Big Brother 14 Episode 16 Recap: Another Goodbye

Big Brother 14 host Julie Chen

Thursday night’s live eviction episode of Big Brother 14 went just as everyone expect as Wil was evicted by a vote of 6 to 2 meaning Chef Joe has at least another week to scream at us during his Diary Room sessions.

The episode picked up just after the veto ceremony where Frank decided to not use the veto and leave Joe and Wil on the block. Dan, Danielle, Britney and Shane are very relieved but also realize the fact that they were so scared of being blindsided means there are cracks in the Silent Six foundation. As if there weren’t cracks from the start. Everyone knows you can’t trust Boogie.

Dan thanks Frank for not blindsiding him, but Frank tells him it did cross his mind. This reminds Dan that he can’t trust Frank, but Dan never says anything about not trusting Boogie. That’s because my conspiracy theory remains that Dan and Boogie made an agreement before the game started and just haven’t mentioned in the house.

Wil and Joe’s campaigning starts. Neither actually know the people they need to work on is another alliance that has formed outside the Silent Six. It’s ridiculously called the “Quack Pack” and it consists of Dan, Ian, Britney, Shane and Danielle. They basically control the votes this week and it they make no promises to either nominee, but are of course leaning toward evicting Wil.

If you’re into this sort of thing, it might be worth me mentioning. Ashley and Frank went on a date this week and it ended in a steamy makeout session. Poor Ian was a little jealous since he’s had a “flirtmance” with Ashley all season.

Julie Chen sends of off to visit with Joe’s wife and kids and the two things we learned during that session is even his wife and kids hate Joe’s yelling in the diary room and his soul patch. Oh, and they hate Boogie, too. But who doesn’t?

After we get back to the live part of the show, Julie welcomes back season 11 and 13 alum Jeff Schroeder. She asks him some personal questions then he let’s us know this season he’s pulling for Ian. Next Julie gives the HGs a current events quiz, which is really just a way to let them in on some events that have happened in the world since they entered the house.

Wil gives a great final speech and Joe mumbles out a bunch of stuff that still has me scratching his head.

The speeches are done and the live voting begins. Here’s the rundown of the votes:

  • Ashley: evict Joe
  • Boogie: evict Wil
  • Danielle: evict Wil
  • Jenn: evict Joe
  • Dan: evict Wil
  • Britney: evict Wil
  • Shane: evict Wil
  • Ian: evict Wil

Wil is evicted and Joe lives on.

The HoH competition starts and it’s a physical competition with some endurance mixed in called “Swamped.” It’s the game where they have to walk back and forth on a slippery surface using a small cup to fill up a bowl to get a ball out. Only this season there are two other bowls besides the HoH one. One will award the winner $10,000 and the other gives the winner safety from eviction this week.

Before the show ends, we see that Boogie is the only player going for the money while everyone else is working toward HoH or safety. Tune in Monday for those results, or if you can’t wait, we’ve got the HoH competition results up and ready for you.


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  1. As much as I’m tired of seeing Danielle on my tv screen, I think Shane needs to try to get rid of Boogie this week. I’d like to see Frank’s gameplay without Boogie.

    • If Boogie gets evicted, it becomes simpler for Frank because I am sure he will go after Dan, Shane and Brittney given the chance and knowing he does not have any allies in the house. If it was me in his shoes, I will go after them the moment they betray me if I get a chance because if I cannot win then, Dan, Shane or Brittney should also not win! I am sure Frank will be
      very satisfied if that happens!

      BB wil tell Shane not to even think of it!
      You have to have SOME PERSONALTY IN THAT HOUSE!!

    • I wish he’d put both Boogie & Dan up to nix their F2 deal…especially after Boogie going for the cash last night.They continue to keep each other safe…if they go up together, one should go.

    • Frank and Boogie have only themselves if you count the numbers. All of the house guests are against them. The last thing Boogie will do is backdoor him because they need each other. There is a good chance one of them will be evicted this week! And Boogie has saved Frank how many times?

  2. I think we will start seeing Frank putting some distance between himself and Boogie, I think Boogie could have won HOH if he wanted, instead he goes for the money, shocker, he was going pretty fast down that slippery stuff..faster than Shane..and he could have kept Frank safe..with Britney and Danielle and Dan in Shane’s ear, Frank will go up again. I don’t think Frank was too happy with Boogie last night. I hope Shane doesn’t put Frank up, Frank did keep his word with the silent six, but with those other three..who knows.

