Big Brother 14: Week 6 HoH Endurance Competition Results

Big Brother 14 - Episode 16 HoH competition

Here we go! It’s time for a new Big Brother 14 Endurance HoH Competition! We just saw tonight’s eviction so it’s time to crown a new HoH.

The endurance competition is called “Swamped” and it’s set up like many past endurance competitions. HGs will have to race from end to end of a track and be the first to fill up their water bowl. The winner becomes the next HoH.

There are also temptations along the way. HGs who fill a smaller bucket for $10K or Safety (from eviction) will win that instead of competing for the HoH title.

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Big Brother 14 Week 6 HoH Endurance Comp Results:

  • 6:55 PM BBT – Boogie is going for $10K. Joe for Safety.
  • 7:00 PM BBT – Waiting for the Live Feeds to return.
  • 7:10 PM BBT – Live Feeds are back. Ashley is crawling.
  • 7:15 PM BBT – Shane has a healthy lead, so it seems.
  • 7:20 PM BBT – Danielle is in second, little ahead of Ian.
  • 7:21 PM BBT – Britney has Safety filled. She’s safe this week.
  • 7:25 PM BBT – Jenn has to ask for confirmation that Safety is no longer available.
  • 7:26 PM BBT – Boogie about half way filled up on $10K bucket.
  • 7:30 PM BBT – Shane is about halfway done with his bowl.
  • 7:35 PM BBT – Ian isn’t slowing, but Ashley is back to crawling.
  • 7:40 PM BBT – Hard to tell if Ashley is sleeping or still competing.
  • 7:45 PM BBT – Shane is pulling away from the other HGs.
  • 7:50 PM BBT – Boogie is just about to get the $10K.
  • 7:51 PM BBT – Yep. Boogie just won the $10K.
  • 7:55 PM BBT – No one has given up, but this is Shane’s to lose.
  • 8:00 PM BBT – Dan is working hard, but hopelessly still racing.
  • 8:05 PM BBT – Sounds like there are no Have-Nots this week. Bonus!
  • 8:10 PM BBT – LOTS of hard falls in this comp. Shane still leads.
  • 8:15 PM BBT – Shane is about 3/4 of the way there. It’s getting close!
  • 8:20 PM BBT – Shane leads. Danielle falls. Ashley creeping. Good times!
  • 8:25 PM BBT – Shane is reaching in to grab the win. Sooo close.
  • 8:28 PM BBT – Shane pulls out the cork & is the new HoH!
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Big Brother 14 - Shane wins HoH

Congrats to Shane, the new HoH! Who do you think he’ll nominate? Also during the comp we saw Britney win the “Safety” temptation so she can’t be nominated or evicted this week. Boogie won the “$10K” bucket prize.

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    • It was last season with enough soap bubbles to bury most of them. Jeff won with Rachel giving him a good run in the next lane…great comp. Looks like Shane has this one? Is Dan racing Boogie for the cash?

    • The past 3 HOH competitions this season have been similar to 3 HOH competitions from last season. I think they are running out of ideas.

  1. Dang,,, Didn’t want Wil to leave..Hope all who voted to keep Joe, wont just be eating food wth his Pee,but also eat what he cleans out of his back door..

  2. Pulling for my boy Ian!  He needs to get HoH and boot Ashley’s ass out the house.  She wronged him so badly!  

    • Huh?  THey went on one date a while ago and I don’t think she was into him.  How on earth did she wrong him by going on a date with someone else.  Ashley and Ian were NOT a couple.

  3. Placing my bets on Shane winning HOH, boogie getting the 10K and Britney getting the safety. 

  4. If Shane wins he has to get rid of Boogie. He feels safe enough to go for MORE money, and that would rid stick it to him!

    • I dont think he feels safe enough, he knows he is going to get nominated and voted out eventually so why not rack up money! hey, I’d do the same, he clearly isnt going to win the game!! 

  5. Congrats. Brit.  Boogie going for money.  Shane HOH, Ian HOH now safety is out so all will have to go for HOH because Boogie looks like he will get money.

      • Boogie desperately needs the money. He is bankrupt and is being sued for embezzling from his restaurant partners.

      •  well Dan has won 500k also and I hope Boogie gets put on the block and sent home  because of being greedy .

