Big Brother 14: Week 6 Nomination Anticipation

Big Brother 14 - Boogie and Frank

There’s a new sheriff in the Big Brother 14 house and later today that HoH will have to start naming names and placing HGs on the block. After last night’s endurance competition ended we got our first insight to what we could expect from tonight’s Nomination Ceremony. Read on to find out who is headed for the hot seats.

Flashback to 2AM BBT on Cams 1/2 to find Britney talking with Dan and Danielle about how they need to get Frank out of the game. Britney says they can’t risk Boogie using the Veto to save Frank, so they both need to go up together on the block. Now the challenge is to convince Shane to make that move.

Ian and Britney speak privately at 2:15AM BBT Cams 3/4. Ian really wants Boogie to go before Frank. Britney feels strongly that it should be Frank, not Boogie going first. She keeps calling him a “douche.”

Jump forward to 2:23AM BBT Cams 1/2 to find Shane, Danielle, Britney, Dan, and Ian in the HoH room. They turn to Ian and ask what he thinks they should do. Ian agrees that Frank and Boogie need to go up, but he again pushes for Boogie’s eviction over Frank’s. The rest of the room disagrees and says Frank needs to go home before Boogie.

As they continue to discuss options Shane is hesitant about going against the “Silent Six,” but eventually comes around. Flashback to 2:32AM BBT. The “Quack Pack’s” plan as of now is for Shane to nominate Frank and Boogie. Frank is the main target. If one of them comes down they say either Ashley or Joe will go up, but more likely Joe.

Shane is nervous about what he’ll say to Frank and Boogie on Friday but plans to act like the “Silent Six” remains intact. (Clarification: Shane is concerned about how to avoid Frank and Boogie catching on to them being targeted before the noms, not after.) This should make for some good times on the Big Brother Live Feed. Sign-up now to get your free trial and watch the in-house cams.

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  1. I think that Boogie should go before Frank as I feel that he is the one manipulating Frank and once he is gone Frank will be playing his own game and not Boogies.

    • Between Boogie and Frank, I would rather Boogie goes for the simple reason that his greed cost them plenty this week! For that stupid move, he deserves to be evicted! Boogie could have won atleast, safety if not HOH and he blew it big time!

      • Boogie is the first to say this one or that one is using another but what is Boogie doing to Frank but hiding behind him and using Frank for his good. Boogie goes for the gifts for himself and Frank fights for their lives.

  2. Oh, this should be good. I can’t fathom how you would go about pretending your alliance is still good while BOTH the players you put up are in the alliance….

    • Exactly. Once you put them on the block, you cannot pretend that nothing happened. This is also a double eviction which means another HOH competition will happen. It may well be that whoever is left in the house be it Frank or Boogie wins the 2nd HOH then, one of the three, Dan, Shane or Brittney will end up going out of the house too! It is also a double edged sword as the newbie floaters still in the house if they are smart will start targeting all the strong players still in the house because that is in their best interest and puts them closer to the $500,000!

    •  haha!! Seriously.

      “Hey Boogie and Frank, I know I just put both of you on the block and there’s a great possibility the nominations stay the same, buuuuut, we’re still working together. Don’t fret!”


    • Shane is only concerned about acting like the alliance is intact before the nominations. You’re correct that after the ceremony it’ll be obvious, but he doesn’t want to put up w/ drama or scheming before the noms so he can catch them by surprise.

    • They did not have the votes and Joe would have been evicted! Will who is also out to target Boogie and Frank would have been left in the house as well! The less enemies you have in the house, the better it is for you!

      • They would have had the votes. It would have ended up in a tie. Say if they took Wil off and replaced it with Shane, the votes would be Jenn, Ashley, Boogie, and Wil for Joe while the other 4 vote for Shane. 

      • andrew9292…..Why would Dan, Danielle and Brittney vote to evict Shane when putting Shane up will be a betrayal of the Silent Six alliance? What they will do is save Shane and vote out Joe and you have Wil who also wants to take out Frank and Mike Boogie still in the house and pissed as hell too! Taking out Wil was still the wise choice. Go win veto, get off the block and make a deal with the remaining house guests, Dan, Brittney and Shane that if you win 2nd HOH, you will not put them up for eviction if they save Mike Boogie from eviction. If they agree with that plan, then, go after the traitors, Dan, Brittney and Shane and you will still have Mike Boogie for one extra vote to evict one of the traitors. Time to play the players and let them pay the price!

