Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 9.5 PoV Competition Results – Updated

Power of Veto

The final Big Brother 13 Power of Veto competition is over and we’ve got the results. Once the Live Feeds returned we were able to determine who won this all-important Veto that allows the only eviction voter to be decided.

While we have these Big Brother spoilers, they won’t be shown until Thursday’s show along with a live Veto ceremony.

Read on to find out who won and what that means for the game this week.

Big Brother 13 Week 9.5 Power of Veto results:

  • Porsche won the Veto.

Oddly, we know who won Veto before we had confirmed Adam’s nominations. This Veto spoiler was determined by Rachel congratulating both Porsche and Adam and saying they don’t have to pack until Thursday while she and Jordan have to pack tonight. Not sure why Adam and Porsche would pack on Thursday, but okay…

Porsche and Adam will be in the Final 3. Porsche will cast the sole vote Thursday night during the live show and evict either Rachel or Jordan. Porsche previously said in the DR she was coming after Rachel if she won HoH. Is Rachel still in her targets?

Update: Porsche just confirmed to Adam she’s going to evict Jordan because she won 2 years ago. (Does Porsche forget Rachel’s endurance comp abilities??) Then Porsche asked if she was even allowed to tell Adam that. Production came over the speaker and said, “Porsche, no!” So there you have it. Final 3: Rachel, Porsche, & Adam.

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The Veto ceremony will be held during Thursday’s live show. Stay close by and we’ll let you know as soon as that happens, but the real action is on the Live Feeds (Free Trial).

What do you think of these final Power of Veto competition results?


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    • right now on BBAD i do not see Jordan on in the HOH room………only adam rachel and porsche…….isa this the final three for BB ??

    • That sucks!!!!! Porshe does not deserve to be in the final three!!!! I hope Adam gets a Pandora Box and it holds the power of Golden Veto that trumps Porshe and he gets to be the one to decide who leaves and he picks Porshe to go she dont deserve to be there!!!! All she did the whole time is eat and eat and eat now its at the end and she wins a couple of things!!!!!! Come on BB this sucks!!!! She doesnt deserve to even play for the money she was a bore the whole time her and Kalia…. Now she makes final three come on do another twist a good one that keeps Rachel and Jordan in the house!!!!!!!!!

      • the only good thing about Porsche is her boobs lol. She’s not bright (“oooh, I like Champagne!” and then opening Pandora’s Box without thinking of the bad that could come of it…[Granted I was happy she did it.]), and she didn’t win anything until week 7. And then she makes that awful comment about Rachel’s (at that time) possible pregancy. Yes I know Adam was in on it too. It’s too bad that the purest, most innocent, sweetest, dare I say CUTEST contestant will finish in fourth. Oh well. Go Rachel?

      • yes, go Rachel! Please salvage this season. At this point, I’d even wish for Adam to win. Just not Porkche. I don’t want anybody in the “mean girls” club to win. That would be a disaster IMO.

      • BB can’t let a criminal who poisons food ” protein powder” to win! I hope CBS has a backlash if porche wins!

  1. BB rewards Porsche for being the most vile and evil person this season. She poisons the milk, talks about killing an unborn baby by throwing a ball and saving Brendon $400 and steals. This is just sick!!!!

    • If you remember, it was actually Adam that said that and Porsche was the one that said it would just save her money. Don’t forget Adam’s participation.

    • I think she will evict jordon. Heres why. Because they know if they send rachel. It will be her,Brendon,jeff,shelly and prob. Kalia that will vote for jordon to win. Im sure they both have the idea that the dani train will vote for either one of them against rachel and rachel will only get three votes. However, i think they r wrong. I think Shelly would ultimately vote for rachel and also dani because they know she deserves it. Please God let Rachel win. Porsche doesnt deserve it what so ever!!

      • just cuz she has the jury votes doesn’t mean she can get by the final 3.Jordans the weakest player of the bunch and a long shot if in final 3 to be HOH. On the other hand there is a good chance rachel will win the 3 part HOH so why u would want to try to beat the best when u could easy beat the worst in comps is beyond me.

      • Jordan DID win 2 out of 3 HOH comps BB11, securing her place in the Final 2. Don’t underestimate her.

    • @kimber I think the HG’s think shows are on Tuesday and Thursday. They are just assuming the last day is Thursday as normally that is the live show.

    • True, Jordon was only there for Jeff and she said she wouldn’t mind going out fourth a few weeks ago, but that might mean she’ll get America’s Favorite. So now it’ll be between her, Jeff, and Dani.

      • Well even if she thinks rachel can beat her in the Fhoh- she might want to keep rachel over jordan if rachel can convince her adam would bring jordan and jordan will have more votes than them. She may be able to strike a deal with porsche telling her she’ll take her to F2 if she wins. However porsche is cocky, she may feel that she’ll win Fhoh hands down now that its her and adam and jordan…well whatever if rachel goes home, goooo jordan!

      • Yes, I did. I didn’t know at the time
        what she was talking about, but I did
        hear her say Jordan has already won once before.

  2. Ugh. I really wanted Rachel to take the whole thing, but I think at this point it would be foolish of Porsche to get rid of Jordan and not Porsche. Sigh. Rachel for America’s Choice!

    • I agree with you. Rachel is a great competitor. She has a great chance winning the final HOH. It would be smart to get rid of her right away.

      • I don’t know. Rachel may have more votes than we know because of how great
        a competitor she has been. Dani told her she would vote for her if she got
        final two because she didn’t want a floater to win. Jordan, however, could
        get “the she is so sweet”vote. I have
        my reservations, though, whether Brendon would vote for Jordan after hearing Shelly and Jeff admit to a final four deal JJ, Shelly, and Adam.
        Brendon has to know that means they
        never intended to take he and R to the
        final four.

    • I am all for Rachel winning now, after Brendon left she did play a much better game. I am all for her. I do not like Porsche. She has no fashion and a bad personality!

  3. HECK YEAA!!

    when she said “two of the strongest competitors in the house” u dam right she was talking about herself!!!

    thats so awesome

    PACK YO BAG JORDO. long time coming. and thats an understatement

    so glad the newbies arent going down with a fight.
    making this season so good.

    porsche stepped up AGAIN in the clutch for the THIRD freakin time. uhh good competitor? uhhh what is yes? lol

    porsche along with rachel are the only ones that deserve ANY money from this season, and i dont want rachel to win for various reasons, sooooooooo bring home the bacon porsche! make up for the heat’s loss, and give miami something to brag about lol!

    • I’m right there with you Marcus…Porsche actually cost herself the last veto. She was kicking their butts til she got the last one wrong and had to go back and get right plate.
      I am happy that she got veto, I love it when things get shook up in the house.

    • Porsche did win the veto.

      Rachel or Jordan are going to jury house tomorrow night.. probably the nasty redhead.

    • Why is that. Rachel has kicked ass in every way shape and form and deserves to win. What has Porsche done but lay around most of the season do nothing and act like a little b.

    • Why is that. Rachel has kicked ass in every way shape and form and deserves to win. What has Porsche done but lay around most of the season do nothing and act like a little b.

    • Have you been watching this season? Porsha is so childish and vile, she makes Rachel look like royalty….

    • Rachel deserves the money far more than any of these coaster, gliders, floaters (call them what you will).

      I am not a Rachel fan btw.

      She has fought since day 1 to stay in this house. She was instant target at the start of the season and competition wise, noone comes close.


      She may get voted out tmw….. but she does NOT deserve to be leaving. She deserves to win it all.

      • Thank you danisuxx for being able to admit that rachel deserves to win even though u r not a fan if hers. As i already said she has kicked ass and has fought against all kinds of adversity. She by far deserves to win over anyone.

      • i dont get that get mad at coaster, gliders, floaters (call them what you will). it part of the game you do whatever u can to win, god dam ppl

    • “She is a vile person.” —- that would be P, K, S, and D, aka the “mean girls” club

      • Psychotic is Rachel.

        I’m convinced BB gave her meds to help her control herself. The first half of the season she was a blubbering mess and now she is acting like, well, someone on tranquilizers.

      • No, it was Brendon coming back that did it. It might have only been for a week, but it revitalized her like nothing else would have. She was able to screw her head back on and start thinking strategically.

  4. Any form of redemption this season had by Rachel winning has been lost…BB 13 will go down as worst season ever. At least 9 was so trashy it was viewable.

      • Rachel wins against Porsche or Adam. Honestly, Porsche voting to evict Jordan is emotional(because she won 2 years ago)and a horrible game move because Rachel is not losing that final endurance HOH. Against Jordan, Porsche would have a good chance of winning that comp and Porsche and Adam only have a chance to win $500k if they sit next to each other.

  5. Porshe’s got zero chances of winning this game so congrats to Adam, Rachel and Jordan!! Good luck you three!

    • what show have you been watching, Adam can’t beat any of the remaining people.

      in a Adam/Porsche final 2, Porsche gets Dani, Kalia, Rachel and Shelly(Shelly wants a girl to win)and when push comes to shove, Brendon and Jeff won’t give it to Adam, Vets won’t give it to a floater like Adam

      • If, GOD FORBID, Adam & Porsche are the final 2 then the vets won’t have a choice but to give the $$ to a floater. Adam rode everyones (and I mean EVERY SINGLE HOUSEGUESTS) coattails all damn summer. He was GIVEN the cornhole veto by Jeff (STUPID STUPID MOVE JEFF) & then didn’t win another comp til the veto & HoH that aired tonight. As for the veto he won, Yes Porsche should have won that one but her cocky attitude did her in. BUT WAIT…at least Adam won more than Porsche. She won ONE HoH & ONE veto…the rest of the season all she’s done is eat & sleep. She deserves to sitting beside Kalia on the jury NOT in final 2. RACHEL deserves to win it all because as previously stated by MANY others…Rachel is the only one left in the house who has fought her ass off to stay in the game. They’ve been trying to get rid of her since week 2 (only because she won HoH week1) and she’s about to be in final 3. I hope to GOD that Porsche is STUPID enough to keep Rachel over Jordan and that Rachel wipes the floor with both Porsche & Adams asses in the endurance HoH and takes Adam to final2. If Porsche should by some ungodly reason win, CBS should announce “oh we’re sorry. You aren’t allowed to win because you tampered with the protien mix. Because of this you were disqualified but we thought it would be fun to make you stay in the house to f**k up you summer! Isn’t that like seriously a SHOCKER”!!!!! Yeah that would be great! ok yes I know I’m mean but come on…y’all know she should have been kicked out & y’all know if it had been Rachel that did it they would have crucified her. So why the hell is Porsche any better? Someone called Rachel a “vile person”…REALLY?! At what point in this season did Rachel tamper with the food? (yes she joked about doing it but she didn’t actually do it) At what point this season did Rachel talk about paying another HG to have an abortion because they thought they might be pregnant? At what point did Rachel actually say she would punch a HG in the stomache to cause her to miscarry if she was really pregnant? OH WAIT…THAT’S RIGHT. RACHEL NEVER DID/SAID ANY OF THOSE THINGS. That was all Porsche, Daniele, Shelly, & Kalia. So who is the vile person/people in the house??? NOT RACHEL…THAT WOULD BE DANIELE (the fearless leader) and her little lap dogs Kalia, PORSCHE, & Shelly. THOSE are the real VILE people in this season.

      • Jeff would give it to Adam over Porsche. He and Adam were tight, Porsche never spoke with him until she absolutely had to, and it was a five minute conversation.

      • minor correction to my previous comment…Porsche won 1 HoH & TWO vetos. SORRY. I forgot about her veto win in double eviction because she said “this is what Daniele would’ve wanted …” Sorry about that.

    • Oscar, how is going to be Adam, Rachel and Jordan? Porsche won the veto, I highly doubt she’s going to put herself up on the block. R or J is going to jury house.

  6. I only started watching this show religiously last season. I think this season will make me stop watching right here. Porsche will vote out Rachel and we will be left with three losers in the house. Jordan who probably has to write her name on her hand to remember it. Porsche who poisons her competition. Adam who floats idly by the entire season. Rachel is the only person in this house that deserves to win, and to say that Porsche keeping her is a long shot, well that’s an understatement. Can’t the producers find a way to fix this situation? “Uh, we’ve reviewed the footage and we are disqualifying Porsche for poisoning her housemates.”

  7. Please get Jordan out of the house! They are sleeping on her again! WTF… I love Jordan, but she shouldn’t win again. The vets were always talking about “floaters” but their definition of a floater would have to include Jordan also. Let the final 3 be players that have actually won comps on their own(and no, I’m not counting that golf HOH comp that they gave Jordan)

    Even Jordan called herself a loser! I know at every comp when Jordan is the first or second out, Rachel’s thinking “Damn, she can’t win anything! I should have dumped her a long time ago. It’s all up to me AGAIN”

    I hope R & P final 2.

    As long as they get Jordan out tomorrow, I think Rachel can win against P or A…I can’t believe I’m actually want R to win…I couldn’t stand her before, but with out Brendan, she’s ok

    • You need to quit saying they gave the HOH to Jordo. She had a good shot,a 3 i think and close to the end and others who tried kept over shooting and going into the water. It wasn’t a given Jeff or Brendan would have shot a 2 or 1 and beat her. Did you ever think they didn’t want to be embarrassed by going into the water and having Jordo really beat them . everyone would probably have laughed at them lol.GHive her the credit.She won it.

      • You act like it would have been impossible to get a 1 or 2

        I guess we’ll never know will we???

        Get over it, I go off track record alone from BOTH seasons!

    • Jordan was not a floater, floaters can’t decide which side they are on. Jordan had a side and stuck with it. Jordan made it thus far, by her alliance. You gotta give it to her, she already won BB and she made it to the final 4. I really hope Rachel wins, but it wouldn’t be the first time I wanted someone to win, but didn’t. In fact, I would go as far as to say that out of all the seasons, there has been only two people that won, that I rooted for.

      • Ok, so she’s a loyal floater, my bad for not clarifying.

        I’m entitled to my opinion and you are entitled to yours.

        Uh Oh, the JeJo fans are mad…Awwww

    Ah go Porsche, ah go porsche
    good bye jordan or rachel, I don’t care which one goes :)

      • Which is why Jordon won the last HOH comps against Natalie and Kevin? On her own, no less.

        Doesn’t matter anyway, Jordon was ready to go weeks ago.

