Big Brother 13 Spoilers: Week 3 PoV Ceremony Results

Power of Veto

The Power of Veto Ceremony is over in the Big Brother 13 and after all the fights over the past two days I don’t think anyone should be surprised by the results. The house has been very tense and this isn’t going to help matters. The strongest alliance this season of Big Brother is crumbling and this is going to put another dent in its foundation.

To find out if the PoV was used click “continue reading” below for the spoilers.

At today’s Power of Veto Ceremony, this week’s winner of the Veto, Brendon, decided against using the Veto power which keeps Rachel’s nominations in place which means Jeff & Jordan are safe. Either Dominic or Adam will be going home and so far it definitely sounds like Dominic is heading for Julie’s couch on Thursday.

The house is absolutely on fire today. This has been the best day of the season so far on the Live Feeds. We’ve had Daniele throwing a fit and yelling at Brendon this morning (10:50AM BBT on Flashback) and then after the POV Ceremony Jeff and Dominic were fighting (1:10PM BBT on Flashback) over whose idea it was to backdoor him (Jeff). Now we’ve even got Adam talking to Brenchel (1:25PM BBT on Flashback) exposing that she had promised him safety if he gave her his loyalty.

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    • Agree, no brainer to get rid of Dominic. He was highly overrated. Like Cassi, he thought he was all that.

      • idk i think jeff is somewhat of an ass and thinks hes all that. loved them before but come on this is only gonna get way more boring! it’ll be like no no jordan you take hoh no no no you take it jeff. we will all help you 2 make it to the end cuz golly gee you guys are just so nice! blah BORING! was hoping someone would make a move this week but now i think the season is doomed……….

  1. I’m not surprised either..wonder what Dani’s gonna do now. Maybe she will go and yell at Brenchel again.

    • They are gonna tell her that Adam is the target. Thursday night is when she is gonna blow.

      • Hey Wayne, I totally agree with you. But like I said yesterday…Dom will go and Adam will ckeck his drawers, kneel to the power couples and pray he lasts another week. Dani will target herself in the coming days and have to fight hard to stay….the newbies had better start playing hard to stay in.

      • Cant wait. Dani was playing both sides…love to see her implode. The Vets plus shelly are onto her. they have the votes…

  2. Not surprise that Brenda didnt use it. Dani has to win HOH or POV otherwise she is gone.

  3. looking at Dom’s face right now and it screams of “damn im going home” this guy was large and in charge (as much as he could be) days ago and now he is heading to go see julie.

    what does brenchel do best? piss other HG off because they are untouchable (HA!), and they like to challenge everyone. they wont last just like last season they didnt last. neither will JJ.

    either way, some of these newbies better start winning HOH’s yet i dont see them doing so. Shelly, Kailia especially are all fine not winning anything and riding b*itch to the JJ/Brenchel show. i dont get the feeling they will or want to win.

    oh and by the way, FOOTBALL’S BACK!

    • Go Chargers!! I dont think Kalia,Lawon,or Porscha could win even if they tried.

      • Bye bye Dominic. Now Jeff just needs to win HOH. I want Jordan to find out that Kalia is another one backstabbing her. Kalia talks about how Jordan is her best friend but then goes and runs her mouth to Dani. I think Shelly is real with her friendship with Jordan. She even said when they first came in the house that Jeff and Jordan were her favorite players. And everyone is so down on Shelly when all she did was choose a side from the very beginning and stuck with it.

      • I would love for jorden to find out about Kalia. I not a Rachel fan but if she fids out heads will roll!

      • Lol I kinda forgot Porshe was still in the game. Anywho Brenchel iwll eventually backdoor JJ & destroy them (as neither one has real strategy) I think maybe Brenchel will win this season unless Dani can pull HoHs & PoVs out the ass this season :)

  4. First let me preface my comment by apologizing for typos (if there are any) as I am typing on my smartphone. There are no strong alliances this season. Everyone appears ready to take their respective alliance out very early this season. There hasnt been an alliance as strong as the brigade on any season of big brother. Believe it or not, this is shaping up to be a very exciting season.