  3. Ian is right Boogie definitely needs to go before Frank. Have they not watched bb2 and all stars, boogie is definitely a bigger threat, I swear if they don’t vote him out now they might as well just hand him the 500k now!

    • I agree, Boogie is the biggest threat, manipulater and vindictive. If evict Frank first, Boogie has week to wreck havoc and seek revenge. More than likely Dan would stick with him and possibly pull Danielle , Brittany along. Shane and Ian probably follow the alliance, but more importantly to those two, their trusted friends.The quack pack would be destroyed because groups trusts Dan enough to believe his game play. Right now Ian only one in house who sees the danger. Boogie needs to go this week.

    • Boogie is only with Frank. Everyone is against them and out to boot them out so, how is he going to get that $500,000? Dan is the biggest threat because he has multiple alliances, manipulates everyone into thinking he is a nice guy to be trusted all the time and has been floating all this time! If they allow Dan to manipulate them, he will get that $500,000 check real easy.

    • I think all the newbies would be wanting to get out all of the ones who have already won the game before….   Not fair for them to have another chance to take it

  4. I hope Shane has the balls to put those two cocky guys up. Greedy Boogie went for the 10 grand  and not HOH so send his ass out with the money. Boogie’s plan is to get Brit out, so this week Shane must make a bold move and get one of them out.

    • I agree i think its real messed up that boogie played for that money only when he definitely would of won HOH and he could of kept frank safe another week and chose to be greedy so for that he needs to go home. honestly i dont think boogie cares if he goes home thats why he trying to take as much money as he can with him. frank carried boogie all these weeks boogie winning HOH this week could of returned the favor. just selfish

      • He did it because he feels safe. The narcissist in him thinks that everyone owes their allegiance to him and Frank for not putting them up and keeping the alliance together. He thinks the majority of the house loves them. On After Dark him and Frank were talking in Skid Row about how they feel pretty safe this week.

    • Boogie never wanted to enter the game to begin with he knows he will eventually become a target thats why he went for the money. Shane and Brit Americas favorites have been the two lowest snakes and biggest threats in the house since day one. Shane has been playing Brits game and Brit is doing just like she did on her season and riding his coat tails while acting like she is such a great player.

      •  Boogie will end up with $16,000 more than Brit. She will end up crying near the end again. Can’t wait.

    • You Frankophiles make me laugh. Frank snakes along on good looks and good body. But, he’s a sheep in wolves clothing! He has good game socially, wants to make big moves, but always wimps out to follow Boogie to the letter. He’s lied to everyone in the house to their face with no after thoughts of remorse. And he’s a poor loser! If he doesn’t win, a bad attitude follows. The guy is a con man, it’s all about image.

      • Yeah he snakes along on good looks… o wait and HOH wins and VETO but that stuf isnt important right?

      • Please. Are you saying Dan who has lied multiple times and betrayed alliances including just recently throwing Ian under the bus a saint? How about Shane who struck how many alliances with Frank and betrayed him time and time again. Brittney who bitches and complains about liars like Janelle then, but, is a big liar herself! Compared to the others, Frank is more honest. He listens to Boogie because he is master manipulator who has won Big Brother before! Should Frank have listened to Janelle who lies multiple times but, has no strategy or Brittney who talks and talks but, knows nothing? The others have lied more but, people let their favorites
        get away with everything! That is called bias.  

  5. I said it as soon as Frank won HOH last week … He should have let Brittney win so he could’ve competed in this week’s HOH.

    Only win competitions when you have to. Frank should’ve known Brittney wouldn’t have turned on the Silent 6 last week. It was too early. This week, not so much… 

  6. they keep this up and it will be a floater who ends up winning the game – seriously, it’s time to get rid of the floaters………..

    • That could very well happen. It becomes all out war once they put up Mike Boogie and Frank on the block. There is no going around it. In addition, the newbie floaters if they are smart, will band together and vote out all the strong players in the game every chance they get! 

  7. Since for the last couple of weeks its always HoH who wins the Veto Shayne should put Boogie and Frank on the block and get rid of one of them. 

  8. FINALLY They start thinking. Maybe I can like some of these houseguest this year. Lets go quack pack! 

  9. seriously what happend to Jen?  did not see her compete in HOH (or anything else for the matter) Its like she dissapeard!

