Big Brother 14: Week 5 Nomination Anticipation

Frank Eudy - Big Brother 14

We’re back to another week of Frank and Boogie running the show in the Big Brother 14 house. Boogie might be pulling the strings, but when the nomination ceremony arrives tonight it’ll be up to Frank to make the final decisions. Late last night those choices started to take shape.

Flashback to 11:10PM BBT to get in early on a discussion between Dan, Frank, and Boogie. Their main target is Joe, but they need to decide on a second nominee. The obvious choice for them is Wil, but “obvious” is the problem. They don’t want to make their alliance so plain and clear.

Instead of pairing Joe with Wil, Frank suggests nominating someone from their own alliance since they’ll control the votes and it’ll give them another assured player in the Veto competition. Shane has offered himself up as a pawn several times already (remember, Shane has never seen Big Brother before) so Frank would like to take him up on it. They may even stage a conversation for him to volunteer again.

Dan, Frank, and Boogie agree that by not putting up Wil they can convince him the real danger in the game is Shane. They want to set things up for Shane and Britney to be nominated should Wil take the power next week. Oh, sorry, there’s a call coming in. Britney, it’s for you. It’s Captain Obvious. He wants to know how that evict-Janelle vote is working out for you.

With the “Silent Six” alliance already turning on itself just hours after completing their first goal to eliminate Janelle I think we can be assured of some awesome Big Brother Live Feed action. Pitting Frank & Boogie against Shane & Danielle will make for some very entertaining times ahead. I can’t wait to see the look on Britney’s face when she realizes she’s reliving the Brigade alliance all over.

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    • Joe didn’t try to keep Janelle in the game, he was voting OUT Frank, because he thought Frank was the target.  And unless Joe is a total idiot, he realized by the vote count that he is next to go out the door.  EVERYONE except Joe voted to send Janelle home and that is a huge message being sent to Joe:  “You are out of the loop, buddy.  You will be next.”   Joe should be scrambling to get himself into this game that everyone else (even Ashley and Ian!) are playing without him.

      • For any of the rest to want to get Joe out, they say that to take attention of themselves. Whoever is HOH, if they are smart, would not waste their eviction on Joe, who would be just plain lucky to win a HOH. It would be a waste when there are bigger threats in the house. The silent 6 is non-existent. Any of the members, outside of Boogie and Frank has to be shaking in their boots right now. Yep, Coulda have Frank gone right now, but Frank’s your guy w/Boogie. Good luck w/that.

  1. Does Joe have a clue in the world that he might be the next to be nominated he is so annoying and he needs to go but I also think it was sweet how hard he tried to save Janelle. But Janelle needed to go and Joe should have known that!

  2. Honestly the newbies are all idiots this year. Umm why did they all let Frank win HOH again this week?  Why are they just handing the half million to Boogie?  What a sad sack of contestants….this show has jumped the shark.

    • Thank you. BB has become the Boogie love fest. With Janelle’s  all but unanimous eviction,. Its a march to Boogie accepting the $500,000.

      • The newbies in jury aren’t going to give boogie $500,000 he needs to sit next to a coach. With Janelle gone Boogie ‘s chances of cashing in just got worse.But at least he still has his Bromance.

      • Man, no one even asked him to come up and answer any of the questions till the very end, he only had to answer 2 questions to get HOH

      • They clearly let Frank win, they were all discussing it sot hat he wuoldbe put up last . And Brittany won everytime until she went up against Frank then acted like she didnt know anything. Give me a break, they handed it to Frank.

    • I think that they are in this predicament because they were not allowed to think for themselves from day 1 in the house.The ‘newbies’ never got acclamated to the game, they just listened to their coaches who were suppose to be the “best of the best”. Now all of a sudden its a cluster ****!
      Each one for themselves, or is it? They don’t know what to do. Should we stay with our coaches or go out on our own. I feel it was very UNFAIR to do this to the newbies and then turn them loose to fend for themselves! As crazy as Willie was he was on the right track all along. He wanted to be able to think for himself. He said that is the way he planned to come into this game and be his OWN MAN! I think CBS screwed up royally!!! (IMO)

      • In B.B.A.D. Britney WAS a BIG factor in Willie losing it. Just because she was a coach, does not mean that she had the right to tell JoJo and Shane not to talk to Willie. I hope that Britney gets sent home A.S.A.P.

