Big Brother 14: Dan Rocks House With Accusations And His Master Plan

Danielle in tears on Big Brother 14

Never count a man Dan out. Tonight in the Big Brother 14 house we saw Dan make his last great stand and man, oh man was it a good one. The house has been reeling since Dan called a house meeting that started out nice and sweet but ended in tears and shock. Lots and lots and lots of tears. Everything has just been turned upside down.

Big Brother Live Feed Flashback time:
August 26, 2012 @ 7:52 PM BBT on all Cams
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Flashback to 7:52PM BBT to see things get started. Dan calls a house meeting and labels it as his “Big Brother Funeral.” He wants to go around and say something about everyone. Dan starts with some little jokes and friendly comments about each of them. Then he gets down to the final three HGs: Ian, Frank, and Danielle. He tells Ian he’s impressed with him and how he made the game more fun for him this season. To Frank he apologizes for things he’s done and asks for a minute later to apologize in private. One last stop on this train with Danielle.

Dan turns to Danielle and drops this bombshell: “In this game, you’re dead to me. You know what you did.” Danielle’s mouth drops to the floor and after a moment she starts to sob. Everyone is shocked. Flashback 8:02PM BBT to jump to Dan’s bombshell.

With that Dan ends the meeting and immediately goes upstairs with Frank where he proceeds to reveal everything. Flashback 8:05PM BBT. Dan holds nothing back. He reveals every angle of the Quack Pack from the moment it formed forward. He explains their votes, their actions, their plans. Frank is stunned, but believes him. He should, this is the truth. Part of Dan’s conversation with Frank was revealing what it was Danielle had done to him. Dan says Danielle was supposed to throw the Veto comp to him but she didn’t. Whether or not it was intentional she did it.

Dan completely exposes Ian’s role in voting out Boogie and why he nominated Frank during the double eviction. Frank says that all makes perfect sense and he had being starting to get suspicious about what went on with Ian.

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Meanwhile downstairs the house is rattled. Absolutely shaken. Everyone is gathered around Danielle consoling her as she sit sobbing on the couch. No one understands what just happened. They’re astounded by Dan’s actions and the general feeling is anger at Dan for what he’s done. Danielle goes from sobbing on the couch to wailing in the bedroom. “I don’t know what I did!”

Back upstairs Frank and Dan realize they could take Joe to the Final Three and easily beat him out in those competitions to take one another to the finale. Frank is going to work on Jenn to convince her that she needs to save Dan because their real threat is Britney. Britney would be the new target. That’s a good plan since Jenn won’t want to turn on Danielle. It’s still going to be a lot of effort, but this could work.

There’s no way to capture these events in a post. It lasted over an hour. So you’re going to have to watch it on the Live Feeds’ Flashback feature and catch the whole thing.

Before Dan left he decided with Frank that he’d tell Danielle it was all a ploy and he was doing it to cover them. Sure enough, Dan goes right downstairs, pulls her in to the Lounge room, closes the door, and breaks out this huge smile. Flashback 9:10PM BBT. He tells her he thinks he just saved them both. She pauses and then throws a pillow at him. They continue to talk it out and she’s calming down after over an hour of sobbing.

The rest of the house rushes upstairs to Frank’s HoH room to find out what happens. Frank completely covers for him. He tells everyone that nothing happened and there was no game talk at all. Frank says Dan just came up to apologize and everyone believes the story.

Wow. Wow. Wow. This is exactly why we have the Live Feeds. You wait all summer for an event like this and man on man did it happen tonight. This is fantastic. It’s going to make the rest of the week awesome to watch and if it works it’s going to make the rest of the season even that much better.

The Veto ceremony will be held on Monday afternoon so there isn’t a lot of time for Frank and Dan to put this plan in to motion before that deadline arrives. We’ll keep watching and I think you should too! Sign-up for Big Brother Live Feeds and see what’s going on inside the house right now! If you missed the action then turn on your Feeds’ Flashback and watch it all over just like you can do with your DVR.

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What do you think of Dan’s plan? Was it a bad idea or could it be just crazy enough to work? Either way, this is going to be great!

Update: Flashback to 9:53PM BBT. Frank is now revealing everything to Jenn. She now knows about Ian working with the Quack Pack. Frank offering her a four-HG alliance w/ them plus Dan & Danielle. She seems open to using the Veto tomorrow but is worried about a target on her back. “Ian was the rat the whole time.” The Live Feeds are awesome tonight!

Update 2: Flashback to 10:07PM BBT. Frank talks to Danielle and asks if Dan told her about going forward. Danielle says she’s “down” then asks if Jenn will use the Veto. Frank assures he already knows she will. This is going to be so awesome tomorrow!

Update 3: Flashback to 10:27PM BBT. Frank and Jenn whispering their plan for what to tell everyone when they do this. Jenn warns him not to sell her down the river. He promises he won’t and that this plan will make them golden. “This is going to be good,” says Frank.

Update 4: Flashback to 11:00PM BBT. Dan and Jenn have a quick whisper meeting. They agree to the plan. He promises not to screw her over. They hug several times and sneak away.

Update 5: Flashback to 11:20PM BBT. Dan was hiding inside alone when Frank comes back and they have a quick whisper talk. They shake again and discuss ideas on justifications Frank can use after Jenn takes Dan off the block. No good ideas yet, but will keep thinking on it.

Update 6: Flashback to 12:31AM BBT. Jenn and Dan talk outside. She’s nervous that he’ll screw her over. He promises he won’t. Jenn is also upset that he didn’t come to her and give her props for taking Slop for the rest of the season. That’s kind of petty, but okay. Jenn says she’ll do it on the condition that he outs Ian in the process. Dan doesn’t have to name Ian outright, but has to say there’s a rat in the house. Dan says “consider it done.”


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    • Please get rid of Dan. He does nothing but manipulate. I would not want him coaching my kid. He plays too dirty and no good in any comps or HOHs. Frank and Shane need to be the final 2. They deserve it.

      • Manipulation, lying and backstabbing is part of the game and the reason people watch Big Brother. This is entertainment by the way and not real life!

      • @ Blueberry: If Ian is left out of this he may use the veto and take Brit down after Frank puts her up.

      • Ian uses his veto first, then Jenn uses here’s. No way Ian can take Brit off. It was covered on the feeds earlier today.

      • I am absolutely sick of this mentality that’s gone around that claims that the only people that “deserve” to win BB are people that win competitions.  This is a stupid idea that’s exploded among viewers since Brendon and Rachel walked into the house, and it needs to stop.

        Dr. Will won without winning any comps.  Does that make him undeserving?  

      • The meat of the game is definitely the social game. Has Dan won a competition yet? I don’t think so, and look how far he’s gotten himself. Frank wins comps when he needs to; when his life is on the line. Dan’s life has never really been on the line, so why win?

      • This game isn’t about being a role model. Dr. WIll never won competitions  but he’s considered the best player in big brother history.

      •  Dan is a jerk. He is as underhanded as they come. He comes across as Mr. Niceguy. There isn’t anything nice about him. He makes Boogie look like a choirboy. I have said all along. It should be Frank and Shane at the end.

      • How long have you watched BB? Must be your first time or you couldn’t be saying such ignorant things.
        Dan is a nice guy, he is the only winner to ever win BB by a unanimous vote, he is one of the two best players of all time, he just proved it again, and if he wins again this year he will have to be considered the best player of all time, period.

      • Patty, THIS IS A GAME !  This is not reality.  Dan’s a solid dude.  You’re getting sucked in by “The Game.”  It’s entertainment.  Remember that.  Now keep following…this is going to be a great week for BB14.

      • If I remember correctly manipulate is the name of the game. I love Dan. Love his first season and love him now. I hope he and Frank get to the end. Let Frank win since Dan won already. I think this is a HUGE move and both of those boys deserve to make it to the end!!!


