Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 3 PoV Competition Results

Power of Veto

Big Brother 13 never rests or takes the weekend off (which means neither do we!). Rachel made her nominations last night and today the nominees had their chance at safety. But would they take it? The Noms might be feeling too comfortable in their willingness to consider throwing the fight.

Read on to find out who won and what that means for the game this week.

Big Brother 13 Week 3 Power of Veto results:

  • Brenchel has won the Veto Competition.

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Sounds like Brendon won. It was another spelling comp. Brendon says Jeff would have won if he had made a spelling mistake, so I guess no “technotronics” this time around. Brendon says he used the exact same word as last year. Guess that makes things pretty easy for the Vets vs. the Newbs, huh?

The players in this week’s PoV competition were Rachel as HoH with Brendon as her Dynamic Duo partner, Adam and Dominic as the nominees, and Jeff and Jordan were randomly selected. Porsche played host.

Don’t expect Brendon to use the Veto. Either Dominic or Adam will go, just depends on who they trust less at that moment.

The Veto ceremony will be held in the next few days, probably Monday, so we’ll soon know whether or not the power will be used. Stay close by and we’ll let you know as soon as that happens.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? Should it be used for renoms?



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    • There should be a rule in NOT using the same word as in the past seasons on any quiz !!!! I’m beginning to wonder if some of these things aren’t fixed ???

      • Better yet, why was CBS so LAME as to play a game from last season knowing they had house guests from last season playing again?

        HELLO, CBS?? What the Hell were you thinking?

  1. I am not particularly fond of either guy but I trust Dominic the least. I think he would stab Jeff and Jordan in the back if given a chance. He needs to go, even if he is cute which is obviously why he has so many fans, it is definitely not because of his outgoing personality.

    • Yes, I agree Dirty Dominic has got to go. Hopefully Dani will overplay her hand this week and be next week’s target. She is going to prove to be nothing without ED around to do her thinking. Is she really dumb enough to think BR will put up JJ to save Dom? LOL…

      • Wayne you sound just as stupid and crazy as Rachel does!! For one WHERE does it say in my post that they handed Jordan that HoH? Nowhere!! Because I never said that!! Before you start running off wit your mouth you really need to read better! And for your info I am pulling for Jeff and Jordan just like I did during their season, all I said is that it needed to be a fair game for EVERYONE!! But I can tell by your post that you don’t care about a fair game! Bet if your butt was on that show and you were the newbee. You would be liking the out come right now or are u one of those pig headed people that know everything

      • Calm down it’s only a game and a comment. Obviously I misposted my reply to the wrong comment. Sorry.

      • Tracy,
        I went back and read all my comments. I did not make a comment to you about Jordan earning the comp she won. So what’s up with you?

      • i think dominic should go home adam did nothing wron yet butt think need to get dominic out cause he going to pair up with u know who

  2. UGHHHHHHH. I dont even think I can continue watching this show. It’s sick to watch maladjusted people self exploit on TV.

  3. well its not UNfair that he used the same word, its just an annoying part of the game. the annoying situation because of the vets versus newbies. they (cbs) just made a dumb mistake to have 6 well now 5 vets they know how to play the game (even the i challenge jordan’s knowledge) and 2-3 who dont know how to play the game.

    vets are going to keep winning everything which is fine with me (i want dani to win) but let this be a lesson to cbs. dont put people who havent even seen BB except for the dvd’s in sequester with experienced vets. it makes no sense and this is the result; vets running through the game.

    • I wouldn’t think it’s unfair to use the same word either. It’s what I’d do if I knew the game and knew what word won for me last night.

      What’s unreasonable is pitting the Newbs against any player who’s played the same competition just last summer. Surely production could have come up with a new idea.

      • i guess but i mean most of the comps repeat u know? that was a risky move in my eyes by brendon, i would have though as a newbie he would have used the same word. but i see ur point though

    • The newbee crowd whines about how unfair CBS was to the newbs. Come on. That is sour grapes. The newbees had there chances to win three HOH’s. How many did they get? Oh Zero? This is CBS’s fault because, why? Give the vets credit, they lost a member on day 6 and they still rocked the house. Newb lovers are sore losers.

      • Now Wayne, I too believe it is unfair for the newbees. But before I say why let me say I am a J/J fan. Now whn the second HoH was played Rachel was able to pick who went when and I don’t believe she should of been able to then you had the actual game that Jordan won in her season when she won! Then u have every time they pick for PoV the vets always pull out the other vets name that isn’t HoH! I really don’t believe any of the newbees names are in that bag, its just happened to many times, now today you have the poverty and its the game that Brendon won last year, can you say with me this show is already set up for who they want to win!!! I give up, I quit watching Thursday, this season is the worst ever!! Maybe more people will stop watching and there ratings will drop and they will see what everyone is saying

      • No one seems to like what is happening. If they were going to “fix” it, wouldn’t it make more sense to “fix” it to make the audience happy? I believe it is all just the luck of the draw.

      • Who says that ALL names were in the bag ??? It’s mighty funny that it always seems to be the same ones drawn out.

      • It was a 50/50 chance as there were only two couples left to pick from. It’s not fixed.

    • They should have paired up one newby to one vet. Would have made it more fun to watch

    • I agree not fair playing same game they played last season should be an even playing field where everyone does something that was never done ,,,maybe BB needs new game coordinators..because playing same game as last season is a load of shit

  4. He’s cute? Sorry I think he’s VERY weenie looking! I’m sure Dani will try to keep him “pulling strings” while stabbing JJ in the back! Gosh now Brenchel It will go to their heads even more.