  3. I know the whole idea of this game is to lie, cheat and steal, but Mike disgusts me. (I refuse to call him Boogie..the man is in his 40’s for pity’s sake). He’s an arrogant mule. And, Frank is no better.

    Janelle said it best he’s a loser and a d*bag. So what if he won the game twice already, he’s still a loser.

      • Right on Matt! And smaller correction, Will GAVE him that win. Will had already wone one season, so he wanted his little buddy to win. If not for Will, Boogie never would’ve won.

      • 1kissfn,You cannot invent facts as it already happened. Dr. Will was evicted much, earlier in the All Stars. Mike Boogie beat Janelle in a HOH fair and square and evicted Janelle and he won it fair and square! He might also win this one if he continues to play smart. Hate him if you want but, the facts do not lie! Mike Boogie won Big Brother All Stars and Janelle has lost 3 times so far! That is keeping it real!

      • but he is good i dont think he wants to win he probably just want to say that he coached frank all the way to the end

      • Ritchie….Dr Will was in the final four w/Boogie, Janelle, and Erica. Will was first to go of those four….janelle and Erica made a pact, so Janelle evicted Will. But Janell inadvertantly took her hand off in comp that Boogie was first out on, so the win was given to Erica. When it came down to it, she thought she had a better chance of winning w/Boogie and picked him for the F2. This is the revenge that Boogie was delighting in, that his master plan got Janelle evicted. He really is not that great in comps and he is vindictive and arrogant and a sleeze. Yes, I don’t like him. I’d rather Ian win, a better man than Boogie. He’s had his win, it’s someone else’s turn.

      • Guys, to say Mike made no plays in all stars is just being ignorant. He pretty well evicted Danielle and Howie all on his own, He also played a large part in getting Jase out. Will, sure, is a better player, but Mike still deserves credit.

      •  Agreed Will clearly said when he first got into All Stars that his goal was to make sure Boogie had the best chance to win. SO Will gave him the win. Also Boogie is a douchebag to still have revenge against Janelle and Jedi Janie was a mere shadow of her former-self from season 6 and All Stars. Honestly I truly want (Season 14) Will to win because he is funny and the only one who is playing the game so hilariously good. So dissapointed with Janelle gone, season 6 was my favorite especially her because it was the first time the house split *sigh* BB a former shadow of itself.

    • He didn’t win twice.  He came in 8th in his season.  Not having him in the game would make it boring.

    • Boogie is a control freak…He doesn’t LIKE women, well, not to compete with…………..He needs to go!!!  I hate that they let the coaches play anyway, its BS!

      Exciting ending would be Shane & Ian head to head.  Ian is playing “nice boy” now, but he knows the game, I think we’re going to see something from him soon.

      • boogie has no class.  to yell at some one’s husband and mother over a game sure shows that he has yet to grow up.

      • I don’t think he’s worried….the rest of the house should be worried as their big move is gonna come back to get them……if Frank puts up Joe he would be stupid, I don’t see that happening…..I’m sure the rest are sweating right about now.

      • they’re not all his restaurants. he only has a percentage of them and he’s being sued right now for embezzeling from the geisha house in la.and i can’t say on here what he did with the money. you’ll have to google mike boogie to find that out. wasn’t very nice though.

      • Who cares about his “success” with money.. He may do good as far as money, but at the end of the day that only makes him more pathetic. Money shouldn’t matter in this world. Take out the money and all you have is an arrogant old man who has obviously put effort into all the wrong things.

    •  I have said this all along. They are dumb and if they get voted out on account of not getting rid of Frank when they had the chance, well, they are dumb ass idiots!

