Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 10 Sunday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

Only two more nights of Live Feeds and Big Brother 14 will go in the history books. On Sunday we actually got some pretty active Live Feeds. And we have Danielle to thank for that. With her around, it’ll never be dull. Some of us might end up with our laptops thrown against the wall, but it won’t be boring. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, September 16, 2012:

11:27 AM BBT — HGs waking up. Dan is in the pool.

12:10 PM BBT — Dan and Danielle talking. She says she can’t talk without crying. Dan tells her all the things he’s telling Ian is an act and that she should trust him.

12:15 PM BBT — Danielle asks Dan if he thinks Ian will throw Part 3 of the Final HoH (this is their plan). Dan says skeptical but says he might.

12:45 PM BBT — Danielle is freaking out over the possibility of Ian winning the game. She says she’ll taint the jury. Dan tells her that the person who finishes in third has no time to talk to the jury. She says she’ll tell them everything she can think of during commercial breaks.

12:52 PM BBT — Ian goes inside and asks Danielle how she is doing. She refuses to speak to him. He goes back outside. Danielle tells Dan she can be a real bitch if she tries.

1:05 PM BBT — Dan tells Danielle he’s never seen her like this. She says she’s seeing red and that she’s always hated Ian and that’s all she can think about right now.

2:26 PM BBT — Dan and Ian talking about Danielle being in the DR for a long time. Dan mentions the possibility of her self-evicting. She didn’t. She’s inside wandering around.

4:04 PM BBT — Danielle talking to Dan about the Diary Room being worried about her. Feeds cut in and out because they’re talking about production. But it seems that the DR might have let her have an anxiety pill.

4:44 PM BBT — Dan tells Ian that Danielle is losing it.

4:47 PM BBT — Ian tells Dan he has Danielle figured out. He thinks she’s just trying to guilt him into taking her into the final two.

5:15 PM BBT — Dan talking to himself, apologizing to any of his fans who disagree with his gameplay this season. He says it’s just a game.

5:24 PM BBT — Dan again mentions throwing the final HoH round to Ian in order to win the $500,000. At this point it’s unclear what Dan’s real intentions are.

7:25 PM BBT — Danielle and Ian are talking about Round 2 of the HoH. She’s not torturing him at the moment.

7:42 PM BBT  — Danielle says she’s tired of Ian following her around and she wants him to leave her alone. Even though he’s really not following her around.

8:20 PM BBT — Dan asks Ian to promise to take him to the final two. Ian says yes.

9:00 PM BBT — Danielle talking to the camera about Ian. Actually exaggerating stories about Ian to the people watching the Live Feeds as if they don’t know what she’s saying isn’t 100 percent accurate.

9:15 PM BBTDanielle and Ian talking. Actually, Danielle is yelling at Ian and threatening him that if he cuts her she won’t vote for him and neither will Shane. She goes on and on and on and Ian isn’t really responding. He even rolls his eyes once.

10:45 PM BBTDanielle retelling the story to Dan in typical Danielle fashion. She tells Dan that she made Ian cry. Not true. She says Ian told her that he had a final two with Dan. Not totally true. She goes on and on and is telling few truths. Dan seems kind of over it.

I’m not sure how the next couple of days will go, but I hope Danielle lightens up on Ian. I’m not sure if the plan to get him to throw the HoH to Dan will work or not. But with this season anything is possible.

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  1. Danielle is acting completely disgusting. Poor sport indeed. Why the heck does she all the sudden hate Ian?? Oh yea, because he beat you?? Oh, and because you are STUPID and let Dan evict Shane.
    Get over yourself Danielle.

    If she’s in Final two, I’m going to puke.

      • Stop embarrassing your self matthew!!!!!!! You put out 146 votes? For what? You can’t undo what she did to herself! When the show first started she was one of my favorites, Now, I can’t even stand to hear her voice! But, dont worry you might still have a chance! ( don’t think you’ll have to try very hard #EASY) I don’t think Dan’s wife or Shanes family will let her anywhere near them when the shows over!!! The girl has so many issues I couldn’t possibly list them all.

      • In private, Danielle has told Dan how much she hates Ian and if she is evicted on Wednesday, she will taint the jury against him during commercial breaks. THAT’S immature and disgusting behavior. And it can’t be an act because she’s saying this in PRIVATE with Dan.