      • Thank you I went home at lunch and looked again… You see her for like 5 seconds the entire show LOL

    • it’s easy to forget she’s there because she doesn’t do anything. I think the others forget about her too, which may be a smart move on her part. She’s so invisible she’ll end up floating into the final two.

    • That is not how it works. You evict one person then, another HOH and nominations will be taken from the HOH then, another eviction. Frank or Boogie whoever stays in the house could win HOH and evict, Dan, Shane or Brittney and they have no way of stopping it unless they win HOH themselves. Shane cannot play for the next HOH by the way!

      • That’s the danger of putting Boogie and Frank up together, whichever one is left will play HOH possibly win and put Shane and Dan….and hopefully Shane will be voted out….that would be the only good outcome for me…No shane can’t play for HOH but he could play for veto so it would be best to put up Britney and Dan or Brit and Danielle (I would really like to see her go) and backdoor Shane if one of them wins veto and saves themselves….I guess we will have to wait and see…

      • I can’t remember…what is the difference between a double eviction and a fast forward?

  10. I also think Shane could be in some serious trouble for this week’s double eviction. Just how Jeff couldn’t compete in the HOH, Shane can’t compete either. HOH might fall into the wrong hands, and sine they don’t have much time to think about it, they see Shane as the biggest threat and put him on the block… 

    • I think he wil go up regardless so might as well take someone out that makes a difference!

      • If Boogie and Frank are still there, they’d be the 2 going up for the 2nd eviction.  Then, you don’t have to hear Boogie complain about it for the entire week, causing drama, and getting people to switch to his side.

    • It’s an even bigger mistake not getting rid of a threat.  Frank didn’t go for Shane last week, and now he’s paying the price.

    •  Exactly!  I’m so glad to finally hear someone agree with me!  Get rid of the floaters first–THEN go after each other!!

  11. This is what i would do (considering if everything falls into place)  if I were Shane
    I would nominate Jenn and Joe as pawns.
    At the veto ceremony, I would take Joe off the block and replace him with Boogie. If the noms stay the same, Jenn would be the target. On the side I would say to Frank, that I dont trust Boogie but trust you (still willing to work with you). Boogie is evicted.
    If Frank does not win hoh or veto, he will be eviction next. Now both he and Boogie are gone, and I will stick to the “quack pack” .If he does win, he thinks that I will still be working with him despite getting rid of Boogie.

    Of course a lot could go wrong; but this is just my intial plan if I won HoH.

  12. Ian is right about Boogie being the one to go.  That is why Boogie always manages to slide by.  Boogie made no attempt to save Frank in the HOH despite talking Frank against backdooring Dan.  I am sure that the reason Frank is the one that is being targeted is because he was going after Dan.  Dan and Boogie made a deal from the start and that is why Dan will do everything to protect Boogie.  I would bet Boogie has a deal with Brit as well.  Nothing would surprise me.   Frank is the one who may end up paying the price for staying loyal to Boogie.  If Frank wins veto he may be able to pull himself off, but I would assume they would replace him with Joe, Jenn or Ashley.  I hope they are thinking about this being a possible double eviction week.

  13. Shane only makes the target on his back bigger by winning HOH (again) and getting rid of Frank or Boogie.  He becomes the ONLY target in the house. 

    • Well it’s hard to avoid the situation. Sooner or later it’ll likely be either just Frank or just Shane left. If I was Shane, I’d want it to be “just Shane left” too.

      Shane being a target is inevitable. Brit & Danielle have already talked about needing to get him out and they’re right.

      • Only 2 players in this house, right now.  1 player can not take on a house full of floaters.

        They are playing like fans, and not like players.

  14. Ok…get rid of Boogie and Frank, then we have boring t.v. Has much as people dont like Boogie, he makes for good t.v. I like Boogie and Frank, dont get rid of them now. They kept there word (for now) but at least they kept it. I dont know why everyone likes, Ian (biggest floater)….but you may all get your wish, then wish they were back because it will be boring!

  15. This is the smartest move to do with the double eviction. Boogie probably will not win the HOH and it will be most likely Trivia which Britney is good at.

  16. Frank must have footprints on his back from the way Boogie stepped all over him to get to the $10,000.   Shane should put them both up.  Then make a deal with Frank for security if he wins HOH next.   After last night,  i think he would be glad to throw Boogie to the wolves.  Maybe that light bulb hidden in all that hair has finally started to glow.