      • So Janelle said Frank had to go, but the lovefest was on for Frank to stay and to evict the big liar, Janelle. The lies grew and grew about Janelle on what she sai, some embellished and shared. How ironic that it took grandiose lying about Janelle lying to get all but Joe to evict her. The dirt is in the details as to why Janelle had to go. First, Britney had been chumming up w/Danielle, her targeted BFF. Britney would commiserate about how Janelle dropped her after she wasn’t in power w/Willie. She forgot to mention that everyone was seeing her team as something not tobe around. Willie had everyone on edge. But she kept fostering Janelle as a fair weather friend, and shady. Britney’s ulterior motive was most likely that her and Janelle in the F2 and Janelle wins….and she would be right. So she saw Danielle as the girl for her. One who could be great in comps, one who could be loyal… who she could befriend w/bath dates, and it didn’t hurt her game that Danielle liked Shane, who she was coach over. During Danielle’s HOH, you could see the early manipulation of Britney in speaking about too many men in the house and how a woman has never won up against a man in the F2. This is true, but she was putting that in Danielle’s head, saying I’m not saying anything, but….Danielle encouraged her to speak. This was the convo where Danielle said she sees Dan as her dad, Shane her boyfriend and Britney ad her BFF and that is what Britney wanted to hear….that it would be them in F2, not Dan or Shane. The problem is Britney was eliminating Janelle too soon, and I think she began to see that, but it was too late to do anything about it., as her “BFF” wanted Janelle gone as she said she was a floater, or fat, or whatever insecure thought was her driving force at the time. Off corse they all had ulterior motives, Janelle the liar, the excuse. In the end, it was bad game play….frank and boogie a much bigger threat.

    • Nah, it’d be suicide to get rid of anyone in the alliance, cuz then it would have atleast 3 probably 4 or more people gunning for Frank and Boogie.. in no particular order, the smart move would just be to let the alliance play itself out until the very end of it.

      • Agreed…  But, I think Boogie’s ego will get him this week/nominated next week.  I feel like B will use Frank for his personal “noms,” then his arrogant “I’m the Head Cheese” will be his downfall. Other HG’s will be subjected to his little “hissy/control” freak cr–, and forced to see his true colors; vote him out… following week. 
        I would LOVE nothing more than to see him on the block for a week…  He was such a huge loser/baby the week he thought he and Frank were not in control…  Would be 4th of July fireworks in the house!

  4. I’d love to see Evel Dick and Mike Boogie in the same season because Evel Dick wouldn’t stand Mike Boogie and that’d be hilarious!

  5. I think we will just have to wait it out and see how everything goes this week I think if they make it thru then they will do there best to backdoor frank or boogie next week so we shall see. I see joe going home this week and one of the four winning hoh next week then things will be interesting. I don’t think frank and boogie will turn this week there just securing there spot for if will does win hoh next week wich I don’t think he will. And he’s a lot closer to brit so I think she’s fine for a while.

  6. Good idea to put Shane up as a pawn because at least he’s capable of winning the POV … but another coach needs to be put up in his place.  NEXT  Britney or Dan.

    Frank doesn’t have the guts to backdoor Boogie.

    • Frank will never backdoor Boogie. He’s brainwashed Boogie has him comvinced they are the 2nd coming of Chilltown. Frank is playing the loveable pretty boy like Will did. while lying to everyone.

    • Danielle had the choice to go after someone who was a big threat in the game (Frank) or someone she thought was trying to flirt w/ the guy she desperately wants (Shane). So yes, she’s pretty stupid at this game.

      • Uh, I think getting rid of Janelle was a great idea. She was a huge wildcard.

        If Boogie and Frank turn on the Silent Six, then the other four (a long with the rest of the house) will out number them.

        It’s better to keep the devil you know.

      • Getting Janelle out was a smart move on their part since, she did not want to join the other coaches in an alliance. She was a big threat if they left her in! If the Silent Six sticks to their alliances, they will be safe for the next 3 weeks atleast. They need to get rid of the floaters, Joe, Wil and Ashley then, they can peel off with all the alliances and side alliances. Not all players left can be kept safe! Staying together for now, will increase the likelyhood that one of the Silent Six will pocket that $500,000! If they start going after each other too soon, they will all get booted out! Look at what happened to Danielle Donato last season when she betrayed her alliance and it turned into an all out war! The newbies almost won it! One of them could have won if they just stuck together!

      • @gtprods:disqus I don’t doubt that Janelle’s alleged flirting with Shane was on Danielle’s mind when she became on board with the plan to evict her, and I agree this game shouldn’t be played personally at all, but Danielle still had the justification that Janelle has a legitimate reputation as a competitive threat. So she could be on board and somewhat mask the personal side of it. Not trying to refute the argument that she’s not a smart player, because I don’t think she is, but at least the move’s only benefit wasn’t a personal gain on her part. Even if Janelle truly wasn’t going after Danielle, bottom line a threat has been evicted.