    • Good by animal larsen!!How r u going to feel when the one who deserves to win ,wins?? That would only be Rachel. Porsche is a slug.

    • P is probably way more vile than R is. R was only horrible last season because she was a newbie and she really didn’t like any of the other houseguests and this season she has been able to showcase the fact that she is a MAJOR competitor. total in both seasons shes played in shes won i believe 5 HOH’s and 3 Veto’s the girl is a major powerhouse and we need some respect for her. P has been HOH and won POV what 2 times….sorry girl does not deserve to win….Adam is a loser and should have been gone instead of Dom….and Jordan couldn’t win a comp if she was given a shortcut to the end that said you’ve won

      • Again, BB11 Final 3 HOH comps, how many of those did Jordon win??? Wasn’t it the endurance and the questions on finale night? And didn’t that win her HOH and secure her for Final 2? And wasn’t she against Natalie and Kevin, meaning she was totally on her own? Yeah, better check the facts before you type, dude.

    • Porsche is just a stupid privileged child with zero life experience. She won’t be an idiot forever, much the same way that Rachel has grown up a lot since last season. I still don’t think she deserves to win after she thought she was going to make everyone poop their pants because she put fiber in the protein powder(because Kalia is confused about the difference between fiber and a laxative) and just the fact that she didn’t win a thing until week 7 and was much too cocky about it when she did win. But like I said, she’s just a naive little girl that needs to grow up a little bit.

  9. so how long is it gonna take JeJo fans to turn on Rachel, oh look it has already happened

  10. i think right now she has to vote Jordan out because in the jury house i think she gets the votes .

  11. i think this sucks adam, just tagged along while rachael worked so hard to win i believe she should get the 25000 she is the best player of all bb

    • yep, i agree and it really does suck BIG TIME.
      Rachel absolutely should take it this yr.
      Adam will only win it if BB Production continues to fix it.

  12. I just love this scenario, Adam should have put rachel and jordan on the block that way one of them could win the veto and vote porsche out. It just proves he is dumb. Go Rachel and Porsche.

  13. This is such BS. Rachel totally deserved this one, but Adam and Kalia did win their respective comps so i’ll give them credit. I just feel like the fact that we have a PAJ final is sickening. The three most useless players this season are our final 3? Is it to late for a twist in which the Jury House is actually the competition?

    • Whats wrong with Porsche being in final 3, she has done wayyyy better than Adam has in comps, the both have 1 hoh and 2 veto’s, but most comps Adams been out 1st or 2nd, Porsche always in the top 2 or 3. give the credit where it’s due. and considering how many week she was stuck on the sideline with the golden key, who knows how many more comps she would have won

      • I, for one, don’t want her there. Porsche may be a very lovely girl outside the house, but inside she’s a horrible human being. I mean, we all heard the things she was saying about Rachel when we all thought she was pregnant. As a woman who can’t carry a pregnancy to term, I took strong offense to that. If she gets anywhere near Final 2 (at which point she wins cash, regardless of the votes), I will call Alison Grodner and leave an extremely long message about how they can let someone who wishes harm on a defenseless baby be rewarded, regardless of game play.

  14. @ BbFan, i agree with ya!! It will be interesting! It would also be interesting to see, what WE would have done? I am soooo glad kalazy is gone. (that is our new nick name for her) Rach is a good player. Jordan, she is so funny!! This woman makes me laugh!! BB, should never mix it again! One or the other! Newbies or all stars! Hey, they tried, they are needing the almighty ratings! I will go on a limb! Por will take it!! With respect to ya all

  15. Adam is telling Porsche that it all came down to having to win the comp. IN order to survive Porsche needed the comp and she won it. POrsche says she’s leaning towards getting Jordan out. Adam also thinks they should keep Rachel and Send Jordan home because she’s already won the game before he would rather someone new get a chance.

    Prosche asks him if she’s allowed to say whose she’s voting out. Adam says just say you are thinking about it. Porsche: “OK I’m leaning towards her” (Jordan).. (Production over the loud Speaker answers Porsche questions “NO”)

    • Adam and Porsche seem much more concerned with who doesn’t win than their chances TO win. Regardless of who’s won before, they both stand a much better chance of winning if they keep Jordan over Rachel. Rachel isn’t losing that last HOH comp. Look at how fast Adam and Porsche fell off the bananas and the veto last week. Rachel kills those endurance comps. I don’t know what Adam and Porsche are thinking.

  16. Porsche HAS to win veto + win the next and final HOH and bring ADAM with her. then she’ll 100% win for sure

    • I don’t think Porsche can beat Adam in the F2. Adam stuck by Rachel & Jordan this past week. He’ll earn 4 votes for that (Jeff, Jordan, Brendon, & Rachel). That’s all he needs to win. He’d probably get Shelly’s on top of that. Porsche would get Daniele’s & Kalia’s for sure.

      • Hey Matt! Do you think Porsche would have a shot at winning if it was her and Rachel in the final 2?

      • oh lol. i thought rachel liked competitors and hated floaters. and adam is like an epitome of a floater. dno. personally i would never vote for adam to win.

      • and the whole of jury thinks adam is a loser and big time floater. i think any1 will win against him

      • who cares if Adam has stuck by the vets, Adam stands for everything they hate “Floaters” at least Porsche has “played the game” longer than a few days

      • @Other Girl & Valup: That makes me chuckle. Porsche is less of a floater than Adam? Porsche played the game on 2 days. She has won the same # as Adam. How’s that any better?

        Adam didn’t use the Veto to save Kalia which kept Jordan safe. The Vets would reward him for that w/ votes. Sorry if that upsets you for whatever reason.

      • well matt bbn. From what i heard they will be keeping Rachel. They started talking about it and said Jordon already won and other people deserve a chance. I think that they r thinking that if they bring jordon she will get the votes from Rach,Brendon,Jeff,Kalia and Shelly. If they take Rach . She will only have jj and b. However, i think they are wrong . I think she will get those three plus dani and shelly.

  17. I thought for sure Racheal would have one this POV but way to go porscha! I would love for her to evict Jordan bc Jordan has done nothing at all but let jeff then Racheal carry her through but I’m sure she’s going to evict racheal simply bc she knows racheal will win the final HOH. I wanted Racheal to win it but now I’m hoping Porsch can pull it off and win!

    • I agree joanie, up until this week when Adam won POV & HOH. Adam and Jordan were in the same boat… they both “won” a competition due to someone giving it to them. It just amazes me of SOME not ALL of the JeJo fans have no problem trashing Adam all day long. But sweet, innocent, “my stupidity is cute” Jordan is such great competitor! Barf

      Let’s be real people: Jordan = Adam = Floater

      The only props I give J is her socially game and having the ability to make it this far again without no one seeing her as a threat.

      • Floaters do absolutely nothing. They get by without being noticed. Having an impeccable social game does not mean you’re a Floater, because you are playing the game – you’re securing that no one will vote you out because they like you and then, should you get to F2, you secure their votes because they like you. If you recall, Dr, Will played the same way. He didn’t win comps, he had a social game.

  18. Love. Jordan….but only cause I love her, not because I want her to win….. Porsche YOU HAVE TO KEEP RACHEL! Its your only chance at 50 k lol…yes I said 50…porsche stands no chance at winning the votes for the. Game…if jordan stays, I PRAY she wins HOH…hey porsche won todays battle, guarantee she will not win the war!

  19. I love it that team Jorchel fans are turning on each other because either J or R is going home tomorrow! Porsche and Adam final 2!!!

    • I’m a Jorchel fan, but I was also for Brenchel and JeJo, so any one of those four winning I’d be okay with.

  20. Why would u say that Rachel don’t deserve any money she is the only one that has truly play throughout this whole season

  21. if A put RJ on the block, then he didn’t keep his word for the first time, unless he put PJ but because P won the POV, RJ are packing knowing she will remove herself
    hope he stayed honest till the end and hope P won’t win it all

    • The thing about that is today Porsche probably thinks that she almost beat Rachel in the last POV, she beat her in this POV so she will probably beat her in the next HOH comps.

      With Jordan she’s likely going to win against anyone in the house.

      She gets 3 jury votes from Brendon/Rachel/Jeff and probably a 4th from Shelly or even Adam.

  22. Even though i am hoping that rachel wins if porche keeps rachel over jordon then she is really dumb because rachel will beat you rachel is at her best when her back is to the wall. If porche really thinks she could beat rachel over jordon then she will regret this as much as she did opening pandora’s box

  23. Rachel is a poor sport and cries every single time she does not win something……she deserves squat….same with Adam and Jordan :) Porsche should win BB….but it aint up to me lol!

  24. LOL…If porsche chooses to evict Jordan, that would be her second dumb moves besides opening Pandora’s box. Rachel could possibly win the next HoH and evict her :p. She’s becoming Janelle in All Stars.


  25. I’m not gonna lie, if porsche keeps rachel simply because “jordan already won and someone else deserves a chance” I will have a lot more respect for her than I do now. However, I think porsche thinks rachel is the only one in the house she can earn more votes then. She will probably try and strike a deal with rachel, saying if rachel wins FHOH-she needs to bring porsche with her to the end.I think that’s actually completely right though, adam and jordan would get more votes than porsche. I also think rachel will too, however I doubt porsche thinks that.


    Adam: jeff jordan rachel shelly brendon
    Porsche:kalia and dani

    Jordan and porsche:

    Jordan:jeff, brendon, rachel, shelly
    Porsche:adam,kalia, dani


    Rachel:brendon, jeff, jordan, adam and shelly
    Porsche: dani and kalia.

    This is what I. Think. Would happen. I think porsche probably assumes the same for jordan and adam, but for rachel

    Rachel: brendon, jeff, jordan
    Porsche:shelly, adam, dani, kalia.

    I. Think with this scenario, porsche might actually keep rachel this week.

      • it was funny that Rachel was lol at kalia for crying and Rachel said i cant count that high for how many time she go cry lol that means Rachel cant count high up to 4

  26. Im really confused, how does everyone know that Jordan is going home unless they already taped the eviction?

    • Jordan’s been ready to leave for weeks now, so she’ll probably ask to be sent to Jury. She’s also a previous winner. It also helps that Porsche let slip to Adam that she’s going that way (and BB yelled at her for that – apparently she wasn’t supposed to tell him directly, which I think should be a penalty, but whatever).

      • Being that production yelled at her for saying who she was leaning towards evicting, you’d think in the DR they made it clear to her not to do so, so I agree there should be a punishment for that. She should also have been punished for the Benefiber incident, but I emphasize ‘should have been’, not ‘should be’. If they let it go at the time of occurrence, they can’t bring it back up now and punish her for it, it’s too late the time has passed, and as for a punishment for this, really just a slap on the wrist, maybe knock $1,000-$5,000 off her stipend, or winnings if she actually wins the game. Not very much.

        I’m not a Porsche fan, but fair is fair. Kicking her out of the game for either of these incidents would’ve been crazy, as some have said she should’ve been for the Benefiber incident.


    (Jordan and Porsche were nominated but Porsche won the POV so Rachel is going up on the block tomorrow and Porsche gets to decide which one is going home.. Then The 3 remaining houseguests compete in the first or 3 HOH comps. The first one is usually endurance.

    so A stuck to his word, nice to know but sadly that P won, urggggggggh

  28. BOO!

    Can’t the producer’s offer Porsche $$$ and a sandwich to NOT use the Veto?

    This is SO disappointing….

  29. any chance that since they are not suppose to talk about the Veto, they may be throwing people off by talking about packing and Jordan going home? Just a thought.

  30. HOH JARP They are talking about Technically POrshce is still on the block. JOrdan is assuming she’s going home and asks them if her and Kalia will go to the Jury house together or is Kalia already there. Adam tells her there’s no guarantee Jordan is going home, “Porsche could pull a Marcellas and not use the veto”

  31. I also get a kick out of Rachel, Brendan, amd Jeff always going on about floaters….who the hell has rachel brought with here this far….the two biggest floaters in the game Adam and Jordan….the ones in the jury house should not vote for a floater if they are in the final 2 if they really believe what they say about the game….so Jeff, Brendon, and Rachel is she goes to jury should vote for Porsche if she is in the final 2 if they really believe what they say….but they would not cause they are all hypocrits……the only one who i wish was still in this gasme was Dick!!!!

    • I agree gerardjames. They said they wanted to get rid of the floaters and keep the competitors,but instead,they kept,and used,the floaters.And,when the floaters tried to play the game,they got mad at them.

  32. I would love it if Porsch was stupid enough to not use the veto on herself, but I don’t think that will happen but I would love it…LOL

  33. It’s funny how Rachel is now kissing up to Porsche,instead of comforting her buddy Jordan.Some friend,huh?

    • well they are both on the block and don’t have time to campaign
      and J was packing so wht do u want her to do? pack for her???

      • @ shaun and lynn rachel asked jordan to come up and play cards with them and btw i didnt see any kissing up to porsche..rachel even offered to help jordan pack even though she has to still pack tomorrow and btw if you have been watching the live feeds, rachel loves playing cards even when kalia and porsche talked crap about her she would go up to them and play cards jordan on the other hand said she hates cards cause they are boring!!

      • @ Shaun
        they all kiss up to each other when they are on the verge of getting evicted
        so what goes around comes around for all (my favorites included :p)

      • @ lol
        would’ve loved to post what u said if only i had feeds to do so
        thank you for doing it cos i was sure R offered to help J but can’t really say something if not 100% positive or have proof

    • really shaun? That was the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Jordan offered herself as a pawn to dani to ensure rachel goes home when they though brendon was using. The veto on. Himself. Friends yes, buut let it come in the middle. Of you and that F2? I don’t think so. Also, why should she comofrt jordan? She’s in the same position as jordan jordans not comforting her, rachel and jordan are both on the block.

  34. Ya know all of this talk about BB…. Y not just let Adam win the whole kit-&-kaboodle? 4 one thing Rachel is the biggest/nastiest Biotch around (okay sorry Rachel; NOT!!)2cndly I don’t think that Jordan really deserves yet another $500K in the bank. Especially not so soon since the last win, she had. Adam knows the way the game should B played, & he came through when it counted the most (as well as layed low 2). I myself was a big Team Dani… up until when she was voted out, but I still would ratehr a “new-B” when than anyone else!! This includes Porsche!