    • I can’t wait for that self absorbed cry baby to be sent packing! I also can’t wait for her to realize she dosen’t get the 25K! Seeing that will give back alittle bit of my sanity she took this BB season.

  2. Honestly, I quit watching the feeds yesterday because of how annoying she’s been. I probably won’t watch them anymore because of it. I’m just ready for this season to be over with. Hopefully Ian wins.

    • lol I dont get the feeds & have to say pretty happy I dont just based on what I have seen her say & do so far. She is a real nut case & is losing touch with reality fast. If I had the feeds I would have to stop them over her & how annoying she is…lol I thought Rachael was annoying but by god dani the stalker has beat her in that department…

  3. So sick of Danielle. Cannot wait to see her walk out the door. She has more balls than brain telling Ian he should pick her for the final two. She put him on the block and wanted to evict him! This broad is sickening. I am hoping Ian wins the whole damn thing. I do think there is something really wrong with Danielle. She’s plain nuts! It was so sickening watching her throw herself at Shane all season now she’s driving poor Ian crazy! What a loser!

  4. Danielle just lasted this long because of Dan, i hate her guts since what she did with Janelle. Ugh, if she in the F2.. I just dont wanna think about it..

  5. I thought there were supposed to be rules about bullying. Production needs to step in and let Danielle know that not all bullying is physical and she needs to stop. Ian is likely to have a nervous breakdown if he has to face 3 more days of her crap. Tell her to grow up.

    • And people said Frank was bad. yes he was at times. but Danielle is worse. at this point i think CBS should get her out i think that would be the best for the show. just wish she would grow up like you and everyone has said. a lot of you have said it better then i can. just my opinion.

    • Sounds like little brat Dani is having a tantrum cuz she ain’t gonna get her way this time ! Either that or she’s the one having the nervous breakdown !

    • I think Ian is smart enough to know Danielle is having a crazy melt down. I just feel bad he’s stuck in the house with her for 2 more days!

    • Well if people got kicked out for bullying, intimidating and threatening people. Ian would be in the house alone right now… It really pisses me off that Dan and Dumbelle are able to get away with this. and if either one of them win, I am done with this show… Because I wont sit here and watch CBS reward people that threaten others with violence. Dan an Danielle should be booted. and I am sorry if some of you dont agree … But I have been saing this since Dan threatened and intimidated Ian ( Charging at him saying ” You’re not voting her out, I’ll rip your face off”) Those kind of actions are not of someone just playing a game…

    • i wish Ian would start bully her now that would be funny. I really don’t think it would take to much to push her over the edge LOL

  6. Danielle is such a BIG BABY! period…once she realized that she was not
    going to make it to the F2, she decided to pick on poor Ian. I hope Ian
    does NOT! take her to sit beside him if he does win the final
    comp…although he would have a better chance at winning the $500,000 if
    he does…picking Dan will only give him the $50,000.

  7. Danielle doesnt control Shane’s vote period I wish she would stop saying that. And there is no way Ashley, Brit, and Frank would for Dan over Ian.

  8. I am not a fan of Dan but Danielle is really pushing it…Ian is playing just the same as she and Dan…why hate him for doing well…I believe WHEN Ian is sitting in the F2, the jury will decide that he played a good game…

  9. Ian not responding to Danielles threats only infuriates her more. He knows what she’s trying to do….and it’s not working. He has her number….and it’s a great big fat ZERO.

  10. Dani said she never made any deals with anyone…….I seem to remember her making a F2 deal with Shane…….and….I don’t believe she told Dan. She is losing grip with reality and she is really nasty to poor Ian……grow up Dani/ The smartest move Dan made was to evict Shane……Go Ian & Dan……..may the best guy win!

  11. I finally understand Danielle’s strategy: be such a psycho hose beast that all the men become terrified of her and “self-evict” to get the h*** away from her. That exact strategy has worked on me a number of times.

  12. oh yea dumbielle, you say if you go to jury it will be with guns a blazing, the only thing a blazing is your thighs rubbing together. get the hell out!!!!!!

