Big Brother 13 Episode 27: Week 9 Eviction and HoH Results

Tonight on Big Brother 13 episode 27, the results of the Veto & next eviction will be revealed along with the results of this week’s first HoH competition. These events were all recorded yesterday and we’ve heard the rumors, but now it’s time to see it all.

I’ll be updating this post here with the eviction and HoH results as they’re revealed on the show. Have your Live Feeds (not signed up yet? get the Free Trial) ready to go because after the broadcast is over the Big Brother Feeds come back! While we wait, join us on Facebook and grab our free iPhone and Android mobile apps!

Big Brother 13 Week 9 Veto competition:

  • Adam won the Power of Veto

Big Brother 13 Week 9 Veto ceremony:

  • Adam did not use the Veto. Noms stand.

Either Porsche or Kalia will be evicted in a few minutes.

Big Brother 13 Week 9 Live Eviction voting:

  • Jordan: evict Porsche
  • Adam: evict Kalia

Tiebreaker. Rachel must chose which HG to evict. Rachel evicts Kalia.

CBS has opened the voting for America’s Favorite. Go to & vote for one HG (minus Evel Dick, sorry) to win $25,000. Voting continues through next Tuesday night.

Big Brother 13 Week 9.5 HoH Competition – ‘Big Brother Fortune Teller’:

  • Round 1: False – All are right.
  • Round 2: True – Jordan was wrong.
  • Round 3: True – Porsche was wrong.
  • Round 4: False – Porsche was wrong.
  • Round 5: False – Porsche was wrong.
  • Round 6: False – All are right.

Adam is the new HoH, beating out Jordan by 1 point. Porsche was in last by a mile.

Live Feeds should be back on after tonight’s show so we hope to quickly find out who won the final Power of Veto. Keep watching the Feeds to find out. Get your Free Trial.

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Tomorrow we’ll get another eviction, live this time, along with Veto results, and even the first part of the final, 3-round HoH competition. You won’t want to miss what happens.

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Update: Live Feeds are back. Rachel, Adam, and Porsche are in HoH room playing cards. Jordan in Candy room packing. Hmm… Turn on your Feeds (no feeds? Free Trial) and watch along.



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  1. Here are my predictions for tonight and the rest of the BB13 season

    Final 5 POV results,

    Jordan goes out
    Adam wins

    Adam doesn’t use Veto

    Kalia is voted out 2-1 / Rachel breaks the tie

    Adam wins the Final 4 HOH

    Adam 6 out of 6
    Jordan 5 out of 6
    Porsha 3 out of 6

    Adam nominates Jordan and Porsha

    Rachel will win the POV

    Rachel evicts Porsha

    Final 3 HOH

    Rachel wins part 1 – endurance

    Adam wins part 2 – skils

    Adam wins part 3 – Q & A

    Adam evicts Jordan and takes Rachel to the final 2

    Rachel wins Bb 13 by a vote of 4-3

    Rachel gets

    Brendon, Jeff, Jordan, Dani and Kalia

    Adam gets

    Shelly and Porsha

    • @ Leo you are so right. That’s the way I see it also. I would like Rachel to win B.B. as she has played the best game of them all. I still can’t stand Jordan. She rides on coat tails when she can.I really don’t think she is that smart. Thinking that by voting for Kalia to stay in the house, that it would insure her a vote. WRONG !!! good try anyway Jordan. GO RACHEL—-WIN B.B. !!!

      • I also think Jordan did that so Rachel would have to break the tie and she wouldn’t have to look like the bad guy and possibly get Kalia’s vote.

      • That’s exactly why she did it,all thru the game Jordan makes sure she comes out smelling like a rose. Weak, really really weak. GO RACHEL

      • Phyl you dont know what your talking about.R only had a comp game. I dont think she could have made it without J. And i dont think jordan could have finished without R.

  2. OK Matt… I need details. I live in Missouri so I assumed East coast has already been shown. Starts here in 3 mins!

  3. POV – round 1 – find brendonberry pie – kalia first back, Adan 2nd rachel 3rd porsche 4th jordan eliminated

    • Ok i dont want anyone to have a cow but i know S is going to catch hell when she gets in that JH. And she deserves everything she gets!

      • She did because Jeff was being his sore loser again. I give Brendan and Dani credit for not acting that way. Even Dani admitted to Jeff she’s over it already !

      • Shelly did a good job holding her own against Jeff. She stayed calm and explained her decision. Jeff just needs to get over it. He acts like final 4 would have been such a prize to Shelly. He is out of the game and needs to suck it up. If Jordan makes it to final 2 they just might need Shelly’s vote so he should shut it before he blows that with his temper.

      • Eimee – there is nothing wrong about being passionate about the game. Being a sore loser and wanting an explanation are two different things. Obviously they are all bitter to some extent. Who wouldn’t be with 500 thousand on the line? She screwed over herself and Jeff.

      • Whatever Eimee that way Dani acted last week when Jeff came in was way worse. Final 4 would have been better than what they both ended up with.
        She did mess it up for Jeff and herself

      • Eames-I get what ur saying, really I do. Shelly tried to explain that to him but he didn’t want to hear her explanation,IMO. Honestly, she look like the better person than him right there by controlling her emotions. I do admit her style was not becoming, I was just referring to the clip in the jury house with the two of them.

      • Sorry, but I would be mad at Shelly too and could not believe that she continued with her lying. I mean she did everything except offer to sell her daughter to Jordan and Rachel to be able to stay. Shelly definitely is sick in the head and she totally is a sociopath. GOOD CASTING BB: NOT!

      • I know it is a game, and these things are to be expected (stabbing in the back and such). However, I do believe he has a reason to be mad. Shelly should have fessed up when she got busted, but she continued to lie and tried throwing Adam under the bus. She told Jeff, you will see tonight after the eviction that I am telling the truth. I mean if you are caught just effing own it, she is a coward.

  4. How ironic….. Porsha was cocky thinking she won the POV before she realized Keith wasn’t the answer and had to go get the correct pie!!! How does humble pie taste Porsha? LMAO!!!

  5. The look on Prsha’s face when she realized she grabbed the wrong pie during the final string of the POV comp was priceless.

      • It did show that Jeff is still hurt because Shelly made the best move for her in the game at that moment….which I don’t get why he thought she would stay with him to only get 3rd place.

      • It shows he’s a sore loser, not being hurt. If he was hurt he should have said that, immediately he had to argue his points. Jeff your not in the game anymore, get over it. Even Dani admitted she was.

      • Get over it if shelly stayed with Jeff she would have gone farther You dont like Jeff so It doesn’t matter what he said you will always find faults with it
        The joke is on Shelly she got him out to further her game
        Guess what it didn’t

      • She might have gone a little further but wouldn’t have made the money round.
        Like she said she wouldn’t be any better off then she is now.

      • Anyone in the house saying they made the best moves are deluding themselves! If they were playing smarter, they would not be in the jury house and would still be in the Big Brother House playing for $500,0000. Danielle, Jeff, Shelly, Kalia all made some very bad moves which cost them in the end! Brendon’s weakness as in last season is not being able to feel people out. He trusted Jeff 100% which proved costly for him! The rest made their moves too soon! Look at Adam. While, he is maligned by the pundits, he is playing a very smart game and more so, that it is near the very end!
        If Adam were to in that $500,000, he fully deserves it because he played smart all the while. The veterans played like dummies starting with Danielle, Jeff and Shelly. Kalia not tha far behind!

      • He probably thought she would stay with him til final 4 because that is what she told him and she is always on about how she is a straight shooter etc.
        Jeff didn’t ask her to go to final 4 and then lay down and die so jeff could win it. He asked her to go with him to fianl four and then they would play heads up and it would be about who won comps.
        If shelly would have stayed with Jeff she would have gone farther. Betraying Jeff got shelly no where. Now she isn’t in the final four with a chance to win a competition.
        If she wouldn’t be better off than she is now then why did she have to betray her alliance and blow things up for Jeff too?

    • Shelly can hold her own against Jeff. It’s like I said so far everyone went out with class, except Jeff, he went out like a bitch

      • Sorry, but Shelly in no way is class. She is a very sick person who definitely has mental health issues. She sat there and continually lied and dani once again could not SHUT up.

      • How about how he slammed the door out when he got evicted. Yea, a real class act ! Lol. Guys like him that luv themselves r a real turn off. Again, IMO

      • Nita BeaWhat happened that turned people against Jeff? Hell when he got mad in the house he held his temper.Sure Jordan told him to call a meeting about Dani,andthats what turned people against her. Shelly called him friend to his face and behind his back(DR). She didnt say alliance and then lie. She said friend.

      • Honestly, I wasn’t surprised at how angry Jeff was when he was suddenly evicted.

