Big Brother 14 Spoilers: Week 5 Nominations

Big Brother 14 nominations

The latest Big Brother 14 nominations have arrived and as the HG pool gets smaller there are going to be fewer and fewer surprises. This week is no exception. When Frank nabbed the power last night it was pretty obvious where he was headed with this one and despite a few back and forth moments he came close to what we anticipated.

Big Brother 14 Week 5 Nominations:

  • Joe
  • Wil

Joe is no surprise, but Wil almost didn’t find himself up there. Instead it was nearly Shane in his place which might sound weird, but Frank was hoping to hide their alliance. Well apparently Wil had a little foot-in-mouth moment up in the HoH room earlier and it didn’t earn him any favors with those in power. So here we are instead.

Joe is the main target, but if he DR-SCREAMS his way in to a Veto safety then Frank will have to come up with something new. We shall see.

Do you think Frank made the right choices? Who would you have nominated?

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  1. I’m hoping he Blindsides Dan !  Dan is nothing but a snake in the grass and Im so sick of seein’g danielle as a fixture in the HOH room the past 2 days . Doesn’t she know Frank knows she really doesn’t want to be in there . She is staying close to them so they can’t talk about her . 

    • you ever think that making sure they dont talk about her is a good strategy? You cant honestly be mad at someone for playing the game… 

    • Dan has a Final 3 alliance with Frank and Boogie. So, if anyone gets backdoored in the next couple of weeks, my money is on Shane and Brittney with Danielle as the replacement nominee! Shane and Brittney will
      probably try and get Frank and Boogie out next week but, they will even if they suceed get only one out! The one who remains will be going after them
      the week after!

    • I don’t like how he thinks he is a strong player. If he was, he would of won a comp by now, have Janelle by his side, oh and not be nominated.
      I hope he gets his act together or he will be, as you quote, “screaming all the way home.”

  2. This is the perfect backdoor scenario to get rid of Shane. As much as I like the guy, they’d be stupid to not take advantage of this golden opportunity. 

    • If that’s the plan, then they will need to make sure he feels safe so he doesn’t use his veto ticket if he doesn’t get selected for the next comp.

    •  that would put huge targets on booger and fran, they need to weed out others first to get votes in their favor

    • Dude it’s way too early. People seem to keep forgetting or just ignoring that the alliance was just formed last week, and there’s still 11 players left. It’s too soon to have that alliance turn around and gun for you instead. I know crazier has happened and it’s not impossible, but this week I expect them to stay the course, which is also what I’m hoping for, lucky for me. The ideas will always be in Frank and especially Mike’s head, but look at who’s on the block, two people not in their alliance despite toying with the idea of Shane as a pawn. If Joe somehow finds a miraculous way to win the Veto, or Wil does, Ashley or Jenn will be up in their place, and either one will not be the target. I can all but guarantee they want Joe out first, Wil is second choice. 

      • MJ’s got it right.

        People keep complaining about Frankenbooger, but they’ve kept their word. Actions speak way louder than words in this game, imo. I have to have respect for them for sticking to the plan.

    • No it won’t be, you wish so you start putting him down about how he didn’t keep his word. so shut the hell up and enjoy the game

    • Hopefully Shane is smart enough to use the veto pass and play in the veto so if he wins he can guarantee his safety

  3. Frank absolutely made the right choices. Frank is associated with Boogie who is known for being a fantastic liar. Right now Frank needs to build trust and show that his word is gold, which in reality Frank hasn’t broken his word to anybody yet. Now that I think of it Frank and Boogie are actually total opposites. Boogie is all intense and lying where Frank is laid back and truthful…dangerous duo. 

    • and you are sick and stupid, because all and everyone including queen of silicon are /were snakes and liars

      •  I don’t think that Ian is really a snake. He, Ashley, and Jenn have both stayed on very good terms with everyone, except for Ian’s refusal to give Brittney a straight answer. And Ashley is just too… blonde… to be a snake. Unless she’s playing the dummy, in which case she’s the best liar in the house.

