Big Brother 14 Episode 29 Recap: It’s A Clip Show

Big Brother 14 Willie Hantz expelled

Even though there was probably three hours worth of recent Big Brother 14 footage to show us, production decided to still do the seasonal clip show on Sunday night’s episode.

I find that pretty unbelievable, especially considering they didn’t even show us how the first round of the final Head of Household competition played out. But don’t fear, we have those spoilers and also what happened in the second round way ahead of CBS.

OK, let’s see if I can pull off a recap of this weak show in more than just five paragraphs.

The episode picked up right after Dan’s blindside of the season, which sent Shane out the door and Danielle’s jaw to the floor. Dan has officially seriously pulled a drastic stunt on Danielle three times this season and she’s fallen for it every time. This time around the damage control might be harder. But let’s face it, no it probably won’t.

So we’ve got Dan explaining the move to Danielle in the Arcade Room. She’s raising her voice at him asking why he continues to mess with her emotions and break her trust. He tells her he did it for her and that now she will definitely win the game. But Dan really cut Shane loose  because he knows Shane would not have takes him to the final two. Ian and Danielle both will.

Meanwhile, Ian is hyperventilating, walking back and forth, mulling over what just happened. He’s convinced he’s going to be in the final two because Dan would pick him over Danielle. But its hard to tell right now what’s true and what’s not. Between Danielle’s natural ability/need to lie and Dan’s gameplay lies, it’s hard to tell what anyone is thinking. The only person I believe right now is Ian.

It seems as if Dan has gotten through to Danielle. She says she’s not mad at him, she’s just upset that he never lets her in on anything. In a Diary Room session, she claims to not be over it and that it might be time for Dan to get blindsided. Of course, we all know that won’t happen. Dan won’t allow that to happen.

So that’s about all the new show we get. The final three have their celebratory brunch where they’re fed lines from production to introduce clip shows. And it’s SO painful. If you thought their Diary Rooms were painfully scripted then this might just make you scream.

After a look back at some of the best moments of the season, like Willie’s blow-up, Dan’s funeral and all the fake showmances, we get to see the start of the endurance part of the final Head of Household competition. But then the episode ends. So we’ll find all that and who wins Big Brother on Wednesday at 9:30 PM.

Who do you want to see win Big Brother 14? Ian, Dan or Danielle?



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  1. I wrote to the administrators at St. Mary’s Prep just to make a point about Dan swearing on the Bible, etc.. NOT about his lying in general, which is an acceptable part of the show. Only about constantly swearing on the Bible and his wife, while also working at a Catholic institution.
    Anyways, the point is both administrators answered telling that Dan is no longer an employee or coach at St. Mary’s.
    Did anyone know that?

    • Wow get a life. I can’t believe how immature people are. What is the point of trying to ruin someone’s life. It’s a show he’s entertaining us, big brother woe have been pretty lame without him this year.

      • I agree. I don’t know why some are taking this show so seriously. For me it is just entertainment. I do think a couple of hgs need to seek medical help when they leave the house, though. Other than that, I wish all of them well.

    • Maybe they told him if he did not start the school year he would not have a place. They have to have someone to teach and not likely to guarantee him a spot to return to if he chose BB over teaching.

      I don’t think it is concerning the current game but, over I needs of the school.

      • maybe he’s just lying. the school should have a policy about divulging information on present or past employees unless it’s from some future employer. if he really did that he’s nuts.and as far as i know dan only swore on the bible once. not repeatedly.

      • If the school did actually tell this dimwit that and gave out Dan’s personal information then Dan can sue the pants off of them and probably get this dimwits name and sue him and hope he does if it is true. Good grief you are one sick puppy!!

      • Since it is obvious that he is not a current employee, (working at BB) The school could reply that way, but I don’t see it as significant.

        Ian had to give up a semester, Dan probably had to do the same.

      • Dan said that entering the bb house again was a big deal because he was giving up coaching this year and they had won last year. I think it was in the first episode during his interview or something.

    • What is wrong with you? It’s a game of manipulation and trickery. You shouldn’t be watching game shows if you don’t understand it’s a game. “Reporting” Dan to an employer to get him in trouble? That’s shameful.

    • Are you insane??….What’s acceptable and what’s not on the show is not up to YOU! That’s for the producers to decide. If you have to go so far as to affect someone’s job because of a game show then you need to be watching something else. Next time you do something wrong…let me know. I’ll be sure to send your boss a letter.

      • Obviously DannyBoy is trying 2 get a rise out of ppl and I can’t believe u guys fell for it. I could understand why Matt (GTP) responded because this being his column….

    • You should be taken out and beat to a pulp!! What the hell is wrong with you? I would send my boys to be coached by him. I think he would be a GREAT coach and teacher. Please do us all a favor and never watch BB, or ANY reality show ever again.

    • Please tell me you are joking how could you do that i can’t believe this. i am not a Dan fan i really like him but i really don’t like returning players but still that is not right. come on the man has to support his family this is wrong.