    • Why would Frank trust Shane once he puts both Mike Boogie and Frank on the block? He would be an utter fool. All he needs is to win veto, win the 2nd HOH and one of the top three, Dan, Brittney or Shane goes out the door with Mike Boogie this week. Mike Boogie should get evicted only because he was a big idiot with his move to win $10,000 instead of safety
      which he could have easily won or even the HOH!

      • Now that Boogie has shown his true allegance…himself…FRANK would be the fool not to make some sort of deal.  I’m sure they both know they are targets. Even if he wins veto i think he could be convinced that Boogie is using him as a stepladder to get to F2.   If you made it clear to him from the beginning that he was the pawn and Boogies eviction was inevitale.   He wouln’t want to be stuck in the house with no alliances whatsoever.   And his alliance to Dan is tenuous at best.

      • CuriosityCounts…..What would make sense for Frank now is to harness the
        newbie floaters who have nothing to lose at this point. They may not be the smartest ones in the game but, they would know that voting out the best players is in their own best interest! That is what Frank must do if he wins veto and saves himself. Booting out Dan, Shane and Brittney should be part of his plan too because those guys were gunning for him and moving to evict him the longest. Take them out and Frank still has a shot at that $500,000.

      • I agree with you Richie that Frank should harness the power of the Newbie vote.   But his first priority is to convince Shane, Brit and Dan not to evict him.   These three seem to have the most power right now and are sheparding the newbies.   Once Boogie is evicted he can turn on that old Frank charm and convince the newbies they can’t win over an (ex)coach and he wants to go to F2 with one of them.   In fact, i think he could convince Shane of this if he worked it hard enough.   Shane isn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed and if Frank were smart he and Shane could team up and bring down the house.   Evidenced by the fact that that so far they have won all the comps.   Except for the ones Danielle has won and she would follow whatever Shane wanted if he would give her what she seeks…attention.

    • After Boogie and Frank are gone, I would love to see Jenn and Ashley on the block to see them finally step up into the game.

    • to be a floater, you actually have to be playing some sort of game. Jenn is not doing anything but being there.

  17. If Frank and Boogie get put up it is going to be hilarious watching Ian squirm for a week.

    • I anticipate Boogie getting people to think Ian is “America’s Player” or something like that.  Easy to do, with Ian always accepting punishments.

  18. Frank failed. When he won HOH, I said at the time that he should’ve put Britt and Daneille up, that would’ve put Shane and Dan in the Box for they would not have stuck thier neck out and try to win the veto comp. They would not have had the sand to choose between one or the other and live with them  so  if they were picked they would’ve thrown it. That left a backdoor option for Shaneand he would’ve had the votes to get him out. Britt would’ve thrown him under the bus and been exposed. Remember the days when HOH actually chose who went up on the block?

    • It would have been a great move if Frank knew what we know but remember even though Shane, along with Brit has tried to back door Frank every chance they get the Silent 6 alliance and he needed to show loyalty to that alliance.

  19. If I was Frank I’d be pissed that boogie went for the $10k. I like Frank but right now, Boogie’s dead to me. 

    •  If I were Frank I would be pissed at being up on the block every week. Everyone keeps saying how F&B can’t be trusted when ultimately they DID keep their word. Oh, and the trustworthy people…they didn’t. Hypocrites, lol.

      • There’s no reason for any of the ‘trustworthy’ people to be after frank except for the fact that he resembles richard simmons. 

    •  I see what you mean, but Boogie has ALWAYS played the game like this. Frank should know that. Why fix what’s not broken? lol

  20. Does anybody else realize that Jen is never shown (tv) nor does her name come up for nomination. How is she flying under the radar THAT much and why?

  21. The biggest idiots here are the silent six… All of them. Can we go ahead and name Jenn or Ashley the winner now?

    • The smart move would have been to stick till there are just six of them. That is not likely to happen though. An alliance is only good if the members stick to each other and protect each other. Once, they go after each other, it becomes all out war and the newbie floaters will benefit from it all!

      • its as if nobody has ever watched the show before…you would expect more out of people like Britney, but she has proven she isn’t one for thinking things out.

  22. It’s funny reading all these comments everyone surely has their favorite players and surely everyone has their justification for who should be put up and who should go home and the next one is always better than the last one…LOL!

