn, Frank and Dan are and Joe will go to their side.  He will have a easier time beating out Brit and Ian over Frank and Dan.  If Joe were smart, he would team up with Ian and be a foursome with Ian, Brit, Shane and Joe.

      • @Kmzwick….if Ian will vote out Boogie…his favorite hg ever…he will vote out Brit.    Ian sees the writing on the wall.   Either he plays with the big boys or gets relegated to the smallest duck in the pond.

    • This is the first time Frank is not naive!!!! He is finally not tunneled vision and is actually going after the people who put him up. Dan taking Frabk to final 2 he does think Dani threw pov and he told Frabk he going to tell Dani it was just his plan. And he told Frank he is going to be his mole Dan being a double agent now. And it’s best for both of ten to work together. This is first time Frank playing a smart game. And those two deserve to win the game like heck Frank been on the block 5 times!!!! And te other week he been hoh he only got to vote like once this season LOL. And Dan just made probably the craziest move in BB history

      •  Even IF Frank actually DOES make it to the “Final Two”, he won’t get the votes…

      • but serioesly frank freakin trusts every single person that mentions the final 2 deal tol him, he was hell bent on sendin dan home b4 but look wat happened now.

  3. Does Ian have to use his special veto this week ir can he save for later? If he can save it, how many weeks can he keep it?

  4. can’t jenn use it, frank put up ian and ian use it then frank put up brit.  brit goes home with a swing vote, prob joe

      • ahh, thank you.  so Ian declines to use it, jenn uses it, brit goes up than we use a swing vote because

        dan votes out brit
        jenn votes out brit
        ian votes out danielle
        shane votes out danielle
        joe would vote with shane or swing to frank….


      • QueenSos- 
        I don’t believe BB has clarified yet as to who has to use theirs first. Have they said Ian has to go explicitly or are you assuming? 

      • During Frank and Dan’s discussing last night when they were making their F2 deal, Frank told Dan that Ian has to decided 1st if he’s going to use his veto.  So I’m assuming BB has told Frank these details which would make since so that he would have a back up plan as HOH.

      • Also, the plan is as follows: Frank will convince Joe to vote out Brit because he’s going to tell Joe that Ian is coming after him (Joe) and that Brit is Ian’s closes ally.  Danielle is convinced she can get Shane’s vote because they have a F2 deal – which I believe if he had to choose he would choose Danielle.  Also, Frank as already began working on Shane for a F2 deal before he spoke with Dan and so Frank already put it in Shane’s head that he would have to get rid of Brit if he plans to go further in the game.

      • I’m not sure Ian has to use his 1st….I never heard this and its the GOLDEN veto….supposed to have more power than the regular one….

  5. Dan is a genius, and a huge threat! This should just show Frank, JUST HOW DANGEROUS Dan is!

    • Or loyal he is!!! If he doesn’t go with Dan and he gets out. The what he can’t compete in next two hoh and he has 4 ppl gunning for him. They get rid of Brit he just gained the whole house basically and everyone wants Ian out.

  6. EPIC, to say the least.  When this plan goes through, it will prove to everyone why Dan in my opinion is the best BB player EVER.  Even if he doesn’t win this season it proves that he knows how to turn things around and flip the house.  He did it on his original season and now he’s doing it again – WOW!!!  This guy is good.  Based on what Dan said to the cameras on the live feeds if all goes through he plans to stay true to Frank, Danielle and Jenn and he will keep his F2 deal with Frank.  Can we say Renegades 2???

    •  I’ve always said Dan is the best player in BB history. Boogie and Dr. Will try to claim that title all the time – but they have NOTHING on Dan.

    • That would be awesome because if Frank and Dan get to Final 2, the $500,000 should go to Dan! Dan would have deserved it because he would have played the best game in the house. Frank deserves something for atleast, winnning HOH and POV so, $50,000 is not bad either.

      • Yes it would be awesome and as much as I would like for Dan to win.  I wouldn’t be mad if they picked Frank because of what he accomplished time and time again when his back was up against the wall.

      • hmm.. i love Dan, but I wouldn’t make him the auto-winner between him and Frank.  Frank has won toooo many comps in this game. His magnificent 9-lives game-play may just weigh more with some of the jury.  
        Although…. Dan’s was much more dramatic!

      • Jury should give to someone other than Dan if he is in the final 2. He hasn’t done anything in the game. At least Frank has fought to be where he is, don’t get me wrong I don’t want either of them to win but if I had to choose between the two it would be Frank.

  7. But if Shane Joe and Ian all vote Danielle out Brit will stay. Am I counting wrong or is that a possibility?

    • Joe is the swing vote but, hates Ian. Frank can just point out that Ian is with Brittney for Joe to cast the decisive 3rd vote.

      •  If I were Joe I wouldn’t believe anything Frank says. The way he talked to him before the last eviction, no way would I even entertain anything that man has to say.

        Joe may hate Ian, but I bet he has more hatred for Frank and I for one wouldn’t blame him.

    • It’s possible. However, part of the reason Dan is going for this hail mary is the conversation he had with Shane earlier in which he (Dan) explained that Shane’s best bet would be to go with Danielle over Britney and Shane admitted he was planning on it. If Danielle can keep her part in this move a secret, Shane will vote out Britney. Even if Shane does find out, it’s 2v2 with Joe having to make the call. The plan is WELL worth the risk of it blowing up.

    • It’s a possibility, but I would say it is slight. Joe has zero backbone. I think Dan and Frank will easily be able to persuade him to evict Britney. 

      Shane also has a Final 2 deal with Danielle and has told her numerous times that he is more loyal to her than Britney. I’m not convinced he will side with her after this though if he’s blindsided but a Britney nom, but you never know. I wouldn’t count him as a definite vote to keep Britney.

