Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 9.5 Nominations Confirmed

Now that the Big Brother 13 Live Feeds have returned after tonight’s special eviction show we’ve been able to nail down who has been nominated by Adam, the new Head of Household. Read on for those spoilers as well as details on who won the Power of Veto earlier today. It’s been a busy day and should stay crazy until the live show.

Big Brother 13 Spoilers – Week 9.5 Nominations:

  • Porsche
  • Jordan

The Power of Veto competition has already been held. We have those Veto spoilers as well from the Live Feeds. The nominations weren’t very important since it’s really about who won the Veto this week (it was Porsche) as they become the sole voter.

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  1. If the rest of the season is any indication, Porsche will do another stupid move and evict Jordan instead of Rachel. The last HoH of the season involves an endurance competition. Rachel blows most of those away. She would be stupid to keep Rachel.

    • Did you forget that there is a second part to the final HOH? Even if Porsche defeated Rachel in the endurance, Rachel could still win the second part and then the third.

      And if Porsche evicts Rachel instead, Jordan could beat Adam in the second part (not likely, but still possible) and she (Jordan) has always been better at questions than Porsche.

      • No, I haven’t forgotten, but if Porsche thinks properly, she will realize that eliminating the stronger competitor gives her a better shot at making F2.

        Porsche won’t do that. She will evict Jordan and get beaten by Rachel and will either be sitting in the Jury deciding between Rachel and Adam or sitting next to Rachel where the jury will give Rachel the $500K.

        Porsche lost the $500K when she opened Pandora’s box. Rachel has the jury votes, Jordan has the jury votes. There is no way that Porsche will win BB13.

      • She would be so smart to evict Jordan – everyone loves her! Rachel, not so much. Porsche has no chance against Jordan – Jordan already has 3 automatic votes. Rachel, just one.

      • It is absolutely silly to count jury votes while you’re in the BB house. The Jury usually does the right thing and vote for the person that competed and played the game. Porsche has done both of those. Jordan, not so much. Rachel has played harder than both (even Adam).

        Evict the stronger player.

        However, if you want to count jury votes, Porsche can NOT win, not matter how you do the jury votes. Whether she evicts Jordan or Rachel tomorrow, she has LOST BB13.

      • “The Jury usually does the right thing and vote for the person that competed and played the game.”

        Hahaha, that was good for a laugh – like when Jordan won? Yeah she tried so hard to play BB11. Counting jury votes is the smartest thing to do.

      • Porsche has a chance against Adam if she wins final HOH . She has Dani,Kalia and Shelly.However Porsche will probably take her buddy Rachel.Against Rachel she has Dani,Kalia,Shelly and probably Adam.

      • You actually think Natalie deserved to win? She was horrible at competitions and had a terrible social game. I’d love to see you try and argue for Natalie.

      • Winning comps is not the only way to play the game. How far do you think Shelly would have got if she didn’t play so hard to get Jeff out?? She didn’t win a single thing.

        Jordon won her season because she won HoH and PoV when it counted. She was nominated 3 times in BB11…she’s been nominated 3 times in BB13.

        Oh, and she was nominated for eviction in F4 in BB11 as well and managed to survive.

        Jordan plays an awesome social game, and regardless of whether people ‘like’ her, they vote for the better competitor.

        What did Natalie win in BB11 besides F4 HoH? Natalie played a lousy social game, heck, even JESSIE voted for Jordan to win.

        It’s not just about comps or ‘friends’ in jury, it’s HOW YOU PLAY THE GAME!

    • Jordan should be everyone’s target at this point.

      She wins the half-million against Porsche, Adam, or Rachel. If the jury house newbies are forced to choose between Jordan and Rachel, Jordan likely wins 5-2, with only Porsche & Brendon voting for Rachel. On the other hand, against either remaining newbie, Rachel can make the case that she was the stronger competitor and she then needs only one newbie (or Dani) vote while getting Jeff, Jordan,and Brendon’s votes.