  23. If shane puts boogie and frank up 1 will stay and dominate the floaters hopefully exposing the “silent six”maybe risky with ian around

  24. Out of the 2, I’d rather see Boogie go – whether he makes for good TV or not (he’s so stinkin’ mean).  I’d rather see how Frank acts when Boogie isn’t around to call his shots for him (or at least influence him).  In a double eviction, it’d be nice to see Boogie leave & then maybe Jenn or Joe somehow – the two are just way too boring to me.  At least I can laugh at Ashley’s loopiness.  Or send Danielle home – she’s like nails on a chalkboard.

    • I think since there is a double eviction, it would be better to send Frank out before Boogie. Frank is more capable of winning HoH. I’d like to see Jenn, Ashley or Joe go. I lost all respect for them when they didn’t even try to win HoH but instead tried to win safety.

    • If Shane really wanted to cause some drama in the house he should put up Boogie and Danielle.   And conveniently leave out the part where she is the pawn.   Bunnies would scatter.   Not going to happen but a girl can dream.

  25. Wack Pack needs to go.. worst alliance ever…I’d rather some stupid floater win it than any of those idiots

      • Think Frank,has finally read the writing on the wall…He will not use Veto..Neithe Dan or Boogie are going to see Frank go farther in the game..

  26. Here is how it should go down.  Nominate Joe and Ashley….no loss there.  Then one of the Quack Pack must win the HOH, then nominate Boogie and Frank if you want for the second elimination.  Less likely to cause as much friction as putting them up in the first eviction.  Just a thought

  27. I’m hoping Frank and Boogie get put up for their sheer stupidity in not targeting Shane, Brit or Dan last week and instead wasting an HoH on Wil. BUt i’m so team Boogs and Frank. 

  28. Kinda of annoyed with Ian for planting seeds about Frank and Boogie by telling them they considered backdooring Dan.  Once he told Britney Frank and Boogie were going up 100%.  Britney is super lucky Shane was her player cause he wins so much.  IF Frank can’t win I guess I’ll root for Dan cause Boogie can’t get anyone to vote for him.

    • I think Ian knows which side his bread is buttered on.   He knows he’s on the fringe when it comes to the Not So Silent Six.   So why not help get rid of one of them so he can take his place.   It’s better to be number 6 than number 7.  

      • Ian could go far with any group. Its not hard when youre just a vote and you dont win anything. Ian wouldve been evicted week 1 if Boogie didnt save him.

    • Ian is a dumdum for thinking he is cool with the Quack Pack when Dan promptly threw him under the bus by telling Frank about him considering backdooring Dan. Now, how did Dan know? Dan is a manipulator like Mike Boogie and he plays the nice guy card but, will stab you just as fast in the back if it suits him!

  29. As much as I don’t like Frank, I don’t want all the people actually playing the game to go against each other and have another season where only the floaters are left in the end. Why not get rid of useless players like Jenn (who we forget exists half the time) or joe? 

    • They are playing like casual BB fans.

      Anyone voting for Boogie if he’s final 2?  Brit, Dan, Shane, Danielle, Ian are NOT targets until Boogie/Frank are gone… which could be 3 weeks away.  The houseguests are doing their own little “fast forward” week

  30. i dont see jenn winning nothing or even ashley  so why worried about them now get some big threats out i dont think ashley could fight her way out of a wet paper bag and really jenn almost dont even know she is there

  31. Nice alliance. It just goes to show how scared everybody is of Boogie. He’s the one that convinced Frank not to go against the alliance, and play loyally. Then the first chance they get they want to backdoor both of them. I hope this double eviction comes back to bite them in the ass.

    • The second half of the double eviction would be the perfect time to get Shane out, especially if Frank leaves.

    • The 2nd HOH should be key in getting out one of the traitors to the alliance. Frank or Boogie must win veto then, try and win the 2nd HOH. That guarantees one of the three, Dan, Brittney or Shane goes home 100%
      Put two as nominees the third one becomes replacement nominee if one wins POV.

    • So they should wait for Boogie or Frank to make the first move?  Ian had already revealed that Frank wanted Dan out.    Boogies loyalty came with conditions attached.   If it had been the right time he would have talked Frank into going for it….just like he talked Danielle into putting up Janelle.   You have to strike while the iron is hot.