    • LOL He’s also conceited and arrogant. I hope Jeff and Jordan can get 5 votes to get rid of Dominic. Because I think Rachel and Brendon are thinking of keeping Dominic because Dani has been in there ear for 2 days. If Jeff, Jordan, Shelly, Kalia vote against Dom then maybe they can get Lawon too. Then Brendon, Dani and the follower Porsche would vote Adam out and it would be great to see Brenchels face when Dominic goes!!! If the POV does not get used.

  5. I think it is too bad that they brought the past players back…doesn’t seem fair to the new ones. This year is disappointing for me…got sick of Rachel before, and even moreso this year. I’m sorry to see either Adam or Dom leave.

    • I think it would have been better to have all newbies and have the vets come and stay in the house for a week or two and ‘help’ out. Think of what fun they could cause!?!

  6. brenchel are going to be even worse to deal with this week. wouldnt surprise me if they (rachel) started talking shet, got into a fight with someone, then wrote their ticket out for next week.

    i think dom is gone. he is a good game player, and adam is too busy still loving the fact he’s actually on the show, he isnt a threat, he’s slow physically, isnt smart mentally BB-wise. dom is gone.

    • you must not watch the live feeds, Dom is not going anywhere, he is with brenchel and dani now

      • When did you last watch the feeds? Brenchel changes its mind every 5 mins. Last night they trusted Adam more than Dom. This morning they trusted Dom more than Adam. Later they were back to not trusting Dom at all. They’re all over the place and Dominic could end up leaving as easily as Adam could, especially considering they’ve figured out Daniele’s plan and know she’s depending on Dominic for help.

      • I am so confused on who is staying and who is leaving….Who is or who are B& R being honest with??…HA HA if that is possible..THEY KEEP JUMPING FROM ONE TO ANOTHER…

      • good point matt, i haven’t watched much today. they do flip flop a lot, but in the end i say they’ll do what Dani wants. they fear her turning more the Jeff/Jordan, cause she’s actually a threat when singles start.

    • @ Matt(BBN)- LOL, that’s funny how you said “Brenchel changes its mind”, like they are a two headed snake

    • If they get rid of Dom, Dani is on her own. She is not the threat she was in season 8 when daddy had her back. BR is gonna figure out that JJ is two votes and Dani only one. If Dani doesn’t win HOH or the veto next week she is goin home. JJ & BR FINAL FOUR BABIES!

      • Sorry Wayne, but I think you are forgetting just like everyone in the house is just how powerful Daniele is when it comes to competitions. This girl won 2 HOH comps and 5 vetos (which is a tie for the most EVER in BB history) all on her own with her daddy’s help. She’s a master manipulator and has been playing all the sides perfectly in the house. No one knows who her true alliance is with and in the end they are going to feel stupid when they realized she played them all!

  7. seriously, all you people do is whine sooo much, so what Brenchel again, is that any suprise, they are the best competitors in the house.

    and to all of you who whine about how it’s not fair the vets are in their, for f*ck sakes, BB gave the newbies all the advantages, they came in the house with 2 more people than the vets, then the vets lost Evil Dick, so the newbies were up 3 people, if they weren’t such morons they would have stuck together and picked off the vets 1 by 1, it’s not like the vets had any advantages, these newbies should have 13 seasons of experience watching, they should know all the tricks. big deal the vets have played before, thats not really that big an advantage, especially not when you don’t have the number.

    so newbies deserve to get picked off 1 by 1 now, all except Dominic, he is the only newbie the deserves to make it to the end period…

    • having and sharing an opinion on and on-line forum is whining 4 f*ck’s sake!
      fact: there were more newbies than vets
      fact: vets r just that; vets at the game giving them a balance against the #s of newbies
      fact: vets were previous couples who played 2gether
      fact: vets have been powerhouses in previous seasons as couples.
      Perhaps if BB brought in previous season HGs who’d not had as much success winning comps or the game itself and randomly coupled them up; the balance would have been tipped more toward the newbies. but it has been a route from the get go.

    • The newbies have the same chances as
      the veterans in winning the competitions
      for HOH so, if they are unable to win
      then, whose fault is it? This is a
      competition so, if you cannot win then,
      you deserve to go home! You also cannot
      fault the newbies being allied with the
      veterans because that gives them a chance
      to go farthest in the game! Those who
      showed they are opposed to the veterans
      like Keith and Cassi played pretty badly
      considering we are just in the first 2
      rounds of eliminations. If they played
      along then, they may have lasted longer!

      • stupid fkin keys ruined show this year..and starting as couples was a horrible twist..half the hous is not competing in hoh thats…and the newbies are the worst fkin players in bb history…they should have casted people who can compete with the likes of the veterans…kalia is an idiot so is shelly her fault cassie went home..if they keep keith and stick togather it would be a whole different game….iwould have been “LIKE TOTALLY AWSome if they like would have gotten rid of porche….who is like a bigtime floater..pov players should be picked as individuals not couples ..rediculous..and key holders should atleast be able to compete in pov …hope pandoras box gets open anbd 2 of the players return as a couple like keith and dom or cassie and dom…that would be a huge game changer…we will see hope BB fixes this effed up season. some how or another

    • Tripx @ Great thinking !!!! That’s what I’ve been trying to tell people…Shelly and Kalia were the down fall of this game…First week the newbies should have stuck together and voted the same…than they would have had the power on their side by the most votes.

