Big Brother 14: Week 4 Player Rankings

BB14 Silent Six

We’ve now stepped into Week 5 of Big Brother 14 and Frank and Boogie are back in power (OK, still in power), so it’s that time of the week to look back and call out the best and worst players of Week 4.

Best Players of the Week

1. Mike Boogie. It pains me to give it to him, but credit where credit is due, right? Boogie was able to convince Danielle, Shane and Britney that putting up Janelle and voting her out was a good move. Not that convincing those three of anything is hard work. It’s that Boogie convinced Dan as well that makes him the best player of the week. Dan was dead-set on keeping the coaches together, but Boogie wouldn’t budge when it came to working with Janelle. A few twists and turns later, and Dan is on board. Boogie gets Janelle up and Janelle out, thus saving his boy Frank from eviction once again.

2. Dan. Even though he fell for the Janelle plot, Dan was basically this week’s HoH. He made all of Danielle’s moves and decisions. He did everything for Danielle BUT try to get Shane in the HoH sack. That was all Danielle and surely where most of her energy was spent this week. Oh, I love when there’s a great opportunity to segway….

Worst Players of The Week

1. Danielle. As I said above, she spent all of her energy trying to hook Shane that she let a lot of different people take over her HoH and run the game. And when she wasn’t trying to hog-tie Shane ‘Bama style, she was lying about EVERY THING. Especially about things Janelle didn’t say. And I had hoped for a Diary Room explaining that Danielle was lying for gameplay, but I think that’s not the case. I think she’s just crazy.

2. Britney. She’s almost a really good player. Almost. She almost makes great game moves. Almost. Just like her season, she’s making all the wrong moves. She’ll tell someone you can’t win if you’re a girl and you’re sitting next to a guy in the final two. Yet she ditches Janelle for a six-person alliance that is four guys and only two girls. And if she thinks she’s going to the end with cray cray Danielle, that’s just more bad gameplay. She should’ve stuck with Janelle and worked on the girl-power alliance they talked about before Willie scared everyone away from Team Britney. I love Britney’s DRs and thinks she’s hilarious and entertaining. BUT her gameplay has it’s ups and waaaaaay downs.

Who do you think are the best and worst players of the week?


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    • AHHH I’m so glad someone agrees w/ me! Everyone is hating on Frank and Boogie but I LOVE them!

      • I don’t hate them or love them, but I respect them.  They totally played Dan and Danielle last week, and he fell for it hook, line, and sinker.  I also like Boogie’s unquestionable loyalty towards Frank.  At this point, they are the best players in the game, and the rest of the house is stupid to keep them in the game.

    • What has Frank done to be considered a good player besides follow Mike Boogie around??? Frank is a FLOATER doing everything Cocky Mike Boogie says. Hes a Boogie Puppet..not a leader or a good player..unless u consider being bossed around good game play. Lol. What a joke!

      • Totally agree with you.   Frank has good possibilities to become a really good player .   But Boogie needs to remove his hand from Franks butt first.

      • frank frigging dodges the eviction bullet three times..they all follow the vets not just FRANK…what has any1 done to be considered a good player ummm NO the hell can you be a floater being HOH? if frank is boogies puppet,then danielle is dan’s puppet…what a joke!

      • i would never consider someone who won 2 HoHs before jury, and most of the house consider someone dangerous to win,  a “floater”

  1. I think Joe needs to be up there for Worst Players. He turned the house against him this week. 

  2. Ian continues to blow off the comps, but yet remains popular.  No one is gunning for him.  He has allies in all the alliances.  How does this not make him a top player.  Ian has brought the social and mind game to a new level.  If he makes it to the final two he will win – why? – because he will be the one who really never offended anyone or challenged anyone – he is the likeable floater people think they can beat at the end – problem is – he is not a floater – he is the ultimate player

    •  AND… either the people in the house will never realize he is a floater OR he will talk himself out of them thinking he is a floater.

      I love his reasoning for taking all the CRAP “rewards”! i think that is brilliant!

    • If the Silent Six go after each other then, there is a very real possibility that Ian can slip thru among the newbies. He atleast, played a little bit with his Quack Five alliance with Shane, Brittney, Danielle and Dan. He definitely has played a very good social game and I would give him an A+ on that!

    • I agree!! Ian is a lot smarter than all the HG’s give him credit for. If he doesn’t make it to the final 2 and in fact win the whole thing, I’ll be shocked!!

