Big Brother 13 Episode 28: Week 9.5 Live Eviction Show Tonight

Big Brother 13Big Brother 13 is back tonight with its second eviction show of the week and this time around it’s live. Not only will we get an eviction but we’ll also find out how the final Power of Veto competition of the season went down along with a live Veto ceremony.

At the end of last night’s show, which is way more entertaining if you read Matt Hoffman’s (BB12) recap, we saw Adam secure his first HoH win which puts him safely in to the Final 3 for this season. The only other person guaranteed safety this week would be the winner for the Power of Veto which was held yesterday during the Live Feeds blackout (Feeds are now back and running live). If you want to spoil those Veto results then go ahead and read what happened.

With the Veto results confirmed, Adam’s nominations revealed, and a late night conversation we now know who will be evicted during tonight’s live show. Of course the voting HG could change her mind today, so we’ll keep you posted.

While Julie Chen didn’t specifically call it out, we’re also expecting tonight’s Big Brother show to introduce round one of the final, three round Head of Household competition. These are typically endurance competitions for part one and if that’s the case then we should be able to watch it all play out on the Live Feeds so be sure to have that ready to go (get your Free Trial). You won’t want to miss watching if Adam can outlast his endurance competition record of 4 minutes and 2 seconds! (I kid, I kid! Mostly…)

Tonight is a big show as we’ll say goodbye to the Final 4 and hello to Big Brother 13’s Final 3. Just one more week until the Jury House crowns a half-million dollar winner.


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    • Never seen Survivor, but tempted now because there will be no Big Brother until next year.

      Going back to BB:

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

      Can Rachel win both the Grand Prize -AND- America’s Choice?

      If so, that’s $525,000.

      I love team Jorchel and would love to see one get the Grand Prize and one at least get America’s Choice.

      But I won’t know that until the Final 2 are revealed.

      RACHEL = Final Two (either 500K or 50K)
      JORDAN = AC Vote (25K)

      I like Rachel, but if she will be in the Final 2 then I would rather give Jordan the AC vote since she was the all-around mom to Rachel and even to Shelly who back-stabbed her later on.

      Rachel would at least be guaranteed $50,000 if she was Final 2. But we won’t know that until the end.

      • I am guessing Porche hasn’t really make her mind up. I think she will evict Rachel, dum not too. She even said in a DR session after Rachel put her and Kalia on the block she was comming after her. Pretending to evict Jordan keeps her off her back. Jordan could not win anthing so keep hair twisting blonde.

      • Goodbye Jordan! It’s about time she gets kicked off, I am so tired of watching here float from week to week. She is probably the most underseving BB winner of all time. Lawon is more deserving than Jordan. Anyone that roots for her needs their head checked. Can’t wait to see the Jessica Simpson wannabe go home tonight! Go team Dani!

      • I’m on board with team JR (Jordadan & Rachel) mow known as team lonly Rachel.
        I don’t think Jordan would get America’s favorite because she was a loser at every compition she did. Cute and sweet just don’t get it for me.

  1. I hope so much that Porsche doesn’t evict Rachel. I am hoping that by Rachel saving Porsche last night that Porsche will do the same for Rachel. Also, Jordan voted to evict Porsche, which Porsche probably knows, so maybe she will evict Jordan. Why didn’t Rachel win that POV?

    • Porsche and Adam have a stupid plan, they could not be any stupider. Think about it:

      If the reason Porsche is going to evict Jordan solely because she won 2 years ago, then she’s dumber than she looks.

      If Rachel is saved, she’ll be competing head-to-head with Porsche as the bigger threat to win the next competition that will determine Final 2 placing tomorrow.

      With Jordan around, Porsche has a better chance. What a dummy.

      I’m shocked but ecstatic that they’re going to save Rachel.

      Go Rachel!!!

      • Adam nominated Jordan/Porsche, basically saying he sees himself – Adam/Rachel/? to make it as the Final 3 based on the original nominations.

        The fact that the newbies are keeping Rachel around, the biggest competitor in the game, this late in the game, is pure astonishment. They kept the wrong vet in their game.

        We’ll see what happens but the newbies just decreased their chances of winning.

        I really hope Rachel wins the competition rounds!

      • Is it dumb to evict Jordan? It may be but I’m not totally sold on that.


        -Porsche can’t beat Jordan OR Rachel in Jury, only Adam.

        -Rachel might take Porsche to F2, but Jordan would take Adam.

