Big Brother 14: Final Week Popularity Poll

Big Brother 14 Houseguests

Here’s our final round of popularity polling for the remaining Big Brother 14 HGs. Check out last week’s poll for the basis of this discussion. With just three players left it’ll be interesting to see where votes for Jenn and Shane relocate and if Danielle can pull in to a stronger position.

Last week we saw Ian eek out a win over Dan in the polling with 39% against Dan’s 38% to earn his debut in the top spot this season. That’s an impressive feat considering how high Dan has been riding in the numbers since his “Big Brother funeral” a few weeks back. If Ian can hold on to his lead this time again then I’d say it could bode well for his chances at America’s Favorite for $25K.

Moving down the line you’ve got Shane at 12% who just never recovered from a mediocre mid-season. He started out strong in the polls, won lots of competitions, and then just kind of put it in neutral and coasted to nearly the end. Not even being on the end of Dan’s mind tricks were enough to give him more than a few points’ bounce from last week.

Danielle came in second to last and managed a small increase over last week with 6% this time around. Despite coordinating her season with Dan, she hasn’t been earning much collateral fan appreciation and never broke out of the single digits. If she goes on to Jury rather than the Final 2 this Wednesday I think she’ll have the fewest disappointed fans compared to the other two.

Now a special moment. Jenn escaped the 0% range! After 8 previous, consistent weeks at sub 1% Jenn Arroyo climbed way, way up to earn 4% in the poll this week. Perhaps fans were motivated by me pointing out she was about to leave the game never getting a full point in the polls or how week after week she couldn’t earn a hundred votes out of over ten thousand. No matter how she did it, Jenn managed to leave the season while finally getting on the board.

So here we are. One final chance to vote in the Big Brother 14 popularity poll for the remaining HGs this week. Vote for your favorite then share your thoughts.

You can check out the archive of past polls to see how everyone is doing over the season. I’ve also got a graph charting everyone’s rise and fall for Big Brother 14.

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Big Brother 14 Week 9 popularity poll results


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  1. WOW WOW!! Go Ian–he is def not gunna throw that comp!! good for him–after hearing Dans parting words to Shane–its clear he is setting Danielle up–what a snake! He really has no morals–I get the game, no need for going nuclear on the whole “lying is part of the game” –but to tell Shane that shes been playing him the whole time and to “just ask Jenn”–what a piece of excrement. He is setting (or trying to) up the jury house against her–as an aside, I would love at this point in the game -if the producers would add a jury house night–instead of replaying the “game so far”– I would love to see it play out in there as each new member is brought in, instead of the lame set up they attempt to act out…my vote is for Ian–not backing down and “getting” Dans game!

  2. why does everyone keep talking about how Dan has lied so he shouldn’t win? They all have lied! Your not going to last in BB long if you always tell the truth on what you are going to do. He like everyone else is there to win the money, not make friends or play nice. He played the game better than anyone else! Like him or not, he deserves to win!!

      • Yeah well maybe you haven’t noticed its big brother! You can do whatever you want, and maybe you haven’t realized but BB and real life is not the same!

      • Some ppl don’t care at this point if it’s a game or not, and I know u’ll say stop watching, but there are 7 other ppl left )jury members) who we prefer to see. The man is ruthless plus others adjective i will not say on here.

      • Yeah, well why do ppl complain then, he outplayed them simple as that is it really his fault that the ppl you like to see believed him? Like Dani said yesterday fool me once shame on you fool me twice same on me and fool me three times i’m a dumass. Like ppl are just complaining because the ppl there rooting for is out the door, and ours are still in the house. I’m sure if it was the other way around and Dan got out you would be happy.

      • No it’s not the same, this is true. But if someone wants to cross lines on national TV and some people are offended there might be a price to pay in real life too. Dan’s not reading a script and he makes his own choices. He did what he did to win the money. He is the person that has to live with those choices and any consequences in the real world. If it doesn’t bother you then Hooray, but others have the right to their oppinions and to be bothered by it. Good for those people that can stand up for what they believe in, in real life and when playing a game.