    • Totaly agree about the Brigade..but if the fab four keep it up it could be the same thing minus the fact that they have played before.

    • We promise not to scold you about typos, everyone does it. I think Jordan and Jeff and Rachel and Brendon are a pretty strong alliance, especially now that they know Dani has been lying and playing them against each other.

  5. Things are gonna get really boring if dominic goes.

    Hopefully dani can convince everyone to vote out adam.

    • Ha Ha Dominic leaving is a blessing! Boring I think not. He is a 25 year old virgin. He is also kidding himself, he is so in the closet Gay!!! Hello his favorite BB player was Jeff!!!!!! Jeff for the Win…. <3 Jeff

    • Ha Ha Dominic is so boring!!! He is also not a 25 year old virgin. He is Gay! Wait till Danielle finds out. His favorite BB player is Jeff! I <3 J/J. Jeff for the Win!!!

      • this season blows. i liked jeff and jordan before but seriously wheres the excitement this year? it started off lame and is only getting worse. which really surprises me because i LOVE big brother since like season 1

    • Trish, yes, yes, yes. He was so easy to spot too! I wonder when he is gonna figure it out!

  6. Matt (BBN) What just happened with Jeff and Dominic? Apparently there was a huge argument

    • So what came up was Jeff called out Dominic on trying to help backdoor him. Jeff said “if I was on the block, I’d be asking everyone for their vote to keep me, but you didn’t ask.” He was showing that he knew Dom didn’t think he’d be on the block by the end of the week anymore.

    • Was not really a fight. Jeff asked Dom to tell him what was going on pertaining to who suggested He go on the block. Jeff already knows so he just wanted Dom to own up to it but Dom kept blowing smoke up his butt so they each got talking louder & louder going around in circles. No big deal really.

      • Yeah, I figured it out. I was going by Portia’s version of the story she told Rachel and Brendon



    • Are you kidding? Today has been AWESOME on the live feeds. This is what it’s all about. The house is on fire with secret plans being exposed and arguments breaking out everywhere.

      • Please someone fill me in…what’s going on in the house??? I only have BB after dark. I am strongly thinking about getting the live feeds but I’m afraid I wouldn’t do anything else but watch live feeds.

      • I would have gotten them, as I have in the past ….. but now unemployment runs FLORIDA … UGH …. BUT THANKS TO Y’ALL I CAN GET A GLIMPSE …. SO MY THANKS TO A L L O F Y O U ….

  7. I didnt think he would use it but w them 2 you never know? Dani needs to take her lying butt home! Never did like her! Bye bye Dom!

  8. I’m sure Dom will be leaving the house, but I would prefer if it was bacon lover instead. I’m sure now that this will be the final “golden key” given out, things are going to really start changing. Lawon, Kalia, and Porsche are a terrible bore, and this whole golden key twist is a dud, in my opinion, it takes the “game” out of the game. I’ll be happy when it’s over and hopefully J/J will win HOH. I’d be happy if Dani won too, just anyone except the toxic pair. Ugh.

  9. Does anyone know what jeff and dom are arguing about? I dont have the live feeds.

    • Apparently it came out (possibly during the Veto meeting) that Jeff was Dom’s backdoor target. So Jeff was fighting with him to find out whose idea it really was if it wasn’t his. Good stuff!

    • I’m trying hard to catch up, but I think Jeff confronted Dominic and started yelling “who came up with the backdoor jeff plan”. I don’t think Dominic was telling him and Jeff was yelling you’re not telling me what I want to hear, “who came up with the backdoor jeff plan”. Apparently there was some yelling involved and Jeff wants to have a house meeting and find out who is lying. That’s all I got so far.

  10. Im out on the old golf course, cant watch the feeds on my phone sorry!

    • If you have an Android or iPhone, then you can watch on your phone. It’s new this year. I’ve been using it when I’m out or just lounging around the house and don’t want to be sitting at the computer. Very handy.