        -Porsche doesn’t have Jordan’s jury vote no matter what (since Jordan is a massive hypocrite). But if she saves Rachel this week and Rachel gets evicted final 3, she might just get Rachel’s vote against Adam.

        So it is dumb in the sense that it makes it tougher for her to win the last comp. But it raises her chances of 50 grand and might help her with Jury votes.

        Besides, even if its dumb I love it. After 2 full seasons someone please finally get rid of the worst thing to happen to bb!

  2. I haven’t actually watched Big Brother since Season 1. This is my first year back, so please answer these 2 questions for me.

    1) I hear that the last HOH is in 3 segments. If each player wins a segment, how is HOH determined?

    2) Is there a veto involved in the last HOH or does the HOH get to decide who to send to the jury?

    • All three finalists take part in the first segment. The winner of that sits on the sidelines while the remaining two fight it out to win the second segment. Then the two winners of the first two segments battle it out for the last HOH while the third player just sits and waits. The winner chooses which of the remaining two will sit beside him/her and which one will be sent to the jury.

  3. I hope Porsche is not stupid to keep Jordon. Send her to the jury house so she can continue her pretend romance. I want F2 to be Rachel and Porsche because I dont want Adam to get a dime.

    • Bg i agree i would like to see R&P in the final 2. I don’t think Adam deserves anything he is the biggest floater. ADAM IS NOT A GAME PLAYER I BET HE DOES THE BACK FLOAT GREAT..LOL

    • How can it be a pretend romance if they have been together since their season? From the stories they both told on BBAD and live feeds, it is quite obvious that their romance is not fake.

      • They see each other once in awhile, they don’t even live in the same state. Probably only when Jeff needs money.

      • Just because they talked about some stories on big brother after dark don’t mean they are together they see each other maybe once a month Jeff have other things on his mind other than Jordan.

  4. Rachael could not evict Jordan, it would cost her 2 jury votes. She couldn’t win veto and win the game. Now let’s hope Porsche evicts Jordan…(love her, but she already won once.)

    • If Porsche had not won the veto she would be the one walking out the door tonight. If Rachel had won the veto she couldn’t have used it because she would be the only one left to go up on the block. Therefore she would leave the noms in place and simply vote out Porsche.

      • My point was, Rachael may not be able to win without Jordan on the jury. She needs the vote, and probably wouldn’t get it if she voted her out. Therefor, Porsche HAD to be the one to oust her.

    • Char, thats pretty bad logic, because Rachel didnt NEED to evict Jordan. Rachel vs Jordan in the end, Rachel wins hands down.

      • @ Mark A, I disagree… I think all but Brendan(obvi) will vote for Jordan. Jeff a given, Adam because he is super fan, Kalia because she holds a grudge against Rach for evicting her, Shelly because she wants to prove her loyalty, Dani just hates Rachel. So that leaves Porshe, she may feel some sense of loyalty to Rachel, but not if Rach had a part in not picking her for the final 2.

      • Adam is a super fan but even though his own social play stunk, he has long been on a “best gameplay” kick, and his idea of gameplay is winning the comps at the end. He would have picked Rachel.

        Dani hates Rachel, but likes her game way better than Jordan’s (remember which couple she tried to ally with). Her vote would not have been personal.

        Porsche would have voted for Rachel. Jordan was a b*tch to her and P doesnt want a repeat winner, and always values the comps highly.

        B would vote for Rachel and that does it.

        J and S would have backed Jordan (because Shelly wants her friends back). Kalia I’m not sure of, but I think would have chosen Rachel in the end.

      • Here you are assuming that the jury house is going to vote emotionally. I don’t think that will happen at least not with the vets. They will all reward good game play.

      • Except for Jeff, of course, he will vote for his girlfriend if it was between J and R but obviously that won’t be an issue now.

  5. I want Rachel and Adam in F2. Porche took her nasty comments a bit too far, not to mention food tampering, and she was a member of the Hide and Steal Alliance. I just don’t like her.

    • I would like to see Rachel & Porsche in the final 2. ADAM doesn’t deserve to be thier he is the biggest floater in bb history. Did anyone who watched BBAD Adam took a paper towel and wiped his face and put the paper towel up his nose then had the B**** to wipe the big red bowl and put it on the shelf? How Gross is that??????

      • I’m glad someone else saw that, I did and could not believe my eyes. Wasn’t sure that what I saw was what I saw.

    • I’m in agreement with you Liz(AFF) While I’m not fond of the nasty remarks they ARE part of the game. That being said the food tampering I thought was taking things too far. I don’t think Porche deserves anything.