  35. Porsche again proves dumb as a rock. Why evict a physically weak Jordan with a possible endurance HOH coming up? Evict Rachel instead and you just have to outlast possibly the two weakest players in Big Brother history in an endurance competition to guarantee yourself to be in the final two. Dumb as a rock!

    • maybe cos she knows that J won when it mattered on her season and afraid that it might happen again or because of jury votes that she can get as well
      anyway we have to wait till tomorrow to see what she decides for sure

    • Dr web…you actually sound dumber than porsche right. Now, not to be rude. The endurance comp. Is only part 1 of the 3 part HOH skill second and. Questions and answers. Third…we all just saw her skills there. I think porsche would 100% make the right move by evicting jordan. She knows adam and jordan are close and if adam wins that Fhoh he will bring jordan to F2. As we all just saw adam DID NOT use his veto on porsche in order to ensrue jordans safety and she probably thinks rachel will be willing to bring her to F2. Porsche would be stupid to keep jordan as her and Adam will definitely bring each other. I think porsche won’t win final HOH no matter who she goes against.

  36. God, of all people to decide Jordan’s fate, Porsche. Makes me sick. She should have received a penalty non for the benefiber incident, no telling what else she has done. She has been jealous of Jordan the entire season. Jordan’s downfall was already winning, not because she couldn’t win comps, her social game was very good, her winning her season has really hurt her, especially with skanky Porsche–UGH! As long as she does not win the whole thing, I don’t care, Go Rachel or Adam!

  37. YAY Porshe!!! Take out Rachel, Jordan can’t win anyways, and You would win against Adam with the jury votes!!!

    • No, she wouldn’t. If it’s P and A in F2, then the four votes lie with Brenchel and JeJo. No way in hell they would vote for Por over Adam, who was loyal to them, close with Jeff, and helped the girls get to Final 4. Jordan and Porsche gets possibly 4 or 5 votes in Jordan’s favor (Jeff, Brendon, Rachel for sure, and Adam most likely, and maybe even Shelly). Admittedly, Rachel and Porsche in F2 is the most up in the air (Brendon, Jeff, and Jordan would vote for Rachel, but not sure what Adam or Shelly would do in that situation, or even Dani, since she was loyal to the vets first and Rach did play a better game than Porsche).

      And don’t underestimate Jordan. That’s what Kevin and Natalie did in BB11 and look what happened! Jordan won HOH against all odds, secured herself for Final 2, and went on to win the season. Plus, she has, like, the social game ever in Big Brother history (no offense to anyone else). When the chips are down, America’s Sweetheart comes out on top.

      • Hey im sick of people saying J dont deserve to be there! If it wasnt for her R&A would be gone already! I know its easier tosee the action in comps but Jordan played the best in the socialpart of the game! Hell people who can lose comps like her and still get this far! And P barely deserves a mention!

    • ITA. It would really be a stupid move for Porsche to evict Jordan as Rachel is on a roll and will win against her. Jordan would be the one to keep this time around and then get rid of her the next time around. Let’s hope Adam does not influence her to vote out Rachel. Adam is for Adam and nobody else.

  38. At this point I think RPA all deserve to be in the
    final three. They really came through in the end.
    Jordan cannot compare to these three in comp wins.
    I will be happy for anyone who wins the game of these three. However, I am kind of rooting for R
    as I think she and Brendon really need the money.
    But once again just my opinion.

    • So you think that Porshe deserves to be there HOW???? She has done nothing but eat and sleep and ride coat tails the whole way how does that deserve to be there???? Brandon and Rachel saved her the first half then Danni and Kalia saved her to where she is now… how is it again someone who has done nothing all summer and on my end got fast forward the whole time along with Kalia they were the worst of cast members!!! BB needs to do a Twist so Rachel and Jordan are still there…..enough said!!!!!!!!! THIS SUCKS!!!!

      • Christina Are you a Jeff & Jordan Fan? Sucks! because Jordan is getting evicted. And Sherry is right , Jordan has done nothing. She is not a competitor! She only won 1 competition and even that competition was thrown to her. She won as much competitions as Domonic ; and he was evicted third. She just does not deserve to be there. Point.Blank.Period. Bye Jordan!

      • Are you watching BB 13 or BB 11 / 12.

        if Jordan or Rachel were playing on their own they would not be there. They had Jeff and Brendon to protect them. It’s sad BB brought in past contestants because who ever is in the end and if J&J are in the jury there goes 2 votes one way and with R&B, there is another 2 votes going someplace as well. The couples controlled the game and will control the jury votes and who wins. These 2 couples can’t fart without the other helping them. Sad year of BB!!

      • Newsflash, Richard, Jordon WANTS to be evicted. She was done, like, weeks ago. She’s been fed up with Porsche and her alliance for weeks now. They kept her in because they figured they could beat her, failing to account for her impeccable social game (you know, the one that won her BB11). I can’t stand this whole “only competitors can win” thing that Rachel and Brendon started! You can’t just win every competition. If you win a lot, you’re a target very early on! But if you develop a relationship with everyone in the house and they all like you, they are less likely to vote you out and, more likely to give you their Jury vote. Let’s not forget the infamous Dr. Will, who wasn’t a competitor either and yet is one of the most famous players in Big Brother history.

      • what has jordon done except lay in the sun and act stupid oh wait she is and adam road coat tails. I hope porsche evicts rachel just like she said to cassi if you wanted to sttay u should have won pov

      • Ydnew– Jordan did was lay out in the sun? You must be blind… It was mostly Porsche who had been laying out in the sun, and I have not seen her clean the house, Most of the time it was Shelly and Jordan. All Porsche had done was sunbathing and eating when there’s no comps. Who would want to give 500,000 to someone who had messed with someone’s food to cause someone to get sick. Rachel is the only person that is worth deserving the 500,000.

      • Totaly agree. Porsche did nothing. Adam is a little boy doing nothing. Rachel deserves to win.

    • Yea vote for Rachel and Brendan because they need the money!!

      They both look so poor and Brendan has so many college expenses as he becomes or wants to be a high price doctor…besides Rachel and Brendan look like your slumming through life. They couldn’t even afford a 50 cent condom.

      • rachel has played a good game guys. does anyone really think one of the other 3 came close to playing as well? you may not like her but she put her heart in the game and so what if she loves HER MAN? i don’t think they were all over each other as bad as last year. i hope they marry and live happily ever after….so many of yall are so cruel towards the hgs. i give them a lot of credit spending all summer stuck in that house no tv no family to talk to. i think it would make me crazy.

      • Oso.. Tell me please why you think Porsche deserves to win? Please tell me because I really don’t know why people want her to win, when first of all all she does is lay out in the sun more than anyone else… second… she tampering with the food that probably had got someone sick, from what I’ve heard Jordan and Rachel was complaining about stomach being hurt… Rachel thought she might be pregnant.. but she wasn’t. You gotta wondered if she got sick because of what Porsche had done. And if you still think Porsche still deserve to win, then you must be crazy.

      • Oso, Ohh P won something and now she deserves it all! Hell she layed in bed and didnt even speak game until she wanted to save her butt with Jeff! Go back and watch Jordan social game. Get your minds off comps!

    • Hey im sick of people saying J dont deserve to be there! If it wasnt for her R&A would be gone already! I know its easier tosee the action in comps but Jordan played the best in the socialpart of the game! Heck people who can lose comps like her and still get this far! And P barely deserves a mention!

      • @Dontlikepiggys..Oh really refresh my memory & how exactly did Jordan save Rachael? Think its the other way around if it wasn’t for Jordan riding on Jeff, then Rachael’s coattails & Lets not forget Rachael won that duo pov & thus saved Jordan as well as herself. Jordan may have had better social game but let’s face it, she needed Jeff & Rachael to be this far in the game.

    • @Joe Joe…now that’s funny ! Actually I remembering Jordan complaining about having gas all the time and asking Rachel if she smelled it when they were in the storage room.

    • Hey im sick of people saying J dont deserve to be there! If it wasnt for her R&A would be gone already! I know its easier tosee the action in comps but Jordan played the best in the socialpart of the game! people who can lose comps like her and still get this far! And P barely deserves a mention!

    • i really like jordan she is so sweet but I want Rachel to win. Jordan has won before and jeff has won money. and i think J or J will will get americas vote. Rachel hasnt won anything this season (prizes or cash) and she has played her butt off she deserves to be in F2. just wish it was R&J in final 2 now i hoping for J&A.

    • I think someone who is going to spend money on a grand wedding with a wedding dress that costs $20,000 is not someone in need. Regardless, they are all here to win so I am going to say Porsche or Adam would be my choice.

      PS It certainly would be nice if Rachel didn’t have so many car accidents to rack up their insurance as well. LOL

  39. 10:45pm HOH RAP Porsche is acting like she is going to vote out Jordan (Porsche is saying things like “When She goes home tomorrow” and “Do you think she will get a long interview”). Adam sighs and keeps correcting her to not be so obvious

    can she be playing R into thinking she is evicting J but when the eviction is dur she evicts R???

    • That would be awesome and something that P would do. Great gotcha move. Rachel did it to Dani/Shelly/Porsche the night before Dani got evicted.
      Poetic justice!!!!!!

    • don’t think she’s playing Rachel because she didn’t even share with Rachel that she would evict Jordan. She was whispering it to Adam.

      • Yeah, when rachel went to the bathroom porsche was telling adam she’s evicitng jordan. Logically evicting jordan is her best move. For those of you who think it isn’t, here is my theory: porsche knows she is an absolute mess @ questions, clearly showed her skill there tonight. Adam just displayed to the whole group that he is with jordan 100% as he didn’t save porsche or kalia to ensure jordans safety. So, I’m sure she realizes adam will most definitely take jordan over her to final 2. I think porsche will be able to make a deal with rachel for rachel to bring her to F2 if she wins HOH if she keeps her.

      • Rachael didn’t want to be evicted weeks ago, it was Jordan that wanted to go & be w/Jeff after he was evicted. Jordan gave up & just didn’t care anymore. She wasn’t even all that thrilled when Porscha opened Pandora’s box & Duo thing came back. It was Rachael who was all “Up” & “happy” telling Jordan this was their lifeline & Jordan was like all pouty still and just said “yea”. Jordan’s the one who gave up & wants out so I say give her ..her wish..send her home. She doesn’t need the $ even she said so Let the one’s who truly want to stay & fight…fight it out IMO

      • If you think Jordan didn’t care anymore, why do you think she came in second on the HOH competition. She’s there to play. OH! and on another note. Wondered what happened with all the other posts during the blackout where someone posted that said Jordon won the POV cause they had got word from their father that worked at CBS LOL!! And lets see if Porsche stays true to the other thing I mentioned in a different post where Porsche had put initials on the wall in the bathtub when she was HOH for final 3 of PAJ. I didn’t see it but read it here on BBN.

      • ITA. Rachel is a threat with endurance being the next comp. Porsche would be rather dumb not to evict Rachel and get rid of a threat.

    • I think there is a very good chance of Porsche really evicting Rachel instead of Jordan. Rachel is the only one that has a chance of beating her in an endurance comp. If she evicts Rachel, it will be a very shor endurance comp. There is no way Jordan or Adam will last. Evicting Rachel pretty much guarantees Porsche in the final two.

      • If P. takes J. to F3 she loses. Jordan as shown came in 2nd over P. in questions & Adam came in lst. P. would win endurance but Adam many times stated if it was F3 w/ him & P & J he would take J to F2 & Jor.& Adam made a pact on it. P. would not even get 2nd place. P. has a better chance of winning w/ a F3 of her Adam & Rachael IMO

  40. wow could you believe that jordan make it to final four in her second shot. she’s no different with Dr Will in ALl stars.

    • SLow down now….. Dr. Will is the best player ever….. I am a Jordan fan, but she isn’t even in the same league as Dr. Will!

      • If they take Jordan to F3 & then to F2 they are just asking to lose IMO Jordan will have all vets vote & probably Kahlia’s & Shelly’s as well. Very risky to take her to F3 or F2 IMO.

  41. Adam: “out of 7 women on big brother 13 only 2 had natural boobs”
    Adam: “Who has a bigger crush on Janelle Me, rachel or Dick.. because he was googling at her when she hosted a comp in his season”


  42. JOrdan turns the lights off and goes to sleep.. RAP still playing cards in HOH.. Porsche says she feels awkward with “her” down there and them up in HOH

    • Don’t worry if Jordon is gonna be evicted she will go out with Porsche kissing her ass for a vote..

      • u’re right :-)
        what do u think P would say when let’s say she does evict J that maybe the reason is only because J voted her out?
        could it be a good reason to not piss her off and maybe have her vote?
        don’t know what she could possibly say to have J’s vote
        anyway don’t want P to win, that’s for me

  43. Porsche needs to vote out Jordan and then win the finsl HOH and take Rachel to the finals and she will win 4-3. Rachel in my opinion can only muster 3 votes…if it is A/P it is anyone’s guess

    • If Porsha takes Rachel over Adam, do you think Adam will turn around and vote for the girl who slept most of the summer away a $500,000?

      • Yes but porche won competitios. Adam is an idiot. He was nominated for eviction 4 times. Did nit go hone cause he was pathetic and was not a threat. Adam was a looser , floater, can’t stand for himself. Pathetic pathetic pathetic.

    • Porsche should be penalized for poor sportsmanship earlier in the game. She is unworthy of being in the house to compete. It’s a real shame that she gets the final vote deciding which of her opponents, whom she tried to sabotage by spiking their food, gets to continue to play.

      I am appalled that she is not being penalized in some way. I hope when the houseguests get out of the house and see what she attempted to do, they will do something about it in order to prevent future contestants to imitate behavior such as this. Immoral and mean-spirited. CBS should be held responsible for not having rules preventing what constitutes to sabotaging an opponent in my opnion. Not fair play!

      All that said, if Porsche is allowed to continue to play in the house without consequences, she and Adam would be stupid to
      keep Rachel over Jordan. Rachel is a fighter and a great competitor. I am rooting for her all the way, feel she has definitely earned the half million dollars this year.

      If Rachel does not win, then I hope Adam wins.
      I believe he will get the votes he needs if Brenchel and JeJO vote together as a block. All Porsche can get are Kalia, Dani, and possibly Shelley’s vote.

      I am voting for Rachel to be America’s Choice. She’s deserves it more than anyone else.I am doing it right now after this post. She’s been purely entertaining this season, and the only reason I continued to watch after the fiasco of Brendon, Dani, and Jeff all going home consecutively.