      • What “price in real life” would he pay other than what some lunatic BB fans, or overreacting religious extremists, might do? The Bible doesn’t say anything about swearing on it, it wasn’t even a practice until well after the Bible was written. The Bible actually encourages not swearing at all. Dan won’t go to Hell for it, some people who can’t separate a reality TV game show from actual reality will just look at him sideways when he leaves the House.

      • Seriously, what is with his head always sideways when he talks to the camera? I can’t stand looking at him when he does that! Go Ian!!

      • People!!! ,What Dan,was permitted to do on Big Brother.. Is what has caused corruption in the world today among our youth..So sad

    • It’s not the lying its swearing on his wife, bible, and grandfathers cross. thats what most people are upset about not lying. so your telling me if some puts there hand on the bible and swears then you won’t be upset

      • Exactly! And some people out there just don’t get that… Not to mention the fact that Dan isn’t just some guy that’s not religious… Although I don’t think anyone should use the bible to swear on and to lie, it’s even worse when the person doing it teaches at a catholic school and is a role model, proclaiming to be religious. I don’t care what anybody says, that is lower than low.

      • Seeing as i can separate game from real life…nope, i wouldn’t be upset that he did that. I would be more upset that i was ousted at ALL. Whatever strategy he chooses to employ is up to him. If i fell for it then i need to be sitting beside the rest of the jurors. JMO but i think that in BB…and sometimes in real life as well…just because someone has a bible open in front of them…doesn’t mean the truth is coming out of their mouth. And before someone jumps on my religious convictions, just let me say….to not question what someone is saying (no matter WHO it is)..even with a Bible in their hands……leads to blind following. Which explains why most of the hg are now jury members.

      • You are right to question everything, but there has to be some degree of trust in order to form an alliance. Yes most hgs lie to make it through bb, but it is possible to get people to believe your lies without bringing anything sacred into it. One would think that a Christian school teacher wouldn’t want to risk his relationship with God and his image as a role model by by swearing on everything sacred in his life and going back on it with absolutely no remorse.

      • it amazes me how someone can swear on such precious items and then smile as he does it. i dont care if it a game or not, some things should never be sworn on.

      • What exactly did Dan swear on the bible, then lie about? Watching the episode it seemed like Dan only swore that the truth he was supplying about the Quack Pack and especially Ian was true. He never swore on his wife OR the Bible that he would not target Frank as far as I’m aware of. If Frank thought Dan’s swearing on the Bible once, about certain things, made Dan obligated to tell the truth forevermore, that’s Frank’s fault and just shows you how poor of a BB player he was.

        Would I be upset that someone lied and used our shared religion (they weren’t the same, but both Christian) to further themselves in a game that practically REQUIRES lying and “shady” play? Of course not. If he did it outside of that game? Of course! The two are very different and I’m surprised at how many fans don’t realize that.

      • So let me get this straight. Lying is OK, but lying on a bible or loved ones while playing a game that encourages lying is somehow worse? If your against lying, that’s fine, but to quibble over which way or the amount you can lie is pretty silly. Like him or hate him, if Dan had done any less than he has, he would of been evicted weeks ago. Not one person, with maybe the exception of Jodi has not lied during the game, and that was only because she was gone the first day.

      • It’s Big Brother! Not Church! Plenty of evil things have been done in that house. Dan is the only one who deserves the 500K.

      • Hey,hey, if you are a believer in the Lord, you should know the Church is a place to worship..Regardless where you are,one should respect the Word of God..What make one think you only respect Gods word in church….Mockery of the Holy word,is wrong..You all can believe as you like..But I know Right from Wrong..

    • I bet most of you would do whatever it takes to win the money if you were on the show. Just because you are not, you can hide behind what you Would do. It is a game people! everyone who entered the house knew what they were getting in to and that they would lie and be lied to. If that was not ok with them, they would not have signed up..remember, it’s just a game..everyone in the house knows it.