    • I also think that Ian is the PLAYER he should go to the end. After 4 weeks , my mind has changed on who I’d like to see at the end.I believe like a lot of other people that Dan, Danielle, Britney,and Shane messed the whole game up….too bad.

  3. To win the best player of the week, next week –> Frank needs to get rid of one more coach … Frank needs to put up Dan and Britney.  Should one get the POV, he puts up Boogie… Voila ! another flush !

    • I don’t understand this strategy. Frank is trying to make a run to the end with Boogie and Dan, hoping he’ll beat them out in the final HOH comps. I don’t see him putting those guys up ever, unless something huge happens and he has no other choice.

    • Agree but Frank will NEVER put Mike up! Mike and Frank need to be sperated. If I had to guess..Frank will put up joe and ashley..keeping his silent six safe ONLY to secure his own safety next week. Hope Jen gets next HOH and puts up Mike and Frank..Lol. Split the lovers up. Mike and Frank are truly this years showmance! Lol

      •  What bugs me most about BB is that the house guests underestimate the player with the biggest mouth until it is too late to save themselves.

        Wish I could be a coach…!  Bold moves all the way.

      •  I agree, but i think they really need to seperate shane and stalker danielle before they take over and kick everyone out like brenchel.

    •  It would be smart for him to do but he want. He will be revenging Shane and Danielle or newbie- not smart. Taking out another coach would be-smart.

    • yea, but big game moves have to be calcultated and pulled off at the right time. Big moves are needed to win BB, but can also get you out of the game fast! I think its way to early to go against the entire “silent six” allaince.

    • Frank should play his own game and stop following Mike Boogie around like a little puppy.  Mike is an arrogant jerk and I was disappointed to see Frank do everything Mike tells him to do.  I think that Frank could go a long way on his own.  He needs to wake up and see that he’s being used by Boogie. Come on Frank!  Go back to being the good guy that you were when the season started.  He is now almost as arrogant as Mike.  It’s very hard to watch at times.

  4. I agree with Branden’s choices this week although I would probably put Janelle in the bottom two over Britney. I think it was Janelle’s stalling when she was asked if she would sacrifice her players that convinced Dan to change his mind. It wasn’t Boogie’s machinations alone that got Janelle evicted. Boogie was basically asking Janelle if she would give up Joe or Wil, but also save Frank in the process. I understood her hesitation, but she should have countered that Frank should go this week and then Joe or Wil the following. Those who believe it was ALL Boogie’s great gameplay were not watching the same show I am.

    • The fact that Janelle refused to throw Joe under the bus was the dumbest move in the game! Janelle blew it. She could have had that 4 coach alliance which would have teken her to last 4 but, instead, she protected Joe till the very bitter end! Really? She does not have anyone to blame but, herself, Boogie already said they can each have one favorite so, how come Janelle wants more when she already has Wil? Anyway, you flip it, it was a dumb move and totally unexpected! She could not even give a response which told Dan that she cannot be trusted and therefore, cannot be part of their alliance! And yes, it was Boogie’s great gameplay because he still had to sell it to Dan who wanted to keep Janelle as much as possible!

      • At the very least Janelle should have cornered Dan and/or Britney later and reaffirmed that she was on board with the two of them if not Boogie. She could have proposed a “silent 6” deal between the 3 of them and a player of their choice (Shane, Danielle, and then Joe or Wil). Instead she took a clueless path and didn’t do anything until after she was renommed. It was too late at that point. Not a smart move on Janelle’s part. Boogs just beat her to the punch. 

  5. Yeah, those were the best players. And the two girls were really sht players this week – but were they actually the WORST? At least they were playing the game… Unlike Jenn, who is somehow becoming popular among the houseguests. They must be lonely… And then there’s Joe who pisses everyone off AND doesn’t play. Hmm. These people all suck except Dan and Boogie tbh.

  6. Definitely, the best player of the week was Mike Boogie. Love him or hate him, he made the moves he needed to put him in hopefully, a good alliance to take him deep in the game. The object of the game is to last till the very end. Most players seem to forget that! 2nd place goes to Dan because he did not totally lose on this deal. For one, he still gets into a strong alliance if everyone sticks to it the next 3 weeks atleast. It also takes out one of the best competitors on Big Brother Network which is Janelle. She is awesome in those HOHs and Vetos but, sucks in the manipulation of fellow house guests. Leave that to the experts like Boogie and Dan! Brittney was never a good strategist let alone very smart. She like Janelle talks too much which gives a lot of info away without even realizing the damage she is causing herself. Danielle and Shane are newbies and if they come back to Big Brother in the future, they will hopefully, be wiser for it!
    So far, both have listened to the coaches instead of trying to figure out their best moves which gets them farthest in the game! The rest have not played at all in terms of trying to strike alliances and make strategic moves. Only Ian made that slight move to form the Quack Five alliance with Brittney, Dan, Shane and Danielle. A bit too timid though, he should have struck other alliances with Mike Boogie and Frank and even the other floaters like Wil and Ashley.