      I hope you are only joking to make a point. but come on now this can’t be right please tell us you are only joking.

    • I know I wouldn’t want to be paying for the cost of a parochial school education for my child knowing he was being influenced by a greedy, scheming, liar. I don’t care if some say “Its just a game” When it comes to a half million dollars, are you kidding? People have been killed for the twenty bucks in their pocket. He’s greedy & manipulative. My father taught us “A Man is only as good as his word” As far as Dan saying “It’s OK to lie because I’m doing it for my family” Please, it’s nothing but greed. They have a good life. Plus he already won before. He walks around with a bible, makes a mockery of it. Thinks he’s smarter than everyone else..The only thing he’s better at, is lying.

      • If you are playing a game where lying is the norm, why would you expect anyone to tell the truth? It’s amazing how some of you are unable to accept that BB is a game and not real life.

      • Lol. I love Dan, but I just don’t think he will win again! But, if he mist’s that jury into giving him the cash (especially over ian) he deserves it. But unfortunatley, I think those in the Jury have seen enough of his “misting” and won’t give him the money. I think it goes to Ian. Ian is a smart guy, and I think he will have a good speech planned. Dan probably will too- it will be complete BS- but we will see if the Jury buys it.

      • I agree actually. I don’t think he’s going to win again even though he should. I’ll be happy if he makes it to f2. I’m not going to completely count him out though because he’s surprised me all season. I think he’ll be a better speaker than Ian though which is important.

      • Dan only used the Bible to say he was telling the truth about the quack pack, not about anything else. Watch it again and u could see what he said. So people need to watch closer before they say stuff about him!!!!

    • You are lying. As an educator I can tell you that NO administrator would even respond to you much less tell you that a teacher/coach has been let go. You are just trying to stir up trouble; the same thing you acuse Dan if doing.

      • I was just goig to write the same comment. No administrator would ever respond to that sort of letter or give out personal information. You need a good shrink.

      • In most states, I believe public school teachers have to go before the school board and have a trial before they are fired (I don’t know if this is true for catholic school teachers, though).

      • They can do what they want. I’m not proud of this but my parents put me in one from kindergarten through the 6th grade. Thank god it only went to 6th grade. My family was not catholic or ever had been. The school charged my family A LOT more monthly than they did the catholic families. I hated every moment of it.

    • Dude, that’s just messed up – really. Why go that far? Anyway, I am sure they have been watching and can make up their own minds.

  2. Ugh that episode sucked. There was so much they could have shown us tonight. Instead we get repeated crap. At the very least they could have shown us all new funny clips that weren’t aired before. Or better yet how about all the drama that’s been happening. Now it’s all going to be crammed in the next episode and they won’t fit everything in. Lame.

    • I agree, but seeing what Dan said to Shane when Shane was walking out the door was incredible- Dan “I’m sorry, man. She’s 100% playing you over, ask Jenn.” and then Shane pushes Dan off of him and walks out the door. WOW, I want Dan to win, but he is super shady for throwing Danielle under the bus like that.

      • Funny thing is Shane said in an interview, that he thought Dan told him to make sure he votes for Danielle.

      • Yea that was pretty shady… And I really like Dan. He’s pulling no punches this year though. I think ultimately it’s going to bite him in the ass. I don’t think Shane believed him based on his eviction interview.

      • In his interview with Jeff S, he notes that he was up all night thinking about if Dani was in on it- and said he thinks she might of had a role in it. But, if anything, all he did was secure a vote for Ian and not dan or danielle. Dan voted his ass out and he thinks Dani might have been in on it. Dan’s misting powers are pretty good, but I don’t think they are that good as to get Shanes vote over Dani.

  3. America’s Player, I voted for Brit. Her humor this season was worth the price of admission. Describing Joe’s activities under the covers was hilarious. Dr goodbyes especially to Boogie…..priceless. Sometimes her comments were the only bright spots in a boring season. Brit good luck!

  4. Ok I have been watching BB for many years now.. and this will be my last.. first you had to subscribe to showtime to watch after dark… then the live feeds and if you want to see enought of the show for it to be interesting you have to pay to see the live feeds… congrats for ruining a good show.. hope you make lots of money off of it.

    • gee, i just saw where they have 6.8 million viewers. i’m sure they will go broke if you stop watching.

  5. I wish they would of shown more…. or another view of whats going on in the jury house….

    So far I am stumped as to who may win this season, either Dan or Ian. I cant even get a good idea on how the jury is looking to vote. Its going to be a huge night on Wednesday.

    • I believe that it is so one sided that they will never show anything but “Dan is a great player”

      While Ian put them on the block, Dan burnt them as they went out. Was this a clever ploy by Dan and Ian?