    • On the live feeds Dan asked Shane if he 100% with Brit and he said no and Jerold this to Frank yesterday. I think it be 4 2 votes to get Brit out. Everyone starting to think Brit to sketchy to be aligned with. And heck if Dan pulled this off I’m sure he can convince a person to vote off Brit.

  8. I am thrilled with Dan! I like Frank, and I felt horrible about Ian double agent moves. Why are they bring Dani with them ? I don’t know. Things are getting good.

  9. It’s not over till it is over. We are assuming what is going to happen. It could all change in a flash. Dan sure shook things up. But I don’t like him. He can’t be trusted. We will see what happens anyway. 

  10. Hopefully Frank is smart enough to realize that if Jenn has to play her Veto first, he should renom Ian in Dan’s place. That way Ian has to use his Veto on himself, at which point Frank can replace him with Britney. 

    You know Production doesn’t want Britney to go, so I’m betting they will make Jenn go first. I just hope Frank (or Dan) is smart enough to prepare for this possibility. 

  11. I think Dan is the smartest player in the house and Frank is the most nieve….Frank just seems to believe everything anyone tells him and now that Boogie is gone he just can think for himself(not that he ever did) and make a decision on his own….Dan is playing the game to it’s fullest…don’t want him to win but I am afraid…….

  12. Dan played this move perfectly. It wouldn’t have worked if he had told Danielle ahead of time. He needed her to shed real tears. Dan knew after what Ian did during Pandora’s Box, he couldn’t go down without a fight. And why should he? The QP fed him to the wolves this week!  

      • I agree Richie.  A lot of people are saying he backstabbed the QP, but they turned on him before Frank even won HOH.

      • He gave them reason to turn againest him,One thing for sure,he is disrespectful of God,s word.that he pretends to read from the good book..Thinks he is Goliath, but have turned his back on little David who has perfect AIM with his slingshot…Go Ian!!!!

      • Agree..She sure isn’t there to play the game..Attention is all she is there for, she is in the wrong house for that.Should be in an all male prison..

    • Wish the wolves,would have had him for their dinner..He honestly hasn’t been true to anyone from day !..Only used them all..Boogie was the only one to see him,for what he was..God forbid if he ever has children,he would push them down in front of a train,to save himself..

  13. Whether you like dan or not…u gotta give him credit. He plays this game better than anyone has in a long time. If he goes to the final three with joe n frank he will dump frank in a heartbeat if he gets the chance. Sittin beside loudmouth joe,the money is his. Joe dont have a chance in hell at winning this thing. Dans by far the smartest player.

  14. Hopefully Jenn will go first. Then, Ian will save Brit. Shane gets nominated BUT by Thursday Ian, Brit, Joe, & Shane figure out what’s happened & Ian, Joe, & Brit send Dani packing! Do we really want Dani & Jenn in the final 4?? Hell no! Rather see Ian & Brit there.

    • Yah I do want Dani & Jenn in the final 4!!! I loath people who lie, backstab and are two faced.  So yah get rid of the scum Ian and Britney

  15. I am to the point where I just don’t want to watch anymore.  I wanted Boogie out he’s gone thank god for that, and I want Dan out.  He’s won already let someone else win and let Dan’s “speech” go down as it is, just blabbing away… Dan and Frank can’t be trusted.. 

    • Then go away and don’t watch. Your obviously not a big BB fan if you don’t appreciate what Dan just did yeah he s won before but I hate when ppl say that the game is based on who plas the best game that season BB is not a charity case wake up

    • And so basically your saying if things don’t go your way you just whine about it that’s awesome. At least those two play the game hard and not sit there

    • I agree mona dan needs to go. If the players were smart (which their not) they would be getting rid of Dan & Brit if they have any chance of winning. Dan & Brit should go up together but Dan needs to go home he is more dangerous then Brit.

  16. Frank has all of the power this week so if he  tells Joe to vote Brit out he will because he won’t want Frank and friends mad and coming after him next week, since he can add and will see the other side of the house will not have the numbers

  17. I would HATE to see Jenn win this game after being the biggest floater in BB history. She is annoying and needs to GO HOME. She did NOTHING..sat back and ate, hung out with the men working out and took advantage of being on vacation and getting a stiphen (sp)? for it. What a joke!

    •  She’s not going to win. I doubt she’ll be in F2. No one is going to take her there and she sure won’t win the last HOH.

    •  Slow your role. There is still a TON of game left to be played. If she uses the veto today, that’s a HUGE step for her towards winning this thing. She may have “floated” so far, but what else was she supposed to do? When you don’t win comps, why cause unnecessary drama? She’s laid low and has waited for her chance to make a big move. Well, here ya go!

      What exactly has Brittney done this season? How about Joe? Jenn’s won more than both those clowns and is about to make a power move.

  18. get nasal ass whiney b##$%  out of the house every time she cries.there is shameille nuzzled up her ass. take off the pink panties shameielle and be a man

  19. It pisses me off that Jen thinks she has any power and possibly, might go to the end. Everytime I see her on camera, which isn’t often I say ” oh, I forgot she was even in the house”. The one time she was put on the block, she was such a bully. She better not win, I will be pissed.

    • A floater always gets to the end because you need contrast. Some who has played the game wants a floater who did nothing to show the jury why they should win that $500,000.

  20. Dan is seriously the silent genius, i thought boogie made the biggest move but really now dan has LOL if he does pull it off ill bow down to him!

    • Dan and Boogie are both good manipulators. Boogie is arrogant though, so people hate his guts. Dan plays the nice guy act until he has to go for the jugular and betray someone. Each one is dangerous in the Big Brother House. Why do you think Boogie thought Dan was the mastermind of evicting him?

