Big Brother 13 Week 3: A House On Fire

Big Brother 13 Jeff and Dominic fight

Today was insane in the Big Brother 13 game. CBS is probably already busy chopping the events to pieces to feed you a merry tale of Brenchel romance instead. Since we don’t want any of that, here’s everything you need to know so you can use Flashback to rewind the Live Feeds and watch all the action you missed during the day.

First up this morning was an intense argument in the HoH room featuring a furious Daniele, a steadfast Brendon, and a very quiet Rachel (I know, right?). Flashback your Live Feeds to 10:53AM BBT where you’ll find such tasty one-liners like “are you stupid?!,” “stop talking!,” and “I’m going to be furious!” (Read more of the backstory here.)

The drama started when Daniele came up and told Brenchel that if they send Dominic home this week she’ll be “furious.” Daniele tries to push the idea that it was all Brenchel’s idea for her to go partner with Dominic and align with him. Brendon says he wants to pursue what’s best for the entire Veteran alliance while Daniele says she’s only working to support her and Brenchel. Daniele repeatedly starts to yell at Brendon and then tries to check herself back to a lower volume.

She’s almost convincing if she didn’t try to make her argument’s foundation that Brenchel tried to push for Dominic’s inclusion. If you’ve been watching, then you know that’s a lie. Unfortunately for Daniele, Brenchel knows it too. Daniele closes with an ultimatum for Brenchel and warns them not to evict Dominic on Thursday.

That entire scene is the best fight we’ve seen yet in the house and totally eclipses Rachel’s fight with Cassi the other week. Completely worth turning on your Live Feeds right now, turn back the time with Flashback, and watch it all over like its live.

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Fast forward for the next fight to 1:07PM BBT for Jeff and Dominic heading to the Lounge for their own battle royale right after the Power of Veto Ceremony. Jeff wants to know whose idea it was to backdoor him this week. Dominic immediately denies the position that it was his idea. Jeff is getting very aggravated and telling Dominic that he’s not telling him what he needs to hear, “the truth.” If this was a Quentin Tarantino movie then there’s be a blood bath at this point.

Jeff’s question to Dominic is why he didn’t come to him sooner since he was on the block. Jeff’s point being the only reason to not seek out support votes is because you don’t expect to be on the block come Thursday night. Dominic is panicking and Jeff is digging in to him at every turn.

Dominic and Jeff leave the room agreeing that they’re going to pull people together and have it out in the open. Hopes of another infamous “house meeting” have yet to materialize, but I wouldn’t count it out just yet.

The pressure is just getting started this week so buckle in for an awesome ride. Today was exactly the kind of day we’ve come to expect on the Big Brother Live Feeds so if you don’t have yours yet then get started with the Free Trial and see what everyone else is watching. Don’t forget that you can use Flashback to rewind the clock and see all these events like they’re happening live. Welcome back, Big Brother. We missed you!


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  1. jeff is so pathetic, and so is jordan. dont get me started with brenchel. everyone loves JJ “oh they’re so cute, oh look how cute they are” EFF THAT.

    who cares? this isnt Newlyweds (which was a good show actually lol) i find it disgraceful and selfish that they came on this show, just wanting to spend the summer together. how dare you? im sorry but im trying to win this game and money (if im another player) not horse around for summer vacation.

    same with brenchel. but we all know they are rotten so i’ll save it for when they get in a fight with dani later this week.

    speaking of which, she has to win this next HOH. if not her, adam. and i hope shelly who says different wouldnt hesitate to put either couple up.

    wew… im done.

    • Brendon said it best..what do these people think they are on??… “Dancing with the stars”..

    • In Season 11 when Jeff backdoored Russell, he lost my fandom. I don’t mind a good backdoor, but it allowed Nasty Natalie to get to the final two. I am over that now. Jeff is not the sharpest knife in the drawer but he’s better than most, and if America can help jeff again Im sure they will. I hope JJ and BR stick around.

      • there was nothing wrong with natalie. u guys rip her like she was an evil villain that pissed on people. i dont get it. u stopped being a fan of someone because he helped natalie? REALLY? and i dont even like jeff. natalie didnt do anything but play the game. get off her knuts.

      • Did I read one of these comments stating that “Gnatalie” was “playing the game”?

