Big Brother 14: Janelle Pierzina Eviction Interview

Janelle Pierzina on Big Brother 14

As a long, long time fan of Big Brother (you can’t get any further back than watching since the first season like I have) it was a bittersweet experience to interview this weeks’ evictee: Janelle Pierzina. Sure, her game this season might not have been as sharp as we’ve seen in the past, but she is still one of the most accomplished, most entertaining, and most popular HGs this game as ever seen.

Today I had the chance to talk with Janelle and ask her about her time in the Big Brother 14 house. She answered questions on game strategy, her eviction, betrayals, the best part of being back on Big Brother, and more. Read on to find out what Janelle had to say.

Big Brother Network (BBN): Would you have done anything differently in the first three weeks if you had known you would enter the game at Week 4?

Janelle Pierzina: I did have a pretty good idea that I was going to come in to the game. I wouldn’t have really changed anything. The problem this week was that I just could not get power. I wasn’t allowed to play in the PoV. I couldn’t win the endurance comp. Since week one I had been working on Britney and Dan for later on in the game and I also worked on keeping as many team members in the house as I could. I thought that was a huge thing. For obvious reasons it’s great to have your ex-players [ex-teammates] in the game.

BBN: Do you think your eviction was strategic or personal?

Janelle Pierzina: I think it’s a little bit of both. It’s definitely strategic because I am a huge threat in the game. I can save myself when I am on the block if given the chance with the PoV. I’ve proven myself again and again. On a personal level? Yeah, I think people wanted me out of the house because they didn’t want me getting close to any sort of ‘America’s Choice’ or anything like that. That scares people, I think.

BBN: Which ally’s betrayal shocked you the most?

Janelle Pierzina: Probably Ashley’s. What was that girl thinking? She did surprise me. It’s hard to get a read on that girl because she’s so, um, like stoned or something. I don’t know, she seemed really loyal to me at times when she was actually just mostly loyal to Wil. I’m assuming that’s what happened.

BBN: What was the best part of coming back to the Big Brother game?

Janelle Pierzina: The best part of coming back in to the game was, I’m going to say being a coach. I just loved it because for me it was a new game. I got to play the social game instead of the physical stuff. I love playing the social game and more strategic game. That was fun for me. I loved getting information from my Newbies. They came to me daily with what’s going on. I loved having a pulse on what’s going on in the house.

There were a few other topics that came up on the call worth sharing.

When asked why she pushed the button Janelle said she knew Dan would push it too and she did want to play as well. Since all it would take was one Coach to push it she figured why not go in to the game as a player?

Janelle also touched on the topic of who she thought had the best chance of winning this season. She was impressed by both Frank and Shane, but noted Shane didn’t have the same likability angle going that Frank was working so well in the house. Janelle supports Joe especially since he was her lone supporting vote, but she also realizes he has no one in the game which makes his chances a long shot.

Interestingly, when informed that Frank was the new HoH Janelle immediately speculated that Joe and Wil would be the nominees. She might not be far off from what we’ve heard on the Big Brother Live Feeds (get your Free Trial now) since last night.

Janelle Pierzina may have been evicted from Big Brother 14 last night, but her impact and departure are likely to have a lasting effect on the season. Her players, now without her protection and support are already being targeted. I think we’ll soon see them regret their decisions and I’ll be sure to ask them in their likely eviction interviews whether they wish they hadn’t voted out the person working to keep them safe.


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  1. Great interview!! We are certainly going to miss her in the game. It will not be the same!!!

      • omg..why should she return?  she was voted off by 8 of the players!  if cbs brings her back this season (or any future season), the show would lose what little credibility it has left.  she played her game and she lost (AGAIN).      btw, google her.  you might be surprised…….

  2. i Hate that Jannelle is gone, and Ashley is still there and cant do anything, hummm  wonder why ashley cant be replaced with well bodied person “janey” which was last evition makes since to me, not interested in show now  oh well good luck

      • I want Boogie to win… granted i hate win former winners get a second chance at winning… BUT getting Jannelle out this season was if not the Best movie in BB history, it definatly ranks up there on the top five. He deserves it. 