        Everyone else had time to prepare themselves mentally, and he did not. He had to go out wearing shorts and didn’t even have time to pack. His eviction was a true Shocker! to him. I think he is still feeling the shock!

      • He had a week now in the JH to get over being evicted (I wouldn’t necessarily call that a shock issue) but the shock issue he can’t get over is he got schooled. Back-dooring Dani bit him in the azz and he knows it.

    • This season us so backwards! I used to love Dani, but hated her this season. Used that Rachel but now like her. Always lived J/J and still do! I just hope K or P does not get it, I would rather Adam over them!

    • I dont get it! Jeff’s temper and i know his actions are alot better than Dani’s,Shelly’s and Rachels. Oh i have to put Kalia has to move up toward the top with Shelly.

    • JohnnyD, Shelly told Jeff she played a good game. And that she was smarted than Jeff thought she was.

      • She played a good game up until she made a tupid move that got her evicted.
        If she was really smarter than Jeff thought she was then why isn’t she in the house collecting half million $?
        Why didn’t she at least make final 4 like Jeff guaranteed her?

      • She obviously was smarter than him….if he was smart he would’ve seen it coming and she lasted longer than him. Her demise was because of Porsche opening Pandora’s Box

      • he didn’t say smarter than him. Sheesaid smarter than he thought. Yes she outlasted Jeff because he put his trust in someone who betrayed him.
        Her demise was betryaing her alliance. With her alliance intact pandora’s box wouldn’t have mattered.

    • I know she just doesn’t get it her point is so pointless At least whit Jeff she might have made final 3 yes she would not have won but were is she now????

      • What is pointless is for Jeff to hold on to the anger. He is out of the game and should just get over it.

      • As Shelley herself just told Jeff (in the clip), she would be in the same place she is now if she had been in the final three with Jeff and Jordan – not the winner! Shelley played a great game and would still be there if not for the Pandora’s Box twist! And why is Jeff getting so mad? She was playing the game! And he would’ve voted Shelley out as soon as she was in the final four with he, Jordan and Rachel. It’s a done deal for both of them so on with the game!

      • Shelly is a sick puppy and this lying piece of crap even said when she was talking to Julie that she was going to go in Jury and apologize to Jeff which she should, but she is so sick she thinks she played a good game. She lied even to Julie Chen and then lied some more to Brendon and Jeff saying Jordan and Rachel wanted to make a deal. Seriously, if they had wanted to make a deal she would still be in the jury house. Jeff is right she is an IDIOT!!!!

  6. They need to have less of the BB house and more of the Jury House. I only watch the live episodes now since Brendon/Dani/Jeff left because let’s face it, the drama has been dead since they left.

    And it looks like Dani/Jeff were about to get really heated. I wonder what words were said that they didn’t air.

    • I think it would be cool if they had some more of the jury house posted online or something maybe.

  7. Matt,
    It says week 9 live eviction on this post… is this eviction live???? i thought we said it wasnt supposed to be live???

  8. Didn’t JJ make deal with RB to be final 4. Then JJ make deal with SA. Where was that suposed to leave Rach? Did Jeff never intend to bring Rachael? Shelly? Adam? to the end? I think he was all pillow talk. He should just be quiet.

    • He had a final five deal with all the vets until Dani betrayed him and tried to have him backdoored. Then after dani evicte Brendon he recruited adam to replace Dani and shelly to replace brendon. He would have stuck to his original deal if they hadn’t betrayed him/been evicted. He would have stuck to his new recruits too.

      • Everyone in the house is playing for themselves. What is your point?

        An alliance is an alliance. If you make a final five deal and then you play heads up what is the problem with that? Now you have to worry about people saying you are only plying for you when that is how the game is played?

      • I dont get it! Jeff’s temper and i know his actions are alot better than Dani’s,Shelly’s and Rachels. Oh i have to put Kalia has to move up toward the top with Shelly.)

    • Jeff thought something was up with R&B. Which it was. So if Shelly would have been the true friend and honest person she said she was then i believe J&J would have took her to the fimal three.

    • The hilarious thing is he claims they never would have gone back on their word with Shelly, while he was screaming at Shelly but there stood Brendon. Whom, he and Jordan had a final 4 deal with, yet apparently it didn’t dawn on Big Jeff that Brendon just realized they weren’t going to keep their word to BR. LMAO. Again, JJ are no better than anyone in that house, no matter how many times Jeff says he’d never go back on his word and how honest he has always been. Jeff meet a hypocrite, yourself.

      • Way to go Scott!!! Jeff needs to chill out before next week at the end of the game. Other wise he’ll make a fool of himself .

      • @Karen

        If it isn’t my favorite JJ fan of all-time. Jeff had a final 4 deal with Adam/Shelly before Brendon was gone for the second time. He even threw the veto to make sure Brendon was thrown out. Such loyalty. LMAO. Face it, Karen. Jeff is a loud-mouthed liar with anger issues. I don’t like BR all that much, but at least they’re honest about who they are. Jeff on the other hand is up on that sanctimonious horse lecturing Shelly, while the little twit had done the exact same thing to BR.

      • Brendon was evicted when Jeff made that deal with Shelly.


      • That’s right brendon was gone the first time and nobody in the house had any idea he might have a chance to return so yeah lets really dis jeff for moving on with his game and making a new deal.

      • Thanx Scott. I thought I was the only one getting harassed for seeing the JJ’s, especially Jeff, for what they did exactly to others when they were in a crunch position. Really wish Jordan would realize she could do better than Jeff because she really comes off as a sweet, naive girl.

      • @JohnnyD

        What? Jeff lied and betrayed Brendon and Rachel. Simple. That makes him a hypocrite given his little lecture to Shelly in the jury house. Everything I just said, is fact, so you and the rest of the JJ fans scream all you want. Doesn’t change it.

        Jeff made a deal with Adam and Shelly after Brendon’s first eviction, to take them to Final 4. Which btw, obviously screwed Rachel’s promised final 4 deal, since she was guaranteed no better than 5 with Jeff’s new buddies. Next, Jeff threw the veto comp to Adam, guaranteeing Brendon’s second eviction. He then lied about the reason why he was voting Brendon out, his sorry excuse that he didn’t want to go against the house, and when Rachel asked if the competition was thrown. What happened to HONEST Jeff? Oh yeah, he LIED. No I didn’t throw the veto. LMAO.

        All that said, he played the game, and that’s cool. I just don’t like the hypocrisy you and all the other JJ fans exhibit in defending the idiot. Dani is Judas for betraying the alliance! Shelly is a two-faced snake! Kalia is a lazy, fat liar! Well, then what’s Jeff and Jordan?! They played the EXACT same way all the others have, so they’re no better. Deal with it. Some of us, while having favorites, can at least be somewhat objective.

        I hate Rachel, but at this point hope she wins. At least she’s been honest about who she is the whole game.

      • @Scott, Like I said don’t you watch??? Jeff tried to get Adam to vote out Shelly and not Brendon for 2 days. He made final 4 alliances after people were voted out. When Rachel would of been voted out if Kalia wasn’t so stupid that’s when Jeff made final 4 deal with Adam and Shelly. Maybe you should rewatch the shows!!!

      • You have to realize he got S because he knew He was going to have to have the votes when it came down to them &R&B. Remember he found out that R&B might vote him out. So why not take S. They was planning to get rid of Jeff.

  9. This season is awful! I hate it when someone slides through the entire game and then starts winning at the end because the majority of the strong players are gone. I have zero respect for Adam. CBS picked horrible players so that the vets were more likely to stick around for ratings, then they manipulated twists to help them out when they were losing. The entire season has catered to the vets and Adam; bringing in Tori Spelling.. Really? If Adam wins I will be done with Big Brother. He makes me sick

      • Watch out Beth ! Ppl will get on your case for saying that. They did with me. Called me a cry baby and said that was my reason for being on here. Lol Since my opinion didn’t agree with their’s, they told me if I hated it so much (which I never said) which was their interpretation of me still watching, to stop watching.

  10. Kalia evicted, now they going to show HOH comp. I don’t think the rumers about winning POW is true…not enough time for a pov…

    • I meant to say the rumers of Jordan of winning POV is true, since there is only enough time to show HOH comp…lets see what happens..

      • sorry typing fast having a senior moment…lol Rumers of Jordan winning POV seems not to be true… sorry for the typing errors…:)

    • The POV was either played last night or this morning / afternoon…. That POV comp, POV ceremony will air tomorrow before the live eviction and start of the Final HOH Part 1 endurance comp!

