Big Brother 14: Wil Heuser Eviction Interview

Wil Heuser and Julie Chen on Big Brother 14

This week’s eviction surely pleased last week’s evictee as Janelle’s former player, Wil Heuser, followed her out the door just one week later. Today I had the chance to speak with Wil and ask him about voting out his coach, that ill-fated talk with Frank and Boogie, his biggest move in the game, and where his fans can find him next.

Big Brother Network (BBN): What advantage did you see in evicting your coach & protector, Janelle? Do you regret that move?

Wil Heuser: There wasn’t really an advantage to doing that. I feel I was given the opportunity to get myself off the block and she was consequently the person that went up. When it came down to votes, if Ashley and I had voted to keep her in she still would have gone home. We were trying to avoid getting a target on our backs. It would have been great to keep Janelle. I know she would have never put me up on the block and I’d still be in the game this week. You’ve got to do what you think is right at the time.

[Janelle] was not well liked by any of the houseguests. I’m not sure how she was portrayed in editing, but she was definitely if not the most, one of the most disliked persons in the house.

BBN: Why weren’t you willing to tell Frank & Boogie what they wanted to hear in that Friday discussion that led to you being a target and eventually evicted?

Wil Heuser: What was frustrating for me was that I knew there was a big alliance, but I wasn’t sure who was with who concretely and I didn’t want to say something that would make me a bigger target. I feel like I would have been a target regardless. I feel like it’s a situation where they’re just picking off people right now. If I was going out I was going out with my head held high and my integrity still intact.

Also, when dealing with Frank and Mike, you’re really just dealing with Mike. Frank, in my opinion, is just a sock puppet. He was poised as one of the strongest players in the house and I think he certainly shot himself in the foot. He had a golden opportunity to make the biggest play of the season by using that PoV and putting Dan up. He would have gotten out one of the best players in Big Brother history and instead he decided to do what Mike wanted to do and play it safe. I certainly would not have made that mistake.

BBN: What do you feel was your biggest move in the game?

Wil Heuser: You know, I don’t think I got the chance to really do that. I think I was trying to set up things to make a big move. I certainly think I had Frank & Mike eating out of the palm of my hand at one point. Then the coaches came in and that cover was blown. I think my big move was yet to come.

BBN: What’s next for Wil Heuser? Where can your fans expect to find you after this?

Wil Heuser: My main thing right now, it’s been three months since I’ve done a video on The Wil Show. I’m hoping Friday I’ll be able to get something up there. Maybe a little comedy video going on and back in to action with my life.

Wil Heuser memory wall pic - Big Brother 14

Our questions with Wil ended there, but the call went on and a few more topics were covered. Ian was named as the HG to show the most personal development in the house. He started out a little unliked with his sneaky behavior but has been growing on the HGs since. Wil predicted Ashley had a strong shot at getting to at least the Final 2 as she continues along under the radar. However, if he had his pick, Wil hopes Dan takes home the big prize. Wil praised Dan for his smart gameplay so far this season.

Wil’s fans can find him both on Twitter (@WilHeuser) and on YouTube with his “The Wil Show” channel. Best of luck to Wil on whatever he tackles next.


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    • that’s a rude comment to make.  if you don’t like him, fine, but to say such a thing is just plain rude…..

    • I bet you think you’re so cool with that comment. It must be hard knowing that the ‘queer’ is more famous and more popular than you’ll ever be in your miserable life. Ignorant loser. Smh.

    • what a very rude thing to say!!!  we are talking game, not sexual preference.  shame on you!!!!!!!!!!! people like you are the reason , our world is in such a mess!!!!!

      • I’m gay and I found him to be super annoying. Way too over the top. He should have just had a sex change. But yeah queer is not the wrong description

    • You are so rude. People like you should go live on an island by yourselfs and judge each other. The happy people can stay here and love one another loser!!!

  1. Well he can say whatever he wants but we know he regrets his decision. Playing his own game got him no where

  2. I cant say I liked wil, but usually the gay guy in the house tends to get along with everyone. This guy on the other hand, just had one cocky attitude. It was that attitude that got him on  the block and evicted. 

    oh well another one down

  3. Wil was not quite the game player i would have liked to have seen.   But he had his moments in the house.  Not gamewise….but entertainment wise.   I don’t think the house was what he expected.   He said Janelle wasn’t liked very much and thats one reason she was evicted.   Maybe.  But more likely they feared her.   Her reputation as a veto queen was known and talked about in the house.    And even though she didn’t show us the Janelle of past…..the possibilities were there.   Wils unwillingness to kiss a little ass got him evicted.   And in this game ass kissing becomes the number one sport.   And you can see where it left him…..sitting on the bench.

      • lol…ok so maybe he’s a little over the top…..but a likeable enough fella.   Just not suited to the BB house though.

  4. I guess these people are going to stay in deep denial about Janelle. Editing has nothing to do with her popularity. She’s well liked because she made the feeds and the game more fun to watch on her first two seasons. Doesn’t matter if she was the most disliked in the house, because most of her fans dislike the HGs who dislike her. (Hint, hint, Wil.) This guy was one of the worst players BB has ever cast. You don’t stab someone in the back right after they save you. And it’s stupid to gleefully evict someone like Janelle when they aren’t targeting you.

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