      •  Dan may be playing dirty right now – but let’s not forget what Ian and the rest of the QP did to him. Why should he go down without a fight for THEM!? Also, Dan is still a great guy –  He knows this is a game and you never hear him take personal jabs at other players. This is purely a strategic move. And after Ian was being slimy with the Pandora’s Box game, he knew he had to do something.

      • “Please get rid of Dan. He does nothing but manipulate.” Do you understand the show that you are watching? Backstabbing is not only apart of big brother but it makes it intresting for us (the viewers) to watch.

      •  Isnt that what this game is about!!?? Manipulate and stab in the back with the other people is still smiling at you.

      • It should be Frank and Shane in final 2.  I’m afraid Frank wouldn’t win in the end because there will be 4 Quack Packers in the Jury and they’ll vote for Shane.

      • Patty, are you paying attention? Or is this your first time watching BB? In any case, as others have pointed out, you clearly don’t understand the game. Not sure why you’re even watching.

      • Patty. Part of Dans gameplay is throwing competitions. he is one of the best to ever play that angle. Like it or not. Please have your kids play outside while Big Brother is on so they won’t be corrupted by evil Dan!

    • This move would totally revive this season of Big Brother. I’ve been extremely disappointed with this season, but if Dan and Frank pull this off I would feel this season would be worth the time I’ve invested. Just when I was about to abandon BB for good, they pull a rabbit out of the hat.

    • someone said that it is not about winning any competions but i totally disagree. This game to me is not just a social game. I think it is a mixture of social and strength!

    • I’m team Dan, don’t like Frank too much but i respect his drive. If both can pull this off i don’t mind them sitting together in Final 2.. or backstabbing each other in final 4. 

      Tooooo bad Frank didn’t win Veto!!!

      • I agree, Dan & Frank are the most deserving of F2 but so hard to choose. I’m team Dan and despite the fact he’s already won-today’s events are exactly why he deserves to win again. Frank could never pull this, it was always Boogie pulling the stops for him and when Mike needed Frank-while I give him an A for effort- he couldn’t do it.

    • I’m team Dan but now I think it’s a good idea for the two of them to work together.

      •  I hope Dan is smart enough not to work with Frank, I want to see Dan back stab Frank all the way out the door of the BB house

  1. The only way this plan will work if the so called “powers that be”, put pressure on the other houseguests to vote the “Crybaby” out of the house.

      • Yeah, but if Dan gets off, he gets to vote. There is Joe, Jenn, Shane and Ian. Jenn I believe is close to Danielle so, Joe becomes the swing vote. Joe may agree to vote out Brittney as she is a stronger player than Danielle.

      • @ Richie: Thats assuming that this isn’t just a ploy, and the minute Dan comes down he goes to work on Ian to save Brit. Then Dan’s on the in with Frank and can try to get him to nom Joe over Shane because “they may need him”

      •  I really hopes this backfires in there face Britt better step up her game and promise Joe the world whats left of the Quack pack can do it. Send dani out the door crying!

  2. Frank should know better than to side with Dan. He sold his old alliance out, what’s to say he won’t flip sides again?

    If this plan to blindside Brit happens, I’m done. Dan’s a fucking sociopath. 

    • Dan betraying the Quack Pack means they will also target him! He cannot go back to the Quack Pack because once, they figure it out, he will be their biggest target because he can play for HOH next week. Having Frank as an ally would be huge because he has someone who can win HOH and POVs and with Dan’s strategy, they can finish off Shane and Ian! This a huge move by Dan and just when he had his back to the wall like Boogie! Way to go Dan!

      • if this works the quack pack is done because shane and ian are the only two left and they won’t work together

      • Y does everyone hate Shane?? I think he is playing the game just as well as Frank!

      • Shane hasn’t played with any I’ll feelings, unlike Frank. Hasn’t played with tunnel vision and letting personal FL feelings rule his play, unlike Frank. And he’s been a nice guy while playing his game. He deserved to win also!

      • Sorry but I just don’t like Dan this season.  He doesn’t really do anything for his alliance but throw comps and take some heat for one of his partners that helps him more than anyone in his alliance and then the first time he gets in trouble he acts like a total jerk and totally blows the cover off of his alliance?  Nice……………not saying it’s not a good move but hopefully Dani will get voted out and then he’ll have some blood on his hands.  Of course, she’ll blame everyone but him if that happens. 

      • This will also mend fences with Boogie when Dan gets out as Dan wanted to roll with Boogie from the beginning.  If Boogie can’t be there I am sure he will be happy his man Frank will be there.

      • @Jacee2:disqus  I think it once Boogie realized it was all Ian (I at least like to think/tell myself) that Boogie would call it water under the bridge but you’re right if that didn’t do it this should!

      • How funny would it be if when Brit walks out the door, instead of applause, that the audience all does her DR Goodbye Message laugh at her:  “Ha, ha, ha, ha!”  She’d know it was a tribute.

    • Frank should know better than to trust ANYONE other than Jenn yet he does again and again…

      • Dont believe that ,Frank knows they cant be trusted , but if you,re a 1-man team, you play along ,and watch the other team , turn on each other.

    • Dan sold his alliance out after they threw him under the bus first. As soon as Frank saved himself and even before he won HOH Britney was up his ass making a deal. Then after he won HOH she is telling Ian maybe it’s a good idea to get rid of Dan. Britney and Ian are the two biggest snakes in the house. Call them Ronnie and Ronnie Jr.

      • You said it Lavendargirl!  Finally someone that knows!!!  Cut the head of the snake (Brit).  She’s gotta go!!!!  The last laugh is the best laugh.  She laughed when Boogie left….let’s see her ousted!

      • Dan will get whoever is HOH next to put up Frank or have him Backdoor. Can’t trust Dan

    •  I feel ya! Dan needs to go he’s a snake in the grass and everyone should’ve known that from the door. He’s going to push dani to the side the minute he doesn’t need her anymore. and guess what she’ll be doing crying

  3. thi right here is a game changer. dan and frank alliance will be the best of this season. i have relly good feeling jenn will use the veto on dan no doubt. if she does that puts her in a greater position in case he mae it to the final two, itll be a huge game move, britney is controlling shane, they need to backdoor britney. if this move can happen dan would have made the greatest move in big brother and be named the greatest big brother player ever. thats my oppinon dont hate

      • Ian could do that but, he will lose his golden POV and Shane could be put in Brittney’s spot.

      • Ian uses his first, Then Jenn. This was covered on the feeds earlier and confirmed by Ian.

      • Maybe but then Shane goes up. It would slightly improve their odds but it would just come down to Joe’s vote anyway. Shane is 10x the threat Dani is so it’s a risk. Plus Ian would have to get blood on his hands and he may not do that as he doesn’t (at this point) know he’s the next target of the Frank/Jenn/Dan/Dani alliance.

      •  Ian has the power to pull himself off if nominated and also the power to put up another person, if this is anything like season 12 he has the full power to do it all

      • @6d22f87f4b789e2bd06722cae0d4c65d:disqus Ian only has the power to remove one of the current nominations. Which would be either Dan or Danielle.

  4. Wow. Never underestimate a manipulator. Dan just proved he is just as good as
    Boogie. Now, if he is able to pull this off with Frank, this is going to be a huge move. I would think Shane should have been targeted instead of Brittney because he is better at HOH and POV. In any case, if it works, kudos to Dan. He snatched himself from defeat and got victory instead!

    • Honestly, if this happens and Dan stays this week he should win the money. This would be the biggest upset yet, and he would prove he should win.

    • Only you gotta be pretty good at convincing others to go your way and Brit has been getting away with it too long.  Shane is good at comps but Brit is not bad at comps and better at manipulating.  It will be sooo fantastic to see Brit GONE!!!!!!

    • He is way better than Boogie. If Boogie would of been a good game player he would of believed Dan when Dan told him he did not rat him out. Boogie’s own arrogance got him evicted. He is nothing without Dr. Will.