      • Sweet! Thanks for that tip, Im an android and use the ‘inspire’ model. Hope it works out.

      • @Beth: Here you go, all the details (link corrected):

        You do have to get the add-on to your subscription, which is between $3-$5 more a month (CBS charges Real for the mobile licensing, which is where that comes from), but it’s totally worth it.

        @Russel: Great, I hope it works well for you too. You just need Android 2.2 or higher. Once you’re signed up for mobile you can use it on any Android and iPad/iPod/iPhone. So I use it on my phone and tablet for the one price.

  11. With all the drama brewing with the five vets, i wouldnt be suprised if porsche slides her way into the finals :P

  12. The house is about to come crashing down on Dani. She better win this next HOH, or her time here is done

  13. Hey Matt(BBN) last year on this site there was a link you could click on and it would have different people typing everything that was happening on the live feeds. It was constantly updated almost every minute. But I don’t remember which site it was or if it’s even available this season. Do you know anything about it? Thanks Matt

  14. This season was a wrap the day they sent Keith home. In 3 weeks will come the J&J and Brenchel showdown, after they get rid of Lawon. After that will,be the suck up fest because the rest can’t win a competion to save thier lives.

  15. Did Dani not hear her father say play the game smart? Wtf is she doing trying to put a wedge between two pairs who dominated the house without her. I can’t put over the fact anymore how much Evil Dick would have run this house if he was still there.

      • I agree with both of you. I really wanted to see Evel dick go off on Brenchel. That would’ve sent the ratings through the roof.

      • It actually would have made everything exciting IMO. The guy can talk crap all he wants and his social game is still amazing.

    • Dani has been and still is refusing to give her dad credit for season 8. She thinks she’s the one who won the game.

  16. I hate how big brother brings back my 4 least favorite people ever and fixes the show so they wine everything

  17. Dani has set it in motion to blame Shelly for everything…but they know shes lying..She is turning the whole house against her..

    • Yeah she is, the only thing that can save her and bring people to her side would be to win hoh. We all know how much butt kissin goes on when your HOH.

  18. I wish all the fighting would happen at night instead of during the day. BB after dark has been boring the last couple of nights. They need to give them more alcohol. LOL

  19. @ Beth- Don’t know they haven’t said anymore about it. I think that was just Jeff freakin out and being paranoid.

  20. Am i the only who thought when jordan/jeff was HOH shelly and them were all talking about possibly backdooring BR and how shelly would put them up in a heartbeat if she got HOH

  21. Anyone that thinks Dani is not gonna win HOH, hasn’t been paying much attention to the Competitions this season. they all seem to benefit the underdog. for example;

    the first HOH was so designed for either Dani or Rachel to win

    second HOH was designed specifically for Jordan to win

    third HOH a quiz, perfect for Brenchel

    hell even some of the Veto Comps have been too, for example the last Veto, made for Brendan to win and the veto before you needed to be agile and fast, fit Dominic perfect and he won.

    So getting back to my point thursdays HOH will DEFINITELY be an ENDURANCE comp and will be designed for a smaller person to win, most likely aimed toward a girl winner.

    if it has to do with hanging or holding on for dear life, then you can forget about Jeff, Brendan, Adam or Lowan winning, i’d say Kalia doesn’t stand a chance, Shelly isn’t gonna win either, jordan and Porsche will hand in there, but i can’t see Dani ever letting go, the only one i see beating Dani is Rachel and she’s outgoing HOH.

    Now the one thing that could throw all this off is i have a weird feeling that a twist is gonna be that because the game is sorta reseting, with singles starting the outgoing HOH might be allowed to play.

    • sounds about right…I would put money on it that it will be en endurance comp and Dani will give everyone a run for their money. Now things may start to get interesting…especially if there is a swing in power.

      • if Dani could win HOH and unite the remaining Newbie the vets wouldn’t stand a chance and with the HOH it wouldn’t be hard to convince them

    • Sounds too much like a conspriacy to me. I think you couldn’t be more off base. Dani goin home is the fix, if there is a fix.