    • I don’t know if the pov results are true or not (so far the spoilers have been accurate )but there was enough time for them to play it. It must have been played already but it won’t air till thursday

  11. It’s a little funny that Rachel, a hg who says she hates floaters – is depending on floater Adam to get her thru.

    • How is she depending on adam? The only thing adam can secure is himself. The. Veto is all that really matters.

      • VET,

        You are right on….. I am glad Adam won the HOH which means Porsha is gone if she doesn;t win the POV….

      • Remember last year when Rachel was determined to get all the floaters out? Now Adam gets a pass…because without Adam as the swing vote…Jordan and Rachel would be out.

      • Um Rachel couldn’t have voted Adam out guys – he wasn’t on the block and if he had been he won the POV and he would have taken himself down.

        How would Adam have put both Jordan and Rachel out? He just won HOH and can only get rid of one of them if he nominates them

  12. Matt (BBN),

    Any idea why Evel Dick isn’t able to have his fans vote him as America’s Favorite this season?

    • I hope Adam doesn’t put up Rachel and Jordan because then unless Rachel wins the POV or Jordan wins it– Porsche will vote to evict Rachel. That will really be horrible. I can’t stand that Porsche. She can’t be trusted. And, now she is a worry for sure.

    • I believe Jeff deserves to win. His head was in the game from the beginning. And hes a all around good guy.

  13. Adam Rules – I have been saying for over a week Adam is a sleeper – he has won 3 comps in a row – he will win POV and the last HOH – his game has been brilliant

    Social A+
    Strategy A+

    I predict he takes Porche or Jordon to f2

  14. I love those of you sharing what you know, but Matt already says in the article that Kalia went home so it’s kind of pointless to do a play by play of those events…just sayin’.

    I’m more interested in the recent turn of events — I know everyone’s waiting for those live feeds…

  15. ugh! they did not show who Adam nominated… have to wait till tomorrow or watch bbad tonight…

    • It will be on tomorrows show but if the rumors are true and so far they are paning out he nominated porche and jordon

      • The reason the rumors are true so far is because the show we saw tonight was taped yesterday with a studio audience. Someone leaked the info but I don’t think Adam’s HOH nominations and veto comp took place in front of a audience. Hopefully the live feeds will come on and tell us something.

    • Just ran out of time tonight…yuck, I don’t get the feeds so like most of the audience I have to wait or hear from my friends on this site…good show tonight, looking forward to the next week and then my friends it is a rap for the BB year…will miss you all……so thanks for the up dates, and the info, the opinions, and the arguments…it has been great as usual. Cheers to a final week and may the best person win.

    • I don’t think there’s anyone here who has any control over the feeds…might want to take it up with CBS.

      • I know was a simple statement..and u seem to be intent on making negative comments toward the post(s) being written…If u don’t like what is being said in here leave..if u have such a piss poor attitude toward other peoples opinions or post then u don’t need to be here..opinions are like assholes..everybody has one..

      • Angry much, Fly?

        Just because I don’t subscribe to “LOL” doesn’t make me negative — it’s hard to convey true intent on here and you take what you PERCEIVE as negative and you run with it.

        A little tired of you coming after ME — it’s not the first time.

        You just need to simmer down and contain yourself.

      • Thanks, Annie, for your voice of reason — nice to know I’m not the only one who thinks someone peed in Fly’s ointment!

      • I have not seen ur name in here untill tonite…I have no idea who u are..I can’t make comments on ur post if I’ve never read anything u wrote..What do u mean comming after u and it’s not the first time..??? I been here since July and ur name rings no bells..I have never debated or conversed with u on this site that I can remember..and it’s trouble makers like u that tend to piss me off..What happened did u get banned from one of the other sites and decide to come in here and cause trouble??? I do not know u and I have no desire to get to know u..I have enough friends in here..I must be good as u wanted to claim that I have acknowledged u in the past…but alas flattery will get u nowhere..

    • P.S. Fly, I hope this can be the end of our little tit for tat — it’s certainly not what I come on here for in spite of what you seem to fervently believe about me and my alleged “negative comments”.

      I have the utmost respect for Matt and this site and I appreciate very much everyone’s input — I look forward to it daily, so, let’s not bum everyone else out here with negative energy.

      If you do wish to continue, sorry — I’m simply not interested in joining you on that journey, besides, it’s Fantasy Football draft night and hubby and son need the computer.

      I do wish you a good night.

      Thanks, all, for all the updates. Been enlightening and fun!

      • Yes…. The POV comp was taped today and the ceremony will be lvie and then the one hg will vote to evict the next hg before part 1 of the final hoh comp (endurance) begins….

    • yeah i know which is funny since she is crying about how unfair it was but it didn’t seem to be unfair when she did it to jeff lol

      • That’s how that whole alliance was. They were smug until things didn’t go their way, then they threw up their unfair flag.

  16. Big Jeff is a very poor sport. Brendan has handled being in Jury much more graciously than Jeff and even Dani. Bren wasn’t even mean to Dani when she got there. Dani did some big time taunting to Jeff. Jeff still cant seem to fathom people going against him. He really does need to get over himself. He really does need that clown shoe, cause he is a big clown! Go Rachel!!!!!

      • @Becky

        I think the problem that Jeff has is understanding the rational of Shelly backstabbing him after they saved her and dragged her along throughout the whole game.. Also I found it funny to see Shelly tell Jeff that JR to her to see if she would work with them.. That was hilarious like Jeff is really to to buy that..

      • The problem that Jeff has is he doesn’t like when ppl get in his way, plain and simple. Obviously has anger issues or he wouldn’t drag things out for so long. Acted the SAME way when he got evicted last time he played the game.

    • Brendan has had more time in jury house to cool down. Don’t forget Jeff’s was a double eviction week so he didn’t get to have days to work people for votes and to come to terms with the fact that he might be leaving. So give the guy a break.
      As for Shelly what happened to her wanting to apologize to Jeff. I quote “the first thing I want to do is apologize to Jeff”. All I heard was her defending herself.

      • Aint buying that one Faye. Jeff has had a week between his and Shelly’s evictions. When Dani came in the week after Brendan, he was still very nice.

      • It isn’t about Shelley backstabbing Jeff. It’s about how she did it and her reasoning behind it all. She was low man on the totem pole, whichever side she was on. Dani and Kalia were allies, so she would have been third there also. BAD MOVE. Betrayed her alliance that had kept her safe, and whom she claimed to love so much, at no benefit whatsoever. All she did was upset the people she claimed to love and respect, and made herself look like a total backstabbing idiot.

      • I agree Faye. Jeff wanted to confront Shelly and now that he did I’m sure everything will be fine.

      • I agree with Faye. Brendan TWICE had time while in the BB house to deal with his possible eviction. Jeff did not. His eviction was sudden and he is still feeling anger towards Shelly. Dani too knew very well that she was being evicted. Out of the 3 of them, Jeff’s eviction was the most bitter. Plus, Shelly is still lying, so he is smart not to trust her.

  17. how is adam in the final 3. this is just sad if he ends up winning bb13 that will be completely horrendous.

  18. as predicted kalia is evicted adam wins hoh shocker, not…
    with the production staff and producers fixing this season of bb to keep who they want sitting at the end this show has become very predictable and boring.

    • Ah, there it is again. Things go well for one side of the house, no one complains, but as soon as people’s favorite players get voted out, the first word out of their mouth is “fixed.” What a riot, lol.

    • I love all of you conspiracy theorists who think that believing in the Big Brother process is too mainstream. And by the way, this has been the highest rated season in years, by a whole lot, so your comments on how unamused you are at this season just seem like bad judgement on your part.

    • How can you predict questions??? Jordan only got one wrong and if she wouldn’t of got it wrong it would of been a tie breaker between her and Adam and could of been a totally different outcome. So how did producers fix it?

    • The POV was probably played last night – morph comp…….. It is believed that Jordan won, but I can’t confirm this…. I doubt it because Jordan did so bad at the morph comp during BB11…. If Jordan won the POV, I would assume it wasn’t the morph comp….

      • Yea but Jordan said she did bad her season on that comp because she didn’t study the memory wall and she was sick. This season she has been studying the wall. Keeping my fingers crossed she wins.

    • Vet,

      They will be down until BB airs on the west coast. BB will air in about 48 minutes at 7 PM BBT aka PST and be over by 8 BBT aka PST which means 9 MST / 10 CST / 11 EST ok?

      • Omg! I can’t take this lol! I need to know that rachel is safe. I read that the F4 veto comp seemed very similar to last seasons with the hollywood pictures and you had to match them up top and bottom. After seeing how shitty porsche did on this HOH ..that definitely isn’t the comp for her! Omg I’m not gonna lie y’all, I’m duper nervous! Lol. What a loser!

      • so Vet my friend, like the rest of us…get a drink, settle down and wait for it…..I’vd had two already lol, can’t wait either.