      • Wow, are you guys are crying now. Did Porche do it? No, talking and doing is to different things dummy.

      • CB, what about all that talk Porsch did when we thought Rach was pregnant about “throwing a ball at her stomach so she’ll lose the baby?” As a woman who’s unable to carry to term, I was horrified and disgusted by that. It may have been just talk, but her comments were inappropriate and extremely offensive.

      • Porsche needs to go and not get rewarded for mixing stuff in drinks- NOT FUNNY! they all got sick- THAT WAS FUNNY? come on she should have been put out right then!!

      • Agree with you wholeheartedly Lennie!! Porsche does not deserve to be in the house, she should have been booted out of BB house

      • I seem to remember someone from a previous season, can’t remember which season or who it was, that pulled a stunt involving a knife in the kitchen held to another house guest’s throat, there was a big stink made over that, so why not with Porsche tampering with the food?

      • Why would Porsche send Jordan to the Jury house? Rachael has a better chance to beat Porshe in the end since Porshe just woke up from a long summer’s nap and started playing the game. Meanwhile, Rach has been fighting all summer and is stronger in gameplay/ comp’s. Jorden would just get sympathy votes. Also why isn’t anyone talking about Adam in the final 2?? I’m lost on that one.

      • What did Busty Porshe do to the food? When did she have time between sun tanning, napping and playing with her boobs in the mirror, which don’t move at all by the way(must be real new). Rach’s/ Jordo’s have had time to settle, plus they are bigger.
        This year is like the ” Boob Job season of all time”. 3 out of 6 has to be a record, no?
        Give the money to Cassi/Dani so they can get their’s done also by former player Will. LOL

      • @Steve, Porsche put a diuretic in the Benefiber (pretty sure that was it), which would have made the HGs seriously sick has BB not yelled at her for it (called her into the DR and everything).

    • I don’t agree. Dani knows this is a game and may give Rachel her vote as best player. Plus Adam, why would he give it to porche? Rachel vs. Porche f2 Rachel wins 5 to 2 .

  44. Rachel is being really rude to Jordon..did not expect that of her..Porsche and Adam yes..I guess u gotta kiss ass in a position like that..When she was in the HOH they made remarks that she knew were directed at her..hmmmm hmmmm …

      • Rachel is ignoring Jordon…She is kissing ass with Adam and Porsche..This totally a sad bunch of people…The show’s winner last year was a loser..and it may happen again this year…If the show continues there is gonna have to be some big changes..

      • @ fly
        but earlier lol posted this that and i quote: ”rachel asked jordan to come up and play cards with them and btw i didnt see any kissing up to porsche..rachel even offered to help jordan pack even though she has to still pack tomorrow and btw if you have been watching the live feeds, rachel loves playing cards even when kalia and porsche talked crap about her she would go up to them and play cards jordan on the other hand said she hates cards cause they are boring!!”

        so i’m confused now with what u are saying!

        regarding changes be made if the shows continue, i am 100% with u on that, there should be fierce peolpe competing, some real entertainment and action in the house not a dorm for some and cafeteria for others :p

      • Rachel is not being rude to Jordan in the slightest..does she need to sit down stairs and cuddle with her? Jordan is being poutty that’s all, and rachel and jordan are in the same shoes right now. Just because we all know porsche said she’s sending jordan home, doesn’t mean they know that.

    • How is Rachel being rude to Jordan? Jordan chooses not to get involved in any activities the others are involved in. She won’t play cards, she wouldn’t make tie-dye t-shirts, she doesn’t play pool, she doesn’t cook. etc. She cleans occasionally, mostly since Shelley’s been gone. She mostly sits around the hot tub and chats. Don’t get me wrong, I like Jordan, I think she’s a sweet, girl next door everybody’s best friend kind of girl, but she certainly does not deserve to win this season.

      At least if she goes home tomorrow she’ll get a week of being with Jeff in the jury house. That’s all they wanted out of this summer anyway. And Jeff already won $15,000. That’s probably good enough compensation for sitting around playing a game and spending most of it with your long distance girlfriend.

      I certainly choose her to go home before Rachel. Rachel’s been a warrior. I hope she gets to stay to compete in the rest of the competition, and possibly secure her place in the top 2.


      GO RACHEL!

      • For decorating the Have Not room when they kept telling her to cut it out (happened repeatedly), for mixing a diuretic into something the HGs would’ve ingested (don’t remember what it was), commenting on causing harm to Rachel when they thought she was pregnant (and upsetting a lot of people). So, yeah, they’ve penalized HGs for a lot less over the years, but Porsch walked scott free.

      • I agree….Rachel should definitely win. She’s def grown in character and game play this season. She absolutely cracks me up, and is the only entertaining player this season. Porsche should be penalized for her actions. I don’t even want to watch tonite as she speaks in her scripted, awkward voice tonite evicting whoever she evicts. Her having that power is sickening to me.

        Hope she’s stupid enough (and she is) to keep Rachel.

        GO RACHEL !!!!

      • The only person right now that does not deserve to win is Porsche. Jordan has not done anything evil the way Porsche had done.

      • I think Brendon has finally gotten through Rach’s thick head. Would you believe it years back if someone said Rach/Jordo will be friends in the future? No way!! Look at them now.Rach has been so caring towards her. I hope she’s not playing with Jordan’s Big….Ummm …. Heart.I’ll be Pissed if she used her for to further herself in the game. Honestly though, I think Rach is sincere towards Jordan. Rach has changed since Brendon came along. She has alot more improvements to gain, but she’s trying to be a better person I think.

      • Rachel is not crap !!, vote Jordon out if they take her to final 2 no one will win , if its Adam &Porsha , Adam will win ,if Adam & rachel. Rachel wins. Rachel & Porshia. Rachel wins . so anyway u look at it Poshia wont win . GO RACHEL YOU CAN WIN BB13.

      • Steve, Brendan didnt get to R,! Jordan did! Rachel was a menace and everyone hated her,including me. When B left the last time she started getting better. And i atill think J deserves to win ! Especially over A &P.

    • Jordan does not like to play cards. That’s the reason she was not up in the HOH with the others. I think she is content to go to the jury house to spend the last week with Jeff. He was the one that wanted to play the game again and they both wanted to spend the summer together.

      • Well she could at least sat up there & kept them company. It’s like when Jeff left she just moped around not caring anymore.

      • I don’t think Jordan really knows how to play cards. She tried before but couldn’t understand the game. Heck, it’s even hard for her to string a sentence together. All the hums, and uh and I think the fiddling with her hair makes helps her to think.

  45. I agree . I think Porsch should evict Rachel. There is no guarantee who is in those final 2 seats . Her best bet to make it there is to evict Rachel. She has a better chance beating A/J

    • I don’t see Porsche winning over Jordan in F2. She has a 50/50 chance w/Rachael. Majority of vets (exluding Brendan) don’t like Rachael. Porsche could get JJ and w/Dani’s & Kahlia’s its all she needs. She has good shot against Rachael not Jordan

      • Lest people forget ~ the majority of the jury did not LIKE Evel Dick. When giving a vote to someone for the win, it is not based on like or dislike from what I have seen over the years. But that is just an observation.

  46. If Rachel makes it to the final 2 she will Win hands down. She has played a way better game than anyone in the house.

    • Ita Marlyy33 but problem is alot of jury IMO will vote on gameplay but rather emotionally. Besdides Dani dislikes Rachael & Porsche was one of her “girls”. She won’t vote for Rachael against Porsche. Porsche has Dani & kahlia’s vote & possibly JJ as well.

  47. HOH Rachel and Adam Porsche called to the DR Jordan sleeping…
    Rachel asks him if he’s had a good summer. Adam: “My summer isn’t over” Rachel: “We’ll you have one more week”. Adam: “From the sounds of things it looks like it’s us three.. which is awesome” POrsche comes back and and asks them what they are talking about. RA jokes say they are plotting Porsche’s demise.

    POrsche is saying that she wasn’t involved an any big fights that will be on the internet, She’s bummed out because of it. Rachel doesn’t understand why Porsche wants to be on the internets fighting. Adam explains that the fights are what people remembers. HE brings up his fight with Shelly and JEff, “ANSWER THE QUESTION SHELLY JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION”

    They start talking about Rachel’s fight with Shelly in the “ROYJBIV” room. Rachel mentions how She was trying to tell everyone shelly was lying but it didn’t seem like other people were believing her. RP explain some of Shelly lies and how she would go back and forth with all the different groups in the house. Adam: “She was good you gotta give her credit”

  48. All these jeff\jordan fans keep saying Porsche has done nothing but ride coat tails! But take a step back and think about what u are saying. What has Jordan besides ride Jeff and Racheals coattails?!? Racheal is the only one who deserves to win! Porsch and Adam are in the exact same category as Jordan but at least they have actually won something. Jordan is a very sweet person but a horrible competitor.

    • Porsche is a sleazy hypocrit and low life competitor. You shouldn’t be standing up for her. Jordan, although as you say, not a great competitor, she’s certainly would never stoop as low as Porsche has this season. If I were BIG BROTHER Production, I’d have penalized her in some way. CBS should make a stand against such poor sportsmanship and disregard for the health of the houseguests.



      • Lennie, let’s not forget what Porsche said during the whole “Rachel is pregnant” fiasco. Those “let’s throw a ball at her and save her the money for an abortion” comments really insulted a lot of people, especially women.

      • I don’t get the live feeds like many other’s. WHAT did Porsche put in everyone’s drinks and when was this?? It was drinks, right? Or was it food??
        Why doesn’t everyone talk to production or fans email them to get Porsche Banned?? I don’t get it? Was it poison or just something that upset their stomach??

        I’m DYING to know this story. Please, someone help me.

      • While R has called some female HOG’s a B on occasion, I don’t have a problem with that, many women do this at times. What most women don’t do is threaten physical violence to cause an abortion to a fellow competitor. Classless Porsche.

      • Once again, itwas actually Adam that talked about throwing the balls, Porsche said that it would save her money. Geez guys, go to flashback and listen to the conversation.

      • Yes, Nikki, let’s Flashback.

        Direct Quote from “Big Brother 13 Coverage”:
        5:45PM BBT: The newbies don’t seem too concerned about Rachel or Jordan winning PoV, they’re planning on doing whatever it take to F-up the vet’s game, including blocking and tripping. Porsche: “Maybe the PoV will be something pregnant chicks can’t compete in!” Adam: “Like a medicine ball being thrown at your stomach.”

        There you go. While Adam said the comment, he didn’t mean that HE would be throwing the ball at Rachel. He was just making a comment on what would be bad for women in delicate conditions, but the fact that the conversation went on at all is degrading to all women and they should’ve been reprimanded for it.

    • Joanie you dont know crap! Sure everyone has had decisions to make on who tjey want to go with! Jordan has saved R ass . She bout got herself evicted or put up more than once! J&j babysitted her for the longest time. Her social game has got her this far and it already got her a win. Sure she got a little depressed when J left,but so what! P&A just started their game!

  49. Bring Russell back for season 14!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL All kidding aside I think Porche is a slime ball. At least Rachel will tell you to your face she hates you. Porche just sneaks behind your back. Its easier to win comps when there are less people in the house. Hello? In the end it should be Adam and Rachel. I love Jordan but she won already. I hope Adam wins it all! He has played all aspects of the game the best.

    • Agreed…Porsche has made more catty, condescending, mean remarks about her housemates and then turns around and smiles in their faces. Everytime she speaks I want to hit “mute” I hope she keeps Rachel tonight and then I pray she goes home next. She CANNOT be one of the final two. Uggghhhh

    • @Canadian connection! Yeah! Im not kidding,bring him to bb. I usually pick the nicest people to go for but with Russel ,i had to go for him. He was a character!

  50. HOH RAP They’re all joking about how shelly was fooling everyone and how they think she was America’s Player (They are joking) Adam brings up how he would go to bed and in the bed beside him was Shelly and KAlia whispering about him. He wanted to say something to them like maybe they should keep there plotting against him to when he’s not in the room.

    loooooooooooool and to think they thought (SK) were that intelligent

    • Wasn’t that done while hgs thought Rachel was sleeping, too!!! Spacekadets with no brains!!!

    • Porsche isn’t coming completely clean with all the shenanigans of the Mean Girls. She was a primary contributor to the ‘hate Rachel’ committee. She is such a hypocrit, hanging out with Rachel knowing what she did and said about her behind her back. Even after Rachel saved her and put her own wellbeing at risk to defend her against others. Porsche is a word I choose not to say, but it rhymes with witch.

      So unfair she gets to choose to goes home tomorrow.


      GO RACHEL!

    • When the knife incident happened on bb they both were playing and bb still made the one with the knife leave the show.What if some was allergic to what P put in the drink? What would bb say then? And you know what? To hell with the game, if someone is talking about making someone abort their child,it should be chargeable by law.Pregnant or not? P didnt know when she said it! This to me is not a game! We should protect our children of the future! I am contacting cbs about this matter!

    • Oh, I didn’t realize Jordan was not feeling well. Bad timing, I guess. Does anyone know what kind of competition the POv was?

  51. The jokes on Rachel…she’s sitting in the room with 2 of the 5 people that made threats against her (may have been) unborn child…Just keep kissing ass Rachel..The joke is on u..

    • The joke is on Rachel, really? Ignorance is not a joke. Wait till Brendon and the rest of the cast finds out what the Mean Girls were capable of. It won’t be a joke then. I certainly wouldn’t let it be!

      Porsche should not be allowed to continue in the game. CBS is being negligen by not penalizing her bad behavior.


      • GET A LIFE? Why don’t you take your own advice, cb? I’m expressing my honest opinion, just like you.

      • Cb why should lennie get a life? Dont you care about a unborn child? What P said was not part of the game! It makes me mad that people dont care about a unborn child. P shouldnt be in the house threatening a unborn chil. Sick !

    • @ fly. I never. Thought id see you so bitter. Jordan has won already and has repeadetly said she doesn’t even care about winning this season, she came back for jeff. Rachel is doing what she has to do, and she has been hanging out and getting along with porsche and adam for the last 3 weeks now. Well before she had no power.

      • And Jordan won’t play cards or join in any other activities. Rachels not turning her back on Jordan. She’s just trying to have some fun! I don’t see what she’s doing as kissing butt. I wish she knew what Porsche actually did behind her back, however. Porsche will hopefully go home number 3, worse position of all. Having to play and be in the house all the way, but not winning anything. That’s what she deserves!