    • What Boogie told Frank was not now, it’s too soon. If I were the others I’d backdoor Frank or Boogie. Better to get one of them while they can rather than do nothing and get backdoored themselves.

    • Boogie just wanted to wait to backdoor someone….unless it was Britney.  His first pick was get out Britney if Joe or Wil won POV

    • No No. was nothin loyal about  their reasoning..Was being tricky on Boogies part..Boogie want to save Dan,because they agreed to be a two pack,once Boogie got rid of Frank..That agreement was made in the storeage room..Boogi is the biggest liar and backstabber in this BB 14 house..Frank need to speak and do as he knows best,and tell Boogie to join the Army if he want to be a Drill Instructor..

  32. That Ashley chick has got to go! She is one of the worst players ever! You can’t get by on looks alone, my dear.

  33. I thank they should put up Ashley and Boogie and tell boogie they are going to back door Joe. But back door Frank. Or put up Ashely and Joe back door B or F company surprise them.

  34.  brittney, shane, danielle, and dan really make me sick.  They were bitching all week about one of them being backdoored, particularly dan, and what happens?  Frank keeps his word and does NOT use the veto!  Now, what are they doing now that one of these TRUE rats has the power?  They want to nominate Frank and Boogie, the two most likeable and honest people in the house!!  These scum are unbelievable!  Especially brittney.  First of all, she grew up rich!  Does no one remember Brendan always talking about that during season 12?  He was already saying it way back then–she doesn’t even deserve to be there!!  Second, like natalie before her, brittney is nothing but a power-whore–whoever has the power, she’s constantly in their ear like a gnat, even when it was Frank who had it.  She’s a totally unscrupulous, conniving little gnat–just seeing her two-foot ass and hearing that glass-shattering puny voice makes me want to vomit.  Then again, maybe I shouldn’t make that comparison–after all, I do have some respect for gnats.

    On a side note, I find it richly ironic that Frank and Boogie have been demonized so much this season, when they’re actually the two best and most honest players, generally speaking.  Ironically, it’s all of the OTHER true douchebags who are dishonest and untrustworthy.  Especially when we’re talking about Frank–he is, absolutely and without a doubt, one of the most genuinely nice and honest players to have ever played the game.  So of course he’s being attacked on all sides because of it!  That’s the kind of world we live in–the few decent people are demonized by the truly demonic and inhuman majority.

    And then there’s dan, by far the most OVERRATED player in BB history!  He fooled everyone during his original season, lying his ass off (he’s catholic, after all), and did so in such a way as to not let anyone think he was guilty of anything.  Results?  He wins his season!  Now, guess what’s happening–a rerun!  He’s doing it again.  He’s fooling everyone, making everyone think he’s their best friend.  Did anyone else notice that, of the 5 million alliances or so that these truthmongers made last week, good ol’ Judas was a part of ALL of them?!!  That’s really huge and says a lot about his principles, or rather lack thereof.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Dan dupes these idiots again, makes it to the final two with one of the floater-losers, and then wins, which I think is a very strong possibility.

    Lastly, and to reference my last point, I think that, generally given everything that has happened this season so far, it’s turning into another season 13/12, where the final two are comprised of one strong player and a total pathetic loser-floater.  Why?  Because the strong players are so paranoid and stupid that they’re too busy going after each other rather than emptying out the house of all the floaters, which is what they really SHOULD be doing first!  I think that one of the strong players (dan/shane/danielle/Boogie/Frank) will make it to the end with one of the losers (jenn/joe/ian/ashley), with the strong player winning.  Another bittersweet ending, because at least one of them will actually deserve to be at the end.

    Notice I didn’t include brittney in the strong player group–know why?  Because just because you hang around them all the time, doesn’t make you one!


    Go Frank and Boogie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    •  Dan, Danielle, Britney and Shane..their arrogance is pathetic. Can’t stand none of them..Frank did make a big mistake by not trying to get out Dan, he is the biggest bold-faced liar in the house and he does it with such ease..Shane is putting up Frank and Boogie, heard it on the feeds last night, alot of input came from lip-biting, hair playing, face picking Britney..she can’t stand Frank…so if Frank doesn’t win POV, he is probably out the door, with it being a double eviction, let’s hope Shane or Britney are right behind him. They are using the story that the Silent Six was only formed to get Janelle out, after that, anyone is fair game.