  5. Holy crap, that’s awesome! It’s as if he had 24 hours alone, with production in his ear. Hell yeah to production!! They just made this season the best ever! I love this pairing of Dan and Frank. First things first, ditch Shane and Britney, and the house is theirs for the taking…muaaa haaahahha (wringing hands like an evil genius)

  6. doesn’t ian have a veto power he could use to save brit if they do pull the plan off? 

  7. the football coach knows about a good offense…….and he offended everyone……hope frank talks jenn into pulling dan down….all time great ploy by dan!

    • I’ve always said Dr. Will was the greatest player ever (and he is). I’ve been saying since season 10 that Dan is the second greatest (and he is). If this plan works? Dan has my nod as the greatest player in Big Brother history.

  8. Omg it looks like Jenn might be down to use the POV !!!!

    The only prob is Joe is now the swing vote. 

  9. This was the best hour in this season’s BB. Fantastic, exciting, unexpected. Also thanks to Matthew for a fantastic recap. Looking forward to see what happens tomorrow.

  10. Evel Dan has taken the stage.  He was just hiding in the bushes waiting for the right time to jump out and shake things up.  NOW I get why Boogie was so paranoid of Dan even though Dan had done nothing up to the point when Boogie got evicted.  Boogie knew Dan had some game.  Houseguests, if you want to play with the big dogs, you need to leave the porch!

    • Putting Dan in a room alone for 24 hours is deadly.   If this works….one of the best moves EVER in the BB house.

    • Dan is a master manipulator and they could have been allies but, Dan chose the Quack Pack over Boogie because he and Frank did not trust each other then!

  11. can’t ian just use his veto to take britney off if she’s nominated since her & ian are tight ?

    • i think Ian needs to talk first.

      then the veto holder. If Ian doesn’t use it, its too late after

      • I don’t blame Dan he took the heat for Ian all week and that is the reason he is on the block.Ian should have repaid him by using the veto on him.Ian deserves to be outed and I hope this plan works.

    • he could but theyr going to nominate him so he will save hm self from eviction and pau  britney up. because they dont want ian to have that power next week. dan and frank are strength and knowledge duo

  12. I bet boogie is screaming at the TV and telling Frank not to be an idiot, lol… If frank goes for this, shows how gullible he is, lol…

    • This is Frank’s ONLY chance seriously. The other choice is to get targeted by the whole house except maybe Jen/n.

      Dan will not target Frank next week im sure of it. (In part because Frank can’t HOH for 2 weeks but this deal might work for them to get to Final 4 and then backstab each other. Shane is as hard as Frank to beat at comps.

      Go Team Dan

      or team  DanK … Drank? Team Fran?

      • I agree, this is their only chance… Dan knows what he is doing and hopefully it works for him… Frank wouldn’t have anyone… He has to team up with someone or he wouldn’t get very far… It will be interesting to see what happens… Boogie has to be going crazy with what is going on right now… 

      • Dan will throw the HOH ( again)  so that somebody else will put Frank up ( again) ..and  so the saga continues…lol  

      • flyonthewall…….Dan would be stupid to throw the HOH this coming week when the other Quack Pack will be going after him if he gets off and Brittney gets backdoored.They will know the jig is up and go after Dan because if Dan wins HOH, he can target them again! Also, if Frank gets picked to play POV and win it, he and Dan are safe this coming week.

    • its benifits him, brit and shane and ian would get him out next week dan wont, why go after frank week after week and froget that brit and shane are in the game and ian aswell. imso glad boogie said ian can not be trusted it just solidify this even more. jenn is like adam of last season and dan is like danielle f last season. jenn needs t make a big move

    • This is a good move by both Frank and Dan. Dan cannot go back to the Quack Pack once, they figure out that they have been betrayed and will have a huge target on his back. With Frank, he can win HOH and POV.
      Dan can be the brains because he is good at strategy and if they can take the floaters Jenn and Joe with them with Danielle, they can evict Ian, Shane and Brittney!

    • Hey, at least Dan was honest with Frank for once and Dan did take all that heat for Ian.  I think Frank and Dan can be a good duo for now.

  13. If this plan works then mad props to Dan the man, and remember people it’s just a game, Dan’s not a sociopath, he’s just one heck of a player!

    • Watch the feeds people, he confessed to Danielle tonight it doesn’t bother him to play with peoples emotions, he doesn’t know why, but remember he doesn’t lie!!!!! Which is better???????????????

    • I am sure he manipulates the Catholic high school students into touching his pee pee and NOT telling anyone.

      • Your projecting your own desires and fantasies. To have a thought such as that is a testament to what you want in life. Get therapy before your arrested for your sickness.

      • John, were you an alter boy? Do you still struggle with watching men wash their hands in front of you before they handle the body & blood of another man?

  14. This speech is very much a “hail mary” for Dan, and seeing that Frank is looking for something to keep him safe going forward, things may very well work out for Dan. I was hoping for this wheeling and dealing from day one with Dan and now he’s bringing it. I wonder if all of this was too soon for Dan. There’s still allot of time between now and thursday and knowing the house there will probably be some flopping.

    • The veto meeting is tomorrow.  Dan had to act now or else he would still be on the block come Thursday.

    •  Really?  Unless you are a friend/family member of hers why do you think she should win?  She hasn’t really done anything this season.  She has no game other than lie low and that is not playing BB.  She is one of the most boring players ever.

      • Actually that IS playing Big Brother. They’re all playing Big Brother no matter how they play. There’s playing a smart game – lay low, don’t piss people off. And then there’s playing an impressive game – dominate strategically, physically, or both. The best players find the perfect mix.

  15. if i see danielle in the final 2 this would be the worst season in bb history. i don’t care what anybody says

    • i feel the same way, when she leaves  the heavens will open up there will be sunny days and the whiney jealous concieted troll is gone

  16. would this plan even work?
    shane ian & brit will know dan turned on them if jenn uses the veto
    then all shane and brit have to do is convice joe to vote out
    then its shane ian & brit vs dan & frank

    • It could still go either way but, if Frank and Dan strong arm Joe and Ian, assuming Frank puts him as replacement nominee and get him to waste his golden Veto on himself, then, there is a pretty good chance to get that 3rd vote to evict Brittney or Shane.

  17. That’s why Dan is here again. Definetly one of the best moves I’ve seen in a few seasons of Big Brother

  18. The fact that Dan is pullibg this off if amazing. Although I think the votes will be 3-2 and Danielle will leave, Im still in shock that Dan has actually pulled this off. This is why he is one of the greatest players in history.

    • Don’t be too sure of that. Jenn is close to Danielle so, would probably vote out Brittney if she was on the block. Joe might be persuaded to vote out Brittney being the stronger player and more of a threat than Danielle and Joe floats where the power is which is Frank in this case.

      • Joe is the swing vote. it would be Dan/Jenn vs Ian/Shane votes. 

        Frank should go see Joe and tell him that he’ll be on the block instead of Brit if he doesn’t vote with them. Joe would clean an asshole with his toothbrush to be told he won’t go on the block.

    • No. Ian has to use his veto first. He either has to use it on Dan or Danielle then Jenn goes next. She will use hers on Dan and Britney goes up if everything goes according to plan.

    • You’re forgetting that dan and frank are now in an alliance and to end it within the week would be extremely counterintuitive.

  19. Go Dan! Been reading this on Jokers all night! Can’t wait for BBAD (where I live it shows 2 hrs delayed talk about lame) but I still can’t wait!!

    Not gonna lie though, I feel so bad for Britney and I’m going to miss her and her funnies! :(

    • FINALLY, someone besides me who feels bad for Brit.  I just love her and I will miss her too.  I don’t know why people hate her so.

      • I like Brit too.   But who would you rather have in the game?   A funny blonde girl or a master strategist?    The game is not about who can make the most people laugh.

  20. Honestly, I was beginning to think Dan was a one hit wonder, turns out this dude is as brilliant as ever. Hats off to him.