  6. It looks like Shane is in the lead for the HOH.  He and Frank are just too good in these comps for the rest of the HGs to stand a chance.

    • Dan was going for safety but Brit won it.  So now Dan is going for HOH but he’s a half hour behind Shane.

      • If Shane is smart, he will put boogie and Dan on the block. They need to get  all the leaders out. It’s a double elimination.Then go from there.

  7. Shane needs to win!!!!!! Quack Pack FTW!!!!!!!! If Boogie gets the 10K they have a great reason to get him out!!!!!! Best Case Scenario for the Double Eviction next week is Frank and Boogie get evicted!!!!!

    • Just what I don’t want to see happen. No HOH for Bratney please. As it is she thinks she’s the coolest thing ever. Last thing she needs is HOH to make that squinty-eyed-nasal-whiney voice beotch annoy us more!

  8. Shane will be the new HOH, no doubt..I don’t know why Ashley is in this house, she can’t really compete, I think Shane will backstab Frank once again, as long as Britney is in his ear. 

    • well, if he only knew how frank and booger were thinking of screwing the silent six within 3 days….. he should nom frank and boogs then has plenty of choices if veto is won, now while they have enough floaters with the votes

  9. Frank and Shane are all around better in every aspect of this game. People like Brittany should not have come on as a mentor all she knows is how to float, tag along and then kicked to the curb which WILL happen again i just hope its soon i cant stand her hopefully she slips and falls on her head 

    • She gets second in almost every competition and is actually in an alliance and playing the game. How is she a floater?

      •  o that’s right i forgot second is how you win the game my bad and that alliance fell into her lap its not like she went to work to create it. I am all for team Frank i don’t like boogie that much but a lot more then Brit. but i think people are waking up and going to get rid of Frank so after that its Dans game. Brit doesn’t stand a candles chance in a hurricane.

    • TEAM BRITANY!!!! For 5 weeks she has been voted #1 Favorite. If u have nothing nice to say DON’T SAY ANYTHING!!!!!!

      •  if you actually watched the live feeds and not go by what’s edited on cbs you would know she is a very ugly person inside,

  10. Darn I didn’t want Bitchney safe. Of course Shane will win HOH isn’t that what the producers want??? If he does win I hope he puts up Booger and Frank. Booger going after the money (which he does not need) and being so cocky thinking he’s safe.

    • i agree, kinda cockey to go for the 10 grans when he doesnt need it like ian jenn or ashley

    • No, Shane isn’t winning HOH cause it’s what the producers want, he’s winning it cause he’s an amazing competitor. 

      • Now you don’t think this comp was geared towards Shane??? It sure wasn’t a comp that Ashley, Joe, Ian, Jenn, Bitchney could win. We all know before it even started that Shane woud win.

      • @13163330a3a167c0e02e7f848a45bd83:disqus 

        They have this competition every year, they didn’t just suddenly make this to ensure Shane can win HOH. 

      • I know they have this comp every year…I’ve watched since season one. It is the timing of this comp. They could of done a Q & A but no because the producers want Shane to win!!!

      • Shane is over-rated and I’m sick of him !!!
        Can’t wait to see the door hit his ass & ego on the way out !!

    • Booger is the most despicable person in the history of BB. Its unbearable to watch that sneering smirk when he pontificates in the DR. Get him out next week.

      • I think Boogie knows he is about to go, He needs money. that’s why he is there. He  is grabbing all the prizes. I wish they would be sure to oust him now.Can’t stand him.

    •  I really do believe that they are setting the game up for shane to win the competition. They did the same thing with jeff on both of his seasons.

      • No I don’t believe that. He wont win. watch out for Ian. He is a late comer. I think he will win.

  11. On the show Julie first said to tweet for money or free from have not for 3 weeks,what happened to that?

  12. Boogie makes me sick! Really he needs the money. I would be pissed if I were frank. He is so gross

    • I am not a Boogie fan at all, but I think it’s HILARIOUS he always goes for cash or prizes.  Let’s face it, his game is so good he doesn’t need HOH or safety the way other players do.

      That said, I would love for Shane (assuming he wins HOH) to nominate Frank and Boogie.

  13. I don’t think Brit and Dan went for the safety because they were actually worried about being evicted.  They did it to keep the floaters from winning it.  Smart move.