  22. i just thought of another possible twist, it would make thing very interesting, Julie never actually said everyone in top 10 would be singles. this probably won’t happen be what if BB decided at top 10 to just shuffle the deck so to speak, make new duo’s everyone would go nuts, you could have Brendan paired with Dani or Adam paired with Jordan or if Dom stay, him paired with Jeff or my Fav would be Dani and Rachel, they would be unstoppable as a duo

  23. Does anyone know if fighting is still going on? Im in the moutains and get live feeds till 2 mom wont let me on he comp.

  24. What I dont get is Dani was sitting pretty with fab 4 and just wanted to much power to fast. Why not hang in there for a few weeks??

  25. kinda feel bad for Rachel, she has thrown away the only person who has actually had her back this whole time. even when J&J were telling Brenchel all the names of people who want to backdoor them, Danielle was the only one who didn’t try to get them backdoored(if Brendan is so smart he’d of figure that out). when Rachel gets out of the house and watches all the nasty DR room comments Jeff had about her or that the idea of backdooring them was Jordan’s, she’ll feel like shit and the only one to blame is Brendan, his paranoia is what started this

  26. This season is becoming so incredibly boring. Does nobody have the courage to make the big moves and shake things up?

    I hate that people who already had a chance at this are now just walking through to the end. These newbies suck! Dom and Cassi are the only ones that didn’t have their heads so far up the veterans’ butts.

    Shelly, Kalia, and Porsche might as well have stayed home this season because I don’t feel like any of them even want the money. This is so frustrating.

    • i totally agree with you, the only one with smaller balls than anyone in the house is Brendan, Hell Rachel got bigger balls then this goof.

      • You’re so right, except for 1 thing – Brendan’s balls are in Rachels purse, and Rachel left her purse with BB – therefore, Brendon is without his balls!!

      • thats exactly what i was thinking. About half the cast actually cares about winning. everybody else is on vacation. the only ones that want to win are dani,brachel,dom,adam,and it seemed cassi wanted to win. as a fan, i want to see people fight for the half million. Ive only watched the last 2 seasons but i dont remember either season having this many scrubs.

  27. Brenchel are like youtube trolls,they get people mad but you can’t do anything about it.

  28. We don’t have to worry about being bored when they bring Cassie back into the house. Did anyone notice that she wasn’t told that Shelly voted out Keith? We will see her back soon and then Brenchel will have to fight for their lives.

  29. Adding on to original reply – Kalia has to go, can’t stand the camera spending so much time on her so I switch channels anytime she is on. Shelly, I thought was nice but after she told Jordan (who I like) everything she said to Rachel supposedly to help her she then proceeded to make fun of her – she turned me off. Not that I am a fan of Brenchel but she should have kept her mouth shut. Again, can’t wait until they bring Cassie back.

  30. #4 @Karen I totally disagree with you on Shelly. As you may remember in the first episode Shelly was telling Keith just what he wanted to hear…you talk about a back stabber !!!!! She acted like she knew how the game was played !!! Give me a break !!! If it was up to me, she would have been gone a long time ago. She more or less told Keith he would be safe.She needs to go !!!

  31. Go DOLPHINS!!! ( I know I will get slack for that but I will never be a trader) and go JEFF & JORDAN!!!!!!!

  32. Danielle ain’t nothing without Dick. From the way she’s playing, its almost shameful. Even when she didn’t want to speak with him on her season, he still fought to keep her there. Her only chance now is to align with the newbies and HOPE they start to win something!

  33. jeff does seem more like an ass as every day goes by. he is the rachel in his relationship fo sure!

  34. any one know what the player’s stipend is this year. Whatever it is…they are grossly underpaid. for a show with the ratings it gets 3 nights a week, it’s a cash cow for CBS.

  35. Dom has to go…he was so hooked in with Danielle and they are going after her so-called alliance have to say I am thrilled she has been found out!! I don’t trust Danielle as far as I could throw her, which wouldn’t be far. lol

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