    • I think Dan will win if he gets to the final two. The only other possible winner is Ian and in order for Ian to win he must evict Dan…” He need to slay the Dragon Slayer” Unfortunately for as smart as Ian is supposed to be, he doesn’t see it. Dumbielle tried to point it out to him on After Dark but he still thinks he can beat Dan. Not a chance. I do not like any of the three but I have seen too many seasons and know that the Jury almost always votes for the best game player and even though it seemed like a dirty way to play the game, Dan played the best. Danielle has no chance of winning if either one takes her. I am just disappointed that Ian could be so dumb not to recognize this! Duh he has studied every season of BB and he knows Dan is the only one to win by a 7 – 0 vote.

    • Dan is drinking the Ian Kool-aide about not winning against Danielle. So much so, he may just throw the next comp. to improve his image.

  6. First tonights episode was a waste of time, second really the live feeds the season were a rip off spent more time with trivia or technical issues than I care to discuss. Lastly .. can people give me a break about Dan and his game. He played the game and did a great job, the goal is to be the last man standing, he has done what he thought he needed to in order to get to that place. Calling his boss was childish and pathetic, really just because he is playing a game does not mean he is a horrible person in reality. I can honestly say I would probably swear on whatever and say whatever if I was fighting for half a mil too. IJS

  7. Please, I want Ian to win so bad!! Seeing Danielle get third place and realizing her coach screwed her over will be priceless. Dani is too stupid to deserve a final 2. Although it would also be funny to see Dan campaign for a win against dani and then her realize she was being played by Dan all along. He’s really not playing or her to win, he’s playing for himself. Duhhhhhhh!!

      • If Dan wins and takes Dani to the final 2 I will cry. I can’t even stand the thought of her getting the 50K. At first, I thought her game play was alright, but the last 2 days her game play can be compared to the person from survivor who gives up immunity to another person and then gets voted out.
        Lord, Ian, please win part 3.

      • Lol… Tissue companies will make a fortune on finale night if Danielle wins. My part alone should cover their expenses for a year.

      • LOL! I love how she is just muttering to the Camera about Ian. She is SO BITTER. MAYBE YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE THROWN THE 1ST PART TO THE GUY THAT JUST EVICTED YOUR BOYFRIEND!!! AND YOU MIGHT STILL HAVE A SHOT AT THE MONEY! One word to describe her- delusional.

      • My thoughts exactly! She is gonna need intense therapy when she finds out how people feel about her. I am glad Ian keeps telling Dan he isn’t throwing last comp. Dan’s mist is losing its power. I think Ian put trust in him, but when in comes to final 3, Ian is not STUPID! Go Ian. I think Ian will win america’s favorite too. I guess they can win both, can’t they?

      • I can’t believe anyone threw the first part nevermind the third. I still don’t know what these people were smoking. I think throwing the last part is crazy. Dan should just go for it and get Ian’s blood on his hands. I kind of hope he changes his mind.

      • she is a threatening fool,,crying like a pathetic victim constantly,,please ,, i put the tv on mutt when she dribbles and whines ,,,lololo

      • The Ark of Shame…beautiful. I can just see it now on a sea full of tears against the orange sunset and a delusional mermaid pushing it with all her might.

      • i cannot take another wine out of her fake tears,,,and her bully like banter to Ian,, she was a fool this whole game,,pathetic stalker of Shanes,,when he had no honest interest in her what so ever,, he would of been haning with Jojo or Cara if they would of stayed ,, she is really desperate,,and so mean to Ian it pissed me offf so bad,,,,,,,

  8. Why are the houseguests talking as if Ian already won Hoh? If Dan wins Hoh…isn’t he going to take Danielle? They’re talking as if it’s a done deal that Danielle is leaving the game. I hope she does…but part 3 still needs to be played.

      • pretty sure Dan won’t win HoH- unless he tries to throw it and ends up winning. From what has been going on the last day or so, it sounds like he wants to throw it to Ian- he said “throw it and win 500,000 or have to win it and take 50,000” He thinks he has a better shot against Ian. Danielle is toast.

      • no, the part about winning 50k is if he takes dani. he thinks she would win the 500k. he thinks he would win all if he takes ian.

    • He is planning on throwing it to Ian. He thinks he has a better shot at beating Ian and doesnt want to Win and have to send danielle home

    • It appears that the alliance between Dan and Ian is the really F2, early in the game when Quack Pack was formed, during a DR Dan said that given the chance he would run with Ian to the end.

      • I think Dan wants to take Danielle to the end, but he knows he can’t beat her. He said something the other night about having a conscience and wanting to throw HoH to Ian since then he wouldnt have to send Dani packing. I think over the last day or so Dan is realizing he has no shot against her. Which I think is true.

      • Nah. I don’t buy that. I think Dan is trying to secure votes, and if Ian evicts Danielle, then he’ll have Danielle working for him in the jury house.