  3. Shut the Hell up ian is a good player and he’s not fucktarded like dani people don’t like him.bc he gets Pissed off but at least he isn’t messed up enough to swear on the bible and then lie when he works for a catholic school GO IAN

  4. I’m one the Dan wagon, No matter what has gone on all season Dan has master minded the game above an beyond.

  5. OMG…listening to Dan and Dani’s conversation last night in the bedroom. Her voice sounds like a 5 year old whiny child. So annoying. If she thinks that will endear her to Dan, or make him pity her, she’s wrong.

  6. Dan deserves this win so badly, absolutely destroyed the house this year. I don’t think there has ever just been one person just absolutely running the house like he is doing. All the jury members except maybe Ashely, is there because of Dan! I think that speaks volumes on who should win this game.

      • Are you serious!? ahh why do you think every hgs wanted to be on the show? maybe for 500,000!! everyone there for a selfish interest like wow. And Dan kicked eveyone asses its not his they believed him.

      • Maybe its because we actually realize the fact that we are watching a game show on are televisions. Your acting like he frickin shot someone in real life, a hgs got evicted form the big brother house! They didn’t get hurt or anything. How don’t you understand that BB is not real life. Also, like frick what you want him to do just give up and cry about, he’s been in the toughest situations and got out of them. Its not his fault everyone believes him or is kicking everyones asses. And look at you your just judging based on a reality show maybe meet him in real life first and then judge. Also, if its pisses you off so much why are you even watching the show or better yet come to the fan site? All you doing is making him more popular so why don’t you make a statment and stop watching. Your just being a hyprocrite by watching and supporting the show that Dan is on!

      • Oh aren’t u the clever one. What do you know? I don’t even want to meet Dan in real life. I watch the show because as a therapist I am interested in human interaction. I don’t think my opinion of the way Dan manipulates has any bearing on his popularity at all. Supporting the show…are you crazy? What a joke you are!!!

      • Your not making an opinon your attacking Dan based on a reality TV show. Yeah you can say oh I don’t agree with Dan gameplay, no your like he greedy disgusting, like get over it. If you like human interaction how would you be suprised that Dan’s fans would back him up, or really anyone who is a fan of the show.

      • Wow, I guess it is a good thing this season is coming to an end. People are getting pretty nasty. I have pretty much stopped giving my opinion because of all of the attacks. No one is allowed an opinion.

      • How is that a joke?! Your watching it aren’t you?! That means your a viewer and if your a viewer, that means your helping their ratings, and if your helping there ratings it means your supporting them by having people like Dan on the show. Yeah well stop bitching about it if your still wathcing it, seems pretty simple rational explanation to me, so many your the joke here.

      • I don’t know if i would call him the biggest liar…Danielle has that honor. I might call him the BEST one…since his is hitting the target and hers is just pathetic attention seeking. If you call Dan greedy then you might as well call a contestant on “The Price Is Right” greedy as well. All game shows are designed to acquire money or prizes. I don’t think Bob Barker handed out rocks to those he invited to “come on down”.

      • I would love to see you there and fighting for the money. I would love to see what you would do. Don’t sit there and belittle some one untill you have been there. It’s easy for you to say this now because you are not in the running for the money..Think about it. I would do what I had to do to win it also. God knows that Dan is only playing a game. And I am sure that Dan has has his own talks with God about what he did. You are clueless and a hypocrite in my book. You would lie your behind off for that amount of money. So slow your roll and keep it real as to what you would do.

  7. So, Danielle thought that Dr. Jekyll/Mr Hyde were two different people…DUH…I thought she was super educated…hmmmm….

    • Looks like he is headed for the loony bin. Maniacal lies , dresses like a ninja. I wouldnt b surprised to hear of marital problems later or problems at his catholic school with all the bible swearing. Just saying….