      Adam and Porsche each have the best final two chance against each other. The vets have to vote for one of them. I’d guess that Rachel, Kalia, and Dani would vote for Porsche, while Jeff, Jordan, and Shelly would vote for Adam. Brendon would be the swing vote.

      Meanwhile, Jordan also wins against either newbie with Adam possibly getting only Shelly’s vote (and she may vote for Jordan against Adam) and Porsche likely getting votes from only Dani and Kalia (although there’s an outside chance that Rachel would vote for Porsche and persuade Brendon to do the same).

      Anyone who takes Jordan to the final two is a fool.

  2. OMG…today BB13 was rigged for Porsche to win the Veto. I thought it would be rigged for Rachel or Jordan to win. I hope that all the people who believe that BB is rigged feel really stupid today!!!!!

      • Oh, it won’t be long until those who claimed it was “rigged” switch to “Team Porsche!” in a second and no talk about CBS rigging it all. Talk about floaters…

      • The game isn’t rigged. I do believe production gives some contestants a ‘hand’, but they only do it week-to-week, they don’t predetermine the outcome.

        It’s considered a game show, and ‘fixing’ a game show is actually illegal.

      • I’ve noticed whenever the power shifts from newbies to vets and vice versa. The fans from each side cry “RIGGED!!!!”

        It’s television people, of course production aka the Big Brother gods have a hand in something throughout the season, but I believe some players have a better chance at winning certain comps than others. That’s life. And then every now a then someone surprises you. (Ex: Who would have thought Kalia would have lasted that long hanging onto the Lawon dummy?)

        I’m not a Vet fan or a Newbies fan.

        I am fan of good game play. Period.

    • BB is still rigged. Of these 4 left…Rachel and Poshe are tied in who is the stronger player. Rachel is there because of Brenden and the vet alliance.
      Meanwhile Poshe won the vetos that changed the game and keep getting herself off the the block at key times. Poshe needs to get Rachel out if she wants to win the 500,000. Both Jordan and Adam have been floating thru this game.

      • Not if you ask Jordan she is always naming all of the floaters and never once has she mentioned her own name. I can not believe that she does not even push herself one second more to win anything.

      • i like rachael this year. i think it bothered her when she felt like she was the most hated. she really plays a good game. i like jordan but she has been in a fog all summer. she never seemed to be in the game, maybe she only wanted to spend the summer with jeff but i do think she is hands down the sweetest most sincere person to play the game. i have no clue if she and jeff even date but i think she will make some man a great wife and mother.

      • Joe Joe – are you actually watching the show? I can’t tell from your diluted statement above!

      • I love all of the Porsche fans who seem to forget that she had a four week free ride. She only started winning when her alliance had the power – she is a decent player but doesn’t excel. I never, ever thought that I’d say this but Rachel deserves to win this game. I love Jeff and Jordan and would rather have had Jeff win – but since he’s gone – rachel has been the glue that held the whole SHOW together.

      • Floaters are people who follow the power. They float from side to side. Jordan has never ever been a floater. She road Jeff & then Rachel’s coattails. But a floater, no! Please know what the terms mean before using them. It drives me crazy when people act like they are experts when they really haven’t bothered to make sure they know what they are talking about. Oh, while I am on my soap box, it’s not for you & I. I is for subjects; me is used as the object of a proposition (of, for, about, etc.). Thanks for letting me get those two things off my mind.

  3. Aww i was rooting for Jordan but no matter what I think she is happy for Rachel getting further. Its not like she played this year to win she was in it for Jeff.

    No matter what the outcome would have been bad. if she won hoh and put up adam and porsche, porsche still wouldve won veto and rachel would’ve gone up and rachel would go home. So in the end I dont think Jordan cares as much as she seems like a really nice person.

    • Jordan is doing just as well in BB13 as she did in BB11 and she won BB11.

      The game is a social experiment, with emphasis on the SOCIAL. People don’t realize that. If you rub house guests the wrong way, you will not win their vote, no matter how good your final play (and jury speech) is.

  4. It sure is quiet around here right now. Maybe they should have “rigged” the POV to get more people bitchin’ around here.