      • He’s been whispering to himself on the feeds that he’s thinking about throwing it to ian. he said earlier today “I can throw it and win 500,000 or I have to win and take 50,000.” He also whispered “throwing the HOH is insane but its so insane it just might work”

      • Danielle has no chance to influence the Jury. She walks on stage 5 minutes before votes are cast. She can’t do anything for him. If Dani is next to him- she gets Shane and Jenns vote for sure- those two votes are up in the air if he is against ian.

      • I think Dan has a better shot against ian for sure- but still prob won’t be enough. But If Dani is there she gets Jenn and Shane and likely brit (brit said she wanted either ian or dani to win) and gets frank and Ash too… I Think Dan’s thinking he might have a better shot at Franks vote if hes next to ian since Ian screwed him too. I think Ian wins either way. Ian played an awesome game- he wasnt a floater by any means. He keeps muttering on the feeds “at least I stabbed you in the front” which is true. His game was way less dirty and he deserves the money based on game play.

      • Dan’s DR was repeated on this Sunday’s replay. At best, I think it has been an uneasy alliance, because contrary to the broadcast, I don’t think that Ian had let Dan control him, so Dan makes an alliance with the one leaving so he can burn them.

        Also Ian has stated that he took a class on game theory, which would include some physiology. I believe it was also said that he was trained to “read” people.

  9. Dan’s antics have kept the season interesting- blindsides in BB don’t happen very often, cause people are too damn scared to make moves. Dan wasn’t. So to an extent, I agree- its just a game. Lying and backstabbing in the BB house- if you don’t expect it, you shouldn’t be in there. I don’t feel bad for what happened to Danielle, cause she did it to herself. That said, do I agree with everything he did? No. I’m not catholic, but I think swearing on the bible (when you are clearly religious) is a little dirty, and wrong. Even if its just a game. But it’s all about what he can do and still sleep at night. For me, I am just enjoying watching. I hope Ian wins though, I love that nerd.

  10. I had to laugh at Dumbielle’s DR: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, I’m a Dumbass!”

  11. I want Ian to win, he sort of won me over when I saw how much winning $3000 meant to him. He has his flaws, they all do, I just think it would mean so much more for him.
    I think he wins if it is Ian/Dan final. If it is an Ian/Danielle final I think Danielle wins, and if it is a Dan/Daniella final I think Dan wins.

  12. Dani is now complaining to Dan how Ian is bothering her (he’s not). Then they plan ways to get under Ian’s skin. Then she said she was a substitute teacher, worked at a jeweler and a bar. I will so hate it if she wins any money. I also don’t like the way CBS portrays her as this sweet little southern girl who Dan keeps hurting. I hope she doesn’t win AC because of it.

    • Dani swallowed a bitter pill last night when she lost that HOH and it seemed to have fully absorbed in her system today. She’s acting like a complete crazy person. She should be mad at Dan since he messed up her game, but no shes mad at Ian. The guy who she should be trying to suck up to and convince to take her to the F2. What she is displaying right now is just BAD game play.

    • You ever wonder why someone says they have had all these jobs?….Could it be because she sucked at all of them and they showed her the door after a couple of days? Or maybe it only took a few days for her bosses to figure out the depth of her insanity? Nah…i think it’s because she’s flat out delusional and lives in her own little Danielle world where she’s the only employee.

  13. WOW does Ian really think if he takes dumbelle to the finals she would win over him or is that strategy talk??

    • I think he actually thinks that. But I think its hard to judge when you are in there who will beat who. Ian is probably thinking Dani would get Jenn, Dan, Shane- all she would need is one more- Frank for example who Dani did nothing to and won’t vote based on game play but will vote personally. So, I think is concern is legit. You never know what the Jury will base its choice on.

      • yea your right..Ian would probably only get Brittney and ashleys and maybe joes who knows ian and Frank were at odds when Framk left

      • But having said that, now I think he might give Ian his vote either way. He was more bitter leaving the house about Dan, Shane and Dani lying to him about how they were voting (they told him he was staying 4-0) than mad at Ian for putting him up. I think he could get past Ian’s nominating him, because let’s face it, him and Ian weren’t on good terms the weeek before either- he had to see it coming when Ian won HOH, But he didnt see it coming when Dan backstabbed him.
        Ian atleast played the game, drew the line and was like “I am going to war with you because you took brit out”. Dan was sneaky about what he did to Frank and I think that’s what hes mad about.
        There is no way Dan is getting Franks vote. He could try and mist him, but its not happening I don’t think.

    • He said, ‘To be the best, you have to beat the best” – thats why he will take Dan, even if he has a better shot against Danielle.

  14. Tell me i’m wrong but I think dan might have been playing coach the whole time and trying to get him and dani to the final. He could be playing for the second place prize trying to get dani the big money. just a thought.

    • I thought that at first but dans been discussing when he’s alone how he can win it all. So I do think he wants the big prize, but I think he did want Danielle there as second place so he could claim he coached all the way. Now that he thinks Ian would be easier to beat in votes I think that’s changed.