  4. Interesting nomination. I wonder what Wil said in the HOH room that caused Frank to not put up Shane. Surprisingly enough, I kind of hope Joe wins POV. It’d be interesting to see what Frank and Boogie do then. 

    • It would be interesting, but the bigger part of me doesn’t want to see Joe win it. Luckily he also has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning anything. 
      …well then again, who knows, maybe there’s a certain type of competition he might do well in, and maybe he lucks out and production gives him that competition sometime.

    • If Joe and Wil get off via POV then, Ashley should be put in as replacement nominee! Still no need to stir the pot yet. There are 3 weeks were the Silent Six alliance can stay united atleast, until the last 8. Then, someone is bound to make a move because there is not enough players to keep safe with all the side alliances going on in the Big Brother House. Not every remaining player can be safe!

    • Will wouldn’t promise that he would keep them safe if he got HOH.  He hesitated and said he would consider it…maybe.  Now we all know what just happened to Janelle when SHE hesitated to Boogie and wouldn’t support him….

      • That tells the person you are talking to that you cannot be trusted because
        you cannot answer that very direct question. The correct answer is Yes, I will not put you on the block. Saying maybe or hesitating and not saying anything like Janelle is a No.

      • I felt his biggest mistake was saying that he felt there was a big secret alliance, which made him the biggest threat to the Secret 6.

    • if boogie did that he would all but ensure that he or frank gets the boot next week. So good luck with that

      • Agreed with @a126daa3358826fef7bb8b5e9e1a5597:disqus above and @e154da63a7c140d2ae816040e281a56b:disqus below. It’s too soon.

    • Shane and Dan and Britney and Danielle are already talking about blind siding frank and boogie. They were talking about before they made the silent 6 and are prepared to do so with the secret quack pack thing with Ian. So if anyone other than boogie or Jen or Ian wins next week. Then boogie or frank are going home. No doubt.

      • That would be a very bad decision for them. Whoever gets left in the Big Brother House will go after them the very next week and will guarantee that one of them goes home if they win HOH! Also, Ian is close to Frank and Dan has a Final 3 alliance with Frank and Boogie. Dan would not mind getting rid of Brittney, Shane and Danielle if they move to betray the alliance because now, he has an excuse to throw them under the bus! Dan would want the alliance with Frank and Boogie because there are still a lot of players left in the Big Brother House. Only fools think they can betray their alliance this early in the game and get away with it! LOL

  5. I hope this is just a scenario to be able to back-door Shane, otherwise I really don’t see the point of Frank’s nominations – granted, they’re annoying but they’re really no threat to Frank, at least for right now.  As much as they were gunning for him earlier, Frank should want to get rid of Shane and Danielle, I would have put the two of them up.

    • doug, there is no need to make a big play just yet. It is equivalent to week 2 with the amount of people left in the house. Remember when Brian (S10) made a big move early on? Remember when Danielle (S13) made a big move early on? Alison in All Stars? Frank is just solidifying trust with a few strong people, which will help him later. 

  6. Joe is the perfect choice.  No one is going to be mad if he goes home.  The reset with the coaches forced a new game.  In some ways the GH are just getting to know each other without the original forced alliances through the coaches.  This becomes a week where for now everyone knows the result and people can really get to know each other and maybe form stronger allliances

    GO IAN

  7. i was on vacation and missed alot apparently… when did the coaches join the game can someone fill me in thanks!

    • Last Thursday, August 2nd the coaches entered. Frank and Joe were on the block, and then they dropped the twist, offering the coaches the chance to head into the DR and push a ‘reset’ button one at a time, without each knowing the other’s answers. If just one coach pushed the button, the game would be reset, the coaches would enter the game and there would be no eviction that night. If they didn’t push it and remain coaches, the eviction vote would’ve taken place, and in the next week or two past/evicted houseguests would have a chance to return to the game. Britney went first and hesitantly pushed the button, that was all it took. Mike said ‘No thanks, America’. Dan was pumped to push it, and Janelle didn’t hesitate either and thanked America for the chance to play again.