      • I think that’s how I see Dan as well. He is nice then bam, he goes for the jugular.

        Boogie made a move where he got people to evict another threat. Dan is making a move where he is getting people to keep the bigger threat in.

        Dan’s move is ridiclous. I can’t believe it might actually work. 

  21. Frank better not forget that he can’t play in the next 2 HoH’s…  Dan WILL backstab him and send him packing.  Dan is working with Shane.

    • Dan would be stupid to think Ian and Shane will not target him if he sends Brittney to the jury. That would put the idea in their minds that they will be next! You are a fool if you do not think that! So, Dan has a huge target on his back. Frank if picked for Veto can keep Dan safe if he is on the block. And If Dan wins HOH, he still needs Frank to win veto to make sure Ian or Shane goes to the jury house! The Frank and Dan alliance if they get it to work this week will go a long way! They have a good chance of evicting Ian and Shane if Danielle, Dan or Jenn win HOH!

      • Exactly.  The best move for the QP since they will likely need to take a hit this week is get rid of Danielle.  They can sway Joe any which way they want, Frank only has Jenn, since he can’t play in the HoH next week they can easily backdoor him with Ian’s Veto.

    • KK for the billion time!!! Know what going on before you comment!!!!! Dan just said last night HE BEING A DOUBLE AGENT FOR FRANK!!!! And this morning he said to te fees of Jenn and Frank do this for him HE GOING TO THE END WITH THEM!!!!!! Like it’s actually the first time Frank playing smart.

      • Okay for the first (and only time) proofread your posts, they don’t make sense.

        Dan is saying a lot obviously since he’s on the block and at risk of going home.  The other side still controls the house, Shane, Britney, Ian, can all easily sway Joe (promising him the stars) to vote whichever way they want to.  Dan is gone if he’s still on the block, if not then Danielle is gone simple as that.

        Frank can’t play in the next two HoH’s, Dan isn’t much of a competitor (hasn’t won anything), Shane wins HoH and both Dan / Frank sit next to each other, or they backdoor Frank.  Either way Frank is almost guarenteed gone within the next two weeks.

        This game is about backstabbing, Dan will do it again to Frank in the drop of a hat.  Final two will be Dan / Shane, providing Dan survives this week.

  22. If Jenn saves Dan, then can Frank nominate Ian? That would force Ian to save himself, then there would be no power left to save Britney.

  23. If production really wants to rig the game, they will make Jenn go first, and Ian will save britney, the most popular player on this season. If Shane goes up, I think he can convince Joe to get Danielle out.

    That would be so epic seeing Dan’s big move crumble.

    • Dan move already worked he gonna get saved regardless and someone from the quack pack going home I really don’t think he cares that much if it’s Brit or Shane if the rid it then Shane be gone. It’s actually probably better fr Dani if Shane against her he won to much and is way more dangerous than Dani but I think either way Dani gonna make it.

    • Dan’s big move is not getting Britney out.

      Dan’s big move is saving himself. As someone who likes Dan, I cannot believe he came up with this and seems to be able to get people to go along with it.

      Who in their right mind would keep someone as manipulative as Dan in the game, yet Dan seems to be managing to get them to do just that.

      Dan coming off the block is his biggest move. 

      • I totally agree with you! Who in their right mind would want to keep Dan after all of that? If I were Jenn I would go over to Brit, Shane and Ian and tell them Dan’s plan and Danielle’s involvement and ask for a final 4 deal with them instead. And NOT use the veto. The votes on the other side of the house are not locked in because of Joe. Frank can’t play in the next 2 HOH comps. With Dan gone, the other side of the house is definitely stronger. If she takes Dan off the block and Danielle ends up leaving, she just put a target on her back. Dan and Frank would be first but she would go right after. Then again, you can’t really trust ANY of them this year so…. 

      • Frank is so desparate to stay he isnt thinking straight. TRUST DAN? I guess we will all see where that ball bounces. Good luck Frank you played to win and an alliance is what you desparatly need. Dont know if it’ll stick. but good luck anyway!

    •  It wouldn’t really crumble. Dan is doing this move for Dan. Would he like to keep Danielle? Sure. But when it comes down to it, I’m sure he’d much rather have Danielle being evicted than himself. If Dan gets pulled off the block, he’s accomplished what he wanted to.

  24. Jenn should remove Dan, Ian should be the renom, forcing him to use the veto and then putting Brit up as the new renom.  That way Brit is gone.   

    • Wow that sounds like a really good plan!! That would work if Jenn has to go first with her veto!

      • You can’t renom Ian. The HOH can’t renom the veto holder, or in this case veto holders.

  25. I hope it all goes down in Dan’s favor, what a player, he has to stay so we can watch a master player at work–best player everrrrrrr!!!!!!!

    • Dan needs Frank that is why. Shane and Ian will be going after Dan after they figure out Dan betrayed them. Frank can help Dan and protect him winning HOH and POV and if Dan wins HOH next week, they can put Shane and Ian on the block and if Frank gets picked for Veto and gets it, they can send Shane or Ian to the jury house!

  26. desperate times call for desperate measures in Dans little world…what a bully he was during the crane game…how many times does he have to toss Danielle under a bus before it hits her that he has no intention of taking her along for the ride..except to use her for his voting whims. Shane and Frank have proven over and over THEY are the two who will make it..they have ruled this house via HOH’s and POV’s ..they should have just stuck together..they could be running this..instead Blinky (Frank) gets blinded by anyone talking a good game and gets distracted by anything shiny and new. Iam disappointed–in Dan mostly, I thought he would play a clean game( I know the backstabbing is gunna happen) the Quack Pack had this..and now Dan just seems to be grasping at straws–all in a desperate attempt to walk away AGAIN with the grand prize, after throwing comps and relying on Shane and Danielle to carry his sorry ass this far.Blah.