      • Ian should wise up. Dan threw him under the bus and he is delusional if he does not see he is but, a pawn in the quack pack. He should move to have Dan evicted by Shane down the line if he was smart.

    • Right…Sure the other were safe…lmao…If u believe that I got some beach front property in Arizona that u might be interested in….When Boogie was guessing that it might be a double elimination/fast foward..The 2 of them mentioned  ways of nominating any of the 4 others in their “silent six” alliance…Frank was just as guilty of it as Boogie …Franks ass should be on the block again he can’t be trusted either..

    • My guess is Shane will put up Mike Boogie and Frank up. They have the numbers with the quack pack. That said, this is a double eviction week so, there would be another HOH and another eviction. Chances are two good players will get evicted this week. Maybe, Frank or Mike Boogie then, another good player targeted depending who wins HOH. I hope Frank or Mike Boogie whoever is left in the house wins HOH in the 2nd HOH and evicts Dan or Shane. The newbie floaters can finish off who is the remaining strong player because they would have the numbers to do so!

      • Christine…..Boogie probably sees that he and Frank will be targeted and one of them will go home so, he decided to go for the money instead of HOH! The thing though is, he could have easily gone for the safety which would have guaranteed his safety this week and given Frank a better chance to survive. I guess greed got the better part of him. 

    • I agree. Obviously Frank doesn’t really mean anything to him if he’s not willing to fight for the HOH when he can’t compete this week.

  3. he needs to put up boogie and frank together, so one is insured to go, next thursday is double eviction, lets hope shane stays safe, too bad dani is still gonna be there, stalker

  4. Quack Pack rules. Before going to bed, they all have decided to put Frank and Booger  on the block. Perfect !!! I can’t wait to see both of them sitting side to side at the eviction chairs…and don’t tell me it’s too early. As far as I’m concerned the “Silent 6” is a mirage. Ian was right, the deal was completed after a week. Frank and Boogie has been contemplating on putting one of them on the block. Especially Frank. So, hell with them !!!

  5. Now I am kinda hoping boogie goes home this week so he can always think about what might have happened if he had gone for hoh instead of the 10gs

  6. And this is exactly why Frank should have let Brittney win HOH last week. Just how Frank and Boogie knew it was too early to turn on the Silent 6, Brittney would have known that as well. Had Brittney won, Frank could’ve competed in this week’s HOH (which he may have won for all we know), but instead, Shane wins and I fear that Boogie and Frank are in some serious trouble this week. 

    • Regardless of what Frank and Mike Boogie did last week, they would still be huge targets because the Quack Pack had the numbers and the other floaters in the house has also turned against them. Getting rid of Wil was still a smart move because Wil would have gone after Mike Boogie and Frank just the same. If they get betrayed, whoever is left in the house should try and win HOH and since, it is a double eviction, Frank or Boogie if they win the 2nd HOH can guarantee one of Dan, Shane or Brittney goes go out of the house this week as well! There are also enough numbers of newbies in the house to boot out all the strong players so, that must not be discounted as well!

  7. If Boogie and Frank are put on the block, I fear that Frank will be safe or Boogie
    will talk his way out of eviction. Dan doesn’t want to see Boogie go. Ashley, Jen,
    and Joe I think will vote for Frank to stay. All it would take is for Frank to get
    one more vote and Boogie is gone. However, he is not going to like being
    put on the block again. Boogie is still a good talker and if Dan votes to keep
    him, Frank will go. Boogie will be after the “Quack Pack” with a vengeance. I
    would like to see Boogie and Dan go up together. Dan needs to be on the
    block and see how it feels this year. I think it would be very itneresting to see
    who comes out the winner, even if Dan is told he is the pawn.

  8. It’s very apparent that with what Brit said to Danielle and Dan about getting
    Frank out of the game before Boogie, she is thinking of herself. She wants to
    keep Boogie and Dan in the game to lessen her own target. Shane will go home
    during the double eviction if things go as Brit wants. Why can’t Shane and the
    others see how the vets are using them for their own goals? Shane has no idea
    Brit is working against him so she can go to the end with Danielle. If she suc-
    ceeds Brit will win, as Danielle is not well liked. But Brit is going to have to
    stop using others to do her dirty work and start winning some comps. If she
    thinks she isn’t going to have a rough time from here on out for comps…….
    Just saying.

  9. Am I imagining it or did Boogie not approach Dan in the first week about “Will-ing” is up?

    • Next week is double eviction. Which means the first player evicted won’t go to jury and the next player evicted will go to jury. That’s Crazy!!!!

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