      • What??? I CANNOT TOLERATE PRETEND FRIENDS…I don’t care amount money would make me kiss ass like Rachel is doing right now.. nooooo amount of money..I’d much rather have a true friend and my self respect..And what do u mean bitter??? U post ur all so self rightous opinions and nobody is supposed to argu with u..Do I jump up and call u bitter or a dumb ass or criticize u?? No I don’t.. do I??? I see alot of post in here that I don’t agree with but I don’t judge people as bitter angry or even ignorant. The post did not mention Jordon so why bring her into it??? RACHEL IS ASS KISSING WITH PEOPLE THAT WERE THINKING UP WAYS TO HARM HER UNBORN CHILD. That is not part of the BB game play. I don’t call people like that friends but maybe u do. And now I will mention Jordon. Jordon was the one that helped Rachel get to the final 3 (if she does) not Porsche and Adam..BE CAREFULL ABOUT JUDGEMENTS THEY CAN COME BACK TO BITE U IN THE ASS..

    • When Rachel finds out what they said she will feel ignorant for trying to be their friend…At this point the joke is on Rachel

    • Hmmm. I don’t see the ass kissing. The “joke” is on Rachel? Because of the ignorant things other people said? The people who said them look like low life scum-bags….so why would the joke be on Rachel???
      The joke is on “the mean girls” who are all looking to promote their careers by doing big brother. Who would want to hire any of them after seeing their nasty, ugly, true selves???

  52. Now I can say what I need to say. As far as Jordan I think what happen when Shelly arguring with her and stabbed her in the back, Jordan hasn’t been able to get passed that. I rather for someone to hit me than to mentally abuse me like Shelly did. Some people can’t get over that sort of thing. Anyway thats just my opinion.

    As far as Porsche, I don’t like her thats all I got to say about that. I hope Rachel wins BB13, maybe Porsche will end up without anything she already has won $5,000.

    • Totally agree with you, anonymous. I’m voting for Rachel for America’s Choice. Who are you guys voting for?

      • Rachel deserves that at the very least. She fought and played hard and had to survive Danielle and her puppets coming after her time and time again! I am still rooting for Porsche not to get to Final 3 because of her spiking the food of other house guests, stealing Brendon’s toy among other things she has done. Porsche does not deserve to win and get to final 3 for those reasons. She should have been evicted from the Big Brother house for her actions!

      • depends on if Rachel gos tonight. if she does ill vote for her because she will kick ass if she stays tonight and win

  53. Can everyone please quit making excuses for why Jordan sucks at competitions?!? She even said it herself tonight. She’s not good at competitions. And like she said its embarrasing. The fact is Jeff nor Jordan will win bb this year! Give credit where its due! Racheal deserves to be the winner this year. And Porsche and Adam deserve to be in second more than Jordan does.

    • @ joanie. Your dead on. I like jordan as a person she is great, but I really hope rachel wins I really hope porsche sticks to her word and keeps her. Rachel really deserves this and like I’ve stated: love jordan, but “nice” shouldn’t win her another 500k

    • Normally I would agree with you wholeheartedly, Joanie. However, I don’t believe Porsche deserves to be in the house at all after the stuff she pulled. Better to have someone who’s harmless in the house, and hasn’t intentionally hurt anybody, than having Porsche, who tried to mess with people’s health, in there. That is sabotage and shouldn’t be tolerated.

      Big Brother is certainly a game of strategy, and at times to further your game, you may have to lie or backstab someone. That’s understandable. However, when you actually take the step of spiking someone’s source of food to cause them harm and you threaten to kick someone you think might potentially be pregnant in the stomach, that is, in my opinion, unacceptable behavior, in or out of the Big Brother house. I for one will continue to try to bring this to Big Brother Production attention.

      As a 13 season fan of the show, I have seen all kinds of unsavory behavior, but never have I seen such intentional lack of civility as the way the for mean girls behaved this summer. Stealing, hiding people’s private property,threatening to destroy other’s property, messing with the food, threatening to physical hurt, and pretending to have some kind of power over production (Dani saying people from BB staff would quit if she was evicted). That goes over and above strategy. Compromising your principles for five hundred thousand dollars is not worth your it, in my opinion.

      I’m sorry, but I am offended by this behavior, and truly disappointed CBS is not doing anything to sanction it in order to prevent it from happening in the future.

      Please let me know if any of you agree with me. As fans, we should have some kind of say in the kind of behavior we are willing to tolerate. I for one, and I know one person can’t change anything, but I am not going to stop trying to get CBS to respond appropriately until the last episode next week.

      If they refuse to answer my legitimate protest, I, for one will not be watching again next year. I would hate to have to do that, because I love the whole concept of the social experiment of this show, but fair is fair. People should not be allowed to feel that bad actions don’t have consequences. I don’t know if any of you guys ever read the book, Lord of the Flies, but this is what Big Brother has reminded me of this season, or perhaps the movie, Mean Girls.



      • I am not a Porche fan by any means, but I think you need to take a second and calm down.

        Part of the reason why Big Brother is so amazing is the different types of people we get to see live in a house for 2 months. The second you start to put a muzzle on people is a sad day for Big Brother. What Porche said about Rachel was clearly a joke. Just think about what Stephen Baldwin said on Big Brother EU: “I’d rather see my own daughter get shot in the head in front of me than to see her denounce Jesus Christ.”

        As for the extra fiber in everyone’s drinks, I can see why that would get a little heavier since it could have possibly affected the outcome of a competition, but Big Brother obviously didn’t deem that malicious enough to intervene in the game, so I respect their decision. In my opinion the second Big Brother intervenes, we lose the authenticity of the players we watch for in the first place.

        I hope you aren’t serious when you say you will not watch Big Brother next year if you don’t get a response. It shouldn’t take something that little for you to stop after 13 years.

      • @Lennie

        Good. Maybe then you’ll stop crying like a little bitch. Don’t watch BB EVER AGAIN! Oh no, what will we do?! Oh yeah, continue watching without you. No one cares if you quit watching the show.

      • @Lennie…I agree. Also, correct me if I’m wrong, but there was also an issue with some decorating of the have not room…which production advised against several times. Why should the house guests adhere to any rules if there aren’t any reprecussions?

        There is no rule against “mean-ness” but I’ll tell you, I’ve never seen such catty, backstabbing, mean people. Porsche being right up there.

        I do agree that tampering with someone’s food is crossing the line. Should be some sort of penalizing going on.

        Go Rachel…Go Adam !!!

  54. If Rachel stays she got there with alot of help from Jordon…Not porsche ..not Adam..but Jordon..

    • That’s true, flyonthewall. I have to agree Jordan really helped keep Rachel emotionally and mentally together. She deserves alot of credit for that. But Rachel has carried her all the way in the competition part of it. Jordan has really been inefficient in the competitions. It appears that she doesn’t even try if its something even remotely physically challenging. She surprised me by doing so well in the Fortuneteller competition, but she’s quirky, so no telling how she thinks! She’s sweet and harmless, a real southern belle!

      • And it’s unfortunate that Rachel will only look at the competition aspect and thus she’ll think she did all the work to advance Jordan and herself. Rachel doesn’t acknowledge or think that she needs mental or emotional support, which she clearly does and which Jordan clearly provided.

      • I have not noticed Rachel being condescending to Jordan. Jordan’s not playing cards, so Rachel is just trying to have fun. I believe Rachel would have stayed loyal to her alliance with Jordan, but at this point, it’s out of her hands. She has the right to play her game, and try to get to the final 3 competitions, and win the whole thing. She’s certainly earned the opportunity to be there, unlike Jordan. Jeff and Jordan made it clear from the beginning all they hoped for was to spend the summer together. That’s been for the most part been accomplished. Jeff’s won $15,000, and whatever stipend Big Brother pays them for being in the game. Sounds like great to me! Jordan, if indeed she goes home, will get to spend the last week in the jury house with Jeff, and besides, she’s already won.

        Rachel deserves the win!

        GO RACHEL!


      • I agree. I was just referring to Rachel’s ‘frustrations’ she’s expressed over Jordan not winning competitions. I hope Rachel told Jordan ‘good job’ for getting 5 of 6 questions right in the last HoH, but I’m not expecting her to coddle her at this point like some are.

        By the way…don’t go and vote for Rachel for America’s Choice just yet lol…if she stays and it looks like she will she still has a very real chance at $500,000, or at least $50,000…don’t vote for her for $25,000 unless she’s evicted! Try to have the prizes shared among all of your favourites of this season…

      • I say give America’s favorite player money to America’s favorite player, evicted or not. Just think about Rob from last season’s survivor. Clean game. Well deserved.

    • @Fly possibly because JJ protected Rachael iniitially for votes to keep them in the house so you could say JJ helped Rachael, but same argument can be said that Rachael helped them as well. I mean you have to admit that if it wasn’t for Rachael winning that POV & then HOH she (Rachael) woule have been in Jury house & Jordan right after, so I think they each helped each other out. Go Rachael!

      • at least u see it as a partnership..ur the only one that I have heard refer to it as such..

  55. Just gotta say this…

    For everyone saying it was a bad idea to mix old with new, shouldn’t give anyone a second chance to play, etc. I just want to say that if I was on the show, I would love to play with Brendon, Rachel, Dani, Jeff, Dick, or Jordan, even though at this point it would be their third shot at the game. Sounds like a lot of excuse making for those calling it not fair, just like Kalia has made similar comments. Why not instead go out there and beat them instead, win those competitions. I wouldn’t care if they had an advantage having played before, the only advantage that would bother me would be if production was helping them and not me, just because maybe I wasn’t good for ratings. People like Kalia need to stop crying about these things and just go and play. Stop making excuses for losing, because most of these competitions make it possible for anyone to win them.

    From a viewer’s standpoint, I’m glad they came back, it absolutely made watching more enjoyable to see old faves mixed with new blood. It was something Big Brother hadn’t tried before, so I don’t see the problem in giving it a shot. Especially if a 14-person newbie cast would’ve been just an extension of the 8-person cast we got, then I’m freaking super glad they brought oldies back, because for the most part these newbies were lame, excuse-making jokes of competitors, who barely even offered much in the way of entertaining personalities.

    • In total agreement with you, MJ. The Newbies were fans of the show, and as such, they should have been thrilled to play with some of the people they’ve watched in the past.

      There were more of them at the beginning then there were Vets, so they had an advantage they should have capitalized on. They chose not to, and some of them paid the price for their bad choices. However, Adam is still in there, and nasty Porsche is unfortunately still in there. It should’ve made their time in the house that much more exciting!

      So, man up people!




      • Exactly, getting to play with people you watched and were fans of, that would be awesome. Instead they chose to cry foul. Like you said, they had a numbers advantage right off the bat, 8-6, and decided not to use that to their advantage. As it stands, the final three is going to be two ‘newbies’ and two ‘vets’ anyway, so cry me a river Kalia and anyone else with her mentality that this ‘wasn’t fair’. Tired of the newbies vs. vets mentality anyway, that was over a while ago, just play the damn game without stigmas or labels. I didn’t hear any crying when things were going well for them. Can’t have it both ways.

        Lennie I must say, while I hated what Porsche did, they can’t punish her now if they didn’t punish her at the time of incident…that wouldn’t be fair. Unless it was a slap on the wrist, maybe decreasing her payout if she wins the game by 1-5,000 dollars or something. The time has kind of passed to punish her any worse than that. They should’ve, but they didn’t.

      • I know, MJ, it really upsets me that they have chosen to let this slide, specially now that it appears Porsche has a chance to win. I consider it a lack of judgement on CBS and Big Brother’s part. If it were a a game show, there are FCC laws which prohibit cheating or fixing games to anyone’s advantage. I consider what Porsche did extremely dishonest and unsportsmanslike. Our society tolerates alot of bad behavior nowadays. A line has to be drawn somewhere, and I guess I just did that with myself. As a fan of the show, it has really taken away from the enjoyment of it. Fair play is fun to watch. Doctor Will lied and backstabbed, but it was all done in the spirit of the game. Intentionally trying to physically hurt someone is not cool. CBS should have rules against it. They would throw someone else if they hit someone. Isn’t spiking someones’s food with something they don’t know about or need as bad as that? I certainly would be angry as heck if somenone did that to me, or anyone I care about. Not to mention the repercussions of not feeling your best to compete in competitions. Thats wrong! It’s trying to get unfair advantage at the expense of someone else’s health. I refuse to ignore or excuse it. I wouldn’t let my kids get away with it.

    • I voted for Rachel. She deserves it more than the other players because she fought to stay against the odds, against Danielle and her puppets efforts to evict her. Hopefully, she makes it to Final 3. If not, then, I hope she wins America’s player to atleast, get some monies for her efforts.

  56. porsche should be kicked off the show for what she did. i,ve watched big brother for years i will not anymore its a disgrace to keep her on.

  57. Honestly, if she votes off Jordan it is the wrong move. Rachael in an endurance comp? I’ll place money on her…

  58. You guys must not watch the same bb as I do. Houseguest have been hiding peoples stuff and talking crap since day one in bb histroy. Sounds like some of yall are just upset that Jordan will not win this year. Its just a game people. Calm down. They are not going to just make porsche go home and give jordan and racheal the game. Your wasting you time. Get over it already. With that being said, Gooooo Racheal. And Goooo porscha for 2nd! And Jordan, Goooooo to Juryyyy..haha

    • I’ve watched all seasons. I seem to recall that the last time something was put in a toilet….there was a huge issue made out of it. Also, I’ve never seen food tampered with…has that happened before?

  59. Okay, making this comment because I’m with Lennie on this. Porsche should have been penalized WEEKS ago!

    How many times was she yelled at by production for decorating the Have Not room? I lost count.

    Didn’t Porsche nearly poison the HGs? She DID try to put a diuretic into something that would’ve been ingested, which I’m pretty sure Big Brother yelled at her for in the DR.

    Who planted the condom in Adam’s bed? Pretty sure it was Porsche.

    Why were we all asking how Porsche knew what it costs for an abortion? Because she said they should throw a ball at Rachel’s stomach and cause her to have a miscarriage.

    So, all in all, should this be the type of player we really want to see in the game at all, let alone in the Final 2 position? I’m pretty sure a lot of people don’t, probably even more that we don’t know about, like those who avoid the internet because they hate spoilers. Well, that’s what I think anyway. Feel free to disagree.