  6. It would be great if next season hg’s were evicted from the game, but not the house. (Hey CBS you wouldn’t have to pay for a jury house.)
    It would keep the house lively all season long.

      • Well I’m just thinking of last season, I don’t remember if they showed reagan there or not.???? However, Kalia left on Tuesday so hopefully! I would love to see the look when Dani sees her!

      • @Matt, I think it depends on the number of drive through eateries between the BB house and the Jury house?

  7. I think Jordan will be evicted. Porsha told Adam she was going to evict Jordan because Jordan won BB two years ago. Porsha has no reason to lie to or mislead Adam about evicting Jordan.

      • I hope so too, but the stupidity of it is debatable. It does make the last comp a bit tougher to win, but it increases her odds at F2, and she cant beat Jordan OR Rachel in the end.

    • I can think of a number of reasons for Porsha to evict Jordan but to evict her just becasue she has won before to me is not a valad reason. If you are going to evict her evict her bacause you think think she is underestimated and is more of a threat than poeple think, you think she would get more jury votes in the final 2, becaus eshe voted against you in the last eviction or whatever. To evict someone because they have previously won is like not giving the holder of a winning lotto ticket the money because they have won the lotto before. Although there may be rules that if you win the lotto once you can’t play for a certain time period. Still it’s a new game.

      • At. Charene. I honestly believe evicting Jordan is her best move…and its good for me cause I want Rachel to win so bad! Lol. The first thing she told Adam lastnight was that she knows him and jordan are really close and rachel and jordan are really close so she knew that if Jordan won veto she’d be the one leaving. I think she knows Adam would take Jordan to F2 if he wins the final HOH, and I think she thinks Adam will not take Rachel over her. Let’s face it folks, porsche isn’t great and endurance and is horrible in questions, she’s probably not winning this FHOH and I think she even knows that

      • That really makes sense and something I didn’t think about. I want to see Rachel win and I am so hoping Porsche evicts Jordan tonight. It is true, she has no reason to lie to Adam (Porsche).

      • Porshe is not really a “deep thinker”. To her evicting Jordan because she has already won is a very valid reason. This is the girl who wanted all newbies in the finals because “the others have already had their chance to play the game”. She is not too mature in her thinking or in her actions (i.e. polluting food with benefiber).

    • I believe Porsche will evict Jordan and if so i hope it comes down to her & Rachel in final 2 and Rachel wins. If she was smart get rid of Rachel and keep Jordan cuz Jordan isn’t that great in comp’s and Rachel is. but do u think she would beat Porsche? I really don’t want Adam in the final 2 he doesn’t deserve it just my opinion.

    • Porche has every reason not to tell adam the truth. Adam when against the newbies every vote at the end. He controled the game and went with the vets. She is not dumb.

  8. I can’t wait to see the juries reaction to Kalia being evicted and then Jordan. Especially when Dani and Kalia realize Porsha evicted Jordan and Mel Rachel……

    • Go big Red!!! She deserves the money. I used to call Aam an idiot, but you know, He’s probably gonna make an easy 50k by just sitting there watching everyone take each other out. How smart is that?

  9. well, well, well this is awesome!!! it’ll be a newbie vs. newbie or newbie vs. vet obviously in the f2 i hope that it’s adam vs. porsche in a perfect world that’d be great but this is reality so it’ll be a newbie vs. vet and the newbie will win 500K and hey 2nd place isn’t bad HA!!

    • Dream on – if the finalists are a newbie and a vet there’s no way the newbie will be getting the half mil.

    • Really? You should watch S16 (fans vs faves), S20 (heroes vs villains) and S22 (redemption) :D

      S16 has a lot of funny moments (aka extremely stupid moves — seriously). And in S22 you get to see Russell CRY!

  10. I have seen several comments that Jeff and Jordan are faking their relationship… Is this rumor or is there proof?

  11. What was Kalia talking about when she said to Porsche…”Moon Palace, make it happen…”?
    I can only suspect that she wants Porsche to build her a palace made of Moon Pies? Hey, I don’t know.

  12. Porsche and Adam have a stupid plan, they could not be any stupider. Think about it:


    Adam –

    He nominated Jordan/Porsche which is basically saying that he sees himself in other words, Adam/Rachel/(+ whomever) to make it as the Final 3 based on the original nominations.

    That fact that he kept Rachel in the 1st place was a mistake in his game. He’s the HOH and has nothing to worry about.


    Porsche –

    If the reason Porsche is going to evict Jordan solely because she won 2 years ago, then she’s dumber than she looks.