    • I totally agree. The newbies had a chance to dominate the house. For heaven’s sake, they had the numbers 8/5. However, the newbies that messed it all up for them was Shelly and Kalia. There was no reason for them to do it, but they voted Keith out. This is what caused the ripple effect of Cassie going out next, and Dominic possibly going next. At this point, I have very little suspense about what will happen next. It’s just the same story from last season. Four people in an alliance will play and vote accordingly until they make to the end. Those four will be BRJJ. It makes no sense. At least Rachel competes, but come on people, does anyone have any balls besides Dani to put up JJ or BR. Dumb I tell you…dumb.

  8. This show is rigged I don’t want to watch it anymore productions doesn’t even make it look real anymore sigh they messed up a good show in just a few years

    • Aren’t this year’s ratings the best since #8?\
      Everybody I know is talking BB. Willing to bet they renew for next year before September.

    • I can’t wait to see the comp. The wore “understanding” is so simple to spell. That was the winner? lol

  9. I don’t care what anyone says. Big Brother has set up this season for Brenchel to win. And their not doing a good job of fooling anyone.

    Spelling VETO! Big Brother knew Brenchel would win it.

    • I disagree. Nothing is fixed. If anything was fixed, BR would be gone, because they don’t seem to be very well liked on these forums.

      • The game is not fixed. Cbs would be fined if that would be the case. We had a huge argument on this site last year over people thinking that 12 was fixed. People get over it. Just because the person you like is not winning, don’t blaim Cbs or bb. Blaim the player you like for not playing the game to the best of their ability.

        Matt from BBN, do you remember the code we found last year to prove shows are not aloud to rig the comps or outcome of a show because I know people are going to ask how we know this.

      • I didn’t say it was fixed, but Big Brother just so conveniently picks the competitions in favor of the ones Brenchel won last year. Plus the newbies they picked are a freaking horrible group to put on a show to compete with veterans.

  10. i find it really funny how people think Jeff and Jordan are all that and a bag of chip. please step back into reality. in their season i cheered for them, but not because the have skills, because everyone else sucked.

    What has Jeff done this season? NOTHING
    What has Jordan done this season? NOTHING

    now i already feeling all of you coming to Jordans defense and saying “she won an HOH this season” well all i gotta say is HA HA HA, she hasn’t won jack, she was handed the HOH on a silver platter, she didn’t win this one, hell even the HOH she won in her season was also handed to her, in the exact same game.

    J&J are super floaters and better grab a life preserver.

    oh and the Homophobic Jeff better bend over he’s just might get backdoored this week.

    • At the same time you have to realize Brendon is the only talented one of Brenchel. Rachel was handed the first HOH comp(A comp not a lot of people want) by Dick. There’s no doubt in my mind Brendon gave her the win in the 2nd one because the last question was obvious to anyone, even those locked in the BB house. Yes, JJ are floaters(At least Jordan got her own HOH win no matter what people say because that comp was actually hard, she just makes bad noms) but the only one who is really playing the game is Brendon, so I’m confused as to why you didn’t trash talk Rachel. Also, MIZ IS AWESOME!

      • Actually it was Daniele that handed the first HOH comp to Rachel this season. They were the last two on the banana and Daniele looked over at Rachel and made her promise not to put her and ED up on the block. Rachel agreed and Dani dropped. Just wanting to point that out.

    • Was it not in the order of Jordon..Jeff and then Brendon…? It was a skill shot game..
      Neither of the guys was holding the club
      or standing behind her helping her shoot when she hit the 3.. they actually gave her nothing..they simply threw their turn..and then there was the banana comp…which was given to Rachel by ED & Dani in a deal..It happens’s just how people see a situation..

      • Your so right flyonthewall. Jordan earned her HOH by shooting in the 3 slot. Knowone shot for her. And Dani fell giving Rachel the first HOH. Jeff and Jordan are not floaters when there sticking to there vet alliance for now. There not getting up in everyones ear like Dani is. She’s the floater playing all sides of the house and not being true to her alliance.

    • They mabe floaters but their still better then R.B.anyday. Get real no one will vote for R.B. to win. They might as well go home now!!! And as for Dom he’s smarter than you think-just watch and see.

    • No, I disagree that Jordan got handed the HOH. Now you sound like Rachel when she whined about it to Brendon. Jordan hit a crucial shot. I doubt Brendon or Jeff would have done better. Give her credit, she stepped up.

      • I wasn’t complaning that jj wre floats I don’t believe that but everyone else says it. What I meant was R/B can win every game but won’t get the 500k because no one will vote for them.

      • Maybe, but if they both get to the final two, they have to get all the money. If it is rachel alone in the final two, she might not get it. But the best player wins alot even if they aren’t liked much.

    • Jordan won 2 in her season. The first one she won was handed to her, after it was down to just her and Jeff. She lasted like 5 rounds before that. The other one was the last one, where she got to choose the final two. The really, really important one thats broken into three parts.

    • Excuse me, but Jordan FAIRLY beat the seven people that she HAD to beat…Jeff and Brendan didn’t really matter because the weekly outcome would have been exactly the same.

  11. I just think it sucks that the same 2 people win everything. I don’t even care who they are. It’s boring. I think CBS should’ve casted some better competition this season.

    • That’s only because your side is losing. If the newbs were winning you would be saying it’s the best season ever.