  60. Wow, I am glad to see there is so much support for Rachel! I have always liked her. Yes, she is quirky, but she is bright , energetic and fun! I hated the way other girls would talk about her , as if America “hated” her. She is the classic underdog. I hope she wins America’s Choice, and is at least in the final two, but I hope she wins. It would be a great “Pie in the Face” to all the “Mean Girls” who would smugly dismiss her and constantly talk smack about her. I love CBS, but this would be a great ending to BB. As I watch Rachel and her silly facial expressions, I am often reminded of another great red-head. Both of them come over as “light-headed” or mis-guided, but they both mean well and fight hard for their “man” and for their goals.

  61. She sounds like a typical bb player to me! Sounds a lot like evil dick, dr will, janelle, boogie, the list goes on! Again I say, its just a game!!! There have been plenty of people on their that were Wayyyyy more mean than porscha and a few of them won the game. So she isn’t gonna be penalized or evicted. Face it! Jordan WILL be evicted tommorow! The game is over for her and jeff. Except for maybe americas player. Soooooo I said it before I will say it again…Goooo Racheal and Porsche for F2! I’m pretty sure that’s how its gonna play out anyway!

  62. Possibly Porsche was not punished because Kalia and Dani were in on alot of the schemes..Especially DANI and they did not want to rock the boat with her or ED..They are both good for ratings..

    • But Rachel won’t? Really? And Rachel has a way better shot at winning Final HOH than Jordan does. If Porsche votes out Jordan she is even dumber than I thought

  63. Porsche does not deserve to win because she played a stupid game. She opened Pandora’s box and it sealed the fate of her alliance. She is only now winning competitions because the winners have pretty much been evicted.

  64. Although a game, BB has become a very accurate and true reflection of how our society has changed since BB1 first aired. The show has elvolved from a bunch of people of various ages and backgrounds, who seemed to care about one another, to a bunch of delussional narcissistic people who will do anything as long as it serves their personal needs and gets them ahead.

    • Big Brother 1 was voted on by the public for evictions and the winner, of course they were nice to one another, they wanted America to like them. Since then though, they have not had to make America like them to win, they just had to make it to the end with someone that they rest of their cast hated more.

      • Then there’s next year’s big twist – get in the usual narcissists and liars and change the votes so that America’s back in control. See what they do then when they have to impress the viewers, who see everything now. That’d be a game worth watching.

        Or for a Pandora’s box twist, have the biggest liar win HOH that week and when they open it, they find that they will win money, but only if they don’t lie for a set period of time, like a week. Now THAT would be good! Can you imagine if Shelly or Natalie from BB11 had been in that position? LOL

  65. Lennie. I agree with you. BB has let Porsche get by taking Rachels dog, but Rachel had to put it back!!!????? Porsche rode everyones tails and came in 2nd.The comments about Rachel alone was sick. I so hope she takes Rachel but we shall see. Going to vote for my girl Jordan and a few to Rachel.

  66. If Rachel makes it to the final 2 she wins hands down. As she was the best player.

    If its Adam and Porche in the final 2, well that would suck. Two of the worst BB players in history who did nothing, with the exception of the last 2 weeks.

    None of these players would be considered part of a BB AllStars

    • I don’t think Rachel would beat Jordan in the final 2. Jordan did nothing in comps, but has a great social game, people like her, a lot. On the other hand you have Rachel, who has told almost every jury member in the goodbye video “f you, I don’t want/need your jury vote!”

  67. Oh and total wrong move to evict Jordan. First they hasn’t won anything this season and second, I am not sure if she is in the final 2 she wins again. Who wants to give her the money again? That said, if she is up against Porshe or Adam in the final 2 she may win again because those two suck

  68. Spoiler Alert… do not read this backward if you do not wish to see this spoiler:
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  69. I’m Happy that P won the Veto. Say what you want about her but, she comes through in the clutch! I would like her to win it all. I wasn’t happy that the vets came back this year(That said, I am a Daniele fan). The vets got a bigger stipend than the newbs as well. And it really seemed to me that when J&R were just about out the door, BB customized the comps to suit Rachel…and the pandora’s box that brought back duos…I know, P didn’t have to open it; But really?….Everyone opens it. And Jordan talks about floaters…She wrote the book.

  70. I don’t like Porsche, that girl is suspect! However she did win the PoV when she needed to. I’m just not a fan of hers!

  71. I have a question…

    I don’t remember if in the past seasons the second place gets anything, do they?

  72. I would love to see Porche and Rachel at the end. I like Jordan but really she didn’t do anything all year and would win in the end like she did before. As for Adam I totally think he is a waste. The way he bounces and hasn’t made any decisions unless it was cleared with Jeff first, no respect for him, I don’t even think he should get the second place 50k. Kalia nailed it when she said play like a player not a fan.

  73. I can’t for the life of me understand why anyone that isn’t friends or family of Adam or Porsche would want them to win. Adam did nothing. Porsche didn’t do much either and you can just tell she is as rotten outside the house as she is inside. I was not a fan of Brenchel but I’m rooting for Rachel because of the people left she is the only one that has really played the game the whole summer. I love Jordan and think she is a great player even if she doesn’t win comps because of her social game but she needed to come through and didn’t. So I find myself hoping Rachel pulls it out. I can’t see how Porsche wins against her. If Adam won the next comp I could see him maybe but I think the jury will vote for Rachel because of her game play.

  74. Vote Rachel for Americas favorite. She was Americas favorite ( I feel ) so she deserves the money that goes with it. Go Rachel and win it all. :0)

  75. i am happy for porchea, she had to wait 4 weeks to play and helped rachel and brandon then they turned their back on her and went with jeff and jordan, she thewn went to the other side with dani and then she got to start to play and did well, she needs to get rid of jordan, she may be cute but, she is really DUMB let her go to the jury house with that BULLY boy friend of hers. he is still mad although it was his own faught that he threw out the CLOWN SHOE and lost the game. he needs to get a job and stop playing reality shows with jordan. go porchea.

    • Brendon and Rachel did not turn their back on Porsche. Porsche went over to Danielle’s side after Danielle threatened her with eviction when Kalia was HOH! She allowed herself to be manipulated like a puppet by Danielle and she is still a puppet because she has to decide if Danielle will approve of her moves! LOL

    • First of all Kitty, learn how to spell,Capitalize, leave spaces and type in paragraphs.
      Secondly, you sound like a guy thinking with his other head when you stick up for Porshe. All you guys are. Come on, you know you are.
      Lastly, If Jeff is making money from CBS or anyone else then what’s wrong with that? Plus, Jeff and Jordan do work, do you?

      • we are not getting graded for the way we type who cares. but i agree with what you are saying about the rest (i get an F for my typing lol)

  76. If Jordan goes home, which honestly is Porsche’s dumbest move yet, GO RACHEL! I like Jeff and Jordan but if Porsche is going to vote out Jordan wow ok DUMB MOVE! Rachel is kick ass in competitions, plus I would rather see Adam and Rachel final two! Adam stayed true to his alliance as did Rachel. Porsche well her alliance is gone! Go Rachel

    • i think Jordan ready to go be with Jeff anyway. She can get americas fav. Jeff won money allready this season. GO RACHEL

  77. I love Jordan, but RACHEL yes Rachel deserves to win!!! The rest have been sliding by, never thought I would be rooting for Rachel!!!!!

  78. If Porsche doesn’t evict Rachel, she can kiss the $500k goodbye. She will become one of the dumbest HGs ever.

    • I agree 100%. If Porsche does not get rid of Rachel right now she is going to win the whole show. Rachel vs. Adam and Porsche for final HOH?
      Really, no way in hell Rachel doesn’t win that, evict Porsche and beat Adam with Jury votes.

    • Pretty sure Porsche is playing for second place, regardless. Think about it. Jordan has Jeff, Brendon, Rachel, and Adam (he put Porsche up, didn’t he?). Rachel has Brendon, Jordan, Jeff, Adam (alliance member) and likely Dani (who said she wanted a competitor to win this game). Adam has Jeff, Jordan, Rachel, and Brendon. Any way you look at it, Porsche’s coming in second.

  79. Maybe she”s playing Adan too for splitting up their alliance. I remember her telling Kalia if she had the chance to evict Adam she would. But unfortunately he won HOH so she never got the chance. It would be a great move if that is what she is doing.

  80. @kitty……..U r so right,J is a pretty girl,but not the “”brighteSt ligHt””(lol). I think once she runs out all her money she won, Jeff will eventually dump her. Watch how anGry Jeff is gonna b when J walks into the Jury House. Did u see how he was ready to kick S butt when he was questioning her @ the Jury house,(I did like how S cut him off when he was talkn, she said “I guess u didnt think I was smart?”, meaning she knew he wouldnt take her to F2″)..haha(lol)……..Go Rachel!!

    • @raspberry- You better watch out the JJ fans will bash u for that. I shod know, they did it to me ! Lol ! I just don’t get the fascination with “big Jeff” (what he likes 2 call himself) gag me ! He likes to give it out, but dear Lord do it 2 him and he cries foul.

  81. I’m rooting for Shelly….oh, wait….nevermind. Seriously though, I have a question: Why was Porsche not allowed to tell Adam who she was going to evict? Don’t they do that all the time in there, week after week?

  82. So odd, you’d think Porsche has a much better chance of making it to the final 2 competition and winning with Jordan/Adam than Rachel/Adam. She has 0 chance of beating Rachel in the endurance comp and I highly doubt she’d beat Adam in the House Guest question comp.

    With Jordan, she almost guarantess herself the endurance comp win. Taking Rachel to the F3 only makes it harder for you to be in the final 2 comp.

    Also, I don’t see her winning the 500k at all if she is F2 with Rachel and it’s a toss up with Adam. I think with Jordan, she has a much better chance of winning the 500k.

  83. I totaly agree…Portia should definaetly be punished for what she tried to do to HARM other player’s……….that is serious…why didn’t they do something…instead guess they just gave her a slap on the hand….She does not deserve to win for what she done…No one should be allowed to do something like that……….She is EVIL…….watch out world, stay away from Portia…wonder what her Daddy think’s about her????? Go ADAM or Rachel……Rachel fought hard and deserve’s to WIN over everyone……………..

      • Porsch has decorated the Have Not room (and been yelled at repeatedly), put a diuretic in the Benefiber container, talked about hurting Rachel when they thought she was pregnant… She’s basically a bitch.

  84. So let’s take a look at this season.

    1) New players who had never played the game nor did they know one another.

    2) In walks seasoned players who HAD played the game before.

    3) The seasoned players who walked in to play also had a partner they HAD played with before.

    4) The new HGs who had never played before then were paired off with people they did not know.

    5) The wtists were basically predictable.

    6) The competitions were basically predictable.

    The excitement generated by the new HGs was over shadowed by the Seasoned HGs. The seasoned HGs were not only given an easier time of it BUT they were not playing ALLSTARS ~ had they been playing ALLSTARS (with no new HGs) likely the ones now still in the house would not be still in the house.

    Three cheers to CBS production (not) for having the worst entertainment of the summer. BRAVO TV got more viewership this summer.

    • If the newbies had brains at all, they would have stuck firmly together against the veterans. They outnumbered them!

      If you think the show was so terrible, why did you watch all this time? Also, you’re completely wrong about the viewership. Bravo only wishes it got the numbers BB does. In fact, BB is up in both total viewers and 18-49 viewers over last year.

      • I believe that if the newbys were on yop of their game they would have united together on day one and created one alliance amongst them to oust the vets one by one.
        The vets have already had their opportunity at the big prize, now it’s time for the newbies to have their shot at it.
        I believe that an agreement should have been made amongst them that when all the vets were eliminated they would all go on to pursue their own alliances and game play.

      • Rita, I have to agree with you. I do not understand investing all the time a season of BB takes if a viewer thinks the show stinks!

        The only part of this season I saw as a major fail was the “golden key”. It essentially prohibited the HG who *earned* it from playing a pro-active game. The EvelDick debacle really screwed everything up too.

        13 has been a fun summer diversion for me…and I am looking forward to tonight’s live show.

      • You can blame Cowlia and Shelly for the newbies NOT sticking together. They were the first to jump ship!!!!

      • y would any1 keep rachel? she is so much stronger in any endurance competitions. jordan has not won anything so your chances of winning final HOH would be stronger against adam and jordan. wouldn’t it?

    • people talk about certain people crying and that r was the best of the best but look at tonight she is crying again because she didnt win .everytine that girl doesnt win or her group doesnt have control she crys so quit talking about the other players

  85. Porshe is a waist of space Jeff said it best she just woke up on day 50 and Adam may not have won much but he was social and stood on Jeffs side the whole time Porshe has bounced around so much like she probably does guys, if Porshe is in the final two it’s not worth watching. JOB VIP Waitress is that the Florida way of saying call girl at least in Vegas they call them what they are.

    • I agree with you but it will be Rachel, Adam and Porsche fighting for the final HOH and I think when it comes to endurance it will be Rachel and Porsche than second round it will be Rachel winning the face match up and final will be Rachel and Adam

      Thats my opinion. LOL Rachel to win $500k and Adam or Porsche $50k

      • Dear God let it be Adam getting the $50k NOT Porsche and Rachel winning it. We do not need a hooker (call girl?) winning that much money!! She would have no idea what to do with it except… and blow it!

    • Jeff is just being a baby, he treated people in the house awful and when he finally got evicted he whined and stamped his feet.. I hope never to see him in another big brother again

  86. i wish when P got ready to vote Julie comes on and say sorry P your out because of the crap she did with the food. I know wont happen but that would be funny and P would deserve it. Julie could say one last time expect the unexpected.

    • I agree. There should be some type of ramification for doing such an awful thing as sabotaging someones food!! That could have done alot of damage.

  87. @Steve, In regards to your question about skanky Porsche, she put Benefiber in the protein shakes when certain HG’s were on slop.Benefiber can give you abdominal cramps, diarehha, (not sure how to spell that) all of which Jordan had one night a few weeks ago when she was on slop, she kept running to the bathroom every 1/2 hour, wondering why she was going so much. All production did was call her in the DR and make her throw the container of slop she contaminated and the Benefiber. I believe Dani and others were in on it too, but Porsche was the main culprit. She needs to leave the show and go back with her sugar daddies who take care of her, she is gross. Wore the same clothes over and over all summer long, I got so tired of looking at those velour pant suits, I could scream and that long skirt she always wore, you could see her thong right thru it, Pray to God she does not win this thing.