      • I stopped reading at “They want to nominate Frank and Boogie, the two most likeable and honest people in the house!! “.

      •  I agree about the four rats and also about Frank’s mistake.  And yes, hopefully one of those monsters will leave after Frank/Boogie, which is sure to happen next week, particularly dan or britney.  And the idea that the alliance was ONLY formed to get janelle out is patently absurd and an outright lie–why am I not surprised?

        And yeah, britney is EXTREMELY obnoxious–they should evict her JUST FOR THAT!!

      • glad to see someone else noticed brits face pickin,,drives me to vomit,,,lol,,and ians pathic antics are getting old

    • Matt, you said it all so well, especially the part about Britchney! I really hope (and pray!) that they get rid of her soon. I can’t stand the way she goes around the house thinking that she is better than anyone there. She is a sneaky rat!!

  35. Too early to start backdooring teammates. It will bite them in the ass next week. Boogie and Frank are too smart.

  36. I have to agree with Ian on this one.  Boogie is a HUGE threat and he would totally back-door any of them.  Remember that Ian has watched BB for years and knows how Mike Boogie plays this game.  Frank would be left weak and with out a real ally, but if Frank goes home then you can guarantee that Boogie will come after them.

    •  We know,Boogie & Dan have pack..Both are user,s,until the final 4 or 5 they will coast and not fight for HOH.Once Frank is out the door,if he does go..Boogie & Dan will be eating out of each others hand….Double eviction comming,.Hope Dan & Boogie both gone..

  37. I swear if Shane decides to not put up both of them and one of them win POV I’m going to straight up shiet myself

  38. I know Boogie was great to Frank so far this season but Frank needs to know that Boogie is just using him to get far in the game. Like if Boogie did get evicted this week, he wouldn’t care about Frank’s sake. So, Frank is really playing for himself and Boogs.

    • I hope Frank got the picture last night when his main man booger wasn’t trying for HOH to keep Frank safe since he couldnt compete. Booger went straight for the 10xxx, without hesitation.

  39. I hope Frank wins the veto, and the next hoh, and takes out Dan or Britney or even that little twirp who thinks he knows everything!

  40. It’s pretty obvious they are going to have to guess how many balls are in the machine and they’re looking all over the house for other clues….. 

  41. Booger was telling Frank today how nobody will touch them as a duo. (They’re about to get a rude awakening at the Nomination  Ceremony.)

    • I wouldn’t touch either one of them with a ten foot pole!     Having their own personalized seats on the block should wipe the smirks off their faces.

    • Yea, some duo…. Notice how Booger was so worried about his partner that couldn’t compete for HOH this week to keep them both safe that he went right for tha cash…… He never even thought about filling the HOH bowl.

  42. I saw Danielle on 48 hours Mystery……..They are still looking for weapon…


  44. Could you imagine Franoogie being on the block, Frank winning the veto, Boogers convinces Frank to use it to save him so that “he can go to work for him”, and then backstabs him?

  45.  Matt: What show are you watching? Your a nut case. Oh maybe its boogie writing that junk……….

  46. Frank needs ta go.  Boogie is old and doesn’t really win comps so they can wait to get rid of him next.  2 people are leaving the house on Thru so Frank first and Boogie second, and let them sit in the jury house thinking about their mistakes.

  47. Looks like Boogie’s true colors came out by not going for HOH and going for the money.  What is he thinking?  He certainly does not have Frank’s back. Dan is just as bad.  Isn’t he supposed to be athletic?  He just doesn’t want to get blood on his hands & have someone else do the dirty work.  I hope they catch on to what he is doing & boot him out – right after Boogie.  They both won the BB before anyway.  Wise up everybody!

    • you are so right Joe! Frank is worthless without Boogie. I for one would get rid of Boogie based on his arrogance alone!

  48. BOOGIE NEEDS TO GO… He is controlling franks game.. And it is kind of annoying… Frank should do what HE Wants… Not what boogie wants.If boogie goes, Frank will be lost and playing for himself . Then we can all just kinda giggle xD. I love brittney , So i hope this double eviction somehow does not end up getting her out, Or danielle or shane or joe.. Boogie is just a rude arrogant person..  

  49. i really think they should be thinking of getting  rid of  brittany  all she does is  boss them around  eat and  bite her nails   she needs to be out of there  and  fast 

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