      • I’m sure his wife, and his coworkers and students at his school, who have known him for years, won’t change their opinion of him based on what they’ve seen of his gameplay on CBS for under 3 hours a week. Frankly, the personal attacks on his character are uncalled for, and I’m surprised the people who are so upset about his impiousness are also so quick to judge him. It’s a little ironic.

    • Earlier in the season on BBAD she told Dan, “I have a photographic memory,” then later said to Ian, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. That’s a Bible quote, you know.” First time I’ve laughed at something Danielle’s said all season!

  8. Danielle was horrible to Ian last night. She beat him up emotionally, which is NOT part of the game, then bragged to Dan about it. Ian kept his dignity in the face of her threats and accusations. Lying & backstabbing is part of the game but badgering a person who you know is vulnerable emotionally is downright evil! Ian never bad mouthed her or any HG. Danielle is a user. Dan played 2 games this season, his game and her game. Yet she has the nerve to spout stupidity about how SHE fought from “day 1” Duh, Dan fought, not you! After Hearing what she did to Ian I hope if Dan will be choosing, he rewards Ian’s loyalty & takes him instead of giving dollar one to that poison tongued abuser. Just saying’.

    • Well Dan manipulated Danielle and we can all see she’s weak emotionally. So if you’re going to get on Danielle you must get on Dan as well.

      • And he was also having quite the time badgering her emotionally last
        night and laughing at her. Dan & dani are two peas in a pod, and might be meant for each other…

      • She asks for it, and she’s so fake. if it really bothered her so much she wouldn’t have trusted him every single time he screwed with her emotionally. especially after crying so much about him evicting Shane, she’s still going along with his plan. last night she was being clingy and annoying asking him if she’ll get the sweet Dan back this week….ummm NO! News flash! he doesn’tneed you anymore, get over it lol

      • As long as any male gives her thier attention,Danielle will suck it up..She thinks she is Gods gift to men…If she was ever put where there were no mirrors or no males..You better get the strait jacket ready ..Without mirrors,men,or her drugs,you best call the guys in the white coats..
        Can’t wait for Shane to watch the tape,and see she back stab him as much as Dan..

    • How right you are , Danielle should be sent to the jury house packing . She is a very EVIL person. I felt so bad for Ian when she was beating him up. I don’t know who she thinks she is..she is just jealous because she thinks she’s going to be left out in the cold….which I hope she is. She doesn’t deserve to be in the finall two..GO IAN ALL THE WAY AND WINNNNNNN !!!!!!

  9. OMG….is it just me or is Dani the most annoying person to ever play BB? She is acting like a 3 year old having a fit! Grow up dani! It’s just a game! It’s not all about you!!

  10. Danielle is so annoying. Danielle and Ian both need to realize that they would not be there without Dan,
    Dan took all the heat from Mike and Frank for Ian or Ian might have been gone a long time ago, and Danielle is so stupid there is no way she would be able to do anything without Dan, if Dan got voted out the only way she would have made it to the end is if Shane took her all the way

  11. I think Dan played a better game than Ian, but Ian didn’t have four weeks of safety. He had to fight to stay in the game longer than Dan did. I think Ian deserves to win because of that.

  12. Wow! I find some of these comments amazing. Every season we watch backstabbing, lying etc. let’s face it! More ppl have won doing this then not. Dans last season he pretty much played an honest game so he obviously had to change he strategy a bit the 2nd time around. Plus how often do we hear about former enemies that end up being besties when they get out ie ragon & Matt, rachael & ragon, etc. this is a tv show ppl. If u don’t like it, watch little house on the prairie

  13. LOL…Danielle just said she has a 4.0 grade point average. Not in her wildest dreams….unless she’s talking about the courses she obviously took in lying. Of course this was after she said she has scholarships. And Dan replied…”I thought you said your parents paid for it?”….HaHaHa!