      • Lol, didn’t we have this fight last night?? First of all, I didn’t say I was on any side. I just said I don’t like Brendon and Rachel. I am finding it very difficult to pick a side this year, seeing as they all suck. Half the damn house can’t even play due to the stupid keys. This is a stupid twist this year. I just want someone else in the house to be CAPABLE of beating those two. I say casting sucked this year.

      • At least we are civil to each other! I accept that it is boring, especially if you don’t like BR, what I mind is the whiners who say it is fixed. BR has been lucky some times. but “luck” is the “residue” of hard work and BR are the hardest working couple on the show.

    • i hope cassi & dom (if he gets evicted) return as a couple and switch places with rachel & brendan as a result of 1 of them opening pandora’s box! yea, that’s b sweet.

    • Dreamer. We have seen the last of cassi. dom might get america to vote him back on if he goes this week, but cassi is yesterday’s news.

  12. I will say this Brenchel is good at winning comps but bad at making decisions, they have the perfect chance to back door JJ now before the comp ever so obviously becomes single. Rachel better learn to get a better social game because when this comp enters single mode theirs no guaranteeing Brendon will be drawn for the veto comp.

    • Why does everyone think it’s a good idea to backdoor JJ. Why get rid of people who have shown they can be trusted? If BR back doors JJ who they goin trust? Dani and Dom? LMAO.

      • Didn’t say it was a good idea really just a smart one for a bit, every decision comes back to bite you in the ass in the BB house. Why not make the bad decision when you can get rid of half of the future problem. But my point was Rachel will never make a smart decision ever, she’s going to feel as if she can win everything but she will lose. I see her going him as the 2nd or 3rd person after the single comp starts.

    • Sure, anything can happen, anyone can go home at any time, but why throw away two loyal votes and two chances not to be put up? It’s just bad play in my book and I think BR has already figured it out. If BR & JJ remain loyal, they are goin to final 4. No body can beat these four but themselves. The key is to get rid on Dom & Dani and just stick together.

  13. JJ floaters?? Really what about Porscha? Her decisions are made by whatever Rachel says! How many times can one person say “Like”?

    • agreed porche is a floater, but has made a bigger move that JJ, she ask brenchel not to use the veto on her in week one, so that keith would go home, if the newbies hadn’t fractured she’d have gone home, so i’d say it was a ballsy move by her

    • Chrgegrl I was thinking the same thing. Last night watching BB after dark when Porsche was yacking Rachels ear off I thought can she ever put a sentance together without using the word LIKE!!!

      • Watching the after dark makes me dislike alot of these guys based on their constantly speaking and spitting food as they have horrible table manners and never stop eating. I loved Porsche mashing pimples in her nostrils for all the world to see. Also, that super short spandex dress Rachel was wearing was perfect for the crotch shot she gave when she stood up. Wonder if the camera dudes are behind the mirrors doing exactly men probably pay these two skanks to do?

      • Ooops I mean sentence not sentance…there’s a teacher posting and I don’t want to get scolded.

  14. How is it that the Vets are the only ones being selected from the bag to play in the veto competition? This cant just be luck.

    Season 13 is so rigged and so boring. No one else besides Jeff and Jordan wants to win HOH or other games for fear of Rachel and Brendon. They are asking the newbies to throw the competition so they can win. The strategy and the game play this season is so lame.

    • There were only, what, 2 duos to actually choose from for the Veto comp. Lawon and Kaijustwanttotalkallday and Jeff & Jordan.

  15. OMG, this season sucks. They use past comps as well as houseguests. LAME!! Whoever cast this group of newbies should be fired on the spot. Why didn’t CBS just rerun the entire BB12 Season? I’m losing interest fast. Next time, just make it All-Stars.

    • I think an all-stars would have been way better. I completely agree with you… these new players are lame! As soon as BB ends every summer, I’m already looking forward to the next summer. How disappointing this season is. And if the vets all go out, I think I’ll be done watching.

  16. MATT(BBN):

    I consider you a honest moderator and a person of integrity. Every year I see people claim they are finished watching BB. I wonder if you could keep us posted on the ratings this year compared to prior seasons as we progess through the remainder of the season.

    • Hi Don. Well thanks. I appreciate the kind words.

      Unfortunately the ratings aren’t as great now that the season is rolling. Thursday night’s numbers were below Wednesday night’s. BB also didn’t win its time slot on Thursday.

      Next week will be an interesting signal for how viewers react to the repeat Rachel HoH. I’ll keep you posted.

      • Hey matt, do you have any idea which season had the best ratings? Just curious

  17. Hey Matt(BBN) did Rachel and Brendon find out what Daniele is up to??? That she wants Dominic to stay for her.

    • I would’nt think she could possibly really like him right? She’s gotta have better tast in men. Unless shes a fan of hot dogs(Weenie)

    • Yep. Brenchel talked w/ JeJo this morning and all the pieces came together for both couples. They’re giving Daniele lip service at this stage as they want to keep her w/ their side for #’s, but they don’t trust her anymore. She played too strong, too fast.

      • Thanks for the info Matt…have BB after dark but not the live feeds. I am so hooked on this show if I had live feeds I would get absolutely nothing done.

      • Karen, Thanks forn asking that question. This is such great news! I knew dani couldn’t do it without dick! This week Dom’s goin and hopefully dani after him.

      • I sure hope it goes that way. I want to see the look on Dani’s face if Dom goes. Priceless!!!