  5. Porsche/Rachel final 2. Rachel wins final HOH she’ll probably take Porsche and the same for Porsche if she wins final HOH.Sorry Adam you’re out of luck… Maybe

  6. Let us think, for one second. BB brings in the Big Hitters! The Vets! The guys are gone, (the vet guys),,, we now have Rach and Jord! Jordan’s hair could not be any blonder. Rach only plays for her man? I love this show! It is a not a reality show. We have been waiting for the “Live Feeds”,,, to come back?? The best bet, let our little Por win! She may have not played the way we saw fit. She didn’t stand a chance in heck. I say BB, let her win!! I guess, we will have to wait and see. The BB input, is yet the real reality!? With respect to ya all!

    • I love how people seem to forget that the vets had two less players to begin with….the game was equal at best. More newbies to take on the veterans. Then with evel dick leaving and Danielle showing that she will always concentrate on her love life versus show – the vets had even less of a chance. Rachel deserves this win – Porsche had EVERYTHING going her way including the four week free ride.

  7. I am rooting for Rachel all the way. But if Porsha sends her home on Thurs. I want Adam to win. I do not want Porsha anywhere near first or second. I at one time thought Rach/Porsh in the finals. But I lost all respect for her when she “teamed up” with Dani and Kalia and formed the bad girls club. Whoops wrong show. I meant the mean girls. lol

  8. Everyone realize the old Rachel would be crying and upset by being on the block? New Rachel is playing cards. Go Rachel!

  9. Get rid of Rachel, take your chances cause odds are that Jordan will fail at any competion. Jordan claims to not like floaters and that they have been carried through the season. Jordan has been the ulti,ate floater and a realistic Jury will give this game to Porsche. Great season

    • I agree partially agree Sean…It would be smart to get rid of Rachel cause she’s the only real comp left. BUT, if she keeps Jordan, she’s not going to win.

      I wish the jury could be realistic but you gotta remember pigheaded Jeff holds grudges and of course the other vets will vote for Jordan. Jeff will probably bully/guilt trip Shelly to vote for Jordan.

      Porsche will only have K,D, and maybe A. Hell Adam might vote for Jordan too since his man crush is Jeff

      The only way A or P have a chance of winning is if they take each other to F2. If either of them go to F2 with J or R, they’ll lose.

  10. I’m surprised at how many people think Porche will keep Rachel and vote Jordan out. I’m not complaining, though.

  11. It’s not the worst thing in the world if Porsche wins BB13 however it would suck if Rachel doesn’t get at least $50,000…

  12. Adam made the worst move tonight when he did not use the POV and put Jordan on the block and get her sent to jury. He actually might of had a chance then. He has not made any good moves in this game at all. I guess all the bacon has his mind bakin.

    • I think you’re confused here. Adam won the previous POV and Kalia was sent home as a result. He then went on to win HOH (which will air on TV tonight) and nominated Porsche and Jordan. The POV was held during the blackout and Porsche won so she will remove herself from the block and Rachel will be nominated in her place. As Adam is HOH and Rachel and Jordan are on the block, Porsche has the only vote in tonight’s eviction and it appears she is leaning towards evicting Jordan.

      • Sorry, I misread your comment but it is irrelevant since I think Jordan will be leaving tonight. If Adam was in final 3 with Porsche and Kalia he probably wouldn’t win. The vets would have voted him out for evicting Jordan.

  13. if you like racheal vote her 25,000 because it looks like she will be voted out tonight. with the endurance part of hoh coming up,it would be wise for porsch to vote her out. jordon won’t win. i think big red might be done.

    • Porsche is playing more emotionally than strategically and I think she will keep Rachel. She and Rachel have always been friendly and she and Jordan – not so much. Jordan also voted for Kalia to stay over Porsche forcing Rachel to make the decision. Porsche may feel that Rachel is less unpopular so would be a better choice to keep.