    If Rachel is saved, she’ll be competing head-to-head with Porsche as the bigger threat to win the next competition that will determine Final 2 placing tomorrow.

    Rachel is Porsche’s biggest threat.

    At least against Jordan, Porsche has a better chance of winning the endurance rounds.


    The fact that the newbies are keeping Rachel around, the biggest competitor in the game, this late in the game, is pure astonishment. They kept the wrong vet in their game.

    We’ll see what happens but the newbies just decreased their chances of winning.

    I’m shocked but ecstatic that they’re going to save Rachel.

    I really hope Rachel wins the competition rounds!

    • Adam is pretty dumb and has been all season, but his move wasn’t very dumb.

      The HoH noms this week don’t REALLY matter. But Rachel probably had best odds at veto. So pre-veto having her think she’s good with Adam is a good idea, because he might need her next week. In the meantime, it keeps him from picking Jordan over Porsche or vice versa. Not his worst move.

      Porsche is making the last comp harder on herself, but she is probably increasing her chances of making the end and making her jury situation better. I admit if I were her I’d get rid of Rachel, but its not quite as stupid as people are making out.

    • There has been a big difference in Rachel since Brenden left the house. She is kinder,less weepy,and less whinney. I like the Rachel I have seen lately. She is a much better game player.

  13. I really hate the way they have the voting set up. Because I liked Jeff and I love Rachel. If I know Rachel will make it to F2 then I want Jeff to win Americas Choice and that is where my votes will go, however I would like to see Rachel win Americas Choice is she doesn’t make it to F2…and there is no way we’ll know until Finale night! This sucks

      • It should be working, I emailed CBS with the question why it wasn’t accepting votes. They emailed me back within a 1/2 hour and were aware of the problem and working on it. Told me to try again a little later. It worked this time around! I just put in Brother and clicked on the voting option. It did take my votes,(5) saved 5 for tomorrow.

    • my fave will go to the person with big moves and getting people evicted that made them a target but still remained for awhile. gameplay is how I determine my favorite? who wanted it most~

  14. I hope Porsche evicts Jordan bc I want Rachel in the F2. Hopefully, Porsche gets hooked on the memory that Jordan won 2/3 of the comps her season and would take Adam.

  15. I hate to admit it, but after a year and a half of episodes and BBAD I actually sort of like Rachel. Between the final three I’d like to see her beat Porsche and Adam. Wow, I can’t believe I just posted that! I’m also happy and sad that Jordan gets a week with Jeff. Was hoping that Jordan would make history, but she needed to win something this week…

  16. What happened to Rachel in the veto comp? Strange she didn’t win this one! Have to wait til tonight to see what type of comp it was! Surprises me Adam put up Porsche and Jordan! Thought it would be R/P, as he really likes Jordan. Surprise, surprise. Rachel for the win, she deserves it! Any help or answer for reply #20?

  17. I think Porsche is lying about keeping Rachel and will evict her tonight. I do hope evict Jordan but until she cast that vote I’m not holding my breath. Rach is a fierce competitor and she has had to fight to get this far from the beginning. I hope she survives tonight and kick butt in the final HOH competition

    • BC I agree with you. I hope Rachel win’s And Porsche get’s the 50G. She atleast played some game. What did Adam do? Float bye with j/j and everyone elso lol.

      • Rachel has done “a little” growing up; I see a good side of her on the feeds and a horrible sport in the Diary Room? She should just leave the nasty Rachel behind for good and she may do well~

      • Danny told Porsha if it came at the end to take Rachel to final 2 because nobody likes her and they wont vote for her so Porsha will take her because that is what Danny would have wanted

      • I’m not even sure of Adam’s jury vote if Porsche and Rach get to the final 2. Then again he may just vote with his best friend Jeff(since Adam obviously cannot think for himself).

        I hate that at the end the person who did the least (Adam) wins the pivotal HOH *kiss teeth*

  18. Hey how come Porsche was not been kicked out…She played with other houseguests drinks (putting stuff in them to give them the runs)And told adam who she plans to evict

    • hope she evicts Rachel, she would be stupid not to? Jordan hasn’t won jack, Porshce could easily beat any of those two in endurance? (Adam and Jordan)

      • I agree. Rachel is a huge competitor… best in the house at this point. If she doesn’t give Rachel the boot, she seals her own fate.

    • Porsche would hve to throw her mic into the pool or cover up the cameras like Chimisa (or whatever her name is) did back in S11 to get thrown out of the house.