  21. OMG I love, love, love BB….if Dans plan works what a move!!! I’ve been rooting for Dan but I think it would be a good move for Dan to work with Frank. And I hope this works and Britney is gone. She and Ian are the biggest snakes in the whole house.

  22. Dani: If Brit goes up I’ll stay for sure, Shane will choose me.This is the reason Dan took Danielle in his team :)

    • it seems Ian told Frank he has to speak first.

      And i do think HGs are allowed to ask production how a power EXACTLY works so if they aren’t even talking about Ian’s Veto, must be they asked.,

    • They will put Ian up first so he must save himself.  Then Britney will take Ian’s spot.

      • @4e170cfb9cbb0090fab21ba50cf520f6:disqus No, Ian does not pick the replacement. He has a second Veto with the same powers as a regular Veto, he doesn’t have the Diamond Power of Veto. 

        Frank names all replacements.

      • That is the smart way to go. Get Ian on the block and make him waste his Golden Veto on himself. Then, put up Brittney or Shane. My preference would be to get rid of Shane because we have HOH coming up next week and Frank cannot compete. Dan would have a better chance at HOH if they moved to evict Shane instead of Brittney!

  23. Dan saved himself, but he didnt put himself in a strong alliance, cuz next week, if shanes still in the house, he IS winning HOH, and now thers no boogies to take ovr his head and tell him who to nominate, so he nominate Dan and Frank, frank wins veto, saves himself, danielle goes up and danielle goes home becuz frank will get the votes, next week shane cant compete, so i think for the 1st time a floater will win, and with wat jenn did in the veto comp, i think she wil, shell get begged by the whole house and in the end put up with probably ian and shane on the block, shane wins pov, hes safe, and jenn gets taken ovr by the quack pack, frank goes home, shane wins hoh puts up dan and jenn, he wins pov and DAN GOES HOME thats my outline here, that he goes home, any way the next week is pretty much a toss up, no strong compettitors, but ian wins, makes final 2 deal with joe who cant win, puts up shane and jenn, shane walks out the door, and then our final hoh comes along, which goes ovr 2 jenn, who takes joe 2 final 2

    Ashley- vote joe (she dusnt kno wat shes doing)
    Britney- vote jenn
    Danielle- vote jenn
    Frank- vote jenn
    Dan- vote jenn
    Ian- vote joe
    Shane- vote jenn

    Omg… Jenn just won big brother

    • You ran the scenario you liked. What if Dan wins HOH next week? Then, Ian and Shane can be nominated and if Frank gets picked and plays for veto and keeps the nominations the same? They can evict Shane and finish off the Quack Pack! This is the strongest alliance Dan could have picked. If it works for Dan, they win!

  24. Jenn just shook Dan’s hand.  This crazy plan of his looks like it’s going to work right now.

  25. i got to admit it is a good move for dan, but i also have to give my thoughts…although i am not a britney fan, she at least is entertaining, she is playing the game and wants the money.  danielle is looking for a husband aka :shane: not the money.  she is not entertaining, she is annoying!  the whole purpose for all of us watching is entertainment!  she has got the be the most annoying person i ever watched on big brother.  her caddyness on other female houseguest is just downright pathetic.  every week she stays is one less week of entertainment!

    • OMG, I agree with you completely, if Brittney goes I don’t think BB will be very interesting.  Get the southern whiner off!

    • Personally, I would rather Shane be evicted because he is good in HOH and POV and Frank cannot play for HOH next week. If Shane was gone, Dan might have a better chance at winning HOH next week and keeping him and Frank safe.

  26. Are you good people really falling for the  “I  wanna be in an alliance with u and go to the final 2”  scenerio???   WOW!!!!   Where and from whom have I heard those exact words???? Let me think….hmmmm

    • I know you hate Frank however, this is a good move for Frank whether you admit it or not. Both Frank and Dan need each other and they can go further in the game together if everything falls their way this week. And the thing about Dan shafting Frank is partly true because at some point, alliances will end. However, there are still a lot of house guests left and you have threats like Ian and Shane to evict! So this alliance should stick for the next couple of weeks assuming Jenn uses her veto to take Dan off the block! Joe or Jenn will probably be in the Final 2 because that guarantees whoever is in the other slot the $500,000.

  27. As in BB12, Britney was ambushed by the Brigade. This time it’s even worse. From the “Silent Six” to the “Quack Pack” and now Frank and Dan
    (Nick name to come) she is on the road to destruction one more time!   This girl has a knack on falling on her own sword!

    • Brittney is too loyal to her alliance, she didn’t throw Dan under the bus soon enough, he did it first.  Look out Danielle!

      • Brittney threw Dan under the bus *as soon as* Frank won HOH. Dan threw Brittney under the bus after he realized he was taking the fall for Ian and Brittney’s game plans. Brittney got everyone to vote Boogie out after Ian told them about what Boogie said, and Ian is the mole. So Dan took the brunt of it for both of them.

  28. Britney knows something is up…no matter what people think about her…She is not stupid…She learned from  her season to trust nobody…

  29. I can’t even begin to express how awesome this article was for me. For anybody questioning Dan, he just showed you what’s in him and why he’s won this game. I so badly hope this actually works out. Frank and Dan are my two favourites left and I was bummed that they seemed to hate each other, and now they might work together? This is amazing.

    I won’t jump the gun until it plays out, but does this ever look good to me…

  30. Of course this plan can work. Frank is a IDIOT!
    Do people ever wonder why the rest of America stereo type southerners as stupid rednecks.

    Frank is the perpetuating those stereo types.
    Frank will believe anything. what a major idiot. Dan will stab him in the back as soon as he deems in necessary.

    • That is always possible however, how many times has Shane and Brittney stabbed Frank in the back? How about Ian? Dan needs Frank and Frank needs Dan. Both will go a long way. At some point, they may have to part was however, they will go much further helping each other than being evicted by the Quack Pack and that is the real deal!

  31. Lets hope if Brittney does go up she can get the votes to stay. Won’t be any fun to watch without her!

    • Like i said before….it’s not about who makes the most people laugh.   Sure she’s great entertainment.   But she should be on  “The Big Bang Theory”…not BB

    • What is so fun about watching her pick her face and lips all day and night long???

  32. Kodos to Dan!!  Give it up to him people.  He’s damn GOOD!!  Love that man!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. If Frank can get Jenn & Ian to use the POV’S… The ultimate BACKDOOR JOB would ask BB “If he place Ian as a renom?! A BB first!!! The shock would worth it all!!

  34. Brittany is a floater. She road the brigades coat tails to the final four her first season and now wants to ride Shane, Ian and Dani to the final four with the hopes one of them will take her worthless but to the final two. I can’t wait to see her get blindsided and watch Shane squirm when he has to decide between voting either Brittany or Dani out this Thursday. Bye bye Brittany. Talk behind people’s back like a teenage girl in the jury house. Ring…… Ring….. Ring….. Hey Boogie, did you hear? Your boy Frank and Dan teamed up nd blind sides Brittany….. Hahahahahhaha

  35. why did the feed cut out a little bit? Who else felt that listening to boring joe’s story was the price we had to pay for the earlier fireworks? ha

  36. I love it!!  I wanted Shane to make it to the end but after the punk ass stuff he said to Frank and Boogie about not being good at this game.  Shane has to go, along with Britney,Ian and so on.  I’m not a fan of Frank but now I hope he wins because he is right, he is the only one playing this game, with the exception of Shane winning his fair share of comps.  Go Frank and Dan!!!  Once again Britney is showing that she is a snake and doesn’t deserve to win AGAIN.  Send her ass to the jury house with the air head to think about the mistakes she made this season.