      • I seriously doubt that Boogie has the votes in the jury to win this season…everyone and I mean everyone is going to be mad at him by the time this game is over.  He’s exactly who I’d want to be next to in the end.   It’s almost certainly Frank’s game at this point.  Unless of course production does something to “shake things up.”

  3. I just can’t believe Dan, Danielle, Shane and Brit bought into Boogie’s idea of putting up Janelle. Frank and Boogie together are more of a threat than her.
    When are these people going to wake up and realize that Boogie is playing puppet master?

      •  Everybody should be aware of Boogie’s lies and mind game. Why can’t Frank and Dan see it? I’m surprised that Dan is not addressing Boogie’s tactics.

  4. It was the worst night for me i loved Janelle and boogie is such excuse me “a cock” and now at the HoH frank wins and probably gonna target his alliance now dont u think u should have evicted frank wen u had the chance which it was like 4 tmes well played hg.

    Lov U Janelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • how can you love a who…….r she have no dignity or self-respect, she neglect her newborn baby so she can have nip slip in a game. are you saying you are that low?

  5. Will no longer watch the show. It’s all fixed and Alice the producer should be fired.

    • BB has been scripted for the last few seasons. I agree that Allison G. should be fired. It was her idea to keep bringing old players back. Totally boring.

    • When you say Will no longer watches the show, do you mean Dr. Will? And if so, how do you know that?

  6. i’m going to miss janelle. she’s the best player on here. stupid boogie wanted to get rid of her because he knew he could not beat her at comps. good by janelle. you will be missed.

  7. What is up with Ashley’s back problem.  Is she just playing everyone or does it really hurt.  And yes she does look like she is on drugs and out of it.  Can she really be that slow witted.  (maybe a little retarded)

    •  Granny, it does seems like something has out of space. If, she is acting dumb,she is doing a performance of a life time.

  8. They need to play smart… Why everyone missed boggie telling them he would not vote frank out is.beyond me….and.he.was telling.them who to put up in the Game ..

  9. I think all of the people in the house basically let Boogie manipulate them in to voting Janelle out.  None of them even stopped to think exactly why they were doing it!!  Britney asked once, and that’s it!!! I think with what they’ve done, everyone in the house has just handed the game to Boogie or Frank. 

    • I agree.   Boogie’s like the Pied Piper and the newbies follow him blindly  to their certain eviction.   I think Brit has a clue but she would have to corral all of that overwhelming newbie naivety into a group of James Bonds.  Not going to happen.   The brain power just isn’t there due to too many hair extentions and one too many bong hits.    These sleeping beauties need to wake up and smell the stench that comes from Boogieville.    

    • and the worse part of all is Boogie and his stupid ego. Its unbearable to watch. every time he gloats i have to change the station. and it looks like there will be much more of that to come unfortunately..

  10. AFTER 14 SEASONS IM DONE WITH THIS SHOW!!!! that was bull, last week the producers keeping frank, changed everything putting mike in charge just like they wanted!!!!!!!

    • I know! Frank should have been sent home last week. so unfair! Now we need TWO double evictions instead of just one. so unecesary.

      You can quit on this season if you want. Who knows, maybe next year will be a great season.I wouldnt give up on this show, maybe this season.

  11. Now we know Frank wants to take Dan out if there is a chance next week. Boogie convinced him they need to take the others first. Is Boogie gonna honor his words to Dan? Frank is getting ambitious. Somebody has to take his punk ass out before it’s too late.

  12. blab, blah, blah on Janelle – okay so she stayed – then what?  It is a game to remove everyone but yourself – so what all these people who are upset about Janelle are really saying is- they wanted Janelle to win – This is okay but just be honest about it – ohhhhhhhhhhhh – this is BB where lies and deception are the name of the game

    Chill people – it is a game – I do not hide the fact I want Ian my boy to win – I want everyone out who I believe will not help Ian win – that meant BD Janelle –

    If Janelle did not go this week – when then?  next week – in two weeks – when?  It does not matter in the big picture unless your true bias is for her to win.

    get over it – it is a game of deception and manipulation –

  13. Big Brother wanted to see if there were contestants out there that would dump their family duties and obligations to newborn children.  It was CBS’s pet project to diss the family unit.  Look no further than that burnt out old stripper Janelle and the perv Boogie. 