      • I’m sorry… obviously I’m the only big Dani fan on here but does everyone forget just how good this girl is at competitions? Sure we haven’t seen her compete this season but she’s not someone to be underestimated. She came back after Nick was evicted in Season 8 and she’ll do it again if Dom goes this season. Don’t sell Dani short yet… she may have played a bit too strongly to start, but we haven’t seen her compete yet and I bet once we do, she’s going to show Rachel exactly how powerful and good she is.

  18. i think brenchel would stab jordan/jeff in the back in a second. dani & porche have really been working rachel over big time and rachel is falling for it. eventhough jj didnt back door her this past week!!!!!

    • Lets face it Rachel would stab over everyone that got in her way and then tell it’s their fault!! I just hope they keep her on her med’s if not watch ot housegests!!

  19. Epic..I just read “who has the biggest set of ovaries” I think that is great,,Thanx Mo

  20. J&J screwed up bigtime. They should have backdoored Brentchel when they had the chance. Can’t wait till they get backstabbed.

  21. The best is yet to come. Those who got golden
    keys are going to be competing when it goes
    down to 10 house guests which is after this
    last evicton then, it just becomes more
    interesting. The new house guests still have
    a shot at winning this competition if the
    veterans start backdooring each other which
    could happen in the next couple of episodes.
    If the veterans stick together for another
    3 episodes then, they will have the edge in
    winning thie big brother contest.

  22. Dominic and Danielle are my favorites this year with jeff and jordan after that! everyone else can go ahead and leave! why does anyone refuse to put up lawon/kaila. I think lawon will win just watch it happen haha

    • Lawon and Kalia are no threat at this time. They are pretty much invisible right now. Sure, down the road they could get lucky and win a comp or two, but right now they just don’t matter.

  23. I love reading people’s comments and all of the updates on here. I am a die-hard BB fan. I really appreciate the people of BBN taking the time to update all of us on what’s happening, but I must say something to the readers, well, the readers who comment anyway…
    “Their”- adverb, shows possession… “I want their power”
    “There”-noun, showing place…”The glove is over there”
    “They’re”-contraction (noun & verb)…”They’re going to slap someone” (meaning “they are”

    There’s your English lesson for the day. If you’re going to post on a site such as this (esep when you’re discussing how stupid someone is for something they’re doing on the show), try to be sure you’re at least using proper grammar.

    • Since we are getting a lesson please clarify, is the word ” esep” short for something, or is it a word just on its own? I ask because I have never seen it before. Thanks in advance for all of the help, I am looking forward to my opportunity to use the word “there” on the very near future!

    • Another English teacher in the house. Are you seriously checking each comment to make sure they are spelling “their” words correctly?

    • Please tell me that your joking? I mean come on does it really matter how people spell or use their words? You obviously know what they meant. Your being petty. If you want to give English lessons do it in a classroom this is not the place for it. Not trying to be mean but your just asking to start an argument with a rude remark like that belittling people you don’t even know.

    • @ Ambo

      I agree with your observation 100%!

      To all those who have a hard time with Ambo’s comment…”The power of accurate observation is frequently called cynicism by those who don’t have it.”

      • oh i see what he is saying…i just think its lame he took the time to point it out. George Bernard shaw was a very talented writer, but at the end of the day you are still quoting a socialist…of course he would say that.

    • Wow ambo……seek professional help. After that you might make a friend or two. Maybe even the kind that aren’t in your head! Take a lesson from Rachel and go cry in a bush.

      • What is wrong with you abriley? Why are you going after her when she’s just trying to help with a little issue like grammar? BTW you sound like the type that goes and cries in the bushes and has imaginary friends.

  24. matt from bb?? yea right, if so your a cool guy, but i guess being a mensa member didnt help you in the but i wouldve never guessed you were bigger, so congratz.i kinda wanted you to win until you thought you were a anyway that wasnt cool how cassie had to go.:(

  25. rachel and brendon are so stupid why did they have to get rid of cassi just because of rachel’s insecurities seriously??? grow up. there targeting the wrong ppl and im pretty upset that either adam or dominic will leave this week they both make the show entertaining get rid of kalia I can’t stand her!

      • has rachel ever gotten rid of anyone not based on her insecurities? I’m just saying…. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan, she can win some comps though. But seriously if ED can have that awful of a social game and still win, that just shows how how epic her inability to get along with others really is. I mean the girl found out her “man” was sending skype porn out via twitter and was humiliated (again) for the whole world to see, and she stayed with him…. does it really surprise you that she is stupid?

  26. Everyone crying that the game is set up for the Vets are not taking into consideration that 3 newbs are set up to make it to top 10. Folks crying week 2 and not even factoring the impact of the twist. There is always an unfair factor. Jeff was given the coup de whatever his season because America liked Reagan as with Reagan and the sabatour.

  27. I hope one of the vets wins the game. I thought it was a good twist bringing them into this season of BB. Every week I hope a vet wins HOH because I’d hate to see any of them go. Not impressed AT ALL with the newbies. Adam is gross. Dom is as immature as they come. Cassi was useless. Keith was an embarrassment to youth pastors everywhere. All Kalia and Shelly do is talk. Porche is straight up annoying. And Lawon is basically a waste of space. Really, CBS…. what were you thinking?

  28. GOD im so freaking tired of them winning everything! this is becoming the Brenchel show. -_-

      • Wayne you are a sic sick person if you like RB(just trying to get you to see the light)

      • I think he’s kidding. I do get a little devilish feeling when i throw her in the faces of people i know hate her! Maybe he’s right…lol.