  13. Dani really needs to calm down. At this rate she might make Dan think she’s too unstable to take EVEN if he doesn’t throw the last part of the HOH.
    I still can’t believe she threw part 1. That’s insane.

    • I think Dan already knows that she has a screw loose. And now Ian knows it too. It has taken her 3 months to make true believers of half the world population…and ALL of the hg…that she’s a freakin psycho! I think they should just leave her in the house after the finale. The world is safer that way.

      • Dan is kinda being honest with Danielle about certain things. Dan told Dani that he did have a final 2 deal with Ian. Danielle asked why didn’t he tell her about the deal. Dan said that he forgot to tell her (okay whatever), but his deal with Ian was no different than her deal with Shane.

      • What if Ian win HOH and boots her out the door. How is she going to react? Is she going to have a total meltdown or what?

      • There is not enough sedatives in North America to stop that bull from charging. To say she will have a nuclear reactor meltdown will not give it enough credit. I’m wearing a high grade “hazardous waste” suit for the final eviction. I expect her to be positively RADIOACTIVE if she gets the boot.

  14. Ian should win. He copes with his disability very well to make common sense out of Danielle’s severe mental disability! Dan has played a brilliant game but I still favor Ian, especially after watching the last few days. He is a champ.

  15. Watching BBAD Friday night showed me that Dan is not just an evil player, he is evil period! He tried to stop Danielle from warning Ian not to eat expired chicken, he wanted him to eat it and get sick. That goes beyond game, that’s just grotesquely evil. He, and his wife, should be ashamed.

      • His wife should be ashamed of HIM. Shes going to church everyday praying for him, she said in her letter to him, if that were my husband who professed to being deeply religious I would be TOTALLY ashamed, he is not the only person who will receive negative backlash from this, it’s a gross violation of morals and Christianity.

      • I would be ashamed of him too. It’s a game but he’s broke danis heart a couple times- like hurt her so bad emotionally by what he has done. Im not a dani fan, but putting someone through that kind of emotional pain is not cool. No one deserves to feel like that. As much as I loved dans game move to evict Shane (because I am team Ian and that move saved him) my heart broke for her. He doesn’t even show remorse. He just lies more. I get it’s a game, but at the same time it’s just exactly that- a game. I dont know if I could hurt someone so bad as he’s done her and sleep at night. His wife should e ashamed just for the Wat he has treated another female.

      • Are you serious! Dan has never done anything physically to anyone and should not be compared to Charles Manson or Willie (who should not be compared to Charles Manson, either). There is a saying that goes something like this, “betray me once…..that’s on me, betray me twice….that’s on you, betray me three times and we are through.” It is Danielle’s own fault that she is a bad situation right now.

      • Exactly! Thank you Joe I’m glad someone sees that a line has definitely been crossed. I just hope he’s not rewarded with 500K for his actions, what would that teach his students?

      • People will only do to you what you allow them to do. What people need to do is stop blaming other for their shortcomings.

      • Wow, look at yourself seriosuly, your judging a guy playing in a frickin crazy ass house on a game show where ppl watch you 24-7. I’m guessin you haven’t met the guy in actual real life so maybe do that first and then judge him, and not just based on a television show. Like BB is not real life if you haven’t learned that yet, and is a game.

      • I think judging him on his actions is perfectly reasonable and exactly what I would do in real life. That goes beyond game that’s someone’s health he was trying to miss with.

      • Dan has played te dirtiest game in big brother history. Hell. He’s played a dirtier game than russell on survivor. Russell is judged for his actions so why shouldn’t Dan be?

    • Dan told Ian as long as the chicken was placed in the freezer by the “freeze by date”, it should be okay. So Dan was not trying to get Ian to eat expired chicken. Whole chickens can be stored in the freezer for up to 12 months and chicken pieces can be stored in the freezer for up to 6 months (per all the Google information that I read).

    • Even that is too rich! Expired food does not mean it
      is bad too eat. I know I have eaten some but, if it
      smells bad or tastes bad—-that is the time to throw it!
      You have to use common sense! Leftovers we eat on
      a regular basis and it is atleast, a couple of days old!
      If Dan was really trying to poison Ian as you say, all
      he has to do is put something in Ian’s food. Porsche
      of last season put laxatives on someone’s food and it
      was deliberate but, production allowed her! Not
      saying it is right and it should not be, however, Ian
      fans get more ridiculous by the day!