    • Looks like it will be until 12AM ET (9PM PT) before Live Feeds return tonight. Real had hoped it’d be after the east coast broadcast, but they hadn’t been told by CBS.

      • No problem Anon

        I am watching the last 3 BB13 episodes now until 9:15 PM EST when Dick at Night comes on RTVZone . com – It will be a great show tonight

      • Thanks for the update, Matt — any chance that anything of recent interest will be on BBAD?

        My apologies if you’ve already addressed this…

  19. i felt bad watching Rachel not being able to play in this HOH comp. In my opinion I think everyone should be allowed to play. I think she should have had the opportunity to be guaranteed final 3.

      • Totally. At this point of he comptetion, if you’ve made it this far, your fate should be in your hands! You’ve earned it!

    • Well I defenitely wouldn’t be oppsed to that. Because your right its not fair, everything is riding on this veto and last week it was a MUST WIN hoh for wasn’t like she could have said “oh, I better not win this one, so I can compete in the next”

  20. WELL…. Jeff acted like his usual beligerant azzhole self when shelly got to the jury house…. and he wonders why nobody likes him… DUH

    • actually a lot of people like him but what did you expect shelly screwed him over but i found it funny when she was evicted it wasn’t jeff clapping it was brendon

      • I agree with ellablue. Shelly lies about her lies and then lies about her other lies. It is not a game strategy to her, it is a way of life. That is how she is deep down in her core. She is a dangerous person with a cold f…… heart.

  21. Watching the jury house was great. Notice how Dani just sat there while Shelly and Jeff went at it. Felt bad for Jeff. She said she came up with getting Jeff out all by herself. Also when did Rachel say Shelly is the best player? Or was this another one of Shelly’s lies?

    • jlf,

      Rachel told Shelly she played the best game when Shelly convinced Rachel to keep her. After that is when Rachel was trying to convince Jordan to keep Shhelly over Adam…. Rachel did say Shelly has played the best game during their long talk in the backyard… It was the same conversation CBS showed when Shelly offered Rachel the fake diamond ring….

    • Dani didn’t just sit there while Shelly and Jeff went at it. At the begining she did tell Jeff that it is a game and he lit into her. Dani was right it is a game and at the end of the day everyone was compteting against everyone. Alliances will only take you so far and Shelly was smart enough to know that. She wouldn’t have made it to the money round anyway even if she had not voted Jeff out and she knows that. Jeff needs to get over it.

    • shop101,

      Adam nominates Jordan and Porsha

      I am 100% about this…. Everyone who has the Live Feeds knows this because Adam told Jordan he was going to nominate jordan and Porsha because both Rachel and Adam won and had to save themselves….

      He told Jordan, thhis would motivate her to try harder.

      Adam said Rachel doesn;t need extra motivation to win.

      Adam is going to tell porsha she needs to win a POV to save herself to get that off her checklist….

      Guaranty….. Jordann and Porsha have been nominated by Adamm…. Guaranty!!!

  22. Saw this again on another site and wanted to share

    Unconfirmed Spoilers
    Kalia Evicted
    Adam wins HOH
    Jordan wins POV (this will probably not be confirmed until the feeds come back on)
    (Jordan winning POV is extremely unconfirmed)
    Confirmed Spoilers
    Evicted = Kalia
    HOH = Adam
    POV =

    Let’s it’s really J who won POV

  23. Everyone,

    If you want more BB excitment and don’t eant to wait until midnight EST for the feeds?

    @ 9:15 PM EST watch Dick at Night which comes on RTVZone . com – It will be a great show tonight

    • Moe,

      Matt (BBN) is great at posting the information. I will post information when I get it. From 9:15-10:15 PM EST, I will be watching the Dick at Night show, so I hope nothing happens during that time….

    • @ Matt (BBN)
      would appreciate ur reply cos u haven’t replied my last post even though i explained myself!
      anyway, u said that u don’t allow links or hints to other sites and i promised that i won’t be trying to circumvent that and even now i will keep my promise but can u explain to me, how come Leo always posts a link to ”RTVZone . com ” and his post is never removed??? is there favoritism?
      (btw Leo, don’t take it agaisnt you, i like u really but just wated to know)
      thank u…

  24. Jordan sure knew the answers to the fortune tellers predictions. She was not very confident on BBAD. I guess Rachel must have been studying with her.I think Rachel would have won that HOH hands down. GO JR!!!!

    • not necessairly rachel hasn’t been doing well in questions lately she does better at endurences. Porche really sucked at it and jordon was off by won

    • I believe everyone underestimates Jordan. She won her way into the top 2 fair and square in her season’s win. She also only missed 1 question in the true and false tonight, while Porsche only go 3. Jordan could very well win the POV and take herself off, or choose to not use it knowing Rachel will vote Porsche off. Three to one odds Porsche can get herself off the eviction block. Unlikely.
      Like I’ve been trying to find out, is Porsche going to be penalized in any way for the unacceptable behavior she exhibited earlier?

      • She should not even be allowed to play period because BB should of kicked her out definitely after she put stuff in the milk to make the house guests. That action should of cost her the chance to compete and very surprised that even if BB did not that CBS did not force the issue. What is scary is what will the new contestants try and do next season since nothing happened to Porsche. I mean there are a lot of nuts out there and it should of been handled by CBS and BB by evicting her because no telling what nuts they get next year and what they may try.

      • No she didn’t repeat the benefiber powder into the muscle milk trick again. Some people are perturbed that she wasn’t punished for it and feel she should have been dq’ed. That’s the reason it has been brought up again.

  25. Adams a coward. He had a chance to make his first big move and chickened out. He said he’s a man of his word? Which word would that be? The promises he made to Jordan and Rachel or to Kalia and Porche? I suppose it depends on who he talks to. He should have had his bags backed and gone a long time ago. If he goes to the final 3 with Jordan and Rachel he has no hope of winning. If he had gone to the final 3 with Kalia and Porche he may have had a chance to win. And he says he knows the games so well. He certainly has learned how to float.

    • Kalia and Porsha screwed Adam within 24 hours of the newbie alliance getting back together…. Porsha and Kalia never planned to keep Adam over Shelly….. Why do you think Kalia told Shelly and everyone about the final 2 deal with Adam?

      Porsha and Kalia looked at Shelly and Adam as expendable pieces that could each get Kalia and Porsha to the final 3 and then final 3….

      Rachel and Jordan saved Adam twice…. They kept him during the Final 5 eviction and was going to keep him safe in the final 4 eviction….

      Porsha and Kalia wanted an all girl Final4 once Rachel won the Final 4 HOH

      • So do you actually believe that Rachel and Jordan would keep Adam past final 3? Isn’t that the same as Kalia and Porche? Rachel and Jordan kept Adam around because he was an easy vote for their side and he’s easy to manipulate. His game depended on what others were doing. He flip flopped so much it was hard to keep up with which side he was on. If Adam had gone to the final 2 with either Porche or Kalia he may have a chance with the jury house. With either Rachel or Jordan he has no chance at all of winning.

      • Carol,

        Adam will evict Jordan and take Rachel to the final 2… How you ask?

        Rachel wins part 1 of the hoh comp – endurance

        Adam wins part 2 of the hoh comp – skills

        Adam wins part 3 of the hoh comp – Q & A

    • Adam never told P or K that he was going to use, in fact I believe he told them he was not using it right off the bat. Why is saving P or K a big move? I think he would be a coward to save one of those two because they would be easier to beat than R or J.

      • @ leo…your so wrong on this one my friend! Lol. Rachel wins round one, jordan wins round 2, rachel wins round 3. Rachel will win the FHoH if porsche or adam didn’t win the veto tonight.

      • Rachel won’t be playing Natalie in a skill….. Mark my words, Adam will beat Jordan in the part 2 skills and then beat Rachel in part 3 Q & A

      • @xxxx, I know it, I am just waiting for an intelligent response. No one hardly ever backs it up with truth.

    • Adam is a waste. He doesn’t have the intelligence to actually win the game even though he has the chance if he plays right. This season has been a complete wash-out.

  26. I am going through the numbers in my head and I can’t quite remember from last season how this final Veto works. Hypothetically, let’s say Adam puts up Porsche and Rachel for eviction (which he most likely will). Do only the HOH and noms get to play in veto? Would Jordan sit out? If she does play, what happens if she wins? Can she NOT take Rachel off the block?

    • I assume what would happen is everyone would play and the power of veto ceremony will be the same as the eviction ceremony, where the person who is not on the block after the PoV is used or not used will evict on the spot.

    • It doesn’t matter because whoever isn’t on the block is the only vote. In your scenario, Jordan wouldn’t need to take Rachel off the block. I guess she could but that would make zero sense.