    •  Brittany is just as bad as Janelle. Janelle was in the “BB’s Game Mode” and Brittany was in the “Threaten By Another Female Mode”. I don’t think it had nothing to do with the BB game at all.

  7. I like Britney this season. She is a lot more funny and laid back since she started off as a coach. Bad move trusting Boogie. That will be her downfall. 1 thing I hate about Britney is she’s always telling people what to do like even 2 nights ago on BBAD telling Janelle to get her something and Janelle does it of course. I would say, “what are your legs broken?” She’s always delegating stuff like that. “Go get so and so and bring them up here.” Why does everyone listen to her? Also, everyone complaining about Joe cooking, but they are too scared to say it to his face….wimps. I think Jenn and Joe are the worst players. Basically they just take up space. Shane offering himself on the block–that’s almost worse than Lawon last season. He’s just asking for it if he goes up as a pawn.

    • How do you feel about her constantly badmouthing other houseguests behind their back, ex-boyfriends, and people more generally? I think she’s the worst when it comes to being really disrespectful to people behind their backs. It really rubs me the wrong way.

      •  I totally agree, ThatGuyCy. Brittany is the worst player of BB 14. Who agree to bring her back? Jeff or Jessie needed to be her place!

  8. Yup, Boogie managed to save Frank and himself again and that is impressive when everyone was rdy to send Frank packing. The only thing I would change is Britney’s spot on worst player list. True, she knows the odds of winning against the guys but at the same time, Janelle couldn’t be trusted. I don’t get what was up w/Janelle’s game play this season but if Janelle had stuck w/Brit then Janelle would most likely still be there and Frank would be out. Danielle does, on the other hand, completely deserve her spot and I almost wish Frank and Boogie would back stab the new alliance just to get her butt outta there. 

    •  Brittany was threaten by Janelle being so dominating. All she did was bad mouth Janelle. I hope she comes back for Brittany’s ass and call her out on her mess. Frank should have been gone then Boogie and Janelle should have followed Boogie.

  9. Brittney is not one of the worst players of the week! She simply just went with the flow of the house solely to not make any enemeies! She is definitely not a floater!

    •  Then, what is she? Hmmmmmmm- no Brittney is a indecisive floater. “Should I”?, “Should I not?”, “What If”? That is all Brittany is for- panicking.

  10. I really don’t understand the hate Danielle party. I don’t think you guys are giving her enough credit.

    • Danielle is a strong player..Noone else has won ANYTHING except her and shane. Lol! Hate Danielle for what? Shes lookin out for herself…thats what everyone is ultimately doing. Lol

    • I don’t hate Danielle, she kept frank and boogie safe…lol. Was that best for her. I doubt it, but only time will tell. She deserve one of the worst players for the week, cause she didn’t get out anyone who she first wanted, but got swayed by Boogie.

    • Give her credit for what? She brings nothing to the table. She’s nothing without Dan and Shane, and she lied her face off to both of them. She is a terrible player, and definitely a touch psycho.

  11. Getting Janelle out is not a stupid move. She’s smart and in it for herself! A wasted HOH would be eliminating Jenn! Danielle certainly made the right choices last week… All of this criticism is just sour grapes!!

    •  Jannelle might be the one to enter back into the house. OOOOps! The other BB house guests should think about that.

  12. I agree with the best players this week but I think Joe and Jenn should be in the bottom because niether of them ever do anything. Joe just pisses people off and is really annoying in the diary room. At least Danielle and Britney are playing the game unlike Jenn and Joe

  13. I’ve been vocal of my Boogie/Frank/Ian support from the beginning and last night during the HoH comp it was painfully clear.  Nobody in the house saw it, though. Sure, there’s the Silent Six, but it’s obvious the three mentioned above are still tight.  Look at how people were pitted against each other.  Boogs even threw it knowing Ian or Frank winning meant he was good.  One of those three will when this game and it’s going to be fantastic when it all comes out how they stuck together.  Bravo, Boogie, you put together a hell of a team.