  37. Personally, all the people in the house are just productions puppets… Think about it. How many times this year have we heard from the players about their DR sessions, and stuff being manipulated by “the wizards” it’s all about ratings, and the production uses the players and manipulates them worse then they do each other. Telling Ian they don’t think it would be good to use his veto, not a good game move I believe is what Ian told Brit they said to him, and then tonight Danielle asking if Dan said anything in his DR then shock of shock, powers that be come over and say they aren’t allowed to talk about it, but not before Dan more or less confirms it, heck I bet the whole thing was scripted by them. No wonder they can’t talk about production or their DRs, production doesn’t want us to know the script.

  38. Britney jsut came up to the Hoh and has no idea. Danielle and jenn are gonna get her out. This is gonna be hilarious

  39. We are seeing great acting in BB house. Danielle can cry on cue. She must have gotten Dan’s mists. Meanwhile, Brit continues the Dan bashing but will be shock when she finds herself on the block as a replacement.

  40. Looks like 24 hours in solitary confinement has given Dan a lot of time to think and to internally snap. No chance he got a lot of sleep in with that rave music going on.

    • At least Danielle’s tears look real, or at least close. Janelle’s were weak, so were Mike’s.

  41. If all goes to plan we could see some real waterworks from Britney. Remember her breakdown when the Brigade revealed everything to her? Could this time see an even worse breakdown…

  42. I would laugh SO hard if they do all of this, and then Jenn doesn’t use the Veto haha

  43. I freakin called it last night!!! If Ian use the power to save britt than Shane goes up. Dan and Frank got smart Love it!!!!!!

    •  I would rather if Dan goes off the block for Frank to nominate Ian as replacement. Now, Ian has wasted his golden POV on himself. Then, put Shane on the block. Actually, Shane would be a better nominee to get out.
      Joe might be strong armed to vote out Shane or Brittney and Ian without the golden POV would feel less secure and might also vote to evict Brittney or Shane whoever is on the block!

  44. WOW I’m so shocked that dan turned everything around..i.didn’t like dan this BB but I’m starting to like him lol i applaud dans effort!

    • This is why I like him. Not sure if you watched his season, but he was basically out the door like the 1st week but was able to turn things around and get people to keep him in.  He’s a fighter and can truly play this game.  GO DAN!!!

  45. Now that’s how you play the game – screw Boogie with his immature attacks. Dan is truly deserving of winning this game.

  46. Starting to get the feeling that this plan will start into action, but Joe will screw it up when it comes to the votes, and instead Danielle might be gone on a 3-2 vote…

    I feel like Shane is voting to keep Britney, but maybe he can give his vote to Danielle instead so that relying on Joe isn’t necessary…Ian is voting to keep Britney for sure. Dan and Jenn as per the plan will vote to keep Danielle…it’s unfortunately all up to Joe…

    As mentioned, I’ll see how it plays out before I celebrate.

    • Frank believes he can get Joe to vote Brit out once he (Frank) tells him (Joe) about Ian coming after him (Joe) and that Brit is Ian’s closes ally.  Shane will vote for Danielle because they have F2 deal.

  47. Witness the gospel according to Father Dan…you’ve been schooled :) . That was
    really amazing to watch. Hoping all goes down as planned!
    Not happy with Danielle on bbad right now whining to Shane and getting him riled up and ready to get Dan. She’s a wildcard…better keep a close eye on her.
    Thanks Matt for all the updates!

  48. HOLY CRAP!  I really didnt see that coming.  Maybe I should have, but WHOA!  I would probably be screwed with this cast of HGs because I keep getting a little surprised and have a new fave HG each week.  LOVE THE DRAMA!!!

  49.  how can any one say dan’s a good player all he did was rat out his alliance. ian is more deserving to stay, he did a great job of being a mole. dan’s true colors are out and it proves he a self backstabbing pig.

    • From the past seasons, most hgs put in the same situation only whine, cry and initimidate, if he can sly around, it means some game-play to me.

    • It is not about ratting your alliance, it is about how you do it, make a new alliance and get a strong player out while you are at it…Boogie did that to Janelle and Dan might just pull it off too…..

    • but why would he not rat the alliance, since they were so happy to get rid of him? why would Dan take the fall for protecting Ian? Isn’t it why Dan was put on the block? Because Frank and Boogie were sure that Dan was behind that.

    • I’m w/Fani, his alliance turned on him before Frank even won HOH.  Brit was the 1st to make a deal with Frank.  He’s a competitor and why should he go out protecting people who weren’t willing to protect him.  Ian turned on Mike.  Brit wanted Frank out from Day 1, but as soon as Brit saw that Frank was going to be HOH she ran right to him to try to save face.  I’m glad she’s gone this week.  She did the same thing in her season.  She did people dirty and then complained and cried when it was done back to her.  BYE GIRL!!!  GO DAN!!!

    • Are you kidding? Ian, Shane and Brittney were ready to throw Dan under the bus. Dan just did what he needed to do to survive! He used his brains to do that. Something the newbies of this season have not done all season long!

  50. send that mocking, chin-scratching, coffee-sipping, back seat driver, home to her unfortunate husband

  51. BB 14 is really amazing.  With all these twists and game-play going back and forth, I decide not to root for any hgs to win from now on.  It appears whoever wins should deserve the win.

  52. WOW, I mean WOW….Dan can’t win anything, but he sure knows how to manipulate people…..people don’t even realize what just hit them…..Frank is a beast, he just needs brain power….with Boogie gone, he might get all the brain power he needs in the form of Dan…..let’s see

    • Dan wins when it really counts.  If you watch his season you’ll see.  He’s good at what he does.  And lets face it, if you have the ability to manipulate the people playing the game to get them to do what is best for you, you deserve to win.

  53. When i stopped watching the feeds last night, Dan was having some kind of panic attack everyone thought and  went to the DR to be checked out. When i returned after the BB was over, everyone was still talking about it and it looked like Dan was not in the house yet. Did the house meeting happen before Dan had a panic attack or after?

    •  after, he told Danielle she ids dead to him, then formed an alliance with Frank to have jenn save Dan, then they will vote out Britney this week and ian next

  54. Dan just got a free pass into the final 4… If they do that… 
    Dan will try to win next week hoh. If he wins, he will get Shane and Joe onto the seats. Then he will try that shane wins the pov, he will nominate Frank… and Frank will be out. 
    Without Frank and Britney, Dan has a clean path for the end. Shane will have the problem that Danielle will be nominated if he doesn´t help Dan. And Jen (she is really playing??? got a pov but she doesn´t do anything else, she is worst than a floater)and joe are just so outside the game, that they can be kicked out anytime.

    Frank says that he doesn´t trust anyone… he should take Ian and make him use the power of veto on Danielle. Then Britney would be nominated. Jen would not use the power of veto. Dan was out. Frank would have Britney under control, with that he would have shane and danielle too. Since he cannot play for hoh for the next 2 times… he would have 70% of the house on his side.
    Staying with Dan… Frank will be out the door next week.  

    • No Dan will stick with Frank because of all the house guests, he has been true to his word as far as alliances go. Also, Dan will be vulnerable the following week if he gets rid of Frank. At the very least, Dan needs Frank for a couple of weeks. They need to evict Ian and Shane first after Brittney. Then, both Frank and Dan has gone further than they could ever be! One of them could win it!

  55. Now I am convinced production wants Frank to win. After watching last nite and reading this it is plain they want him to win. The game he won last night was a joke. They expect us to beleive Frank went from the bottom to win. Sorry I don’t beleive it. Neither do my family and friends. Now Dan is helping him. It is the Frank show.

    • The only way Frank will win is if Dan stays on the block and goes home. Even if Frank and Dan are at the end Dan will win, and come on Danielle you really think you will be in the final 2, the only way he would take you is to win, you know when it is a guy and girl what the history is.  Frank, Danielle, Jen are all being played hope Brittney can get peiople to realize this!

      • That is garbage. If Dan stays on the block. Frank goes home next week because majority of the Quack stays. However, if Dan gets off the block and they send Brittney or Shane to the jury, the dynamics change and anything can happen including Ian and Shane being on the block next week! If that happens, the Quack Pack is done and Dan and Frank will still be in the house! Yes!