    • Blame that on Shane. How many times have they had an alliance and Shane betrayed Frank each time. This alliance is better for Frank and Dan.
      They will go a long way and can go after Shane and Ian after they get rid of Brittney if everything goes well today.

      • Richie exactly.  Frank gave Shane plenty of chances and Shane backstabbed him each time because he was protected.  Shane may be good at comps but he was a puppet.  His butt was not on the line all alone playing basically playing for himself or for him and Boogie.  If it works the best two are there at the end.  Brains and Brawn.  Actually Frank has smarts as well.  People just never gave him credit for it.  I liked Frank from the beginning coming in the game wanting to play as honest a game as he could.  I’m sure his Grams is proud. 

    • You obviously have no idea what’s even going on in the game. The Quack Packturned on Dan first when he took all that heat for Ian then this week they go to Frank and fine with Dan out. So what you want him to sit there and do nothing. Maybe accept the fact this is a game not real life.

  27. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Jenn uses the veto on Danielle, Frank nominates Britney, Ian saves Britney, and Shane is renominated?

    Danielle will have to choose between Shane and Dan! She probably freak out!

    • Jenn asked Dani if she should use the veto on her, Dani said no.

      Dani knows that if Dan is sitting next to anyone in that chair, he will go home. Dani is nothing if not loyal

  28. At this point I do not see how Frank wins in the end – he may make it to the final 2, but a strong argument can be made he played a bad game – yes he is King of the comps – a title he deserves – but he sucks at playing the game and is way too manipulated

    • Frank actually takes all things into consideration. Frank thinks the game. He understands the game. This is very clear in how hes read certain players after certain events happened. Anyone can be manipulated, but hes doing whats best for his game.

      Frank and Shane are different because Shane never thinks the game. When he was HOH last week, he never thought how putting up Frank and Boogie could hurt HIS game down the road and that it was too early. At least when Frank was HOH the week before they outed Wil, he actually thought about getting Dan out.

    • Frank has not played a very good game. Obviously, Dan has played a far better game. Even if Frank just wins 2nd. That is not bad. He still gets $50,000 and he deserves it because he has been fighting for survival all this time. This move of Frank to go with Dan is a smart move on his part.

    •  LOL if Frank is in Final 2 you are kidding yourself to think he won’t win it. He’s been on the block what, 5 times and is still here? Come on. He may not be a great social player, but his will to win would be enough to get jury votes.

    • Joe isn’t going to win this game at all. His best chance is to position himself as the straw man to win 50k.

  29. IMO Frank and Dan deserve to be F2.  I have always liked Frank and think he deserves to be in the F2 chair because just look at how many times he has been on the block and because he is a beast in comps has managed to save himself.  He has been loyal and tried to be an honest person.  I did not like Dan and felt he was doing nothing UNTIL he came up with this hail Mary.  He definitely has the brains.  I had always hoped that Dan and Frank would come together and I think that is what Boogie always wanted for the 3 of them to work together and just roll with it.  Since Boogie is gone I think this is perfect if it works.  I think it will make Boogie happy to see his good friend Dan and the guy he always stayed loyal to sitting at F2.  I know Brit is entertainment, but what has she done except cover her butt with F2 deals all over the place.  Ian was a great mole, but they usually get found out and Dan took the heat for him.  Ian was protected by feeding information to the others.  I would not want to see Dani, Jenn or Joe at F2 because what have they really done.  Shane was good at comps as well but never had the pressure that Frank has because Shane was protected first by Silent Six and then the Quack Pack.  I don’t know if this will work but I sure hope it does.  Go FRANK and DAN.

    • Finally somebody who actually understands that Franks finally making a smart game move and appreciate Dan and knows what’s actually happening in te game. Thank you!

    • This is a good move on Frank’s part and I am his worst critic of how he played his HOH. He needs Dan for guidance and Dan needs Frank for his ability to win HOH and POV.

  30. Nobody thinks she could get Shane, Ian and Joe to keep her?  Why would they help Dan by keeping Danielle?

    • They can get Joe because if they spell it out real slow to him, it’s in his best interest because Ian(who he hates) will be going right after her. Once Ian is exposed as the double agent, he toast and so is Britt.

  31. Rats – we just got rid of squidward and I was so happy that Kermit the Frog was leaving this week.  Dan is making a good play for his own safety in the game but wow I wanted to see him leave

  32. lol have anyone else noticed karma?
    Didn’t Britney laugh at Boogie being evicted last week?
    And remeber that terrible goodbye message Boogie had with janelle?

  33. “From dead man walking to safe another week in just a few short hours. This guy is impressive to say” Hmmmmm, I would say-Sad, Desperate, & Pathetic..

    • “Mental Post It”…gee, I wonder how long this so called NEW 4 HG alliance will last. Nothing is ever “Certain” there in the BB House.

  34. IF this is what they are going to do….they need to VETO Dan…put Ian up and then when Ian uses the Veto on himself, put Brittney up.

  35. Frank will win if he makes it to final 4, and he’ll deserve it. So allying with him is a mistake for everyone else in the house.

  36. dan need to go home nd i think no one should use da veto cause hey will come after dem nd i think ian is workng for cbs bigbrother itz to odd he nose everying abt da game to much

    • 1) Learn to spell. It’s really annoying.

      2) Why the hell would Ian be working for CBS? That serves no purpose. Ian knows a lot because he watched every season since he was 10. Also, you legally can’t be on any show with a prize if you work or are related to someone who works with the company producing the show, because it creates a conflict of interest. Get your facts straight.