  16. Dan has done nothing but play the game. If the other houseguests fall for it all, then they deserve what they get.
    The worse part of this week’s live feeds is listening to Danielle whine and whine and whine. Watching her come down on Ian was disgusting; she totally enjoyed making him feel bad for having a “final 2” deal. Um, Danielle… remember? You did the same thing.
    This girl is totally pathetic. She told Ian, “I would rather go out fighting than cower behind a f**kin’ villain.” What has she been doing this whole entire time???? Unbelievable!!

  17. Dont underestimate Ian. Hes got Danis number and Dans number i heard him say to hisself gotta beat the best gotta beat Dan. Hes playing along with them both. I certainly hope he wins it all

    • I think at this rate their ally playing eachother. I hope Dan walks out the door and Ian wins it all. He talks about beating Dan, what better way than to play him like he played everyone else. It would be epic!

  18. I dont think Danielle realizes how annoying she is being. There are 7-8 people on jury? So Ian doesn’t get Dani and Shane’s vote, big deal. He can still win it without them.

    Shane, you need to get away from this girl, she has a weird obsession with picking her face. ewww.

    • Ian won’t get danis vote but I think he gets shanes. Dan screwed him, he doesn’t want Dan to wi twice, and I think he respects Ian as a player. Dani wont influence his vote at all. I can’t believe she told Ian last night that if he takes Dan he looses 5-2 cause her shane frank Ashley and jenn would vote for Dan. Does she not remember that Dan lied to franks face twice, sworeon the bible and then back stabbed him? She’s completely delusional if she thinks frank will vote for Dan. I think we saw in jury that frank does not respect dans gameplay.

      • Ian did the exact same thing to Frank, basically runied his game. And I really think Dan might even have a better shot against Ian. I say this because he would have two secure votes compared aginst Dani he would have to fight for all of them, He would get Dani, and I think he would get Jenn simply because she even said Dan is playing one amazing game. And all the rest of the votes, Ian doesn’t have any for sure votes. Especially since Britney and Ashely are saying how dangerous Dan is and is gonna win the game they said it in the jury house. Also, Joe who knows seriosuly, Shane well Dani did convince him to go on the block, and I think Britney will convince him to vote for best player. Lets be honest if jury doesn’t hold any personal grudges and votes on gameplay Dan going to win in a landslide. I really only seeing Frank crying about it. Also, Dan has amazing social skills compared to Ian, and everyone in that house. You can never count that guy out of it.

      • Agreed people forget all bout the speeches they have to give to the jury and the questions they answer. They are both going to be grilled but Dan is going to have a major advantage here since he’s so good at public speaking. I remember season 10 Memphis got asked a question and he completely froze.