  14. What the hell are these players thinking especial Dan and Brittany! Getting rid of Janelle was not a smart move and now boogie is going to run this house. If frank were smart he would realize if boogie wants to win he won take him to the end.

    • I don’t think Curlylocks is very smart. There’s a photo of him embracing Boogie on Zapit. Frank is following him around like a puppy. Sad.

    • Yep! Britney and Dan blew it: so did the newbies. I mean, even if Janelle’s “snobbiness” bugged the newbies, they were very stupid to vote her out. She DID keep them in the house and worked for them the past 2 weeks. NOT smart!!! I’ll miss her. Janelle WAS fun to watch and could’ve helped Britney and Dan more. STUPID move guys!

  15. heres my take.. if danielle and shane dont get evicted soon there going go through that house like a hurricane taking everybody down… remember brenchel….jordeff… Im not saying there a couple put there close friends and she wants become more…so i would watch out for them if i were  houseguests…. even dan should know this hes smart…. 

  16. Glad I got to read Janelle’s interview thx BB Network! And was sad to see Janelle go, and had a feeling Frank would win the next HOH and he did. Britt was close and was rooting for her…

  17. And Great Job Janelle wish I got to see her play more… And she went out classy ESP with those great Louboutin’s on!

  18. Was sad to see Janelle go and now just have to watch and see what happens will see how long the secret 6 alliance lasts…

  19. bb has to be fixed and scripted because now shane is acting intersted in  Danielle  when he was ignoring her before…I believe production is trying real hard to make them showmance although shane has to.. danielle wants to….with any man…. she is unstable.. but i think this show is scripted…

    • That’s not scripted. Shane is just passing time. I’d guess he likes the attention. He just doesn’t like Danielle. 

      CBS tries their hardest to make that nomance a showmance, but no one who follows along online is buying it.

    • I dont think it is scripted, but i do think parts are, as i put it, “exaggerated”.
      I think production encourages him to be in a showmance, and certain fights might be overdone for television. But for the most part, its probably real.

      Hard to tell when you dont work for production. I wonder if the houseguests can reveal this after big brother is done?

  20. Enough already with queen of silicon, she should be with new baby not in a game, I am so happy I don’t have to see her ugly cow lips any more. she is all fake I hope she’ll never ever return to this game everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  21. Oh No! Britney and Dan blew it! They bought into Boogie’s crap. Boogie’s going to drop-kick both of their butts right out of the house in a week or 2 cuz they are harder competition for him to win near the end. Brit and Dan COULD be the one’s controlling the house right now IF they didn’t jump into Boogie’s BS. DUMB!! The newbies blew it too cuz whether or not Janelle could be a little “snobby” at times doesn’t matter cuz she DID have all of their backs for the past 2 weeks. Janelle got screwed, BIG TIME. NOT SMART, guys!

  22. I’m glad that she was sent packing… I would think that those who have won or played would be targets to begin with… I hope someone new wins and someone who isn’t a floater… I know alot of people thinks that Danielle is a  flake… I do wonder how much of it is show and game play… Just so she doesn’t have everyone gunning for her… Besides who honestly thinks that Big Brother is all about honesty and integrity? I told my niece to go on here because she knows how to manipulate and have people believe anything, lol… 

  23. Boogie has got to go I think when he told america about Dr Wil sleeping with Jenelelle wwas not call for he knoews he made a mistaje saying this and he went on to stay I hope they block this out ion the west coast good friend

  24. Always loved Janelle.She overplayed tho,but heres hoping she comes back in,if for no other reason than to give it(bop on the nose maybe) to Booger.How dare he coment on Janelles family or choices!!!!!He is a true mysoginist (sp) pig!!!!!!

  25. Janelle… Dr.Will was not your friend he just used you for sex and game, you were his toy in BBH and in jury house. he played you like violin so get over it.

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