    • When the producers decided they should join the game, BEFORE Season 14 even started, no doubt.  America’s Vote my butt!

  8. Can someone tell me if this can happen? Can’t Boogie just convince Dan to evict Shane and he would be gone?
    Frank just needs Boogie, Jenn, Ian, Joe or Wil to win POV.  Think about it; Boogie and his players will vote to evict Shane, Wil/Joe would be grateful for being taken off the block and vote to evict Shane and they can make a deal with Ashley telling her to vote their way in order to not be the replacement nominee. Convincing Dan to be on board would solidify the deal, wouldn’t it? I’m not an expert on BB strategy lol so someone tell me if this would be possible (or if it would even be a good decision) if the stars align.

    • Too early to be making big moves in the Big Brother House. With the reset, only Janelle has been evicted leaving 11 House Guests still in the house.
      Frank and Boogie should target Wil, Joe and Ashley. However, if Brittney and Shane move to betray the alliance next week then, Boogie can go after them and evict them out of the game! What they do not know is Dan also has a Final 3 alliance with Frank and Boogie so, could upset their apple
      cart if Brittney and Shane make a move next week. 

  9. Hope Joe gets POV just to throw kink in the assumed plans…and gets HOH next…already miss Janelle :( wish Frank would put up & get rid of Danielle…

    • If by some miracle that happened it wouldn’t matter.  Boogie would just talk HOH Joe into nominating himself for eviction.  Now that would make for some interesting TV (and yes I’m joking and know that an HOH can’t nominate him/herself).

  10. I would say that boogie will talk Frank in to blindsiding Brittney or shane.
    Why waste an hoh on getting a weak player like joe out.

    • Great name, gotta love Yzerman…

      But I think it’s too early for Mike/Frank to attack their own alliance. They’ll have the remaining members gunning for them next week with still 10 players remaining in the game. It would put both of them at risk too soon.

  11. Oh good, maybe this time the PRODUCERS will stay out of the show and allow JOE to be evicted.  I hope so.  I’m so tired of that blowhart, and his big mouth.  Especially with him vowing to avenge Janelle’s eviction.  LMAO. He had the only vote to keep her, so maybe he should join her, back to back weeks.  It will be hard on the ears of the HG’s this week I know till he’s gone, but hang in there HG’s. It will be worth it to get rid of the blue shirted chinny chin chin loudmouth.  What an idiot. It would be foolish to go after Shane so early in the alliance.  Dump the floaters for now and then the real game play can begin.  Should get better,,,,I hope.  Although, the only person I would probably like to see go before the big mouth would be DAN, the one who is so impressed with himself, the self proclaimed Mr. Smooth.  I think he’s nothing.  Not impressed with him at all.  I just don’t think there would be enough votes to get rid of him this early because he has too many HG’s fooled that he is all that when he is none of that.

    • Boogie has had Frank’s back all this time and saved him how many times?
      In contrast, Shane has betrayed Frank how many times when they were in an alliance? Frank should stick with Boogie and when the time comes, in about 3 weeks, time to backdoor Shane!

  12. That was the right choice. There is just one person evicted which was Janelle with the reset. Too soon to peel off. Whoever is stupid enough to peel off this early in the game will get themselves evicted like what happened to Danielle Donato last season. And that would be an even worst decision than Janelle’s refusal to backdoor Joe who had nothing to contribute to her game! All the Silent Six need to do is concentrate on the next 3 weeks and vote out Joe, Wil and Ashley. Then, the backstabbing, lies, manipulation can begin because there are not enough players to go around all the alliances and not everyone can be safe!