        Gnatalie entered with a lie, and left with more lies than every season combined.

        There’s a reason the viewing audience likes/loves Jeff and Jordan! They seem to have learned from the years prior when Jeff was duped by Kevin and Gnat!
        The ONLY reason Gnatalie won second place was 100% thanks to Jordan. She called it perfectly and one the 500K.

  2. Glad this is getting interesting as Daneille is almost as repulsive as Rachel.She walk, lays & acts like a snake.

    • no (wretchel) as i call rachel she’s ten times worse than daniele she’s so fake from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet they need to split brenchel up by sending rachel home and brendon to the jury house i’m getting sick and tired of her crying and whining when she doesn’t get her way it’s a game for crying out loud

    • Josh, If it is whining you are a wanting check out Dani, she’s blazing all guns telling Rachel that Dom “better not get evicted”. She’s toast unless she wins HOH or veto. Won’t even be on jury I’ll bet.

      • It will be soooooo funny when Dani finds out Dominic is Gay!!! LOL. <3 J/J. JEFF FOR THE WINNER BB13

  3. this is bad daniele must win hoh when she’s allowed to play because that’s the only way she can stay and i hope that the way it’s scripted that dani wins i would love to see wretchel and dani in the final two and dani wins i hope that happens.

  4. I can’t believe that Dani is still plotting n’ planning..She has been caught hands down…instead of trying to do damage control she is digging the hole deeper…that is dam dumb..

    • Dani made a stupid move when she had a strong alliance and tried to break up the couples. They both had her back. Dumb move Dani.

    • This whole situation just goes to show that Daniele was not and still isn’t a great player in the game of Big Brother. Apparently her dad was her meal ticket in this game. Jeff and Jordan are looking more and more like the favorites to win this season. They are playing so much better than they did in season 11. Any money says they went and watched their season and learned from their mistakes. They probably watched past seasons as well. Good for them. They play a very clean game. When they don’t like someone, they say it. If they don’t trust someone, they say it. Dirty play is just not in their vocab.

      • How is Jeff and Jordan playing better than last season? Jordan won… can’t really play any better then that.

  5. The game often really starts in Week 3 or 4. So welcome back, Big Brother !

    Dani pushed too hard for Jeff to go, that’s why everyone got suspicious. She should have stayed calm and pushed against Adam, explained to Rachel why Adam was a bigger threat than Dom and pulled them into the notion of aligning with Dom step by step. Moreover, she has no disadvantage at all if Jeff and Jordan remain in the house. For the next HOH, whether she will win or not doesn’t matter cause nobody is considering her as a target now. If the vets win, then fine. If the newbs win, she’s fine also. She even can throw her HOH next week.


    • I DID NOT UNDERSTAND HER REASONING BEHIND GETTING JEFF OUT…Neither Jeff nor Jordon to my knowledge gave her a reason to pull sucjh a stunt…I don’t think anybody else understands it either..But am disagreeing on the target issue…She is now Jeff’s target..for sure..and possibly Brendons and Rachels…she has lied to them also..

      • I mean before she talked to Brenchel about backdooring Jeff and Jordan. If she didn’t do it, she would not be the vets’ target right now. She would have a perfect spot among the Vets and the Newbs instead. I feel sorry for her plot to be public.


    • I think Dani felt she wasn’t getting any attention and like a Diva she thinks she deserves to be, she was betrayed by delusions of granduer. She’s just a spoilled child looking for attention.

  6. i agree Dani is a sneaky snake in the grass…i hope she doesn’t win hoh–she needs to go…………

    • You’d rather watch Brenchel over Dani? Yikes. Everyone should be praising Dani right now because she’s finally given this dud of a season some life.

      • Yes i would rather watch Brenchel–Dani is the same spoiled Brat she was before..i didn’t like her game on her season and i don’t like her game this season–she had no reason to go after jeff this early..

      • How has she acted spoiled? She’s playing the game and wanted to shake things up a bit… her plan was a good one (even Rachel admitted it). She was just unlucky that it fell short. Had it worked, it probably would have written her ticket to at least final 3.

      • well for one she threw a fit when Brenden and rachel wouldn’t do as she wanted–I’am just saying she played her cards to early..Don’t get me wrong–i agree the newbies should of stuck together and they could of sailed thru..its just getting old seeing the same old people play the same old game-why doesn’t big brother get us some new faces instead of the same old people….