  14. I like Daniell just because she is from my state Bama. But she needs to play her own game and quit letting Dan tell her what to do. When it comes down to it he will throw her under the Bus just like he squealed to boogie about Franks eviction. If the house doesn’t turn on Boogie Frank will get the Cash. Boogie blantantly threw the hoh game when he went up against Frank. Because he Knows he is really hoh with Frank in the room!! But he doesn’t want to win he wants Frank to win it all. Ian is Childish he needs to let his wavo’s drop and become a player. He made a silent 6 deal and then was dry humping Frank when he won hoh.The house is gonna keep abusing him because he lets them.

    • don’t kid yourself. boogie wants to win so therefore, he will not take frank to final 2 because he knows frank would get more votes. he would be better off with joe or jenn. someone that noone cares for.

    •  Didn’t Danielle not know before she won HOH, Dan was no longer her coach? Hmmmmm. But, she listen to him anyway. Dan is not going to this for Danielle. She was dumb.

  15. I love Brittney.  I love her personality.  She is interested in the other players.  She LISTEN to them.  She’s fun.  Sure she makes fun of people behind their backs, who doesn’t in the house?  That said, I don’t for one minute, think she is going to win, or even make it to finalle 4, and I’ll be sad when she leaves, but I love watching her.  SO glad Janelle is gone.  Such a vain and selfish woman.

    • To the tune of “Ben”, by Michael Jackson:
      Jenn, at you we just need look no more
      At this game who knows what you’re good for?
      If you think some skill you’ve shown
      You think it on your own
      And you my friend will see
      That it’s just not to be
      (that it’s just not to be)
      Jenn, if for this game you start to care
      You’d know you’re not wanted anywhere
      If you ever look behind
      You won’t like what you find
      There’s something you should know
      You’ve got a place to go
      (you’ve got a place to go)
      A nice big house, called “Jury”
      The best result, you could see
      (A nice big house, called “Jury”)
      (The best result, you could see)
      Jenn, most people would turn you away
      Pay attention to the words they say
      They don’t see you as you do
      Your look is too cuckoo
      It’s tough for them to grin
      And see past the spin of Jenn
      Of Jenn
      Of Jenn
      Of Jenn

  16. I disagree with your best and worst players. No doubt Mike Boogie was one reasons why Janelle went home, but so was Danielle. The buck stops with the HOH and the last time I checked, Danielle was the HOH, not Dan. Hell Dan wasn’t even on board in the begining with getting Janelle out. And I will give you a third best player, Ian. Ian joined an alliance and supported the idea of getting Janelle out. I think Ian saying lets get Janelle out was a big push. He made a good game move.
    By the way, Britney is playing game and she did well this week, but not bad player.Bad players, well how about Joe, he’s so far out of the loop, and he was the sole vote to evict Frank. Cooking for everyone like Jun did back in season 4 is an ok strategy, but you also have to know what the house is doing.

    And how about Wil. He’s game is almost as bad as Joe’s and other HG’s are getting tired of him too. All he does is complain. Wil will be the target this week if Joe wins POV.

  17. Kind of funny trying to analyze Britney’s game play. In order to have game play you must have thinking power, so how on earth can she have any game play?

    •  Brittany didn’t want HOH. She threw the competition because she is spineless. She is afraid of power and decision making. She couldn’t coach none of her players. Brittany is constantly second guessing herself.

    • Wil told Frank he had his vote to stay when he didn’t. Wil’s lie 1
      He told Janelle that he would not vote her out. Wil’s lie 2
      You could tell if Will is lying..his lips are moving.

  18. my predictions for the next few weeks

    11. Wil
    10. Joe
    9. Shane
    8. Boogie
    7. Ashley
    6. Danielle
    5. Frank
    4. Britney
    3. Ian
    2. Jenn
    1. Dan wins with a 6-1 vote :D 

  19. I think Boogie is the only good player so far.  Everyone else deserves the worst player prize.  I’ve never seen anyone control the house as much as Boogie.  All the other players are just his lap dogs–and they don’t even realize it!  Suckers!!! 