    • Actually Britney & Dan should have let Joe or Jenn win safety. That way it would give them a reason to nominate Frank or Boogie and evict them. Plus they are safe if Shane wins.

  14. So…. who thinks Ashley will ask shane for an ice cream date since he would be in power this week, lol

    • OMG that would be so funny for no other reason than to see Danielle’s psycho reaction.

      • No Ashley already wore off some of her spray tan on Frank she doesn’t want to be cooling off now.. also Shane knows danielle would go off the deep end, so I don’t think he would choose to incite her at this point.. but I think poor Shane needs her allliance for game play but said earlier doesnt want to play her along sexually just for the game.

  15. i don’t understand why the cams have been so focused on ash….. she’s not doing anything…. show the others. i know it doesn’t matter and shane will win baring any large accident but come on….

      • At this point they need to just remove her from the game. They have enough people that it wouldn’t cause an issue.

  16. Boogie winning $10K which mean he’s up to $16k! This is smart of him as he realizes that as a Vet who is playing for the 3rd time means his experience makes him a target. Plus, winning All Stars makes that Target even bigger.

    Let’s not forget that he’s actually playing this game pretty well and the remaining players know that.

    Thus, Boogie know his chances of winning it all most likely will not happen and had a much better chance of winning as a coach. $16k is good enough for him when he knows he will end up in the jury sooner or later.

    • I can understand what you’re saying, but supposedly Boogie is so loyal to Frank, I would think he’d try for the POV in order to keep Frank (as well as himself) safe for the week. Going for the money should demonstrate to Frank that their “alliance” is one-sided (on Frank’s part).

  17. So there are 10 houseguests left. Why would they do double eviction this week? Maybe both evicted houseguest are going to the jury; it doesn’t seem likely that the first would be sent home and the second go to jury. I guess it can still happen though.
    What if there is going to be 3 people in the finale? Like survivor?

    • I would like to see three in the finals instead of just 2 for the jury to vote for.But like the double eviction live, two HG’s evicted all in one night, thats cool to watch. And it could be either a 7 member jury or 6 member jury with a fan vote via Twitter or Amerca’s Vote.

      • Yeah maybe there are only going to be 6 members of the jury, and the final vote goes to america. That would make sense.
        This week is a little odd for a double eviction.

      • To clear it up
        – usually when there is 9 people left, the people evicted start to become jury. At the end of thursday double eviction, there is only going to be 8, so one of the two houseguest will have to go to jury, which is a little odd.

        That means there could be 3 people in the final (7 jury) or 2 people with six jury members with the addition of america being the last vote.

  18. Spoiler update for those who want to know.

    Brit won Safety.  Congrats to Brit.
    Mike won $10,000.  Congrats to Mike.

    Right now Shane 1st and all these going for HOH
    Dani appears 2nd, but Dan not far behind
    Ian and Joe pretty close
    Ashley last

  19. If shane wins ,this will be the most improtant HOH in the house with this HOH Franoogie can be split in half no matter what , the quack pack has every bit and all the power. Nothing can stop them this week if shane wins. they have the four votes needed to evict anyone they damn well want. And with the double eviction coming up they better make sure  a big brother divorce of franoogie is delivered. Jen ashley and joe hate franoogie . Lets hope that little bitch dan doesnt try and save franoogie.

    • I agree.  I think they should go for it.  Since Dan knew Frank was going after him he might be thinking it may be the right thing to do.  Does Ashley really hate Frank since they had their date?  I know she hates Boogie.

  20. Mike Boogie wins $10k and maybe gets back doored as well thanks to Frank telling Dan he was thinking about back dooring him. The silent six could be dead this week. Frank made a huge mistake in tell anyone especially Dan.

  21. great finally found a place to chat nabout my favoroite show…ive watched 13 of the 14 years…didnt like the winter show…guest were all un classy.  can anyone explain to me why it takes so long to boot  boogie out…i dont get it.  they know he is strong and a doublecrosser  yet they keep him.

      • I hope so their are alot of house guests in a nice way don’t want to be mean but some are just sitting collecting dust not winning comps and or having a great social game… So something has to give meaning a few people need to go way to many HG’s this late in the game. So would be nice to see a Double evict this week and also get rid of the dust collectors and let the best fight it out

    • welcome this place is addictive… since i’ve been on this site i care less for the shows on tv haha

      • So true right I always follow this site after or of I miss any of the shows! Thx Matt for all your hard work

    • I agree as they were going to go after Dan or Shane.  Wonder if Frank was upset with Boogie going for the money since he stuck with Boggie by not putting Dan up as he was thinking of doing.  Now Boogie has not insured their safety.