  37. I don’t blame Dan for saying, He covered for Ian for 25 days, got cocky and unappreciative. America must love Ian, but he’s changed from day 1 to day 50.

    • Exactly. Dan covered for Ian. I get why Ian doesn’t care, he is willing to sell someone out for 500k. Who in there really isn’t.

      But I think that Ian figured he could get away with not repaying that favor and would be fine. Dan had to do something to save himself and he did.

      You shouldn’t show one way loyalty, that’s called stupidity. Dan is a lot of things but stupid ain’t one of them.

      •  Dan covered for Ian because it was in Dan’s best interest and his alliance at the time, just as now he is throwing  Ian under the bus because it is in his best interest.

      • Dan covered Ian because he knew his survival would depend on it down the road. Ian got excited because a couple of girls touched him and paid attention to him and that ruined his game. Britts like a mom to me=I want to bang the dog crap out her and do whatever she says to hopefully get there. Whatever game he had suffered becuase of her. You don’t betray the team that gave you 3G’s. You ride or die and that’s why I respect Frank.

  38. I love bb,have watched every season,,but Ian is a snake.his twitching drives me nuts…..go Dan and Frank,if they can pull this off,they deserve to win…

  39. I can’t wait to see Ian go!  He is really a nervous wreck.  The way he walks makes me ill to say the least.

  40. may the tv gods be where they be,…..please please please let caddy, jealous, annoying, stalker, mouth sucking in danielle get voted out!

  41. Dan is a genuis but Wednesday nights show will tell all and I am excited to see exactly who Dan is playing because from the feeds last night and the conversations he had with Dani I think he is blindsiding Frank and planning to get him out in a couple weeks but I guess we shall see.

    • No he sticking with Frank and Jenn to the end if they do this for him. He said it to the live feeders this morning.

    • I know everyone lies some time in the BB house but if Dan is lying to Frank this time it would be a new low even for him.  He swore on Chelsea and a necklace/chain of his grandfather’s and then put his hand on the Bible and swore again.  I know he uses the Bible as an avoidance mechanism so he doesn’t have to interact with other HGs, but I surely hope he wouldn’t use it to swear an oath on and then not honor it.

  42. Matt; doesn’t Ian have to use his golden veto before Jenn uses her regular veto? And..if so;  Ian doesn’t use his veto,  Jenn uses her veto on Dan, Britney is nominated and Danielle goes home. Ian/Shane/Joe will send Danielle out the door unless Frank and Dan can convince Joe of their F3 (Frank/Dan/Joe) deal but for this week vote as I (Frank) tell you. Will Joe ‘buy’ this truth? 
    Fans; Do you think Shane would save Danielle over Britney?

  43. Dan is the man. IMO, he is hands down the best strategic player this season and one of the best players in BB history. Boogie is really nothing without Dr. Will.

  44. This is going to be the boot list if things go the way Frank wants it to go
    Britney, Shane, Ian, Dani, Jenn, Joe, Dan, winner Frank.

  45. hopefully it dont back fire…cause if little ian can use the veto after shitney is put up..then frank would put up shane…and does shane have the votes to stay? I dont care if shitney or cry baby goes…either or would make me happy….

  46. ok a little help.  If Jenn does go first, can Ian really use his veto on the re-nom? Because that would seem like a wasted re-nom. Again I know this is BB and expect the unespceted, but I cant seem him being able to use it on a re-nom. Does anyone know more?

    •  Ian has 1 shot, and cant use it after the normal POV winner goes, period. Case Closed, Britney Goes to Jury thursday, Hooray!!!!

    • Ian can use it to save Brittney but, Shane would go up in place. Also, if nominating Ian is allowed, Frank can nominate Ian on the block so that, he wastes his Golden Veto on himself. Ian gets off but, Brittney takes the hot seat!

      • Gidget……..That is why Dan being his ally will help him by reminding him o thinks he does not consider.

  47. Dan is a big brother legend he is the only remaining HG with the brains to pull this off finally frank is seeing the light boogie has to be loving this bye bye britney go pick at yourself in the jury house not sad to see u go!! you are next Ian you rat!!

  48. i cant wait to see everybodys face when jenn pulls dan off the block. this is going to be the greatest move or second greatest this season or all time

  49. Let jenn use her veto then renom Ian to force him into using his to save himself then renom Brit or Shane and plan is golden. Key is you have to get rid of Ian’s pov so he don’t have it next week

  50. Best case scenario is Jenn removes Dan, Frank puts Britney up, Ian removes Britney, Frank puts Shane, Danielle is voted out.  What do you all think ?

    • I think Danielle is a useless eviction at this point, and why would Frank ruffle feathers when he finally appears safe…at least for now. If they can’t get Britney, they have to take out Shane. Frank and Dan (if he decides to stop throwing comps) can win the physical HOH comps, and Frank isn’t horrible at trivia. If Dan keeps his word, and the 4 of them keep their mouths shut, this plan will work.

  51. I don’t how it can happen but Frank deserves the money, not even Brendan has suffered an onslaught by the house like this and for what? Having Boogie pick him? Talking game in private? I honestly believe Frank has played an honest game were victories count more than social as the way it should be

  52. I am very disappoint in CBS.  Dan needs to go and was hoping he would this week.  Honestly this is becoming a season not worth watching any longer.

    • The greatest life saving plan in the history of BB and you’re disappointed??  Must take a lot for you to get excited.   Even if you’re a Frank fan you should be happy that he won’t be ousted after his HOH reign.   And CBS PRODUCES the show…they don’t control the players so why would you be disappointed with THEM?