      • Not really rooting for any one paticular…. but I for one hope that Porsche wins POV and takes herself off the block just to shake things up! Then lets see who makes it to f3, f2 & win with that combo!

  27. to anonymous and joethehobo
    first of all i don’t have any favorites and never did since the first week and I stopped watchng bb somewhere between the 3 and 4 show only to catch the last 2 episodes. when i saw they were bringing back the vets with the exception of evil dick I was over it so i eventually stopped watching. the newbies can’t think for themselves and the vets were just full of themselves. brendan and jeff were bullies, rachel was an emotional wreck and jordan couldn’t win her way out of a paper bag if her life depended on it. and the newbies were all boring and couldn’t get it together. but since someone has to win i say go adam for keeping it all together with a house full of women. even though he’s floated along the way he has proven he has game when it works for him. plus he’s the most level headed and respectful player and never, ever raised his voice at anyone in the house.

    • So let me get this straight. You have made your mind up about each of the house guests, and have declared it to be the worst season in the history of Big Brother, and now you tell us you’ve only seen ~4 episodes?

      It takes a lot of confidence to condemn a season you haven’t watched. I wish I had that kind of confidence.

      I’m sorry, but did you think this little revelation would give more weight to your opinion?

      • I’ll say it again. This is the highest rated season of Big Brother for years, and by a lot, so the rest of the Big Brother audience disagrees with you. They’ve probably actually seen it, too.

      • @Joe, you are so accurate on your opinion of TJB, seriously his comment his quite laughable, he watches a total of maybe 6 episodes and has such a strong feeling toward Adam that he knows without a shadow of doubt that Adam played witn alevel head and did not shout. WOW! Im completely without speech, I wish I could only watch a couple of episodes and form such intelligent opinion. (smh still laughing )

    • It does look like it is going to be Adam, Jordan, and Rachael in final 3. I heard rumor that Jordan won POV (I’m sure that Adam and Rachael threw it to her). If that is true then Porshe will be voted out leaving Rachael and Jordan feeling very safe. I would love to see Adam win the final HOH and evict Rachael. I do think Adam most deserves to win between the three of them. He has played an under the radar type of game and hasn’t made one balsy move but he has kept his cool and played his own game and didn’t let anyone else influence it.

      • As long as Porsche gets kicked out, I will be happy with either Jordan, Rachel or Adam. I think they have all played great games in their own way. Adam has been honest and when it mattered most he won, Rachel is on fire when it comes to competitions and made a huge move when she won that veto, and Jordan has the best social game in the entire house and convincing Kalia to vote for Adam to be evicted and that they were keeping Shelly was pure Genius. It was where the game changed entirely because it sent Adam right back to the Vet ALLIANCE. Great job to all three!!!

      • Jordan is underated. She got 5 out of 6 questions right in the t/f HOH competition. She got herself to the end in the season she won fair and square. She almost won the snake competition. Her skills are quirky, and hard to predict, but she’s quite capable. She doesn’t deserve to win this season.

        This season is all RACHEL, ALL THE WAY!

        Rachel has fought, and fought hard. She’s been true to her alliances, won competitions when she’s needed to, and been entertaining to watch. Never a dull moment. She’s had a target on her back from the first episode, and like a cat with 9 lives, has survived. Of course, she’s had help from Brendon, who chivalrously saved her twice, and a little help from the powers that be (BB production, perhaps?) but since he’s gone home, she’s elevated her play.

        GO RACHEL!

      • @herself. I agree with you and my comment is mostly for you as most of the people here will never agree. After watching tonight’s show I was reminded yet again why I do not like Rachel and never will. I was also reminded of why I think Jordan does not deserve F2. I was also reminded why I do not like Jeff.

        I am waiting to hear the people who dislike Kalia talk about her crying. I will never forget Rachel crying in the bushes earlier in the season so nobody should bring that up. With Rachel and her horrible diary messages she better be careful or nobody will want to vote for her and if she is in the F2 she may lose on that alone.

        Porche may have not won the HOH, but Jordan had Adam and Rachel coaching her. Adam also was giving out wrong facts to mess her up. Jordan may have come in 2nd to this HOH, but she still came in last in the previous veto. She has not proven a thing to me. Even if she wins veto this time it had to be thrown to her.

        The reason I want Adam to win is because he is the only newbie left and hope he finally has the guts to get Rachel out. The bad part about that is if he takes Jordan with him she might have a chance to get F2.

      • Adam played an “under the radar” type game? He switched sides every week depending who was in power! And was he ever the one IN power? No, because he never won until now.

        I think Adam is the least deserving out of everyone left. Jordan could be considered a floater, but she had a side from the beginning. Porsche was loyal to her group and did when when it mattered. Rachel made moves, was strategic, and won quite a few competitions.

        I just can’t agree with anyone’s opinion that Adam deserves to win. Switching sides, backstabbing each side every week…he was never evicted because he’s useless. There is NO way the jury would give him the win no matter who he is sitting next to if he makes the final two.

      • I agree with u Shawn. I said that earlier, I don’t think he will get one single vote from the jury if he makes F2.

  28. I felt nad for Kalia being voted out by a tie breaker, but as I watch the episode when Jeff was sent home because of Kalia’s tie breaker and how she was cocky in the DR about it, I am glad Kalia got the boot!

  29. Kalia voted Jeff out in a tie breaker, so it serves her right Kalia was voted out the same way…. Kalia, have you heard of the HG Karma? Well let me introduce you to her now ok? LMAO!!!

      • If it wasnt for S nackstabbing butt Jeff would’t have left. That cow didnt do nothing. Dont give Cowlia credt for nothing but the comp.

  30. as much as rach is annoying she deserves to win, she’s the strongest one and has won alot more than jordan, fighted when she needed to, i think she deserves it more than jordo -_-

    • Rachel has actually won more comps than anyone thia season and on the verge of breaking bb record for most wins in a season

  31. Wow..ok as having watched all epps as well as the feeds, I’m all for those N.C. gals to win it all!!
    Jordan is NOT a floater & has played a huge part in how some made it as far as they did.
    Rachael is absolutely one heck of a player & does better on her own than when constantly being called down by her obnoxious boyfrnd.
    Sorry but nice guy or not…Adam is a floater & with that said I rest my case for the N.C. gals & a really good BB 13 season!!
    R & J all the wayyyy!!

    • Lets hear it for those SOUTHERN GIRLS! Funny Rachel and Jordan both from the same area of North Carolina! It’s a small world!

      • Yes they lived less than probably 20 miles from each other. Rachel from Concord, NC and Jordan from Matthes, NC. GO NC GIRLS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope that both of you make it to final 2 together. You both deserve it!!! You two have made NC PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. @ LEO..Did u know that ED is asking everyone to vote for DANI on his twitter page?? wow..DESPERATION SUCKS..

    • Dick hasn’t been on Twitter for a week

      Last week Evel Dick had his gulbladder removed, so he was dealing with health issues. That is why Casey (BB9), Ronnie (BB9) and Matt (BB12) hosted Dick at Night last week…..

      • He has been on there off and on all day today..I know about the surgery..I know he’s been out of site..

      • Dick always trashes Jeff, Jordan, Rachel and Brendon, so I am not surprised he is trying to get Dani to winn America’s Favorite…

      • Kathy,

        Yes I do…. Why are you worried about my employment situation? You can give me your money if you would like since you are so concerned ok? LMAO!!!

      • @Leo, I was curious because you seem to spend alot of time on here and know alot about things going on outside of the BBhouse, and you up late watchin live feeds, I wasnt being disrespectful, just inquiring how you find all the time. :)

      • OH!!!! The Android, that explains everything, I need to get one of those things, my daughter has one, dang I should have guessed.

  33. p.s. If anyone can tell me why in heck Kalia figured she was soooo deserving…please enlighten me?????????????

    • Kalia desrved to be in the game more than Porsha…. Kalia was with Dani since week 2…. Porsha was with Rachel, then Dani, Then Rachel after Kalia and the newbies…..

      • @Leo I agree with you, it wasn’t entitlement. I think that just like anybody else in the game that had gotten that far they would want to get to the end and win the big prize.

  34. I could not be happier that Kalia is going to the jury house YIPEE! The look on her face when Adam said he was not using the veto was absolutely priceless. I am also very happy Porsche did not win HOH, hopefully she will be joining her pals in jury. GO RACHEL!

      • Hey Leo! I totally agree with almost all your assessments! I’m in complete agreement with you: Porsche needs to be put out to pasture. She’s exhibited some seriously objectionable behavior and should not be rewarded in any way.