  19. Honestly I think Danielle is awesome and I believe everything she says……….Man that was hard to type even in sarcasm

  20. Game?
    5:15 PM BBT — Dan talking to himself, apologizing to any of his fans who disagree with his gameplay this season. He says it’s just a game.
    If Dan is having issues with his own game then perhaps he is facing some morality breakdown and hints of conscience, however I think hints is a good word because in no way do I see him letting up on his crusade of mind manipulations. His apology to fans is little more than his fear in my opinion on the fallout his family may be recieving. He is a highly intelligent young man who has been down this road before, however the road the last time didn’t go as far as this time, nor did he have a wife to be concerned about in his absence.
    I don’t even know I’m taking the time to write this, as perhaps it is only if nothing more for me to justify why I watch this garbage, and perhaps I am no better than the people who create and make mounds of money producing the same trash that we as a culture can’t seem to get enough of.
    Herein lies my problem with this years show, I am a middle aged mother of two great kids, who just happen to be the same ages as Dan and Dainielle. All I can think about is how this season will affect these three finalists.. Ian will be fine.. he is likable, smart and easy to cheer for at this point. Go Ian!! Danielles rants will sting him but he will not be emotionally affected to any depth. He has his eye on the 2nd prize… come on Ian.. go for gold.. you can do it!
    There are many types of people in the world, some are loyal to a fault, trusting and have a genuine good heart and spirit. Obviously even these people have flaws, they tend to be worriers, have perhaps a lower self esteem and are always concerned that people don’t like or respect them. They want to be loved and cannot understand why others do not see how genuine they are… and this hurts them. They justify their goodness because they cannot rationalize fault. This to me is Danielle. My worry for her is the fall-out from this season. She should not be on a show like this because she does not have the emotional stability to suffer the consequences of nation wide scruitiny and really how many of us would? She at this point is not being scruitinized she is being openly ridculed, taunted and completely ripped apart. Years ago they called his a tar and feather.. For her in her immaturity and for her parents and family I feel very sad. This will in my opinion severly harm her emotionally once her 20 seconds of fame ends this month. CBS should have pulled her yesterday as she is clearly unstable at this point and how much is enough? Give her a sedative in the DR and send her back out again to continue to perform for their ratings game. Ludicrous!
    Others are more self assured, have a greater sense of who they are, can be cutting and ruthless, they don’t need to have people like them. They aren’t bad people, they are just who they are… we are all who we are… and as long as we live by our standards, don’t preach to others and try to justify our own way as the best way, then live and let live… and we are all ok and on the same page. This is where Dan comes in. He lost me completely in this GAME when he slammed the bible down and swore on it to Frank. Listen! I am not a bible pumping hillbilly who is all self righteous about the bible and religion. But I will tell you that we use the bible far too often in whatever way we see fit to justify our cause. The bible should be left out of the BB house. Where do we draw a line? Don’t scream at me that this is just a game.. even games come with rules, and in this case we are dealing with peoples mental and spiritual well being. I put this at the feet of CBS and don’t blame Dan so much because he is a very young, obviously ambitious and ego driven young man who left his moral and religious belief at the door in the name of GAME.. this is where he should have parked his bible as well. I’m not buying his justifications however and for all the DAN fans… all I can say is please explain it to me how we can use the same book we swear on in court or the same book that many immoral acts have been justified with as gods will? The bible is not a GAME book.. nor should it be seen as one. And this coming from me is interesting because I am a border line agnostic who often questions religion and its teachings..I am trying to keep a logical and balanced opinion on why this has had such an effect on me.
    He is a coach in real life, at a Catholic post secondary educational facility. Placed in a position of trust and student / athletic development. As a parent if I were paying for my children to attend a school where this type of coach was employed, I would take issue with his high jinx. He is brilliant, he has masterminded, played, lied and ultimately controlled most of this season.. sometimes I even cheered for him. His funeral did me in… the bible sealed the deal and his mind manipulations of Danielle right now are completely over the top. I say this because he is taking far too much pleasure in it. I justify this as either immaturity and lacking of understanding.. or simple greed to win a great deal of money at no cost. You can almost watch him hype up when he or Ian become animated with frustration.. his eyes light up and he continues to spur them on.. GAME?
    If I were his parents watching the show I would not be pleased with my son. I think I would be flinching and wondering how and where he learned to be so conniving and masterful in deception. To be able to proudly say that he never trashes anyone while playing the game… no he doesn’t but he eggs others on to do it for him and takes supreme pleasure in his ability and while he sticks the knife in .. twists it while saying he is doing it for them.. it’s about them…
    This is too much for me.. so when you are trashing Alabama, Danielle, he weight, her skin and everything else about her… remember that she is a very young woman who placed all her GAME and trust in the person that is fueling her emotional free fall. I am not defending her character or her as a person.. I am defending our civility as a rational, thoughtful nation who can see behind the entertainment and shock value of this season.
    I have nothing to say about Ian, except I’m sorry for how let down he will feel once he watches the show and realizes that he probably would have had a more loyal alliance with Frank had he not allowed the so called Dan Mist to over power him. But he will be fine, he is too intelligent and logical not to be.
    I know this is a show.. a GAME.. I get it! I watch it!! I’m as bad as everyone else who loves this show.. but somewhere in me, nothing seems right about this at this point and I’m bewilidered.
    Just my two cents – and you know what two cents gets you today… perhaps just a bit of relief from this mystery frustration I’m seeing with Danielles haters yet at the same time reading about how people are respecting Dans GAME!