    • It’s the half ass way she went about it that people are critizing. It was a newbee move, not a vets move.

      • Well since she was pulled through by her father the first time and didn’t really play, this is kind of like her being a newbie.

    • Does she play hoh this week cause there are 4 keys isn’t it one more week till the golden keys play?

  7. Dani may be a snake, but this is Big Brother and that is the point of the game.

    She definitely made a wrong move with trying to get Brenchel to nominate JJ. She should of pushed for Adam or the “floaters” to be put up if she didn’t want Dominic to go home.

    As for the fights, YES! I love a dramatic Big Brother house.

    • I like BIG fight on BIG brother because after the fight, BIG targets for next week always come to light.

      BIG contenders : Jeff and Dani (maybe Brenchel will come between and help Jeff).

      Gonna be BIG show on Thursday. Things will get excited if one of the newbies win HOH. I am a BIG fan of BIG brother now. :D

  8. .
    “Q” is the limerick master
    I’ll try one, but “Q” is much faster
    The house is on fire
    Rachel’s a cryer
    Oh well, my attempt’s a disaster

    I’ll try for a second verse
    I know – can’t get any worse!
    We don’t want to see
    Rachel taking a pee
    Or using what we know’s in her purse

    OK, I’ll leave the limericks to “Q”
    Haven’t seen him here lately, have you?
    I wish he’d come back
    To talk Big Brother smack
    While we wait, we’ll hear Rach take a poo

  9. This is the stupidest season ever. The newbies should have teamed together from the very beginning. Dani should have kept her mouth shut for 1 week, but it is nice to see that someone is doing something other than sucking up to Brenchel. Brendan is the worst person ever, and he needs to go home ASAP.

  10. I don’t know if anyone has thought about this or not. But I’m starting to think that Jeff and Brendon are in a two man alliance that doesn’t include Jordan and Rachel. Why is it that both of them had the chance to backdoor the other and neither one of them wanted to do it. I know everyone thinks it’s because they’re just trying to stick together until the end and fight it out, but I don’t think that’s true. If you watch the feeds, both Jordan and Rachel wanted to backdoor each other, but Jeff and Brendon both calmed their women down and kept saying, it’s not time to do that, it’s too early. I think this is fishy. I truly believe that there might be some secret alliance between Jeff and Brendon. Another thing that got me thinking was why does Brendon care soooo much that Dani and Dom want Jeff out? How does that affect him? Why wouldn’t you want to keep Dom around so Dani and Dom can get Jeff out for you.

    It’s funny because America is waiting to see some showdown between JJ and BR, but I don’t think there ever was any beef between the guys (but yes, there was some beef between the girls) and I don’t think there ever will be. I think they are using both Jordan and Rachel to do their dirty work and are going to dump them at the end. Again, I know this sounds crazy, but I really think Jeff and Brendon are in a two man secret alliance. I hope Rachel figures it out before its too late. Poor Jordan, I’m not sure if she ever will. …And I’m sure most of America will think I’m crazy for thinking this.

    • They have discussed going to the end..(all 4) and they said that it don’t matter which of them is in the end long as it’s one/two of them. According to what I heard them say as long as it’s the 4 of them in the end they can handle the end result.

      • I’m sure they say that when BBAD is on and I’m sure CBS shows that too, but I don’t think that is the case. Too bad most people are too blind and are so caught up into the big 4 (JJBR) to see it. Only time will tell.

    • Did you dream this up??? If an alliance stays strong they make it all the way to the end. Have you seen previous seasons when an alliance starts turning on each other and then there the next to go. Jeff wants to make it to the end with Jordan and Brendon wants to make it to the end with Rachel. And also when Jordan was HOH she even said to Jeff about backdooring Brenchel after the POV when Rachel made smart comments and Jeff said he would back up her decision.

      • No, I didn’t just think this up. I actually watch the show and the feeds. Plus, I am not so bedazzled by the big 4 BRJJ that I can’t see what’s happening before our very eyes.
        Yes, Jeff said he would back her up. But then he later said that it is best for them to keep Brenchel around. Of course he has to let Jordan think she is figuring this out on her own.

