Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 7 Sunday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

Well it was one of those slow days on the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds. Everyone sunbathing and doing nothing. And then BAM! Explosion! And by explosion, I mean Dan. Dan completely turned the house upside down. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, August 26, 2012:

11:11 AM BBT — Frank takes a chum bath as part of his veto punishment.

12:38 PM BBT — Frank talking to Live Feeds. Nothing else going on in the house. Frank thinks Shane is his best bet at a final two deal. He says he wants the final three to be him, Shane and Joe. He says he needs to get Ian and Britney out of the house.

1:35 PM BBT — Danielle and Britney knock on Dan’s confinement door but he ignores them.

1:53 PM BBT — Ian and Jenn agreeing they won’t be using the veto on Dan.

4:25 PM BBT — Dan is out of isolation and Danielle and Britney are unchained.

4:30 PM BBT — Dan says he doesn’t feel well and goes and lays down.

4:33 PM BBT — Dan goes into the storage room and mouths that he is fine. Dan has set into motion a master plan.

4:41 PM BBT — Joe says the Have-Not room smelled like puck and that Dan must’ve been throwing up in there.

5:17 PM BBT — Danielle makes Dan’s “sickness” all about her and somehow has everyone consoling her.

6:21 PM BBT — Frank and Jenn wondering if Dan’s sickness will convince Ian to use is Golden Ball of Veto on him.

6:40 PM BBT — Ian says he is definitely not using his veto power.

6:46 PM BBT — Frank tells Jenn his eviction order would be Dan, Ian, Britney, or Shane. But probably Britney first.

7:52 PM BBTDan has called a meeting. It’s sort of a “funeral” for him. He wants his “last days” in the house to be fun. He’s saying nice things about all the HGs. He has Britney and Danielle crying.

8:03 PM BBT — Dan has said nice things to everyone and when he gets to Danielle he says that she is dead to him and that she knows what she did.

8:09 PM BBT— The second phase of Dan’s plan is under way in the HoH room as Dan is telling Frank everything about the Quack Pack.

8:15 PM BBT — Danielle trying to figure out why she’s dead to Dan. Shane says maybe he thinks she threw the veto competition. Danielle is crying more. Surprise.

8:28 PM BBT — Dan tells Frank he wants to remain in the game and that he would make a final 2 deal with him right then and there. Before their conversation is over with, the plan is for those two to go to the final 2 with Joe being in the final three. As for this week, they will convince Jenn to use the veto on Dan and Frank will put up Britney and they’ll vote Britney out.

9:12 PM BBT — Dan tells Danielle he said she was dead to him as a part of his plan. He told her he wasn’t serious and he just wanted her to be emotional so his plan could play out properly. He tells her the plan and she’s on board and ready to backstab Britney.

9:53 PM BBT — Frank letting Jenn in on the action and asking her to use the veto. He tells her the  plan and she said she didn’t take slop all summer and win the veto for nothing. She’s ready to use it on Dan, meaning Britney will go up.

10:09 PM BBTDan already celebrating his move alone in the storage room.

10:12 PM BBTDanielle and Jenn confirming the plans with each other. Danielle does not seem to have an once of remorse for her bff Britney.

10:45 PM BBT — Britney is getting a little suspicious. She even mentions to Danielle that she’s afraid Jenn will use the veto and Britney will be evicted. She says she’s afraid Dan has flipped the whole house or something, not really knowing he has.

11:o2 PM BBT — Dan and Jenn seal the deal.


So right now it looks like Dan is poised to make the best move of the season and this will surely take him all the way to then end just like in Season 10. And again, Britney will be duped by people she shouldn’t have trusted.

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  1. Thank goodness Ian and Jenn will NOT be using the veto on Dan.

    Frank doesn’t realize it but Ian and Jenn did him a favor.


    • To me this would be Franks best move maby his only move.If Dan goes home Frank would be next out the door because he can’t play the next 2 HOH comps Dan will have to stick with Frank because Shane and Ian will be coming after him if Brit goes home.Dan staying would make him the biggest target in the house and get the heat off Frank for a little while.