  13. I agree.. i hope Dan gets out soon .. he is nothing bit a snake .. He is actually worst than Janelle… Let’s all hope he gets booted soon!

  14. Jenn is floating her way through the game, laying low, watching as people are being evicted and people getting blood on their hands, I personally think its her game strategy and when the game goes on she’ll become more aware and stuff :P 

  15. Big Brother better do something pretty quickly.  If they don’t, we will all get to watch a repeat of Boogie’s prior games.  He will take over along with Frank.  Dan and Britney were idiots when they got rid of Janelle and went with Boogie.  I knew Joe would be a target and I admire his loyalty.  I truely would love to see Wil say bye.  It would serve him right!

    • Dan was simply afraid of Boogie, when he threatened that he will be his target,so he just gave the predator the most wanted prey: Janelle. Well, that’s not brave of Dan.

  16. Shane said he would use his veto comp pass this week so there is a good chance he will win it. I think they should put up Jenn before she floats her way through the game. She has had zero impact on the house so far.

    • So agreed and was wondering of Shane would use his Veto pass so thx. Glad to hear he said he will..

  17. Definitely the best to nominate and I have wanted Joe gone a long time.  He started a lot of trouble in the game early on.  I now hear him say if he knew he would have voted Janelle out.  He is just trying to cover his butt.

  18. Why is everyone giving Boogie all the credit for Janelle’s eviction? Dan was a major part of it. Dan is now the smallest, or possibly the second smallest (behind Britney), target in the Silent Six alliance which should easily run the house until somewhere around the halfway mark. Before Danielle decided to use the veto, Dan was only truly allied with the biggest female target in the house. Now, Dan is safe with Frank, Shane, and Danielle, who seem to be the only people in the house capable of winning competitions. It was a beautiful move, even if Janelle was his ally.

    Dan:       1/4
    Frank:    1/7
    Danielle: 1/8
    Shane:   1/9
    Britney:  1/11
    Boogie:  1/14
    Ian:        1/15
    Jenn:     1/20
    Ashley:  1/25
    Wil:       1/32
    Joe:       1/48

    If Frank and Boogie are smart, they use this opportunity to backdoor Shane. They only need 3 more votes, and Ashley, Jenn, Ian, Joe, and Wil should vote to evict Shane once the Silent Six is outed. It seems too soon to make such a big move, but we’ve had 6 weeks to see the players and it’s obvious that Shane and Frank are far and away the best competitors. They’d just have to avoid Danielle.

    • Yeah, but there’s something to be had by evicting Joe. It will up Frank’s social game by getting the guy out of the house that every other houseguest finds unbearable to live with.

  19. Good nom, have to get boogie out so he can go home to Dr Wil and explain wht he told america he was sleeping with Jenelle in the jury house I am sure his wife have forgave him but now his whole hospital knows

    • i don’t think Janelle had time to spend in the jury house. She was third, so just showed up when the “jurors” were discussing the finalists.

    • Not that it was classy of Boogie to do so, but I think everyone knew  Will and Janelle had a fling anyway.

  20. Boogie has got to go I think when he told america about Dr Wil sleeping with Jenelelle wwas not call for he knoews he made a mistaje saying this and he went on to stay I hope they block this out ion the west coast good friend

  21. yes! get rid of the ones that are no threat whatsoever and keep the ones that will oneday kick butt in the house. smart move..

  22. I am ready to see some of the people who float on by get out! So we can see the real competitors compete. It gets more exciting then. I hope that Shane really uses his Veto pass of he’s not picked to play.