  15. call me crazy but i think if Ian wins the last comp weather IAn takes dan or dumbelle he would get most of the votes for winning the final HOH comp

    • I think the fact that he won would definitely help his case. Geez, coming in to the game everyone thought he was just a superfan and wasnt there to play the game. But then he turns out to win 3 HOH’s a POV, and takes out Chilltown 2.0. Not too bad for a superfan.

      • Just goes to show you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. If that were the case Danielles would be “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”.

  16. Joker’s site has a series of Ian streaking thru the house after the shushi party. He has a cute little butt :)

  17. WOW, I did not know that Season 4 winner, Adam, had been sentenced to over 4 years in a federal penitentiary for selling drugs, and that he was bipolar or at least that was his claim. Maybe winning BB is not such a good thing for some!!

    • i do agree with you though, season 5 winner drew tried to catch the acting bug, to avoid, you know, actually working, but failed at that. i think he moved back home after that and got in trouble for domestic abuse.

    • I just turned it on. Looks like Dumbielle is telling Ian he has no chance if she ends up in the jury. She’s talking down to him being a big b*tch.

      • Earlier today she was on a rant about Ian. She told Dan that she would tell the jury during the commercial break even if they (assuming production) wouldn’t let her talk. I think that was before she said she was gonna break Ian’s neck and feeds cut to fish. I think she got in trouble for that comment.

      • Dumbelle told Ian she carried him and was fighting from week 1..she was getting carried only won 2 HOhs…if Ian is such a big fan of BB he nees to realize Dumbelle wont be able to talk to Jury she is such a evil lying witch

      • I think Ian is smart enough to see through it. After the b*tch she’s been today and last night nobody will want to give her a chance at F2.

  18. Whoever gets evicted won’t go to the jury house..they will join the other jurors on stage..The evicted person has very little time to say Hello..much less taint the jury…IAN should know this and Dan most assuredly does…I don’t believe IAN trust either of them at this point…

      • Dumbelle said she would talk to the Jury during commercial break and taint the jury and tell them Ian is a liar and was talking bad against the jury members

      • Maybe we will have our first evict from jury? while all the votes are counted together juror #7 is really just the tie breaker. doesn’t contribute to the initial deliberations.

        Do they still get to ask question? or is it just final speech.

        I would think that if she does, the other jurors will see through it. really she should be trying to burn Dan for all he has done. I still hold this as possible since her DR seems to indicate she is over Dan. she is just doing this to try and stay in the game.

  19. I’m laughing, Ian talks all tough about Dani behind her back but when she gets in his face, he gets quiet, doesn’t look her in the eye and can’t tell her the truth. Please Dan win HOH and cut this kid.

    • When he was on the hammock he said, “I don’t respond to threats,
      period.” “I am playing the game with children.” I think he has more
      “balls” to ignore it all – a real man refuses to engage it that kind of

  20. OMG, watching BBAD and this chick is crazy! Who exactly does she think she is? If she wins one cent it will kill what I think was one of the best seasons ever!

    • She’s being an Evil Queen B right now. You should have seen her around 12:45 today. Same kind of thing but she was going off about Ian to Dan and saying some really mean things. I think she knows her time’s up and now she’s just gonna make it hell for the guys.

      • What makes her think shes going??? I thought there had to be one more comp before somebody was evicted. And I got news for Daniell and her influence (if any) over Shane is sooo totally over..He said as much to Julie in saying that after his eviction he could not trust her…She has noooo influence with any of the jurors…She’s is sooo dam stupid..

      • Her holier than thou attitude just blows me away. She’s a more dangerous liar than Dan and has the nerve to say she only lied to Frank. Cry, cry, cry with Brit when she was in on it. Can you spell delusional?

  21. Oh my the hissy fit that Princess Puff-n-stuff is putting on right now is just to damn funny.
    She contradicts herself every other sentence, Ian just sitting there listening is priceless.
    She can keep talking and he isn’t taking her

  22. Out of curiousity, I followed up on some comment some guy made here about Dan being let go and no longer coaching at St. Mary’s Prep in Orchard Lake, and they told me the same thing. The web site is easy to find.
    I don’t want Dan fired. I was just wondering if it was true.

    • What’d it say exactly… Because I remember Dan saying going into the big brother house was a big decision for him because he wouldn’t getto coach his team this year after winning state champs last year. I had assumed he took a leave of absence since he wouldn’t be therefor the start of the year.

    • As a parochial school teacher, I don’t agree with Dan swearing on the Bible or his wife and then going back on it. Before anyone yells, I know this is a game of lying, but lie all you want, don’t swear on the Bible, especially if you work at a Catholic institution. I wouldn’t feel quite as strong, though I’d still disagree, if someone else did so. Dan should know better. If he’s not working there any more, it’s Dan’s own fault.

    • Wonder if the website is legit. Why wouldn’t they fire him face to face but instead put it on the internet. I smell lawsuit

    • He wasn’t fired. I’m sure he had to take leave to do this show, so technically yes, he no longer works there. Even if Dan doesn’t win any money, he still comes out ahead. Catholic school teachers make far less than public teachers so he makes more over the summer than he would have all year.