        I’m totally behind Rachel to win. Doesn’t matter to me who sits next to her in top 2. Both Jordan and Adam have played the game in their own way successfully. Both are likable, and not all that bright, but competent when need be. Jordan is sweet, social and a real people person. Adam is funny, congenial and although he’s been accused of being a floater, I believe he’s been fairly consistent in his commitment to Rachel and Jordan. We’ll see what happens tomorrow, whether or not he’ll stick to his word, again.

        Overall, although I was a bit upset a couple of weeks ago when Brendon, Dani, and Jeff were sent home consequitively, each a strong player, and each sabotaging each other’s game, in the end, its turned out to be an entertaining season. Only thing that can spoil it, is if by some unfortunate twist of fate, Rachel goes home tomorrow. That would be a great disappoinment and a travesty.

        In that case, I will be voting for her to win America’s Choice. She’s totally earned it!

        GO RACHEL!!!!!

      • TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU LENNIE, as long as that totally hateful Porsche is sent packing I do not care who wins but am pulling for Rachel. I also agree that Porsche should not of been allowed to continue staying in the BB house after her actions. It just shows future contestants that BB condones whatever and lord only knows what nutty contestants will try and do next season. Sooner or later because BB condones these type of actions someone is going to get seriously hurt!!!

      • Porsche has been just as nasty as Danielle this season with the Benefiber in food stunt that she pulled and didn’t she also steal a toy from Brendon or Rachel? Also, she is a Danielle puppet who still takes orders from Danielle when she has been booted out? Remember her remark about not using the POV in the week Jeff was evicted because that would have been what Danielle wanted? Any house guest who cannot make a decision by themself and use their head does not deserve to win anything by way of any cash prize. Porsche was lucky to get that $5,000.

    • cowlia had a smirk on her face and when Adam said he’s not using the veto…cowlia’s expression = priceless! And cowlia crying in the bathroom and DR, whining ‘this is soo unfair!’… wooow (happy face). next up on the jury house hopefully: porkche. Let the ‘mean girls’ reunite! speaking of which, shellHe and fugly are annoying at the JH clip. shut your mouth fugly and let shellHE lie for himself.

      • I agree with theWitchIsDead. Dani should shut the hell up and let Shelly lie for herself. She’s the professional liar. Jeff has more brains and game play than them two put together. It’s not always about how dirty you can play the game, but how you stay with your alliance until you HAVE to go on your own. Stupid, stupid bitches…

      • rotf@witch! You always crack me up, you say what we all really think but can’t say. Dani is probably ecstatic to have someone like herself to talk to. What if we found out that Dani left notes like the ones they do at jail in that bible Porksha always studies @Richie (still taking orders).

  35. whatever i predict happen ,so know rachel wil win next hoh and she wil take jordan and rachel wil be bb13 winner,,,,,,lol

  36. ******* Spoiler *******

    Last week Evel Dick had his gulbladder removed, so he was dealing with health issues. That is why Casey (BB9), Ronnie (BB9) and Matt (BB12) hosted Dick at Night last week…..

  37. Everyone,

    Last week Evel Dick had his gulbladder removed, so he was dealing with health issues. That is why Casey (BB9), Ronnie (BB9) and Matt (BB12) hosted Dick at Night last week…..

  38. I kinda liked Rachel til tonight.When Kalia was crying she told her to cry her a river.Wasnt that the same stupid b*tch that was hiding in the brushes crying.Tonight she prove to me she a very poor sport.I hope anybody win but her.When she on top she happy bug .But let her be loosing she crying .She a looser.Boo me all you want to.Im sorry thats how I feel.I loved Rachel last year but this year she been a total b*tch.Poor Brendon what your life is going to be.If she win the 500.000 by the time you pay taxes on it it wouldnt be worth living with Rachel.

    • actually i think she was a bigger b***h last year but in all fairness kaliah has been after rachel for weeks and put her RJ up last and she didn’t really care as well as trying to throw her and jordon under the bus all week so the fact she doesn’t feel sorry for her why would she. She did the same thing to jeff but when it is done to her it is not fair

    • Have you seen the things Kalia has said about Rachel when she has cried. If you dish it out, you expect to receive it back.

      • @ beachmama LOri probably hasnt seen them, glad she said cry me a river if i were her i would say more, kalia deserves any mean words from rachel …

    • Lori, Im going for J&R and im not going to boo you. J taught R how to act to make it until the end. You ought to know her true colors would come shining back through. Thats why i want J to win. I do think R&J should be the last two standing.

    • Except the difference is that Rachel wasn’t maen TO Kalia. She didn’t say anything bad to Kalia, even tried to comfort her. When she evicted her, even then she was nice about why she was doing it.

      Kalia/Porsche/Dani/Shelly have been bitches to Rachel in front of her, behind her back, in the DR. So I have little to no sympathy for them and how Rachel treats them.

    • Oh, come on! Kalia never said anything nasty about Rachel. Kalia teamed up with Dani and obsessed on hating Brendon and Rachel. Rachel was very nice to Kalia when she evicted her as well as truthful before when she said Kalia kept putting her up for eviction. I can’t believe someone would not like Rachel just because of that remark. Kalia deserved to go because of her own doing.

      • Rachel couldnt been more classier when she evicted Kalia to night.As soon as she said what she said she ran over to Jordan and said can you believe what I said to Kalia.Like she didnt mean a thing.But since everynody wants a Rachel and Jordan final two.I guess I can be seating at home lMAO when Jordan is handed another 500.000.Kmow what would be better if Rachel had to be the one to hand the money to her.

    • Kalia should cry a river. Her and her crew bad mouthed Rach all season. You go Rach, give them a taste of their on medicine!!!!!!

    • Actually Rachel said it in private. When she was crying outside Rachel put her hand on Kalia’s back and asked if she was ok. When Jordan was crying she didn’t get one ounce of sympathy from Kalia, Porche or Shelly. They jumped around screaming and laughing when Porche won HOH. Once again the mean girls!

    • who cares K&P have said some of the mean and nasty things about R all season. k&P were poor looser too when they lost at other comps

    • @Lori I agree with you and thought the same thing. Rachel cried a river and hid in the bushes and she has the nerve to say what she did regarding Kalia.

      I couldn’t stand Rachel last season and did not like her this season. I was beginning to think that she had changed a little in the last couple of weeks. Well she proved to me she is no different than she ever was.

      I hope some way, somehow she loses. At least I hope I never have to see her on BB or any other program ever again.

  39. evil dick says in his show,he doesnt want rachel to win but matt says he wants rachel to win,matt is rachel fan,evil dick is jealousy because rachel is stil in the house and his daugh is not, when he sees rachel win ,oh man he wil be surprise .lol

    • He won’t be surprised, after all Dani is already out. But, why shouldn’t he want her to get America’s vote and collect some part of the money?

    • You can’t blame the man for wanting to see his daughter succeed! Afterall, he got the win over her their season! I don’t know why he wouldn’t like Rachel. She’s not any better/worse than he was in his season, and she’s a heck of a competitor! Sour grapes, I’d say!

      Glad to hear he’s doing better, and is back on his show. Imagine, if had stayed in the house with gallbladder problems! If he was on slop, he might have drank some of that shake Porsche spiked, and he would’ve been in serious trouble!

      • Oh my, that could of killed him. That Porsche is such a disgusting individual and that BB condoned her actions is almost as disgusting as Porsche herself.

  40. Remember in Big brother when…

    1.Backstabbing was applauded
    2.Lying was necessary
    3.People hated floaters and coatailers
    4.Playing with others emotions was a good strategy
    5.Everybody lies and talks bad about someone else (including jordan) no matter how nice they seemed

    • I was re-watching All-Stars and oh man. Good times! More lying (but not in the DR. note to loonyShellHE), less tears. James whining in the DR that Janelle physically assaulted her during the POV — priceless!

  41. Anyone else think its really creepy that BB has a camera in the toilet? They showed Kalia crying in there tonight.
    But really? Is a camera in there really necessary?

    I propose we remove that camera from inside the toilet room….and move it into the shower.

    Peeing/crapping = pervy
    Showers = why we watch the live feeds in the first place!

    • Dude, there’s no camera in the toilet. A cameraman was propably standing on something taping that I would hope! Or they aimed one of those other ceiling cams in there….really!

      • Yes, those cameras are necessary. Anybody can go in there and talk together without being monitored! Besides, they don’t actually use those cameras unless somebody’s in there like Kalia was, not really using the toilet, but sitting in there for privacy while she cried like a sore loser! I don’t think Kalia would’ve done for Jordan did for her. She would’ve thrown her under the bus if it benefitted her. Jordan did the right thing, keeping her promise. Rachel showed alot of class telling Jordan she would take the hit for her and cast the final vote. Proud of both their loyalty.