    • For one thing, BB is a TV reality show and I find it very strange that people compare BB to real life. I don’t have a problem with lying when it is game play, but lying constantly when game play has nothing to do with it is just crazy. Maybe the swearing on the bible was not a good thing to do. However, that is between Dan and his God. Do I agree with everything that Dan has done…..NO! Has Dan harmed anyone in the process…….NO! Most of the hgs came in the house broke and most will leave/left the same way…..broke…..nothing lost, nothing gained. This game is all about greed and trying to win the big loot. However, some people think BB is all about establishing long lasting friendships. If I were in that house, I would do what I needed to do to take home the money and wouldn’t care if anybody talked to me after the show.

      • I agree, most people will never see each other again, its a game and if you win it will change your familys life forever, its not a game of hugs and kisses

      • I know people are acting like Dan shot someone in real life, better yet there basically acting like how Lydia and Natalie acted when Jesse got evicted from the house!. No one got hurt or died from what Dan did they got evicted from the frickin big brother house, and sent to the jruy like how don’t people understand that.

    • You have some very good points. I guess my only response would be….They knew beforehand that putting themselves in the public eye would bring scrutiny of their actions. And this includes Danielle. If you seek fame and fortune don’t be surprised when your personal life becomes fodder for those that give it to you. It’s just common sense that if you lie about personal aspects of your life on national tv then you will get called on it. Attention seeking behavior brings about the “tar and feather” reaction when you lie to get it. As far as our being a “nation of civility”…this is not a show about civility. And most of the fans can separate real life from BB. Danielle is young, yes. But if she’s the accomplished person she claims to be then she’s old enough to know that “fame” comes with a price.

    • First off – you win the prize for longest post ever ! Second – As long as the HG’s can live with themselves & how they played the game thats all that matters. Third – We as viewers are no better than the people of ancient times enjoying seeing someone thrown to the lions , jousting, or gunfighting at sundown. What we must not lose sight of is that this is ENTERTAINMENT !

    • I can’t even read all you said its way to long but skim some points. And please watch the actual conversation with Dan and Frank he clearly does it for information. Also, like really without Dan this season would of sucked. Like it is a game I thought I was watching a gameshow on my television. And ya I get how people can be mad, but seriosuly look what he has done for the show we get this huge controversy, we have people like you going to the fan site and complaing about it then others arguing to you. And it makes us more into to the game. If you actually are a tru big brother fan, you would appreciate what Dan has done for the game. And seriously look at all the huge moves he made he’s made this season exciting and hands down most deserving. And I don’t get if it bothers people so much why do you even watch the show? if you realy want to make a statement then stop watching the show.

    • Since others have commented on your entire post, I’ll just comment on one thing you said that stood out to me: “I am a border line agnostic who often questions religion and its teachings..I am trying to keep a logical and balanced opinion on why this has had such an effect on me.”
      My answer would be maybe the God you borderline don’t believe in is trying to reach you in some way. And remember, God is not about religion. He’s about faith.

    • I couldn’t have said it any better. You absolutely took the words out of my mouth. I want to feel happy for the winner – whomever it may be – but I truly worry about them after this “GAME” ends. Dan talked about how the first time around her wanted to come right back and how he expects to feel this way again…which Dan does he really prefer to be? He is far too comfortable with his devious ways to not be the same person outside of the house. Danielle…I honestly worry about her safety once she leaves. She seems borderline suicidal – just wait until she sees/puts all the pieces together. I too, think Ian will be fine – though people may forget the words said to them, but not the way those words made them feel. Best of luck to all of them back in the real world. I hope Ian wins.

    • this site must be a danielle hate site she is only being mean too ian to get him too throw the 3 part of the hoh to dan so dan can be the only vote not ian if any of you read the feeds it is both dan and danielle plan

    • I’m not sure why people have such a big problem with “lying” in the big brother house. I’m pretty sure the show about establishing friendships is My Little Pony- not Big Brother. If you’re that offended you can do a fair trade off and everyone wins. BB fans stop seeing these pos complaints about lying, and the complainers finally can be at peace.