  14. What a let down…Porshe would be stupid to keep Rachael instead of Jordan…If she keeps Rachael she can kiss the $$$ goodbye. If Rachael stays she will win and take home the $500K for sure. Porshe you deserve to loose for being stupid, you play personal and have no game, boo Porshe. Adam can win in HOH & POV now that it is down to 5,& all girls, dah. He just went from side to side like a bouy in water. Hope a vet wins since the better newbies never got a chance. Just be over already. The people we like to watch are about gone and if it is Adam & Porche at end I wouldn’t waste my time watching.

    • I think if Porsche makes it to the final two she will end up with second place no matter who sits beside her.


  16. I DO NOT want “PORTIA” to win…………She is a prissy but, fat, and downright UGLY……..She wants to be a Star? I don’t think so……..I want Adam to win over her………………….Think the production people LOVE Her…………get over her people……………..come on Adam or Rachel…

  17. Porche would be making a big mistake in keeping Rachael over Jordan. Rachael is fierce in competitions when it comes to saving her skin. So far Jordan hasn’t been much of a threat. If Rachael wins the last HOH who is to say she would take Porche to the final 2. Rachael is no dummy she would take Adam.

  18. I think Porche should win. because rachel is a lier a cheater and a backstaber i cant stand her! I love jordan but she hsnt really done anything. I like her though but i dnt want her to win AGAIN!! Adam dnt know what he is doing he been going back and forth im surprised he gone this far. Kalia is the one who shouldve won! Porche know what she doin if she is smart she will get rid of rachel becuase hordan cant win anything and the jury will vote for her over adam. GOOO PORCHE!!

  19. What a nightmare.If these newbies end up as F2, I will be soo disappointed…really wanted a vets F2 with Rachel FTW. Will we know F2 b4 voting for AFP deadline, anyone? Thanks!

  20. If I remember correctly there was a post (not in the comments) when Porsche was HOH and in the baththub. BBN had said that Porsche had put up on the wall in soap the initials of the Final 3. If Porsche stays true to what she put on the wall, she will vote out Rachel. She had initials PAJ.

  21. Anything can happen, but I don’t think that Porsche likes Jordan and she said she wouldn’t like to see her win again. I also think that Porsche may think that Jordan will get more votes from the Jury House than Rachel. I think Porsche, if she is thinking, will suspect she has a better chance at final 2 with Rachel because Rachel is perceived as being liked the least.

  22. I think Jordan is a floater, ir not for Jeff and Rachael, she would have been long gone, she already won she don’t need to win again, she can’t even win any competitions, she lucked up and won one hoh. and as for Rachael, she had her chance give one of the newbies a chance, hopefully not adam another floater, he can’t win anything either.

  23. GO PORSHE….she has played the best game…she doesn’t act like a fool when things dont go her way (UM RACHEL AND JORDON) she steps up and wins, Rachel is a good player to, but her attutude makes her unlikable…regardless of that fact that she has been much better since Brenden left, she still pouted and acted a fool for most of the SEASON…Porshe best bet,

    Vote out JORDON
    Even if RACHEL beats her in the last HOH, she has a better chance of BEATING RACHEL OR ADAM in the FINAL 2 with the JURY…

      • that does make alot of sense. im just scared that if rachel makes it to the final 2 then she will win becuase she is a better competitor than anyone ;eft. i want porche to win. if she is smart she probably will vote out jordan.

  24. No matter who Porkchop evicts, she won’t win. If you go with the “jury votes who played the game” theory, you can’t sleep for 50+ days then ‘come alive’ once all the strong players are gone and say you played the game all along. If you go with the “popularity” theory, she unleashed the duo twist. Either way she’s screwed. Same for Adam, he didn’t win anything until all the “good” plyers were gone. His first veto was a gift from Jeff, his second was lucky because Porkchop grabbed the wrong pie; the only comp he really won was this HOH. Jordan is a sweetie but a poor competitor. Rachael (forgive me for admitting) is the only real competitor left. Aside from her poor sportsmanship, she came out of the gate swinging on day one and hasn’t stopped.

  25. Go Rachel !! Rachel deserves to win ! she played her heart out and made it to the final 4 with some targets on her back ! Porsche needs to use her brain and vote out JORDAN !

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