      • @LaRue, Jordan gave a pity vote to Portia knowing that Adam would vote for Kalia. They did this on purpose so Rachel got the satisfaction of casting the deciding vote to evict Kalia and do it to her face. It was a power move. But, I don’t think Portia is smart enough to figure it out.

        I loved the look on Kalia’s face when she realized it was a tie and she COULD HAVE BEEN SAVED by Rachel if she had been nicer to her. You could tell that she never expected a tie, and she even said to “Oh my God” to Portia. This is why K and P do not deserve to win this game, they aren’t smart enough to figure out the nuances.

        And Kalia’s face totally deflated when Adam made the choice not to use the POV.

        I really dislike Kalia, and I especially hated her comment about “The Black Queen.” Who is playing the race card now?

      • Yes, LaRue Jordan said she felt she needed to give Kalia a sympathy vote as long as Adam was definitely voting out Kalia and Rachel had no problem breaking the tie. Otherwise, she wouldn’t do it. Probably was hoping for a jury vote from Kalia.

    • i was surprised to see it there as well, strange!!!
      could it be a pivoting cam and just this once took footage from there as Kalia was crying! i sure hope so cos i don’t know how the HG accept to have a cam on there!!!

    • They have a camera in the toliet because if they didn’t then people would use it as a private conference room, lol.

    • Remember season 2 when Shannon scrubbed the toilet with Hardy’s tooth brush?

      Yeah. That’s why there is a camera in there.

      • If you watched season 1, you would know they have cameras in the toilet room…just in case something like this happens. New viewers might be surprised, but the HG should not be.

  42. I think I need a cocktail…seems like the time is going by so slow before the feeds and BBAD. Terrible to be this addicted to a show. LOL

  43. The three that many posters refer to as floaters are still in the house. Rachel who at one time was everyones pick to be evicted sooner than later (me included)is also still there. I’m sure going to watch the last 2 episodes on the edge of my seat. I’m loving it!

    • she put laxative fiber in it
      it is used when a person has constipation; so imagine if u are fine and given this, what would happen to you, very bad person this P girl

    • Portia put benefiber in it to cause everyone to have stomach problems! Dani, Kalia, Shelley, and herself thought themselves quite funny! That’s when I started calling them ‘the mean girls’ cause I found that kind of behavior extremely objectionable. She also thought it was funny to ‘threaten’ to kick Rachel in the stomach when they all speculated she was pregnant. Sorry, but in my world, that’s unacceptable sportsmanship. I still haven’t heard if BB is going to do anything to sanction her in any way. Wouldn’t want to see this kind of behavior be left unpunished so future casts might emulate.

      • They should of kicked them all out but definitely Porsche. It is just wrong and can just imagine what some nut they cast next year will try and do since BB and CBS let this girl get away with this. I love BB but if she makes final 3; it will just make me think that CBS sanctions this type of behavior and do not know if I can continue watching.

  44. When seeing the jury house what really surprised me was how bitter Shelly seemed about Rachel.

    I mean I know she didn’t like Rachel, but I assumed that was just because they were on opposite sides and Rachel was ruining her game of being a floater by calling her out on it.

    But when she was talking about Rachel tonight, even though its now over there was still so much bitterness there. The way she said “Rachel even said I can straddle Brendon forever.”

    I don’t know I was just surprised by the nastiness, because at this point its not even a part of the game.

      • Totally. And she claims to be smarter than Jeff thought? Yeah Shelly? Look where you landed…Smart? Not so much. Smarty pants? Absolutely.

      • I agree with you db. What a waste of oxygen this bitch is. No reason to lie, but can’t seem to help herself. Bitter, nasty, lying skank and then some.

    • You take yourself where ever you go! All this bull about it is a game. You do what comes natural to you. I have no doubt that Shelly would behave the same way in the real world if it benefits her to do so.
      Only difference in BB is you get to say “it’s only a game”.
      I believe people who play the lying, deceiving game probably play the same way in real life.
      A leopard can’t change it’s spots!

    • Shelly told Jeff that she wanted to form an alliance with Jordan and Rachel to help them in the game and Jeff snickered at it! Pretty funny. With Shelly playing the way Danielle played which is manipulating people, you have to realize it will only work on the weak minded that cannot think for themselves like Kalia and Porsche. Remember Porsche saying she is not using the POV because that was what Danielle would have wanted just shows you
      how very weak minded some people are! Everyone has a brain so, go on and use it!

  45. Look… I like Jordan just as I did before. But this season she has some ballz talking about “floating players”. What has she done, what has she won and what game changing decisions has she made? She is the highest and lightest of the clouds (sweet girl tho)! And that horrifying whinny Brachel? Brendan…Brendan…Brendan…boo hoo…a boo hoo hoo! Good grief! She didn’t put on her big girl panties (or any at all) until he left the second time. She has pouted, cried and tantrumed over and over. And that sing song voice…AAARRRRGGGHHHHH! She now seems a little smarter as a game player (without her pending spouse who has exposed his minor unit on the internet…look it up….He ain’t too bright either). If she could just not speak! Lol. Anyway…Like to see (as far as game players) Porsche and Rachel in the final two with Porsche winning. Adam hasn’t done or won squat until today. They all teased Kalia and Porsche for sleeping all summer or not competing but when they won, they won back to back and kicked out Brendan and Jeff (bitchin’ ass baby, it’s a GAME and YOU are NOT ENTITLED dude!)….Good game moves to split up the couples and allow themselves to move forward. So…good luck Porsche! If Adam wins…..WTF? If whinny Rachel wins……I am sure I will throw up in my mouth! Lol

    • Your Jeff rant doesn’t make a lot of sense. Jeff was screwed by someone who was supposed to be an ally in the game, not by the other side who was clearly working against him. Shelly didn’t make a “game move”, that only flies if she was actually going to beat others in competitions but just felt she couldn’t beat Jeff, but it’s clear she can’t beat anyone at anything and she’s a joke of a competitor. She keeps crying that Jeff and Jordan wouldn’t have taken her to the final two, well either way someone is going to have to take you to the final two, smart one, because you can’t win a damn thing, let alone two parts of the final HoH. And even if someone else takes you, good luck winning the vote when you didn’t win a single competition and lied blatantly to everyone’s face. Don’t say Shelly was playing for $50,000 either, nobody gives up 3 months of their lives and gets locked away from loved ones for anything but to win it all. ‘Manipulating well’ is just one reason to vote for you, not enough for the jury to hand you half a mil.

      • oh but shelly is so much smarter than jeff. hahaha I almost fell out of my chair when she said that. I cant wait till she goes home and looks back on the way she played. wish i could ask her then how smart she really thinks she is. i hope she can handle it for the sake of her little girl

      • MJ….No Jeff “rant” here…..It’s a game and people are blindsided to move forward…Final 3 means nothing if the last two are a couple they both benefit. I know our comments are all in fun and our opinion on how WE see the game being played, but Jeff had gotten a little too full of himself. And remember, he backdoored and blindsided Brendan…It’s hard to trust ANYONE where money is concerned and each and everyone of the cast members takes a chance of having their pants pulled down in the BB house (some do it on their own and show their ass)….Not mad at Jeff but his protection of Jordan (along with everyone else’s protection of her) encouraged her floating and not proving herself…Maybe if they BOTH played the game it would be more satisfying to those of us watching…and maybe, had she played better, he’d still be there. Just sayin’..

  46. What has surprised me about tonight’s blogs is that
    no one has mentioned the bad behavior of Jeff in the jury house. I really believe Jeff needs anger
    management courses. No one else in the house has
    held bad feelings for those who came after them. They , too, were not given the $500, 000 and did
    not act as if only they were deserving of the money and how dare anyone come between them and the
    money. Jordan is not one of my favorite players, but I definitely think she deserves better than Jeff. But I’m just saying….

    • Entirely wrong on your part. I like Jeff doing what he did.Shelly deserved it. Shelly sat right there lying to everyone in jury. She cant stop lying.She told them that she had offered a deal to be with them(J and R), but she failed to tell the jury what she had said in the DR,I have no intention to honor what I told J and R. I think she probably lies at home too her hubby.

      • I agree I think Jeff was actually very calm with Shelly and she deserved everything he said and a lot more. She just cannot stop lying and letting her little girl see her continuing to lie is horrid. She is a sociopath. Don’t you remember her cry me a river speech when she left and Julie asked her what she is going to say to Jeff and she said first thing I am going to do is apologize because I feel so guilty. LIAR, LIAR, LIAR!! This woman does not know the meaning of the word honesty!! So sick of her!!