      • Ziggy, I probably wouldn’t go anywhere near them if they moved into my hood, but I can’t get enough of them on this years show. Last year I hated them. After rachel left I started to like Brendon but not like this year. They just won me over by winning so much. I’d like to see someone rise up and neat them fair and square. Untill then, you gotta give em their due!

  29. I hate when Dani whispers on the feeds. You cannot understand a word of what she is saying

    • Judging from what I’m hearing about on the live feeds, that won’t be a problem for long.

      • Yeah, she’s digging herself deeper and deeper in a hole. They are on to her.

  30. The game is not fixed. Cbs would be fined if that would be the case. We had a huge argument on this site last year over people thinking that 12 was fixed. People get over it. Just because the person you like is not winning, don’t blaim Cbs or bb. Blaim the player you like for not playing the game to the best of their ability.

    Matt from BBN, do you remember the code we found last year to prove shows are not aloud to rig the comps or outcome of a show because I know people are going to ask how we know this. The game is not fixed. Cbs would be fined if that would be the case. We had a huge argument on this site last year over people thinking that 12 was fixed. People get over it. Just because the person you like is not winning, don’t blaim Cbs or bb. Blaim the player you like for not playing the game to the best of their ability.

    Matt from BBN, do you remember the code we found last year to prove shows are not aloud to rig the comps or outcome of a show because I know people are going to ask how we know this.

  31. CBS-FIXED this goes hand in hand. I do believe the chips in the veto comp bag are only the name of who cbs wants to play (including previous seasons). Many other little things example tete de coup (or whatever it was), vets in house experience, and they won’t let BR go because they are so hated by viewers, they tune in to watch if they’ll crash and burn. RATINGS

  32. Sorry for the duplicate in previous post Matt BBN. Its a new phone & still learning the talk & type. Lol

    • That was funny. I was wondering what the hell. I was reading the same thing over, lol

  33. Well said, Allison you’re not fooling everyone. It’s all about ratings and you know how to do it.

  34. Wouldn’t say Fixed but would say influence/persuade at times. We have heard that from hgs in the past. Dani’s whispering is most annoying. Can’t understand much of what she says. Wondered how long it would be before JJ and BR but it together. She will not be a happy camper if Dom goes this week. As of now that’s what JJ/BR want. They have 4 votes (counting Porsche) and that would do it. Rach would break the tie.

    • I think they have more than that. They have JJ (2) Brendon (3) shelly (4) porsche (5) and Kalia will probably jump on board too. Looking bad for mama’s boy.

  35. The fact that Rachel didn’t nominate Lawon and Kalia shows that she’s a big fat hypocrite. All she ever did last year was complain about floaters.

      • rachel is an emotional “nommer” but she refuses to see that soooo she created the idea that some of the people she voted out were floaters, because she couldn’t say, “kristen you are prettier than me, and i can’t handle that”

  36. Now I’ve heard everthing am wacthing bb after dark and rachel,shelly,miss piggy(I DON’T KNOW HER NAME) think dom is a lawyer!! I guess if you talk about something along enough it’s true. With everthing they could talk about this is what puzzles them. DUMB BUNNIES

  37. so who do u think who will trun on when they get to 10 and when they play single do u think rachel and brendon on jeff and jondon weill be the first to trun on eather

    • Rachel and Brendon will turn on them and their whole family if it will get closer to win. Am glad am not related to them!

    • I think Rachel, Brendon, Jeff or Jordan will win. I’d like to see Kalia win, just to make everybody go crazy!

      • Dani may be goin home real soon. her game fell apart on the live feeds. she’s toast. they are all on to her. she is nothing without her daddy.

      • LAWON ALL THE WAY BABY…. hahaha but seriously… dani is crap without daddy, jordan already won so poo… b/r make me sick (if only she could control herself, cbs needs more bushes for her to hide in!!) they are great at winning…. but socially they are painful to watch. dom creeps me out, adam is a super fan but hasn’t shown up to play (maybe he is waiting…maybe he is a floater… we will see). i would rather stare at rachel hiding in bush then even think about kalia (however you spell it.) porsche is pathetic and shelly annoys me. I am a proud USMC wife and she gives us a bad name! all these people whining about the game being fixed… you know who fixed it… shelly and kalia… when they turned into chicken$%^# and gave the vets the power….

    • Agree… Dani will win this thing. She may be falling apart right now but she’s always bounced back. She was up on the block like 3 times with ED in season 8 and she made it to final 2. She did that by winning comps, mostly vetos and she is no doubt going to do it again this season. I don’t know why people hate Dani so much, I think she’s an amazing player.

      • I loved Dani on her season, but this time she started to turn on her alliance as soon as she got the golden key in week one and that’s why I want her to go now.

      • I think that’s the great thing about Dani this season. You have no idea who her true alliance is actually with. Like I said, she started playing the game from the second she walked in the door and maybe she played a little too fast but I’m sure she’ll bounce back as soon as the golden key thing is over and she can start competing. Good luck to all of them trying to get her out of there. She has always pulled through with comps when she needed it and I would be surprised if she doesn’t do it again this season. Everyone that says her dad carried her in her season forgets that it was her that won those 5 veto comps and the 2 hoh’s when she really needed it. She knows exactly what she’s doing and in the end I think she will surprise us all.

  38. I wanted to thank everyone for enertaining me the last couple of days. I’ve been a fan of bb since the being but this is my first time e-mailing and chatting with other fans. Also for give my grammer and spelling my left arm is broken and three figures on my right hand are broken so am on heavey med’s and hen picking my replys.