      • He’s bitter that he wanted Dan gone and now he looks to be saved. Opinion is one thing, but I don’t respect speaking with such obvious bias and then spinning it like Dan ‘needs’ to go. Nobody who creates big game moves and entertainment ‘needs’ to go anywhere. Not worth watching because his hated Dan could be staying? Don’t watch then.

        Blaming CBS too, yet the twist of the golden veto ball isn’t the reason Dan is staying. Dan is the reason Dan is staying. Ian wasn’t going to use it at all, neither was Jenn going to use her regular veto. Manipulation has gotten people to change their minds, this was all Dan’s doing it wasn’t a twist that’s going to save him, and thus it’s not CBS’s fault.

  53. I believe Ian veto will be the last to be asked to be used following Jenn removing Dan.  Frank will nom. Brittany and then Ian will use his to remove Brittany.  Then who will Frank nom?  Also, what will happen to the plan if this occurs?

  54. Watching Britt, Shane and IAn crap themselves when this all goes down is worth all the tea in China. If anyone needed to get knocked down a few pegs, it’s those three.

      • I truly hope Ian’s veto is used on himself when he is put up first as a
        re-nom. That gets rid of the golden veto. Then when Jen uses hers on
        Dan and Brit goes up….the game gets even more interesting. Brit has
        managed to keep herself off the block throughout this game. She has
        managed to get others to do her dirty work and keep her hands clean.
        It is time for her to sweat a little and see how she handles it. I doubt she
        will handle it well. Being a drama queen comes naturally to her and
        Danielle. Girls this is a game, not a sorority house with emotional
        females reacting from hurt feelings. Quit making this game about your
        hurt feelings and insecurities and play the game!  Can’t wait!!

  55. Danielle or Britney goes home. Ian next. Ian way too deceitful and disloyal to make it any further. He should be greatful to the ones who trusted and protected him. What his mom said about making us proud. That went out the door when he decided not to pull Dan off the block with his veto. HOPE DAN AND FRANK CAN PULL IT OFF! WHAT A COUP!

  56. This is why you dont evict people who will save your ass. Bye Bye Wil, Ashley and now Britney :)      Janelle<3

  57. Ok before I said I liked a few people in the house. But now the only one I want to win this is Joe.

    • Why on earth would you want this Big mouth floater who has won nothing, has shifted loyalty to whoever is in power, has no game whatsoever, and is ONLY there because of a stupid game reset that America DID NOT vote for to win is beyond me.  He’s not even a good cook.  He’s a total buffoon!  GO FRANK. The only player who deserves to win this game this season. 

    • Why on earth would you want Joe to win?   That’s like saying you want Sarah Palin to be president!

  58. Yet again a plan to save BB14 ‘s golden boy. Irregardless, I would have liked the game better if CBS quit meddling with it. It makes Franks win’s just look more rigged. I would actually be his fan still if CBS stopped doing this. There were a dozen of us who get together and watch. Now only 3 care to watch because of it. They may tune in for a few mins if best. It sucks that the validity is gone and the Diary room sessions are rigged to make them say and do certain things. As soon as Brit told Ian that she was going to play in her best interest (convo when Ian told her that the DR wanted Frank to win), she is now the evicted list. Gimme a break, die hard fans are being lost by CBS and it is making them rethink all of CBS’s other reality shows like SUrvivor…that makes me sad because I have been their loudest advocate. Wow, nice way to repay your die hard core audiences. Shame it is…probably either going to not bother posting my comment or have their pseudo peeps flood the comments with angry ones back at mine and/or fill the chats with everyone saying how much they live it and it is not rigged. I noticed that those who have accused have been minimized. Nice going. I am trying to fight for the reality shows CBS has but the behavior, the live feed leeks and the interference by the producers/DR etc does not help. Now the players I loved, I have to rethink after the rigging. I want to let the game evolve no matter the results but CBS has had to play the rigged game. Wtg and the fans will dwindle over time. I loved Frank but after all these crazy leaks and saves, I am not sure if the lack luster is due to the

    • There are millions of Big Brother fans worldwide. They will be watching as the rest of us. And nobody is forcing you to watch if you don’t want too.
      That is your choice and your right but, spare us your whining and I am sure Big Brother will come back next season even better!

    • I agree, it sucks that BB has so much influence on the HG’s decisions. But for someone stupid reason I am still pulled in to watch. I guess complaining about it won’t do any good anyway. 

    • There is nothing real about a reality show. Producers influence contestants on every show no matter what channel it’s on. Humans have free will to make choices, and that can’t be changed. It’s a show, it’s not real life. It’s entertainment! If CBS feel they need to step in and help their project along to make it more entertaining, than so be it. I’d much rather that be the case than to suffer through a boring BB. Sit back and enjoy the ride, but if you can’t do that, then stop watching. Free will dude.

    • Boo-Hoo.  Stop your bitching.  Go tell someone who cares.  Those of us who love BB, come on this site to find out what everyone thinks of game play, who loves who, who hates who, ect.  So sick of little minded ass-holes, such as yourself, who are going to stop watching if things don’t go your way.  Go away and leave us alone!  (You won’t be missed).

  59. I think BB will have Jen go first just so Ian can save the Britt. Frank would look so surprised. It would be almost to funny to watch that unfold. I hope to see Joe go first. He looks like a fool. He got no game at all.

    • It should work that way since Ian has the golden veto. That means Shane goes up. Either way, one of them goes this week and Danielle is definatly on Frank and Dan’s side for sure. Ian’s a deadman walking either way.

    • Ian will be asked if he is going to use his veto first. He will say no and then Jenn will use hers to save Dan. By that time it will be too late for Ian to use his to save Brit lol Ian won his veto before Jenn, which is why he will go first btw

  60. I really like Britney, but I hate her game play. I have no respect for people who play the game hiding behind others and hoping to make it to the end. While Britney is not a ‘floater’ in the literal sense of the word, she uses other people to make moves for her and acts like she knows it all. 