      • @2f6f82b25585c435b2abce533d7ee005:disqus : Janelle would have had Dan’s back, and by extension Danielle’s, much longer than Boogie/Frank will. They’re already discussing going after Dan, who is effectively Danielle’s protector.

        It’s best to deal with threats in the order of approaching danger. Yes, every HG is a threat to every other HG’s chances of winning, but Danielle got her priorities wrong.

      • @gtprods:disqus Yeah I can agree with that. It was clearly more beneficial to Mike than it was to Danielle to evict Janelle this week. I just feel like in the long run having her out is going to come in handy, but you’re right that the most imminent threats are the priorities. The thing is, I don’t know who was a bigger or more immediate threat to Danielle, by which I mean post-forming of the Silent 6, meaning Mike and Frank are not in question. After going for that plan set in motion by Mike, who better than Janelle to target? Wil? Not a very convincing option.

    • How stupid was she to not nominate Frank and Boogie together?  She let Dan talk her out of it.  Dan and Boogie have both won BB.  Janelle has not!  And to top it off, they all let accept Boogie’s ultimatum!!!  If they had told Boogie that they weren’t going to keep Frank safe, Boogie would have had nowhere to go.  He would not have had any choices.  Was he going to count on Ian and Jenn?

  7. If frank (and boogie obviously) wants an opportunity for another big move in the game, I’d like for them to target Britney this week, solely because she has been on the verge of winning the last two hoh competitions in a row, but then again, with all this whole ‘ssshhh’ alliance (which i dont think will last), theyre going to target either joe or wil. but if shane really is becoming the pawn (or the target) and winning veto (which he did many times in the past), best move is to target britney. 

    • That would be a pretty dumb move because they would go after Frank next week when he cannot play for HOH as well as Mike Boogie. Stay true to the Silent Six Alliance and those in the alliance will win that $500,000. Way too early to be making stupid moves! Janelle paid for her stupid move. Last thing the players need to do is be stupid and get themselves evicted so early in the game! There are still 11 players left. Remember that.

  8. I cannot believe they all fell for Boogies lies again. Especially janelle. They should have back Doored boogie.

  9. I can’t stand Frank….but I hope he takes out the other idiots in his silent six aliance…They’ll realize too late that they aligned with the wrong coach…they should have kept Janelle….Karma us a bitch!!!

    • britney will be the first to go then shane then daneille then boggie will turn on dan and send him hom. dan is stupid to think that boggie will pick him over frank for final two. boggie wants frank to win the game

      • boogie wants to win the game. he needs the money for his lawsuit. even the half million won’t be enough for that.

      • Shirley is right. Boogie is bankrupt. He is being investigated and sued for embezzlement. The guy is a deadbeat. He has a record of arrests going back to 1997.

  10. They need to put up Danielle I really cant stand her, she said she didnt caty girl guess she is one far worst then Rachel ever was.

  11. Joe is no threat. Why get rid of him now? I can’t stand Boogie or Frank. If they were smart they would get rid of Shane (love him). Next, Britney, and STUPID Danielle.  She is a pain in the butt. Ian, Jenn, Ashley, and Wil are barely playing…Hello, are you all there?  They are easy beats, keep them around for awhile.

    • The need to get rid of Joe because nobody in the house would care and the Silent Six Alliance would be intact! Then, they should go after Wil and Ashley the following two weeks. Then, they can go and backstab each other because there are not enough players in all the alliances to keep each player safe!! That is the smart way to play!

      •  True,and I would hate to see them turn on each other so quickly but if Shane goes up as a pawn I would get rid of him while I had the chance.Shane is a very good competitor.

      • Shirley…..You obviously have not watched last season where Danielle Donato betrayed her alliance early in the game and got herself evicted early and lost the chance at that $500,000. Betraying your alliance this early will get you all out war as you are evicting only one player per week and when you are no longer HOH the next week like Frank is, they will go after you if you betrayed your alliance and how smart would that be to be evicted just
        because of a stupid move to evict someone from your alliance too early in the game? Ask Danielle Donato of last season how smart that move of hers
        cost her? Well, it just cost her $500,000 so, no big deal right? The time to move against your alliance is when you are the only ones left then, one of you is guaranteed that $500,000.