  23. For anyone not caught up on whats going on… Dumbelle said she would talk to the Jury during commercial break and taint the jury and tell them Ian is a liar and was talking bad against the jury members Dumbelle told Ian she carried him and was fighting from week 1..she was getting carried only won 2 HOhs…if Ian is such a big fan of BB he nees to realize Dumbelle wont be able to talk to Jury she is such a evil lying witch..I said it once already to a couple of people

      • How about the line she told to Ian? Something about how Dan will tell lies to the jury about him. Haha, who’s the liar here?

    • 2 HOH wins isnt laughable, its actually pretty impressive. She was also the only female to win HOH. Also, when you are the only player on your team, there is a lot of incentive to get rid of a coach. That means you have to fight. Dont sell Danielle short. While she is incredably annoying, she didnt have as easy a road as Ian has. Let remember that she could have been out week 2…

  24. Wow is Danielle ever working Ian. She is really saying nasty things about Dan and is serious about Ian taking her to the end. I can’t stand the pitch of her voice anymore. I wish she would shut up already. And she keeps saying Shane will be pissed if you cut me. OMG Shane doesn’t want a relationship with you stalker! I can’t wait to see if Ian tells Dan everything she is saying. Production sure is keeping Dan in the DR for a long time. Guess they want Danielle to fight to go to final 2.

    • Fanboy’s mancrush will always win out. She’s telling him what Dan’s all about and that’s making want Dan to win HOH cuz he will cut Ian and the look on his face will be priceless. He can go quack quacking in pyschosis to the jury stage still tryong to figure it all out. You know I was anti-Dan before, but these guys are just so stupid I want Dan to steamroll all of them.

    • She’s giving Ian all the more reason not to take her to the Final2! And Danielle is hoping Dan saves her from Ian once again…I hope Ian either beats Dan in the final 3 HoH or Dan throws it to Ian and he drops Dumbelle like a hot potato! GO Ian!!!

  25. doesnt she realize she making good points for Ian to take Dan to F2 all the people he backstabbed i would take Dan over her i mean just saying

    • He’s not buying what she’s selling. He already told Dan he wasn’t throwing the last HoH round and that he isn’t going to take Danielle’s threats and harassment much longer either.

      • When he was on the hammock he said, “I don’t respond to threats, period.” “I am playing the game with children.” I think he has more “balls” to ignore it all – a real man refuses to engage it that kind of bullying.

      • He’s got no balls, he talks trash behind people’s backs and talks all tough. The oppurtunity for him to stand up presented itself last night he did nothing and she almost made him cry. Ian’s an obnoxious jerk that got put in his place, that’s why he rocked that hammock all night, because she smacked him. He’s had coming for a while. I liked the kid in the beginning,but after he rid of Boogie, he became a little jerk.

      • Clearly you you have no class and are no man. I will no longer engage with you and your nonsense. Grow up.

      • He didn’t really engage in it til he had to defend himself. I think he took it better than say Willie or Frank would have. Otherwise, he may have attacked her and been thrown out of the house, like Willie attacked Joe! He really was hoping Dumbelle would stop her ranting and go back to being nice again like she’d been during the Quack Pack days before Britney was evicted!

  26. Does Daniell really believe that if she is final 2 with Ian that she will win the $500,000?? Even if DAN TAKES HER SHE IS GONNA GET 2ND PLACE..

  27. OMG – Danielle is being a complete loser! She is draining all the energy out of Ian. This kid needs to walk away from this deranged woman! He has just as much right to play for & be in the Final2 as the rest of the Quack Pack. What a Witch!!
    It makes no since to say she expects Dan to mess over her but not Ian. She messed this game up for herself but blames Ian. Planned or not, she is crazy and needs counseling! Ian needs a Restraining Order against Danielle!! Dan/Ian – F2!!

    • Danielle is being a bitch. Even though her and Dan planned this in hopes that Ian will throw the comp to Dan so he can “supposedly” cut Danielle so she won’t be mad at Ian. Danielle is dragging this on tooooo long tired of hearing her voice. And from what Ian is saying talking to himself he is not going to fall for it. Had to laugh. He said I don’t respond to threats, what am I playing with children F***ing armatures. This is BS. All while swingIng on his hammock talking to himself. Gotta love the kid. I so hope he wins this game. And that Danielle shuts her annoying mouth. Go Ian

  28. Just turned of BBAD. Watching Ian for the millionith time rocking in that hammock is like being tortured to death.

  29. What was up with Danielle’s crying after leaving her DR session??? Did production say something to her regarding the possible outcome that will prevail? And then walking past Ian, and he asks politely if she’s okay and she did like a Regan (Linda Blair as the devil in the Exorcist) on him and said, “I don’t want to talk to anyone right now!” Then went to her room to cry some more for the cameras while reading one of the two letters from home!