  20. Does anyone remember BB saying they may bring in an evicted player?
    Wouldnt that just make Boogies day?

  21. I am not coming to her defense but is it possible that Danielle did, in fact, lie for game play?  That said, a diary session then wouldn’t make any sense to those who do not watch the live feeds.  If this is not the case she didn’t make me a fan of hers.  I am truly disappointed by Janelle’s game play.  She did use her sweet innocent baby voice on people then turn around and speak poorly of the person.  It didn’t do her any favors.  I would also like to add that Boogie, while not wanted to work with Janelle, would have if she agreed to if she made a sacrifice but she was not willing to.  Neither one trusts the other.  This is not to say that Bogie would have honored the deal but the coaches needed each other.

  22. what it all boils down too ,frank is boogie’s pawn too!!!!!!  dan, danielle , brit and shane deserve what they get!!!!!!!!  wouldnt be surprised if ian won the whole thing!!

  23. I totally disagree with your assertion of Danielle. Although correct in her “crush” on Shane, I think she, and only she, made the huge move to oust Janelle. And Good Riddance to Janelle! :er game play this season was a disaster!! She couldn’t keep her own lies straight, and threw her “team” under the bus WHEN, and only when, it suited HER.

    • How can you say Danielle…and only Danielle… made the move to oust Janelle?   Boogie played Danielles insecurities to the max.   She was just his mouth piece.   While the final decision SHOULD have been hers, she acted like a 2 year old trying to get daddys attention.   And daddy Boogie gave her what she was looking for.   She got all his preverted attention along with some playmates, provided by daddy, to praise her for doing daddys bidding. 

  24. I totally agree that Danielle is this, and other weeks worst player.  She behaves like and 12 year old with her first crush–bed wrestling with Shane is sooo ridiculous.  Then comes all her insecurities, and “hurt feelings” and then out come the bugs bunny teeth when she pouts.  Her “strategic” plays are all about who last hurt her widdle feelings.

  25. I agree with the strongest players, but disagree with the weakest.  The first i think is joe. He had no gameplay this week and was left out voting to keep Janelle. The second one is the rocker chick. what’s her name? exactly. even though laying low is good in the house for a couple of weeks, i think she still could of played a little more; maybe making deals with danielle, or talking stradegy with boogie.

    Danielle did beat out 11 other houseguests to win hoh, and britney has been keeping her options open. But i do agree their game wasn’t the best this week.

  26. I think Frank needs to be in this conversation…most people have a meltdown when on the block. Frank has been on their 3 times and hasn’t panicked yet.

  27. Danielle was not the worst player this week. Her actions may have been questionable but she won both the hoh and pov. That gives her miles above the do nothings in the house like Joe, Jenn, Ashley and Wil. Geez.

  28. I agree with the best players and the worst players rankings. The rest of the HG’s at least 8 of them didn’t make it to the rankings, because a lot of them weren’t really playing. They were just visiting.

  29. Am i the only one that doesnt see Boogie lasting more than a few weeks? I think he and frank will turn on the silent six, end up kicking out shane/britney, and i think they will take their anger out on boogie more so than frank

  30. I absolutely love Boogie, Frank and Ian!  Janelle was SO annoying while in the house and played a low, nasty and lousy game.  Good riddance Janelle…you are a loser.  The house is SO much better now that she is gone for good.  The witch is dead.

  31. Ian is a nice kid, but he’s just too inteligent and -socially odd-to not analyze the statistics and read the interactions in the house. Just because he has a hard time meshing doesn’t mean he’s bad at reading others. He is afterall a superfan of Big Brother. He seems to have aliances with everyone. He’s on everyones good side. The only one i could see him being blindly loyal to is Ashley to his own detriment. Other than that, I think nice kid Ian is going to pick up his game play. He’s definitely not stupid and could use that money.

    anyone who would side with Boogie is a fool. I would normally be impressed that with Frank being on the block so much, that he has managed to stay in the house. But that was just luck and Boogies workings. Frank is actually a weak player. Everyone see’s through him. Only luck kept him from being backdoored. If Boogie gets enough blood on frank’s hands, perhaps boogie would win against him in final two.

    brittney, will, ashley and shane-wow. what were they thinking getting rid of janelle instead of frank. can’t believe brittney went with boogie. very stupid move on her part.

    • I so much want Ian to win.  I love the way he is playing and believe that  most of his behavior is carefully thought out based on the years he has been watching the show.  Love how he slides around without irritating anyone.  Just hope that Boogie does not mess with him.

      Danielle just irritates me.  She is so dumb, tries to be manipulative but not smart enough.  She drives me batty.  Stated she graduated with a 4.0-what kind of school did she go to?  Just looking at her irks me.

      Could not believe Jenn was letting the group see her doing all that hard exercising.  Is she trying to make herself a target.    

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