    • That’s okay, we just thought you were illiterate! (just kiddin)! nice to have you here.

    • ow…. don’t worry i point and laugh at all the crazies who point out errors. just think of it like the haves and have nots… WE have a life and the have not….

    • Welcome…it’s fun to see what everyone has to say and who they like and dislike.

    • not a BR fan, but j/j DESERVE to get it. you don’t waste a nom on someone as harmless as Cassi or Shelly when you have BR winning left and right. J/J kept talking about the number of votes, but with BR’s track record if you keep them in they will dominate the game. I love Jordan but she wasted a perfect chance. plus everyone saw how easy Brendan was to deal with once she was gone.

  39. Has anyone noticed how much tv coverage they give Rachel and Brenden? So what I now do is DVR BigBrother and BigBrother After Dark. Then I can FF them. If I thought they were bad last year and I can see they have not changed. Yuck!

  40. I really hope they’re smarter than JJ and backdoor them. Dani& Brenchel top 3, dani all the way!

    • I agree with Dani all the way! I’ve been a Daniele fan since her season and even though I think she might have played a little too much too fast, I think she’ll bounce back and dominate once she can compete again! Finally another Daniele Donato fan!!!

  41. We all know who won HOH, Brenchel of course (moan, groan, grumble), and noms were made and Adam and Dom were nominated again, and of course POV was played and Brenchel wins again, of course (moan, groan, grumble continues). The big question will be will Brenchel use the POV to save the boys and backdoor J&J? I have a really bad feeling that’s exactly what will happen. I think J&J will regret not beating Brenchel at their own game and backdooring them when they had the chance. Also, I’m watching BBAD and I’m loving not having to see either of their faces. Where is Rachel anyways, hiding her fuggly face or did she win yet something else to take her away from the house??? hhhmmm

  42. In a nutshell, this show sucks! Tired of JJ. Don’t care about the newbies nor the vets. Wish someone, anyone had the balls to put JJ up. They suck and should not make it to final 4 with Brenchal. Houseguests, America, and CBS gives this couple way too much praise and too much credit. JJ sucks. Dani should make it to finals, but not JJ.

  43. People want to complain that BB doesnt know what they are doing, that the game is fixed ect. First of all the game isnt fixed, second BB knows exactly what they are doing, and third bringing back brenchel was golden. Its all about the ratings and comments people, and there ratings are soaring the chat forms are loaded with comment after comment. Yes there are alot of people who dont like brenchel however they are the most watched and talked about HGs this season and last season. People always want to hate on Rachel and make comments like this is the worst season and so forth, but yet there were 310 hits on u-tube in the first 15 minutes of her peeing on live tv. People are always asking where she is if they dont see her on screen or what is she doing or what is she saying what is she wearing an so on. For someone who is so hated she is the most talked about person in the BBH. So that tells me BB@cbs knows exactly what they are doing cause people cant stop watching or talking about the most hated HGs.

    • You are right – without their drama a lot less people would be watching. People just will never admit they love to hate her. Would they watch a group of 12 awesomely nice people being polite and drinking tea? Never.

  44. I am done watching this year– until, that witch, Rachel, gets evicted. Last time she was on, I also got so sick of her that I quit watching– Maybe, I will get to watch the whole season next year– or maybe, I will just not follow it at all anymore.

  45. No longer watching BB. I will just read the spoilers because this season is sooooooo boring.

    • every year someone said it is so boring they are not going to watch any more..who cares ???it is not boring there is only so much they can do in the house .like set around and talk ,that is what bigbrother is about .I love bigbrother.

  46. last night..RACHEL was sooooo sure Lewon was an attorney…but Kalia was RIGHT! Just a legal File Clerk! LMAO!

  47. On live feeds & BBAD last nite it was obivious that Porsche was trying to impress the guys…is it all the guys or does she have her eye on a certain guy??? Jeff was not taking the bait..I can’t say about the others cause they were not on camera as much…Any ideas…got a feeling that Jordon is aware of Porsche’s attempts to impress but I don’t think she has voiced her thoughts yet…WHOA!!! Whoa!!! When Rachel ralizes what Porsche is up to…lmao..the crap will hit the fan cause Rachel will explode…just keep watching…

  48. I love the show and huge JJ fan but… it is kinda weird that the newbies unless they are on the block have never competed in a veto competition… I don’t think I like that only 3 couples are playing… its always brendon and rachel and JJ anyway…

    • There is something fishy about that (the third couple in veto is either Brenchel or JJ).

    • This week there were only 2 possible options: J/J or K/L. Two weeks ago the odds were 1:4, but this week it was 1:2 which is pretty reasonable.

  49. OMG how about a little cheese with all the whine in here…. its a game…. and not a very well played one at that…. mixing old players that nobody likes with some newbies isnt working…. get a clue… get rid of all the hasbeens and give the newbies a chance to play….

    • It is too early in the game if you are
      expecting the veterans to peel off which
      is going to happen in good time! The new
      house guests have to earn it! Unlike, last
      season where 4 people voted everyone off
      one after another! That is crap! This time,
      everyone has to play and play hard if you
      want to win! There are no excuses and if
      the new house guests cannot cut it then,
      they should lose! They have the same chances
      as the veterans to win but, they have not
      won except Dominic on the veto competition.
      When the veterans peel off, it will be more
      interesting. Danielle probably opened the
      doors now with her effort to backstab both
      Jeff and Jordan and also Rachel and Brendon.
      Bad move considering they know what she is up to! The new house guests will like nothing than to vote a veteran out even if that happens to be Danielle. The veterans peeling
      off too early gives the newbies all the
      chances to regain control by voting out the

  50. the games are really interesting. I think that the power will be taken from the vets when in a week or two the couples are not couples anymore and it is every one for themselves. It is not bad right now and I love the ideas that bb comes up with for the games.