      • Agreed and Dan just said on the live feeds that if all goes as plan he will stay true to Frank, Jenn and Danielle and I believe he would because when he made the deal with Memphis is stuck to it.

      • Exactly. It will help both Dan and Frank so, it is a win-win alliance for them.
        For the arrogant twit Ian, he will see how smart he really is. Frank should nominate Ian first to make sure he uses the golden Veto this week before putting Brittney on the hot seat. Then, next week, Ian won’t have that veto to protect himself. Also, if Brittney gets sent to jury, Danielle, Dan, Jenn can play for HOH next week and hopefully, finish off Ian or Shane! Preferably Shane should be the next target.

      • After Britt goes up cant Ian use his veto to take Britt off ???then the only one left to put up is Joe..

    • Actually Jenn is all on board with using the veto on Dan.  Check out joker’s and you’ll get the entire plan.  It’s going to go down in about 4 hours or so

    • How? It’s actually smart of her ig they get Dan out she gonna get picked off from other Quavk Pack of the get Britney out Shane Dani And Frank will battle to get Ian out then each other mean while Jenn and Joe can just sit back and watch till prob final 3 or 4 I think it’s the best move for almost everyone except Brit and Ian

  2. Wait but they still dont have the votes to evict Britney.
    Shane and Ian would vote to evict Danielle, and Dan and Jenn would evict Britney. Joe can go either way, and if Britney finds out about the alliance she can convice joe to evict Danielle.
    Ugh. I wish dan would go but hes too good.

    • Frank is convinced he can get Joe to vote his way, once he tells Joe that Ian wanted Joe out and that Ian’s closes ally is Brittany.  Danielle is convinced she will have Shane’s vote since they have a F2 deal – which i think he will.  I believe this plan will go through and Brittany will be going home.

    • And Shane can go either way to on the live feeds Dan last night Dab even was talking to Frank about Shane and that he not 100 percent with Britney. I think he would keep Dani. Britney to sketchy to be aligned with

  3. I am really looking forward to seeing the house after this veto ceremony.

    If this plan works there will be drama.

    If it doesn’t work there will still be drama.

    Is the veto ceremony today?

  4. Idk if their plan to evict Britney will work. Joe once again is the swing vote and since Joe kinda wants to work with Shane Joe is going to evict Danielle. I cant wait to see how this week is going to play out.

    And everyone says Booger keeps the show entertaining bs!

    • Joe and Shane are both swing votes. Shane has to choose between Danielle and Britney. He’s made it clear he’d rather work with Dani but he might change his mind if he realizes she is in on this.

  5. Hopefully, all the chips fall into place. Brittney will not know what hit her! The look on her face would be priceless. Can you remember her mock surprise at Janelle’s eviction. Now, her surprise will be for real because she will not see it coming!

    • I just can’t believe that someone can be hurt as deeply as Danielle was by Dan and then waalaa everything is just hunky dory!  Dan will be getting his way by Danielle’s expense.  If anyone in this house is stupid …it is she!

      • Because I think Dani thinks that Dan won’t slit her throat to win.

        She thinks he hurt her but it’s because he wanted to save both of them.

        I think she’s probably right that if Dan could take her to the F2 then he will, and if that means he says a few things to her on the way to get people to save them both so be it.

        Hurt feelings have no room in this game when someone might take you to the F2.

      • Dan saved both of them because if not, one of them will be going home. Quack Pack, Ian, Brittney and Shane are all ready to vote out Dan!

  6. This is GREAT for Dan, but I’m really concerned that Danielle will still be getting evicted this week. Joe, Ian, and Shane could very well vote Danielle out, right? Danielle was saying she has Shane’s vote for sure, but that might not be true.

    Does anyone else feel Danielle might get screwed this week? I mean really, who’s her third vote?

    • I mean it’s possible than Dani gets screwed. But I think Joe might see the wisdom in getting rid of Britney.

      Though if all these people are willing to save Dan, they obviously don’t have wisdom.