  30. Has Daniell told IAN that she needs the money for her cancer treatments??If not that will probably be her next reason he should take her to final 2..

  31. For all the crying she is doing about Ian & Dan having a pact she has nobody to blame but herself.
    She leaves Dan on the block, Shane would have voted Ian out and she would have been guranateed at least 50k without question but no her dubmass got “misted” again.

    • I know she’s an idiot. Dan’s deal with Ian wasn’t any different than hers with Shane. Did she really think that Ian and Dan were going to just sit back and let the showmance rule the house. Ha. It’s not Dan’s or Ian’s fault that she was stupid enough to get her other f2 evicted.

  32. I just LOVE how Dumbielle is stalking the door to the DR waiting for Dan to come out! You know she’s gonna run into his arms and cry and say that Ian hurt her feelings.

  33. ‘The final three have their celebratory brunch where they’re fed lines from production to introduce clip shows. And it’s SO painful. If you thought their Diary Rooms were painfully scripted then this might just make you scream.’ Amen brother! This was even more painful to watch than those painfully contrived clip shows they’d do frequently on the Golden Girls to ease the production burden on those old gals…:)
    I’ve missed several episodes and whenever I return to the show after an absence, I’m always surprised by the cheese factor that runs rife through this show…yeesh…:)

  34. Just finished watching Shane interview with Jeff. Dan’s efforts to influence the jury failed because Shane didn’t hear him when he tried to through Danielle under the bus.

  35. Dan…Karma will getcha. If I hear one more time about his being a football coach and what he tells his players I will get ill. Dan played the game, but man o man, swearing on the Bible, his ring, his wife, his word… Karma baby

  36. Wow Danielle is bitter vetch….blaming Ian for her failure to win either comp and is trying to bully him into taking her with him….she is not a good loser and does not take responsibility for her own part in all of her ‘bad luck’….nasty nasty person….

    • Dan and her planned this fight. But she is being a total bitch. Karma baby. They are hoping Ian will throw the comp to Dan thinking Dan will take him but he will really take Danielle

      • Actually Dan is drinking the Ian Kool-aide about him not winning against her. So much so, Dan is thinking of throwing the next comp so he doesn’t have to evict her and look bad. That’s why he is encouraging her to behave the way she is to Ian.

        Since Dan has trust issues he feels he needs to do this despite the fact that Ian has been loyal to all final deals.

      • Dan doesn’t know what the word LOYAL even means. If I was his wife right now I would be wondering who this guy is. And what did I get myself into. Actually Danielle hit it right on when she said how good he is at lieing and he is too good at it. He is scarey. This is beyond game. This isn’t just game, this is him.

  37. Oh no! Dan’s lying to Dumbielle with the bible in front of him…..who’s gonna be the first to throw stones? Hahaha!

  38. Ian, you need to stop saying ‘quack’ cuz it’s getting reeeeally annoying. Danielle, it would’ve been kinda sick to watch you win the final HOH and not take Dan :). Dan, I really can’t be mad at you because you’re are sexy as hell when you’re evil. I can’t wait till Wednesday!!!

  39. Wow, I know some dude that does the same reactions when he gets called out on stuff. That dude is one hell of a liar and so is Dan. Dani, he covered his bases, you figured it out too late.

  40. Did anyone find it kinda creepy when Dumbielle was sitting on one bed talking with Dan on the other bed while he had one hand under the covers? Ewww… gave me a Joe flashback.

  41. Dumbielle to Dan: “I’m gonna need to see a psych when I get out of here”. AHHH….she finally realized it! Congrats queen idiot!

    • im sick of her saying Ian made deals so he could float..your such a floater..and her blindly loyalty to Dan makes her the dumbest person to ever play this game

  42. yep Daniell may be coming up out of the mist..She told Dan the technically he is no longer her coach….

  43. Oh poor dumbelle she has gone thru so much shes a clueless floater..she needs to watch some previous BB seasons

  44. I am so tired of watching danielle trying to make Ian feel guilty as if she’s the only person who has worked to stay in the game. Ian does not deserve it. She is so annoying and always complaining. At the end of the day, she’s the dumb one. Funny how she “pretends” to talk bad about Dan and yet she does not realize she is being played as a fool. GO TEAM IAN!