    • I have always been a Dan fan – but as far as his gameplay this season, I believe it will be very scarring to Danielle when she sees he was NOT playing for her like he said he was. I know this is a game, but I never knew Dan could be so MEAN. He really has no moral compass! I’m sure Danielle thinks that she has made a lasting friendship with Dan because he’s been “protecting” her – but when she sees the DR’s and Dan’s scheming is revealed to her, I’m sure she’ll feel that their whole relationship was a scam. It’s pretty mean. I know I know, it’s a game. whatever.

      And, as a Christian – I know no matter WHAT that I would NEVER swear on the bible and I would never SWEAR on the people I love… game or not. It’s pretty saddening that Dan, whom I thought was a great christian guy, is willing to go to those lengths for money. Game or not, God doesn’t care.

      • One of the reasons Dan’s bible-related behavior gets such a negative response from me, is that he seems to make a mockery of religion and one wonders what he does know and practice of such. When Danielle was lumping many Christian religions as being the same, he never commented. Does he really believe a Southern Baptist, A Catholic and a Lutheran are the same?

    • What a thoughtful response. Mostly I agree with what you say but—-Danielle before she came into the program told us she would be lying starting with what work she does and has been lying since.

      I do not think Dan is brilliant with those buggy eyes of his. He knows the guest respect him because of his previous big win and he has used that –he is just a good manipulator. If he were brilliant would he not have invested his money more wisely and not be Mr. greed boy?
      Ian will be fine-I remember days ago when Dan told him he should invent something and get a patent he said later he had more learning to do. He has a brilliant mind, knows how to study and be challenged. I would surmise he will live a careful,and rewarding life,

  21. Daniell is the “love child” that Shelly Moore gave up for adoption 20 some years ago. That explains it all….

  22. Yeah, even I’m not too thrilled with Danielle’s actions as of late to Ian and she really needs to relax right now. Besides if Danielle really wanted to go to the finals, well “you catch more bees with honey than vineger” in other words, be nice to Ian and tell him out how the jury might vote, how Dan shouldn’t win this game and how he can beat her in the finals over Dan.

    Hopefully Ian wins the final HOH and I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but takes Danielle so Dan has no possible way of winning and he can sit on the jury with the people who he stabbed in the heart and/or back.

    What do fans think the vote in the jury will be–Ian vs. Dan or Dan vs. Danielle or Ian vs. Danielle?

    • Danielle is doing what Dan told her to do. I’m for sure Dan wants Ian and Danielle to stay away from each other, so they won’t compare notes. However, if I were Danielle, I would bake Ian some of Janelle’s famous “HOH winner” cookies and I would let Ian talk me to sleep while take a nice ride on his hammock.

  23. I am probably the only one in America that actually likes Danielle. She is not bullying she is playing. She even said in BBAD that 50k would change her life, already putting her at 2nd place, in her eyes. My opinion: If Dan goes with Ian, Dan will win it all. If Dani goes with Ian, Ian will win it all. Dan has done nothing but bully all season, so has Frank, and Brittney. Think about it, GAME! Not real life. Dani is putting up an act. A guilty sad one. That is her game. Leave her alone. She wants to walk away with something, wouldn’t you. She can persuade the jury, even if she has to do it in a snap! So this is got her thinking and playing hard. I also like the Shane and Danielle couple. They let go the night of the date and we saw their true selves. Danielle is a good person, and she has her eye on at least 50k. Stop beating up on her. She is playing a game. Waterworks or not, it is a game!! Final 3=big accomplishment.

    • She only got to final three because Dan wanted her. She had no game. Both HOHs she won were thrown to her. She is a patholigical liar and I hope Ian wins and takes Dan, even if he comes in second. Although personally, I think he can beat Dan.

      • No she doesn’t watch the feeds nor does she watch BBAD. I don’t have feeds, but I watch BBAD every night. Watching feeds or BBAD is the the REAL deal.

        Danielle is nice when things are going her way and disgustingly nasty when things go sideways.

  24. BB, hide the butter knives and get the straight jacket ready. Danielle’s crazy is in full swing!!!

  25. Welcome to crazy town and Danielle is the mayor. I couldn’t believe how much she railed at Ian last night. Why is he suddenly the devil? She did Dans bidding all season, even right down to chasing him around the house hissing what should I do?!! after comps. She is the one who took Dan off the block and caused Shane to go up, you never throw a comp when there are three of you left, guess what, it’s called accountability. Where is this misguided self indignation coming from? She put Ian up and wanted him gone yet the rules change when she has lost power. If you are going to be so angry go yell at the person in the mirror all afternoon. I really, really hope Ian wins it all.