    • Amen to that! She is pittiful and I can’t believe she did that..She does not deserve to win and anyone who is in on it!! What a shame…Even after getting new clothes she couldn’t take the stupid pants off and another thing girls hair was always dirty! Ugh pray she does not win it

      • Porsche should have been removed from the game. I heard the tape was sent to the California AG’s office tampering with food that someone gets sick is a crime. CBS and/or production should have stopped J from eating it. I think that J should and very well could file suit. This should never happen and should never been allowed. It does not matter who the players are.

      • OK, porksha is a “VIP Cocktail Waitress” right?! She should be banned from ever working in the food service industry again! Fricking heffer tampered with someone else’s food!!!! She did it knowing that she was being watched 24/7. What wouldn’t she do if she thinks she’s not being watched?!!
        This absolutely NEEDS some attention! She should be forced to pay back her winnings(if she does) along with an apology!
        Her apology should begin with,
        “My name is Porksha, I’m the heffer that tampered with someone else’s food….”

      • Absolutely Right!! She should have been thrown off the show for doing something like that. She is really very evil, because there were alot of other things she wanted to do but Dani told her not to. In fact she wanted to destroy the stuffed animal of Rachels (that her mother gave her)before giving it back to her. Actually Shelly was in on that one too; she hide it behind the toilet. This group of girls (Dani, Porsche, Cowlia, Shelly) were all “Mean Girls”!!!!

    • @Lynn,
      By your standards Jeff should have been thrown out as well for hitting Dominic in the head with whatever it was he threw at him (Dominic) while sleeping. How does that work for you?

      • @DGold,
        Throwing a pillow at someone while they are sleeping is a little different from contaminating food that has the potential to really harm someone.

      • He threw several things and they were not all pillows. Futhermore assault is assault whether it’s a pillow or a hammer. So apply your hypocritical rules evenly.

    • Oh please, everyone is acting like it was strict 9 for christ sakes. I seem to remember one year a cast memeber put another cast members toothbrush in the toilet that could really make someone sick and that is when production stepped in, but they didn’t toss the person from the game. So get off it already.

      • Just because they SHOULD have evicted that toothbrush person but did not does not mean that they should not have evicted Porsche for her horrible behavior.

      • Please, Evel Dick poured ice tea over Jen’s head and all the other stuff he did. Please it was a prank and just because someone say’s they are going to do something doesn’t mean they are like her saying she is going to kick her in the stomach or whatever she said. Give it up. Words are Words actions are different. What a little benefiber half of them are full of Shit anyway it will be good to clean it out!

      • Actions speak louder than words.

        And Benefiber can have harmful effects on Irritable Bowel Syndrome if not taken in careful measurements.

      • Last year, one of the HG kept breaking BB rules, BB never dis anything. If they aren’t going to enforce them, why have them. Rachel totally changed after Brenden left. If J can’t win, I sincerely hope that R does. It would be nice for BB to host RB’s wedding. BTW– The guy that constantly yells at the HGs on the live feeds & BBAD needs to have an attitude adjustment. He sounds so mean.

    • Oh please Benefibet is nothing but a laxative, it’s not harmful and can be taken everyday. Y’all make it worst than what it really was. Get over it, they didn’t make her leave the house nor did she get penalized-time to move on! It wasn’t poison!

      • It can be to a person who overdoses. Overuse of Benefiber or laxatives in general can cause damage too your muscles, nerves, and tissues in your intestines and bowel.

      • It may not be deadly, but could easily affect the outcome of a comp. When there’s $500,000 at stake, that should be a punishable action. Just when would BB draw a line. Has BB ever punished anyone besides Chyma? She gave BB no choice but to kick her out. BB trivia experts please weigh in!!! Thanks!

      • Big Brother has expelled three competitors from the game in the past.

        Justin from BB2 due to failure to comply with the rules and his violent tendencies (the final straw being when he threatened to slit Krista’s throat).

        Scott from BB4 after his ex entered the house on Day 8.

        Chima from BB11 due to her bad behavior (including property damage to a microphone that she deliberately threw in the pool, BB had to call Alison Gradner to come and get her out because she refused to report to the diary room).

  88. NOOOOOOOO not Porshe(gag) I think I might be sick! OMG please put a twist in here get the sleep walkers out!!!Rachel deserves it way above any of the others! I wanted Rachel n Jordan to go head to head to see how the others really felt but I guess thats outta the question!!

    • You seriously think Jordan wasn’t a sleeper. Get real. If you compare comps won, Rachel, Adam and yes Porsche have her beat hands down. Yes, yes, I know that Jordan is a sweet girl and America loves, just as I do, but facts are facts.

    • I totally agree. Porksha is the worst person to even think about winning. Especially when she teamed up with Kawlia!!! Rock on Rachel and Jordan!!

  89. I have to agree with some of the other house guests.Porche should have been evicted a long time ago by BB.She tried to make other house guests sick with the drink she made,and the comment she made about Rachel was way out of line.That was two seperate occations that she should hhave been escorted out of the house.WHATS UP BB,PAY ATTENTION!And i believe that Rachel is the only person left in the house who deseves to win.”GO Rachel”,and Jordan should win Americas Choice.BB it’s not too late to put Porsche out of the house.Then you won’t even have to have the veto meeting.I hope Rachel remins in the house and wins final HOH!Jordan you have my vote for AC.

    • By your standards Jeff should have been thrown out as well for hitting Dominic in the head with whatever it was he threw at him (Dominic) while sleeping.

      • We’ve all ready established that throwing a pillow and causing a potential overdose are two completely different things. Move on, Dom didn’t even care!

      • @DGold,
        It’s not that serious.. but if saying I’m hypocritical makes you feel better, go ahead :D

    • I don’t think she should have been evicted over that, however, she should have been made to go on slop and eat the slop that she contaminated with benefiber.

  90. F2 Porche/Adam Adam wins (BRJJ vs DK S could go either way)
    F2-Porche/Rachel Rachel wins(BJJA vs K DS could vote either way)
    F2-Adam/Rachel Rachel wins (BJJDKPS KPS will vote however Dani Votes)
    $500.000 Rachel
    $50.000 Adam
    $25.000 Jordan/Dani (Brendon and Jeff were bullys,Porche,Kaila & Adam were Floaters and Shelly was just plain bad.)
    $25.000 Keith Not, Lawon Not, Cassi was not in the house long enough, Dominic Maybe?
    Personally, I am hoping Rachel pulls it off,I would hate to see Adam or Porche win over her and if you were to ask me that at the beginning of the season I would have voted Rachel out right away. I actually was rooting for Dani in the beginning.

    • Dani sits in the jury house with negative comments all the time and the guys just ignore her. Whatever she is a spoiled brat! Glad she is gone…there is no way Porsche will win this. I want Rachel but will take Adam too as long as P doesnt win.

      • I agree 100%…Dani is a neg. brat I could care less to ever see again along with her puppets!!Go Rachel & Love ya Jordan your blonde moments make me feel good!!

  91. Go Porshe you are the best player i see in BB13.
    Adam is the bad palyer in this house he plays like baby an fallow Jordan all time. Rachel is ugly women and i don’t think so the JAR will be the winner that all.

    • just because someone is unattractive is not a reason to win or not….its about game play and P did nothing.

    • Porsh the best player in BB13 “NOT” Just what the hell did she do except follow Dani like a puppy. She thinks she is cute “NOT” what a dog. She is so jealous of Jordan winning before,that has nothing to do with why she should’nt win this year. By the way I think Jordan is so much more better looking then Porsh could ever think of being. She needs do to alot of work on herself 1st get going on getting those BIG Saddle bags taken care off,not pretty at all. 2nd her grooming has alot to be desired. So jojo maybe you your self should have a good long look in the mirror if you think that highly of Porsh. What a LOOSER!!!!!

      • You are so jealous all of you. Porshe play like professionaire She never crys when she lose and she’s always calm and laugh. but JR are dum like animals and Adam too.

      • Porkche does not know where her shoulder is. So if Jordan is dumb, what does that make Porkche?

    • P is not the best player in the game you must be a friend or family rachel not the most beautiful girl in the world but she is not ugly at all. Go Rachel

    • jojo….what are you 5 years old? That’s how you write. Better get spell check on your computer, it might help…..LOL

  92. I think Porsche would be making a huge mistake to keep Jordan purely because of jury votes. Rachel, yet AGAIN, left a snarky message for Kalia (see interview on saying she was not her friend and “a cow cannot change its spots” which even I believe Rachel intended to call her fat which is not cool if you are looking for jury votes. Now, I also believe P does not hate R as much as she claimed (see her HOH blog) and they did have a friendship early in the season and Rachel’s calmer behavior has benefited her with those in the house who have not gotten a snarky message. Also, I believe Porsche thinks R would take her to F2 over Adam since she knows R likes “competitors” and Adam really is not one…Yea, he won the last HOH and 2nd to last POV but big deal…he beat 3 women-2 of whom are worthless in comps. I also think P is thinking of jury votes and she probly believe she would beat rachel….and she may be right. Rachel would have Brendon, Jeff, Jordan and possibly Adam and even Dani…Porsche would get Shelly and Kalia and if Dani could not stomach voting for Rachel then Dani’s. Adam would come to be the toss up vote in the case and I ultimately am not sure who he would vote for. Game wise, he’d vote R, personal, Porsche.

    Jordan only had a social game which was not hard but Big Brother is not just a social game. Period. When she had to win something, she couldn’t. Period. She does not deserve to win this time. Period. I am a Jordan fan – because of her social game and her seemingly good heart – that does not mean she deserves another 500K for it. I believe Rachel deserves the money….IF she pulls out the next comp in the HOH…Winning at the end means everything. Adam and Porsche have each won a very important comp – if R stays and can win the next one, she should win. If she can’t, then she doesn’t. I will vote for her for America’s player because she it the empitamy of a BB player, love her or hate her.

      • Sabrina yeah the hell J does. She got everyones R to the point to where she had a chance to win!

    • I wouldn’t even say that Jordan has a social game. That’s just her pleasant personality. A good social game player is not only friendly, but also directs the conversation or his or her advantage. Jordan is just a friendly, likeable person who didn’t necessarily play others to bring about her desired outcome.

  93. Wasn’t Chima evicted for refusing to put her mike on?
    And here we have Porsha making bodily threath to another HG and spiking foods and nothing happens?
    Also Danielle told Porsha not to evict Rachel to take her to the end because nobody will vote for her So hopefully dutifull Porsha will evict Jordan because thats what Danny will have wanted

      • BS… That’s how they play then good. Threats? There have been COUNTLESS Threats by players on previous season. What a waste of space to put in here.

      • Ellablue means the whole “let’s cause Rachel to miscarry” conversation that they had after Jeff left.

      • she up there on the top of my least favorite she was a big baby things didnt go her way she threw a fit she forgot except the unexcepted and twist

    • You guys need to go back and play that conversation again that involved the “physical threat” that you claim Porsche made. It was actually Adam that made this comment and Porsche just said that it would save Rachel $400.

      • i thought it was shelly who made the comment. idk i think thats what someone blog when it happened

      • Morty’s page said that Porsche suggested the competition should be something a “pregnant chick” can’t play in, Adam suggested something that threw balls that could hit them in the stomach. He didn’t actually threaten Rachel, just made a suggestion. Porsche then chimed in that it would save her the 400 for the abortion. So basically, they’re all guilty because no one told them to shut up and not talk that way.

  94. I think p is stupid to evvict jordan because many people said in the beginning that they would not give her the money twice. If p or adam go up against rachelle i dont think they will win because even though not alot of people liked her, she did play a better game than both p and adam. Just shows how much p did sleep this season…stupid

  95. Who did Adam put up for eviction? And, how did Porsche win the POV comp–like, what was the comp? I hope Rachel gets to stay. Go Rachel. I lover her!

  96. I am sorry but did I hear Porcshe threatened someone twice and was spiking drinks……hello what is the show thinking. She should be gone!!! They wouldnt even tolerate this in a school…the police would be called

    • Based on that, Jeff should have been kicked out WAAAY back after debasing himself about Dumbledore from Harry Potter being Gay for being “locked up the whole summer with Students” Clearly not taught about social tolerance.

  97. I’d better stock up on some No-Doz and coffee in case P wins. That woman has zero personality and any interview with her would put me to sleep.

  98. Yay…to all the haters out there porksha oh no let me correct you Porsha is in the final 3. What you gotta say about that now?

  99. I’m I the only one who doesn’t understand why Porsche is keeping Rach? Look how many comps she’s won and how hard she fought to stay. I think the jury will pick her to win against Porsche. What an idiot. If they were smart they would take Jordan bc she’s going to come in second bc she already won and hasn’t done that much this game.

    • I agree mel. Porshe is making a mistake taking Rachael to finale three. I really think this whole season was geared for Rachael to win. I would really love to hear the DR conversations with production. Is Production making it worth their while to not evict Rachael???? The newbies have made such obviously stupid decisions this season. It cannot be for real.

  100. I am glad Poesche won the veto. She is young and she was used by Rachel and then when Rachel was acting irrationally she went to the other side. She gets a bad edit. If you watch her at night she is quick witted and she really tried with all the houseguest. She worked hard in the kitchen eating and cooking.
    At first she was a friend to Rachel and adam when no one else would talk to them.
    She was the first to see shelly lies. Actually,she has played smart. She has come in second place many times. I also was wondering if she threw the last hoh.
    She is not my first choice— But she is not near as bad as people are making her out to be.
    Jordan was horrible to her. If Jordan had been a little nicer to her she would not vote her out. Benifiber is not pioson . It is like oatmeal. I was never sure she did that or she had a good story. I know she pretended to do it and it made a good story.

    • I would be willing to bet that MOST of these people that are saying how bad a player Porsche is, are JeJo fans. Yesterday the comments were all positive, saying go Rach/Jord. Now they are only praising Rachel and bashing Porsche.

      • I have to agree with both of you here.

        Although never a Rach fan, I think she gets props for lasting this long too.

        But given what we have left I think Porsche has overcome the most. She started as a newbie with a perv for a partner who was gone before the paint dried. You have good points about her reaching out too.