  45. OK, I have finally lost my patience with this insane, delusional, stupid ,evil, bullying, narcissistic, lying, crazy little girl named Danielle, if, that is indeed her real name. Firstly, I would like to warn Chelsea that I truly believe that Danielle is psycho in love with Dan, and yet I don’t believe Shane is completely out of the woods yet. I’m not saying this to be funny. I used to laugh at her “boil the the bunny antics”, but she is now having the same conversations and flirting tactics with Dan as she did with Shane. She is seriously starved for attention, especially of the male persuasion. Kara and Janelle were too pretty- happy to see them go! She was constantly comparing herself to every woman in the house and insisting they were jealous of her. The compulsive lying is another problem deeply rooted to her deep seeded insecurities, deeply buried causing serious narcissistic/ Border-line personality problems. I just want to break down the lies and let me know if I’ve missed one. Hives,rashes,asthma,kidney ailment ( can’t drink dark liquids,which would include ANY alcohol )?, breast implants, denied, then caught, now CANCER???? . Job lies- school teacher, nurse, obviously a student at some point, a charge nurse for 80 patients, yet she still had to go back to school?, a professional photographer at 16, a jeweler- all by 23? She is , in all honestly one sick young lady! If she is suddenly bringing up cancer after all this time for sypmpathy, while telling nobody is suspect and if she is lying, cruel and criminal. I don’t know what depths she will sink to, but I seriously hope she gets intensive psychological care .

  46. What a sore loser dumbielle is threatening Ian that she will basically sabotage his votes if he doesn’t pick her for the final 2…pathetic

  47. After hearing all the comments and watching Danielle behavior I hope she gets evicted. Everyone on this season is going to need a protective order against her. I hope Shane watch this season and don’t get involved with her. She needs to be a patient. I hope Ian wins this season. He going to put his money to good use. He is going to finish school and invent something or discover something that everyone in the world can use. GO IAN!!!

  48. Seems like in almost every season there is a reall dumb person making it to the end. I think the producers like it that way. Makes for great “drama”. Danielle certainly fills the dumb bill this season. I am only watching because Ian is still in the BB House. I voted for him to win the $25,000. Anyone who cries at winning $3,000 is a good person. A young college student like him and a real fan of BB deserves to win!

  49. Although I think Dan is the smartest player EVER in BB history, I’d really like Ian to win this year…he’s a smart player, but also the most honest and loyal player this year…I will be very upset if Dan or Ian takes Danielle to the F2, she’s the stupidest, vainest, idiotic girl I have ever seen…wait until she finds out Shane has no interest in her what so ever…He didn’t even hug her when he left the house….

  50. I am 1hr 45 min into BB After dark last night – I just feel sick. Honestly, my heart aches and I feel disgusted. I understand the whole game is about lying and backstabbing – but it’s the pleasure Dan & Danielle get from doing it. Danielle is telling Dan how she “just made Ian feel this little” and the two of them gave such evil smiles. She is going to far and especially enjoying it. She is convinced her tactics now have Ian willing throw the last comp. Do whatever it takes to win the game – but some remorse would at least make you more likable. I truly felt sorry for Ian. He doesn’t know what to do with his emotions. Dan & Danielle make me feel ill – but at this point I’d chose Dan over her for final 2.

  51. Dan has played a great game as many have pointed out. But it was Ian who faciliated the creation of the QP. And then, he remained loyal to it. I don’t think that will be lost on the jury. He reshaped the entire house in that little dog suit.

  52. BB has gotten beyond ridiculous ! Last nite show was so boring ! I don’t ever remember a episode in past seasons like last nite’s, but I could be wrong. You have 3 ppl left who have something or other seriously wrong with them. Danielle is beyond delusional, seems psychotic at times. Ian is hard to describe, altho he has some time of condition which is completely understanding, his rants and raves makes it kinda uncomfortable 2 watch half the time. It’s not even the hammock or rocking in the chair, but the running, jumping up and down, dancing and doing the oddest things at the camera. Then there’s Dan who I know play love him for his game play, whatever, his DR sessions really make him out to be the evil person that he’s “pretending” to be ??? He said he feels for Ian, but didn’t Dan see what he’s actually doing to him, making him a nervous wreck adding to his condition, which shows Dan laughing at times. Obviously, he is working with ppl who haves issues to begin with, but hopefully his actions in his game play doesn’t go beyond help for these 2 players. I know It’s just a game, but Dan has no, nada, care for anyone except DAN, plain and simple. His egotistic opinion of himself is getting quite old and I know I don’t want to hear about his coaching, coaching, coaching……….ANYMORE

  53. Since Ian won the second part of the competition and theres nobody worth winning left I would have to say that the money should go to him. Production needs to be more selective with their houseguests because this season was definitely a bust! I dont think Ill be paying for the 24 feeds anymore after this. Theyre BORING! Also, production……Its so obvious that you guys tell them what to do.

  54. Danielle doesn’t deserve to win…if it’s her against Dan in the F2, Dan will win…Ian may have some good arguements if it’s him and Dan in F2, but he unfortunately is not as articulate as Dan, the master of articulation and manipulation, and therefore I can picture Dan’s F2 speech as to why he should be the winner of BB14 to be the most amazingly phenomenal Final 2 speech in BB History, so basically, Dan is going to win !

  55. I am watching last nights after dark show,,and it is sooo upsetting how Danielle pathetic fake,,is threatening Ian,, you coward!!!!!!!you should be ashamed of your self,,little country Hick,,, whaaaaaaaa ,,

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