  26. Hey BB – Bullying is bullying and Danielle is abusing Ian. Maybe she should be pulled from the game for that. It is no worse than what Willie did. Why does a female get away with being an abusive bully? Kick her out. Let the 2 real players go to final 2.

  27. Ughhh! Why is bad for Ian to have a final two deal with Dan thereby stabbing Danielle in the back but not bad for Danielle to have a final two deal with Dan and stabbing Ian in the back?
    She is such a hypocrite!

  28. Do you think that Ian and Danielle are playing Dan acting like they hate each other – she is being a little to hateful to Ian to be real. If Ian wins he will take Danielle and “Play the Player” as Danielle put it in the DR

  29. This season was a disapointment but I think if ian wins and dani then really losing it to where she has to be removed before a decision is even made would make a mother of all finals

  30. I don’t know how Ian could sit there and listen to her last night. Why didn’t he just get up and go inside? He show a lot of patients, and maturity beyond his years. Was very impressed with how he handled himself. (I’d a told her to #$%^ off).

  31. Watching the feeds and still believing that Dan is taking Danielle I feel sorry for Ian. I have been cheering for Dan but still I feel bad for Ian. I wish that Dan would take Ian. As Ian says To Be the Best you have to Beat the Best. Dan should realize this too.

  32. Just curious……I remember Danielle saying that she loves to cook. Just wondering if Danielle has done any cooking ( after Joe’s and Shane’s evictions). I haven’t seen her cook anything other than a bowl of cold cereal -hahahaha-. I have seen Dan and Ian cooking, though.

  33. I am sooo irritated. Can not stand Danielle. As I am a woman, what a disgrace she is! Last night-was pathetic. She let Dan patronize her, like always. He can’t stand her and it’s so obvious with him laughing at her in front of her face-and she sits there with this blind loyalty blaming Dan for not being honest with her??!! Dan has raked her over coals time and time again-and she blames him?? This is so ridiculous-own it girl- you have been there letting Dan do everything toYOU the whole time. She’s so crazy. She’s got this weird sadistic relationship going on with Dan. I’m sure her real relationships (off tv) have been the same…I hope IAN closes his ears from Dan and Dani the next couple of days. Because all that’s coming out of Dan and Dani’s lips are lies..and I agree about BB and Danielle being a mental Bullie – give her the axe!

  34. If Dan or Danielle was doing the bullying in the real world they could be charge with a hate crime. I knwo that Danielle said something about doing something to Ian and CBS cut the feed. Dan told her that now it was on record that she was going to hurt Ian.

  35. I am for team Ian, and understand this is all a game BUT… I cannot take the way Dan talks to these people. It’s like he thinks he is the boss. “Sit down…come here..get over here…etc”. I know they’re dumb to allow him to do it, but that’s where Dan lost me, and that he swears on the Bible. Not cool. If it were me I would’ve told him to shut the hell up about five thousand times. Go Ian!!

  36. To all who blame Dan for his playing, Mike Boogie said it best – “This is Big Brother, you are allowed to bounce cheques.”

    • sadly he is going to get laid finally by some two bit money grabber and breed out a pathetic full autism type kid, and get all his BB money for child support

  37. I love Dan and I love Ian!! I wonder how Danielle is going to handle it when she gets out of that house and finds out America can’t stand her.

  38. having said that, I wonder what Dan is going to do if he wins the final HOH. I want him to take Ian but I feel that he will take Danielle because she is his payer and that is extra credit getting them both to the end. If she wins this I will not be thrilled. And I was even pulling for Rachel last season so that says alot!!!

  39. BB should put the house on lock down and remove the hammock from the backyard, I think ian would pull a Danielle crying fit and run to the Diary Room

  40. Ring ring……ring ring………Sheriffs Dept……hello my name is Shane…..could you bring a restraining order to the BB house. Must be in place Wed evening. Perhaps a strait jacket and an ambulance as well………..

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