Frank and Boogie are out of power and Shane is back in as we roll into Big Brother 14 Week 5. Last week, some alliances were formed but a HoH reign was wasted on a floater. So picking the best players from Week 4 week is going to be a tough one. Let’s try it anyway.

Best Players of the Week

1. Ian. I was beginning to think I’d never be able to put Ian in this category, despite my pre-season opinion of him. But after weeks of sitting in Boogie’s shadow, Ian has really stepped up his game. He sought out an alliance with Britney, Dan, Danielle and Shane. They might have named it something stupid, but the Quack Pack is currently holding the majority in the house. And Ian  has been using his social game to find out information and has even started suggesting making some bold moves, like putting Boogie out of the game. Way to go, Ian.

2. Boogie. He gets this spot only because he controlled Frank this week. Had Frank not sent Wil out the door and instead worked on Dan as he wanted, then he would’ve been here. Actually, he would’ve been in the #1 spot. But since Boogie controlled Frank he’s ahead of the game. Boogie’s target (Wil) might have made no sense, but he did make the move for Frank, basically.

Worst Players of the Week

1. Wil. He left this week and it was all his fault. Had he only told Boogie and Frank what they wanted to hear, he wouldn’t have been the target. Joe would be heading back home instead of Wil. But Wil refused to go to who was in power and now he’s out. Then he wasn’t even that great at campaigning. He just kept telling people he’d be fine no matter what happened. Bad moves all around.

2. Jenn/Ashley. I’m just going to start leaving them both in this spot. For obvious reasons. Eventually one of them is going to accidentally win HoH and it’s going to be hilarious.

Complete Rankings List

  • 1.  Ian
  • 2. Boogie
  • 3. Frank
  • 4. Dan
  • 5. Shane
  • 6. Britney
  • 7. Danielle
  • 8. Joe
  • 9. Ashley
  • 10. Jenn
  • 11. Wil

Who would you vote as best and worst players of the week?



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