      •  Dan doesn’t like his hands getting dirty. So, I won’t be surprised  if he tries to float the idea to Shane to get rid of Frank.That didn’t go well with Dan that Frank was even thinking about backdooring him.

      • I am suprised that Boogs didn’t go for the HOH think it would have been. Smart on his part. I get Dan’s reasoning he’s waiting to come and play when he feels fit. And Boogie prob thinks he will coast on by w the silent 6 since they didn’t break the alliance this week but it was sure talked about putting Dan up!

  22. Guess Dan and Jenn originally went for safety and then had to switch when Brit won.  Not sure about anyone else and if they started for something else.  Anyone else know?

  23. electricity mishap  missed part of the show.  can anyone explain to me the   safety  thing…  and  secondly i read somewhere that  ashley did something awful to ian…please tell me waht  they are amongst my 4 favorites  ty  rick

    • The HG’s were able to choose which bucket they wanted to fill – smallest was safety for the week, slightly bigger was $10000, and the biggest was HOH. Brit won safety. Mike 10k. Ash went on a date and made out with Frank.

    • 3 bowls to choose to play for to win: safety next week, HOH, and $10K.
      Ashley made out with Frank in the HOH room, knowone saw them

  24. Dan started the comp going for HOH, then switched to safety, dumb move

    just watched the end of the BB episode on DVR to confirm this

    •  Frank and Joe will be Shane’s choice for nominations this week, And Boogie will be his backdoor target.

  25. Congratulations to Shane.  Dani 2nd, but Dan was going for safety so he did really good to come in 3rd.

    • Also means he could have totally won it..I know he’s been showing like he’s trying to win lately..but do you think since he saw Shane with a lead he decided to throw it?

      • I was wondering the same thing a few of them Shane Brit Dan even Boogs were all doing well in the comp.. And when Dan said when he was going to shower he made a remark about winning HOH like it was not likely was wondering of that was bc he is trying to not win yet and holding back a bit for later not sure

  26. Really, Shane – my only issue is, Frank, Shane, Frank, Shane – I am beyond board – but if the other players cannot compete so be it

    • Well we know Ashley and Joe are useless in comps. We also have a rocker chick who i keep forgetting her name because she is not present most of the time, and an arrogant 5 year old trapped in a 40+ year old Booger who feels he is safe no matter what so he goes for prize money.
      If only Ian was a bit more stronger, Danielle less crazy over Shane, Dan more clear if (or when) he is going to throw comps, and have Britney not get tricked by men, then we would have a tight competition.
      As of now, yes it is Frank and Shane, Shane and Frank. 

      • Did you ever watch BB7? Boogie and Will always went for the prizes instead of HoH/Veto, and both of them made it to the final four.

      • v i did, and i know. Im not saying they are going to get eliminated, im saying thats why the attention is always on frank and shane.
        Just to clear it up.

  27. I said yesterday that Wil would be evicted and Shane would win HOH.  Now watch, he will nominate Ashley and Joe and Ashley will be evicted.  I hope Britney wins HOH during the double eviction!  

    • They should get rid of all the floaters and one of the Silent Six can win the $500,000 if they stick together long enough! I agree that it should be Joe and Ashley this week. Then, maybe, Jenn and Ashley next week.

  28. I don’t care if Ashley’s back hurts, she is beyond pathetic. 

    I’m not even going to call her an Airhead, she’s a retard.

  29. Is no one other than Shane or Frank capable of winning EITHER HOH or POV?  How redundant…is no one else trying as hard to win comps as these two are and how arrogant of Boogie to think that he (and Frank) are so safe that he doesn’t need to even try to go for HOH.  As usual, Boogie is just being greedy, he doesn’t care about even trying to get the HOH for Frank’s sake if nothing else, since Frank can’t play.  Shane should nominate Joe and Ashley (or fellow floaters Jenn or Ian) win POV, take Joe off the block then backdoor Boogie!  Frank couldn’t be too upset at Shane because Frank would have very few (if any) allies left in the house.