    • There is still 11 players left thats why makes no sense to turn on the alliance when there still so many evictions left

  12. Do not put up Shane or Brittney. This is way too early in the game. It looks like Dan is now manipulating Frank and Boogie. While, getting the strong players out is a good idea at some point in the game, now is not the time to do it! By going after alliance members too early in the game, the alliance will be torn to bits and it will be all out war! Nobody wins as the coaches will get their asses evicted leaving the $500,000 to the newbie floaters. Put up Joe and Wil or Joe and Ashley. That will not be controversial and nobody would care anyways except for the nominees but, they are few of them anyways! Clear the Big Brother House of the floaters who have not played the game at all then, you can go after each other then! Whatever happens, one of you will win that $500,000! Did you guys not see how Danielle Donato blow her chance at that $500,000 by going after her own alliance too early in the game? The newbie floaters almost won that one and Rachel Reilly won that one very barely! Wise up, stick together til you are down to atleast, 8 people left in the house then, you can peel off!

  13. These people were just plain stupid to evict Janelle and listen to mike. I so cannot stand that obnoxious, self-loving jerk. I knew if they listened to him, they would all pay for it. How on earth could they ever listen to him! It just blows my mind. Bratney deserves anything she gets. She makes me sick the way she sucks up to whoever is in power. Just say bye bratney, it won’t be long before you go. Hopefully, Danielle will soon follow you. Sick of listening to them whine when they talk.  If shane goes on the block willingly, he’s more stupid than I thought. this year is turning out to be a huge disappointment : (

  14. wish big brothers would keep to only new people and leave the oldies at home to watch . i would like to see how new comers use their minds , think they step back and let the oldies take all the control. to me its a one sided show and i really don’t care to keep seeing that.

  15. I don’t feel bad for Brittany, Shane or Danielle. In fact, it was Brittany and Danielle who pushed for Shane to backdoor Frank. With Shane gone, Dan will either have to join Mike Boogie and Frank or align with Brittany and Danielle. It would be smart for Frank and Boogie to get a one week safety deal from Wil, Ashley, Jen and Ian (even though Ian is with Dan too) and nominate Shane and Joe or Shane and Brittany. I personally would like to see Brittany or Danielle gone next.

    • …Dan’s already mainly aligned with Mike and Frank for final three, with a sub-alliance with Danielle, Shane, Britney, and even Ian is in his back pocket working with him. On top of that, none of the remaining four, Ashley, Joe, Jenn, Wil, none of them dislike Dan and actually get along with him.

      If I could enter the house today and take anybody’s position, I’d take Dan’s easily.

  16. Goo Franoogie lol thetly are running the house get rid of danielle,shane or dan it doesn’t matter lmfao!

  17. I’m team Boogie/Frank, but I thinking breaking up the SIlent 6 is not the best move right now. Shane can easily be persuaded into doing whatever and if they burn bridges this early. It seems the game is gone on forever but you have to remember there are still 9 evictions to go.

    • Totally stupid to blow their chances by going after their won alliance. Ask Danielle Donato last season how betraying one’s alliance early in the game is a good idea. It is a dumb idea. Dan may be playing Mike Boogie and Frank so, they should do the least controversial nominations of Joe and Wil or Joe and Ashley. Nobody would care except for the nominees but, they are few in number and will be scared and go along with whatever you want!
      The Silent Six alliance can be united for the next 3 weeks and they will guarantee that one of them wins that $500,000 as long as they play smart and not peel off this early in the game! They do not want all out war which will only get the strong players evicted and the floater newbies to win that $500,000 without doing a lick of work! That would be an ultra dumb move!

    •  I agree that its too early for Frank and Boogie to turn on the Silent 6, which is exactly why Frank should have let Brittney win HOH this week. I get that its good to be in power, but just as Frank and Boogie know its too early to turn on each other, Brittney knows that as well.

      Had Frank let Brittney win, there’s no doubt in my mind she would have nominated Joe/Ashley/Wil and one of them would be leaving this week. Not only is that good for the Silent 6, but its especially good for Frank and Boogie since both of them would have been able to compete in NEXT week’s HOH. Now, only Boogie can.