      Apparently spiking other house guests drinks are okay in Big Brother’s rules.


  19. Porsche is not gonna keep Rachel, personally i think she just doesn’t want the drama. if she tells Rachel “i’m voting you out” Porsche would have to sit there and listen to Rachel whine or cry about it and try making deal, ect…

    by Porsche saying “i’m voting out Jordan” she avoids all the campaigning, cause Jordan won’t make a big thing out of it.

  20. Jordan being really sweet and giving Rachel a pep talk about getting through F3 comp. She knows she is leaving, R is staying.Tells R to consider the jury votes carefully before she picks either P or A for F2. Says P can beat R in jury, A can’t. Tells R that she has her and Jeff’s vote.

    • I’m not sure if I agree with Jordan. Rachel would have J/J/B and Porsche would have D/K/S presumably, leaving Adam as the swing vote (again!). Adam has made several comments about not wanting to see Porsche in the F2, and how good of a competitor Rachel is. If he respects the game as a fan, he should vote for Rachel. If Porsche is in the jury, I think Adam would get D/K/P/S.

  21. Matt from BB can you look into why we can’t vote for Americas favorite player at ??? keeps saying error. ???? please please please. Thanks ever so much

    • I emailed earlier and got this response back: We are aware of the Big Brother online registration/voting issue.
      The appropriate department has been notified and is researching the matter.
      We apologize for any inconvenience and ask that you try back later in the day.

    • I followed above advice and went to Google Chrome and was able to vote after being very frustrated before. Thanks for the advice BB fans. Go Rachel. I hope you win. She at least tried to have fun. Taught card games to others. Jordan wouldnt even try projects and asked Rachel to do it for her. I dont think nice little Jordan wants Rachel to win. She has said some things that make me believe she would vote for Adam. If Rachel doesnt win I want it to be Adam. He has at least not been so mean spirited. Glad it will be over. I hope survivor isnt the same old thing again. I am tired of all the losers wining all these games. I cant compete so I guess I would have a good chance too. I just need to work on being a mean liar.

  22. don’t know about the rest of you, but if I held pov, I would want the biggest threat OUT of the game… That’s definitely Rachel. (no brainer)
    Now with that said, I think Rachel played the hardest since daniel was evicted.

    • porsche knows if she kept jordan, jordan would NOT choose her for f2 if she won HOH.. same deal with adam as he’s pretty chummy with jordan… i’d rather have 50 grand than ZERO

      • So you’re saying Rachel will basically choose Porsche as F2 if Rachel wins the Endurance round???

        If Porsche’s worried that she’ll lose the Endurance round against Rachel, then why keep her in the first place?

        If Porsche keeps Jordan instead then she has a better chance of winning the Endurance against a weaker Jordan, rather than hoping Rachel wins it in the end, and hoping she votes her in.

      • i agree with August, Porsche does NOT want to go against Rachel in endurance. that would be suicide. only person from this season that could even stand a chance of beating Rachel in an endurance comp is Daniele

    • yeah but there are 3 parts to the final HOH comp… it’s not all endurance.. jordan was pretty good at that last puzzle..

      either way if adam wins HOH, he’d probably take porsche rather than rachel since rachel showed she was a good comp player and would get jury votes

      if rachel wins, she’d either take porshe or adam (50% chance)

      if jordan wins, she’d take adam

  23. So when does “Americas Vote” come into play (in terms of determining who stays in house)?? It’s been advertised or have I misinterpreted something? Thanks for any help!

  24. i can’t wait for the big “shocker” when Dani wins America’s Favorite.

    ya JeJo and Brenchel have ton of fans(more JeJo) but all those fans will be splitting their vote, some voting for Jeff, some for Jordan. Dani on the other hand isn’t sharing votes with anyone and she has a big following herself

  25. Any chance Rachel threw the veto so she would not have to evict Jordan? She knows she would not win against Jordan. If you recall a couple of weeks ago, Rachel told Jordo she did not have a chance in winning. Jordo told Rachel if she was in jury she would have Bren, Jeff and her as votes. When she said that I thought Jordo was crazy for giving that kind of info. Maybe Rach is putting her eggs in Adam and Porsha’s basket.

  26. Wondering why Rachel didn’t win the veto? Will have to watch tonight to see why she didn’t win! Ugh, I want Rachel in the F2 and win it all. Shocked I am saying this, but she is a fierce competitor, only wished she had won the veto, but then that would have put Jordan in trouble. She would have had to evict Jordan.!! But couldn’t she have put Porsche on the block and evict her? I am confused!!

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