  14. I think that everyone has their favorites this season, whether they are still in the house or not is another story. Right now we have three people that are available to choose to give the 1/2 million too. For what my two cents is worth, I would probably give it to Ian. I would have given it to Dan before he started all the lieing and swearing on the bible but there are somethings that I just don’t support. Dan is definetly a great player. I wish that he would have done things just a little different to make him less of a target for a lot of the harsh comments that are abounding. He could have just agreed to have a final 2 deal with all of them but yet took this further and sworn on his wife and the bible. As a Christian it is difficult to just let this slide, even for a game. There are other ways to go about making your way through the game. Honesty is usually the best policy but in reality shows like this and others that is not usually the case. You have to stay in the house the longest. So I say GO IAN.

  15. I love Ian,,,,,he sure did take abuse from the big mouth cry baby Danielle yesterday. You have class Ian and your mother raised you well.

  16. Hating Dan and his puppet, Danielle, more every day. What a dirty game Dan has played. I hope he takes home nothing but dirty underwear. I hope his priest gives him a stern lecture about the ‘love of money is the root of all evil.’ It certainly has made Dan look like the Devil. And Danielle? Ick, won’t even give her the time of day, but somebody please give that girl some Oxy10 or some of that ProActive that advertise on tv. She seriously needs a dermatologist and a nose job.

  17. Sorry if I offend anyone by saying this but, Dan really is the only one who 100% deserves to win this game. Put the fact that he’s already won behind. This season he went from one player out Day One, next out Day 13, and brought his third player all the way to the Final 3 with him. Danielle, all she ever did this season was backdoor Janelle, which she got talked into doing. Ian, backstabbed Frank and Boogie and created the Quack Pack. Dan, however, like I said, went from being down to his last player, to bringing her all the way to the F3, survived his own funeral, misted everyone to do his own dirty work, and has been targeted since the moment entering the house. He really does deserve to win once again.

  18. No one has mentioned Ian’s Rocking Hammock moment. Mature or mental. Dani went at Ian as Dan had mandated. She should have told him that they should go toe to toe as newbies. Dan has gone at it twice…It’s their turn. Ian is just as much as a puppet as Dani. He has followed Dan’s “suggestions” as Dani. Dan is the KING. Will be surprised if he doesn’t will.

  19. i don’t understand what wit the dani hate Dan had been telling her out to think act etc. shestill tyhinking of him as her coach she a young girl , who was used by a master mind who won this game before.
    Ian is not a nice person mayb e you need to recall all the means stuff he did
    But no one is a bigger Pr**K then DAN

  20. Danielle is such a sore looser i hope she gets kicked out of the house she is just pist off cus she only had final 2 with Shane an Dan not Ian. An now she is such a baby i hated that she went off on Ian so i hope she doesn’t win a damn thing. An she shouldn’t be pist at Ian she should be pist at Dan. After everything he’s done to her a played her for a fool. Lol

  21. Everyone keeps saying what dan did to danni,,, if u watch her FAKE tyrants, I really think she was in on all Dans evils.. She is a bad actress. Even when dan bootef shane. Notice how quick she recovered?All an act. Anybody else would have been really mad at Dan and not crawled right back to him. She is SO fake……..Go Ian

  22. American’s Fav, is out of everyone, not just the last 3, which means that just because Ian is on top now does not mean he will win, Britney was on top when she was backdoored, she will most likely win, and she should. unless of coure Frank wins, in which case I will think CBS had something to do with it.

  23. people at like ian is so innocent when hes not and i bet if he was in dani’s place he would be doing the same thing i’ve seen him be pretty ugly to and remember he hid behind dan when he got boogie out and i wander just how loyal ian would be if he knew that dan wanted him out when dan put him on the block and he would be in the jury if he did’nt win the pov

  24. I am so team Ian, Danelle went to far Ian is a sweetheart we thought dani was nice she showed us a side we dont like or respect. I want Ian to win so bad nails may be gone by the end.

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