      As a Frank and Boogie fan, I’m VERY VERY worried that one of the silent 6 members (Brittney or Shane to be exact) win HOH next week and Boogie or Frank get back doored. Frank definitely should have let Brittney win HOH and do his and Boogie’s dirty work this week.

  18. Yep, how’s that evict Janelle working out for you?? Yeah, thought so. Boogie and Frank will waste no time. Boogie got what he wanted and now who will be next to get the knife in the back. Janelle was a dumb move, and Will, Ashley, Danielle, Britnet will have to suffer from their own bad game play. Priceless.

  19. OMG Shane is so stupid! Why would he volunteer? WHY? I’m gonna be soooo pissed if he ends up leaving the show. And also how is it possible that he had never watched the show before even though he’s on it wht? weird

  20. Really like they had no clue when they handed the HOH to frank last pm…they all deserve to go home because they are so stupid!!! Why they would agree to set it up for frank/boogie to get HOH then a whine because they get put on the block, they are shocked that frank/boogie would turn on them, Really people!!!!

    • Yes that HOH was a lil funny to me we know Dan and Boogie threw it they did not want any target on they’re back let Frank do the dirty work this week…that’s where experience comes into play and common sense  

      • Even though Boogie will tell frank what to do so just like last week Dani’s HOH was actually Boogie’s HOH the guy is good no matter how much you don’t like him.

  21. I have been a team Frank fan from day
    one…he always keeps it classy! He’s respectful and friendly to everyone, even
    when they put him up for eviction. He’s reliable and strategic and never lets
    anyone know when/if he’s upset. And, everyone keeps saying how Frank lies to
    everyone. Who has he yelled at or called out? Who has he disrespected? Who has
    he dishonored? You can’t say the same thing about anyone else in that house!
    Every HG has lied to each other (to their face) and made offensive remarks about
    each other (behind their back) throughout this entire game! And, the last I heard,
    BB is all about lying and backstabbing your opponents to win the prize, is it
    not? That’s why I have such a hard time understanding the Frank haters! He was
    forced from the beginning to form his alliance with Booger-man, and yet, even
    though Frank realizes that Booger-man puts a mega target on his (Frank’s) back,
    Frank still remains loyal to Booger-man. This season is too far gone to try to
    mend fences and make new alliances now. So Frank’s only true option is to stick
    with Booger-man! Frank should not be hated or penalized for his loyalty! If you
    are a die-hard BBF then you would realize how the game works and stop hating on
    the HG’s that “lie” and “backstab” everyone else, because that’s exactly what
    they are supposed to do, “if” they are in the game to win the prize, and not just
    there for a social slumber party! Personally, I believe Frank is one classy
    dude! Team Frank!!!

  22. Now that Jenelle is gone i hope all that voted for her to leave also get what is coming to them.  especially sweet , cute little britney who never missed the chance to run her mouth.

    • I totally agree – it will be refreshing as they will deserve it!!! I can’t wait to see that. I’m not really rooting for anyone since Janelle left – I’m just waiting to see them all go down (one by one).

  23. Why so much hate for Frank? He’s doing a great job other than being so visibly aligned with Mike, but that is also highlighting how loyal he is. Shane turned on Frank because he didn’t trust Mike, so why was Frank even a target to Danielle after the coaches started playing? I hope he wins!

    • Because he has aligned himself to the most obnoxious, overly arrogant, narcissistic player in Big Brother history….and patterning his behavior just like that person, Boogie?
        Too many obnoxious high fives and Diary Room conversations.

      Dr, Will was brilliant and even though he was arrogant – it wasn’t the same.  Boogie is not brilliant and arrogant.  He is just a better liar than the rest of the guests this year.

      In fact, if the cast had actually watched the previous seasons (and had brains) – Boogie would be the first to go. 

      . —-

  24. I do not want Shane to go I like him!!! But they are all just pretty much hanging the game over to boogie!!!!

  25. Ritchie, Janelle wanted the coaches alliance….she wanted Boogie on board. You’re wrong about that.

    • No, Janelle did not. The fact that she refused to give up Joe. Who is Joe really? Nobody in the house would have cared if he was evicted. If you were watching. Janelle could not say anything! That told Dan that Janelle cannot be trusted and they decided on the 3 coach alliance instead. Why would Dan who wanted to keep Janelle in the alliance turn on her? Janelle
      betrayed her intention to stand with her ex-players who were not even loyal to her. Both Wil and Ashley who Janelle protected voted to evict Janelle!
      That is a very dumb move and Janelle got herself evicted over that! Janelle
      played very badly this season, that is for sure!