    • Frank is starting to be a bit annoyed with Boogie and keeps saying that he needs to do it for his own game but seems to be enable to detach himself. Best thing would be for Shane to go back to Frank and strike a final 2 deal. Yeah Frank is lovable, but Shane backdooring Boogie ( with Frank’s help ) would be a great move for the final 2 and if they play it well they could hide it from the quack pack. Hard part is to convince the quack pack ( wtf is that name ) to not get rid of Frank but pick off the floaters in the next weeks if Frank isn’t HOH
      Thats what i would do :) i’m a bit stoned but i think it makes sense. :)

    • Maybe  (small chance) that when Boogie went for the money Frank realized that Boogie is using him ..Maybe Frank will finally  ” GET IT”  YA THINK??? Maybe Frank will finally realize that to date “he” has been doing all the work and Boogie has been reaping the rewards…Maybe Frank will finally see the light at the end of the game…..just maybe..

  30. Also was glad to see Jeff! And to hear from his mouth that Jordan and him are still together living in Santa Monica good for them… I guess whoever posted on here they broke up heard wrong.. Was so glad to hear they were

      • It appears Jeff is somewhat working for CBS now (on the website) so they were most likely doing it for promotion.  Also, didn’t Jeff win that very same competition in one of his seasons?

      • Hi Reid yes he won it last season and Danielle D handed him over the HOH key… And yes I agree he is nice to look at lol

  31. Hmm,  I wonder if we’re just going to have a repeat of HoH’s, instead of different ones this season.. -_-
    Shane’s a good competitor but I want to see other people win something.
    And its not a shocker that Boogie went for the money, I hope Shane gets smart with this HoH and nom’s Frank and Boogie for eviction. 

  32. Ashley has got to be the dumbest player ever. Watching the first few minutes of her walking so slowly was hysterical! I’m glad Shane won and I hope he doesn’t hesitate to put up Frank and Boogie. At least one of them has to go!

  33.  Hope Frank and Boogie don’t go home. If Frank goes home then the whole show  will be so boring, with just Shane winning everything.

    •  I agree! Big Brother is MUCH more entertaining with Boogie and Frank around. Anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know entertainment lol

  34. Yessss so glad my 2 favorite hgs won Shane an Brit!!! Now make a good move before it gets done to you!! Vote out Boogie I don’t think Frank would be half as bad with out grampa boogie!! An boogie is the one that does all the manipulating an comes up with the master plans!

  35. Congrats to Shane on winning HOH, Britney on winning safety for this week and Mike Boogie on winning $10k. Now I wonder who Shane will go after? Well it all depends upon whether or not the silent six will stay together. If yes, Joe, Ashley and Jenn will be targeted, but if no, then Mike Boogie and more so Frank will be targeted. I can say one thing, I don’t see Shane targeting Dan because of his alliance and he shouldn’t have the votes.

    •  I think if they do stay together they will put Joe & Jenn on the block, if not, well I hope they go for Boogie & Frank!

  36. Frank and Boogie are SO dumb. They wasted their HoH on not getting out Shane. Dan is going to get in Danielle and Brits ear and Boogie or Frank will go home… Shane is smart and will make a power move. For sure. And let us not forget that Ian knows that Frank was going to up Dan…  Shane should have went home tonight.  Frank is just far to trusting and Boogie finally gave some bad advice.

    • Either way they were screwed. Don’t tell me leaving Wil in the house would have been a smart move. Wil wanted to target Mike Boogie and Frank and would have if he won HOH so, it was a pick your poison type of choice.
      The Quack Pack had the numbers and there is no going around that! Focus
      should be on winning veto then, the 2nd HOH then, Frank can go after the three, Dan, Brittney and Shane and evict one of them this very week!

  37. They should just cut to the chase and rename Big Brother 14 as the “Frank and Shane” show. 

  38. Hello Americans; I have been reading your comments for weeks now and all of you people are so very comical you make my night…thank you for those very colorful  comments. We both watch BB for 3 years now but this board is much more fun.
    A  Canadian fan

    • Where do you live in Canada?   I’m an American visiting Ontario at the moment.   There’s no one like BB fans!.. Glad you’re here.   .Bet you can’t wait until BB Canada starts. 

    • Glad you can join us!  I found this site last year and it’s awesome!!!  Also, I heard there is a Canadian BB coming soon.