        It’s hard for me to believe that she is picking to keep Rachel tho. I have thought from day 1 that if I could choose anyone to go against for the F2 it would be Jordan. Anyone would be stupid to give someone 500k just for being nice, oh wait, I mean AGAIN that is.

  101. During the first part of the 3 part HOH is usually endurance. Now will we get to see that play out on the live feeds after tonights show or no? Also, I think Rachel, if she stays, has a very good chance of going to final 2. Didnt Adam say one time, that he wanted to go toe to toe with Rachel and prove that he can beat her? I dont know if he was referring to taking her to the final 2 or if that was about something different. I just remember him saying that before. Porsche would be stupid to keep Rachel because she is good at both endurance and questions and she could probably beat both Adam and Porsche at both or either one. Heres hoping Rachel goes all the way and wins!!!

    • Porsche will never win the questions round though, and she really isn’t very good at endurance comps at all. I’m not being a hater I’m being honest when I say Porsche stands a slim chance at winning the final HOH. I mean she only got 2 out of 5 questions from the ft right. She was out before Shelly and Kalia in the ski slope comp, and she only hung on to the dummy for 18 mins. So what it boils down to is, should she put her trust in Jordan or Rachel? And who she thinks Adam is more likely to take to F2 if he wins. Her or Jordan? It will definitely be Jordan and Porsche knows this, it was the first thing she whispered tto Adam lastnight. She said “I know you and Jordan are really close, and Rachel and Jordan are really close and if Jordan had won the Veto, id be going home.” So, in evicting Jordan(assuming she sticks to her word)she will be evicting the common denominator. That’s a very smart move, because even in the jury house now there will be a difference in votes.

  102. I wanna see…… MARCUS ANIMELLARSEN NITABEA DUDAN SCOTT FABIO HERSELF GAIL and the rest of your “dani clan” cry fixed now! Or no wait, that’ll be next week when rachel wins the final HOH and the entire show! Lmao. But in all honesty, this is the best move for porsche, yeah rachel will most likely beat porsche in the FHOH, but I think Adam would as well. We all saw how horrible Porsche is at question comps all season there is a very slim chance she will win round3 of that Fhoh. However her best chance of making it to final 2 is to keep Rachel, Adam will hands down take Jordan to. F2 if he wins. I think there is a slight possibilty Rachel may actually take Porsche if she wins. I also think no matter what decision Porsche makes, she’s setting herself up for nothing better than 50k(which is still good)

    • I just can’t fathom Porksha going any further than 3rd. She can’t win a HOH and she was also a good buddy of Dani!! Porksha’s fate should be the same!! Enjoy the Jury House!!You can even hook up with your BFF Dani!! It should be Rachel all the way!! Jordan will be 2nd!!

    • LOL @vet fan. None of them are crying “fixed”, “rigged” etc now. It’s just like Cowlia crying “It’s so UNFAIRRR!”. I’ve accepted the fact that either R or J will be going home so I’m really hoping that if A or R wins HOH, they’ll send Porkche to the jury house. Then the “mean girls” can all praise each other how “awesome” they are. If R/J ends up 3rd and 4th then I hope one of them wins the 25K.

    • Honestly I don’t care about who wins big brother this season, everybody who’s left doesn’t deserve to win.
      Watching either the biggest BITCH of the house rachel, or the dumb blonde who has done nothing all season but call people floaters even though she is a coatailer get evicted, will taste so sweet.

      Dani is winning for fan fav, go check other sites, everyone wants her to win it :)

  103. Go Rachel……….love you all the way. Stay strong, haters will always hate. My life and the way ppl pick on you and join forces is a mirror image of mine.

    • Isn’t it pathetic? She doesn’t do anything to anyone. Look at will and boogy and evel dick. They were as cocky as it comes, but just because she’s a female, she “isn’t allowed” to be cocky. I love Rachel, loved her last season too. Feel like this. Is her shot, she has to win!

      • I agree — I sure do want Rachel to win — and if Jordan has to go, then Adam to come in second.

        Porsche getting any money out of this would be a terrible joke — and would make me seriously think about never watching BB again.
        I really do not like that BB let her get away with putting the benefiber in the slop. Plus, it was like Jeff said, she waited 50 days before even trying to play to the game.

      • oh yeah for sure she doesnt do anything to anyone right? thats why she called kalia a cow in her goodbye message. now im not a huge kalia fan but thats crossing the line and she leaves nasty goodbye messages for pretty much everyone in the house so yeah she doesnt do anything

      • OH DON’T EVEN PLAY THE WOMEN CARD. Roachel was,is, and will forever be a cry baby, runs in a bush, bitch.
        Evil dick,will,and boogey were hilarious and likeable unlike roachel

    • i totally agree ….rachel is a sweetheat but in a wierd way ….really like her …if i was living in the same town with her …i will offer her a lifetime friendship….. i hope she will get the money….ans adam in the second palce …because hate to see this porche thing getting any crap from there….i feel like she will steal me …

    • Nope. Check the article above for it’s “Update” where it says Porsche plans to evict Jordan. That means Rachel is going to stay. Unless Porsche changes her mind today which could happen but probably not.

  104. No No No No not Porsche in the final two. This is terrible, awful, the worst that could happen. The final three at this point should be Adam, Jordan, and Rachel. Rachel was the competitor, player. Adam and Jordan played a social game. Porche on the other hand, well, just what kind of game did she play??? What is Dani going to think when Porsche makes it to the final two? Dani told Kahlia that Porsche was only going to be on the show for a few weeks to get some exposure, that Porsche didn’t care about winning the money. Even though Porsche has made it this far, honestly, she acts like she has no idea what is really going on. I agree with the others who say she should be kicked out for putting benefiber in the slop. That was potentially dangerous, if not possibly illegal. Outside of BB house if you did something like that, you would be arrested. This is so wrong.

  105. HA i’m just glad that it’ll be a newbie vs. vet in the f2 and i couldn’t be happier although i didn’t like wretchel last season she did rub off on me after waaaandon left but she’ll get second place and either adam or porche will get the votes to win 500K!!! GO ADAM OR PORSCHE!!!

  106. I still think CBS should do something about Porsha’s antics. It should have been done immediately when it happened. I think the only reason she was made to throw it out was because of all the backlash. Because next time a hg could take it farther and then argue nothing was done when porsha did it. This has nothing to do with RJ being on the block. I had wanted RP f2 weeks ago before she hooked up with dani.

    • no now they will have to make a new rule for people just incase someone would be that stupid and childish.

  107. @DGold, mind your own business, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, throwing a pillow is not nearly as bad as someone spiking someone’s food. Benefiber can cause serious side effects, which obviously it did. How does that work for YOU!! Go away.

    • Why don’t you try actually watching the footage. It’s a TV show, so it’s whomever’s business that chooses to watch it. Grow up and deal with the facts. Jeff assaulted someone. He showed what a bully he truly is.

  108. For all of us Rachel fans, Por evicting Jor is a blessing because if given the chance, rach would not get rid of Jordan. If it would have been RJ in the final 2, Jor would have won. Go Rach BB13 winner.

  109. I agree with all the comments about Porsche…I was so disheartened to read that she had won the final POV, I did not want her in the final 3! I do hope what I read is correct as far as Jordan being evicted and not Rachel. I love Jordan and wish Adam or Porsche would be evicted instead, but she’s won before and I do think that Rachel ultimately deserves to win because she and Brendan were the houseguests with the biggest targets on them this season and last season too (they deserved to win last season as well).

    I was glad to see Kalia go, I thought it was rather funny her crying and carrying on so much the way that she was so flippant when it came to HER evicting various houseguests, she showed no respect or class whatsoever then! Karma, I guess…it sickens me that Porsche and Adam have made it so far, neither one of them deserve it, I would have much rather had Danielle in the finals even though I never liked her, at least she did “play” and not “float”. Adam is such an annoying, blithering idiot, what does his girlfriend see in him? And what is with his pathological obsession with BH 90210 and Tori Spelling – she had better watch out for him! There are TV shows I love and watch all the time, but I’m not that obsessive over them…

    Not only should Porsche had been evicted because of the food tampering, when she leaves the house, she ought to be arrested for it. Sounds like a felony to me!

    I wondered the same thing as far as Porsche being a VIP cocktail waitress, if that was “code” for being a call girl or a lap dancer or some such thing…she looks (and acts) the part! Say what you will about Rachel, she may be sexy but she is intelligent as well, much more so than the skanky Porsche! And what kind a name is “Porsche” – is that her stripper stage-name?

    I’m gonna get flamed on this, but I would have to say that Rachel is my favorite BB player of all the seasons I’ve watched (I have not watched all of them but plan to since I have all the seasons on DVD). I love her spirit…

  110. Personally I think Porsche is making a big , big mistake by keeping Rachael over Jordan. Rachel WILL win next competition and will probably win the game over Adam. Jordan just can’t windpipe so why would Porsche even risk it with ravhael. No a good game move. Hate to see Porsche win anything !

  111. I want to see Porsche or Rachel in the final two, hoping one of them sending coat-tail riding Adam home packing. Jordon, I believe is greedy for the money because she already won once before, the other two haven’t, and, also she rode on Jeff and Rachel’s back carried her this far.

  112. so the final is rachel adam porsche like to go with adam he played a good sociaL GAME FLYING UNDR RADAR DOING WHAT HE HAD TO GOING ALONG WITH WHO HE HAD TO then he wins the biggest ones at the end what a summer for him but i still think rachel played the best all year so many times she was gone but she survived maybe aftere her bb career comes to a close this yeare they should send her to surbivor and other reality game shows

  113. I have been a fan of BB since S01, but if Rachel goes and piggy porsha gets herself to final 2 then I’m done with this show! Rachel use to get on my nerves but she has smartened up (attitude wise) and she has always been and is a real competitor.

    • I am not sure what is wrong with people on here thinking rachel is a normal person. He does not deserve to win this game at all . She is not a good overall bb player . One of the worst social games of all time in both seasons. She was a total bitach . He didn’t win many comps this season , just recently when they were geared for her. She is a 16 yr in a 26 yr old stripper body. At least what she shows on tv, outside of the bb house she might be different but in that gam she doesn’t deserve to win. Jordan has done nothing in this game she woke up on day 50 something after Jeff left and actually played the game going into the hh room with Rachel. Outside of that being nice is not a social game. She wasnt that nice either… Adam has been the nicest person actually. Just hasnt win many comps but better ten Jordan. Porche has done a few bad things but overall she has been a target since she joined team dani. Dani was a great player but put too much pressure on herself and overplayed the game.

      I think there is no correct way tonplay the game. To each their own if you win in your season then you played well. That’s the ultimate goal anyways . No one plays to make friends and have a good time on tv for 3 months. Maybe lawon but everyone plays for the money . In sports , in any comp with money unforunatey it all comes down to money first and everythin else is a bonus. If the prize for bb was 50k no one would play or care . Not about the game the “friendships” the experience.

      I think overall porche should win if not Adam. Rachel or Jordan don’t deserve it. This season started off well but it has been pretty bad lately and it’s been hard to watch. This is what everyone I been talking to about the show has been saying so I think I am not alone.

      Let’s hope bb14 makes a big comeback!! All new hgs strong enough to play the comps

  114. Matt (BBN), what is your opinion of the Benefiber incident? Should Porsche have been penalized for it? Is it too late to do anything about it this season, or is it something Big Brother will have to take into account for next season?

    *PS – just because Morty’s page rocks doesn’t mean yours doesn’t! :)

  115. Reality_Junkies Reality Show Junkies
    President’s speech tonight should not impact Big Brother. He told NFL fans not to worry, and kickoff begins 30 mins before BB.

  116. I dont believe Porsche intensionally tried to hurt anyone on slop, she’s too immature to understand the consequences of benefiber to someone’s system! Adam was blindsided & starstruck (says Kalea) she was right! He never saw the light before the tunnel, he floated right into the water! Porsche fell right into the hands of Rachel “the warrior’s web! Everyone had the chance to take her out & they blew it! Danielle & Kalea were the only smart bees, to see thru the web of deception! And your right about the Veterans (the pairs) against the single new bees! Very onesided to begin with! BB knew what they were doing! This was a twist of all twists!

  117. Rachel doesn’t deserve to win the money, she carried & used Jordan to the last minute, knowing Jordan couldn’t get out of her own way, R took advantage of J & J didn’t know it. Did anyone notice the glitzy designer clothes R wore, the studs, sequins & beads to upstage everyone and the rest wore tee shirts & jogging suits & looked like Slop! Who told her how to dress?? There should be a dress code, same for all, next time!!! Rachel is & always will be, full of herself & actually saying, this is Rachels game!!! Now, we have last minute game play with Adam & Porsche playing cards & talking strategies at end of today’s show, sorry guys, you snooze you lose, it’s the 59th day wake up & smell the roses!! Game over for one of you!! Who’s on my side Rachel out!!!!!!!!

  118. Yeah. Yeah, Yeah, RACHEL WON THE GAME!!!! You deserve to win you played the hardest, fought the hardest, and took the most insults and you was one of the smartest people in the house…You have proven that nothing stands between you and your man…Now you and Brendon be happy!!!!1

  119. Right now anything can happen after all it is BB! Expect the unexpected. If it wasn’t it would be boring, people would not be watching or sounding off on this spoiler boards. If you want perdictablity–go watch a sitcom. That being said, its anyones game. Looks like newbies finally made a move better late than never. Go Rachel

  120. I do not know about anyone else but this was the perfect season for me to just come on spoiler boards and read and use my TV viewing time to then watch other channels. I hope they do this every season from here on out. It makes my choices much easier. Read spoiler boards in the morning. Go to work. Come home at night and choose another channel.

  121. @ screwed; if you don’t want to watch the show,why bother reading the spoilers?I would rather watch the show than read the spoilers[but i do both].I have been enjoying BB for many years now,and look forward to the next one.BB is a great show,and i wish i was heathy enough to be on it myself.Keep up the good work BB,but you really need to punish Porsche now for her behavior.GO RACHEL WIN THIS AND HAVE A GREAT LIFE WITH BRENDON.

  122. I use to really like Jeff and don’t really hate him now but this new arrogent attitude he has sucks. I mean come on Jeff if someone went against you in the house it was like they had just committed a sin or some sort. Jeff it is a game. Quit being a baby. Yes, America loves you and thinks you and Jordon make a super cute duo but stop with the arrogance….. It makes you ugly….

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