  26. Let’s face it…..Boogie is the guy we all love to hate…but the man knows how to play the game!!  If he weren’t there this year, it would be a yawn fest.  You boys don’t even have any hot girls to look at this year!  The best thing about the show this year ( besides being able to stare at hottie Shane) is when Boogie takes his new Dr Will ( Frank ) into the diary room to mock the rest of the house.  Those are the best part of the show and I have been a faithful fan every year.

    •  Completely agree. Boogie IS a loser which is why he’s so entertaining to watch. Every show like this needs a villain. Boogie is playing that role. Some people just talk to talk. Boogie runs his mouth and backs it up. I too love his DR sessions with Frank. By doing those, they’re basically saying “these house guests are clueless and don’t know how to play the game”.

      Team Boogie and Frank FTW!!

    •  You are as Sad as Boogie..making fun of others,is no way to gain respect,from viewers..When someone bullies your child,you won’t be so happy then..Karma,will bit Boogie,sooner the better..

    •  Old enough to be more truthful,I pity their kids, ..Kids will inherit their fathers traits…Dan a school teacher?? What an example he is setting for his students….Not to soon for both to be removed from BB house..

  27. It appears that I’m in the definite minority here, but I’m team Boogie & Frank. I understand why Boogie has so many haters but what I don’t understand is why Frank has haters as well? Just because he’s aligned with Boogie, doesn’t make him a terrible person, he seems like a good guy. 

  28. I can’t believe these people are actually letting Boogie control EVERYTHING! wake up people he’s not “helping” you he is helping HIMSELF!

  29. Boogie’s smart. You think Britt Shane and Crazygurl won’t turn on Frank and Boogie? They’ve already done it so they shouldn’t be suprised when it becomes thier turn. If I were Frank I would put Britt and Daneille up, that’ll neutralize Dan and Shane in one shot and still have a backdoor option for Shane. They have all lied to him since day one so they really can’t say anything about it. He knows the entire house is against him so he really has nothing to lose. It’s all about getting rid of the right people before the jury house opens up.

    • Too early to outright attack their own alliance. That’ll come, but not yet, not days after the alliance was formed. The scheming yes, has already begun and I expected that, but actually putting it into fruition? In 1-3 weeks, not now.

    • That is a huge mistake betraying your alliance this early in the game. At best, you get one player evicted. However, the remaining players who you betrayed will be going after you next week when you cannot compete for HOH! That is a dumb move to make. Look at Danielle Donato last season. She decided to betray her alliance members and go after them. They also went after her. She got evicted and lost that chance at that $500,000. Her newbie puppets evicted most of her remaining alliance and the newbies almost had it! Rachel Reilly playing a good social game managed to survive being nominated on the block a number of times. That is the only reason she survived and won it but, it was close. If the Silent Six Alliance go after each other, only the newbie floaters who have not played the game will win that $500,000 because the strong players will end up evicting each other
      and none of them will win!

  30. I know have  decided  not  to watch  Big  Brothers  any  more  to  fake.Always  the  same crap.Just  like  when  they  would  not get  rid  of  evil  Dick. They  need  to change  the  way  they want  the  ones  to win,so you  can enjoy  watching  it.

  31. i dont understand why people are hating on Mike or any of the other contestants. This is a game and it doesnt matter if you won before or not.  Its a game like chess. You have your pawns and then you have your top players.  Boogie is playing a smar game wihout lying or cheating and he is funny with his shenanigans.  He gets ino your head and that makes for smart play. 

  32. i am so sick to my stomach, because of the way they treated janelle this last week. i cried when she got voted out , and i pretty much cursed everyone, as they made their votes in the diaryroom. it was so set up for frank to win the hoh, and definitly boogie rang in so he could purposely lose. i cant stand him. in my eyes the name of their alliance shouldnt be ‘silent six’, it should be the’ boogie
    six’. it looks like shane will be out , as if put on block theyll make him the target
    as he is a good player. i really dont even wanna watch anymore as janelle is gone and i just loved her , mostly as such a nice person. shell be missed .
    i think im gonna start cheering for the underdog, joe.