      • I do not believe Dan can get enough votes in jury to win. They all know
        he has already won once. They will give it to the one who managed
        to get to the end with him, unless it is Danielle. I don’t think they will
        vote for Danielle. Jenn, yes. Frank, yes. Even Shane, yes. Joe, no. If
        Joe is in the end with Dan, then Dan would win, I think. There is a lot of
        time between and then, though. Expect the unexpected!

  56. Ya’ll know what’s going to happen right ??? WRONG, why oh why would Dan call a house meeting if it wasn’t to stir up a hornets nest of trouble.  I for one think that Dan might have made good TV, but awful game play.  I just hope they all wise up and no one uses their veto’s to save Dan, he’s as bad as Boogie, if not worst, yes he won the game blah blah blah……..

    • Dan is awesome. That was a huge move on his part. This is what Big Brother is about and why people love it and watch it!

  57. Frank is an idiot if he believes Dan.

    Always, if you’re ever a house guest on BB, evict the strongest people … period.

    Frank will go next week… Shane the next week if Jenn uses that veto on Dan.

    And, for what ?  Dan is a floater.

    • After the dumb moves of Frank so far. This is his smartest move. Dan is a genius. First business is to take out Brittney or Shane. I prefer Shane because he is good in HOH and POV. Hopefully, Frank realises this as advised by Dan. However, put up Ian first to make sure he wastes his golden POV. Then, put up Shane or Brittney. Then, they will stay on the block. Now, corral the votes. Dan and Jenn can vote to evict Brittney. Threaten both Joe and Ian that they will be on the block if they do not vote out Brittney. They now will have to take their chances or go with the flow.

      •  Did you forget that Frank can’t win HOH for the next 2 weeks?

        And, Dan hasn’t won anything thus far this season?

  58. So I guess all those whiners who complained how boring this season was are eating their words right now. I have to say Dan has shook things up anyway. Still dont like the guy but that is my opinion of him. And everyone else has their own opinions of him.  So all of you Dan lovers, I respect that so don’t beat me up over it. OK!!!!

  59. No way should Frank listen to Dan.  I do not like Boogie or Frank at all, but now I am hoping that Frank sees that Dan has just done everything Boogie said he was capable of doing.  I don’t like that fact that he could so easily tear Danielle apart like that (not a fan of her either) and then just smile and say it was to save them.  He is completely heartless.  Jenn of course will go with whatever looks the best for her.  Stupid….she’ll never get past 4th place.  I hope Jenn uses her veto first and then he puts up Brittany and then Ian takes Brittany off!  That would put a little more interest to the mix for the rest of the game.  Otherwise, it will just be the Frank and Dan show.  I will stop watching.

    • That is called game play. This is a game. House guests lie, manipulate, backstab. When your favorite is doing it, it was fine for you but, when they get shafted now, it is foul! Joe or Jenn will get 2nd place and $50,000. They only have to vote out the strongest player on the block!

  60. Dans plan is going to backfire on him..jenn takes Dan off the block they put up brittney  so now Brittney and Danielle are not he block..

    Dan votes Brittney
    Jenn votes Brittney
    Shane votes Danielle
    Joe votes Danielle
    Ian votes Danielle

    With a vote 3-2 Danielle is evicted

    • I was on joker’s and got the full run down.  Frank will put up Brit as
      Dan’s replacement and they will have the votes to keep her (Dan, Jenn,
      Shane & Joe).  Danielle is pretty sure she can get Shane to keep her
      because they have a F2 deal and Frank is pretty sure he can get Joe to
      vote out Brit, once he tells Joe that Ian was gunning for him and that
      Brit and Ian are very close.  This is an unbelievable plan and probably
      the best to ever be devised in the BB game.  Brit is going to be more
      blindsided that what she was on her season.

    • Not necessarily. They can get Joe who is the swing vote by threatening him.
      He usually goes to those in power. Also, I would put up Ian on the block first to force him to use his golden power of Veto. Then, put up Brittney. That takes Ian’s security blanket of the veto out of his hands. Make a deal with Ian to vote out Brittney or else he is on the block next week if the alliance win HOH. Time to strong arm people now as it is late in the game. 

    • dan, danielle, joe, shane are with frank on this plan. ian is the only one to vote for britt to stay.

  61. If Jenn uses the veto on Dan, can’t Ian veto Brit as a replacement nom? Or am I missing something?

      • Ah ok so he cannot veto replacment noms? If Danielle was vetoed then him or Shane could go up correct?

      • @01060030e03b5cba851c3ca87c749762:disqus If Ian goes first and uses the Veto on say, Danielle, he himself can’t go up as a replacement. Holding a Veto makes the holder immune, safe from nomination. But if he goes first and doesn’t use it, then Jenn’s turn and she uses it on Dan and Frank replaces him with Britney, that’s where Ian’s shock comes in as he watches his closest ally go up after choosing not to use his own Veto. He can’t then turn around and say oh ok I use mine on Britney, because he already had his turn, and his only two saviour options are Dan and Danielle.

    • If I were Frank, I would nominate Ian first. Make him waste the golden POV by using it on himself. Then, put Brittney on the block and now, she has to stay in it! Then, it goes down to the votes. Dan and Jenn can vote to evict Brittney, Shane and Ian can vote to evict Danielle. Joe is the swing vote but, can be threatened to vote to evict Brittney because if this new alliance wins HOH, he will be on the block next week! That should be enough to force Joe to evict Brittney. Actually, Joe goes where the power is.


  63. Frank needs to work Shane. If you get Shane you get Joe. Shane needs the seeds planted that he will not be taken to f2 should Brit get there with Ian and him.

    • But if Britney Shane and Ian are final three, I’d think Shane has the confidence to win the final HoH against them, and can take himself to final two.

  64. Here is the thing – if Jenn uses the POV, Ian will know he is in danger in the future and not use his.  Danielle will go home.  If either Ian or Shane win HOH, they will put up Dan and Frank –

    For the most part I learn what is happening, here – I rarely watch anymore – most of the time I am doing other things while it is on – last night cooking outside while preparing side dishes in the kitchen – I caught some of the show here and there – I am no longer really invested.

    If it is true what Dan said to Danielle – it served no one – attacking a woman Dan does not make you a man.  It also will be remembered by your community.  If this is what Dan things is proper when dealing with female adversaries I would not want him teaching my children – I would not want him coaching my kids either. 

    • I was on joker’s and got the full run down.  Frank will put up Brit as Dan’s replacement and they will have the votes to keep her (Dan, Jenn, Shane & Joe).  Danielle is pretty sure she can get Shane to keep her because they have a F2 deal and Frank is pretty sure he can get Joe to vote out Brit, once he tells Joe that Ian was gunning for him and that Brit and Ian are very close.  This is an unbelievable plan and probably the best to ever be devised in the BB game.  Brit is going to be more blindsided that what she was on her season.

    • If Dan goes off the block, Frank might put up Ian just so, Ian burns the golden POV. Ian gets off then, put Brittney in place. Now to corral the votes.
      Dan and Jenn can vote to evict Brittney. Ian and Shane can vote to evict Danielle. That leaves Joe as the swing vote. Joe usually goes to whoever is the HOH and this week it is Frank. If Joe goes along, Brittney is gone.
      Sure, Ian and Shane can win HOH and put both Frank and Dan on the block. That is a possibility. It is also possible for Dan, Jenn or even Danielle if she is still in the house to win HOH. If they do, they can put up Shane and Ian on the block and pit them against each other fighting for Veto and if Frank gets picked to play for Veto and wins it—–Ian or Shane is sent to
      the jury house. 