  23. Get rid of Joe IF ONLY to not have to hear his SCREAMING RANTS in the DR room. Man he’s annoying when he does that. 

  24. I am loving the drama of this season, but I have never had such a hard time picking a favorite player.  Since Willie (who was my initial fave this season) left, none of them are really standing out as a personal fave for me. There are a couple who I absolutely do not want to win like Joe or Janelle (thankfully shes gone and hopefully wont be back).
    I am kinda rooting for Danielle, but its not for her game play, just simply because she is a Bama girl.
    I like Boogie’s game, but I cant stand him.  As far as actually playing right now, he deserves to win.. but it would irritate me if he does.
    I would be OK w/ Frank, Shane, Ian or Wil winning.  Jenn and Ashley not so much.. they are boring.
    I DO NOT really want a coach to win, I want them to “get got.”
    C.mon, newbs.. give us a reason to really cheer you on!

    • I think Danielle is a smart cookie, maybe not as smart as Ian, but she has a better social game.  Think I read somewhere that Danielle has 4 degrees and is working on her Masters.  I really hope Ian wins.  He is so honestly quirky.  If not Ian, then Danielle or Frank.  Shane might be a jock but brainless.  He and Ashley would make a great couple.  Danielle can do much better than hooking up with Shane.  

  25. I just watched bbad and frank and boogie are talking.Boggie is talking about a conversation he had with will.Will says he isnt happy with this conversation cause it seem like this is boogies hoh and not franks. Boogie tells Will its also his hoh cause him and frank are working together.So he will be playing a big part in all that goes on. These people better open their eyes cause if they dont they will be gone and wont even know what happen.

    • Thank you for the recap missed BB after dark and forgot to DVR so thank you for letting me know what happened, Lexi

    • Wil is stupid anyways. He does not have a solid alliance and you go against Boogie and Frank? What he should have done is struck an alliance with Frank and Boogie. If he played it smart, he would have lasted much longer. As long as you are in the Big Brother House, you have a shot at that $500,000—-even if it is a tiny shot at it!

  26. So now it looks like Will is their target not Joe. Will wouldnt give Boogie a straight answer about if Will wins HOH will he save Frank and him. Will didnt answer so because this didnt sit well with Boogie he wants Will out. Whose HOH Frank or Boogie.I wish Frank would see that Boogie is running his HOH and flip on Boogie when the time comes.Now that would be a game change.If Frank did that then de deserve to go to the end.

    • Boogie has always had Frank’s back. He will be pretty stupid to trust someone else! It is about a very good social game as well as being a good
      competitor on HOH and POVs. This is still a numbers game and anyone who thinks they can win it all by themselves are deluding themselves! Ask Dan who is one of the smart players outside of Boogie and he knows that he has to have a reliable alliance to go deep in the game and have a chance at that $500,000. 

  27. I think that if Ashley couldn’t play in the Have-Have Not comp then A) she should’ve been removed from the game or B) she shouldve automatically been a have not!!! It is NOT fair she doesn’t have to play and then gets to stay a have for the week AND get to stay!!!!

    • If a person cannot play the game, than they should be taken out. I’m with you on that.

  28. I soooooooooooo Love this show ! Makes me want to be American so I could try out!!!

  29. On B.B.A.D. Boogie and Frank were talking , and they both agreed that Will just may have to go home instead of Joe . They see him as a threat. The H.G. should learn to keep their mouth shut in this game. I guess they don’t..too bad !!!!

  30. As if we didn’t know that queen of silicon banged Will lamo, they all do it, did it. so who cares? if Janelle benged will and others? 

  31. I live to watch Big Brother every year, I think they should do one with all players over 50…

  32. For all those who talk trash and put the players down, I want you to remember karma’s a bitch and I pray that it will bite you all in your behind so bad. for every bad word you say I hope 10 bad things happen to you. karma always come for pay back, so say whatever bad words you want about players it will just hit you back in worst way 10 times harder

  33. i want it to be snake in the grass mike boogie he is the one calling the shots   no one has a mind of their own

  34. Boogie should really be the one who gets voted out.  How can prople not realize he is the puppet master right now.  Someone should tell Frank that he doesnt stand a chance on winning the whole game if he makes it to end with Boogie.  If whoever nomibates Boogie for eviction and eventually gets him out, will win

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