  39. Hope Shane nominates Booger and Frank that way he’s sure one of them will go because he has the votes to evict whoever he wants. Then in the FF whichever one is left goes next. Be funny if Booger went first though. Don’t even want him to make jury.

  40.  Ok so the first two HG evicted were from Dan’s team. After that the next two evicited were off of Britney’s team. Then two evicted players after them were Janelle herself and Wil. Lets hope that the next two HG’s are from Boogie’s team. Either Frank & Boogie, Boogie & Jenn, or Jenn & Frank

  41. I love Canada but the Americans are far better at tv shows then us. We will be watching the Canadian show but I think yours may well out due us. We’ll see. We are in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Have a good visit in Ontario. I am from there but have lived here since 1989. Love the prairies.

  42. Smart move for Britney! Saving herself from Thursday and being able to play HOH when double eviction night comes! Seriously though if they do backdoor Boogie, I honestly think he wouldn’t give a damn. Oh, and I hope Janelle comes back and pays a visit!

  43. Cool best case scenario for the Quack pack.  I wonder if Dan will go after Boogie or Frank now.  Also, this is the earliest I remember the gay person being voted out.  oh wait, is there another one.  (sarcasm)

  44. I was hoping that Ian would win this one for sure. Oh well way to go Shane, now try to be nice to people.

      • Yes and after talking about how much he smelled. lol  I still think it was a game move because she knew Wil was going and knew she was alone.  I am sure she would not mind having Frank as an alliance.  At least that’s how I saw it unless I missed something after.

  45. This is what i hope happens while Shane is in his HOH reign. He nominates Joe and Ashley, Joe and Jenn, or Ashley and Jenn. Then one of the quack packs win POV and that member uses it on one of the suggestions ^. And Shane hopefully puts up Boogie (He would put up Boogs over Frank) and then that old hag will get back doored.

  46. Ashley is the most lame, spaced out BB contestant I can remember in a long time…She truly tries at nothing, sounds like she can barely get a sentence out and thinks being a spray tanner is a high tech job…Please…

  47. Frank and Boogie no longer have numbers. Get ready to pack your bags Frank, you’re going home next week. That’s what happens when you don’t want to “rock the boat” by nominating Shane or Dan for eviction. 

    • Either way, they would have been targeted. The focus now is to win veto then, get off the block. Win the 2nd HOH and put up Dan and Shane with Brittney as replacement nominee! He can guarantee one of the three goes home. Since, he will be alone in the big brother house, play hard to win veto and HOH and keep nominating the remaining strong players from the Silent Six till they are all gone or they evict you! Then, let the newbies take care of whoever still remains in the house!

  48. I think Boogie knows that his time is growing short so he is going for any extra cash that he can get…I believe he accomplished what he came into the house for and that was to best Janell one last time…He knows that the other HG’s don’t trust him…So if he thinks he’s subject to getting evicted get what cash he can since he won’t win the game….And Frank has shown some annoyance with Boogie  this past week and Frank had alot of talks with the HG’s without Boogie being around. Sooo we shall see….Is being Boogies sidekick/lapdog worth losing $500,000?????  LOL  keep watching…

    • So all he wanted was to slip the knife into Janelles back?   If that were true….i would say that’s a very small person with a very BIG grudge.   No need to open the exit door for him.   He can just slither underneath it when he’s evicted.

  49. From what I was seeing, it looked to me like Shane had an unfair advantage as far as the level of slippery stuff on his lane. Everyone else was slipping and falling, and he looked like he was just taking a leisurely stroll.can’t stand Brittany, she needs to go. I hope Frank the womanizer goes home this week with Brittany.

    • I don’t think Shane had an unfair advantage – he just had a great technique.  Brit went after safety and had the best technique of all.  Frank told her several times that she looked like she was walking at the mall.  Dan, Joe, Ashley, Jenn and Dan went for safety as well, but had to start over when Brit won.  Mike had a great technique, but was the only one who went for the money.  Shane, Dani and Ian were the only ones who went for HOH from the start.  Dan who had gone for safety and was doing really well had to stop when Brit won and still was able to just about catch up to Dani who finished second.  This was after almost filling the safety jar.  The only three that were not doing well at all were Ian, Joe and Ashley.  Not understanding why you would think Shane had an unfair advantage.