    • Oh, get over it! Seriously, bad behavior? He lost out on half a mil, most people would be more than a little bummed.
      No one else behaved badly? Dani and Kalia both acted as if Adam cut off their right limb by not voting for them to stay.
      If you’re gonna call out a HG for their bad behavior, don’t put the rest of the cast on pedistals. Every single girl in the house, minus MAYBE Jordan, has personally attacked Rachel saying some horrible things. Porsche spiked other HG’s drinks, B/R are mild psychopaths (which I happen to find hilarious), Shelly is a deluded liar… I feel like that is enough examples, I mean: if you watch the show, you know they all have glaring faults as players.
      Seriously, I get that everyone in the cast has viewers who aren’t fans, but acting like Jeff is the bad guy here is laughable. Who cares if he was mad? I sure as hell would be and I’d question her moves too.

      • Many people feel Jeff doesn’t have the right to be human and have emotions. Many think they themselves are not human, that’s why they get on Jeff’s case for doing absolutely nothing wrong. His supposed friend screwed him out of his chance to win $500,000, he didn’t get ousted by someone coming after him, like it should be, so like you said, who wouldn’t be mad? Maybe his naysayers think that if put in the position to win half a million dollars, they’d be non-chalante too.

    • Forgive my ignorance, but what exactly did you see as bad behavior? Him questioning Shelly about her lies? Being happy that she was evicted? Questioning her about the alliance that she threw under the bus?

      She was lying, got called out on her lie, and the sad part of it is, she was seemingly lying to herself in the DR. I think Shelly has told so many lies that she can’t remember the lies she told to cover other lies.

      The problem is, I don’t see it as entirely strategic. It seems more pathologic in nature. Kinda sad, if it’s any reflection of what she’s like in real life.

    • @Sherry I mentioned in up further in the comments why I was quickly reminded why I did not like Jeff this season. He needs help bad and Jordan is not my favorite to win, but everyone deserves a good relationship.

      Maybe he plans to leave Jordan and wanted the money for himself. Since Jordan obviously didn’t share her money with him.

      I remember on the live feeds they were talking about going on a vacation and she wanted to know if he won if she had to pay her own way.

      I hope she is not in a relationship where a man treats her bad and could possibly be abusive to her down the road. No one deserves that type of relationship. I know from experience as I was in a horrible relationship at one time, but nobody realized how bad this man was to me and I stupidly covered for him.

    • jeff was upset nothing wrong with that. they didnt show him being violent. dont think you need anger classes for being upset

  47. I was laffin at Kalia. I am a real intelligent woman and Adam needs to make a big move.He did. He got you out.It would have been a big move to you if he voted for Porsche.Ones big move is not anothers big move.Soooooooo smirky Kalia.Bye.

    • I just can’t believe how delusional Cowlia is. I know she’s delusional (win America’s favorite? great player?) I just didn’t know HOW delusional she is until tonight. ‘This is so UNFAIRRR!’ boohoo Cowlia.

    • She’s full of herself…”I am a smart and intelligent woman”…who are you trying to convince? Oh that’s right, yourself. Get your ass out the door, the house is better off without you.

  48. I still say Jordan and Jeff are the two that think they should win and no one but them should want to win. I hope no one votes for Jeff as the favorite player after seeing him tonight. Adam is a joke. I am tired of him talking to camera late night. I can not decide if he wants a job announcing or if he is playing BB.
    so I guess want Rachel to win and I would not mind Porsche winning.
    This season is so predictable now. You know what production is going to do before they do it. It really is embarrassing they think we can not figure it out.
    Really Rachel should have left twice and Brendan was voted out and came back.

    • Voting for Jeff for $25,000. He did nothing wrong, if you think he did, try imagining someone you thought was your friend screwing you out of half a million dollars. I don’t want to hear it was a game move, that would only make sense if Shelly thought she couldn’t beat Jeff but could beat others, when it’s clear that she couldn’t beat her 8 year old daughter in competitions. It wasn’t a good game move and that’s why she was the very next one evicted.

    • @George you are right. There was no secret and absolutely no reason to keep the live feeds from showing and show a pre-recorded BBAD. Rachel and most likely Jordan would have been gone if their twists had not been done when they were. So glad the fall TV shows are starting.

  49. Oh,Shelly you had another stupid remark.You told Jeff that if you had stuck with him,she would have been out at the same time. Duuuhh.Then if you thought that,then why did you do what you did.Think,Think,think,girl.You might have made the final 3 if you would have stuck with JJ.At least you would have had a better chance.You never know what could happen in final 3.

    • She’s a dumbass, it doesn’t even make sense to say she would’ve finished in the same spot. Why would Jeff or Jordan vote her out unless they were up against Adam or something. She would’ve done better than final 6 even if she lost competitions which she was sure to do, because the numbers were still on her side. She’s a joke and she made a few joke-worthy comments tonight in the Jury house. Glad Jeff didn’t back down.

      • ShellHE’s tripping over his own lies he can’t keep up. Even in the Jury House. WTH psycho. I wanted to throw something to my TV — that’s how annoying loonyShellHE is.

      • Yep.I guess 6th place was better than final 3 and the possibility of winning.Like I said before,she cut her own throat after the vote.Kalia and Porsche weren’t going to keep her after that.They would have thought she will do that to us too.

      • She’s also said in her exit interview that she doesn’t regret voting Jeff out, she regrets that it hurt them. Does that even make any sense to you? That’s part of it, genius, you obviously know making that move is going to hurt Jordan, then you say you regret it hurting her but don’t regret doing it and would do it again. In this case, it’s the same thing. I also love at the end telling Jeff ‘I’m a lot smarter than you think’…why? Because your supposed “big game move” got you evicted the very next week? Glad Jeff said what he said, “Yeah obviously not so much”….I forget his wording but he rebutted, like he should’ve. Shelly’s an idiot.

  50. BB, will you please turn the live feeds on and turn off the reruns from the begining of the season? I want to see confirmation that Jordan won the POV……. Thank you!!!

  51. I am waiting to hear who won the POV…. Apprently Jordan is packing while, Rachel, Porsha and Adam are playing cards in the HOH room!

  52. i think the feeds just came back on… rachel and porsche talking to adam in the hoh room about his blog he did for hoh

    • If Porsche won veto then J or R is going home! YES!!!!! Hopefully it is JAP in final 3 and then Porsche will easily beat out the other 2 in the final HOH unless Adam steps up again in the trivia! GO PORSCHE! If she won POV this week then she deserves to win it all!

    • No because if Adam won POV everyone has to pack except him because he can take someone off and put someone up. If his noms were Jordan and Porche he could backdoor Rachel and take Jordan off. So everyone would need to pack.

  53. Rachel said Jordan is packing and that Rachel has to pack as well…… It sounds like Porsha won the POV….. WTF?

    • OMG i just said earlier that i don’t know why but i have a feeling soon we will read that P won the POV
      and u just posted this, why oh whyyyyyyyyyy???

      • It is kinda contradiction they only said that jordon was packing but then they also said that jordon was in the dr for awhile and was called in again. Porche also said that they were probably asking her how great her need was but then porche stopped herself from talking.

    • Boo, hope not.. I read that when it gets down to the final 4, everyone except the HOH has to pack. Know if there is any truth to that?

      • hope u are right but as others said that the POV might have happened earlier today and they already know who has to pack

  54. P/R/A talking about people taking/hiding other’s stuff.
    About Shelly: R: Who hides a dog? P: A 41 year old.

    Made me chuckle.

  55. Adam, Rachel, Porsha talking about if Jordan leaves, Adam will give her something to Jordan to give to Jeff….

    • Noooooo. If J leaves, then R has got to win. I’d even settle for A winning. Just please not porkche. Sad day for me :(

    • well maybe either the pov hasn’t been played or they were told not to say anything about the pov only that adam won hoh

    • It’s official, porshe won pov so Rachel or Jordan leaves tomorrow :( hard to say what she will do- she likes Rachel better but considers Rachel her biggest threat! We shall see but I got a feeling Rachel is leaving, and I never thought I’d say it but really think she earned her spot in final 2 for sure!

  56. My other guess for noms is Porsche since she was already packed from last night and no one else is packing tonigh…

  57. Um…if Adam won the POV, makes sense to leave noms the same, meaning Rachel gets the vote. Why wouldn’t she vote out Porsche over Jordan?

    If Porsche won the POV, again, if she actually wants to win, wouldn’t her better move be to evict Rachel? Who’s more of a threat to win that final HoH than Jordan is?

    Either way, why is everyone acting like the writing is on the wall for Jordan and only Jordan…

  58. It sounds like thet might be voting Jordan out if Adam won the POV or Prsha, but I believe Porsha will evict Rachel…

    Matt (BBN),

    Any insider info?

  59. I don’t think Rachel looks very happy or relaxed. I think either Adam won HOH or Porsche did. It’s game over for Rachel :(

    I was really rooting for Rachel.