        It’s ok, I understand everyone’s hesitance to believe what I am saying. It’s hard to see things when you are blinded by hate for Brenchal and love for Jeff/Jordan.

        But I know later on, I’ll get to say I told you so.

      • yeah..and B&R have discussed backdooring J&’s part of the game..It’s an option that they will have to seriously consider down the road..

      • Ok will see. I already said I told you so when everyone said Dani was playing the best social game and I said then she was setting herself up for eviction unless she wins every comp because she talked in everyones ear and turned on her alliance. Now who does she have??? So when Jeff and Jordan stay together and hopefully make it to the end I’ll say I told you so again.

    • Could be a secret alliance between jeff and Brendan, but they better hope rachel and Jordan are gone long before they take each other to the final two. I can’t see either one of them getting rid of their girlfriends when there are only the four of them left.

    • I think your scenario is ridiculous! They guys are not talking about backdooring each other because RIGHT NOW the best thing for all of them is to keep working together. Especially since it is obvious that Dani is no longer working with them….sorry just my opinion. But if I’m being honest I wish J/J would have backdoored either Brendon or Rachel last week, but now it is clear that they need to stick together, at least for the next few weeks.

      • It’s not like that they have any better option in the house. they either work together or they go into an alliance with Kalia and Lawon(who have done jacksh*t in the game) or work with Porshe. Come on!

    • Ummm, it’s called arrogance, not a secret alliance. Don’t get me wrong, they are great in the game but can be very crude at times. They are very confident in their abilities and are controlling everything in the house. Secret alliance, no, teaming up because of experience, insight and strength in numbers, yes.

    • It sounds like you may be right to me.
      Dani didnt really stand much of a chance with that alliance, so she was right to make a move, I just wish she had waited.
      I am hoping that Dani or Lawan wins next HoH and puts up Jeff and Brendan. If one of them wins POV and uses it, put up their partner. This group needs to break up! Get rid of the real life couples.

      • That sounds right on the money! put B and J up, and then substitute a partner if either win POV…..seems so easy, but do you think anyone will. not just think it through, but go through with it.

  11. I cannot afford to do live feed, so please give us who can’t get live feed more details on what is going on.

    • FOTW is right, it’s quite right now. Dom & Daniele have been flirting for the past hour plus. The other HGs are out exercising.

      Nothing too dramatic at the moment.

      • Good I hope they save all the drama for BB after dark. Just a little over and hour til then. :-)

  12. Dani could have been sitting pretty but she had to try to be like DADDY..What a waste. Serves her right.

    • I don’t see it. Anyone who makes such an ass out if himself over his fiancé, as Brendon does, isn’t then in a secret alliance with Jeff. Also, the Live Feed would have revealed a hint of this and it hasn’t, as far as I’ve heard from those who get Live Feed. I’m waiting for a big shake-up though, like a newbie winning HoH and then having the guts and savvy game play to break up one of the two couples … preferably Brenchel.

      • It could be possible that there is a secrect alliance between the boys, but still not sure. But it could have been brought up once and now just an understanding so ppl don’t see or know about it. Bc it would make them look bad, like they r turning there backs on their girls. But it could just be a back up so if one of the girls or maybe even both get out they still have each other. But i still think they will take there girl with them before the other guy.

  13. I would love a house meeting. Hope it happens tonight. But, these people are so good at lying early on, I think everyone will stick to their guns and not call anyone out. Dominic and Daniele are such schemers..Dominic cracks me up, trying to be so “macho” when he is around “Big Jeff” I think Jeff intimidates him, and if Kalia doesn’t shut her mouth for five minutes and not talk about yeast infections, periods, going #2, she is the most irritating houseguest ever, shutup Kalia!

    • Dominic acts big and macho around Jeff? I don’t know what show you’re watching. Maybe you don’t see the feeds or BBAD, but Jeff is a big bully and treats Dom horribly. Dom should be macho around Jeff to make sure he knows that he’s not afraid of his bullying tactics.

      • I have seen bullying tactics from Brendon Rachel and Dani also..And in the beginning Evel Dick came out with some “do it our way or leave” options..sooo it’s a game thing..power makes u crazy..

    • I hate all of the newbies this year, especially Kalia.

      She uses all of her energy to move her lips non-stop, that’s why she is so weak at comps.