  50. Does anybody know why Daniell  is sitting around like she is about to blow a vessell any minute…???  SHE IS TOTALLY PISSED AND IT SHOWS…

    • Hard to tell which personality is going to come out of her right now. Did she just say she was supposed to be on a NBC show? Wtf? Girl is whacked!

    • IDK why Danielle is so upset but i can speculate that maybe somebody locked her outta the hoh room .LOL

  51. This is starting to suck the same people winning agh how shitty this is almost done watching hopefully something changes this season is shitty at best

    • If Jenn, Joe and Ashley would actually try to compete maybe the same people wouldn’t keep winning. They didn’t even attempt to win HoH, but instead were trying to win safety. I have NO respect for any of them and the other strong players, especially the Quack Pack, should get rid of them before going after the stronger players. I would hate to see one of the Three Stooges float their way to the final two.

  52. All America hates the Bogger yet CBS keeps bringing him back. Get rid of the old creep this week.

  53. Wow this has got to be the most boring season of big brother ever! It’s just back and forward HOH between Shane and Frank. The interesting people are leaving week after week. And what the hell is is the quack pack thinking!? They got rid of Wil when he could have been a better ally than Joe? They know boogie and frank cannot be trusted but yet they make a dumb decision. Plus Big brother  basically let the coaches have a free pass until like week number four and told them their prize before they let them in the game. That wasn’t fair to all the people that came into the big brother house to play their own game. At least last year they told the house guest that former players would be entering the game from day one. Big Brother 14 is getting less interesting by the second.

  54. Frank failed. He should’ve put Danielle and Britt up, backdoored Shane and given theHGs the choice of Shane or Britt. You’re gonna get sent home by the lame quack pack. The worst part is Boogie getting inside his head and then doesn’t even try to win HOH.

  55. I’m glad Shane won I just hope he uses it widely to get rid of frank or boogie. I would love to see boogie go……how arrogant of him going for the cash He thinks someone in his alliance will win and he will be safe. Looking out for himself as usual. What an

  56. Hey Matt, why did you ban me? I talk shop, don’t curse and don’t insult other commentators, what gives?

  57. I personally feel like this season has some of the most unobservant players of all time on it.   I mean, Boogie is playing the exact same way he always has-mental manipulation, and everyone has continued to go along with him.  How do they NOT see what he’s doing?????  Brit finally had some recognition about it once Jan left, but it has been driving me crazy.  I think a tough mental game can be stronger than a physical one in the long run.  If it were me, Boogie would have been the first person I wanted to get rid of.   I still don’t see Boogie winning again, but in my opinion, the stupidity of these players has allowed him to get further than he should have.   

    • I would have tried to get Boogie out first too, based on how creepy he is.
      I feel like my TV is contaminated with STD’s every time he is on it.

  58. Is Ashley putting the moves on Ian in the HOH room? They look pretty cozy as she’s playing with his hair :-)

    • I think she’s going for House Ho. She’ll soon start snuggling up to Shane and ask him out on a date.

      • Dani will absolutely lose it if Ashley goes after Shane.

        Last night she repeated over and over that her, Frank and Shane are the only ones who keep winning.  Since they have won twice it is her turn next.  Okay to say it once, but to do it over and over is a bit much.

  59.  Frank should be really upset with Boogie, for filling the money bottle, instead of the HOH bottle, because boogie would have clearly won

    • I was thinking the same thing. If Boogie thinks the rest of the Silent Six won’t go after him or Frank he’s not as smart as he thinks he is.

  60. BB Why do you try to dredge up old themes to try to push Season 14? you’ve got some interesting characters that are totally over looked. You have 2 failed showmances-dumb and dumber and the nerd and the flake. Now you’re going to try the flake and the flake. Chilltown was and always be Dr, Will-Boogie is an absolute bore , as is Frank. Who cares if he is Sid viscious’s son.Please get away from this and start to make BB 14 more interesting. At least Shane has HOH-show that it isn’ordained for Frank and Boogie to be the final 2 and have Shane put them both up on the block. Then we can at least get rid of one of them. Go Jen Go.

  61. Ashley might as well have just stood there and watched. What is the point of even competing if you’re going at the speed of slow? Oh, I bet she’s blaming it on her back too. Why do you go on a show that has physical competitions-and you know this beforehand-when you have back problems?