    • Janelle is a big drunk silicon Bit……. she can handle it. I didn’t finish reading you bored me

    • you bored me so much, forgot to say you are so stupid to cry over game for silicon Bit…………. did you cry for all people in America who lost tier hoses and lifes in natural disasters?  cry for them.

  33. Didn’t Shane win a future veto in a game they played when Frank had to wear the cheerleader costume.  So if they put up Shane he can use that and mess up some of Frank’s plan.??????????

    • It was just a Veto Ticket. Shane can play in a Veto competition even if he’s not nominated and his name isn’t drawn from the player selection bag. It doesn’t hand him a Veto, just the assurance to play. If he has to use his ticket this week and can’t save it, then they should make someone else the pawn and have 7 players for Veto, and potentially as many as all 6 (7 with Ian) from their own alliance all playing against Joe. Joe already had no chance, that would seal the deal.

  34. Please send Danielle packing! It feels like production is trying to make her the next Jordan. So sick of her annoying, crazy, face making.

  35. It would hardly be the first time that I’ve been wrong, but I think Dan is playing this season similarly to his season.  He’s mostly laying back, listening and observing and I’m pretty sure he’s aware of Boogie’s duplicity.  As I recall, Dan
    didn’t kick it into gear in any competitions until later in the game during his season.  I still belive that he is super smart and is biding his time.

  36. I want a floater gone.  I would have said Danielle prior to the Janelle backdoor move, but now it has to be 2 of Joe, Jenn, or Ashley (maybe even Ian).  We don’t need these 4 to be in the finals. 

    • I wish, but I can see why. She hasn’t rocked any boats like Joe has, and she can’t compete like Shane can…actually she just plain can’t compete. Mike and Frank deem her weak/useless, probably even moreso than Ashley.

  37. I don’t HATE Boogie….i PITY him.    His antics in the diary room are NOT funny.   It only shows he’s stuck in the past pining for Dr. Will.   And Frank is not a good substitute.   On the live feeds Boogie has proven he’s not the man he thinks he is.    Sort of reminds me of one of those foreign dictators that justifys his killing of his people because he’s the King and they are his underlings  and how DARE they disrespect him by having an alternate view.   Sooner or later the king falls due to his own self righteousness.   The underlings start to disrespect him.    His second banana starts to think why HE isn’t the one in charge.     I just hope the low men/women on this kings totem pole stage a coup.    And preferably led by his second banana.       

    • Actually they are very funny takes me back to good old game, don’t pity him, pity yourself. I didn’t finish reading your comment because it is boring and iterative

  38. Dont you think Boogie is telling the other four players in the silent six that shane or britney will be the pawn then turn around and convince the others to vote them out. I am shocked that dan and britney believe boogie is being truethfull  to them he is going to start knocking off the four from his alliance and because they are so stupid they will play along with it.Boogie needs to go cause frank cant do it without him who else would throw him the hoh.

  39. Allow me to state the obvious.  If Boogie or Dan don’t win this game, I’ll be shocked.  They are proving why they are both former winners.  It frustrates me when the newbies refuse to see what’s right in front of their noses and allow the vets to run the game.

  40. Shane is such a jerk and he treats Danielle very badly.  The way they were “wrestling” when Danielle was HoH, it’s a good thing Danielle is a strong girl.  I do hope that Shane gets evicted after Joe.

    • Your example for mistreating her was when they were wrestling? Really? I was expecting you to say how he seems to lead her on or something. The wrestling was just being playful, come on.

  41. Isn’t Shane already going to play in veto, cause of his veto pass? Why would he volunteer to go up?

  42. Boogie is to big of a threat in the house to win, annd Joe. When you voted for Frank to go you handed yourself the ticket to go home this week. Yay! He’s so annoying.

  43. Enjoying the he’ll out of BB this year. But I gotta ask”” why didn’t they bring any of the Bergade back as coaches. That would of been better game and easy on the eyes for those of us who like to look at that kind of hotness. Am I the only one who thinks that was the best alliance ever. They never wavered . Not once. Boogie could go get school in from those fellas.

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