      The fact that Dan can even get people to consider saving him means they should worry about him.

      The man is a beast, but boy is he good.

    • joe, shane dan jennwill vote britt out. ian will be brits only vote to stay. you know shane and joe will go with the powers that be..

      • I think Frank was going to point out to Joe that his mortal enemy, Ian, is closeasthis to Brit; therefore, Brit should go to minimalize Ian (for Joe’s benefit).

  7. I Hope Dans plan works, at lest the year would finally pick up and not be the most boring year for BB.

  8. Some of us DO NOT like Ian, Dan. He keeps the house interesting, but as a person, he’s kind of a mess. I hope the plan works for you….

  9. Hopefully Jenn will have to use her veto first. Then Ian can use his to save Brit. Shane would probably go up. Then by Thursday Ian, Brit, and Joe will figure out what’s happened and vote out Dani!!

  10. Hey I love this plan but it wouldn’t surprise if Production has had a hand in this also…….especially for Frank to except his offer so quickly when he has been after Dan all summer , so be it, whatever it is we needed it, best twist so far this summer….go Dan! 

    • Except Dan made Frank realize that he didnt influence Ian, that Ian came to them. Being on edge with Ian all week, this was the tipping point. I think Frank realizes with how honest Dan is being that if he saves Dan now, he can work with the guy to the end. Production didnt do anything.

  11. wait even if jenn took off dan and frank put up britney couldnt ian still use his veto to take off britney?

    • I would assume that Ian would have the opportunity to use his veto first.  After he declines he won’t get to go back on it.

    • ian says he won’t use his veto and he goes first. they’re going to wait till after him for jenn to use hers.

      • It sounds like: Ian has to go first because his can only be used on himself & nominations – not renominations.  Jenn’s can be used on anyone so she goes last, in case Ian should want to use his on the (orig) noms.

    •  If I’m not mistaken, Ian will be asked first if he wants to take any of the nominee off the block, then Jenn will be asked the same thing. Of course Jenn takes Dan off, Brit gets puts on the block and that’s it. Ian cannot take Brit off at this time.

  12. If this works GREAT….then Dan can turn and get out Frank next week….hahahaha….evil genius! 

  13. Can someone tell me what is Frank’s appeal?  I can’t stand watching him. I fast forward every time he is talking on Big Brother After Dark.  He must get ratings because production has bent over backwards to keep him in the game, including working with Dan on this latest venture. 
    I do enjoy watching Britney.  She makes me laugh.  Do I think she can win, probably not, but she is entertaining. 
    My hope is that Ian finds out something, uses the veto on Danielle, Jen uses the veto on Dan, the replacements are Britney and Joe and Joe goes home. I know, it would more likely be Britney and Shane, and I also know this would NEVER happen, because everything as been put in place to make Frank win…

    •  I too would like to know what is Frank’s appeal. The man is as big a bully as Willie. The way he acted after winning the veto and after Ashley went home was horrendous.

      What about keeping it classy Frank? That behavior was anything but classy.

  14. ok say jenn pulls off dan and puts up brit so noms are brit and dani and ian doesnt use his
    shane ian joe to vote dani out
    dan jenn  for brit out
    i dont see joe voting franks way because of what frank said about him at least this is the way i hope it goes
    so dani out and frank cant play hoh for next 2 games shane wins hoh puts up jenn and dan and if one of them win pov back door frank

  15. Dan’s plan is the only thing that could save him at this point so at least he’s using his brains.  And i guess Frank has no choice but to become BFF with Dan even though his entire summer has been spent hating him. (not sure why)  Boogie must be jumping for joy in his little plaid shorts and beanie.

  16. Ok i’m a little worried for my boy Frank. He has made deals with shane or silent six to only get back stabbed the following week. fingers crossed Dan is going to work with him and them two take it down the stretch. This will make the game more entertaining. Then Frank cuts Dan off in final four for ultimate revenge

  17. Dan is safe and Brit and Dani are up.  It worked and Frank and Ian are going at it… Ian calling him names.  

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