    • Shane has been her puppet all this time. She even said after Shane threw her under the bus that she has to take stronger control over Shane! That is the puppeteer pulling Shane’s strings.

      •  Shes not a floater, she has shown potential in several competitions in her original and current season (Including a HOH win, 3 POV’s & Winning Safety) If anything Brittany has to be one of the players with the greatest potential to win seeing as she has social game, the ability to manipulate others & do well in competitions. Her only problem is that she can be oblivious to situations at times seeing as this may be the second time she’ll be back-doored.

  61. It’s veto ceremony time!  I hope Ian goes first, then Jenn..Britney needs to go, and I can’t wait for Ian to find out that Frank knows everything! Feeds will be good today!

  62. Why do I get the feeling production is going to let Jenn go first, so that Ian can save Britney after she’s re-nom’d and let her stay in the game…

    In all fairness Ian should go first, as he had his veto before Jenn had hers, but I bet they spin it that the normal veto goes first and the special/twist one goes after…sigh

    Where it gets screwy for me…if Jenn goes first, saves Dan, Britney goes up. Ian saves Britney, Shane up with Danielle for the ‘voting block’ of the week…then this could all totally backfire and Danielle could be gone. Ian and Britney would vote to keep Shane, and according to Joe he’d walk through fire for Shane and his third vote has Danielle evicted…

    Now I have to hope they let Ian go first and they see the light that it would be entertaining TV to see Ian’s shock when he watches his best ally go up on the block right after deciding not to use his own power. Unbiasedly, that’d just be fun to see.

    • You’ve illuminated the problems with having two veto powers at the same time.

      My question is this: is Ian immune from being renominated? If Frank renominates Ian in place of Dan, then Ian would obviously use his own power to save himself, opening the slot for Britney.

      • Ian I believe is immune, like a normal Veto holder would be, from being re-nominated. What I do wonder though, since it’s a ‘special’ and not ‘regular’ Veto, if Jenn goes first and saves Dan, can Frank nominate Ian before his power is even out there…

        I feel like they need to ask these questions in the DR before today’s ceremony. If Frank can do that, then there’s the answer. Nominate Ian, force him to save himself when it’s his turn for his Veto, then in his place is Britney.

        I’m sure they’re not dumb enough not to do their due diligence. Frank isn’t a stupid guy contrary to popular belief, and I don’t think anybody believes Dan is stupid. I’ve seen Dan scurry around like a farrett when trying to make sure nobody is within an earshot before he whispers devious gameplay ideas to the camera or to Frank, so I would hope Dan is asking this stuff in the DR.

        If Ian goes first there are no issues here. If Jenn goes first, they can try to find a way around it.

    • If Shane goes up, they can easily convince Joe that this is step one in getting rid of Ian. Ian’s Joe best friend after all.

    • I am not sure Britney and Ian would vote to keep Shane. Britney I think
      would talk Ian to vote Shane out like she plans to do. Joe would vote for
      Shane over Danielle, I think. If Shane goes up on the block, I really
      believe Shane will go home, but then Brit may decide Dani was lying to
      her and in on the blindside from the start and vote the other way. Either
      way, Ian will do what Brit says and Joes will probably do so, too, in the

      • As you mentioned, I think Britney would feel Danielle was part of the plan to blindside her, and it would cost Danielle Britney’s vote. Shane hasn’t wronged Britney other than maybe an accidental throwing her name out in conversation, not nearly as bad as this wronging by Danielle.

        I’d like to think a back-stab wouldn’t still make Britney say ‘oh but a woman has never beaten a man in the final la de da’ and make her keep Danielle over Shane. Britney’s obsessed with that concept though so who knows. It’s  blurring her vision, that’s the only real reason I sometimes question her intelligence.

  63. Will be super hilarious if they do this and Danielle goes home.

    Dan is a d-bag in a dumb bandana. And this guy teaches/coaches kids? He’s seriously creepy.

  64. Matt, please answer a question for me. If Jen goes first and uses the veto
    before Ian and Britney is used a a renom, and Ian saves Brit. Can he be put
    up on the block as a renom. after she is taken off?

    • I know I’m not Matt but I believe Ian’s veto works as a normal one does, in which case he can’t be named as a replacement.

      I’ll let Matt clarify since your question was directed towards him.

    • Again, I am not Matt but the by watching the live feeds and show where I remember hearing Ian say that holding that veto ball didn’t keep him safe. To prove that I will throw in a little logic…  If you recall before nominations one of Franks’s thoughts was did he need to nominate Ian to flush out that veto. If that is so I believe it would he would be eligible for nomination for the whole time.

    • I don’t think Jenn’s veto ceremony would be 1st..Ian won his before Jenn’s so I think Ian’s would be first….

    • Thanks for all of the feedback from you all. It helps when people take the
      time to answer questions that are confusing others. Kudos to you all!

  65. I still think this season has been manipulated towards Frank.No one is that lucky or skilled without a little help from his production friends. That’s why Dan should win. If this plan plays out,it will be a genious move.How Dan could even concoct this plan during that gruelling 24 hours of loud awful music and flashing lights is amazing to me. After 30 minutes,the other HG would have been kicking and screaming!!

    • You think Dan didn’t already have some part of this plan thought out from the time he first got nominated? Besides, it was his only move left.

    • I would’ve hoped Frank running the gauntlet (beating every single HG 1-on-1) en route to the last HoH win would allow you to lend him some credit that he’s actually just good, but I guess not.