  14. Thanx Matt..I hope they show some good stuff onBBAD 2night. Anyone know how Brenchel is gripping with all this turmoil??

  15. It really bothers me when people make nasty comments to each other on here. Agree to disagree and don’t call people stupid.

    • Was wondering the same thing. What happened to the fighting and tension I only heard about today???? Did they kiss and make up?

  16. Dani lost it on the live feeds. Wow. She went from having the best game in the house to showing all of her cards. I think she may be next out the door.

  17. It would be a pleasure to see Dani having a talk with Julie and watching other HGs’ goodbye messages for the first time.

    Your information about her going crazy on the livefeeds literally gives me orgasm.


    • Hoping Dani or Jeff win it but thinking Brendan or Jordan may actually win it. Shelley however could slide in there and take it. We’ll see!

    • I’d love to see Shelley win it. If nit her than Jordan again. They are very sweet and different kinds of game players. Unfortunately, I think Brendan or Daniele may win it. What do you think?

  19. Shelly will make it to final 5. Both JJ & Brenchel final 4. Jeff will win the season. Next to go: Dominic, then Dani; then Adam; then Lawon; then Kalia, then Porsche; then Shelly.
    PT stands for pre-teen. BBDish 13 for play by play breakdown of live feeds.

  20. Am I the only one really irritated that Rachel accepted a two week slop pass and didn’t spend one single day on slop???

  21. So many haters! This is entertainment people! And Rachel, definetly delivers in that department! If she goes home the show would kinda be dull. Whats a great story without a villian we love to hate?

  22. @ Beth2 – You are not alone! I’m so tired of CBS pandering to Brenchel. You know they are…

  23. Well it looks like Dani is talking her way back into the vets alliance. I hope there not buying her BS. She’s not admitting that it was her idea to backdoor Jeff and Jordan. Don’t believe her guys she will stab you in the back faster than you can say Big Brother.

  24. Vets meeting in the HOH is over and after Dani leaves Brendon and Rachel still say they don’t trust her. Please, please, please don’t believe a word she says. She was lying to them and swearing on her Grandmother that she was telling them the truth and doesn’t talk game with anyone. Yeah right.

    • Rachel and Jordan are talking and they don’t trust Dani. Jordan told Rachel that Jeff is pissed at Kalia (don’t know why) and Jordan told Jeff that he needs to be nice to her in case they need her help. Kalia is another snake that’s going to get caught.

  25. I think i know why Jeff is mad at kalia. I think i recall shelly askin kalia if she would consider putting up jeff and jordan. Kalia said she would. Shelly must have run and told the vets.

    • The big question is…”How did Kalia pass the interview to be on the show?? SHE HAS NO PERSONALITY all…She does nothing but eat sleep and try to act educated..Who in the BB Casting department said she would be a good contestant..That person outta be repremanded if not fired. Kalia will be one of the least memoriable HG’s ever..The girl is useless..

      • I so agree with you. And she never puts a complete sentence together without using the word like.

  26. Seems to me that everybody is hating on Dani for looking out for herself (she’s the odd man out), and letting the real snakes (Shelly and Kalia) crawl right on by…they were the two that voted against the newbies the 1st vote…I didn’t care for Keith either but they should have gone voted with the group to show the vets that they were not afraid or sucking up to them. The person I really want to see gone is Shelly she is SLIME!!!

  27. Please delete this quote from your “BIG BROTHER NETWORK” update e-mail.
    “The only way to see the endurance competition in full is on the Live Feeds so get yours ready now!
    ” I have seldom seen an ENTIRE endurance competition on the live feeds. Partial coverage & limited coverage … yes.

  28. She had 4 weeks to play a good social game and yet she gets into trouble with her main alliance and now has to watch her side alliance go home. Next on out should be Dani it only makes sense now, everyone thinks she’s good, in reality she sucks so that overrate will send her packing. Bye Dani :D

  29. I liked Dani until she started plotting agains JJ. I would love to see Jeff or even Jordan win it again but I dont think its going to happen. I think Brendon and Rachel will stab the first backs in the vet alliance and it will unfortunatly be JJ’s. As long as Rachel, Brendon, Lawton, or Kalia dont win then i’ll be happy. I hate those 4!

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