  51. Just like in real life, you have to compete
    to win. The new house guests have not been
    able to compete but, that is not the fault of
    the veterans. Without the veterans, it would have
    been the same fiasco as last year where 4 people
    band and let us just vote everyone off thing!
    The veterans at some point will peel off! It is
    just way too early. Just three people have left.
    Game play should improve after a couple more
    episodes. Newbies should try to win competitions
    if they want to win this game!

    • exactly…last season was a snorefest so predictable because the 4 controlled the game..give BB props for mixing it up this season..

      • Definitely, a huge improvement over
        last season. I switched channels and
        stopped watching last season because
        I figured if enough people stopped watching—-the ratings will drop. It
        did drop and maybe, the producers are
        smart enough to read the posts on why
        that season was probably the worst since, big brother started! Totally
        lame and who wants to watch 4 people
        compete amongst themselves when they
        are all together? That was the ultimate

  52. Rachel is never gonna live down “mousterizing” from the veto comp haha (thats what it sounds like she spelled :P). She’s a chemist!

    • lmao, all accounts of fail in your last statement :P Rachel is not a chemist, she went to SCHOOL and MAJORED in chemistry, but since then can’t find a job or get a job so she’s a waitress :P You have to get a job as a chemist to be a chemist. Anyone can say they’re ‘something’ if they went to school for it, but they’re not until they actually ‘get hired’ in that chosen field.

      otherwise they are just another graduate with a worthless piece of paper :P

  53. Well, it seems like it is fixed to let Brenchal take over…so this is where I leave…can’t stand them. They had their chance last year, and should not have been allowed back…so buh bye. Big Brother and I will now part company…I am sooo done with it…Brenchal fixed me on ever tuning in again.

  54. I hope brenchel don’t put jj up not just because jj are my favs, but because without them dani will totally flip and her and dominic will turn on brenchel the 1st chance they get jj may flip but it won’t be for a while do the smart thing brenchel and keep jj. As for dani she is not a good strategic player like her dad she is more of a threat in challenges.

  55. I’d love it if they put Jeff & Jordan up. >:) Picking off the newbies doesn’t seem as much fun anymore…

  56. Oh how I want to see Rachael gone. She drove me nuts last year and guess what she does this year. Brandon what a control freak he is. Don’t like her, but she should run for the hills when they get out of there. As for the show, still love it. When they can all start competing again, then we will see someone else get HOH besides Rachael.She has to go. Jordan did the smartest thing by having others upstairs for the reward. It brings others on their side when it comes to voting. Stop pouting BRANCHEL and wake up. DAH!!!!!

  57. What would be AWESOME is if Rachel were voted out before jury, having to go home……it would drive Brendon absolutely crazy, not being able to spend the summer with his fiance & wondering what she was up to at home by herself……:0)

    • Oh my God, Patty, you are so right. That would be so funny watching Brandon go out of his mind. He doesn’t seem too trusting of her does he Hmm, wonder why that is.

  58. NOT THAT I LIKE RACHEL, I DONT, BUT TH WAY BRENDON TREATS HER I CANT SEE THEM GETTING MARRIED THE GUY IS CRAZY AND TOO CONTROLLING ALWAYS PUTTING HER DOWN NO WAY TO TREAT A LAdy, even rachel as for show this week without those two it would be so boring hope dom goes home this weekhope brandon doesnt use pov then next weel should be the floaters time to go after that should be a great finish to the year.

  59. I am utterly totally sick and tired of Brenchel. It’s this “couples” thing that Big Bro did. It’s not working because it doesn’t allow for diversity.

  60. I actually find this season really boring. Every episode has either Rachel crying or Rachel yelling, or Rachel whining; you barely see any of the other house guests do anything or say anything.

    It would’ve been cool if they didn’t pick such boring duo’s (i love jeff and jordan don’t get me wrong, but if evil dick would’ve stayed in things would be so much more entertaining).

    The comps are great, everything is good it’s just boring the newbies aren’t doing anything or winning anything this year and are just getting picked off like ducks in a row. They should’ve just did another ‘all star’ season with previous BB people, instead of mixing people who’ve played (and won i might add) with people who haven’t played.

    The newbies aren’t playing at all, and rachel’s just crying every episode. No wonder everyone’s calling it the Brenchel show. I actually feel a bit bad for Rachel; she is annoying, but she doesn’t deserve Brandon harping on her.

    Just going to watch for the comp’s, but i’ve actually missed some episodes because i just find it boring, no one does anything. come on BB! add in some twists!!! I want some action and fun, or at least the newbies to start doing something :o

  61. I cant stand Rachel or Brendon. Brendon is a guy version of Rachel. Cassie was so right about Rachel being Catty and ugly inside. When I seen Brenchel was gonna be on BB it made me not want to watch it. CBS made a big mistake putting them back on the show. I bet they lost ALOT of viewers.

  62. I cant stand Rachel or Brendon. Brendon is a guy version of Rachel. Cassie was right about Rachel being Catty & ugly inside & out. CBS made a big mistake putting them back on the show. I bet they lost ALOT of viewers.

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