    • Ur insane. Do u not remember Joe coming in the house saying ” u should see the workout Frank is doing. It’s like he’s a professional or something”! That being said, look at his competition. It can’t be that rigged! Although I think production has its hand in somethings.

  66. GO FRANK!!!  He needs to do what’s best for him and take out the quack pack for boogie!

  67. I think the fair thing to do is to tell Ian and Jenn their vetoes, if used, can only apply to the original nominations of Dan and Danielle.

    Ergo, if Jenn goes first and says I save Dan. Ian goes second and says I don’t use it. Now Frank names replacements. Or if they both use it (though unlikely Ian would save Danielle) but if it happens, Jenn saves Dan, Ian saves Danielle, Frank names both replacements AFTER the veto holders have said their peace.


  68. I don’t understand why Jenn would want to save one of the biggest threats in the game, that being Dan, instead of letting him stay on the block and him possibly getting evicted after his big speech? 

    But my big questions, what impact if any will Ian’s veto ball have? I really hope this master plan blows up in Dan’s face and he is evicted, but I’m 95% sure that wouldn’t happen. This should be fun.

    • there is no way someone is going to give Dan another million dollars !
      if Frank is sitting next to Dan , Frank will get all the votes,  if Frank is sitting next to Ian who knows what will happen

  69. My favorite NH’ite is maybe gonna get true revenge!!  I luv it!  Brittany is soooo sickening. Manipulation is one thing but Man she goes way further by dogging everyone, depending who shes talking to at the time.  Shes a complete sleeze & i’d gladly go 3000 miles to hold that door open for her nasty butt.  Love those “extensions of Chilltown”…Take it to the end Dan, Frank, JennCity!!!!

    • Frank has nobody, at the end of the day, he needs to work with sb – sb that will dish out the dirt and tell the truth first.

  70. Brit comforting Ian in the kitchen telling him its ok, Shane in hoh with Frank now NT12:37 PM BBTWow Frank threw Ian out of the HoH NT12:37 PM BBTShane enter the HOH & he thank Frank for the heads up. NT12:37 PM BBTFrank told Ian to not raise his voice or step the ***** outside and Ian stormed out NT12:37 PM BBTin hoh Frank and Ian talking heated, Brit and dani on chairs just quiet stunned NT12:37 PM BBTBritney is nominated (Jenn used POV on Dan). Frank and Ian having a screaming match. NT12:36 PM BBTIan lying to Frank, saying he was gonna work with him until the end NT12:36 PM BBTFeeds up – 2 girls up, Britney & Danielle sitting in the nominee chairs. Dani crying. NT12:36 PM BBTFrank is not buying Ians story NT12:36 PM BBTFeeds back, Britney up, Frank arguing with Ian and confronting him NT12:35 PM BBTfeeds are back. POV was use & Brit is the renom NT12:35 PM BBTIan is pissed and yelling at Frank. Brit is up NT12:35 PM BBTPOV USED Dan off NT

  71. Oh Ian, you just THOUGHT you had a lot of power in the house…good wake-up call dude, you’ll be gone soon.

  72. Well hoping for this plan not to go through is pointless, but if Brittany is up there’s at least is a chance she’d stay. All she needs to do is sneak around & find out about the 4 HG alliance & pretty much inform Shane of it. With that Shane will go against Danielle with ease seeing as she isn’t working with him anymore. Then with both Shane & Ian both voting for Britt, Joe will most likely go along with them seeing as he’s close to both of those two.

  73. Danielle is crying  says she’s going to have a nervous breakdown  Geez give it a rest Danielle  why don’t you leave and go to jury and let the Adults play the cry over everything  Grow up

    • Ian stabs his supposed friend Frank in the back multiple times during the season and then the first time all year that Frank does something against Ian he throws a hissy fit.  What a pathetic baby.

    • There is no way Ian and Frank can work together, with Ashley in between.  I believe Ian still hold a grudge against Frank.

  74. Wait, shouldn’t Frank nom Ian so then Ian is forced to use his veto ball on himself, then Frank can safely back door Britney?

  75. am I the only one that realizes that Dan has no chance of winning this game,
    I dont see anyone voting for Dan to win another million dollars, no matter who Dan is sitting next to in the final two there is no way they would rather give Dan another million instead of Frank or Ian or Shane or Brit or Danielle, if these people were smart they would be trying to bring Dan to the end its a no brainer people

  76. Brit is at least comical…..even when biting her cuticles. Really hate for her to be the one that is booted.

  77. I love it. Finally lil’ miss Britney gone! She shouldn’t have been picked to be a coach. She did nothing during her season except hide behind a big strong man! Then cry little poor me, why me? When they finally got rid of her. Lane is still awesome just for that alone!

  78. CBS has decided a couple weeks ago that they want Frank in the final two. No different than last summer when they made damn sure Rachel was kept in the game. Production will just keep tweaking the game to make sure he stays in there.

  79. Frank sealed his fate with this stupid move of thrusting Dan…
    If he played normally, he could get out of trouble for the next 2 weeks. Now he sealed his fate.
    Even if Dan doesn´t win next thursday hoh, the ones that are going into the seats are Joe and Shane. (if none of them wins the hoh) Then, Dan can make is move. Frank and the winner of this week hoh cannot participate. So, Dan can place Frank and Ian or Shane (if shane doesn´t get booted next week). That way, since everybody plays on all pov, he would have a way to say “Frank you are the pawn. You get the pov get away from the seat and i will nominate danielle”.
    If Frank doesn´t win the pov… he is out. And that… he can´t escape. Dan will win again…

  80. I think Frank & Ian have a secret plan..Ian will get the info that Frank need these 2 weeks.Then boom! Brain & Brawn will finish off cleaning out the house..

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