  62. I agree Ashley needs to go I wonder what will happen once Ian finds out he can do so much better Its not Ian that is going to missing out its Ashley that will be Go Ian Win Big Brother 14 !!!!!

  63. Wake up DAN!!!  I like having you on the show, at least you bring some interest to it…but you have not one anything!!!  You will be backdoored sooner than later…if this is strategy it isn’t going to work this year when you are a HUGE target anyway!  Smart move Britney…playing much better this season!

  64. So.. if there’s no have nots this week that means it must be a double eviction week!

    • I totally agree with you and when I nominated two of them I would tell them they haven’t been doing anything so if they want to save themselves they better start competing and earn the P.O.V. I would hate to see any three of them float their way to the final two.

  65. shane should put up boggie and frank and ensure one of them goes home.  Boggie is snatching up all the money prizes and crusing along never in fear of being nominated—wake up contestants-get rid of him.

  66. This season sucks only people to have won any competition are Shane frank and Danielle no variety

    • Well, Dan keeps throwing EVERY Comp, and so does Boogie… At least Ian , Jenn, and Ashley (even with her back problem!), TRIED… I’m over all of the former house-guests!!

  67. Just a thought; isn’t Frank going to wonder, or be royally pissed, that Boogie didn’t even TRY to win HoH, but rather went directly for the $10K?? Has anyone even brought that up, in the House?

  68. I wouldn’t mind if someone who wasn’t Shane or Frank won the HoH again sometime.
    This season is a bit dull so far.

  69. I said it before, this season is the same old same old. BB is getting old and it’s not fun anymore. When Ian goes, I stop watching. It’s also time for Ian to win something!!!  Jenn is perfectly useless. I also said the newbies should have evicted the coaches. The game is boring. There is nothing new. Even the “Zingbot”. It’s funny, but old.

  70. Why don,t they put jenn, ashley,or joe on the block? Frank & Boogie kept thier word now they want them to go. Brittney sucks wish they would get her out. Little do they know it,s double eviction this week & even though brittt won the safety after first eviction she can go after that!!Ha Ha Shan eis an idiot too listening to britt & danielle

    • Thinking Shane should nom Joe and Boogie. Then useing POV replace with Frank. Take a little wind outta their sail. Booger has coasted this whole game. I really would like to see Dabielliar hit the door but i dont think it will happen this week.

  71. What’s with Jenn?  We see almost nothing of her in the broadcasts?  Not that I’m a fan but, I do wonder…..

  72. Funny….Just as I had mentioned b4, Danielliar…..An Alcoholic, hummmm. Drinking wine in hoh on bbad. Being sober for 6 years myself, an alcoholic does not drink wine…..

  73. Please please please nom Booger…..He went only for the 10K, he is the only person on that doesnt need it. Why not let Ian jenn or a HG that needs it win the cash. He is so clearly letting his lap dog do the dirty work and keep his hand clean. Doushbag

  74. Two things i don;t know why everyone is feeling sorry for ashly saying they hope her back is ok and she doesn’t fall in the comp. her back didn’t seem to bother her when she was up there in the hoh with frank. Second if i were frank i be pissed off at boogie for not going for the hoh If he would of won frank for sure would be safe now he has a good chance of being put up thanks to boogie.When will frank wise up and see that boogie is only playing for the prizes and himself.

  75. Yes im gald Shane won HoH and I knew Boogie would get the 10K I have a feeling that frank is going up on the block but boogie is gonna be pretty pissed if he goes up remember expect the unexpected!

  76. like i said ive been watching BB since the first season…dont wanna criticise it to much…but i dont get it.  first of all accepting boogie as a new coach…gees he has enuff money…and how come all the guest who say they were avid  BB watchers….dont see that boogie is a hateful doublecrosser  and boot him out early. i dont like the idea of past guest coming back.  but im still watchin…my favorites are…Ian….Ashley…Shane…..maybe jen and frank although frank at times irritates me.  Cant stand  BOOGIE AND JOE.

  77. i hated boogie but i must admit…if he was not faking…..that his reaction to  ians message was funny and sincere.  loved britannys  comment too……glad boogie is gone though  and changed my mind about  ashley…..this girl is totally weird…she was an absolute zero in everything….and  she seemed always outta this planet even with interview with julie chen.   GO  IAN GO.

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