      • Good idea about putting Ian up and make him use the veto and then
        put Britney up and vote her out. Shane I think will vote for Dani over
        Brit. Jen and Dan will vote for Dani. Joe I believe will vote for Dani, as he
        has never been happy about the coaches re-entering the game. I think
        she has the vote, but the house can turn on a dime. The best would be
        Ian using his veto power and being vulnerable for next week. He could
        win HOH again, but it depends on the comp. One thing is for sure…
        things are “stepping up”!

  65. If Dan and Frank pull this off it would totally save this season of BB. I was just about to give up on BB for good and then I got wind of some REAL gameplay happening instead of constant DR manipulation. Go team Dan and Frank.

  66. I think Shane and Frank is a better allience at the end. see two big players that actually deserve to be there makes it better.

    • Screw that. Shane has betrayed Frank how many times? This Dan and Frank alliance is better because you have Dan (brains) and Frank (brawn) in one team. Shane takes his marching orders from Brittney so, any decisions he makes is decided by Brittney. Also, Dan cannot go to the Quack Pack if they pull this off because the Quack Pack will go after him and that will mean he has to keep his word to Frank to survive. Shane will backstab Frank and Frank gets nothing out of it!

  67. Jen Jen Jen come on can’t you see Dan and Frank are playing you! Daniellle give it up, Dan isn’t your Daddy he doesn’t have your best interest in mind he has your vote, remember what happened to Brit in her season. Your next eventually when Dan doesn’t need yuour loyalty. Brit will take you to the final 2 and you could win against her. Dan might but I don’t think it will be his decision if Frank and Dan are still in it you’re gone.  Remember what was said between Frank, Boogie and Dan early on?????

    • Make a big play Danielle and get Jen not to use the Veto and send Dan home, Wake up girls, make a big move, Girl power!

      •  I really hope Dan gets left on the block But I think Frank needs to wake up.If he thinks he can trust Dan he is dreaming and deserves to go. He isn’t doing well at being in the house without Boogie helping him. Dan is a snake and Fank is about to get bitten. Dan go home!

    • You are dreaming floaters will not win. The best player. Fools saying the newbies won’t vote for you. Nonsense. Check the winners of Big Brother,
      those who played won. The floaters got 2nd place. All Joe and Jenn are hoping for is 2nd. No way will they win that $500,000 but, $50,000 is a good amount for doing practically nothing! Joe and Jenn’s best interest is in the player who might take you to the Final 2. More than likely, Joe and Jenn will be atleast, safe for the next couple of weeks as the strong players move to take each other out! All they have to do is vote out the strongest player on the block.

      • Vote out Dan, then Frank, then Shane, then Ian, then Danielle, leaving Brit, Joe and Jen, wouldn’t that make good TV?  No the best would be if final 3 were the girls.

      •  Richie, I would never thought I would be rooting for this pair, but this is awesome. “Dark Knights” or “The last Call Crew” the names they came up with last night……and who said this a boring season?

        btw. the speech on renomination is something to watch…Brit..pop a squat

      • @a35a11af60438d15277cc38b323424d2:disqus  Why would that be the best? I really want to know why a Britney, Danielle and Jenn final three would be the best, when clearly Dan, Frank, Shane, even Ian have all been more entertaining for what they’ve brought to the game. Britney and Jenn have won nothing and haven’t made any other big game moves or created entertaining TV. Jenn was handed this Veto after Frank was DQ’d, she still hasn’t entered the game and you want her in final three? She’s no better than Joe at this point.
        Sorry but you’re sounding more like a feminist, all about girl power like Britney who’s blinded by it.

  68. Good ole Dan….you either get evicted a hero or stay long enough to see yourself become the villian.

  69. All i want to know is why frank is carrying that blue bottle with him all over the house he act like theres nothing to drink in the the house.

  70. Dan rocks! Second to none even boogie and Dr Will. C’mon people give him props. Not only will he manage to take himself down, but he knocks out britney and has a stronger final 4 deal. Gotta love BB.

    • Not unless Danelle convinces Jen not to use the Veto on Dan, then that would be the greatest against the greatest, who wouldn’t vote for you?  come on Brit show Danielle and Jen the light!

  71. I saw a glimpse of crazy Dan when those plastic balls were falling from the sky. He always says during his DR sessions that he has something else up his sleeve, and did he ever, if he pulls himself off the block this week after been in Frank’s crosshairs. There are no words.

  72. praise God!! some action finalllly!!!  the quack pack needed to die eventually…GO DAN AND FRANK!!!!!!!

    • Dan and Frank’s behavior give me the creeps.  They have everyone’s back and in fact they have no-one’s.  Dan with his bible and lying.   Can his hoiusmates look at this face and his eyes wobbvling away and not  know he is lying and Frank’s face gets red and redder as he tries to be sincere..  Is interesting but sad.  

      Just leave Ian alone.  

  73. Holy crap.

    I like Dan but this is nuts. I can’t believe he is managing this. If he pulls it off, that is a game changing move.

    If he gets Britney out and manages not to slit Danielle’s throat on national tv, Dan is ridiculous.

    I repeat holy crap.

    • I think Frank made it clear that if “anyone” used their veto (Ian or POV winner) that Brit goes up – her idea.  At least Dani expects Jenn to save Dan so she won’t dissolve into tears when Jenn makes her big move.

  74. Um, isn’t this only going to work if they have three votes for Danielle? I doubt Joe would go against his former coach for Frank’s behalf.

    • Joe’s former coach was Janelle.  And Joe will do whatever the last person he talks to tells him to do.

  75. Loving the hypocricy of all of those that were cursing both Frank and production for fixing the game. Now I see a bunch of people going “Go Dan and Frank!”. Where’s all of the “bromance” or “fixed” comments now? Some of you (not all) need to quit taking this reality show so seriously and get a life…

    • Some people rooting for Dan and some people rooting for Frank…now that the two of them are working together makes everyone (most of us) happy!!!

  76.  If Brittany leaves, im done. It was already bad enough watching her get screwed over once, a second time would really be messed up.

  77. This is why Dan is the best player to ever play this game. And Jenn using the veto! Dani also talked her into it!!

  78. Dan takes lying to a new level in the name of GOD!  remember he used a bible twice now  wow people Frank another boogie with no care of know he hurts.

  79. Me personally i can’t stand Dan  i think he’s a snake  but if he pulls this off and wins BB i will eat my hat and bow down to Dan as the greatest player in BB history better than Dr Will

  80. OK heres a good question is Danielle going to be loyal to Dan or Shane if they make it to final 3??

  81. Love Dan and hope that this plan goes through!!! I’d Love for Dan to WIN again!

  82. WOW!  Danny Boy has a set on him…I’m impressed.   Know that’s the way you play BB.  That’s entertainment.

  83. Does anyone know if the veto ian won can be used before or after renom. Cause if its after renoms then I hope he takes brit off cause I would much rather see shane go then brit for sure. She’s my fav.

    • I thought I read that Ian has to use his FIRST and only for noms – not renoms.  So after Ian sits on his, Jenn can then use her POV to rescue Dan. That’s what I read so take it with a grain of salt.

  84. I feel for Ian…he is no more undeserving than any of them really…except and I say what I thought I wouldn’t say…I do believe Frank has played the game skillfully…but not much on gameplay….Dan has been dispicable….but has the gameplan…Frank and Dan …good and evil lol….til the end…Ian unfortunately…because of Brit will probably go home…or I could go for Ian, Frank, and Dan final three…Shane has had a good gameplay…but is Brit’s pawn…so don’t see him lasting either…anyway Frank and Dan final 2 my vote so far…but this game can change on a dime…lol

  85.  I love this. I have always sad Dan is the best BB player of all time. It made me so mad when Boogie and Dr. Will would claim that title – because they can’t even COMPARE to Dan! I just love him. THIS is what BB is all about! We haven’t had a season like this in a LOOONG time. Thanks Dan for not letting us down!

    • From a certain point of view, you might say that every one playing this game had at least 3 weeks of training before it really starts. So there are no real total noobs in this game this time.

  86. dan should have talked to his teammates first. they could have gotten ian to take dan off and jan to take dannelle off, and joe would have been put up and sent home. dan panicked and screwed everybody. i hope brit can work some magic and convince jan not to use her veto and leave the block the way it is, and vote dan out.

    • It works best for Brit for Dan to go regardless.  Without Dan, Danielle will cling only to Brit; then Brit would have Dani, Shane & Ian all under her control.  Things turned around on a dime in there – can still happen but what a free-for-all if it doesn’t!  They are gonna lose their minds if Ian follows the plan & sits on his Veto & Jenn uses hers to save DAN!  Esp’ly when Brit goes up, just like Frank said he’d do if anyone used a veto.  Dani hates being next to Dan but life isn’t going to get any better for her to be against her BFF either.  Last night’s show was very exciting though!

    • QP should have talked to Dan 1st before they turned on him.  Why should he go to them once they did what they did.  They screwed themselves. Ian could have lied to Frank to tell him what he wanted to hear about not using the veto, but no instead he decided to use the veto.  Had Ian used the veto to save Dan/Dani they could have sent Joe home and still tried to get Frank out the next 2 weeks because he cannot place in the next 2 HOH competitions.  They should have stayed true to Dan and they would have a better chance at getting Frank out the next two weeks, but now they have to feel the wrath of Dan.  I’d rather be on his side than against him.

      •  dan turned on them first, he was a total dick when playing for the golden veto, his true colors came out, all for one,himself. he seemed to have no trust in his alliance that they would use it to save.

    • What show are you watching??? BB is on CBS. As soon as Frank saved himself and before he won HOH Britney was up his ass making a deal. Then Britney is telling Ian that it’s probably good that Dan is going home. They dumped Dan as soon as Frank won HOH. Don’t you remember Dan taking the blame for everything Ian did??? And look how they repay him. Not one of them spoke up to defend him. When Boogie was telling Britney that he knew it was Dan all Britney would say is I’m not saying who it was. Therefor leaving Boogie with the assumption that it was Dan. Britney should of said no it was not Dan. Karmas a bitch and Britney is finlly getting what she deserves!!!

  87. This is great, This gets the target off Frank potentially.  Plus Bratney might go home.  I’m rooting for Dan if Frank can’t win anyway.  Dan is one heck of a player.


  88. i hope both coaches leave the game soon, and let the newbies play it out. at the same time i think if that happens the only players with a chance to win is shane frank and ian. i’m rooting for ian.

    • Still with the tags of coaches and newbies eh? They’ve all entered the game, those tags mean nothing now. Just because Dan and Britney have played this game before it doesn’t mean the others are incapable of playing just as well, most of them have watched the show and they know how it works. I’m tired of them being given excuses or let off the hook when their gameplay is inferior to ‘vets’.

  89. There’s my Danny boy .Oh how I’ve missed you. I’ve been waiting for you to come out and play all season. I can’t wait to see how this plays out. Frank, Dan, and yes even Shane have been my favs this season. With Dan you get the strategic game play and with Frank and Shane you get the physical dominance. I don’t think I’d be disappointed with who wins as long as it is one of those three but preferably Dan. Things have really gotten more interesting these last couple of weeks.

  90. This could definitely be a game changer. Like him or not, Frank is by far the strongest player in competitions.  I can’t believe every player doesn’t want him on their team.  Ian is a weasel and needs to go.  Joe wouldn’t even support Boogie, who made sure he stayed another week.  Dan realizes “finally” (I think Frank picking them off one at a time in the last VC woke him up) that he needs a strong player to ride along with.  If this works, it will be fun toi watch and see what happens to Ian, Shane and Joe.  With Brittany gone, Shane has noone but Danielle and if Dan is true to his word, Ian has nobody and that veto ball is only good once.

    Let the games begin!

  91. I hope this works but i think Frank should up Ian so Ian has to weasel out his special veto and then throw britney on the block next to danielle!

  92. If Dan pulls this off it will be the greatest play I’ve ever seen on the show.

    I was so tired of everyone being down on Frank and Boogie. They obviously have their flaws, but are excellent to have on your team if you can get them on your side.

    I have a different perspective on Frank than others do. People keep saying that he can’t be trusted, but he can be. His problem is that he trusts other people too much. Think about it, he has wrongly put his trust in Brit, Shane and Ian and it has continuously come back to bite him. He thought Ian was on his side, so he came to the conclusion that Dan was being manipulative, which I probably would too.

    It was a giant facepalm moment for me when he started trusting the people who are trying to get him out again. For selfish reasons or not, Dan just saved the lives of five people who were about to get steamrolled (including himself). Too bad Joe is an ignorant dumbass who can’t be trusted or he would get on his knees for Dan right now instead of Shane.


  94. Britney can still stay of she goes up. She needs Shane, Ian, and Joe and then she would still be in the game.

  95. I love the action, but I’m really upset to see Brittany go, I was really routing for Britt, Ian , and Shane! I really hope this turns around with a HOH win for Shane or Ian this week so they can get out Frank or Dan. I used to be a fan of Dan but man oh man I’m just shocked by his move this week. Just wish he could of coursed Jenn into using the Veto with Ian so another power move could’ve took place. Well whats done is done. Sorry to see you go Britt!

  96. I really hope Dan backstabs Frank and him and Shane take it to the F2. Thats what Frank deserves for trusting Dan. You know and I know that Dan will not win the jurors votes against Frank. I think Frank had a better shot working with Brit and Shane. Oh well can’t wait to see who wins HOH!

  97. Gonna miss Brit… as it was in her first season; now there won’t be anything pretty to look at! :-(

  98. Great move EXCePT it was at the expense of his closest team mates feelings. I was sickened when watching Dans twisted smile while he told Dani ya I did it on purpose. He didn’t seem to be sorry for hurting her and I think she’s his pawn. He will use her then dump her. Hypocritical lying bible banger!! Don’t tell me u r Christian then treat people like this and say its ok cs it’s a game. BS on you Dan. You just made my most hated list

    • Yes its a game but Dan went too far. It say he’d used physical instead of mental games on her he’d be strung up. Making her physically I’ll and not reassuring her. He is pure 666 evil

  99. frank has got to win this! if he can come off the block five times, in my mind you allready won!

  100. After watching Ian moves,in the last 2weeks, its no telling what he,ll do, I know 1thing, I wouldnd put stock in anything he says or does, the little 2faced rat jerk.

  101. I love that Frank has been able to hold on so long! I hope he can stick it out til the end. If he has to take Dan with him, then so be it. :D

  102. Dan might appear to be cruel here, but what Dan really did is save Danielle’s ass. Plus if he wins the final HOH, he will definitely pick Danielle over Frank, because he already won a season and the fact that Frank played so well, he doesn’t stand a chance winning against him.

  103. Let the best Liar Win….It’s so funny to me that they can plan to get someone out and talk about them and how their voting and then the wheel turns but then it’s not okay to for that team to start talking about them. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. It’s a half of a million dollars people that you win for PLAYING A GAME. I don’t see how you can turn it all into a drama fest. Really funny here is that Brittney and Danielle talked awful about everyone else but they can’t take it themselves.

  104. I think Ian, Shane and Danielle should vote to keep Brittany in that would leave Dan and Jenn voting for Joe…results = Joe leaves and then the house turns on Dan…..if he would use Danielle like that he is disgusting!!!!

  105. Dan is my all time favorite and I hope to see him in the same house with Dr Will someday……that said, I’d like to see Britney go out a better way. She has played well, entertaining,great diary rooms. A star. She deserves a better exit.

  106. Brittney has been my favorite player since her debut in BB12, and I’m furious this happened (her fate is pretty much sealed)… but… that was pure freaking genius! Truly reinforces the “Expect the Unexpected” mantra. That was a move worthy of Dr. Will and will go down in BB history. This season is the best I’ve seen so far.

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